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IntelliRex cornelius theron awful quality wellington, Florida
5th of Jun, 2011 by User501827
Penny Auction script I have purchased from Intellirex has turned out to be a disaster. But what should have I expected from a provider that has such a lousy site to describe the product he sells. If Theron Cornelius has decided to diddle his clients, he should have at least created a better site and add more description as now it does look like 100% cheap scam which is not far from from reality.
3808 days ago by SA. Para
He is a total scam and big time lier!!! He states his military career in the South African Defence force as this that and the other! There are no green berets special forces in SA! The green berets are normal infantry! On ALL the ex SA FB pages, he is the joke of the century! Normally any of the EX SA Special forces are very humble and real heros who do not market their feats! He probably cooked for them:-)
3807 days ago by Hugh0312
3807 days ago by Maverick5959
I would not believe or trust anything that is listed on his web site as he has misrepresented himself and blatantly lied about his military background. If he can lie about that then he can lie about anything.
3799 days ago by Mapiko
Cornelius Theron is a fake and a disgrace to all South Africans, he made unsubstantiated claims that he served with a variety of elite forces including Special Forces in the South African military and is a liar. If he can't be truthful about his past which is easily verified how can anyone trust him with anything else?
3797 days ago by Vrottes
Cornelius Theron is a douche bag with no integrity at all. He never served in any elity South African Fighting units and is the laughing stock of the South African Bush war veterans. He is also a shame to himself, his family and the whole of the South African public...I can only feel sorry for an asshole like himself!
3796 days ago by Federico
He certainly does seem to be, to quote Winston Churchill (I think), economical with the truth. All SADF soldiers had a very hard training, even the ordinary ones like me, and we are proud of it. But we take an especial pride in the elite forces alongside hom we served, and it offends us to see someone claim to have been one them when he blatantly has been nothing of the sort. It is something like John Wayne Gacy claiming to have been President of the United States. He has lied, and has not even told good or convincing lies. I would not believe him even when he tells the truth.
3742 days ago by Rete
I actually met Cornelius Theron several times in South Africa (I was a friend of one of his younger brothers while at university). He was a shady blow-hard back then (worked in "security"...think he sold burglar alarms). At one time he claimed that he was Charlize Theron's cousin on This false claim is made elsewhere as well...
3677 days ago by Hugh0312!/groups/CORNELIUSTHERON/
3627 days ago by USABaby
I find it amazing how a bunch of South African ex Recces who don't even know this man, can be so opinionated. Why don't you tell everyone how you guys poisoned the water in several villages and killed thousands of innocent people. You guys are a bunch of scumbags with no regard for human life!

You make ridiculous, childish blogs and websites and post pictures of his young children and take turns sharing and commenting on them! Really aren't you grown men?!?! We have a name for you it called a pedophile... God you are sick!!! No wonder your in a third world country; because you lack the sophistication to survive in America!!!

You say he is such a scam then why does the US government hire his company for their internet needs???

I am a customer of Intellirex and they have been nothing but professional and efficient!

These comments from these illiterate South Africans are just ridiculous! Remember jealousy makes you UGLY!!!
3626 days ago by Illiterate
Dear USABaby

I have read the above comments and could not find any from anyone claiming to be or have been a member of the "South African Recces", i.e. Special Forces. Anyone associated with a Special Forces regiment in whatever capacity would have been known as a "recce", but not all "recces" were operators, of course.

Your claims of Special Forces operators allegedly poising water (holes/wells? - there was no running water (i.e. taps) in most of the areas of operation) is completely unsubstantiated. To do so would have been extremely stupid, i.e. poisoning the only potable water that your own life might depend on. As such, I would appreciate your providing undeniable proof of any such heinous acts.

In addition, I would appreciate your providing proof of operators (or any other members of the defence force) having killed "thousands of innocent people".

As for having "no regard for human life", I would think twice before making such comments about a country and its people that you are clearly unfamiliar with. It was not my country that dropped two nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 7 and 9 August 1945. If that is an example of "regard for human life", then I would much rather stay in my unsophisticated third world country.

Americans, of course, being sophisticated (literate) first world citizens (hillbillies, too?) did provide the world with the first human heart transplant, did they not? Or the CAT scanner?

I digress; however, (although it has been fun) Mr Cornelius Theron has been exposed as a fraud on numerous South African military related websites (see, blogs and Facebook.

As one commentator pointed out above, wearing a green beret in the South African military would indicate that one is a member of or associated with the regular infantry.

Nevertheless, you may believe what you want.
3626 days ago by USABaby
Dear Illiterate

As to your statement:

"As for having "no regard for human life", I would think twice before making such comments about a country and its people that you are clearly unfamiliar with. It was not my country that dropped two nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 7 and 9 August 1945."

Perhaps you should read a bit farther back in your history book to 1941, Pearl Harbor! To say retaliation WAS necessary is an understatement! 2, 403 Americans were killed in Pearl Harbor by the Japanese (whom which you are defending)???

As far as the first heart transplant and CT scanner you should be so proud that your country has had 2 medical breakthroughs; whilst the United States leads the world in medical innovation. Not to mention our vast amount of technological breakthroughs. As a matter of fact, you wouldn't be participating in this forum if WE hadn't invented the Internet!!! I know you are trying to defend the lack of accomplishment of your country, however, you chose the WRONG country to compare yourself to.

As for posting lies about Mr. Theron on South African websites, I don't think he gives a crap! He has left that archaic country behind! He has made a life for himself in America has a wonderful family and a successful career... Why would he care what a bunch of losers think?!?!?!
3625 days ago by ABP1031
Who ever wrote this report about Intellirex could not possibly have ever done business with them.

I have been a customer of Intellirex for over 5 years now. They have done several projects for me, and I don't have one complaint.

Cornelius is the most professional man I have ever worked with; He makes himself available around the clock and is always willing to go over and above for his clients. Every site they have built for me is very professional and in perfect working order!

I definitely have nothing but great things to say about this company as do the rest of their clients!
3594 days ago by OrdinaryTroep
Really, USABaby, or should I say USACryBaby, what a rant! The sour grapes sounds very much more on your side - sour grapes that softies like you (personally) could ever match up. I was a very ordinary SADF soldier, not Special Forces at all, but believe me, we were put through the mills. Our ordinary training in the SADF was on about the same level as that of the US Marines. By comparison with them, what a wimp and whinger you are! You wouldn't, from the sound of you, survive even modern US Basic Training. And if you are in an elite force, well...what happened to the US Military in the meantime?

However, if you want Cornelius, have him - with our blessing. We have warned you - so if you don't want to believe us, live with it. Sissies and wannabes can't do it for themselves - that's why you all have to tell tall stories in order to build yourselves up and hide your insecurities. Yes, it looks like you and Cornelius will get along just fine - after all, you have so much in common. While you're on the job, you might want to try Reon Schutte of Colorado as well - another fellow with whom you will have much in common.
3594 days ago by OrdinaryTroep
Oh, and just one more point. You call us an archaic country and a bunch of losers. In fact, we are building a new South Africa together. We have one of the most enlightened and democratic constitutions, founded by a great man like Mandela who put your leaders to shame, a reconciliation of races and cultures via the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that ahs brought about peace and an end to discrimination in a matter of a decade. We certainly do not have a death penalty - or is that "archaic"? And our soldiers are nowhere in occupation of other countries.

There are no Little Rocks High Schools, Rosa Parks affairs or Ku Klux Klans in South Africa. When one looks, for example, at the state of US race relations during the 1960s, 100 years AFTER the Civil War, one wonders who is really the "archaic" country.

As a former soldier I have friends who were former MK members and a former PLAN member who is now high up in the Namibian miitary establishment. We all get along just fine - the politics of the past set aide. Your sneer against South Africa smacks more than just a little of the type of racism for which the US is justly famous, as I'm sure that someone like Richard Rodney King would be only too pleased to oblige.

Your description of modern South Africa is one that NO-ONE - not even the most revolutionary of blacks - would recognise. And certainly, South Africa is not arrogant enough to think it has the right to force its system by force if arms on another country, at the same time stripping it of its national wealth, as is the case in Iraq, where American soldiers are dying to protect the greedy neo-colonialism of your capitalists.

Finally, as regards Pearl Harbour, one doesn't have to defend Japanese Imperialism in order to abhor Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese attacked a military base - a far cry from unleashing all the horrors of nuclear war on women and children. And just remember, the USA is the ONLY contry ever to have used nuclear warfare.

Oh no, you have a lot to answer for. If you could break out of your cocooned, capitalist comfort, you would pretty soon see what the Third World and developing countries think of the US - and it's not a pretty sight.
3593 days ago by OrdinaryTroep
Why, "Fuckyouall", how absolutely cahrming, witty and articulate. You really should write a book.
2984 days ago by Polo2014

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