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Michael Silberman
29th of Jan, 2011 by
MICHAEL SILBERMAN was contracted to do some preliminary work on a film did the work woefully inadequately and was dismissed. He has harrassed and pursued the producer with whom he was contracted relentlessly and abusively.

An associate of the producers, Rob Walker, who has never met Silberman, never spoken to him or had any dealings with him has been subjected to abuse and threats: after the Tucson tragedy on Nov 8 when 6 people were killed he texted:"Fraud. Too bad it was not you" Numerous txt messages & pictures of Silberman giving the finger have been sent. He was also at pains to show he knew Rob Walkers address. A stream of lunatic messages and e mails have been sent. He has also been contacted and defaming various people with whom he thinks the producer is associated including, incredibly, the producer's PASTOR!

iF YOU HAVE DEALINGS WITH THIS GUY BE CAREFUL HE IS PSYCHOTIC, UNSTABLE, POSSIBLY DANGEROUS. certain parties are taking legal steps against Silbermans service provider for permitting & facilitating threats of violence and abuse. Be VERY CAREFUL!!

2940 days ago by Hounds007
This libelous defamation is categorically false and was not even proofread. Any alleged allegations have not only been legally unsubstantiated, but posted with malice. Anyone who wishes to contact me further to discuss I am happy to share my side of this as I have nothing to hide. This is a civil material breach of contract issue in which Rob Walker and Jeremiah Vaughn, partners, have been evasive. Legal action is being pursued against them.

Michael Silberman
[email protected]
2760 days ago by Ctbythec
Here is an example of the kind of crap that spews from the mind of Michael Silberman, [email protected]

*Sure, sure. That wasn't your story a year ago when you asked that of me. You should be ashamed of yourself for your bait/switch tactics. They are as transparent as your integrity and complete lack of character. Shame on you.

*Even today I've spoken with someone on a project you allege to be "producing." You are not a PRODUCER until you actually PAY SOMEONE to PRODUCE SOMETHING.
Our exchange:
As what? Never heard of him. I checked. On imdbpro 2 see who he is.
Producer, Exec. Producer.
Nope. Some dreamer
I figured as much from my own experience with him.

*Congrats on your make believe films which will only be seen by the projector in your mind. You're a fraud.

*Rude and spiteful? No. Just putting trash in its proper place. If you want to know who was rude to me, look in the mirror before it cracks.

*Touche. Even people you claim to be working with you say you are not working with them at all. Hilarious. It seems obvious to me, that you're not important to many people either. I don't wish you happiness at all. You lied to me.

I would not hire this guy if the fate of Hollywood rested on his shoulders. He is claiming things about me that are untrue and just by looking at my record as a producer (The IRS Loves this) I have paid professionals to work for me. This is a major reason that I would not now, or ever work with someone who acts like a psychotic in an email after a year or more, out of the blue and cannot show me anything that proves that he is a professional.
2746 days ago by Jmg
I too have actually just had an experience with Mr. Silberman...I had a good gut instinct to check him out BEFORE I sold him a pet...and what I found, I did not like...since rejecting him, I have received NUMEROUS calls to the point that I actually paid for caller-block and now he has begun slamming me online. As I come from a legal background, fine..I can play ball...but, I must confess, on the one hand, I feel fortunate to not have placed a dog with him...on the other...LORD HAVE MERCY!
2746 days ago by Hounds007
Julia Ghiz is a con artist dog breeder and Hans Hartman is a hack filmmaker. Anyone who actually has a conversation with me directly, and is not some spineless bastard who will post without name, I am more than happy to tell my side of the story and I'm confident my actions will be justified. There are two sides to every story and this sort of defamatory, unproven libel shows more about the UNNAMED POSTED people I have called out who have no spine to identify themselves.

Michael Silberman
2746 days ago by Hounds007
In other news, Rob Walker was just fired off of a feature low budget motion picture called "Margarine Wars."
2744 days ago by Hounds007
Harassment is done with the conscience objective to harass. Otherwise its not harassment by legal definition. Communicating with someone who you have legal right to (to pursue a debt for example) and then they turn a civil issue into a criminal one by feigning "harassment" is just as much of a crime, as these people do not know what true harassment is as they have filed a fraudlent claim against another person. Their only defense is to abuse websites like these to defame by libel without substantiating facts. No retractions against what has been stated which is false have been offered.

The reality is, in the industries they represent, if they really wanted to pursue action against me and had the evidience to do so, those actions would have already been taken. This is nothing more than sour grapes, libelous defamation by people who have nothing better to do and have no evidence to truly defend themselves. They would rather hide behind a false alias than justify their credibility. They have none. These days, shallow pathetic people turn to the internet to blog and libel others without documented evidence against them, and in turn, try to defame by libel. It's legal too. It will also happen to them one day. Unitl that time, I will continue to defend myself towards anyone who exploits and/or tears me down. I have always, and will contine to tell the truth about what I've experienced. I have that right.

Michael Silberman
2738 days ago by Anonymr.

dude, heres a mugshot of silberman, arrested for telly harassment on 6/23/2011 booking number 756516 portland, oregon, east precinct.
2734 days ago by Hounds007
Yes, and the majority of the counts were dismissed. The 5th is being appealed, because the true victim was really NO VICTIM AT ALL, BUT WAS PROVEN BY A JURY TO BE UNRELIABLE AND NOT CREDIBLE, AS WAS THE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. Be smart people and show some intelligence for once. Just because a mugshot exists does not mean the people accusing (the alleged victims) are really not victims at all-quite similar to all of these people who have been critical here. They are equally guilty in their own way and they will be exposed. Many dishonest police, as in this case, classify anyone who first calls and makes a report, even if false, to be a victim. Instead of citing arrests, cite CONVICTIONS. Otherwise, you're just putting out rhetoric, libel and are guilty of defamation of character.
2734 days ago by Hounds007




2518 days ago by Hounds007
Julia Ghiz' dogs were just placed into rescue homes because as a failed breeder, and a liar to boot, she clearly couldn't handle them. She is another example of a lying, manipulative fraud who goes on the attack of others only to be proven worse than the people she attacks behind her own computer, without even having the integrity to give her name.
2207 days ago by Filmdude1
"I am Jeremiah Vaughn, aka, JD Valenti, and I write this statement on my own free will and accord. I wish to publicly apologize and take responsibility in effort to correct the situation concerning the work which I hired Michael Silberman to do for me approximately three years ago, which has been promoted/discussed here and amongst other web sites, and across the internet.

As Michael Silberman stated in his rebuttal, everything he has stated about this situation is true, and Michael Silberman was never fired from this project. I did indeed, deliberately breach my contract with him because I did not properly pay him as I had agreed to, because I did not have the money to pay him. Not only did I not fire him, he pretty much quit on me when I did not pay him.

When he asked for his payment, which I did not have, he became irate and verbally belligerent with me, as anyone who was ripped off or taken advantage of naturally would be. I became evasive in his follow up efforts to be paid because I didn't have the money to pay him. In turn, I, and my associates Tina Brown, Rob Walker, Sean Morelli, and Michael Placencia set out to maliciously, anonymously, and spinelessly lambaste him, his professional reputation, and his rightful efforts to be paid for the work he did for me; both on this website, as well as numerous others by attacking his personal character and the work he did.

We tried to ruin his professional reputation by placing erroneous falsities, homophobic statements and rhetoric concerning his work performance and personal life, when in reality, it was my own actions, and/or lack of them, which initially created this situation to begin with. Michael Silberman is far from unstable, bigoted, or a malicious person. He is an experienced professional line producer, and was merely defending his rights as someone who had been ripped off because I did not pay him, as agreed.

I, in turn, projected the entire situation, making myself the victim, when Michael Silberman was the one whom was wronged.

For this bait/switch, and manipulation of the situation, I am regretful. I am truly sorry for this unprofessional behavior and in order to rectify this situation I am compensating Michael Silberman an unspecified amount of restitution, we mutually have agreed to for the breach of this contract, and the lies and misrepresentation and defamation which followed.

I understand Michael Silberman was the true victim here, and that it was I who failed to hold up to my end of the agreement. He had every right to be angry in effort to seek to get paid from the work he did, which I used without paying him.I hired him from the very beginning because his work is good and his reputation is solid as a line producer. He was willing to give me a good deal, per his professional experience. Michael Silberman was so gracious towards me that he allowed me to take and use his work before I paid him because he genuinely wanted to help me succeed as a producer and help get my film financed.

I apologize for creating this situation and taking advantage of a website such as this to defame Michael's character via libel and provide a convenient and easily accessible forum for me, and others not even involved, to lie about Michael Silberman and tarnish his good, professional reputation as a motion picture line producer and production supervisor."
2033 days ago by ANONYMOUS186
Michael Silberman enjoys contacting people with whom he has had NO PERSONAL dealings for NO REASON WHATSOEVER in an abusive manner, claiming that they have no worth, that they are frauds, that they will never be anyone in life or amount to anything. ETC. The strange thing is he has never met some of these people, does not belong messaging them, and has gotten their number of the internet, etc. HARASSMENT. Just looking for attention, BLOCK HIS NUMBER, so that you will not be subject to abusive, UNINVITED, EXTREMELY IRRITATING MESSAGES from someone whom you have NEVER MET, NEVER CONTACTED yourself, and CERTAINLY never wish to meet. Someone whom you have never met or had any contact with has no reason to send you a text message telling you that you are worthless or other such things for no reason whatsoever.
2033 days ago by ANONYMOUS186
He also (AFTER TEXTING UNINVITED MESSAGES) enjoys insulting people's professions which they happen to be quite content with, insisting that they are drug addicts, And then insisting that he is an employed film maker, and they will never be as good as he is. NICE! good work michael silberman, way to attempt to bring people down for no reason whatsoever. At least you'd think, if you were going to do this, you'd contact someone with whom you'd actually met or who had actually contacted you first, rather than the number of some random person you found off the internet.
2033 days ago by ANONYMOUS186
Michael Silberman needs to understand that sometimes people just want to be LEFT ALONE, and it is completely unfair that people who simply wish to be LEFT ALONE and live their life in peace (and have brought this to his knowledge) should be contacted with abusive messages at all from someone with whom they have no dealings.
2032 days ago by ANONYMOUS186
Apparently, the only one who thinks that they are not being harassed by Michael Silberman is Michael Silberman himself, how strange. You'd think Michael Silberman would actually try to make friends with these random people he contacts rather than creating more and more enemies, but that seems to be his obsession, I suppose, how sad.
1569 days ago by Brent David Schroeder
Michael is the craziest person I have ever had to deal with. I have never met the loser and the only reason the (Film Dude) took back what he said, is that this nut job drove him nuts and agreed to pay the loser to leave him alone. He hacks computers, cell phones and can get into anything the creep wants. It would take a whole team of doctors to try and figure out what wires are crossed or even connected in his twisted head.
797 days ago by Laphotographer
Michael Aaron Silberman is a very mean and disgusting person. He in an online predator. He harrasses and posts lies; and flags innocent postings on Craigslist. It is his belief that he is doing the right thing. Like Hitler thought. This guy defames people, etc. when he has no knowledge about them or the services they provide. He has no evidence or experience with the people, events, services he claims are scams. He needs to be stopped. It's morally illegal for somebody like this to defame people for no reason other than the ones he creates in his sick mind.
234 days ago by Laphotographer
It's a shame that I can't find a way to delete my previous post. (above).
In the meantime - this is a retraction. A colleague whom I trusted urged me to post it. Since then I have discovered that my colleague and supposed 'friend', made the statement that I posted up out of spite. I regret posting it so PLEASE disregard my previous post Re: Michael Aaron Silberman. - Laphotographer

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