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Federal Crime Investigation Department
13th of May, 2011 by cobra5_0_99
I received a call from number (510) 227-1825 11a.m. central time zone on Friday, 13 May. A man with a middle eastern accent stated his name and that I had fraud and criminal charges pending. He spoke in a very firm, demanding voice, and explained if I didn't call him back I would see him in court.

He stated I had taken payday loans from CASH ADVANCE on specific days with specific amounts, 12 to 18months ago. He added that I did all this over the internet using my my drivers liscense, ssn, email address, and mailing address.

It was so hard for me to undrestand him, not because of his accent but the amount of background noise in their office. People yelling and the sound of a major call center in an office space. Because it was so hard to hear he put a young woman on the phone. In fact, I was passed to three additional people all being an to escalate (supervisor/attorney) their urgency.

I firmly explained I wasn't going to send money to some random person who just happend to do a $15 background check on my name and email address. I told them to help them solve this mystery, I needed the account number, bank name, everything and anything they could give so we could verify where this money went. They became very angry and stated they could not do that over the phone. Then they said see you in court and hung up.

**The key - they will have some accurate data that might cause you concern that it's identity theft. Have them prove where the money went then cross reference it with your bank. Becareful not to give them more information and do not pay the bill unless you can verify who they are from your credit report. Any company would have already put a charge off on your credit file. These clowns do not have that ability and are just threatening you.

They did have my name, phone number I used when I applied for loan modification information (note don't do that, work direct with your bank), and email address. All that information is available online with a simple background check. The mailing address they gave for me was for one of the properties I own but hadn't lived in or used for 15 years.

I asked for the Cash Advance phone number to verify account information and they gave me - (661) 246-4689. When I called the number it went direct to voice mail and they did not call me back. They also gave me a IP address from the computer they claimed the cash advances were requested from.
4110 days ago by Kymm12
received a call from number (510) 227-1825 11a.m. central time zone on Thursday May 12. A man with a middle eastern accent stated his name and that I had fraud and criminal charges pending. He spoke in a very firm, demanding voice say that I took out a loan w/ One Minute Cash, which I didn't...all my payday loans have been paid off over a year or so...they passed the call to a female, who didn't speack much better English & told me the same thing...I told her not to call me here @ my job or I will contact my attorney in her harrasment & I hung the phone up...I turned the volume down on my work phone because they kept calling back about 3 or 4 times because I have caller ID @ work I saw the number, which I din't answer...they are a pain in the butt...
4103 days ago by Anonymous
I'm in Maryland and receive 3 of the same calls. I was not home at the time so they left threatening voice mails.
4098 days ago by Kimberly Anthony
I'm in Chicago and receive a call today...same source ...different phone # 214-316-9611 ...very similar ...saying I took out a payday loan in March 2011...280.00 had a lot of my personall information...
called # back and it is a cell phone # from the Texas area...I have never had a payday loan ...but I did loose my Identifcation in March of 2011...hung up phone and went to bank changed all information put a fraud alert on my SS# and will make a police report today...also contacted the credit agencies and had fraud alerts put there also...and they kept calling back I think they were fishing for more information ...but I think I blocked them...
4096 days ago by Baker Bob
I received a call from (507) 227-1825 as well on May 27th around noon Central Time. He said that my name and SS # had a complaint against it and I or my attorney should call back as soon as possible. He was very forward and trying to be intimidating.
A week before this I had a call from someone I could not understand saying that I took out a loan online for $500 and never paid it back. And if I did not pay it back it would go to their legal dept.

They gave me an IP address where the cash advances supposedly came from. The also had my home address as my cabin that I have posted for sale on Craigslist. Right there told me that this was a scam and they got it off of Craigslist. Craigslist is nasty. People off of Craigslist have tried to scam me at least 4 times prior to this.
4088 days ago by Jazzy8567
My boyfriend was tricked today into sending money to an company called acc. They were saying he had an outstanding loan of 945.49 dollars. They said that since he didn't pay the loan that the loan company sent it to collections department and now the lawyers at the lawfirm are "incharge " of it now. So my boyfriend knowing that he has not done a lone was scarred into paying it because they said if he doesn't pay his balance that he will be taken to court. They were able to tell him his name, social, address, phone number, ect. So they convinced him into sending them his card number and picture id threw fax because they sounded legit. After my boyfriend made the payment he later called me crying saying what just happen and he didn't understand. So I asked him questions like what loan company, what emails, when did this happen, where are they from, what's the number, what's the dates and he couldn't answer me. We then went to TD bank to file a fruad claim and explained to him it sounds like a scam, his bank did see that the money was taken out but still put 900 dollars bank in his account on hold until they investigated the matter. We went back to my house and I was thinking something still isn't right. So I did the research and used the info we did have. I typed in scam on google and I typed in mark brown which was supposidly the guy that owns this company and I found a lot of ppl talking about the same guys and how they were tricked the same way my bf was and the ppl sounded middle eastern and that was all the verification I needed. We then went to the local police station and filled a police report and explained what happen and now his case is under investigation and he has a chance of getting his money back. I want to also get this story out there because I know we wernt the first this has happen to and we deffinatly won't be the last. God bless! Oh and they also said they are from cali and they made him write a note apologizing to them. These ppl are sick and will pay for this
4048 days ago by Als925
On Thursday, July 14, 2011 I received a phone call at work from a man with a very heavy middle eastern accent stating that he was calling from the Federal Crime Investation Department. He asked me if I knew there was going to be a warrant out for my arrest tomorrow, July 15th, because of an unpaid online payday loan and gave me a case number.
I admit that I had taken one out about a year ago but I knew I had paid it back but when this man started pushing and pushing that I had to take care of this before tomorrow or I was going to end up in jail it took me by surprise.
He had my name, work number, home address and last 4 digits of my social security number, just enough information about me to find myself questioning myself.
Once the initial shock of the phone call wore off I started to ask some questions: what website, whate date was the loan taken out and for how much. I was first given the website "". While on the phone with them I tried pulling up the website. The man got very angry with me when I told him that I couldn't find that website online. He then said that he didn't know the exact website that I used.
Throughout the entire phone call he kept saying, " are you saying you will not take financial responibility for your debt? I will have you arrested tomorrow if that is the case." I told him that if I owed this money then of course I would take care of it but that I needed to do a little research to make sure that I owed it. He then said I would have to talk to his supervisor because he could not help me.
I then googled "money cash advance, federal crime", while I was on hold, and saw all these posting.
When the next person picked up the phone I got his name "Peter Howard" (another heavy, heavy accent). He asked me for my debit or credit card information and I told him that I would not be paying them one cent and I hung up the phone.
For the next 40 minutes they continued to call my work number, thank god we have caller ID, and I continued to let it go to voice mail. They were even able to have a couple of calls from them be identified as "911".
This morning went I came into the office I had a voice mail from them threating to arrest me at 11am at my place of employment. They said they would block my social security number so that I could "never" get credit again and that they would make sure that I was fired from my job. My coworkers and I had a good laugh out of the message though.

But I did call the credit agencies yesterday after work and put blocks on my ID and contacted my bank and changed my checking account information. Unfortunately, there isn't much more I can do which is what bothers information is out there in these guys hands.
4001 days ago by Kmodel
I just received a call today aug 30 2011 from a heavy acciented man by the name of Officer Jason ?? from 786-484-2751 saying I owed 598 for a cash advance I made. I kept telling him I could not understand him and what was he talking about...he started making threats that I was going to be arrested at my home or work if I did not pay right now. I told him I did not understand what it was about and when did I make this loan? He said it was last year. I ask when last year; said he did not have that information that I could read it in the paper work when I was arrested or if I would pay the 598 he would send me the papers. I said I need something right now and he ask if I was by my email now; told him no that I was not. I ask him why I was notified previously about this; he said I was; I was sent 3 emails and did not respond. i told him that I don't use the email address he gave me except for junk mail. I than ask him if you are a federal investgator what is your badge number. He said I'm not an officer I work for the courts and if you don't pay now I will have you arrested tomorrow at your work or home. Needless to say I was shanking than I had taken a loan out but I know I pd it. He than slipped and used my city name as a county. I told him I would have to call him back in 1/2 hour I was at work. He said you better or you will go to jail tomorrow you are facing 3 federal fraud chages. I tryed to reverse search the number he called from and it did show Miami Fl but also showed the exchange from India. Beware!!! their number is blocked and I have notified the local police and will call the credit agencies.
3995 days ago by Mrsptcruiser
I received a call today from a gentlement with a mideastern accent call me from 646-535-9079 stating that I commited a fraudulent crime. He stated if I did not verfiy the information that I would be arrested in the next two days. I ask him to send me the paperwork and he would not do so. He told me his name was officer John Wright and that if i refused to verify the number I would be going to jail in 3 days facing federal fraud chages. He told me I owed for a loan that I have never taken out. He kept refusing to submit to me the paperwork. He was talking very harsh and stern and kept reminding me if I refuse. I would be arrest. I ask several times for him to fax or mail me the paper work. He kept refusing to do so and continue to state that if not I would be arrested tomorrow. Please beware of these people.
3984 days ago by Anonymous
I received a call today from phone number 347-821-4847, a man with an Indian accent, or a country near there. Same as above, wanted to speak to my daughter. I said no and hung up. He called back, I took his name, (Steven Ford) and he said he worked for the Federal Crime Investigation Dept. in New York City.I would not give him any info, so he said something in a threatening tone, but I couldn't understand him. Again, people in background talking as if in a office cube type of set-up. Very suspect.
3979 days ago by Anonymous
I recieved a call from (703)543-5579 saying that this male with a very strong possibly Pakistani accent said his name was "Ian Bishop" (very common name in the middle east) and that he was with the Federal Crime Investigation Dept... but he did not know which branch of he government he worked for... he finally decided he was with the Social Security Administration and I gave him the run around for about 15 minutes. What he did not know is that he was talking to a police officer!!

Just FYI... They have very sophisticated technology, because even though i called back using *67, he still knew my phone number.

Do NOT ever give these people any information!!! When they threaten to come arrest you, tell them to come to your door with a badge and a warrant. They are not legitimate and you should not allow them to harass you.
3979 days ago by Bjohn123
In the past week, I too, have received these calls one from 347.821.4647 and 814.322.9210. Does anyone know who I can report these call too? Please advise - thank you
3947 days ago by Napajm
I was just scammed for $300.00 paid with a prepaid visa here in Napa CA.
I received a call on Oct. 10/22/2011 from a man with mideastern/india accent by the name of "leo fernandez" saying that he was with the federal crime investigation bureau # (818) 806-3360 that if we didn't pay $1, 745.22 (from a past debt) my husband would be arrested. They had all of his info. work, ss, d.o.b & address and stupid me faxed them a signed letter w/id stateing that we pay the full amount to fax # 1-866-260-2036 and paid $300.00 that day with a prepaid visa which was required. With the condition that i pay the remaining balance today 10/24/2011. After I'd already paid the $300.00 I got to thinking that it didn't sound right so I called the Napa PD, DA & shierffs department all said the same thing it was a scam. so when "leo fernandez called for payment of the remaining balance I requested paper work and info on the creditor "US Financial" which owns "hundreds of banks" so I said you have my file who is the actual creditor. "leo got mad and said he refund the money and see us in court and hung up. then i received a call from a LAPD detective " Max Skinner" stateing that charges were filed and was calling to confirm personal info. So I told him your an officer you should understand that i will not pay anything until i see paper work because i had seen this scam alert. Then i started asking him questions because he also had an accent what department was he with his telephone # and so on. he informed his name was detective Max Skinner with LAPD 911 dispatch # (818) 638-7274 it even showed up on caller id as 911. So i told him send me paper work and i'll be happy to pay the "detective" informed that he would tell "leo" to e-mail me something and hung up. So I called LAPD personal department and of course theres no "Max Skinner" then i did the reverse and found out the "leo" & "max" are both in south CA. I am going forward with this and want to thank everyone for posting this alert if it had not been for it I'd probly be out of alot more money. Thank you, Napa CA
3947 days ago by Napajm
does anyone have a clue to how these people can be cought, because i pin pointed where they were calling from and contact the pd in that city and i was told i had to contact the pd in my city and they would contact the pd in the city where the are calling from. I called my pd and was told yes you can file an id and fraud claim but with the budget and personal cuts nothing would probly come of it because it was only for $300.00 so does anyone have an idea of how to catch these guys. thanks Napa CA
3940 days ago by SCAMCALLS
Got that samr call from 703 543 5579 today worse part they are harrasing my parents on their cell now. They had called before abt a month or two ago with different number and names but same hacent. I am sick of these idiots alrdy reported to police department and my bank. Sad how do these people sleep at night grrr!!
3938 days ago by Peskybarb
I just read all these, and the reason they keep doing this is because people are dumb enough or intimidated enough to do what they tell them to do! NEVER just give money to some jackass who calls you over the phone, no matter how pushy he is! These guys left a similar message on my secretary's VM on Friday (she just came back from vacation). Said he was Thomas Wright and I needed to call him and if I didn't all he could say was "Good Luck". Heavy Indian accent. I called back and he said that he was Attorney Brian from Federal Legislative something or other. When I asked who he was representing he became beligerant and hung up on me. I called back and left a VM that I am on to them and that they need to stop because everyone knows about them now, and they have been reported to the authorities... and if they call me again I will make it my mission in life to hunt them down. :-D

I did recently get a payday loan, so they must have somehow received my info from them.

If they call you, go to : as well as to report these scammers!!!
3936 days ago by JOHNNYBUILT41
Have been getting calls all day from "Officer James Miller" from the "Federal Crimes Investigation Department" He has left messages on my cell phone, my employers phone and myaunts phone. Heavy accent and lots of backround noise. He told me they would go ahead tomorrow with warrents and that I was the prime suspect in a criminal investigation. He also said that if I did not call him back it would be my worst nightmare. After calling the number back 10 times and getting only a voicemail I decided to call the FBI and find out what was going on. He told me about the scammers and to file a report with the FTC. Calls all came from an unknown number butgave a number to call back 646-381-1988. The FBI told me that if a federal investigator needs to speak with you that he will find you and show proper identification. Please people use your heads. They already have an investigation going on with these assholes so make sure and file a report with the Federal Trade Commision. Heavy middle eastern / hispanic accent. Not to many middle eastern guys named James Miller.
3936 days ago by Fightinirish
I just received a call from 646-328-2044 same scenario they even went as far as contacting my employer! They are threatening to take me to federal court if i dont settle.I have never had a payday loan in my life and thats about all i understood out of conversation due to heavy accent.The individual even tried to convince me his name was William O Connell i told that i was irish n did not recognise the accent. LOL! Wish that these individuals could be caught!
3930 days ago by Ncmomof2
Received Voicemails threatening all of the above comments!! Saying they would come to my workplace or home to arrest me for fraud! Thank you so much for everyone who is posting on this website - I was freaking out that I had done something or someone used my name. I did apply for a cash now loan about 2 months ago - paid it off - but this is freakin ridiculous!! Lessoned learned!!
3923 days ago by Couttenye
I just receive a phone call with the number 646-328-2044 and totaly the same case they told me that I have a company named United fast cash report for fraud, that I need to solve this matter now with a payment of $598 and I will not go to prission, then I googled the phone number and see all this comment, now I will tell them that I will see you in court so I can avoid more calls from this people, it increible that this people can't get arrested they should leave out of the states and just pay for the info to make there fraund, the only thing that we can do is to be alert for this type of person...good luck to everyone
3923 days ago by Cassandra54
just got a call from (646)381-1988. these have got to be the rudest people i have ever come across. he got angry with me while i was trying to ask him questions as why he was calling me and for what. He kept telling me he is from the FBI and has my social security number and i had better listen to him or else he was sending police and sheriff to arrest me today and i had better have lots of money to get out of this trouble. when i told him was recording conversation, he acted as though he did not care, told me he was recording also. he sounded Asian, could hardly understand some of the things he was saying. he just kept getting louder and louder with me, would not let me talk. i told him i knew he was a scam and he got madder. they need to be stopped. Here are a list of other numbers that consistanly call me saying the same things or they are from a law office needing some payment, but not willing to give you the information on who is sueing you: (626)384-3266, (302)394-9576, (722)524-8120, (832)775-0733, (714)888-7031, (800)528-7891, (662)278-0610, (855)249-3979, (503)457-1034, (954)606-5669, (775)964-8476. this is what i have to go through on a daily basis. Sandra

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