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Apple Rush
Apple Rush Apple Rush Co., Inc., D-Bar Manufacturing Inc., Robert Corr, Sharon Corr, Under Investigation for SEC Fraud and is being sued by many corpo
23rd of Mar, 2011 by User597857
It turns out this company may not be as legit as all there marketing implies. They are not licesnsed in Illinois to even sell there product. They have many law suits against them. It is believed according to this stock site they have committed many SEC frauds and have cost there shareholders millions in fake share. Robert Corr, CEO and Sharon Corr are the masterminds behind this long going scam on there stock holders Apple Rush Company, a producer of organic sparkling juice beverages in the US, has rolled out its Blueberry, Black Cherry and Pomegranate sparkling organic 100% juices at Whole Foods Markets South Loop Store located in Illinois. 1) 16 February 2011: The U.S. Bankruptcy Court Of Northern Illinois District Dismissed (I.E., Rejected) Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection For Apple Rush Company, Inc. (Ar). Dismissal Means That Ars Debts Are Not Discharged And That No Protection Of The Firm From Creditors Or Awarded-Litigants Is Available From The Court. Furthermore, Additional Lawsuits Can Be Filed Against The Firm. There Are Presently Eight Lawsuits Lodged Against Apple Rush Company, Inc. Seeking Damages Of $1.5 Million (Incl. $644,000 Already Awarded To Litigants In Three Of The Eight Cases). Total Liabilities Attached To The Firm Are Approximately $4.5 Million. 1A) Creditors And Litigants Can Proceed To Collect Their Debts And Court-Awarded Judgments By Lawfully Seizing Any Or All Assets Of This Insolvent Firm Or Forcing It Into Chapter 7 Liquidation. Thus, Apple Rush Company Shareholders Should Not Expect To Receive Any Compensation. 2) On 11 February 2011, Rush Company, Inc., The Owner And Licensor Of The Trademark / Brand Apple Rush Was Dissolved By State Of Illinois. Apple Rush Co., Inc., A Marketing Company That Owns No Brands Or Trademarks, Thus Has No License To Sell Its Sole Offering, Apple Rush Products.
Http://Www.Ilsos.Gov/Corporatellc/ 3) The Apru Otc Shell Is Encumbered By About $2 Million In Outstanding Debt And Accrued Interest In Default And By Eight Lawsuits Seeking $1.5 Million In Damages [$644,000 In Judgments Awarded To Plaintiffs Thus Far]. The Firms Liabilities In Toto Are Approximately $4.5 Million. On December 7Th 2007, D-Bar Manufacturing Inc. Began To Trade Publicly As Apple Rush Company Co. (A Texas Corporation). Ar Is Insolvent. The Firms Total Liabilities Are At Least 10 Times Its Total Assets Per Latest Reported Financial Statement (Q3, 2010). In Addition, There Are Numerous Lawsuits Lodged Against The Firm Seeking Damages. On September 10 2010, The Corporate Status Of Apple Rush Co. Inc. (Ar), An Insolvent Firm, Was Revoked By State Of Illinois, Home To Company Business Headquarters. Apple Rush Co. Cannot Legally Transact Ordinary Business In Illinois As A Corporation. In November 2009, The Companys Investor Relations (Ir) Firm And Part Owner, Big Apple Consulting Usa, Was Charged By The Sec With Fraud, Selling Unregistered Securities, Making False Statements And Material Omissions In Press Releases, And Acting As An Unregistered Broker-Dealer In Connection With Another Otc Firm. The Chief Legal Counsel Of Apple Rush Co. Served Six Months In Federal Prison For Fraud And Lost His License To Practice Law For Four Years. Apple Rush Co. And/Or Its Divisions Is A Defendant In Numerous Lawsuits: 1) Garden Beverages Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et Al. Ad Damnum $512,290; 2) Micropipe Fund I Llc Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et Al. Judgment For Plaintiff $294,271 April 30, 2011; 3) Ashman Law Offices Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et Al. Ad Damnum $10,995.19; 4) Robert Half International Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et Al. Ad Damnum: $20,334.58. See Also Next Three Entries. September 07 2010: Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Cadbury Schweppes Bottlers Vs. Corr Robert J, Garden Distributing Inc (Division Of Apple Rush Company ) Filing Date: September 07, 2010 ; Contract Dispute. Ad Damnum: $92,272. Judgment For Plaintiff $91,273 December 16, 2010. September 10 2010: Cintron Beverage Group Llc Vs. Robert Corr, Apple Rush Company, Rush Company Inc (Formerly Rush Beverage Company) Ad Damnum: $210,000; Filing Date: September 09, 2010; Breach Of Contract. Chicago International Trucks, Idealease Chicago Vs. Garden Distributing Inc (Division Of Apple Rush Co.) Ad Damnum: $226K; Contract Dispute; Filing Date: October 22, 2009; Judgment For Plaintiff $277,066.00 April 30, 2010.
From Q3 2010 (July 1 - Sept 30) Financial Statement (Latest Available): 3. Going Concern
As Shown In The Accompanying Financial Statements, The Company Has Incurred Cumulative Losses
Of $6,064,427 Since Inception. These Conditions Raise Substantial Doubt As To The Companys
Ability To Continue As A Going Concern. In Order To Meet Its Upcoming Continuing Obligations,
Include Any Adjustments That Might Be Necessary Should The Company Be Unable To Continue
As A Going Concern. Hundreds of millions of new shares are eligible to enter the public float pursuant to 1) $1.21 million of debt convertible into free trading shares @ 50% discount to market price and 2) ongoing Company dilution and restricted share legend removal. On 18 November 2009, the SEC charged Big Apple Consulting USA (investor relations firm for Apple Rush Co. and 8% beneficial owner of APRU) and Big Apples wholly-owned subsidiary MJMM Investments, LLC along with four of its executives (CEO Marc Jablon, vice president Matthew Maguire, MJMM president Mark Kaley, and Keith Jablon, vice president of another Big Apple subsidiary) with Fraud, Selling Unregistered Securities, Making Public Misrepresentations and Material Omissions, and Acting as an Unregistered Broker-Dealer. This in connection with another pink sheet firm.
MATERIAL INFORMATION NOT DISSEMINATED BY PRESS RELEASE FROM COMPANY 16 February 2011 U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Northern Illinois District (Chicago) rejects bankruptcy protection for Apple Rush Co. Inc. by dismissing the case. Creditors and awarded-litigants are now entitled to seize any and all assets of Apple Rush Co., Inc. 28 Jan 2011 Apple Rush Co., Inc. files for bankruptcy. Ticker symbol changes to APRUQ to reflect status. Apple Rush Co. is defendant in these seven lawsuits seeking damages of about $1.5 million: 1) Garden Beverages vs. Apple Rush Co. et al. (ad damnum $512,290), contract dispute; 2) MicroPipe Fund I LLC vs. Apple Rush Co. et al. (ad damnum $294,271), contract dispute; 3) Ashman Law Offices vs. Apple Rush Co. et al. (ad damnum $10,995.19), contract dispute; 4) Robert Half International vs. Apple Rush Co. et al. (ad damnum $20,334.58), contract dispute; 5) Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Cadbury Schweppes Bottling Group vs. Corr Robert J and Garden Distributing Inc (a division of Apple Rush Co.) (ad damnum $92,272), contract dispute, filing date September 07, 2010; JUDGMENT FOR PLAINTIFF $91,273 December 16, 2010. 6) Cintron Beverage Group LLC vs. Corr Robert and Apple Rush Co. and Rush Co. (fka Rush Beverage Co.) (ad damnum: $210,000), breach of contract, filing date September 09, 2010; 7) Chicago Intl Trucks and IDEALEASE Chicago vs. Garden Distributing Inc (a division of Apple Rush Co.) contract dispute; filing date October 22, 2009; JUDGMENT FOR PLAINTIFF $277,066.00 April 30, 2010. Lawsuits and Court actions: 06/30/2010 Apple Rush Co. Inc. Posts Q2 Results; Q2 sales ($19,583) drop 93% Y-O-Y; 6-mos loss $1,189,727; Cumulative loss $5,912,860; $1.4Million of debt in default. 05/04/2010 USPTO officially registers trademark Apple Rush for brand owner private Rush Beverage Company 05/15/2010: Comptroller of the State of Texas declares Apple Rush Co. Inc. (incorporated under Texas law) NOT IN GOOD STANDING 04/01/2010: Secretary of State of Illinois declares Apple Rush Co. Inc. (headquarters Illinois) NOT IN GOOD STANDING 06/15/2010 Apple Rush Co. Inc. Posts Q1 2010 results; Sales drop 91% Y-O-Y; Net loss $687,000 (Q1); Cumulative loss $5,410,00. 3/30/2010 Apple Rush Co. Inc. Posts Q4 2009 Results; Sales Drop 97% Q-O-Q; Q4 Net Loss $500,000 (Q4); Net Loss (2009) $2,734,757 12/28/2009 Apple Rush Co. Inc. Posts Third Quarter Results; Sales Drop 92% from Third Quarter 2008 08/12/2009 Apple Rush Co. Inc. Attempts $1 Million Private Placement (RegD); Total of $65,000 Raised Per SEC Document 11/18/2009 SEC Charges Apple Rush Co.s Part-Owner&Investor-Relations Firm Big Apple Consulting with fraud, selling unregistered securities, making public misrepresentations and material omissions, and acting as an unregistered broker-dealer in respect to CyberKey COMPANY PRESS RELEASES ( Advisory: Since Sept 08 2009, Company press releases have emanated from Big Apple Consulting and Apple Rush Co. Inc. Meanwhile. the SEC has charged Big Apple Consulting with fraud and issuing false and misleading press releases in the case of another pinkie firm CyberKey (CKYS). Press release headlines are archived here for persusal by regulators and legal authorities. 08/26/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Signs Bottling Agreement With One of the Largest American-Owned Breweries
07/21/2010 Apple Rush (?) Receives $100,000 In Funding To Introduce Newly Designed Organic Beverage Line
07/13/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc.s Product Line Improves Nutrient Intake in Children According to New Research
06/22/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Introduces a New Flavor, New Logo and New Packaging to Its Organic Juice Product Line
05/05/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. to Target Multi Billion Vegan Food Market
04/08/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Obtains ?Current Information Status on Pink Sheets Exchange
04/01/2010 Shot Spirits Corporation Signs a National Distribution Agreement with Apple Rush Co., Inc.
03/24/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Organic 100% Juice Product Line Available in Major Metro New York Grocery Retailer
03/18/2010 Apple Rush Co. Inc. Attends Family Farmed EXPO in Chicago, Illinois
03/18/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Targets the $70.2 Billion Organic Food Market
03/08/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Targets $4 Billion Dollar Sports Drink Market; The Company Enhances e-waters(R) Effectiveness for 2010 Sales
02/10/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc.s Organic Juice Product Line Offers a Naturally Healthy Alternative for Kids
01/13/2010 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Expands Its West Coast Distribution
01/08/2010 Apple Rush Inc. Presents a New Look to Schools Nationwide
12/28/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. has Retained the Services of Experienced New York Marketing Firm
12/18/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Appoints Blue Gem Enterprise as its Southern Florida Distributor.
12/17/2009 Blue Gem Enterprise To Distribute Apple Rush Organic Juices
12/17/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Completes First Production Run of Organic 100% Juice Sparkling Beverages in Cans
12/08/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Increases Puerto Rico and Caribbean Distribution
12/02/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Expands Distribution
11/24/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Starts Trial Marketing at Two Chicago freshii(TM) Locations
11/17/2009 Apple Rush Maui, LLC Provides Update on Major Sales Effort.
11/11/2009 Apple Rush Co. Enhances e-waters(R) Effectiveness, Grows 2010 Distribution
11/03/2009 Apple Rush Co. Sources Domestic Organic Erythritol Supplier for Its New Light Juices
10/29/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. To Introduce New Apple Rush Sparkling Organic Light Juices
10/27/2009 Apple Rush Engages Hardy Bottling Company to Provide Products for Southeastern and Southwestern USA
10/20/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc.s USDA Certified Organic Apple Rush(TM) Beverage Lines Main Ingredient Now Sourced Domestically
10/14/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Announces Positive Test Market Results From Diverse Demographics
10/08/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. to Begin Production in Aluminum Cans in 10 Days
10/01/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. to Expand Production Line in the Midwest
09/28/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc.s Organic 100% Juice Sparkling Beverages Now Available to Greater New York Metropolitan Areas 18.8 Million Population
09/22/2009 Apple Rush Increases Midwest Sales, Adds Woodmans Food Markets & Prepares Fall Display Programs for WiseWay and PayLow Food Chains
9/17/2009 Apple Rush Co. Inc. Appoints Two Midwest Distributors
09/10/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Licenses New West Coast Distributor for California and Hawaii
09/08/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Announces First Production in Aluminum Cans for Late September Be advised that official Company press releases above this line are referenced from the Companys IR, Big Apple Consulting USA, which has been charged by the SEC with fraud, making false statements and material omissions in press releases, and selling unregistered securities in respect to a different pink sheet quoted firm. 04/20/2009 Apple Rush Co., Inc Continues Momentum in Israel
03/12/2009 RushNets e-water To Be Marketed by Apple Rush Company
10/02/2008 Apple Rushs Garden Distributing, Inc. Appointed by ZizZazZ for Chicago Area Distribution
10/01/2008 Garden Distributing, Inc. Develops New Edge Division to Expand Distribution
09/29/2008 Apple Rush Announces Second Quarter 2008 Financials; Revenues Double From First Quarter
09/12/2008 Organic Apple Rush Arrives at Upscale Chicago Stores
09/03/2008 Apple Rushs Garden Distributing Expands Cintron Beverages Distribution, Orders 20 Truckloads
07/22/2008 Apple Rush CEO Robert Corr Says Garden Beverage on Track for $7.5 MM Annual Sales 06/12/2008 Garden Beverage, Apple Rush Distribution Arm, Hosts First Retailer Appreciation Event
05/30/2008 Apple Rush Adds Nationally Popular Extenze Enhancement Product
05/29/2008 Apple Rush and PepsiCo Dispute Gets Higher Profile
05/15/2008 Apple Rush Imitated by PepsiCo
05/08/2008 Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. Announces Distribution to Begin in Chicago, Illinois
04/29/2008 Hall of Fame Beverages Secures Distribution in the Greater Chicago Area
02/08/2008 RushNet Provides Update on Gifted Shares of Apple Rush
02/07/2008 Apple Rush & E-Water See West Coast and Asian Gains
01/16/2008 RushNet Declares Dividend of Apple Rush Shares
01/08/2008 Apple Rush Grows With Five New Distributor Appointments
12/07/2007 Apple Rush Company Begins Public Trading, Posts Q2 & Q3 2007 Financials

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