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9th of Mar, 2011 by User373841
I am once and for all about to prove that "Dee" Gerrish, owner/operator of Goldendoodle World, Cleveland, NC. is a cyber bully, stalker, cyber harasser, author of many, many slanderous blogs about me.
Below are statements "Dee" made here on Ripoff Report and what I found on will prove once and for all that "Dee" Gerrish is a liar. I found that she 'hides' her latest slanderous remarks in some of her older posts and I found these because I have made screen shots of every blog she has posted. In her words:
" Sandra Johnson claims that I have gone all over the
internet attacking her. Sandra J claims that I have posted "slanderous,
malicious, defamatory, accusatory and untruthful blogs" about her. I
have repeatedly asked Sandra J to provide the actual links to all of these
supposed blogs that I've supposedly written. Show me one single link where I have blogged malicious content about you and "your sisters" and "your son"?? Post the links as YOUR rebuttal so that everyone can be enlightened as to where such posts exist. You have the audacity to make claims that I have targeted you and attacked you??? Are you freakin' kidding me? Your claims are completely without merit and completely fabricated. You can not back up
one single claim you have made. Your credibility is zero, Sandie. Why are you so fixated on me as a person? Why are you stalking me and behaving like a cyber tyrant? What is this obsession? I think surely your doctor has medication that can help curb whatever is ailing you. YOu claim I trash and bash YOU all over the internet and yet, I've not seen
any links that back up that claim either." Well Diane aka "Dee" Gerrish, I am about to make you eat your own words. I am not posting the entire blog because what you posted about me is 'hidden' inside of blogs relating to Goldendoodles. By the way, I am up to 254 screen shots of your blogs so far and I'm not even half way through. Here ya go: I am only posting the text that pertains to me and my friend that Diane mentions here. By the way, all of this slander is in one post. There are literally tons of this very same crap. "Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse for my mother (who has been
suffering from dementia since 2006) , I am yet hit with another
bombshell. A bombshell? Really? Ever since the day an estranged sister, Sandra Johnson,
obtained a durable power of attorney from my mother, Lorraine Evans Her name is spelled: L-O-R-A-I-N-A. of
Kissimmee Florida, my mother's life has literally been turned upside
down and destroyed by this greedy scumbag. < Slander. I thought my mother's life couldn't get any worse when it was being destroyed by a half sister whom had obtained a durable power of
attorney from my mother when my mom had first been diagnosed with
dementia. This half sister and her family members proceeded to rob my
mother blind of thousands of dollars through the course of a couple of
years. It wasn't until my mother had asked for help in Sept. 2008 that I
had even known my mother had been diagnosed with dementia, much less
was being taken advantage of by her own children. Between the sisters
who were ripping my mother off due to my mother's inability of
understanding what was going on, Sandra Johnson, has done the most
damage, in the least amount of time, since she obtained a POA in May of 2009.I have already blogged about my mother's plight here on blogger. So I
will not repeat myself like a broken record. My mother's situation has
been distressing. Because at times, it is just too much to handle, I
have tried to distance myself from what this lunatic < more slander. has been doing to
my mother. But this lien with Sandra Johnson's son's name on it and
knowing this lien places my mother's home in jeopardy < no, it doesn't. has crossed the
line! When I looked at this absurd lien, in the amount of $555.42 I wondered
what type of cheap skate and just how irresponsible could Sandra
Johnson < more slander. possibly be as an acting durable power of attorney ? My mother
worked her ass off for years to pay off the house that she once lived
in and has owned for more years than I can possibly remember. I have
known that Sandra Johnson can not manage her own life. < more slander. That is a
given. I knew that she swooped < swooped? into my mother's life the moment she
found out my mother had been diagnosed with dementia. Multiple email
had been sent to me from Mrs Johnson telling me how she was going to
keep my mother's home; her personal possessions and never allow me to
have contact with my mother. < gee, I wonder why? From day one, Sandra Johnson has been all
about financial gain regarding my mother. She has never been about
having my mother's best interests at heart. < really? Oh but how she lets on to
the general internet public how much a loving, care taker she is and how
she has done everything possible to take care of my mother! < that's correct. I have and I am. My mother was a PBX operator at Walt Disney World and prior to that, she
worked as a maid at Walt Disney World. She spent 25 years working to
ensure she had a roof over her head; a roof over the heads of her
children and clothes on her back; food to eat and money to buy the
things that she wanted. My father and mother, together, purchased the
home that was wrongfully taken from her by Sandra Johnson. I DO NOT HAVE OUR MOTHER'S HOME!!! Where do you get this bogus information from Diane? My mother
was taking care of herself and living by herself, quite well without the
help of Sandra Johnson. She was? REALLY? If she was, why did she stop taking her medications, stop bathing, stop locking her doors, forgot where she lived when she was still able to drive and other things like forgot to pay her bills. How in the world can you post such an insane statement Diane? The moment this snake < more slander. goes back into my
mother's life, all hell breaks loose! Suddenly my mother finds herself
without a home; Gee, that's funny. Her home is still in her name and she lives in MY home! Her home is being looked after by MY son, the lawn is being taken care of by MY son and isn't it odd that NONE of my family members have done anything to help? NONE of you, all FIVE of you, have not done ONE SINGLE THING to keep our mother's house maintained. NONE of our mother's grandchildren other than MY son have offered to even mow the grass!! How many grandchildren does our mother have Diane? PLENTY!! Some of them only live a few miles from her house!! It is shameful and disgusting. Your own son hasn't even bothered to come down here to do any work at our mother's house but yet, you criticize my son for making sure the house is secure and the house doesn't look vacant. You have so much nerve Diane that it is unfathomable. all of her personal possessions thrown out, given away
and stolen; all of her money gone; her entire house ripped apart < more slander.
because Sandra Johnson ordered multiple renovations to be completed even
though she knew my mother was never going to be allowed to return to
her own home ever again. Not long after Mrs Johnson found out my mother had dementia, like a snake in the grass, < more slander. she slide her way back into my mother's life and began
destroying everything my mother ever knew. The comfortable home; the
peaceful life; the tranquility my mother enjoyed by living at her home was destroyed by Sandra Johnson. Yes, I 'destroyed' everything your mother "ever knew". LOL!! Mrs Johnson removed my mother from her home; That is correct. I did. Why did I? BECAUSE OUR MOTHER HAS ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND SHE CANNOT LIVE ALONE!!!!!! By the way Diane, I didn't see you help our mother!! You KNEW she couldn't live alone, you were at her house in late 2008 for a few days and yet, you never ONCE made any attempt to have her live with you and your husband!!! You closed out her bank account, opened a new one with your name on it, canceled her credit cards, had her pension and S.S. checks sent to your house, changed our mother's mailing address then you drove off leaving 'your' mother alone in her house. You taped a note to her refrigerator that told her not to open the door to anyone. I know because I read it. You put your phone number on the note too. sent email to me claiming she
was keeping my mother's home for herself. I have a facebook snapshot
showing Mrs Johnson stated she lied about the city of Kissimmee
"condemning" my mother's home when that never happened. She lied to
DCF about why repairs were being made. < false accusation. She has lied to multiple people
and she has conned many. My God at the slander. Sources (and HE knows whom he is and if he doesn't take care of this bill I will reveal his name) Who might this be Diane? Why bother hiding "his" name? You have already slandered more people than you should. Why stop now? once told me Sandra Johnson was going to
allow my mother's home to be taken by the city of Kissimmee because she
didn't want to pay my mother's taxes which only came to something like
$500!! I had to contact the Orlando DCF's agency to have them force her
to pay my mother's taxes. < Okay. This is absolutely outrageous. I have NEVER been forced to pay taxes on our mother's home. I want to see proof of this Diane. This woman is a POA for my mother. It is
HER legal responsibility, by law, to pay my mother's bills because she ...and it ISN'T your 'responsibility' to dictate what I should do and NOT do. Are you jealous that I have POA? What is it exactly that keeps you motivated to meddle in my life Diane? Do you not have enough dogs and puppies to keep you busy? Don't you have kennels to clean, dogs to feed, bathe, groom, breed, puppies to pack up and ship out to all of your five thousand customers around the globe? Don't you have any paranormal 'haunts' to go to? Aren't you keeping yourself busy reading Tarot cards and telling the fortune for all of your customers and friends? Perhaps instead of doing background checks on people you don't know and blogging hate speech about me, you should be going to church asking God to forgive you for being so full of hate.
made herself my mother's "acting agent". Sandra Johnson removed my mother from her home and dumped her < slander. in a nursing home called Savannah Courts in St. Cloud Florida. I found out my mother was in a nursing home and when I spoke to my
mother, my mother was upset and wanted to get out of the home. We
tried to help my mom, but Mrs Johnson rushed and grabbed my mother out
of the nursing home before my husband could pick up my mother.Well, here you finally admit that your husband tried to "pick up" our mother. You posted a blog (and I can prove it) where you said your husband did NOT come to my house to get our mother. Perhaps you should get your stories straight before you post. Yes, your husband did drive from North Carolina to my house here in Florida in attempt to get our mother to leave in his car with him. The problem was, NO ONE notified ME that he was coming. NO ONE bothered to mention that my mother was going to be taken out of the assisted living facility and drive to your house in North Carolina. Imagine my surprise when I saw your husband, a man I have never seen before, pacing up and down in front of MY house on his cell phone. He hid his car thinking I wouldn't notice. Imagine my amazement when two deputies pulled up because your husband called them to 'assist' him in forcing my mother to leave with him. Well, it backfired didn't it Diane?? Not only did my mother not leave with your husband, YOU didn't even bother to come down here with him! I have called you a coward for that and I am calling you a coward once again. For you to stay at home and send your husband to my house without any notice is completely inappropriate and proves that you made a very, very bad decision. No family members have been allowed to have any contact with my mother
since Sandra Johnson obtained a POA.. No family members have been
allowed to visit my mother since Sandra Johnson obtained a POA. Why don't they ask? Must I send them an invitation? Tell you what. The next time I decide to have a family reunion, I will hire a family to come to it because my family hasn't contacted me since 2009. My mother is not allowed out of the sight of Sandra Johnson or so much as
allowed to do anything unless Sandra Johnson controls my mother's every move. Should I allow our mother to wander around? She has no idea where she is and it is MY responsibility to make sure she is safe. My mother nearly died while under the care of Mrs Johnson, sometime in December of 2009. In Feb. 2010,REALLY DIANE, REALLY??? Did she "nearly" die? Where were you when she "nearly" died? SHE HAD THE FLU. SHE DIDN'T "NEARLY" DIE!! just after my mother's birthday, Mrs Johnson dumped my mother in yet another nursing home. The nursing home forced Mrs Johnson to remove my mother from the nursing
home on Nov. 30th, 2010, because she continued to interfere and not < slander.
allow other family members speak with or visit my mother even though my
mother wanted contact. Our mother has Alzheimer's disease. How do you know she wanted "contact"?? Every time Mrs Johnson knew the director wasn't working, she told the
staff members of the nursing home that family members had to have a
"passcode" to speak with or visit my mother. Knowing this was against Wow, you posted this twice! What the.....
the law in the state of Florida and knowing this would get the nursing
home's license revoked and knowing she had already been told to stop
interfering with other family members having contact with my mother,
she continued to cause problems at the nursing home. She had already
been told by a Florida state ombudsman that she could not interfere with This is posted below. Why do you repeat yourself? Do you have dementia?
family members visiting or speaking to my mother because my mother
wanted visits and my mother wanted telephone calls and contact. Because
of the constant harassment by Sandra Johnson, she was told to remove
my mother from the nursing home. < false accusation. The
nursing home forced Mrs Johnson to remove my mother from the nursing
home on Nov. 30th, 2010, because she continued to interfere and not
allow other family members speak with or visit my mother even though my
mother wanted contact. I recorded multiple conversations with my mother
and my mother was delighted to speak with me. You seem to really enjoy recording all of your conversations with everyone. Are you a spy? Do you work for the FBI? Do you wear a black suit and tie? What do you intend to do with all of those recorded conversations? You know that they are not admissible in court don't you? You never got my permission to record ME but you did it anyway. You never got mom's permission to record her but you did it anyway. We have wonderful
conversations. She asked me when could she come and see me and and she
asked when was I going to see her. < and the very second the phone was hung up, she forgot that you even called. I tried to explain to her that I was
trying to make arrangements for both things to happen. Every time
Mrs Johnson knew the director wasn't working, Like I would know that? she told the staff
members of the nursing home that family members had to have a
"passcode" to speak with or visit my mother. Not true. The facility came up with that idea and it was because of your harassment. YOU are the reason our mother was discharged from the memory care facility. YOU harassed the staff relentlessly and you even had Charlotte Estes call and curse out the assistant administrator. Way to go Diane. Knowing this was against
the law in the state of Florida and knowing this would get the nursing
home's license revoked and knowing she had already been told to stop
interfering with other family members having contact with my mother,
she continued to cause problems at the nursing home. She had already
been told by a Florida state ombudsman that she could not interfere with This is not true at all. I love the way you make up your own version of everything. I wasn't told anything of the sort. You really must be a wizard or some kind of psychic. You seem to know everything about me, my husband, my son, my friends, my house, where I go, what I do, what I wear, when I'm wearing it. Do you also know when I take a crap on the toilet? Are you a spy?
family members visiting or speaking to my mother because my mother
wanted visits and my mother wanted telephone calls and contact. Because
of the constant harassment by Sandra Johnson, she was told to remove
my mother from the nursing home. She then met some man in Lancaster, PA through a dating website after her
husband dumped her. Robin was fed up with what was going on with
Sandra's incessant harassment and meddling. Now this is really interesting. I find it odd that you think you know all about my marriage. More slander. My husband did not "dump" me and you don't know anything about Robin nor my marriage. My husband would not call you to tell you a damned thing especially something as personal as that. Where in the hell do you come up with this crap anyway? Oh wait. I forgot. You have a broken crystal ball. I found out she put my
mother in a nursing home called Pine Acres while she flew to PA to hook
up with this man who works for some school in a cafeteria there in
Lancaster, PA. He's soon to retire and I guess this will be her next
husband. Wow. You must be a freakin' psychic! Do you have a crystal ball on your dining room table? You certainly know an awful lot about my friend except that you are WRONG. I think your crystal ball is broken. Better call your local wizard and have him fix it. Sandra Johnson had this man call my home and threaten me This is an outrageous lie. Your phone number is all over the Internet just like you want it to be along with thousands of links to your website. I never told my friend to call you. with
bodily harm. I took a snapshot of my caller ID showing his cell phone.
After he told me he had "friends in high places", I decided to do some
digging to find out about this guy. Don't you mean, stalking? Sandra Johnson sure can
pick'em! I also found her videos on youtube where I took snapshots of
this man but I then located him on facebook
and saw he had pictures of Mrs Johnson. Yes, I do believe you were stalking my friend. And she calls ME fat ? Wooo
hoo hoo! Girlfriend, please! Lose weight, get a new hair do and
please find a new wardrobe. At least clothes to cover that growing
gut! When I am finished posting this, I am going to post some photos of you Diane like I have several times before. I'm sure you haven't lost any weight since those pics were taken. Oh wait. I forgot. You claim that you are morbidly obese because you have "medical problems". Did you have your thyroid removed? I doubt it. What medical issues do you have that makes you so obese Diane? All those comments are slanderous and malicious that you made about me. Sandra Johnson is one desperate chick looking for her next meal ticket More slander. and He'll get a clue about her real self soon enough. He has a lot of balls to "like" any group that has to do with soldiers and military
veterans.And why is that, Diane? The last time I checked, Americans are allowed to "like" any group we want. Are you insinuating that my friend hates soldiers and military personnel? Sandra Johnson and this man claim they are Christians ? Good lord, I hear the fires crackling already. Are you insinuating that we should be banished to Hell Diane? Sandra Johnson posted an absurd video on youtube of my mother, trying
to make it appear that my mother can't remember anything. But Sandra Johnson
asked the "check's in the mail" type of questions. Sandra Johnson is
no one to be asking questioning of another individual trying to show
whether the individual is competent or incompetent. Really? I should not be questioning anyone? Okay, next time I will hire Larry King. Her questions were yes and no stupid questions. Why didn't she have my mother in a quiet, nice setting before asking questions ? Perhaps outdoors in a sunny or shady place where it is relaxing. Yes indeed. Perhaps I could have my man servant whip up some mint juleps and a plate of finger sandwiches as well! Afterward, we could play Polo! Why didn't she ask someone to video tape a real conversation taking place between her and my
mother in a normal situation ? Why didn't she put out a family album of
photos ? Gee, why didn't I have a catering service just bring over some food, hire a professional photographer and some clowns? Oh hell, let's do it right. Next time I shoot a video I will hire Aerosmith to play and invite President Obama and his family over. Oh...that's right. Sandra Johnson mentioned in an email that
she deliberately destroyed photos of all the siblings so that my mother I have not "destroyed" any photos. It wouldn't make any difference if all of mom's kids were standing in front of her. She wouldn't recognize them. You saw the video on YouTube. Mom doesn't know who any of her kids are. She doesn't remember who our father was. She doesn't remember her own parents nor does she remember where we were raised.
would believe Sandra Johnson was an only child. Why didn't Sandra
Johnson ask my mother if she would like to have visits from her other
children or have contact with her only surviving elderly brother ? Why didn't I ask her to do algebra? Why didn't I ask her if she knew how many stars are in the sky? If
my mother would like to receive phone calls from her other children ? I told you long ago if you wanted to talk to our mother on the phone, you needed to buy her a cell phone and pay the bill. You aren't going to call mom on my dime. I let you talk to mom on my cell phone once and you yelled at her non stop. You stressed her out so badly that she hung up on you. Do you really think I would give you my phone number again Diane? In my personal opinion, what Sandra Johnson and her son has been doing
to my mother should get them jail time. I wish Mrs Johnson would be
put in prison for destroying my mother's life. Really Diane, really? "Destroying" our mother's life? Omg. She is exploiting my
mother on youtube with an absurd video of my mother showing her slurping
soup with no teeth and asking dumb ass questions. What type of "loving
care taker" would do this to their mother ? Let me enlighten you Diane. The reason I made that video is because you had the fire department destroy the CD I sent you of mom.You had them destroy it because you are extremely paranoid. Who would call the police and the fire department just because a CD came in the mail? A paranoid person would. I wanted you to see that our mother is not capable of living alone like you believe she can. You posted this in one of your blogs. You actually believe that our mother is capable of living alone in her own house even though she can't drive, she can barely walk, she is incontinent, she can't cook for herself, she can't remember hardly anything and she has the mind of a child. You need to come to terms with the fact that our mother is ill. She has Alzheimer's disease. What part of that don't you understand??? Where are my mother's
dentures ? Why do you care Diane? If you are so concerned, either pay for new ones, hire an attorney to sue the memory care facility or shut up. Why has Sandra Johnson allowed my mother's appearance to
deteriorate so badly ? I believe it's called: old age. Our mother can't look fabulous forever you know. My mother always cared how she looked. All Sandra Johnson cares about is herself. But from the photos I saw on her boyfriends' facebook account, Yes, you hacked into his FB account and copied the photos he has of me. He had his account settings on "friends only" and you are NOT a friend of his nor mine. Sandra Johnson needs a complete
overhaul. Nasty slander. I'm eagerly monitoring the Orange county court-house public records for Sandra Johnson's divorce decree to be recorded and filed Are you "eagerly" monitoring the records Diane? Don't you have anything better to do? Apparently not. because right around that time I expect this parasitic scum bag handling things for my mother,< slander she is off on motorcycle excursions. You sound jealous Diane. Actually, I don't go off on "excursions". I go off on rides. There is no law that says I can't. If Sandra Johnson believes her video of my mother slurping soup without any teeth because Mrs Johnson is too damned cheap to sue a nursing home to replace my More slander. I suppose Diane, you believe that I have thousands of dollars to sue a memory care facility over dentures? If you are so concerned about your mother having dentures, why don't you pay for them?
mother's dentures that the nursing home lost, is going to get her
some where in the end,<"somewhere in the end"??? Ouch! she can think again. The only thing Mrs Johnson is getting in the end, is hopefully jail time. < and why would I go to jail Diane? I wouldn't want Mrs Johnson's comments on to go left unnoticed. She has to mention me and other siblings on as often as possible. She wants people to believe she has something important to say when much of the comments she posts have been
fabricated. She lies quite a bit on at Harvard Medical School and author of Identifying and Understanding the Narcissistic Personality: "Referring to yourself in the third person creates distance between "I" and "he." So if you have an exaggerated view of how great you are, you could be using this distance to make
yourself even bigger." If my sister got any bigger she would be able to swallow the entire Earth and maybe a few other planets and stars as snacks." unquote. Notice that nowhere in Diane's quote is her name. I did not post her name nor her business name. Well, Sandra Johnson can't process my bitchin' rock star life from mars with
her shrunken LSD mind. I'm a high priestess Vatican assassin pagan. I
have magic and poetry at my fingertips. I have no idea why you are quoting Charlie Sheen but if that's the best you can do, go with it. The only thing BIG is Sandra
Johnson's fat ass from sitting on her computer chair posting dumb ass comments on and riding on a motorcycle more than taking care
of my mother's affairs ; She hasn't personally seen me since 1996 and
yet she suddenly knows all about me! You haven't seen me either but you blog excessively about me and you stalk me all over the Internet! I've exposed people to magic.Wow, really? She has no idea how bitchin' I am! BIG ??? I'm big on ego because I'm a
winner! She's a loser! Sandra Johnson is absolutely bi nuts !!! More slander. I'm
positively bi-winning! BOOM!!! Print and copy that Mrs Johnson! ps: A few of the above quips came from my man, Charlie Sheen. Your "man , Charlie Sheen"? Are you comparing yourself to him? Wow. Sandra Johnson's problem is she claims she's an artist, yet she lacks an imagination. She acts like she's intelligent but she makes stupid comments that causes my sides to ache from laughter. accurate answer from an attorney because she isn't being truthful to the
attorneys she is seeking information from. She hasn't paid for an
attorney's consultation. She's too cheap. She didn't even pay the bills she created in my mother's name Slander. I have not created ANY bills in our mother's name. You Diane Gerrish are a liar. A very nasty, malicious and callous liar. and I am to believe she paid for attorney consult fees ? it is NOT true my mother didn't have anyone to turn to for help and that Sandra Johnson hasn't been able to obtain assistance from other family members.So where is all this "assistance" Diane? I haven't seen any and I have taken care of our mother since 2009 by myself. She has literally kept my mother a
virtual prisoner and away from other family members including not
allowing my mother to even have contact with her only surviving elderly
brother. These are some of the most outrageous, slanderous comments yet. I have kept our mother a "virtual prisoner"? Shall I open the door and allow our mother who has Alzheimer's disease just wander all over the neighborhood? Your hateful accusation that I have kept "other family members" from having contact with our mother is an outrageous lie. My phone isn't ringing with calls from family members, my mail box hasn't had one single letter in it from family members and no one has pulled up in my driveway to 'visit' our mother. Sandra Johnson NEVER had my mother declared
one way or the other as being legally competent or incompetent at the
time she obtained her POA. She is also simply a POA... a joke of a
paper weight. I am a "joke of a paper weight"? A "dumb a**"? More slander. An irresponsible one, at that!Sandra Johnson is
such a dumb ass that she can't figure out that she can hire a company
to manage my mother's home to cut the grass and keep the yard loking
nice once or twice a week. My mother is elderly and disabled so there
are no property taxes to pay. She is exempt! I HAVE to comment on this ridiculous statement. I don't know where Diane Gerrish gets her erroneous information from but she is absolutely incorrect. Our mother is NOT "exempt" from paying property taxes!
Not only are there yearly taxes on the property her house sits on, there are yearly taxes on the property adjacent to it. There may not be property taxes in NC but there certainly is here in Florida! The taxes on my mother's properties are paid every single year and they are NOT cheap. You have proven Diane that you do not know everything there is to know even though you act like you do. Sandra Johnson is such a cheap skate So I am a "cheap skate" huh? No slander there right? that she can hop on her motorcycle and take off to go riding up and down the eastcoast with her boyfriends and other motorcycle groups she joins, but she can't ride from her home in Orlando to go to my mother's home in
Kissimmee, which is only 25 minutes away, to open some windows at "Open some windows"? Why would I do that Diane? So someone can crawl through them? I suppose you don't realize that our mother's home is in a bad neighborhood. That's right. What once was a decent neighborhood is now a ghetto. Yeah, I'm going to pay four dollars a gallon for gas, make a seventy mile round trip just to go open some windows then return in a day or so to close them. Right.
least once a week! She can't figure out that she can hire a legal
guardian to take over my mother's affairs since she has no freakin' clue
what she is doing. No Diane. I can't "figure out" this sort of thing. Tell you what. Why don't you send me the money and I will hire one. She has no obvious time for my mother because she wants all the time to spend looking for her next meal ticket on the
internet Damn. This is slander if I've ever seen it. and god forbid if she isn't on Here Diane claims that I have posted something about her on This is an outrageous lie. Nowhere on that site have I mentioned her name. posting more bullshit about ME on there or making dumbass comments about my business somewhere on the internet under more and more fake
user names! What "fake names" Diane? Oh, you mean user names. Names that people call themselves when they join a forum. Yes, I suppose you could refer to them as "fake" but it doesn't appear that this is what you mean here. So far, Sandra Johnson has shown herself as being incompetent; irresponsible and unable to manage my mother's
affairs one way or the other More slander. my mother STILL has no teeth and my mother's
appearance looks deplorable. Really Diane, Really? My mother always cared about her
appearance and how she looked. This does not matter to Mrs Johnson.
If my mother looks like some nasty vagrant with no teeth, from the
street, what the hell does Mrs Johnson care ? I shall comment on this absurd statement: Our mother does NOT look like some "nasty vagrant with no teeth from the street". What the hell is an 81 year old woman suppose to look like, a beauty queen or a model? FYI: She is getting new dentures and no thanks to you. I don't recall seeing a check in the mail from you helping out to pay for the new dentures. If you think her insurance is paying for them you would be wrong. You saying that our mother is "nasty" is a very malicious and awful thing to say. You are not in my home, you don't know how I take care our mother. If DCF thought I wasn't bathing our mother, feeding her properly, doing her laundry, making sure she sleeps on clean sheets, taking her meds, taking her to her doctor appointments and many other things, they would remove our mother from my house. They haven't, have they? She is only interested in stealing my mother's money, her belongings and her home and back
lot. She already took her vehicles. Slander!!! Sandra Johnson, however, flew to
Lancaster PA for dates with her new boyfriend; has taken off on many motorcycle excursions; took off for motorcycle meetups with the Chrome Divas; left my mother with nursing staff or at a nursing facility while she takes off on various dates having a great time with her personal Weeeeeeeeeeee!!! Yeah Diane, I suppose you don't realize that a care taker has the RIGHT to actually have a life of their own sometimes. Call DCF and ask them.
life while my mother's home is in jeapordy Our mother's home is not in jeopardy. Of all the 'research' Diane claims she does, she should know that in the state of Florida, any time a contractor does any renovations to a home or business, a lien is automatically put on the property. This is even before the work begins. over a lien and bills pile
up and my mother lives without family contact. "Bills pile up"?? Another lie by Diane Gerrish. Diane doesn't know a d**n thing about what I do for our mother nor does Diane know how I manage our mother's bills. Sandra Johnson doesn't have time to manage my mother's affairs or even pay bills she created in my mother's name. More false accusations. For all I know, there may even be credit cards and more outstanding bills that both she and her son created in my mother's name all for their own self gain. More false accusations. I have NEVER obtained a credit card in my mother's name and neither has my son. Sandra Johnson exploits my mother in this video. More slander. Diane accuses me here of exploiting our mother and I do it just to get "attention". She does this to get attention. She wants people to believe she is taking care of her mother and that I and other family members are not helping her or that we abandoned our mother. Bullshit! She is a liar true and true. Slander. NONE of my family members have EVER offered to help me take care of our mother. Not ONE. I would LOVE nothing better than to get that bitch up on a jury stand and shred her to pieces. Limb by limb. Piece by piece and peel her back Wow! Diane is going to "shred me to pieces, limb by limb, piece by piece"!! More threats? with all of the lies she has told to everyone! Then I would love to watch her AND
her son, being carted off in handcuffs for elder fraud, elder exploitation and elder maltreatment toward my mother! MORE SLANDER.Sandra Johnson is a creature of habit and she has mulitiple facebook accounts under fake user names.LOL. You are SO wrong Diane. We are weeding those accounts out, one by one. I have already paid for a background check on Mr. Yoder. MY NOTE: Here, Diane admits to paying for a background check on my friend. Why?
I know where he works, lives and what type of vehicle he drives. MY NOTE: Why is Diane Gerrish stalking my friend? She doesn't even know him, has never met him. She is looking at jail time the moment her boyfriend heads in my direction. Either way, I am submitting a letter to an Orlando Judge and I am forwarding multiple pages of documents to get their attention. I've taken all the shit I am going to take from this maggot scumbag."Maggot scumbag"? Ouch. Sandra Johnson has been hell bent on
destroying my mother on a multitude of levels but her days of ruining my mother, are eventually going to come to an end". This sounds like a threat to me. Footnote 2: By 4:pm the same day this blog was posted, both Sandra Johnson and Dan Yoder removed their facebook accounts. MY NOTE: Yes, we had to delete our Facebook accounts because Diane Gerrish somehow managed to copy our photos and personal information even though we had our settings on "friends only". Diane is certainly not any friend of ours. MY NOTE: First of all, I do believe that calling me a "greedy scumbag", turning our mother's life "upside down" and calling me a "greedy scumbag" is considered slander, malicious and libelous. Accusing me and our half sisters of "robbing" our mother is also slander. By the way, I don't understand why you believe that you were 'hit' with a "bombshell". You are not our mother's care taker nor are you her POA. You are not involved in her life at all and that is your choosing. Oh, our mother's name is spelled, L-O-R-A-I-N-A. If you are going to post about her at least spell her name correctly. You refer to me as a "lunatic", "cheap skate", "irresponsible", I cannot 'manage' my own life, I've always been about "financial gain", never had our mother's "best interest at heart", our mother's home was "wrongfully taken" by me, you called me a "snake", you said our mother "finds herself without a home", "all of her personal possessions thrown out, given away and stolen;" "all of her money gone;" "her entire house ripped apart", " like a snake in the grass, she slide her way back into my mother's life and began destroying everything my mother ever knew", "destroyed by Sandra Johnson", "keeping my mother's home for herself", "She lied to
DCF about why repairs were being made. She has lied to multiple people
and she has conned many", "The woman is a dead beat scum bag." There are so many attacks on me and my friend that it's impossible to post it all on here. It would take forever.
I do believe that all of this is considered to be slander, malicious accusations and hate-filled attacks on me. Are you going to say that you did not post this crap in your blogs Diane? You can say you didn't post any of it but guess what? I have screen shots of every blog you have posted. Those won't go away even if you delete the blogs from the website.
If I had the time and the patience, I would post every blog on here that you have posted about me. There are so many slanderous blogs posted by you that it would take days to post them here and comment on them. I warned you that every time I saw another blog posted by you about me, I would complain about you on here. One of these days, your 'business' will have the most complaints filed against it than any businesses on here and most will be from me. I am telling you once again Diane Gerrish, STOP POSTING SLANDEROUS BLOGS ABOUT ME, MY SON AND MY FRIEND!!!
4000 days ago by Deegerrish
This content was posted by Sandra Faye Johnson. This content was copied from other websites word for word of which she herself posted.

This content is without merit. I, Diane Gerrish, obtained a restraining order against Sandra Faye Johnson of Orlando/ Kissimmee Florida on May 16th 2011 for aggravated harassment both on and off the internet.

This content has been posted upon this website to continue a smear campaign by Mrs. Johnson and I will be bringing this content to the judge's attention since I was not aware she had posted this content upon this website.

I have asked the owner of this website to delete this content because the content is fabricated by Sandra Faye Johnson and is merely another attempt of furthering her smear campaign against me as a private breeder. Sandra Johnson has been targeting my business, Goldendoodle World since 2006 over the internet by aiming her content with malicious, fabricated accusations meant to derail sales. Sandra Faye Johnson's content is a direct attempt at character assassination for malicious purposes. She has never been a consumer. She is an estranged family member with a personal vendetta.

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