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Dr. Abby Abelson Cleveland Clinic Foundation will cover up that a woman physician in the class behind her in Medical School has a bone condition so t
13th of Oct, 2011 by User890439
Abby Abelson MD, and others in her class of 1979 at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, will cover up, lie, and watch while a woman physician in the class behind her - a 'colleague' from the 1980 class - gets little care for a serious bone condition, while continuing to fracture - because even Dr. Angelo Licata won't treat her with anything other than watching (rx: observation) her fracture x 5 years (afraid of his medical license - he's from Italy). This has been going on for 19 years now - and my family is destroyed with it, as any family would be. My mother fractured both hips before she was 55, but she didn't plan on her MD daughter doing that. My parents encouraged me to use my talents in medicine, not knowing that I would become the poster child of the Ohio 'bad physician' - with no patient complaints. I've been beaten up in Dr. Michael Keith's office (my arms), accused of every diagnosis in the DSM, thrown out on the curb by Dr. Thomas Stellato (who would be Chief), and left to rot - an aborted medical mistake because Ohio has NO MEDICAL MISTAKE LAWS. Medical mistakes in Ohio are handled by psychiatric consultation; by making the patient out to be 'crazy' - that they asked for and deserved bad care. If you are 'crazy' - per Dr. Nice logic - then you don't merit standard of care. This is unethical in every other state - where medical mistakes are handled and salvaged by consultation, referral and some caring about the dignity of a human being. Dr. Angelo Licata is a National Osteoporosis Foundation super-doc - yet he can't find anything to help a woman physician who has been 'outted' by the State Medical Board of Ohio for trying to get some medical help - he's been watching me fracture without a qualm. And The State Medical Board of Ohio is, to this day, only concerned that I still have a personality at all - and that's a miracle after 19 years of evaluations & threats. As Dr. Andrew Skodol of Columbia-Presbyterian in NYC put it - 'they don't want you to have ANY personality.' That this case is a waste of taxpayer monies, and a brilliant career, is a legislative stand-up joke. Governor Kasich has Brad Reynolds on the case, and he hasn't a clue; it will take him until after Governor Kasich leaves office to 'get the picture.' Brad Reynolds 'on the case' is a euphemism. Once the Medical Board in Ohio 'brands' you - puts you in their orange, green, pink or whatever 'sheet' as being 'impaired' - then the only hope you have is if you admit their case - or you will never go back to practice (what Dr. Nice wanted = that I would never practice again in Ohio). There is no hope of an external review of any case at the Ohio Medical Board, or even Perugia justice. Being 'impaired' in Ohio means you have a MENSA IQ; that you don't fit in with the football boys, and the crude Carla girls - that you need a few lobes, or sulci, knocked out by having to rot for 19 years. The way Carla O'Day MD writes is like out of a social work book - needs some insight - it's CONCRETE, but no one notices. Being 'impaired' in Ohio means having the 'defect' of an IQ over 150 - on days when you aren't having your medical license taken (those days I don't do over 150). Like in the H.G. Wells' short story - THE COUNTRY OF THE BLIND - I'm supposed to be blinded, or have my personality surgerized on drugs - to exist in the Ohio medical community. A gifted physician with 'sight' needs their 'eyes' removed, or their career suspended until you get Medical Board 'help.' And most Board physicians could do with a drop of my 'help' in Ohio - to diagnose correctly. Ohio Medical Board Members are usually web-rated 3/4 as to correct diagnosis. In Ohio, you can't make a diagnosis that Carla O'Day can't 'get' - and she might have been more 'brilliant' if she had studied and worked at it more - but she didn't. Carla O'Day MD holds the 30-year record for the medical student who studied least in the CWRU Medical School Library - even the librarians remember her as a 'political' student (certain materials were ONLY on reserve in the library). In Ohio the tactics are the same as those used against Amanda Knox - my fatal attraction 'seductiveness' kept Dr. Nice from doing a cast, checking an x-ray, or doing a referral (phone call of 2 minutes with his secretary dialing the number and handing him the phone). Half-attractive women are hypothesized to play the Glen Close character to Dr. Nice's Michael Douglas fantasy - a movie that I've never seen. The Ohio State Medical Board is NEVER WRONG - you are told to just LIE to get your license back (Anita Steinbergh DO, Representative 'JIM' Trakas, etc). But what LIE will do the TRICK, or how many? Even the Italian court finally appointed independent experts, but Governor Kasich can't do that with the Ohio State Medical Board - he's on his way to advise the President (about golf). Amanda Knox even got a better deal in the end - she gets to finish her degree and move on with her life. What destroys you as a physician is to NOT practice medicine, after getting VERY good at it. It is a daily insane situation - it destroys you slowly with the nonsensicality - the Kafkaesqueness of it all. 19 years of Kafka. You get up and think you are a MD, but you can't practice because of Carla O'Day MD - who isn't a very good MD - but she was the EXPEDITOR, my Inquisition, my nemesis. She even took me to Rocky River Court in 2005 - that I called her trying to find a 'person' who would understand that I needed blood work - for phone 'harassment' pleading for care so that I didn't have to fracture my shoulder last summer. Mr. Dilling, the ex-Executive Director of the Ohio Medical Board, got on the phone with me in 2005 and told me that I didn't need any lab work except for the few screening tests that were done on me in 1991 at the Mayo Clinic (The Mayo Clinic thought that I was coming back to finish the workup, and Carla O'Day MD nixed that - she's better than The Mayo Clinic). Mr. Dilling threatened that he would get me to yet another 'evaluation,' or 'GO' as he calls them, if he had to take my family to court to make it happen. Governor Taft fired him. And I was very good at medicine in 1992 - no patient complaints - even the Ohio State Medical Board had to admit that I practiced 'better than average' Internal Medicine for Ohio - but that's not what the Board was concerned about. My complaining about Dr. Nice - that he was not doing care - was the problem. And only about 700/~ 750 physicians on staff at Hillcrest Hospital at the time had the same problem with him. To this day, Dr. Nice can't go into practice with anyone - they can't depend on him - one day he's ok, the next he's on another planet = his lifetime modus operandi. And I passed my Boards in Internal Medicine on the first try - somthing that hundreds of male physicians in Ohio CAN'T DO, even after SEVERAL tries and multiple Board prep courses. The Ohio State Medical Board has no due process, no rules of evidence and is never wrong - the Board is a total tragic farce. Passing your Boards - The Ohio State Medical Board doesn't care about that. The Ohio State Court of Appeals threw out the case in 1993, but they couldn't get the 'confidential' file of who started this case and what they accused/said = the anonymous 'confidential' complaint. Ohio is the only state that has 'anonymous' physician complaints. Ohio is the only state where there is no 'check' on the Ohio State Medical Board 'powers.' Governmental checks-and-balances don't exist in Ohio. The Ohio State Medical Board is an autonomous, arbitrary, 'rogue' Board (makes Palin look boring) - where the decisions parallel those on Dancing With The Stars for making any point sense. The 'process' is a kangaroo court, with talking-head judges & lawyers, where the decisions might as well be made by a phone-in-audience for all the justice going on. It's a joke - how the State Medical Board can lie - and keep lying for decades on cases - and how everyone can look the other way, and still look themselves in the Department Chairperson's bathroom mirror at The Cleveland Clinic. Senator Grendell has some classic jokes about my case, about how the Medical Board can cheat multiple times, change every procedural rule, and still have a case - it's a miracle. Senator Grendell sees nothing wrong with the State Medical Board cheating. The Ohio State Medical Board never has to dismiss a case, no matter how many rules they break - there is no statute of limitations, no limit to the 'double jeopardy' - they just change the 'confidential' file as many times as they want in Columbus. Jim Trakas admitted in 2000 that my file had been changed many times already - but that I should just lie to end the case as the Board really wanted to end the case. . .The problem: what lie to tell to end the case - the lies have changed so often. No matter how ridiculous things get, no matter how many frauds, there is no throwing out a case. And now Governor Kasich is letting the same fraud, the same waste of money and physician careers, continue because he doesn't have time for reforms at the State Medical Board - he's already running for President and showing Washington DC how to 'do things.' Governor Kasich is supposedly giving the legislators in Washington an 'example' of how to get things done, and 'nothing' has been done about Medical Board reforms in Ohio, or really about keeping jobs. The fascades, or fronts, are still in Ohio, the jobs are elsewhere. All that the 'pill-mill fiasco' did was to make it difficult for any serious fracture patient to get any decent pain prescription in Ohio. In my situation, I had to use the prescriptions from Baltimore for much of my pain, as Dr. John Brems (CCF) was too afraid to even write for a C-III pain prescription - he can't have it on his record. That's all the reforms that Dr. John Kasich is going to do. At least the pill-mill physicians know how to 'see' pain. What Dr. Licata told me in 2010 was that he wouldn't treat me - so in 2011 I fractured again while at a Hopkins CME in Baltimore. It was a no-brainer going-to-happen guaranteed event - the only question, or betting game, was when. And Ohioans know about gaming theory. Even the world class orthopedic at Johns Hopkins was AMAZED at the fracture severity, and could literally do 'nothing' except advise that I try to see the Hopkins 'trauma guy.' He wouldn't even attempt a disimpaction - there were too many comminuted pieces. And Abby fractures really HURT, and this one was IATROGENIC. It's a very painful way to live especially when it's totally unnecessary - and it's not a DSM diagnosis. The bone condition was scheluled for treatment in 1992 at St. Louis University - but Carla O'Day MD had to block that as she didn't believe that I had a bone condition. The only question is: how many more fractures will it take? Could she get some drugs? Carla O'Day MD actually believes that I just fractured, without falling or trying, because I was/am 'unlucky' - and 'crazy' per Dr. Michael Keith. Dr. Michael Keith is a MetroHealth orthopedic, and to be avoided at all costs if you have a wrist fracture - he will try an 'experimental' cast and won't write for even physical therapy (my father MD had to do that). For those who don't know the workup for a metabolic bone condition (only all over the WebMD) = the whole of Cleveland Clinic apparently = my fracturing is just 'in my head.' And, I've never seen a patient for whom so LITTLE has been done except myself - and I couldn't do it for myself after my medical license was suspended in 1992. Mr. Dilling had the perpetual excuse that I was supposed to do my own care, my own blood work, my own everything - having an MD doesn't mean that you have supernatural powers however. It doesn't mean that you can be your own physician - as Dr. John Brems put it, I needed/need 'some better help' - and he had a minute or two to write a note to someone = the Brems 'fix.' The Whitehouse excuse is unknown - I've never seen him or heard him say a word - he can't answer the phone. For Carla O'Day MD, and her friends, everything is just 'psychiatric' even though she couldn't finish even that residency. My situation hasn't been looked at in any clinical medical sense (what Medical Boards are for). Not one blood test was ordered before 4 psychiatric evaluations about why I didn't 'like' Drs. Nice & Keith. That should be self-evident; they didn't do orthopedics. And why a guy MD with Dr. Licata credentials has no backbone is a mystery - a conundrum - a disgrace & a tragedy. Literally no bone markers are on the chart, no plan, and no real workup has been done in 5-6 years of my begging for some help from him. Just have a recent serious shoulder fracture to show for Cleveland Clinic 'care.' Dr. Licata won't write a letter to the State Medical Board detailing the seriousness of things, so that he would have their support - that what I have is MEDICAL. They might listen to him if he CARED - but he doesn't CARE. Floyd Loop MD tried to blame me, after I begged him for some help, for enticing Dr. Nice with two wrist fractures swollen to EXCRESCENCE. And the Cleveland Clinic trained Dr. Nice - and has known that Dr. Nice 'married' well and has had 'wandering eyes' - for decades now. EARTH TO LOOP. Since college, I've been known as someone who tries to do things the 'right' way - there's no seductions, no affairs, no live-in lovers, and no life - because Catholic girls who aren't 'easy' don't deserve anything if they don't 'do it' for Dr. Nice. And if I wanted to have an affair with a married man, I wouldn't pick Dr. Nice. Even Catholic girls know better. Even John Brems MD, known as a 'good' guy, was a bit embarrassed that no one did even a 'rain dance' of care at The Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Wulf Utian knew of the neglect of ob-gyn care for years - and how the lack of treatment of the thyroid condition affected the bones & everything else gyn - but he retired saying 'nothing' - on Premarin honorariums. Jews only stand up for Jews in Cleveland. Ditto Dr. Tonya Heyman - who I went to high school with - who dropped helping me as soon as she found out that she would have to disagree with Carla O'Day MD - she can't do that with a family & a husband who has to be 'IN' at Hillcrest. Carla O'Day MD - to this day - 5 fractures later - thinks that I only need a NEW RIGHT OHIO PSYCHIATRIST - whatever those are. Carla O'Day MD did not study much in Medical School - and even the Deans were concerned, but could do nothing. And in 1992, I went to Dean Ken Scott - and he said that someone was lying as he put it - but he could do nothing to help. Dean Scott has never had to question my lying to him. Carla O'Day MD can destroy anyone's life, career, health, and family in Ohio - even Governor Kasich & crew swear by Carla. Mr. Whitehouse daily reads from the Gospel according to Carla. No matter how improbable the lie - Rick will continue the case until the woman physician admits what is now 'his case.' And just what is that case - nothing about patients - but that a woman physician disagreed about her own care to save herself, her career, and the monetary worth of her MD degree. And it was the wrong care, and bad care - 'boys being boys' care - that the Board admits. Dr. Chad Deal will write that I just have 'paranoia' for not wanting to die fracturing of a treatable familial bone problem (and won't help even though the FRAX INDEX is off the chart), and Abby Abelson will do literally ANYTHING to not intervene to prove Carla O'Day MD 'right' - even let another physician die of neglect, no life, career, or family. I don't deserve to have children. Jews got REEAALLY mad at the rest of the world looking the other way in the 1930-40s, but they do the best job of it otherwise. If a patient goes near Abby - please know that you will only get medical care if it is 'politically correct' for her to do so - otherwise you wil die - slowly or fast track - without any life. Looking the other way is what Dr. Abby Abelson does well - 20 years of it. No one has been willing to help me, even John Brems MD just writes on the chart that he can't do anything because of the Ohio State Medical Board - well he can, but won't. It's all 'psychiatric,' because that's the way that Carla O'Day MD wanted it - that I would just see some women psychiatrist friends of hers at Metro and cover up all the missed labs (no blood work was every done in Ohio before the medical license was suspended, and little since). Everything comes up 'psych' for Carla. Carla O'Day was a close 'personal' & business friend of Dr. Nice - not the person who should be involved in the case. Carla O'Day set up a Rorschach inkblot test for me to take in 1992 - where the results were never recorded, but just 'abnormal.' The Rorschach is a completely unreliable test that you wouldn't even try on a dog or cat. This test was 'set up' at an off-track shopping plaza in Cleveland - not even in a medical building. Everyone in Ohio knows that test is a farce, even the stupid legislators, but I had to have it redone in NYC at huge cost to prove this point. My Ohio medical license was taken on a 'provisional' basis, on the sole basis of that testing = the only test done = no lawyer present. The Perugia police took lessons from the Ohio State Medical Board. And the complaint that I filed was just never investigated - but I was; psychiatrically evaluated NO LESS THAN FOUR (THE NUMBER FOUR) times before any blood work was ever done out-of-state. The whole US was told that I just didn't 'deserve' care - not to worry. Most of the workup has had to be done out-of-state. Meanwhile my 'sex life' is in public records in Ohio - or what the Medical Board 'thinks' is my sex life - because literally anything 'goes' to continue a bad case at the State Medical Board of Ohio. The Medical Board wants more 'goes' at me; 5 isn't enough. There's not a physician with a shred of ethics in Ohio. If the Medical Board wants lies, they get it - no expert is approved unless the Medical Board of Ohio will get what they ask for - there are no independent experts - just 'cleaners.' Only Abby Abelson MD, Chad Deal MD, Carla O'Day MD, and Drs. Nice & Keith can have families, children, spouses, appropriate & timely care of medical conditions - jobs and Fellowships. Carla O'Day has to see that other women don't get a FELLOWSHIP, because she couldn't get one - and I had one at St. Louis University that Carla O'Day nixed with her lies, her inability to admit that Dr. Nice & Dr. Keith made a pile of mistakes - as they don't do women's fracture care very well in Ohio = one of those election 'points of light' that Governor Kasich promised to work on. That will never come back. It's like 'kill' the competition - because that's the way that the class of 1979 gets ahead. Since 1992, everyone in that class has been trying to prove that Carla O'Day MD was 'right' to expedite my case at the State Medical Board - a case unlike any other case in the US. This case is that I 'made too much of admittedly very bad care' - that I complained about an orthopedic 'hitting' on me (instead of doing casts) - a jerk who left my fractures uncasted - an orthopedic who plays polo most of the time and doesn't have to refer, consult or send medical records - an orthopedic who has friends on the State Medical Board of Ohio guaranteeing that he can 'play' with whoever he targets, or sees out his window, to get it 'on the side.' He's a polo 'player.' Dr. Nice likes to request that you 'understand' him because his ex-wife didn't. He's never grown up - like Abby and the rest. Being 'grown up' means that you help someone as a physician - even though it means having an INDEPENDENT opinion & disagreeing with another classmate, colleague, or a whole Medical Board if that's what it takes - it means that you save lives, not destroy them for politics or for Carla. The whole class of 1979 at CWRU doesn't have anyone in it with any stand up moxie. They all will do anything to get ahead, anything to get a Chairmanship, anything for the money. If Carla O'Day MD is wrong about a diagnosis, and she doesn't believe in lab work (even thyroid function tests) or casts for fractures - then Abby Abelson will go along and not intervene - for 19 years she'll watch someone fracture and have no life, no care, no career, and no chance. And it's a really bad show that should have been discontinued long ago. Only Jews, blacks, and friends of Carla O'Day MD have a chance in Cleveland. Abby Abelson, Bruce Cameron, his brother Jeff in the class-behind-me (the ob-gyn who literally threw a bag of Premarin at me when I tried to ask for his help), and the rest, will do anything for Carla O'Day MD. There are no ethics, no compassion, no allowance that Carla will for sure make a medical mistake - and when she does all will lie for her. It's a Pavlovian knee-jerk response in Ohio; cover for Carla. Patients should stay far away from Abby Abelson MD unless they want to die fracturing with her just saying that she can't intervene, she can't make a diagnosis or assessment of her won, she can't back up Dr. Licata, and she can't even say 'Hi.'

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