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Adam Ginsberg International Inc Adam Ginsberg Review: How I Was Misled, Conned and Ripped off by His eBay Course, Truth Exposed Part2 of 3 Los Angel
23rd of Dec, 2010 by User879697
Part 1 of this report has been published and this is Part 2 of the three parts report.

At the workshop, Adam Ginsberg also told us that the biggest secret to succeed on eBay is The more you list the more you sell. I believe the reason he said this is because he wanted us to sell more items using his inventory system and Doba warehouse, which I believe he is an affiliate of. Of course the more we sell using his software, the more he will make for him by his commissions.

It was full of rubbish and I paid 3,071.01 (US$ 4,899) for it! I paid US$1,899 more than other classmates for the exact same course compared to those who paid 2,112 (US$3,000 ) in April 2009, just two months ago. It is absolutely disgusting that he is able to pretty much make it up as he goes along and nobody seems to be in a position to scrutinise exactly what he is doing and see how many unsatisfied people he leaves in his wake.

Adam Ginsberg told us during the workshop that on average we will make 6 sales for every 30 items that we list. Unfortunately that never proved the case for me. I listed 180 items from Doba, the drop-shipping warehouse, from July Oct 2009 using different methods and techniques taught by Adam Ginsberg, but only one item was sold yielding a profit of 7.34 (around US$11).

Of course this did not even cover my eBay listing fees for one month and I also had to pay him a monthly fee of US$19.95, which was US$ 79.8 over a four month period for using his Template Optimizer software. Further to these costs, there were massive eBay listing fees I had to pay as well.

I was totally in the red and it was a constant outflow of my money into Adam Ginsberg's pockets and his fat bank accounts. This is the real truth and reality of purchasing Adam Ginsberg's eBay course.

I also discovered that most of the product prices of Doba, recommended by Adam Ginsberg, are a lot more expensive and sometimes up to twice as expensive as what competitors are selling the exact same products for on eBay. It is not the LOWEST priced products available on the internet, which Adam Ginsberg had promised to us.

I realised that eBay is mainly driven by bargain hunters looking for lower prices. By using a highly priced, highly commissioned USA based his warehouse, I was destined to fail in this very competitive and price sensitive market. It is very difficult to make any profits using his drop-shipping warehouse.

I have tried my best, using all the techniques and methods that I had learned from his workshop as well as his online resources, but I only lost money. The value that Adam Ginsberg has brought to me is a constant outflow of money and the true value is NEGATIVE.

If his system is really that profitable, magical and able to make so much money to give you financial freedom as he told us, then why is he not hiring an army of people to work for him to just sell his warehouse products. In fact, he has never mentioned to us that he has an employee who has been successfully selling on eBay using his system to make a fortune.

If they are successful, Adam Ginsberg would have already boasted to us, this means he does not have one. This further proves that my classmates and I were deceived in to signing up with a failure system. I know they only have a few rude customer and technical staff, who like to threaten you or send you rude emails.

I have been totally in the red every month from my eBay operations using Ginsberg's Template Optimizer software and techniques, it has been a huge waste of my time, money and energy. When I requested a full refund I received very rude and abusive emails from their customer care. I have kept a record of these. I am extremely unhappy and unsatisfied with the way they treat their customers.

My classmates and I also realised that the workshop was designed for up-sales and that is why I now believe that Michael was there to do hypnosis on us using bye bye past to persuade us to buy, buy untested online stores and coaching sessions, otherwise I could not see any reason why he was there.

He was not there to give his help and assistance to people who really needed technical assistance with the complicated software, which was full of bugs. When NINE People requested our full refunds as a group, he sent us nasty and threatening emails and told us that if we do not drop our requests they would hire attorneys to take us to court, which has never happened. A dirty tactic to scare us off.

It is extremely rude, outrageous and unlawful that they treat their customers in this manner. Of course, they will NEVER win the court case by accusing their innocent, unhappy and unsatisfied customers who simply want to get their money back because they have been conned, ripped off and have received the WORST products and services.

Of course, we were not taught the Secrets of an Auction Millionaire in this workshop as Adam Ginsberg had promised to us he would do in his sales pitch. Adam Ginsberg also slipped out during the workshop that he DOES NOT make his money by buying and selling on eBay. This means he is making his money these days purely from selling seminars for thousands of pounds and dollars that have no real value.

I feel so silly that I purchased his course tying to learn how to make money, then realised that this person is actually no longer able to make any money from eBay. Remember, he has been permanently banned from eBay due to overwhelming negative feedback from his customers and by violating the eBay policies.

It is very obvious that Adam Ginsberg's inventory system, his Template Optimzer software, the work-shop and sales pitch are all designed to con us out of our money and therefore they would not give any of us a refund.

They are very experienced and well prepared in how to scare their customers off and to threaten to sue them if the customers insist on their full refund requests. Other scam reports and reviews from many other victims also prove that they are conducting unfair business-to-consumer practices on a regular basis.

During the workshop, unlike most other seminars, we were not allowed to do any networking, communicating or exchanging of our contact details. Does that not sound very dodgy? Yes it is. I thought exactly the same, we were told it was to prevent spamming, but the real reason was to prevent our classmates from communicating and comparing the results and then to find out that we were all conned, tricked and ripped off by him. Adam Ginsberg banned us for networking so that we would not be able to team up and ask for our refunds as a group.

The other dodgy thing is that Adam Ginsberg and his company tries to keep the venues of their workshops very secretive. Before attending the workshop, I asked several times about the venue details, but they only released it few days before the date of the workshop. At that time I could not figure out why, but later, by doing research I found out that this is to prevent unhappy and angry customers to show up at the venues to warn other people. His unhappy customers are barred to attend his workshops.

However, we met in other seminars and networking events and shared our results and experience and confirmed we were all deceived by Adam Ginsberg. Many of those victims are furious and we all want to get our refunds. I organised a group refund of NINE people, but the only thing we have received are threatening emails to terrorise us. We were also offered an opportunity to resit the workshop by signing his unfair and ridiculous disclaimer, but why would I be so silly to waste any further of my precious time and money?!

As we requested our full refunds, they accused us of defamation and twisted things around to say that our intention was to make financial loss for Adam Ginsberg, as we also contacted other seminar organisers, whose seminars we went to and signed up with Adam Ginsberg's eBay course.

By the industry standard, a seminar organiser makes 50% of commission for each sale that a speaker makes. That is why these seminar organisers tend to hide the ugly truth about the speakers and even promote and glorify them. Of course, the seminar organisers are responsible for bring Adam Ginsbeg to the UK and they should be aware of how their customers have been misled, conned and ripped off by purchasing Adam Ginsberg's eBay course.

Prior to contacting the seminar organisers, my classmates and I had sent our full refund requests individually many times to Adam Ginsberg International to solve the problems directly with them. However, all we had received were rude and blunt refusals. I knew that it was impossible to get our refunds individually and therefore I organised a group refund of NINE people and contacted the relevant seminar organisers for help!

However, Adam Ginsberg International still has refused to give us full refunds and was trying to ban us from contacting the seminar organisers and even threatened to sue us. They were also trying to ban us from leaving negative reviews and feedback about Adam Ginsberg and his company to the third parties, media, press, internet etc!

It is Adam Ginsberg International who did not solve the problems when we contacted them directly in the first place. For this reason, they have no rights to blame us for contacting other seminar organisers for help. As the seminar organisers may have kept 50% of our money and therefore it is nothing wrong for us to contact them to ask our refunds. As Adam Ginsberg International has refused to give us refunds, we believed that by contacting the seminar organisers was the only way to get 100% of our money back!

It is unfair and ridiculous by twisting things around to say our intention was defame Adam Ginsberg's reputation and make financial loss for him. It is totally untrue and all we wanted was to get our money back. In fact, it is my classmates and I and many other victims who have suffered massive financial losses and as a result, Adam Ginsberg has profited from it! I have all the evidence to prove this.

Adam Ginsberg should be accused of conning his customers and terrorising his customers with legal and court actions simply because they have asked for full refunds! In our case, two of my classmates who originally requested their full refunds decided to withdraw their requests due to threats and pressure from Adam Ginsberg International.

He is trying to bite us back and twist the truth around to his advantage. Please read the Appendix at the end of the Report Part 3 of 3, a threatening letter from Adam Ginsberg's lawyer to scare us off, so we won't continue to ask them for our refunds.

We are living in a democratic society, which allows us FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Adam Ginsberg International CAN NOT accuse his customers of defamation for telling the truth to the public and the seminar organisers about how we have been conned and misled in to signing up with his useless eBay courses!

I GOOGLEd the internet to try and find any reviews and feedbacks about Adam Ginsberg. Then I realised many of the negative reviews and comments about Adam Ginsberg have disappeared on the internet. I knew he has been removing these websites and a report from proved this.

An angry customer of Adam Ginsberg, posted the threatening letters they received from his attorney on Adam Ginsberg is trying to wipe out any negative feedbacks and reviews about him on the internet and even hired people to keep an eye out for them, his Rebuttal people on proves this.

In 2004, Adam Ginsberg was permanently banned from eBay due to overwhelming negative feedback from his customers and by violating eBay policies. However he proudly talks about how he removed these negative feedbacks in his book and in person. He is using the same dirty tricks on the internet to try to keep his dirty name clean.

Because they are so worried about their customer reviews, Adam Ginsberg even owns websites like,, to say good things about himself and fool the innocent public.

All of the above further proves that Adam Ginsberg and his company are conducting unethical and unlawful business practices. If you are operating a perfectly legal business and provide good customer service why would you worry so much and panic about what people have to say about you? Why would you even hire employees just to keep an eye on your customers reviews, feedbacks and comments and even try to remove them using lawyers?

As long as Adam Ginsberg keeps my money unlawfully and unethically I have the right to write and talk about my true stories and experience about him and his company by media, press, internet, blogs and in my books.

Adam Ginsberg International has been conducting unlawful business to consumer practices, conning many innocent people's hard earned cash and life's savings. As I believe my classmates and I have been conned and therefore I believe Adam Ginsberg and his company should be investigated by the US and UK consumer protection agencies.

My classmates and I believe that we have been misled and deceived by the following information and glossy sales pitch at the seminars:

Misleading Drop-shipping Information: Drop-shipping (Using the inventory system of Doba Warehouse) is the biggest attraction of Adam Ginsberg's sales presentations for his eBay course and it was the main reason for our purchases. In his sales pitch he said My drop-shipping warehouse is zero risk, zero wholesale expense, 1.2 million products available for drop-shipping on the internet. All products at the LOWEST available wholesale price on the internet, it is awesome, it is completely turnkey (We have a DVD recording of him stating this).

However, during the 10 12 July 2009 workshop in London, he did a complete U- turn and told us the profit margin on his drop-shipping is very low and we needed to use it as a loss leader if necessary. I also discovered that many of the products in the drop-shipping warehouse are one stock items and therefore we were never be able to sell these items on eBay. We were told we should not sell any items that have less than 10 stocks. Adam Ginsberg's sales pitch of 1.2 million products available is totally untrue and misleading.

2) Misleading Easy and Fast Money Sales Pitch: The sales presentations also made eBay business sound like a fast and easy way to make money, a foolproof method of achieving financial freedom and a great work-from-home online business opportunity. It has, however, turned out to be a quick money losing business for everyone and seems to have done nothing but fatten Adam Ginsberg's bank accounts.

3) Misleading Information about Buying and Selling USA Real Estate on eBay: We were told in Adam Ginsberg's presentations that this course will teach us how to profitably buy and sell USA real estate on eBay during the workshop. However, this subject was not covered at the workshop and we were told there would be a webinar on this subject three days later, but there never was. The workshop was full of rubbish, basic stuff and simple social media information, but he did not have time to cover the relevant information that he promised during the sales pitch.

4) Misleading Contract Value1 9,997: The value that the Adam Ginsberg International contract placed on their inventory system (Doba, the drop-shipping warehouse) and two software packages were 9,997, we have all used this Doba warehouse and Template Optimizer software only to lose money.

5) Misleading Contract Value2 4,997: Their membership sites and online resources etc were valued at 4,997 on the contract. We have listened to the video and audio tutorials and used the other resources for eBay listings, however the value we have got is limited and more importantly this information has not helped us achieve eBay sales. As the core of this course, the drop-shipping inventory system is a failure system and therefore these resources do not add any value to us.

6) Misleading Contract Value3 8,997: The Live 3 day Workshop was valued at 8,999 on the contract. In fact, it was only two and half days training and we later found out that the true purpose of that workshop was to up-sell us untested online stores (at a cost of around 3,000). In order for his company to make more money, Adam Ginsberg and the presenters put more effort into up-sells rather than teaching the real secrets and strategies to the people who had paid to learn how to make money on eBay.

As you can see, I have been totally misled and our classmates were taught only general information, unrelated topics and wasted a lot of time, money and energy. So if you ignore my report and dare to sign up with any of Adam Ginsberg's courses then it is up to you to sort out your own nightmares!

There is one more part to this report.

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