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Bully Blue Kennels
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1st of May, 2011 by User124144
I purchased my dog from bully Blue kennels from Clayton Goo in texas. Originally I had agreed on a breeding with Azul and Mistress. After speaking with Clay, he came off as a very caring and respectable breeder. All I asked for was a healthy male that would break a hundred pounds. Now Clay assured me that wouldnt be a problem with his boy Azul. Clay sent me a breeder contract. Which stated many things abvout what "Bully Blue Kennels" was representing and what they promised me. He assured me that he would be there for me with any questions or problems if they came up. I paid him $3000.00 for my 3rd pick male. Then I waited....and waited....and waited... Finally I called Clay to find out what was going on. Clay then told me that the breeding didnt take. Now of course as is with all these breeder's just like Iron Cross Kennels, there is no refund. Only transferrable to another breeding. Clay assured me that he had another breeding lined up and that for my troubles I would get the first pick male in that breeding. Of course having paid 3000 dollars I agreed. We had also negotiated that Clay have the ears cropped prior to shipping the dog to me. I only did this because all of the info I got on cropping a dog's ears, said that it is best to have the breeder handle this. This was because they were the proffessionals and often had the best people in the business do their dogs. We agreed at a price of two hundred dollars for this service. Which meant for a total of 3200 dollars I would have my healthy first pick male with freshly cropped ears delivered to my closest major airport(Philadelphia). Just as long as the wether wasn't too hot at either airport(above 80 degrees). Well finally the puppies hit the ground running and I couldnt wait to get mine. Now came the problems. Clay somehow forgot our conversation about he would get the ears cropped, but reluctantly agreed to have it done. Then as for transporting the dog on an airplane, he said that he couldnt. Apparently it was too hot, even though the temperatures at both airports was well below 80 degrees. So being the person I am, I wanted my dog. I agreed to fly out to texas(at my expense from New Jersey) and meet Clay at the airport to get my dog. When I finally arrived in texas, Clay met me outside of the terminal in his Van. He showed me my Puppy which I named Baloo. He was the cutest thing and all that I hoped for at that moment. I paid no mind to the Blood crusted ears with stitches in them, After all he was the proffessional. One ear was flapped down but both had blood all inside and out. The cartilage was still exposed and looked just dry and crusted. Clay assured me that this was normal and not to be alarmed. After having my new puppy at home for a two weeks his ears healed up. However they looked very crooked and one ear wouldnt stand up... I drove and hour and a half to a Vet in clarksburg, New Jersey to have Baloo's ears taped by a professional. Upon arrival the vet asked me where I rescued my dog!! I laughed and said oh no he isnt a rescue. I paid alot of money for this baby. She informed me that Baloo looked very scrawny and under weight(something his normal vet missed and he then became my old Vet). She recommended a mixture of yougurt and ground beef with his food to help his weight gain. As for his ears....She was shocked!!! She told me that his ears were indeed very crooked. It appeared to her that whoever clipped his ears seemingly put one of the clamps on backwards. I couldnt believe it. I called Clay immediately. Clay told me that there was no way that his ears were crooked and that once they "popped" after being taped they would be even. Well that wasnt the case. I took Baloo back and fourth every two weeks for a awhile until finally the Vet said she could make the ears more even by clipping the ear again. But after the problems with the first cropping I decided against. Well I would think that the problems were over, but I was WRONG!!!! Baloo started limping on his legs a little bit. Not only his front legs but in particular his back left. I called Clay and told him the news. He said to let him know what happens after I go to the vet. I took Baloo to a orthopaedic Specialist. After hundreds of dollars in x-rays we identified a few problems. The bones in the elbow joint in his front legs are supposed to fuse together after a certain age.. Baloo's had not fused. But at this point he was still very young and they could. However his back leg was a different story. Baloo had a Luxating patella. This is when the knee cap pops out of its groove and moves to the side of the leg. I was told that this was a genetic defect by the doctor. It required surgery to fix. The surgery costs approximately $1600.00 dollars to repair.. I was floored. I spent alot of money on Baloo, But I didnt have thousands of dollars to spare. But what choice did I have. I loved my dog. So I called my "friend" Clay about the genetically defective dog he sold me. I explained the issues and everything about the costs. I told him I wanted them to pay for the surgery. Clay said he would talk to the owner of Baloo's Mother and see what he could do!!! I thought WHAT? I bought a dog from Bully Blue Kennels and Clayton and Veronica Goo. I was not aware of anybody else being involved. I didn't know that they didnt own the bitch. What I knew was that Clay owned Bully Blue Kennels and Azul. The bitch which I thought was also owned by Bully Blue was also a daughter of Azul. Well apparently that was all true except that Clay didnt own the female. Clay then called that guy who did own the bitch. When Clay called me back he said they guy said no!!! We talked( rather I did) about what about my gurantee on this dog etc. etc. That was the last I heard from Clay. he stopped answering my calls and the I stopped calling. I paid for Baloo's surgery. All $1600.00 by myself. And I was happy to have these people and these problems behind me. My Baloo has grown up to be the biggest pitbulll I have ever had. To date he is 97lbs as of today at the Vet. He has an amazingly calm temperment and really is a gentle giant. He looks near Identical to Azul. And is a great Dog!!! End of Story.....Nope Baloo was running around yesterday just fine and normal like usual. By the end of the nite he could barely walk on his back legs. We went to the vet in the morning and it turns out, his right knee cap had popped out. I am in disbelief. The only thing I can take peace in is that I know what is coming. At best he has a knee cap that will pop out from time to time and result in arthritis in just a few years. At worst he will need another $1600.00 Dollar surgery and will still have severe athritis in a few years. Baloo has also had demodex when he was a puppy. It required 7 dips at the vet for 70 dollars a piece over the course of 3 1/2 months. That was the one thing that Clay did warn me about. These blue's can get demodex fairly easy. It is also fairly expensive to treat. Tomorrow Baloo goes to see his amazing doctor that fixed his left knee and I pray that he is ok and doesn't need a surgery. I just hope that anybody thinking about buying a dog from anybody who is advertising AZUL from Bully Blue Kennels know what the are getting. A genetically defective dog with a compromised immune system. You will pay way too much for the dog and you will certainly be paying alot in vet bills. I love my dog to death and I will do what I can to fix what people like Clay and other kennels have done to him. Don't fall for the same thing i did. These people are in it for the money and that is all. Remember my dog had a double dose of Azul in his blood and this is what I have gotten. Baloo looks ridiculous as far as big and beautiful goes. His temperment is second to none. He is great with other people as well as dogs(even the mean ones who snap at him). Beyond that he will have problems his whole life and will suffer forever because of people like Clayton and Veronica Goo. It's funny when I looked for my 100lb pitbull I settled on two of the top breeder's I could find at the time. They were Bully Blue Kennels because of Azul and Iron Cross Kennels because of Disciple. Both(which are from the same litter) are now off the internet and as far as I know out of business.. Though I know they are still breeding with other kennels and it is because of that, I write this. Wish me Luck because me and my Baloo need it. As for the othe Kennels I listed in this report. I only did this so that people buying from them ensure they know the history of their bloodline. I only have experience with Bully Blue Kennels and Clayton and Veronica Goo, as well as the bloodlines they represent. These other Kennels who use their bloodlines may be amazing kennels and undeserving of any negative impacts from this, but they too need to know what they have assosciated with.
4711 days ago by Jason123
4711 days ago by Jason123
Goo ripped me off also. I had a very similar story. Please report him the UKC...
4632 days ago by Shiver
I also was ripped off by Clayton Goo. Supposedly the whole litter my second pick female was in died. He called back and forth with me over two years promising this next breeding has your pup. Well after two years the calls stopped coming in and in fact he changed his number. I was very upset especially since Goo and I know each other personally and went to school together. I am out my $2000 down payment but am happy that I do not have this bloodline or any XXXL in my yard. I am now the proud father of three 100% Edge dogs that rock my yard hard. I reported him to both the FBI and the Texas attorney general a few years back but I guess they didn't do anything which in turn caused you both to also be victims. Clay if you reading this know if you show up to a Hawaii show and I hear your hear my collectors are coming after you for our cash.
4620 days ago by Maya2908
I also have had the worse experience with Clayton financially. He has not delivered what he sold me. I've purchased two dogs from him and one ended up looking being a bully short style (which I WAS NOT ok with since I only like XXXL) but I must say my my other dog (who happens to be the daughter of Azul) is a champ and gorgeous. Clayton is no longer in business which he had told no one about and it took me almost 8 months to finally track him down to get my registration papers for my beautiful female out of AZUL. She is exactly what I expected AZUL to produce. Based on what you wrote, I understand AZUL was bred to his own daughter...that already tells me Clayton wasn't a trust worthy breeder...if I had known he bred within first generations, I would've never done business with him in the first place. Breeding a male with his daughter or sister can cause as much deffect as it can in human beings (EVERY BREEDER & DOG LOVER KNOWS THAT). I'm not familiar with Goo so I can't comment on them. I can say that Azul is now with a fantastic owner and kennel (AWOL KENNELS) who I have done much business with and have always been satisfied Sorry you had a bad experience but it looks like Clay's "Kennel" did you wrong, not the bloodline!
4620 days ago by Maya2908
I also must add - I think it's wrong to add Kennel names who have great reputation in your headline because if someone does not want to read your full experience, they'll only get that those kennels have been affeliated with a scam. - I think it's great that people like you report these kinds of things but if I was one of the kennels you didn't have a bad experience with and you'd listed my business with which I make my livelyhood out of, I would have to take further steps to make sure my business name is not slandered against. Thankfully you didn't list mine on there so it's not my battle to take. Good luck
4616 days ago by DIrty South
User124144 please call me. (843) 263-0167
4537 days ago by Brian631
You're an ass for posting other kennels you've never even dealt with... You got fucked and I wouldn't wish that on anyone else, but you shouldn't take your frustration out on other breeders. I know two of the breeders you mentioned personally! I've seen all their dogs, and know for a fact that they've never produced any dogs with genetic disorders. (Probably because they're not breeding daughter to father, the daughter to father again, then daughter to father again. Do your research, Clayton completed a breeding that was three times Azul in a row! Seriously what an idiot!!!) By the way the reason your dog's ears were fucked up is because Clayton started cropping their ears himself. He's a money hungry piece of shit. Whenever he could get an extra dollar out of something he did. That asshole deserves to rot in hell for what he did to his dogs in the end. Leave breeding to the ones that truly care about their dogs, their business, and the relationships they form with their customers! Later

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