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Scam And Never Believe These Liars!
18th of Aug, 2011 by You Are Now Exposed
Here are scandals to be found with this site for which this site must be permanently highlighted and blacklisted for!

A. It has the most expensive chat service and one can be overcharged more than what one is normally charged for in using this chat service and its mobile phone service is also expensive as well!

B. Scammers have been found there asking for money.

C. Ladies have been known to commit marriage fraud e.g. Elena Matsuk

D. Ridiculous in its racial outlook since they refuse to change their advertising to be more inclusive of other races (such as Asian men, African men, Indian men or even Hispanic men)-only
one-race focused with its promotional consideration and thus a racially challenged site!

E. Customer Service has been known to be Rude and Very Disrespectful at times

F. On the site there has also been prostitutes pretending to be genuine ladies!

G. Tours can be so expensive and one can meet ladies who are not even interested in you or even show up to meet you and therefore you waste your own precious money and precious time!

H. Misuses the Act known as the IMBRA Act where it prohibits one from obtaining contact information from a female.

This does not make sense with Anastasia since if a male cannot pass their contact information through Anastasia's letters or chat system then why is it not be forbidden to pass it through their phone system? Is it not another form of media as well?

The answer is so that they will use their phone system to amass high monetary profits from your pockets!

Plus why should this apply to nonAmerican men when the Act is for those who live in America since it originated there?

I. Overly expensive phone network system-It is over 50 bucks for just a mere 5 minutes. If one only talks for 2 minutes or 3 minutes you still have to pay for the full 5 minutes even if you did not use the full 5 minutes. How ridiculous is that!

Also even if you go over the 5 minutes you get overcharged for going over. Now there is a ripoff worth taking note of!

J. Some women may not even look like what they look like in their photos and thus their photos on Anastasia convey the wrong impression.

K. Profiles have been known to contain the same lady with the same name but with different ages and heights. For example it has been noted that one can find two ladies who look alike in two different profiles yet their heights and ages have been changed!

L. A woman's profile can have her name changed after some period of time for example one thinks that you are chatting to a girl with a particular name but later on her name changes on her profile to something else for example it changes from Anna to Elena!

M. A lady might be on several other dating sites communicating with other males unknown to the man who is presently communicating with her on AnastasiaDate-This is greatly unfair and a great breach of trust to the gentleman who is communicating with that particular lady!

N. Ladies can be accused of not completely writing their letters because the translators are the one's writing the letters so when one thinks that the letters are coming directly from the lady it may not be the case because it may be coming from the translator. Therefore deception can take place!

O. Ladies being on for a long period of time and not finding anyone-Why? Because they may be professional chatters hired and employed by the site to chat with men!

P. Overwhelms one with much letter mail and the reason is so that one can pay much money to open and send back letters. The more letters one opens and sends the more money is
made from the site.

Thus the site proves itself to be a greedy money-making site and that's the reason why they send you hundreds of letters because the more you open these letters the more money made by them and the more their greed is facilitated!

Q. The so-called site "improvements" are not worth one's time at all and a complete waste e.g. site improvements have included playing games like that of tic-tac-toe and pool. Imagine paying your hard earned dollars for the game tic-tac-toe as if that is the best game around that can be found!

R. Anastasia has a poor refund policy when it comes to letters that are written by you to a lady and the lady happens to refuse you or reject you. For such cases they do not refund or repay you back your money!

S. There are also greedy golddiggers who are also found on the site who are known to be "soft scammers" who are only interested in men for their money.

T. Ladies may appear on Anastasia Date but also may be in relationships with others such as having boyfriends which an Anastasia customer might be completely unaware of!

Today this site is completely exposed for its scandalous ways and its deceptive tactics and though it claims to have integrity those who really know its dark secrets know that this is absolutely far from the truth! Anastasia Date is Full of Scandal, Shame, and Great Hidden Deception!

Other Scandals

-Unscrupulous business practices,
-ignores requests to resolve issues,
-does not stand behind it's (supposed) reputation,
-false statements in advertising,
-double charges on already outrageous costs.
-Has a "D-" rating with New England regional Better Business Bureau.
3960 days ago by Roger Sears
Please let me rebut the comments stated on this report, which are inaccurate, misleading and not at all indicative of the experience enjoyed by the thousands of loyal members who use to successfully meet beautiful foreign ladies from Eastern Europe.

Live Chat

The chat service is tremendously popular with our members and is a great way to get closer to the Ladies in real time. There are options to use text chat and video chat on this service. Live Chat is competitively priced, there are no hidden charges, all the costs are clearly labeled on the chat window and in the Service Description on the site, in the FAQ and also in the customer service guide. The service can also be used from your Android or iphone. Chat is billed by the minute. Any confusion over pricing can easily be addressed to our Customer Service Team which works round the clock.

Anti Scam has the most effective anti-scam team within the International Dating industry. It is there to detect scam, remove scammers and reimburse clients if a scam has happened. 99% of the time we prevent scam via our robust interview process, use of our internal black list, profile moderation process, telephone interview process and other internal procedures.
Occasionally we do detect scam, and it is to our credit that we take action and remove scammers when we detect them. No site is perfect, but we strive to achieve 100% in scam detection.

Marriage Fraud

The Ladies on do not commit marriage fraud. Specifically in the example you have given, and from what I know about you personally (you have posted many times against, your personal correspondence with this particular lady led to enormous pressure on her to agree to marry you before you even visited her or met her in person. We recommend that all clients use common sense, and do not commit to marriage until they have at least met the Lady which whom they are corresponding. Pressurizing Ladies to agree to such proposals before meeting is a recipe for disaster, as I think that anyone would recognize.

Advertising does not focus on any particular racial group through its advertising. To suggest that it does is inaccurate and misleading. is enjoyed by members from all over the world as a place to come to together to find a foreign bride, and our female members are also seeking romantic and gentle male members from all corners of the globe.

Customer Service

The customer service team is available 7 days a week, round the clock for the convenience of our clients, and they reply to each and every question that is sent in by our members. There is strict quality control within the department. The team is always monitored and mentored and receives constant training on the product and service provided, as well as best practice in dealing with clients. Any complaints against the Customer Service team are escalated to Senior Management and receive a personal response.

Quality of the Ladies on the site is the most prestigious and popular international dating site within Russia, Ukraine and several other East European countries. We spend an enormous amount of time and money in developing the brand and the image of the site to our female members, so that our male clients find the best selection of female clients possible. Anastasia has the highest brand recognition and recall rate amongst Ladies in Ukraine than any other International Dating site.
Ladies are not, never have been and never will be paid to chat on the service. The Ladies on the site are here to meet charming western gentlemen. There have been countless Sociological and Academic studies pertaining to the usage of international dating sites by foreign women. There is a genuine demand by Eastern European Ladies to find their soulmate outside of their home country for a variety of reasons, and is their site of choice to find such men.
When a lady registers on, they are single and unmarried. Our task is to change that, so that they develop relationships with our male clients. They leave the service wither when they form a relationship with one of our clients, or when they form a relationship outside of our service.
Clients who correspond with Ladies on can be sure that their correspondence is real and genuine. Via video chat, clients can also see the ladies they are corresponding with in real time.

Telephone Translation Service and IMBRA

In order to protect the female members on our site, and in compliance with the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act, allows users to contact each other, but they should meet in person before they swap private contact details. This is reasonable in theory, although while our male clients are mainly in the US and our female clients are in Ukraine this is often problematic. Using the Telephone translation service, which includes high quality live translation provided in real time, as well as including the cost of the international call itself, clients are able to contact the lady directly, therefore allowing them to swap contact details. This service is very fairly priced given the level of translation and the inclusion of the long distance international phone call.


We are no longer part of the BBB. The actual process of resolving complaints using BBB methodology does not make a great fit with a dating site.
We answer all client questions within 24 hours, as well as answering questions in real time on the phone and via Live Chat to customer service.
Each and every issue is resolved to the highest possible standard, in fitting with our high reputation. If this were not the case, we would not be running the single most popular International Dating site in operation, and have been doing so for over 10 years.

Should any other clients or potential clients wish to discuss this report further, please contact us directly via our Customer Service Page at

Yours Sincerely
Roger Sears Operations Manager
3958 days ago by You Are Now Exposed

Rebuttal: Please let me add to the comments which are inaccurate from Roger Sears which are misleading, inaccurate and not indicative of the many experiences out there who complain about anastasiadate, com

Roger Sears Operations Manager

You just made me mad! Defending your lies with your so-called damage control. Well Guess what I shall expose your lies for all to see and its time to expose you for all to see

Lie 1. Live Chat:-Live Chat is a robbery system because those who have live chatted will know from experience that there are times that live chat sometimes takes more money than it should take. One person complained that they paid for 20 minutes and got only eight minutes of live chat. It is expensive and bleeds your money dry and ladies who are known as prochatters are set up there to chat with you so that much of your money is used up in chatting. Wrong Mr. Sears Chat may be billed by the minute but if the lady turns on her camera instead of paying one credit for one minute one has to pay two credits for one minute. There is no confusion here!

On a gentleman named DG got to know the inner workings of Anastasia and said

"Guys, let me share with you a personal story: I speak fluent Russian, lived in Ukraine for a long time, and now live in Texas. I'm in my mid-30's, average looking, stable job. Recently I traveled to Odessa, Ukraine, to meet several girls from Anastasia. Since I was able to speak the language fluently, I befriended ladies and got to know them pretty well. I also learned from them the "inner workings" of the dating service of "Anastasia." I could NOT believe what I heard...Girls told me that sometimes one girl will write responses to as many as 5 different guys, or even worse another Ukrainian guy will pretend to be a girl when responding to you!! Yikes!"

This is also confirmed by a lady client named Marina from Kiev on the same site!. Here is her story

"I would like to tell personal story about I am girl from Kiev (Ukraine), I am nice, well-educated and I know English. I wanted to find serious relationship with help of site Anastasia. Well, I registered on the site with my real name and stated that I am woman looking for a man. Can you believe, some mistake has happen and I started to receive invitations from girls to be a member and to chat with them or to read their e-mails? I felt that Anastasia doesn't expect girls to make registration by themselves; they prefer to work with local agencies. Well, than I met a girl who was working in the local international dating agency, partner of Anastasia. She told me that she needs to write and send hundreds of e-mails every day, trying to make new members and to have chat with them. She receives percentage from payments. Also I found many ads in the local press, where girls are invited to work in chat with foreigners. Also there are special people in the agencies, who write very emotional letters about love and relationship"

This means that many, many, many and not just a handful are involved in a scam operation on the site and this will be proven later on!

Lie2. Anastasia's Antiscam and Marriage Fraud Claim is not true at all. It is a diversionary tactic set up by them to divert those from not seeing their deliberate allowance of scammers onto their site. For example Elena Matsuk id : 1104556 (anastasiadate) was on their site and later on committed marriage fraud and is now blacklisted permanently. She can be found on the following sites:

Sorry you have me confused with someone else since I did not correspond with the lady but I know the story very well where was going to be taken to court over the issue. This is an absolute lie where Roger Sears says: "your personal correspondence with this particular lady led to enormous pressure on her to agree to marry you before you even visited her or met her in person" Lies!

I present to you the actual story from with the actual person who dealt with her who goes by the name shaz444. Here is the story and not the LIES that Mr Sears wishes us to buy!

Topic: Another scammer Elena Matsuk (ID: 1104556)

"These are my facts with her:
Corresponded for over 7 months writing deep emotional & hard letters about my previous experiences with other girls & how bad it has been already with online dating, so she was my last try & she said she won’t let me down.
Had 6 – 7 long video chats during the period.
Had 10-11 phone conversations.
Decided to meet in Odessa ASAP, but I was waiting to cross check her. She was insisting I come immediately.
I asked her to let me introduce to her parents, all she said they know about you & they think you are nice man.
I asked her for her parents postal address, she said it was broken!!! She hasn’t up till now given the real postal address.
I just asked her last Saturday will she sign a legal marriage document when I meet her, she said “I would love to”.
Guys I am just trying to warn you do your homework before you make any plans going abroad? So I booked my flight…and
Orbitz in Polish airline for $1157
Ukraine visa for $142 rush service.
Anastasia Apartments for 11 days for $900
Lawyer in Odessa to process No impediment certificate for marriage to UKR Citizen $180
Travel insurance $50
Car rental for 11 days $650
Guess what was her last letter today when I told her my flight is booked for October 28 flying to Odessa 6:53 pm & reaching Odessa in the morning, I got her letter today saying “I can’t meet you because I have to go with my friend to another country. I hope you understand”.
Ok fine emergency do happen, but come on, be rude to me instead keep me hanging on!!! I am human being too????
Ok, now for the costs, I had to cancel everything which I had paid for, I have lost about $900 on cancellation charges but I am still keeping my insurance for a later date. She just didn’t make me come all the way & waste more money OR most important my time!!!
Really I have nothing against Russian / Eastern Europeans but this has got me changing my mind about girls from this part of the world. These girls are good at writing letters, that’s what convinced me at first. Our American/Canadian girls might not be that pretty to post profiles on regular/local websites as these girls here are, but really I will go out with any average babe now before I get scammed.

Concerning scammers and this is found on the again: Between July 2010 and October 2010 there was a scammer found on the site:

Her name is Vika Tkachenko, Lugansk Ukraine

She can be found on:

As well as she can be found on:

Lie 3-Customer Service: It is true that the customer service is available 24 hours but they are available to be RUDE and disrespectful to clients at times. Having dealt with the phone call service at Anastasia myself I have seen this to be the case after being rudely told talked to and told to be quiet!

Lie 4-Quality of Ladies: The ladies may appear to be of quality but NOT all are as Mr. Sears explain. You see I present fact after fact after fact. Here is a doctor whose story found on the bears witness of the lack of quality with the ladies! He is obviously an intelligent man and would know what he is talking about being that he is a medical practitioner and so here is his story!

"The problem is in the actual women on there.
If the women on this site look too good to be true, that’s because they do! I am 35, 6?2?, not bald, not fat, and a successful doctor in Canada. I decided to give this a chance as my ex of 3 years had left me and I wanted to try something new. Boy, was I in for a shock!

After spending close to $1000 on the site, I connected with three women. I traveled to Ukraine to meet them.
The first had totally lied about her English ability. She had it put it to “advanced” on her profile. She knew not a single word in English. Without telling me, she brought an Anastasia interpreter who charged $20 per hour.
They insisted on meeting at only this one restaurant, which I did just to be nice. They then ordered the most expensive items on the menu, bringing the bill to $300. They suggested that I take them to another restaurant of their choice the next day (and to that I said no).

The next date turned out even worse. Even though she spoke good English, she brought her cousin to this restaurant of her choice. Without asking me and in Russian, they ordered 8 dishes of appetizers!!! and the most expensive wine and entres on the menu. I finally got so pissed that I got up and left. They then threatened to call the police on me and holding me hostage in the country. I threw $150 at them and got the heck out of there (total bill would have been north of 400 had I stayed).

The third date did not even show up.

Don’t waste your money and stay home. date women in your own neck of the woods. That’s my advice.
These women think of foreign men who go there as suckers. They don’t care what you look like, or what you do. They just want to take you for a hell ride and leave you feeling so empty and used."

Here is what another person named Jay T who wrote on

Jay.T Says:

Im a 35 year old guy living in Australia and
Have been a past user of this site. Unfortunately
i also spent hundreds of dollars communicating with a handful of girls hoping to find that someone special in my life in 2006. Like you i recieved many many letters and it was quite hard choosing who i wanted to write to as they were all so beautiful!

But after some thinking i narrowed it down to 5 girls which i thought i would get on with. many many letters and even a few phone calls ( which cost me more!) i arranged to meet them on person as had previously arranged to go to Odessa (Ukraine) for my 5 week vacation. They said were all looking forward to meet me so i was really excited not knowing what was going to happen..
After i settled myself in Odessa i contacted all the girls i had been communicating with and was looking forward to seeing them in person. but what happened next really made me see i had made a big mistake in using this site. according to all the girls they were all out of the city on business and unfortunately they were not able to meet me!! WHAT THE!! ..there was only one girl out of the 5 that i planned to meet that i actually met in person. she was a nice girl. spent a bit of time with her but i could see she was not genunine.

Lie 5-Advertising-" does not focus on any particular racial group through its advertising" This is a blatant lie and it is Mr Sears who is misleading and inaccurate. If one were to join the site one would notice the couple banner advertising contain only a one-race picture. If the site is "enjoyed" by other members of the globe then where are the "couple global pictures" of other members of other races who "enjoy" the site? The answer reflects the contradiction of This one-race picture is not the same seen on another international site but on this site the one-race picture is seen in dominant fashion in testimonies as well as its "couple advertising pictures" that reflect one race. It is interesting on their site (another sketchy site) they have articles there about interracial relationships but on this site there cannot even be "couple advertising" that reflects other races. They are a LIAR indeed!

Lie 6. Telephone Translation Service and IMBRA Act-It is very disappointing to hear lie after lie after lie with this man. Firstly the IMBRA Act is an American Act and should not be enforced on those outside of America. This is well seen on where it says and I quote:

"IMBRA became law in March 2006".

"Its avowed purpose is to protect foreign women from American predators. Its practical effect is to make it difficult for American men to seek romance overseas, and to put small American internet businesses that service the international dating niche out of business" Does not talk about NonAmericans does it?

So the site abuses the act by enforcing it on outsiders who are not USA citizens since it deals with American citizens!

Also as well they are only enforcing part of the Act. The site goes on to say and again I quote:

"IMBRA requires any for profit, dating service, which primarily facilitates international contacts between Americans and non-Americans, any so called "International Marriage Broker" to perform the following :

A. To conduct a background check at the National Sex Offenders Database, NSOPR.GOV on each American it serves.

B. To ask a list of mandated questions of each American about his marital and criminal background.

C. To request the American to provide court records, police reports, etc for any conviction or arrest, specified in the mandated questions list."

Does do this?. The answer is NO it allows anyone on its site! However they highlight one part of the Act that applies to not allowing the passing of contact information between a foreign person and a USA citizen and then exploit it so that one has no other choice but to call the lady over a telephone chat system that after 5 minutes the charges begin to add up greatly. It is interesting on another site one can actually book a call with a lady and its 15 minutes and not 5 minutes and its much less and its $6.75 and not $40.00 for five minutes where with even if you talk for three minutes you still get charged the full five minutes and that includes translation and cost of the international call. Shame on you Mr. Sears for your lies! Also with this site one does not need a credit care to book a call but with you need a credit card or else you cannot call. This means it makes it very difficult for men who do not have a credit card but want to call a lady but have no way of doing so. Thus the site makes it difficult for some men! Shame on you but with the cheaper site I just mentioned one does need to use a credit card to book a phone call surprisingly!

They are also supposed to do this:as it continues to say from the site about the IMBRA!

F. To present to the foreign person, a pamphlet about Domestic Abuse written in her primary language.

Do they do this?. No! Therefore they are not complete in using this system and also their pricing demonstrates that this they are greedy after monetary gain if their prices cannot be cheaper and fair!

Here is more about the law from

"The law requires a man to have a criminal background check, a sex offender check and an intrusive report about intimate details of his life prepared and given to a foreign woman stranger (scammer?) BEFORE he can email or call her. This is the first time in US history criminal background checks have been required for two people to communicate."

Again does do any of this-NO! So it cannot really say it is following the IMBRA now does it. Another Lie exposed!

However this system is unfair: According to the system "We believe that a new federal law called the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) is unconstitutional, immoral, and misandrist (man-hating). IMBRA criminalizes American men (and women) who meet foreign women (and men) via the internet"

In other words those who practice this system are making everyone out to be a criminal-thus their continual practice of this means that all American men on their site are made out to be criminals!

But I like what they say and this applies to Mr Sears of from the same site just mentioned

"Other justifications for the law are based on misleading, deceptive and dishonest use of statistics and on personal opinions disguised as fact such as phony claims"

It says justification for the law involve those who are misleading, deceptive, and dishonest-just like is

Here what they go on to say!

"OUR believes that this law violates US Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, equal protection ( is exempted from the law)"

Why is exempted? The answer is because it is an international site and not just an American one. Therefore if Mr Sears wants to claim that the site he is with is "international" then it is supposed to be exempted from the law as well because Mr Sears says and I quote:

" is enjoyed by members from all over the world"-This makes it an international site and if that is the case then why is it practicing law that only deals with American based sites.

It can therefore be seen that is abusing this law and using it only for one purpose: Financial Gain!

Lie 7BBB: Sears says "We are no longer part of the BBB. The actual process of resolving complaints using BBB methodology does not make a great fit with a dating site"

If Mr. Sears is referring to the BBB or Better Business Bureau no wonder would be against them and their methodology because it is what Anastasiadate, com refuses as a whole to practice and thus they would be against them and their standards of course because Anastasiadate, com wants its own standards!

Here's what the BBB says

BBB Code of Business Practices (BBB Accreditation Standards)

The BBB Code of Business Practices represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business. The Code is built on the BBB Standards for Trust, eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.

This Code also represents standards for business accreditation by BBB. Businesses based in the United States and Canada that meet these standards and complete application procedures will be accredited by BBB.

To be accredited by BBB a business or organization affirms that it meets and will abide by the following standards:
1. Build Trust
Establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.

2. Advertise Honestly
Adhere to established standards of advertising and selling.

3. Tell the Truth
Honestly represent products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms.

I highlight three of these eight points but if you check Anastasia's track record and its hundreds of complaints against it one will see its track record fails miserably as well its honesty in advertising that is one sided and in its telling of the truth especially about Elena Matsuk!

Here is what one review site says about them:

Here's what one review site says and I quote:


The main problem with Anastasia's style of practice involves their "letters of introduction." Many people have reported being scammed due to this system. The risk is that a woman will write an introduction letter intended for a very broad and simple type of man, then that letter will be sent to many different men in hopes of persuading them to respond. If someone responds, makes money. If all of them respond, Anastasia Date makes even more money. Hence, the possibility of a scam."

...we highly recommend avoiding their track record is hard to ignore"

Roger Sears, Operations Manager-I hope all your clients who see this should stop being your clients and any "potential" clients should not even want to join after seeing the LIES that have been exposed right here from your very own words!

P.S. Know why they want one to "please contact us directly via our Customer Service Page at"

The answer so that your complaints will not spill out on the internet and expose them! But today are Again Exposed!

Also here is one final piece from from fool999 who says

I have a proof, that Anastasia Dating is a Scam. I have received an insider information
of an emplyee. She told me that between 1000 and 2000 men are visiting every year
Odessa in Ukraine. Only 1 or two of these men marry the woman!!!
It is all about creating an small income for the girls but much more for the site and
a lot of associated people from translaters to restaurants. It is a scam industry.
I wonder if someone has already started legal steps.

Hope that this helps someone

Its time for legal action against you to end you all all once and for all!
3956 days ago by You Are Now Exposed

1. I would like to add that the it is correct in that having one's credit card information means that one can be charged more than what one is normally accustomed to at times! This is correct 100% here. On the cheaper site mentioned above it is true one does NOT need a credit card to book a call!

2. It is correct when he says that is international compared to other sites that are US based since they seek to bring just American men with foreign women together whereas com seeks to bring all men from all nationalities or other nations together with ladies of other nations. Thus they are exempt. The claim of Anastasiadate, com to enforce the IMBRA is ludicrous if it says that there are others from other parts of the world who are male and they "come together" on the site and therefore it isn't introducing just American men to foreign women which is why the IMBRA is there for such sites but men from other nations to these women and thus since this is the case then it cannot and should not enforce the IMBRA because it is contradicting itself because the IMBRA is for American men being introduced to foreign women not Non American men. The lies of exposed.

3. Note: Here is a portion of the article from the site Title: "Interracial Marriage Energized by African Dating Innovation. AfricaBeauties..." "This is the growing trend in America and the world over – that of the interracial marriage. During this time US marriages between whites and blacks have more than doubled. Today, an increasing number of Western men are looking to marry African women due to their honest values and incredible beauty." So they can again post an article with interracial marriages (and even pictures on the front of the site) on this site but no "couple advertising" that focuses on other racial compositions on They really are hypocrites aren't they because if they claim that there are "thousands' of "successes" (which are actually lies) from people as Roger Sears says that are "members from all over the world" who use the site then those "successes" would involve other races from other parts of the world won't it? So where is at least some representation of this in terms of the "couple banner advertising" on the site in some measure (not a tiny measure mind you but in some measure)? The answer is that there isn't! A clear indicator of the lies of the site and if it lies about this then it is also lying about other issues as well is the point that is seen here!

Note and Very Important: The point about the whole issue is NOT the race issue here but their hypocrisy about this and other elements with them and that's the point about the whole matter
3956 days ago by You Are Now Exposed
Addendum 2

They say they have "quality ladies" oh really??? Well here is one called Tatiana Evdina who can also be found on by using the search feature!

She can be found here at

and at

According to a gentleman who found her on another site called (another scamrelated site) found her on where they allowed her full access onto the site knowing who she was!

Please see:

Here are gentlemen who report her say on the site and I quote:

"I've written ... to Anastasia, telling them who she is, but as yet, no response, which I don't think is unusual...Still no reply from Anastasiadate, of which I saw Tatiana in chat on yesterday...Tatiana Evdina ID 1147284 continuous...Obviously, and we have seen this before with her, it is a case of the site protecting one of their top earners, even though Tatiana now uses Anastasia Date" says and I quote from their own blacklist of scammers

"She is also on Anastasia ID 1147284."

"She is the REAL person.

First Name: Tatiana

Patronymic (Middle) Name: Viktorovna

Last Name: Evdina"

Here is the proof they did not want you to see! Let that be a lesson to you Roger Sears. Never play games with an Exposer because they might just end up exposing who you actually are!
3954 days ago by You Are Now Exposed
100% proof has SCAM ACTIVITES Court Threats!

If (also known as and then why threaten to take to court the owner of a reputable antiscam site named Saul Hudson who exposed their activities. This is what he says from

"Of course we are aware of Anastasia.web and have been for many years. They have threatened us with legal action on a number of occasions but, since going to court would involve their business practices being exposed it is one area they really want to stay well away from"

So when they say they are free from fraud you know they are completely lying!
3952 days ago by Roger Sears
Dear Sir,
Please, if you are a client or former client of please contact me personally via Customer Service to allow me to view the details of your account, and to resolve any issues that you have.
Regarding overcharging, if this were the case, you would find that Visa – Mastercard - Amex etc would stop accepting our business. Anastasia never overcharges customers for any element of the service. We always provide accurate billing and are the only online international dating company to transparently show all billing records to our clients.
Regarding the supposed “racism”, this simply is not the case. We are a multi-cultural organization operating in a number of ethnically diverse markets. The accusations are simply not true and entirely misleading.

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I just came across this page a few minutes ago. I am Sandra Johnson and although this page was...
842 days ago by freeinfofraud - Unable to withdraw funds
Bitky be Aware! Unable to withdraw money! Bitky idoes not allow you to withdraw your funds, do...
846 days ago by ned l.
Bi Polar Bullies - Bi Polar Bullies Kennel Karen Wolfe BUYERS BEWERE OF THIS...
thank you for bringing this to my name is Karen Wolfe, i'm the owner of...
847 days ago by ned l.
ServiceMagic ServiceMagic scams and cheats contractors...
Jason - I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with your leads recently. The leads that...

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