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Governor John Kasich Brad Reynolds Brad Reynolds can't do the reforms of the State Medical Board of Ohio through Constituent Affairs - he has no under
3rd of Oct, 2011 by User116039
This is not the right 'forum,' Governor Kasich you know that, and there are serious problems at the State Medical Board of Ohio - problems which you acknowledged when you campaigned for election. If you don't want me to work in Ohio, or work at all (disability needs the 'confidential' file), just open the 'confidential' file, let me defend myself and let another state make a judgment (or a disability board) - they all need physicians who can pass their Boards. I have a right to work, a right to a job, as any black, and a right to a life after spending so much time sacrificing for a degree that you've made unusable for no reason except that the State Medical Board of Ohio - like the inept Perugia police - has to be 'right.' Satanic illusions, psychotic motives, it's all in Ohio at the State Medical Board. And, I did not do anything 'wrong' except disagree to try to save myself. And, I can say it in Italian, or French, but it means the same - I am 'innocent' - there are no patient errors or complaints. And to those that get some care from Dr. Nice - he behaves better with most, but not me - so he couldn't refer? Hawaii, Rhode Island want me back, and AK is begging for Board Certified physicians. After Ohio, I'd work in Northern AK. But to rip me apart for 20 years for sport - that's expensive, medieval, and just a tragedy - and I won't be able to ever work in Ohio again - you know that - so why not let me go with the awful record for another to judge - someone who has some ability to see a lie? You don't respect women who have degrees, you just destroy them because you have too much money for this sort of thing - you don't budget or do finance. Pick up a Finance book about risk-reward; there's no reward in my case. But then you don't seem to have taken Finance. What is the motive on the other side? Being right after 20 years of abuse? Just handcuff me to a ceiling and whip me into confession like the Italian police - then it would be over in Ohio because there is no just appeal, no objective review, no checks to the Ohio State Medical Board. In Ohio, any woman MD who can pass her Boards is just 'bipolar' - that she studies and knows the differential is obsessive-compulsive. In Boston, it's as common as Sam Adams beer. Dr. Nice has to open the book in front of patients - he can't remember anything - even how to angle a wrist fracture - I caught the book open and felt hugely disappointed and completely 'had.' He knows his polo swing though without the book reference. Carla O'Day MD never studied in medical school - she hit the beach and the poolside - telling the rest of us that we didn't know how to 'work things' - never helped any with a concept or advice - just the tan. Was a witness to that, as the librarians & Deans were. They gave her a chance, and she exited at every 'chance' she had to do the political-circuit, ADD in spades minus the hyperactive. The male MDs get their 'confidential' files - it's determined by gender in Ohio - XY gets the file - don't have to post on ripoff. Women are the trash for the stats - no justice, no fairness, and no truth. There isn't any file that can't be changed at the Ohio State Medical Board - that way the Board is never liable - and the Governor - and Brad. The Board is a 'sinkhole,' or black hole, of career lives - just like the Governor's office. In Ohio many physicians can't pass their Boards, so you should welcome a woman who passes her Boards on the first try - the patients need that - but that's a DSM diagnosis in Ohio. Pass Boards = Personality Disorder. Not so in Ohio - you are 'abnormal,' have a personality to treat/dissect, have a life to wreck - and money isn't the object in this destructive quest. But you want 'mediocre,' the same standard as the Board Members & Dr. Nice - sloppy, uncaring, inconsistent, arrogant and wrong in most diagnoses. Dr. Nice operates on young women who then vomit their guts out - they were pregnant and he didn't care. The Board is wrong at least 10%, and more like 35-40% of the time - but there is no 'track' to undo the injustices - not even the Italian-circus appeal track of Amanda Knox. The Italian international farce is better than present-day Ohio Board kangaroo court proceedings. Most physicians are wrong - your Board Members - at least 25% of the time in practice (check their patient reviews). The 'evidence' is never checked, experts are pre-paid for a pre-determined opinion and agree; talking 'heads.' The Medical Board is wrong in my case, they've admitted it, but I am not 'handling it' as they want - drugged, compliant, and sexually promiscuous - as they are - the common standard in Ohio. Not one good clinician, or diagnostician, is on the State Medical Board of Ohio - they all think that a 'thyroid panel' is a T4. And they won't understand that statement - and neither will Brad - and Anita Steinbergh DO doesn't have a clue. Brad can't even carry on a conversation with me, neither can Mr. Rick Whitehouse - complete jocks. Ohio problems should not be aired on ripoffreport. But it is the only way of some problems getting posted; problems which need a 'town meeting' of physicians with some knowledge of the problems. Medical Board problems in Ohio need thought, discussion, and your interest - and you aren't interested and can't be bothered. 'Pill-mill' physicians are not the major problem - most are just doing the 'dirty work' for the orthopedic and other specialists who won't do any pain management. Someone has to do it; the orthopedics won't get their hands 'dirty.' Certainly, it is not within Brad's job description to be the architect for Ohio Medical Board reforms - he doesn't have the ability, the time (The State Medical Board is not 'constituent affairs,' and physicians not constituents - just criminals to be disciplined after long years of study), or the training about medical professional law. That's YOUR job. But you can't meet with a woman MD? Too much of a challenge? Your secretary is more 'with it' than Brad, she at least expresses some compassion. I'm still pretty, but definitely saddened - and I can't work with Dr. Nice in practice = the condition of the Board. If you can speak to people, common customers, at Bob Evans, you should be able to hold your own in a photo-op meeting with the physicians who have been wrongly accused by the State Medical Board of Ohio - and there's a big pile in Ohio with lots of $ liability attached. You should be able to hold your own with a professional woman, or male, MD with 'no life' after the State Medical Board - no other state does this, and it's a tax loss if nothing else. You can't keep ordering 'goes' for no reason, but that you hate me - but you do, ie or Ohio does. Goes until I 'do it' with Dr. Nice? - his comments certainly weren't normal father-figurely. Ohio has had money to discuss my 'sex life' for 2 days in Columbus - nothing there, but Ohio spent the money - several attorneys for 8 hours each x 2 days. Dr. Nice doesn't have to cough up his partner-number. To listen to how many I dated since high school - what a Medical Board issue! That had something to do with my patient care? Psychiatry was not meant to solve medical care standard problems - and it's not my perceptions that are wrong - the care is admittedly 'bad' - admitted by your Board Members - and they are YOURS at this time. The problem is that Ohio is behind in women's medical care, ie thyroid problems just need a new right Ohio psychiatrist paid for by the State Medical Board of Ohio to invent a diagnosis that doesn't exist or fudge a Rorschach. Dr. Nice doesnt' know what a thyroid is - something kind of polo equipment maybe? You don't believe in blood work in Ohio at the State Medical Board, or Physical Therapy, or cast padding, or x-rays - just psychiatry. The State Medical Board has admittedly cheated, slandered, twice - and they laugh that I just don't 'handle' that right. The handling of thyroid problems in Ohio is mostly a disgrace, but the ripping apart of women physicians is just abuse. In Italy, with Amanda Knox 'justice,' that would be six years behind bars - in Ohio that's just the State Medical Board at its best. There's a pile of us falsely accused physicians - and I'm supposedly 'top of the pile' with no patient complaints, but a personality that the Medical Board does not like. I think, I try to improve care, and I don't stand for incompetence, sloppy, and bad bawdy comments in professional settings. Over a pizza, but not in front of patients or during patient care of a physician-patient. The guys still want it their way - the bad jokes in front of the patients and the bad care. Medical practice is not a construction site, or a bar - the education is supposed to lead to some MATURITY - just like getting elected is supposed to be a maturing event. Whatever is behind the case is in the 'confidential' file - and you can't win a case with a constantly changing 'confidential' file and every slander allowed - the lawyers can't do anything. There are NO RULES OF EVIDENCE AT THE STATE MEDICAL BOARD - zero - every HEARSAY is put into public records at huge cost, nothing is verified, and nothing ever ends. The 'confessions' are attempted by threats of never getting a job again; the lawyers are threatened daily to admit the case that the Board can't prove and has no evidence for. Amanda Knox revisited. The Ohio Court of Appeals could not make a judgment on the case because they could not get this file - but they threw out what they had in 1993 as ridiculous. Ridiculous. Further, you can't get a job with a 'secret' 'confidential' file at the State Medical Board of Ohio - not before 9/11, and not after - you can't have 'confidential' case files where the State can change the 'case' secretly and does regularly. And even if I admit the case, I can't get a job with a 'confidential' file in Ohio about my physician activities - actually it's about that I don't do certain things for colleagues (not patients) - but no one else knows this for sure. Ohio legislators have admitted that the State of Ohio has changed my 'confidential' file, and case, several times to try to find 'something' wrong - the State of Ohio has money to do this - clerical staff to waste. Trakas admitted this to the lawyer in 2000 - and he's in charge of another Board that 'fixes' everything - he kept silent about my case. No other state allows 'anonymous' physician complaints - they consider physicians a 'resource' - a tax source. Ohio is just redneck, cow country, and boys being boys. You have no graduate degrees and neither has Brad. Degrees give you class, confidence, and some measure of expertise about 'project management' if nothing else. The Ohio State Medical Board is a project. It is impossible to get either Brad Reynolds, or Mr. Whitehouse, on the phone or to respond to email to schedule an appointment. The secretary in your office gets frustrated, defends Brad, hangs up or lets the phone ring 20x. This isn't going to improve the State Medical Board to the standard of 49 other Boards, just waste my time and life - you don't care. I wasn't allowed to have a kid or a family, to be a 'mom,' I was just to be disciplined for Dr. and Mrs. Nice. The State Medical Board of Ohio has many problems, but 3 stand out: (1) that there have been no reforms in 20 years and cases go on for decades because the Medical Board can change the 'confidential' case, (2) that there are no 'rules of evidence' or 'slander' - anything goes to provoke a response which is then 'defensive' and DSM-treatable, and (3) that the 'confidential' complaint remains 'confidential' only for certain physicians who can't then either win their case, get a court decision, or end the case. The other problem is that the State Medical Board of Ohio thinks that they can order endless 'goes' on women physicians to discuss their not 'liking' certain male MDs licensed by the state - and this is not covered by any health insurance, it's cruel, it's abuse, and it's unethical. Mental health evaluations are ordered because of global problems, not problems with two jerky orthopedics that most colleagues have had problems with over the years. It's not up to the State Medical Board of Ohio to be the physician, psychiatrist, or diagnose the physician who complains about standards of care well below other states. And it's not your secretary's duty to keep talking to me because you can't, Brad can't, and Mr. Whitehouse (Rick) can't - it's not her job either. Please find an appointment. If I don't get treatment for the bone condition - which is what I really have - then I will fracture something else soon - the bone condition was recommended for treatment 20 years ago - but the State Medical Board of Ohio (a Board of the worst practitioners in the state) nixed that. Even Italy has a way to correct things on appeal, but you can't do that with a 'confidential' case - all the lawyers, all the courts and all the expert physicians can't do anything in that situation. No other state does this - but you know that. If only so that your secretary can concentrate on someone else, so that I'm a returning taxpayer, so that reforms really happen so that physicians can leave the state for a new life - you should consider meeting with me. If you don't have the GUTS then don't run again. For any job the 'confidential' has to be opened and answered, I have a right in every other state, to defend my MD and clinical/professional decisions about my own care, except in OHIO. If my tears don't move you Governor Kasich, think of my parents - as a parent. If there was some occult diagnosis that impaired me - it would have surface by now. 19 years is a horrible price to pay for bad government, lies/liars, and colleagues that have no ethics. Even the lawyers have been disgusted at the MDs involved, and the Governors, and the Brad Reynolds's - the entire crew in Ohio is something out of what Amanda Knox just excaped from, ie a nightmare.

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