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Hurricane Healing Blue Pie Records record label claims to support charities with
18th of Nov, 2011 by User453173
SCAM!!! DON'T BUY MUSIC FROM THESE PEOPLE After speaking to an entertainment lawyer who is all too familiar with Blue Pie's reputation I've contacted all three of the charities Blue Pie claims to support. The American and Australian Red Cross say they've had no dealings with Blue Pie or Hurricane Healing and while it is against World Vision's policy to disclose donor information their offices advised me that World Vision "has not endorsed Blue Pie Records (or any of its affiliated businesses or companies) or the Hurricane Healing compilations." The Salvation Army continues to investigate... "Hurricane Healing" claims to be donating 50% of all proceeds to hurricane relief. I'm doubtful of the veracity of this claim. Lawyers have cautioned me that several artists (myself included) report that they've not been paid the artist shares (20%) promised to them for contributing songs to Hurricane Healing's "fundraising" compilations. Blue Pie has released 80 Hurricane Healing compilations albums thus far. Several years ago, I contributed 1 of my songs to their "record label" called Blue Pie for what they claimed was a charity compilation called Hurricane Healing. Soon after, I discovered Blue Pie was distributing my entire EP (sent to them in order to audition songs for the compilation) without my knowledge. I spoke to "Damien Reilly" numerous times by phone and email demanding he cease distributing my work and sent notice to terminate our agreement in 2006. Though Damien agreed to delist my material, in writing, to date my request has gone unfulfilled and HH continues to distribute my music via online distribution outlets like INgrooves. I am now formally notifying all of Blue Pie's distribution partners, in writing, to cease and desist any distribution of my material in connection with Blue Pie, Hurricane Healing or any of their affiliated companies. If you are an artist who they've scammed, I encourage you to do the same DON'T BUY MUSIC FROM THESE PEOPLE!
If you want to help with hurricane relief efforts donate to the , and directly And if you wish to purchase indie artists' music seek out their websites and purchase from there. ARTISTS DONT SEND YOUR MUSIC to "Hurricane Healing", Blue Pie, or whatever name they'll be going by next. And pass this info along to every independent artist you know. IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST WHO'S BEEN SCAMMED by "Hurricane Healing" I encourage you to post about it here and everywhere the "Hurricane Healing" compilation is being sold.
3022 days ago by Bluesham
They now use the California based company to run Blue Pie and Blue Vault Digital (see


President - Blue Pie Productions USA LLC
Co-Founder and Chairman – Ordior USA LLC
CEO and President - Blue Vault Digital USA

Can someone inform the ASIC equivalent in California (corporate governance is state responsibility)of this. At least they will be informed and keep an eye on these scammers. They should not have a free ride in the US and destroy anybody's life anywhere.
3022 days ago by Hannaop
Wow, what a nasty scum
3020 days ago by Real Victim
Wow that is so not on. This madness has got to be stopped before more lives are destroyed.
3016 days ago by Sydney City
"As a Blue Pie artist - we trust that the correct royalty is paid to us through the Blue Pie control panel. This is a question to former employees of Blue Pie really: are these figures manipulated in anyway?"

As one of the programmer who developed the system, I can answer this question: Yes, the figures are manipulated; by rules set by Damien
* For Digital Sales; the formula is: R = Royalty * LBL Shared Rate * ART Shared Rate
R: royalty that the artist receives
Royalty: the royalty of the song/album
LBL Share Rate: the shared rate between label and Blue Pie TM
ART Share Rate: the shared rate between artist and label
For example:
- Real Victim is an artist who has an agreement with a label Hurricane Healing, the shared rate is: 60/40 (60% for Real Victim ;40% for Hurricane Healing)
- Hurricane Healing has an agreement with Blue Pie, the shared rate is: 70/30 (70% for Hurricane Healing; 30% for Blue Pie)
- If Real Victim has a sales of 100$:
Blue Pie gets 30% of $100 => $30
Hurricane Healing (and Artist ) gets 70% of $100 => $70
then Real Victim only gets 60% of $70 => $42

By using this formula:
1. artists are not signed Blue Pie, but signed with a child label created by Damien (Hurricane Healing for example); so Damien get his shares 2 times. And most of the artists in the system are in this situation right now.
2. the shared rates are able to change any time but the artist are not aware of or being informed. Damien can change the rate to a very small number before he ingest the sales reports, and then change it back after the ingestion completed
3. many of the sales reports come from Europe are in Euro, but Damien just ingests as US dollar which is the default currency int he system

* For Licensing Sales: the same thing happens, artist are supposed to get 50% of all Licensing sales, but they are only getting 25% because they are under a child label
3016 days ago by Sydney City
For investors and artists who are impressed by the Figures of sales and reports that are showing in the system: Don't believe!!!

Those Figures are totally manipulated by Damien, he can insert any kind of sales with any amounts he wants, the Report Balance shows that Blue Pie has the Balance of + millions of dollars. It's totally Fake.

Damien can insert any payments or deductions to any artists or labels; even the amount that innocent artists had paid him to do the ridiculous website and logo are being counted as Deductions that artists are owing him.

Damien uses these Fake figures to convince people to invest in him company; unbelievable he succeeded and scammed millions of dollars from the so called partners
3015 days ago by Wolfman
They are running Blue Pie through a bogus company in Nevada hence Blue Pie USA LLC!. The only way that guy is going to get stopped is if someone takes the fucker out. For everything else he is too slick.
3010 days ago by Real Victim
I am sick to death how someone can be so belligerent and arrogant towards others. What gets me is that he is not in jail. Someone ought to forward this link and report him to the fraud department in the USA. People like this are ought to wreck others live and ought to be stopped at all cost.

He is still holding the passwords to my website and transferred my domain to Blue Pie despite promising he would return it to me. He twisted and thwarted everything I said. He even claimed I gave him permission to do that when in fact all I consented to was the revamping of the website; and with my money too ! What an evil person. I lost not just money but he is withholding something that is mine ! Can you imagine that?

He will pay dearly no doubt one day and even prison is too good for a destroyer of lives such as him.
3010 days ago by Zee West
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3010 days ago by Real Victim
Great... this is just what we need ! ANOTHER SCAM to solve the OTHER scam. Hello ??? It does not require a professorship to sniff out strange people like you. Please go do something useful with your life.
3006 days ago by Bpbl
Just tell him you're going to report him to Fair Work Australia, the Tax Department, the Police, or whatever is relevant, if he doesn't give back what belongs to you (money, passwords, etc)

But don't get angry/swear at him, he's very good at keeping his cool, you're probably more likely to get through to anyone without firing up...dispute resolution 101.

If he says give me 90 days blah blah, say that's unacceptable, you need what you need now.

Seriously, best of luck to you all. Get out of your contracts/deals as fast as you can.

Also, I think spell casting is the answer.
3006 days ago by Fuckyouall
3006 days ago by Fuckyouall
3005 days ago by GregKing
Hello Damien, I mean Fuckyouall, what a sad sad person you are! I cannot imagine what it would be like living in your head, knowing that everyone who has ever dealt with you thinks you are a con artist, suffering from a bipolar disorder. How else could you go to "work" everyday? You need serious help, and fast before you continue to ruin peoples lives.

I do know that the end is near for you.

I think though that you are so arrogant you dont believe it, do you?

Well, convicted fraudster, you are heading back to the arms of "Her Majesty's" cell at some time in the future.

And there will be more to come.
3004 days ago by Bpbl
(un)fortunately, F***youall is not Damien; theyve posted the same thing in other pages
3004 days ago by Gregkingss
Oh well, I know he reads this.
2993 days ago by Bluepieisascam
As a previous employee of Blue Pie, I can vouch for the fact that Damien Reilly is a master manipulator and has the ability to make any impressionable artist fall for his lies. If you are an artist he will make you believe that you will never be a successful musician without his help. Truth is that he hasn’t made anyone famous. Any well known name on the roster of artists did that on their own accord (eg. Barry Crocker was a household name well before Blue Pie existed).

What you don’t realise in the beginning is that by handing over money to Damien means that really, he will just pay off his massive debt from previous failed business ideas with your money and get unpaid interns to design your webpage and pretend to social network on your behalf. Even if you are not giving him any money upfront and opt for the 60/40 deal, everything that has been mentioned earlier about the royalty cuts is true. Damien can and does manipulate these figures to benefit himself, and himself only. He will sign you up even if your music is crap, because he's more interested in making his catalogue bigger and having the rights to more music rather than the fact that he thinks you have a chance in the industry. As they say, big catalogue, small d**k.

On top of this, he doesn’t even pay his full-time staff their wages AND superannuation and still owes them hundreds... even thousands of dollars (including myself).

DO NOT sign to Blue Pie, DO NOT work for Blue Pie and if you know what’s good for you, stay well clear of anything connected to Damien Reilly or any of his companies. If you are thinking of signing to Blue Pie/Blue Vault/Hurricane Healing or any of his other shams, just take a look at all these comments and you will see that the only good comment is written by Damien himself.

He's a selfish, money hungry criminal who needs to take a good look at himself and even just start to think about making amends on the lives he has fucked over. His Linkedin page is also a sham. I would strongly urge anyone who is 'connected' to him to delete him. He is not someone you want to be associated with. I could seriously go on and on for hours but in simple terms he's a Con man and he needs to rot in jail.
2967 days ago by ShutDownBluePie
Please post any information you have on who to contact in the U.S. to shut this guy down! I live in the :A area and will do what I can to help the growing numbers of people who have been Ripped Off by this Selfish - Egomaniac – Soulless – Self- Indulgent Ass!!!
2778 days ago by Nemisis
For those of you interested in seeing this low life con artist brought to justice there are at least two actions underway against him including one by the ATO. And there are more to come. Hopefully he will get what he deserves, particularly as he has previously been convicted of embezzlement. A leopard can never change his spots.
2505 days ago by Aten
I am the OUTpsiDER, one of the first artists on Blue Pie back in 2003. I gave Damien over five hours worth of demo's I had been working on, to listen to, and he has over the past few years released them all. He ruined my profile and my good standing My contempt for him is immeasurable. Yet he is still here, doing his thing. I would suggest you all keep him really busy on social media by posting and reposting this websites link and some of the comments in it on his facebook page, all three of them. And start a twitter campaign to bring him down. Use what he uses. fight fire with fire.
2481 days ago by SCAMTRON
Now Blue Pie's Hurricane Healing scam is on instead of Sonicbids!

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