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Abundant Spirtual Life
Abundant Spirtual Life Ministries, INC. Pastor Maya D. Johnson SCHOOL OF PROPHECY SCAM Internet
5th of Jan, 2011 by User309623
BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS...This message it to WARN people of God about this ministry of FRAUD. "Apostle" D S Mundell and "Pastor" Maya D. Johnson are defrauding the people of God. These two people started a "ministry" in Dallas, TX. and gave new Christians false hope of building a real ministry school and recieving minstry licenses, BOTH were totally false. This is not the first time such allegations have been brought against D S Mundell, he wasaccused of a simular scam in other locations in Florida.

In 2009, they came to Dallas and started a "CAMP MEETING" at the Hotel of Americas, in Southern Central Dallas. They started by giving away money and paying people's bill or making people 'THINK' they were paying bills. Actually the money raised from "OFFERINGS" and "VOWS" wasmost likelyused to pay the bills. Think about it, if you raise $2,000 on Thursday and pay a $1,000bill on Friday, they are not loosing any money. Shortly after they started a "FREE" school of ministry but each class gave 'OFFERINGS', this is a way to avoid futureliabilities.

On September 11, 2010, they held a graduation for these students at another low budget hotel in Dallas, Texas. There were over 200 students from this school that graduated, each paid anywhere from $100 to $300 for graduation items such as cap & gown, graduation photos and YES their MINISTRY LICENSE! The event was huge, great food, entertainment and recognition. ALL TO END UP BEING A TOTAL SCAM!!!

These students (NOW MINISTERS PER THE MINISTRY) were given a laminated piece of paper with their picture poorly placed on card with MINISTRY LICENSE VERBAIGE. Maya D. Johnson (IF THAT IS HER REAL NAME) did notadd her signature tothe paper. Several students reported showing this LICENSE to preach or serve in the community, only to be told it's not worth the paper it was printed on. The SCHOOL nor the LICENSE are real, TOTAL FAKES AND NOTvalid ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES!Abundant Spirtual Life Ministries led by D S Mundell andMaya DJohnson,have total decieved the Body of Christ and may be on their way to relocate to another city in Texas. There is a reason they were run out of FLORIDA! Now they are LURKING IN A NEW STATE.

These people will pay dearly for what they have done to people who trusted them and sowed into the ministry. If there is a member or former member reading this, Know that GOD IS REAL. Anything you read in the BIBLE is truth and vengance comes from GOD. I struggled for a long time about saying anything but it is time to expose this 'GROUP' and hopefully prevent them from going to another city or state doing this same thing to others. Once the money runs out, SO WILL THEY.

3450 days ago by Pastorbbraoaggwin
Call on me and I will answer you Jer 33:3 Not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the lord of hosts Zech 4:6
Our humble request is please read and pray for our ministry needs Let the Word Grow, Let the Love Show, Let the Worship Flow, Let the Spirit Glow, Let the World Know, Our values are: Presence of God, Mercy of God, Kingdom of God, and Word of God; whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." - 1 Cor 10:31 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor." Prov. 22:9… Proverbs 29:18, & Ps 96: 3 Promoting the good news of Jesus Christ through expanding, equipping, and encouraging the India's indigenous and non-denominational Ministry.

AGGWMinistries is a ministry mainly based on the Word of God. We know there is no substitute for the love of God. I John 3:18 instructs us not to love in word, but to love in our actions. This is what we want to do for all of God's people. The foundation of our ministry is sharing God's unfailing love . We are committed to building the kingdom of God by expounding on the word, through studying His Word, expressing thanksgiving through Praise & Worship, and exhibiting Christ in our lives. We believe in the five fold gifts that equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We honor and praise the living God. We are passionate about building a strong relationship with Our Father. We invite you to know more about us. We welcome you to AGGWMin, where we are committed to the HOME FOR THE LOST – HEALING FOR THE WOUNDED – HOPE FOR EVERYONE .

Five core values : Word to study and obey God's will.2.Worship to God's glory3.Witnessto make disciples 4.Warmthto create an atmosphere of love to others .5.Worksto equip believers Biblically- Driven People-Focused Believer-EquippingFamily-Friendly
AGGW Ministries was established for the purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and extending the influence of the power of God’s Word into every sphere of life. The mission of this ministry is organized around three concepts: teaching, strengthening, and rescuing.

Teaching: A foundational pillar of all we do is the careful exposition and application of God’s Word. They accomplish this through books, television, magazines, the Internet, letters, seminars, church meetings, audio-visual materials, and personal ministry.

Strengthening: Another foundational pillar is to strengthen and confirm believers in the Kingdom of God. This is accomplished through the Good News Churches, Good News Association of Pastors and Churches, the IMPART ministerial network, and the Good News Seminary.

Rescuing: The third pillar of this ministry is to rescue the hurting and lost. They have many outreaches to the poor, the elderly, the destitute, orphans, widows, and even ministers in financial need. The very heart of the Gospel is to rescue those in need. It is this heart of compassion that is expressed in a multitude of outreaches.
Our mission is to share this message by: Exalting God Encouraging Christians toward spiritual maturity Equipping Christians for Ministry Evangelizing the World for Christ
Almighty Grace Gospel Welfare Ministries Regd 45/98 RJy India
Mailing Address: Pastor BBRao P. O BOX .113 S. R .Nagar Rajahmundry EGDT AP India 533105

Greetings : Greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His richest blessings shall be upon you forever. Grace be to you and peace from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus to you and to your ministry and to this world..
About Myself : I Bro. Babuji [BBRao] pastor working in Rajahmundry India, lost my parents in my childhood an orphan by the grace of God I was called and doing this ministry emphasis on to demonstrate the love of Jesus through Word and Deed .Our ministry purely run by the free will offerings from brothers and sister who are common concern and committed with the mind of Christ like you. I have seen your website and enjoyed blessed first time in my life by HIS grace Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ I feel it a wonderful privilege to meet you first time through this email to share the love of Christ each other. As founder God showed this name to me and I started a small ministry as Almighty Grace Gospel Welfare Ministries regd in Indian govt 45/98

Our ministry has been managing nearly 5o churches in East Godavari, West Godavari and tribal belts and rural and urban areas The ministries main focus/preamble is to raise new believers from different communities and bring them to the feet of the our sweet Lord Jesus Christ, to train them spiritually and send them as Pastors/Evangelists to propagate the Gospel to the unreached people among the tribal areas.Spreading the word of God and Feeding the Fatherless James 1:27 Matt 25:40 Mark 16:15 Main Focus: Church Planting, Bible School Widow Care Children Home Tribal and Rural Evangelism Pastors Training Free medical and Eye camps Computer and Tailoring Training to poor and slum school Open air Meetings Adult education programs
OUR VISION To introduce people to the God of the Bible through sound biblical teaching with hope that they establish a genuine relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our vision is to Gathering the lost, Grafting them in God’s family, Growing them to become Christ like and to meet practical needs in self-help, medical, educational and training projects and equipping them to fulfill their ministry in the body of Christ and World bringing Glory to God.Reaching the people with the love of Christ, the word of God and the ministry of Holy Spirit of in Christ Jesus
OUR MISSION To provide resources that will facilitate challenging discussion and discovery of biblical truth in order to foster individual and collective spiritual growth To lift up Jesus locally and globally, to destroy the works of the devil, and to establish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of men iews To connect people to local fellowships and ministries Our mission is to transform “sinners” into “saints” making them the “sent out ones” through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our purpose is to glorify God by developing disciples who live lifestyles as worshipers of God, ministers of His love, and ambassadors into His world.
OUR METHODS Provide comprehensive systematic Bible studies for groups and individuals Provide a forum for the Body of Christ to share and discuss challenging biblical .We are God-Centered, Biblically Driven, People-Focused, Believer-Equipping, Family-Friendly our method is speaking and writing understandable truth from the Bible in any setting that God provides.
The Servants of God Ministry is a non-denominational and independent organization responding in faith to the call of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accepts Him as a personal Savior and brings many people close to Him. As I was visiting your site I found that you are doing the marvelous work to preach the Word of God. Our ministry is also doing the same work in the following ways.
Currently we have been doing a small ministry in a smaller way We need your prayers and support for the following and I will send you right proof for all the areas which ask you prayerfully.
To plant 12 churches by the years 2012.
To train 200 men and women for full time ministry / evangelism in our area by 2012..
To establish 50 child and adult education centers by 2012.
To establish 2 orphanages and old-age-homes by 2012.
To reach out 25 people groups with the gospel. 2012
To build 5 church buildings for worship in 5 different villages for believers by 2012..

Our Programs 1 Bible school : We have 15 student are in our bible school two lectures we are giving DTh for one year course for daily three hours course covering whole bible and other subjects and our trainees will participate outreach program for every week Saturday without reach program for every Saturday We need your prayerful support for Bible school. we plan to start in five new places five branches soon in the next month Pray for lord has given us a good direction Grace Bible College and we are starting with good staff books and syllabus we prepared and in five places we are going to start in the next month pray for the salaries of lecturers stipend to students we are praying and look in to the lord to provide some support for this new venture if you are willing I will send you all the five center students names lecturers names and with banner and students one ayah would be appointed pray for the students staff and both spiritual and physical needs
2 Free computer center : we have only two computers we are giving training in fundamental to only poor and down trodden people and poor children only free of charge we need two more computers the cost is each computer 250 dollars only CRT monitor Each batch consists 10 to 15 only. We would like to extend for the benefit of many poor by providing other six computers and give more poor in future.

3.Pastors care church planting we have trained 100 pastors and we conducted three day seminar each place and provided with food to the pastors in that way 100 members we divided in to four groups and trained in the past we have to give untrained pastors now in future due to dearth of funding now we are not giving training but we will be continue in future if God grant us funds for this program by lords willing 1000 pastors to be trained in future pray for this.
4.Widow care : We have only 12 widows we give clothing feeding and sheltering not in a luxurious way but simple and enough We give them daily the word of god along with physical feeding they can sing they read bible they can witness and they also participate in tract distribution.

5. Pastors feloowship : We have been conducting pastors fellowship urban only 20 pastors every month provided with food and timing 6pm to 10 pm we will give them good feeding with word of god with God feared faithful trained servants of God. No permanent churches to these independent pastors conducting Sunday service in thatched sheds and some conducted on verandahs pray for their plight of their condition pray for them Ephesians 2:4-7 if you send support it will directly given to them100 % of your gifts will be made payable to the Pastor (s) or Bible Woman you choose

.6. Children home : Orphans, abandoned, destitute and poor children are cared at our children homes irrespective of caste or creed or religion and provide a home for them with food, clothing and education and to make children as happy as possible. To foster among them the spirit of service, self help, simplicity and sacrifice and to make them as good citizens of the nation.
There are many orphanages in our area and a good number of them are lack of feeding clothing education and medical assistance. Orphanages have proven to be a very effective ministry. Currently we have 10 to 15 children we feed them in word and physical too. We give them shelter feeding clothing and education books other needed things they need we have two places children home10 to 15 Details with everything I will be mailed to you soon I will send pictures of proof if you really love orphans and fatherless, I don’t have any support from anywhere to our orphanage and totally depended upon our local contributions
Our children develop Godliness as they grow in our home. They learn to love one another, pray for each other, participation in Sunday worship, fellowship and other special events. They lead in singing, read from the Bible . They share their faith and tell about Jesus to friends at school, to their parents and relatives. It is being run by free will offerings by Indian brothers and sisters. One Aya one cook one tuition teacher one voluntary doctor is serving these children. We took rent house for children home. WE trust you have the heart of Christ so you can not close your heart and hand to the little children who lost love and care of their parents and send a small gift of 10$ 20 $ 30 $ whatever the Lord leads you to send? to the orphanage to provide the needs of orphans and to make a difference in their lives. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again. Pr 19:17
7.Adult Schools: Five places each group 15 to 20 we give education to adults who are illiterate they can read or write we train in how to write and read and they can read bible and pray for lord Our ultimate goal to read the bible, and to know the truth from the word of God the list of names and pictures to be mailed to you if you are willing to receive.
8. Bible Quiz Program s: God has given us privilege to conduct bible quiz programs and so we conducted and given prizes to the winners Our main motto is to make them study complete bible by condcuring Quiz programs in various places by lord grace. The pattern of Quiz is singing verse remembering objective type tests from book by book from entire holy bible.
9.Medical Camps Eye camps : We have conducted Free Medical camps in rural areas urban and tribal areas for the poor and needy people The main purpose is to provide medicine to poor who cannot purchase and who cannot go towns to get better treatment for general and eyes with computer testing we conducted all these by lords grace
10. Free Tailoring Ceneter :We have currently one center of training in tailoring . Frank to say we are not giving machine after training complete we have to give rfree Tailoring Machines but we are unable to give so we look to the lord to open the way to give machines to such poor ladies who completely depend on tailoring for their families run through this tailoring they can earn some thing and to run many families after training but it is true may are not able purchase so they joined private tailoring center to earn some thing for their livehood
11. Tract distribution : we have distributed many thousands of tracts in many places by vehicles, autos and by walk bible tracts book we distributed, I will send you proof pictures to you too. Please pray for that we will be continue in future and distribute in many new places Gods words not yet reached..
12 Church Planting: Many Congregations have come up in Cities, Towns, Villages, and interior jungle areas, many pastors do not have church buildings some are in shuts. Some are on verandahs The land is donated by the local congregations and with the helping hand of donors we wish to construct the buildings for the pastors “Still the Door is open to us in India, it is our humble plea you please act now ! please act now
13 Working with 50 Small churches [15 tribal and 35 rural]: To the above broad I would like to give you information as we have been working with 50 independent churches and each church consists of l 15 to 20people conducting service in thatched roof houses with clay walls, scattered in East and West Godavari Districts pray for bibles and monthly support for them..
14 We have been running a school we have a school from LKG to 6th standard and recognized by Govt of India the name of the school is called Little Roses its, strength 180 and some of them are very poor and some are fatherless a some are mother less and some are future and hopeless less so pray for such children nearly30 to 35 children are very very poor the children from class LKG to 6th standard details will be sent to you just ask me. These children living in abject poverty so pray for the primary needs like education clothing and feeding and living in grief .children .are leading a sad and sorrow life please send some Samaritan boxes send us to the nearly 200 children in our convent please recommend and send some boxes to the children in our orphanage and our school.
15 Adult education program It is also other program to be launching soon 50 adult education program soon in tribal and rural area we praying and ask lord for guidance if lords will we plan and start soon details will be send you very soon we need each center one charging light slates note books teacher salary pray for our works for the glory of god the primary focus for adult education is first to train then them in education and then to learn Gods word, bible reading and other programs
16 Warm welcome to India: By Gods grace if you are touched by lord, we cordially invite preachers from all over the world to come to India to share the gospel to preach, teach and share your spiritual experiences with our independent pastors we arrange a special meeting with 100 to 200. and gospel meetings in rural and tribal areas. We will organize gospel crusades, seminars, music concerts and children youth camps to reach the unreached millions. If you are willing to sponsor a crusade or to preach in the crusade, you are most welcome. Direct contact .no mediator needed please contact us to reach. We are focused on urban sanitation and urban slum children education and poor and slum women education if you are willing to send any help send to me and give me the number via western union MTCN number on my name. We always want direct contact via emails and letters. If you are willing to come to India we will give you full cooperation and coordination and prepare a positive budget for your trip to India I am very blessed to serve the poor and needy and count it a privilege for me because of HIS GRACE
I would like to know when will you plan to visit our India when I receive reply from you I will immediately l send you all the proof pictures via attachments to your email address MAY THE LORD BLESS EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE IN ABUNDANCE!
We AGGWMinistries. Make this appeal whole heartedly please pray fervently and remember us in your love & compassion. Please write to us so that the lord Jesus Christ may lead you to extend your generous help to us for one of the above programs will be fulfilled. With Great Love and respect.
Mailing address Pastor BBRao P. O BOX .113 S R.Nagar Rajahmundry EGDT AP India 533105 [email protected] My Phone number: 9441206106

Prayer Requests

a) Evangelical Activities
1) Gospel Campaigns & crusades are conducted in both the Urban and Rural areas.
2) Establish & Support Churches in remote Villages
3) Training Evangelists, Pastors, and Bible workers and support them to some extent.
4) Training youth for Gospel Campaigns, and also for the distributing of Tracts and Bibles.

b) Social Activities
1) Hospital Ministry
2) Providing food to the poor & needy Children and Widows
3) Distributing special gifts, food and clothes to the poor & Needy.
[c ]Our Need
1) Providing food, education & shelter to the poor & needy.
2) To construct hospitals for the poor & needy.
3) Plantation of Churches & Worship Centers.
4) To construct old age Homes and Residential schools.
5) To Construct Widow homes.
6) Day Care Centers.
7) To provide Vehicles for outreach Gospel workers. LCD projector for film showing in tribal areas
1. For God’s protection for us as we travel to the villages and towns to preach the gospel.Please pray for evangelism through mass media: Jesus film, Literature and Crusades.
2. Pray for church planting in un-reached areas. 3 To build a 40/20 church building that costs $ 4, 800. 4 Pray for transportation for our 15 new pastors. We need 15 Bicycles each costing $ 80.
5. Pray for us and our co-pastors, their families and needs. 15 Pastors with us at present needing support of $ 100 per month 6. Pray for the needs of 20 orphan children for their clothing, food and education. Each child needing $ 40 per month. 7.Pray for the poor widows and old-aged poor men whom we also support. Need $40 per month for each person to meet their needs.
8. Pray for Bible seminars to be held every year to train 100 pastors for the effective ministry 9; We need or laptop for our ministry use two computers free computer center and for only for the poor and needy
Doctrinal Statement
The Bible: The Bible is God’s Word, and is therefore inspired, inerrant, and infallible in the original languages. I use the Authorized Version for preaching and teaching in the English language.

God: The God of the Bible is the only true God. He is a trinity, and He is infinite in all of His natural and moral attributes.

Jesus Christ: Jesus is God manifested in the flesh, possessing all of the divine attributes. He is sinless and virgin born. He died, was buried, and rose again. He ascended bodily and is coming again.

The Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.

Salvation: Salvation has been purchased by the blood of Jesus on the cross. Salvation becomes effectual to man when he puts his faith in Christ alone.

The Church: The Church is the called out body of New Testament believers, distinct from Israel.

Last Things: The Rapture of the Church is an imminent event. It will be followed by the Tribulation, after which Christ will personally come to establish His Millennial Kingdom. R.S.V.P.

I don`t feel the weight of the work on my shoulders any longer but the freedom of knowing I am a servant and I am just called to be a good steward and to be obedient. The word that God spoke to me was the following: "You take care of the Mission, and I`ll take care of the Vision." By focusing on what I can control and letting God take care of the impossible parts of our labors I have a renewed hope and joy and I can once again get my arms around our goals. I have also been renewed in my faith and I believe in an all powerful God who is still able to work miracles. Praise the Lord for this newly renewed freedom! Thank you for all your love and care and prayers, were instrumental in everything. You all are in my prayers. May God shower you with His richest blessings!!!GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS FOREVER!!! Lots of love. We extend to you a cordial invitation to join us. Please drop us an email at [email protected] For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord." ~2 Corinthians 4:5.
Yours In Christ love
Mr. Babuji & Mrs. Teresa India
3404 days ago by John Babu
Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society

“…Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”. (Matt.25:40)

Dear Respected Beloved Brothers or Sisters and Blessed Family in Jesus Christ,
Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Rev.Ch.Mohan Rao (John babu) and my co-workers are working in 50 rural areas of surrounding kuchipudi, Movva mandal, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India. I am very happy to share with you few words about our small ministry in coastal Andhra Pradesh for your kind concern in Christ.
Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society (LLURDS) is a Christian charity organization, independent, indigenous, evangelical, revival, prayer, fellowship, and hope in Christ. LLURDS Ministries is recognized by our state of Andhra Pradesh Government Society Number; - 39 of 1999 and our organization is non-denominational and has no formal relationship with any one church or organizations at present.
I believe that our living loving God who created you and me and poor children would touch your heart to pour your love and kind compassion to dear poor children. We are in need of your prayers and love, because our Indian government shows partiality regarding Christian people. My heart Touched by James 1:27, (Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.)
By the grace of God that at present we have 27 orphans who lost their parents. The children are growing in the Lord's care in my presence. We also give free education and free food to them through my prayer offering, But it is not sufficient to them for provide all the things because everything cost was raised on sky.
“BLESSED is he who considers the poor; the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.” – PSALMS 41:1

I am very poor man and have no income from any source and doing this work with independently by His faith. I am maintaining these orphans because the children are real in Christ in that future and they would be powerful candidates for Jesus sake one day. They are looping to wars to boon of Gift.
Please consider as our beloved Christians about our orphan children as like our own children with Jesus' heart. One child needs $ 25 per-month for food, clothes and education. Please keep them in your prayers. We need your support and Prayers.
About Co-workers in our Mission:
Love Each Other Ministries have many Co-pastors/evangelists who are laboring in the villages among agricultural laborers and also they are unable to maintain their families too. Every month we conduct pastors meetings for learn the truth of God's word.
Our co-workers belong to the very, very poor, but we are committed to equip co-workers and local churches to carry out the Great Commission. Our co-workers cover over 50 villages per month with gospel tracks and they preach the gospel, hold Bible studies and establish Churches and growing believers. Most of our co-workers live and worship God in simple thatched roof houses and under trees and even on the side of the road.
In fact, our co-workers do not have any good house or lands for making church or house. However, we are determined to see that the Lord's work is done. Our co-workers are facing many hardships during Gospel Outreach such as hunger, prejudice, poverty and lack of basic resources.
We have 25 pastors. Please pray for our Pastors and their families. A Pastor and his family maintenance need $ 50 per Month. ---- A bicycle costs $ 40.
About Widows:
We also help poor widows. The aged are one of the major concerns of our ministry. Widows are being considered as unfortunate and ill fated in the community and were being treated as less privileged and socially outcaste people.
"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send our workers into his harvest field." Mathew 9:37-38.

"So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats" Luke 5:7
My church people, my little orphan kids, Pastors and all are request you extend your precious prayers for us as prayer is the direct way to reach Him. We ourselves are praying. You too pray for us. Please give me your co-operation and financial support for my ministry.

Awaiting early reply and thanking you in His name,
Yours in His service,
Rev.Ch.John babu
Founder & President of Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society.
Our mailing Address:
Rev.Ch.John babu,
Living Light U & R Development Society,
Kuchipudi, Pin: 521136,
Andhra Pradesh,
E-mail:[email protected]
[email protected]
Ph: 91-8671-340828
Mobile: 91-98661-17331
Web site:
3052 days ago by Stanleyalbert
Dear Brother in Christ

We would like to have your ministerial fellowship with you, Dear Spiritual leaders LOVE AND PEACE FROM INDIA IN JESUS MOST PRECIOUS NAME.. I would like to introduce myself as Pastor Stanley Albert, from India the Lord has been faithful, and I praise God for His Grace and mercy. By His grace I have been witnessing Jesus to the hundreds of Hindu idol worshippers and God the Holy Spirit has led several to the Salvation. I trust my letter would present the needs in promoting the Gospel Work in India, MARANATHA PROPHETIC MINISTRIES ORGANISATION, is a faith ministry. We are NEW MINISTRIES working with burden for the perishing souls and beseeching the Lord for prospective fellowship with right people and churches. We MARANATHA PROPHETIC MINISTRIES ORGANISATION involve in: – Church Planting, Supporting poor pastors, children Orphanage, Free medical camps, sewing centres, youth meetings. Services to the Leper Patients, etc. Please kindly pray for us and for the Ministries in which we would involve as God the Holy Spirit leads us for the Glory to His name and for the Well-being and Salvation of the Humanity. Please kindly support us, visit us, minister to our people, your kind fellowship enables us to do a great ministry in India. We are looking for your kind cooperation in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayerfully waiting for your kind reply.

Sincerely in His Ministry.


Founder and Senior Pastor

Maranatha Prophetic Ministries

#801/3, Near Old Church,

Belvathgramma, Pusphagiri




Phone Number+919916053035, +918095225404

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