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EMCOV International Corporation/ Peter Reinert
Sale Of Unregistered Shares
13th of Jun, 2012 by ICEMAN
Global Encryption Imaging Corporation and one Peter Reinert was Issued a Cease and Defrain Order in November of 2011 from the State of California for the sale of Unregistered Shares in that company, so what did that company do? Apparently they just changed the name of the company to EMCOV and then changed where they are incorporated to the State of Wyoming, interesting articles below about why one would incorporate in the state of wyoming and also more interesting is the complete disregard of the cease and order, I imagine this is not going to go over very well with the State of California especially considering Peter Reinert was just issued anothe Cease order for the exact same violation with his invovement with Green Earth Strategies & Remediation Earth Inc. on June 6, 2012

EMCOV International Corporation.
President & CEO Peter Reinert

(Previous company name was Global Encryption Imaging Corporation)

“…The Company is now raising funds from accredited investors only, until the limited amount of remaining shares has been distributed. These remaining are offered on first-come, first-served basis only and may be sold to just one partner if desired”

Emcov lists as its only Director/Officer as one Gerald Pitts and lists its Principal Address as 2710 Thomes Ave. Cheyenne, WY 82001

Wyoming SOS Link to Emcov
SHELL GAMES: A Reuters Investigation
Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:31am EDT

State of California
TO: Global Encryption Imaging Corporation
Peter Reinert
24331 Muirlands Blvd. Suite D4-318
Lake Forest, CA 92630

November 29, 2011
4276 days ago by ICEMAN
This is can't be good...


Case No.: 37-2012-00097701-CU-PT-CTL


CALIFORNIA, by and through the
GLOBAL ENCRYPTION IMAGING CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation, GREEN EARTH STRATEGIES, INC., an entity of unknown origin, and EMCOV INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, a Wyoming corporation,

On June 5, 2012, Petitioner, the California Corporations Commissioner, head of the California Department of Corporations, by and through her attorney, Alex M. Calero, presented a Petition for an Order Setting an Order to Show Cause Hearing Re: Failure and Refusal to Comply with Administrative Interrogatories in the Superior Court for the County of San Diego. Upon reading the Petition and the documents filed in support, and good cause appearing therein:
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Respondents, GLOBAL ENCRYPTION IMAGING CORPORATION, GREEN EARTH STRATEGIES, INC. and EMCOV INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, appear in Department 8 of the Superior Court for the County of San Diego, located at 220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101 on August 17, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. and
show cause why it did not produce a person most knowledgeable for administrative testimony, and why it did not produce all of the documents or information as requested in the administrative subpoenas issued by the California Corporations Commissioner.
Opposition papers shall be filed no later than per code, 2012. Reply papers shall be filed no later than per code, 2012.

Petitioner shall serve this Order, the Petition and all documents filed in support thereof on Respondent no later than per code, 2012, by U.S. mail.
Date: 6-5-12 ________LISA C. SCHALL________
4275 days ago by Prei3000
Another set of erroneous, convaluded half-truths and innuendo that is coming from an ignorant coward hiding behind ICEMAN. Not knowing the truth is no obstacle to this ICEMAN to spew his ignorance. To what end is not clear, ICEMAN obviously doesnt care about the current investors in the company but tries to harm it wherever possible. Unsuccessfully. The partners are loyal to the company and are informed of these ICEMAN postings immediately including the corrections necessary. Useless exercise for the coward ICEMAN.
And someone, I am sure, will continue to respond to this unbelievable garbage, if necessary. While respecting the actions taken by the California Department of Corporations, and the way they need to justify their existence, the way they act is disturbing and highly controversial, requiring legal intervention. The hearing finally is certainly appreciated and necessary to assert the companies' rights.
Number 1:Global Encryption Imaging Corporation (GEIC) did not change its name and continued to operate under a different name. Some of GEIC's assets and partners were acquired by a group of investors who have owned EMCOV since 2004 while retaining the management team for now. When a company's assets are acquired by sale by another company or group of investors, that does not mean that the company continues operations under a different name, it means that someone else now owns that company's assets, nothing less and nothing more. Some ASSETS were ACQUIRED and sold, ending objectively operations of GEIC. This has nothing to do with the State's action. And the company as well as the company's partners have a right to privacy in a privately held company. It is no ones business where and how our accredited partners handle their money. The CDOC has no right to that private investment information, and it will be potected, regardless of their actions. And then add the coward Iceman. That's one kind of moron.
Number 2: Green Earth Strategies has no investors. Period. Useless exercise for the coward ICEMAN.
Number 3: The California Department of Corporations (CDOC) has no jurisdiction over EMCOV. Period. Useless exercise for the coward Iceman
Number 4: Any corporation, ever having the misfortune to have a single complaint, A SINGLE complaint, by SOMEONE, not even a partner or associate, but a total stranger or misguided idiot, or hateful speech mongerer, filed against the company, WITHOUT ANY PROOF WHATSOEVER, and without the opportunity of DUE PROCESS, or presenting a correction of those allegations, having the chance of a hearing, or presenting ANY defense AT ALL, will be served with REFRAIN and DESIST Orders, Subpeonas and court action, all administrative NAZI-State like actions where a company is guilty until it proves its innocence in court many months later, spending thousands in legal fees and court costs, with no reasonable way to resolve the issues brought forth before then, while being accused in public and on the internet of being in violation of some illusive rule. And naming an individual employee of those companies in such action is highly unethical, consider yourself being that person, having NO DUE PROCESS or protection against these undue administrative proceedings. This feels like actions taken in a Police State. "We don't want to hear that the State made a mistake or that the State is wrong, you are guilty, period."
Perfect example is a Cease and Desist order by the State of Pennsylvania, served without due process, requiring the State many months later to issue an appology and a retraction on the internet (which then NOBODY reads or cares about) harming the company in question (REI) for months and months with no financial recourse available, delaying their peformance and progress. What does one call such overly sellous actions??? And then add to that a moron like ICEMAN.
Truth of the matter is that very well capable attorneys are handling the unjust and overreaching actions by this CDOC and in time these issues will certainly be resolved, however, no one will care then about the truth, as usual. Blood and guts keeps people interested, truth is boring. Green Earth Strategies and Global Encryption Imaging Corporation have been desolved and are no longer in business. There will be no new accusations against these entities. Actions like these ones taken by the CDOC are the reason that companies are leaving California in droves for more business friendly States. I don't blame them now.
Number 5: None of the companies are REQUIRED to register anything. The CDOC is WRONG! There is no offering to the general public, only partners who are certifying accredited investor status, knowledgable and experienced by their own certification, are accepted by any company seeking funding, where no bank funding is available due to economic conditions. HOW ELSE would an upstart company receive funding without having some Venture Capitalist take over?
The good news is that nothing stops this technology. Anti-Counterfeiting technology is so desperately needed that all the postings and State actions in the world will not stop this development. Does this country not have enough problems with fake ID's allowing access to this country, air planes, social services, voting, bank fraud, etc.? It looks almost like ICEMAN (the idiot, remember?) has an agenda to try to stop the development of this patented, nearly impossible to counterfeit biometric, covert laser ablation watermark produced under the surface of ID materials, interrogation and authentication of which possible only by an authorized reader module or a "private-public key" (Encrypted Server verification of presented ID credentials) that counterfeiters can not circumvent, without braking into government databases and encryptions, erasing existing files. Would not surprise anyone, however, many illusive and maybe criminal characters have already tried to discourage this enterprise unsuccessfully. NOTHING, lets repeat, NOTHING will stop the implementation of this technology at this point. Too many major governments and supplier companies are involved and are prepared to do whatever it takes, and the partners are reaping the benefits. Why don't you crawl back under the rock you came from, coward ICEMAN. If you like to reveal yourself, so the label 'coward' can be removed from you, the company's phone number and/or address is available. If you are one of those reputation company employees who want us to pay thousands to have this crap removed from the internet, that is not going to happen. You are irrelevant. Sophisticated partners know better then to worry about your crap.
In any event, this crap cant be left unanswered.
4275 days ago by Prei3000
here is a comment by some Jake.w posted on an ICEMAN report i think is relevant. I copied and pasted it here::

Another load of garbage on another group of good people. What else is new. Someone has it in for them and plays the ‘SAVIOR OF THE IGNORANT INVESTOR’. What a low life way to spread rumors. Your mother should be proud of you Iceman. It is the anonymity that allows this crap to happen, the fact that anyone can post any lies and innuendos about anyone, anytime. Online forums provide open venues in which people can freely express their opinions on a plethora of topics in a message board format that allows for an ongoing dialogue. Although forums promote business transparency and are helpful because they allow people to share important information, they also make it easy for anyone to post defamatory content about any business or individual without having to furnish proof of their statements.
As a result, negative forum posts can significantly damage an internet reputation by creating a false image about someone’s personal character or business etiquette. It is nearly impossible to remove forum posts from the Internet and attempting to do so independently can be both difficult and time-consuming. Once you become a victim of such defamatory posts spouting half truths and lies about you or your company you start to appreciate how bad the anonymity these forums provide is. No one, having to reveal his name and address would make those defamatory reports. Hiding behind a screen name is a coward’s action of spreading rumors and innuendo without having to face the consequences of lawsuits and court orders to correct those lies.
Removing posts from a forum can be extremely challenging, because of certain laws that are in place such as the CDA Act which protect websites like forums from being held responsible for what the forum members or users post on the website. This has shown to be a problematic law for people who find themselves slandered on forums. Simply asking a forum member to remove the forum or threatening them with lawsuits typically results in a negative reaction. In the majority of cases in which people ask forum owners to remove content administrators are reluctant to remove anything unless it is in violation of a specific forum rule or guideline. Most webmasters see their forums as beacons of free speech that serve as informational resources by promoting constructive discussions between individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced on a specialized topic. Even if the post contains unwarranted slander you have no legal leverage to force content removal because forums are protected by online content liability laws. Websites won’t in many cases even let a user who posted information remove his or her own post.
So, you have become another victim of these cowards on the internet, my heart goes out to you. This should not go unpunished or be allowed. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY, FACE THE MUSIC OR ELSE SHUT THE HELL UP. Someone like Iceman and all the others hiding behind screen names are the lowest scum on earth.
4275 days ago by Mg90045
it is curious that when you google these scam reports, the very first listing coming up is this one:

Remove False Scam Posts |
We Delete False Scam Posts Fast Remove The Slander Today

You working for these guys Iceman??

you have a new career now? You used to do this:

United States Secret Service Criminal Complaint

Cyber Criminals - Iceman/Digits
In this article I will discuss about Iceman, a notable individual on the credit card fraud scene.


Although he has been in operation for years, Iceman's greatest "claim to fame" was an October 2006 USA Today story on cyber crime forums that featured him or her prominently.* The article described how Iceman, "a prominent forum leader … staged a hostile takeover of four top-tier rivals, creating a mega forum."

On October 12, the day after USA Today published the article, Iceman publicly announced his retirement on the forum he administered. Since then, no one using that screen name has published any posts on that forum.

In a recent interview with VeriSign iDefense, a prominent "retired" carder (i.e., credit card fraudster) claimed that "Iceman" is now operating under the screen name "Digits". Although VeriSign iDefense has been unable to corroborate this claim, the subject has provided accurate information in the past. He also claims that two other prominent carders have corroborated his information about Iceman.

A carding forum post by "Digits" offering "USA 100% approved dumps" for sale.

A few months before Iceman's alleged "retirement, " posts by someone calling him- or herself "Digits" began appearing on several forums, most notably the same forum that was administered by Iceman. In these posts, Digits advertised a long and varied list of stolen credit card information for sale; Digits has since posted several similar offers, most recently in late January 2007.

The responses to Digits' posts have been uniformly positive - in one typical reply a carder wrote: "You have a very good product ... One of the best out there right now in fact. Another commented: "very good service and good dumps .i recommend it for all bayers i wased surprice for quality of dumps" [sic].

Digits has also frequently provided detailed technical assistance free of charge to other carders. As stated, VeriSign iDefense has been unable to obtain further information to corroborate the source's claim. However, VeriSign iDefense believes him to be fairly reliable. (One potentially complicating factor is that Iceman and the source have had some very public conflicts in the past.) Corroborating his claim is the fact that Digits became prominent on the forum shortly before Iceman retired and the fact that all of the responses on that forum to Digits' posts have been extremely complimentary. Regardless of what name he or she is now using, Iceman seems to still be one of the most prominent and most troublesome characters in the internet world.
4271 days ago by ICEMAN
None of the information I have provided has anything to do with me or "ICEMAN", people who have invested in one or more of these companies care about the factual information that I posted about the legal proceedings against the companies listed. Furthermore this is not the first violation by the parties listed, this has also occured previously in the State of California and Pennsylvania, I will update any additional information as it becomes available.
4258 days ago by Mcdonnelly01
I came across these postings by accident and I am dismayed. I, my friends, family and partners know Peter Reinert. We do not know this man hiding behind 'Iceman'. As a Pastor who knows the facts I have to say these postings against these companies are outrageous. These postings are not about facts, these are ill will or profit motivated. NO ONE would take the time to do this without an alterior motive. Whoever posts this does not care about the performance of the companies or the current partners, but only about their own devious agenda. ANYONE can be accused by a State that is running out of money and looking to extract fines. "The truth will set you free" (John 8:32) We have known the executives named here for over 30 years. All these accusations are nothing but unproven facts or accusations. These companies do the work we need to have done to have a better future and they are not required to register with any State since they are only dealing with partners and accreditred people not the general public. Peter Reinert is a highly religious man, volunteers at our church, is generous with his time and effort and helps wherever he can. To insinuate that he is anything but honest is so insulting to anyone who really knows the man. If you google Peter M Reinert you see some of the work he does every day. Only competitors, disgruntled employees or jeallous people would try to tear these men down. My family and friends have the honor to be associated with this true gentleman for many years. Whoever makes these postings against these men is recklessly using the anonymity these forums unfortunately offer to discredit people who have done nothing wrong. This must be the same person feeding false information to the State of California and State of Pennsylvania to have useless and time wasting proceedings initiated. A shown in the past, time is on the side of these good men. The State of Pennsylvania already had to retract and appologize for the false information they posted against these companies. The State of California will have to do the same in time. In the meantime, friends and partners will stand by these men. I would be the first to complain if there was a reason to do so. The bible says: "My enemies taunt me day after day" Ps.102:8, "...they tell lies about me and threaten me" Ps.109:20, "...they spread rumors about me, and conspire against me" Ps31:13. I say, one day the Lord will settle this score. "Never repay one wrong with another, or one abusive word with another; instead, repay with a blessing. That is what you are called to do, so that you inherit a blessing" (1 Peter 3:9 NJB) and finally, "Look on victims of abuse as if what happened to them happened to you" Heb. 13:3b (Mes) It is amazing how GRACE comes to the aid of good men. Do not dispair, the Lord will settle this score. Amen.
4252 days ago by ICEMAN
"they are not required to register with any State since they are only dealing with partners and accreditred people not the general public."

Apparently the State of California and Pennsylvania disagree with that statement, a general solicitation via website or any other form is a violation of the securities act...
4252 days ago by ICEMAN
Correction, previously the above companies were soliciting the general public via their websites which is a direct violation of the securities act, interesting how now those same websites are either password protected, or "under construction"...LOL!!!...the facts remain that above parties have multiple violations in multiple states for the same violations with multiple companies, they know what the rules are and refuse to abide by them, I feel very sorry for anyone who has invested with these clowns, this is a classic boiler room operation scam and not a very good one.
4242 days ago by ICEMAN
"...The State of Pennsylvania already had to retract and appologize for the false information they posted against these companies"

Mcdonnelly01...The State of Pennsylvania never did any such thing...Remediation Earth paid fines for their violations, below is the final order from the state of Pennsylvania, one would think a "Pastor" would not be posting such blatant lies...stop misleading people about what is going on here...there are multiple violations in multiple states...they knowingly and willingly continue to violate the law in my opinion and I shutter to think how many folks have or are going to be ripped off by these clowns.

Remediation Earth, Inc.*
Green Energy Enterprises, Inc.
Westlake Village, CA

The Commission has ACCEPTED an Offer of Settlement, which was submitted by the Respondent Remediation Earth, Inc. without admitting or denying the allegations of the Order, while specifically consenting to the imposition of the sanctions set forth in the Order.

The Summary Order to Cease and Desist issued on June 22, 2010 is hereby prospectively RESCINDED as to Respondent Remediation Earth, Inc. through a Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order issued April 27, 2011.

The Commission, by Order, imposed sanctions against Respondent Remediation Earth, Inc., including the following:

- Respondent Remediation Earth, Inc. is ORDERED to pay an amount which represents an administrative assessment.

- Respondent Remediation Earth, Inc. is ORDERED to pay an amount which represents legal and investigative costs.

-Respondent Remediation Earth, Inc. is ORDERED to comply with the 1972 Act.

Respondents offered for sale Stock that was neither registered nor exempt from registration in Pennsylvania, in willful violation of Section 201 of the 1972 Act.
4227 days ago by HHWlaw
What in the world does Remediation Earth have to do with EMCOV? Again, Iceman has his facts wrong. There is not a single complaint by any current partner. Seeing our facilities anyone can see that this is not a boiler room, or anything close to it. The 'General Public' was never solicited and no such statement or acceptance of funds has happened, regardless of the claim made by someone to the State. The State has an obligation to investigate such a claim. That is all. Reporting this obligation to investigate is different from issuing uninformed and unsubstantiated conclusions to harm a company so that the company will agree to pay this gangster to stop filing these reports. NO ONE ELSE ever reported anything negative about EMCOV. NOT A SINGLE OTHER PERSON! Not any person credible. Not any person with facts that would allow that person not to hide behind an anonymous screen name. It is this anonymity that allows this character to spew his lies. EMCOV only deals with sophisticated and accredited investors, not the general public. A non-accredited person can only be a part of this venture to the legal limit. That order quoted conveniently ignores the resolution of that issue which also has nothing to do with EMCOV. Half truths reported here. This man is a disgruntled man who does not have the balls to come forward and say who he is. We are available and everyone knows who we are and how to reach us. Iceman is a cowardly idiot following his agenda. Anyone knowing the operations of EMCOV knows that real work is being done by a number of reputable people and companies. That can not be disputed. Claims by any Governmental agency, made probably because of some false report by this anonymous Iceman, causing an investigation require the attention of our attorneys and our cooperation with legitimate inquiries. That is no problem. EMCOV is not part of any subpeona or any legitimate investigation. Claims have been made and are being resolved in the fashion required. Does not matter what Iceman is his ignorance reports here. We WILL find out who he is and then proceed with all necessary action to hold him accountable for his smear tactics. There is really no point in constantly giving this moron any more attention. Luckily, our disclosure to all our partners about this character made our partners support us, knowing the true facts.
In addition, all these claims are going to be mute shortly when the Jobs Act becomes the law of the land.
The effort 'Iceman' is putting into this subject and the way true facts are distorted and half truths are being used to insinuate issues that do not exist, suggest a very personal interest in harming the company. The credentials of the inventor, the patents, the research and development, the associates companies and Federal governmental agencies speak much more to the credibility of this company than anything this 'Iceman' could ever produce.

This Scaminformer server is a Russian server. It is designed to extort monies from US companies to be left alone. We WILL NEVER PAY THEM A DIME!

Their words stand against our actions of producing a needed and well received product. As mad and angry as you are Iceman, you are no longer associated with this company and your views reak of agenda. Nothing you say is credible.
4216 days ago by ICEMAN
"What in the world does Remediation Earth have to do with EMCOV?"

Well since Peter Reinert is listed as the CEO for Green Earth Strategies, EMCOV, shows a pattern and get real, CEO of how many companies? and according to Orange County California he is even listed as the owner of Remediation Earth Inc.!!!

And now most of these companies listed have received cease orders from the state of California and Pennsylvania for selling unregistered shares, it is clear what is and has been going on here, very sad to see that most likely a lot of folks will lose money investing with these clowns.
4213 days ago by Alpaca83
I invested in Emcov because I believe in the product and its potential. They're definitely NOT just a phone room. They've built prototypes and have demonstrated the technology. They have patents. And yes, they have investors because these things need capital.

On top of that, they're working with several companies and government agencies worldwide, and they're doing a great job. My understanding is that, when they demonstrate their technology to those involved with ID security, ALL are impressed with it, including myself. I mean, it's advanced enough for the US military and governments around the world to take a serious look.

This cybersmearing campaign HAS to stop. Think about it... A company has a product that has piqued the interest of several security companies and government agencies, is patented and can't be counterfeited, and now "Iceman" (who I believe is one person with a personal vendetta) is trying to bring it down somehow! What better way than to post anonymously...

Iceman, what is your deal?!? People like you are the reason MY investment money is going to attorneys instead of actual product development and marketing. This company has nothing to hide and is cooperating completely through its attorneys. BTW, password protection isn't anything new. It keeps things from the general public, which actually is one of the stipulations of selling unregistered shares.

I DO understand fraud and its various facades; I've seen American Greed, good show. :) BUT when I see proofs of concept develop into prototypes, joint ventures and industry partnerships, how much more REAL do you need something to be? You might be great at connecting your imaginary dots, but you sadly lack the foresight that will get you any type of wealth. And I don't appreciate you trying to take MY money to serve your own crusade. I'm sure other investors agree.

Is investing risky? Always! Just ask my friends with their devalued 401k's. But when you're purposely trying to take growth and business away from legitimate, hard-working people, well, that's just wrong, to grossly understate it.

- Al Parker
4212 days ago by Rgmoss51
I posted on another site, I already knew all this, the thing is hhwlaw is right about how the state has to investigate complaints. You gotta look at the facts and the product in addition to the company itself which I did before investing.

I know several companies who were investigated. They went under because their credibility was lost even though they found everything to be in order!!! There's no restitution for that!!!

Iceman, you obviously can't be disproven no matter the facts. Not everything is on Google. B-)

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