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29th of Jul, 2011 by JAN208
Civilization, Laws, And Justice In The Courts

I'm sure a lot of you out there, like myself, were shocked to hear the verdict of acquittal coming from the Orlando Florida court citing the Casey Anthony case and the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. As far as I am concerned this was a gross miscarriage of justice conveyed by the court and the byproduct of a failing legal system however, just my opinion as always.

Yet, the acquittal and dismissal of charges against this woman sends a clearly received negative message out in that it basically says to people that it's all right to lie to the courts, to lie to investigators, public, media and family members.

It's ok to murder your child and then try to cover it up while blaming your family members for the deed, while accusing them of everything criminal under the sun.

Does this sound like anyone you know? I know a few low lives like this both on and off the web and further, these idiots will now look at the Anthony case as a victory, one up for the lawless sizzle, sizzle and zero for the legal community and a civilized public.

Again, another instance of the criminal type using the very laws against the law abiding citizens of America; what else is new? Once more, the United States Constitution is being thrown in our faces and abused in defense of a person whom played the system and got away with murder according to some, makes me sick.

I thought having some worthless stalker and slanderous moron by the name of Mary Prantil was bad enough yet, what went on in this case involving this childs death, or homicide is absolutely nuts. Just for your information, Mary Prantil is a habitual liar, blames others for her criminal deeds and makes up elaborate stories to get out of trouble or to impress other people.

Casey Anthony turned against her Father, Mother and brother in court room by repeatedly lying, just like Mary Prantil who turned against her father, mother and others when she was busted for nine crimes against the state of New York being stalking, aggravated harassment, resisting arrest and criminal contempt just to mention a few of the charges.

According to a guest on CNN, apparently Casey also had a little trouble with bad checks or check fraud, Mary Prantil writes bad checks as well. In the Casey case, it had to do with fatally harming a child, as we all know yet, similarities exist here as well.

Mary Prantil proclaims herself to be a Cougar at the age of 13 while molesting a child of seven years of age an then, going on to admit that she persistently started lying about it to the childs parents even though she was caught red handed, according to Mary Prantil herself.

Mary Prantil stated to Mike Cahill of that her father locked her in a closet and had a sexual relationships with her over a prolonged period of years. Casey also charged her father with molesting her in a similar way in a effort to justify her habitual lying.

Lastly, without going into this comparison any further, I will just ask you to compare these two situations and personalities and draw your own conclusions between the two. I will say this in that these two women certainly know how to play the court system and moreover are extremely proficient at bullshitting people, especially the twelve jack asses who sat on the jury in Casey's instance.

I heard another guest on CNN make the statement as follows, The courts aren't about justice or truth. This statement was made on the Pierce Morgan show. Wow, the guest further went on to explain that the court just dealt with the facts and presented them to the jury accordingly, fair enough.

I, like Pierce Morgan, seem to have a problem with these statements made by the honorable gentleman for the obvious reasons, or these statements are contrary to what we all thought the court system was really about however, I agree with the guest's statement oddly enough.

In essence, isn't the court supposed to not only operate on factual basis obtained from evidence and creatable statement? Isn't the justice system supposed to be about truth while dealing out justice? I thought it was, but apparently not; what do you think?

Yet, the Casey Anthony trial seem to be more of a kangaroo court rather then a court seeking the truth, or to prosecute this case in a just manner and in the interest of the two year old baby Caylee Marie Anthony as there was no justice for her in the end, in my opinion.

Another statement the honorable gentleman stated was in that it's better to set ten guilty men free verses sending one innocent man to jail. Yes, I agree with this, but do we become so paranoid that we begin turning murderers back out onto the streets by disregarding the facts and evidence we do have in our possessions?

Does it make a difference how pretty a defendant is? How rich or poor they are, or who a defendant knows in the court or police department? If it does, then justice isn't so blind after all as she sees the color green and favors she's shown as the price for justice, or injustice in some cases.

Ok, they said that Casey had no motive to kill the child, but she did. Hypothetically, motive existed here in that some women feel that the child impends their lifestyle but on the other hand they don't want to give that child up for adoption, so they kill them.

I don't feel that the Parents had anything to do with this unfortunate instance yet they where desperate enough to save their daughter from an almost certain death penalty, so they perjured themselves. Now, why would a older lady browse 80 searches on Google from everything having to do with neck breaking, hand to hand combat and chloroform just to name a few; she wouldn't and definitely not from work.

Where were the forensics in this case? We can dig up a 2000 year old mummy and know what he dies of, or what he ate as his last meal, but we can't ascertain what the cause of death was in a three year old case. I realize that when the baby was found she was nothing more then a skeletal frame yet, she still had hair and thus, hair can hold traces of chemical along with the tape used that was still attached
to the skull, and still tape stuck to the baby's hair that was still on her skull.

Another question I have is why was the body carried around in the trunk of the car for a week, and then not reported as missing for 31 days? Did I miss something here? Was Casey out partying, drinking and whoring around while she was hauling the dead decaying body of her baby around in her trunk? Or did she join her hard body dancing thing in the clubs after the baby's body was disposed of in the nasty swamp ditch on the side of the road?

Did Casey Anthony get her new ink during or after the child was deposed of like a bag of garbage in the ditch I wonder?

I also wonder why would a mother get a tattoo stating Beautiful Life especially when her child was missing for a certain amount of time?

Other questions I have, how could anyone drive a car around for a week hauling a deceased person around in the back trunk, let alone your own child? How could a normal person deal with the stench of a decaying body especially when they were on their way to go party at the nightclub for fun?

31 days passed before this child was reported as missing. The mother didn't report the missing child missing, WHY NOT? Who did finally report the kid missing? What's wrong in this picture? Where was the father of the child and why did Casey's mother lie to her neighbors in telling them that Casey was just fat and not pregnant? Was this family ashamed of the baby?

Same bags in the house that the baby was tossed away in, same tape and dropped mere blocks from the home where Casey lived at the time. I wonder why she felt it so important to spend so much money on getting the tattoo when she could have used that same amount of funds to put up missing posters?

I guess it's better to go out and spend money on yourself verses buying diapers or books for your child as some would look at it. It's to bad that little Caylee Marie Anthony will never have the opportunity to grow up to get her own tattoo, or go out to a fun night club. But there again, Caylee Marie Anthony is dead and will miss out on a lot of things like growing up.

Caylee Marie Anthony will never know what it is to have a third birthday, go to school, date a boy, fall in love, sit in at a Christmas dinner, go on a Easter egg hunt, going to college, finding Mr. right and getting married because she's gone now to never be here again, how sad, and how very tragic.

Lastly, a lot of children drowned every year in family swimming pools, the police are called to make reports, the coroner's wagon comes, the case is ruled accidental and then closed, the child is buried and the parents grieve on into the coming years.

Casey's father is a ex-cop from what I understand and thus, being as such would be very informed about this process, so why did he testify that he basically wanted this to look like a murder and that's why he placed the tape over the babies mouth and dumped her body in the swamp? This was by his own admission according to CNN sources.

Society On The Precipice Of Destruction

Quite honestly, I couldn't watch this trial all the way through and just gathered the main points of it every two days just to see how it was unfolding, I did this simply because a constant diet of watching this legal circus literally made me sick with all the redirect flying around on the Defense part.

Ah yes, the Defense team, I hope you guys are very happy with your efforts, a job well done as you have lowered the bar for scum bags every where. However, I don't think it was so much your legal skill that freed this defendant more so, then the lack of common sense on the part of the Jury itself.

Now, all a unstable and murderous mother has to do is go out and drowned her child in the pool and claim it was a accident, or blame it on her father, mother or otherwise. Yes, you did an exemplary job in cutting off some pertinent facts about this case from the Jury so that even they didn't have all the facts, or a rounded view of all the facts of what actually happened that moreover, lead to their silly verdict we heard from these twelve individuals.

Basically, the whole thing was a joke that never should have happen yet, I'm not going to single this legal team out solely simply because they weren't acting alone. Nope, not by a long shot, Let's look at the way the judge processed case information over all and then the way he ruled over the trial by allowing the Defense to put on a bleeding heart show.

How the Defense was allowed to rabbit trail into issues that didn't hold much reliance to the case such as seemingly putting the father and mother on trail for trivial issues instead of actual trying the daughter for the act of murder.

Again, let's look as the forensic labs, and the gathering of forensic evidence, What Happened Here? And let's not forget about the shotty laws that our law makers get passed regarding convict rights that farther protect the guilty over the innocent.

I Don't have to tell you this but, when our laws are bastardized, deluded, distorted or misused in any way then this in and of itself deteriorates the very foundations of a civilized society as we know it and this particular case it a perfect example of what I'm talking about here.

And what about happy time, at the little bar and lounge by the defense team? I bet they had a good time for doing a job well done. Again, congratulation guys. But, I'm left wondering if they were thinking of the little baby gone from this world and where was her party? No, I don't think anyone there was thinking about this Baby would be my guess from the looks of it.

However, they were thinking quit a lot about the party girl, weren't they? Caring about her rights and safety to the point of personally hiding her out from the public because they fear that mob justice may prevail over the lame justice of the court in Orlando Florida.

All I can say about the courts in Florida is that I'm ashamed of them, or even telling anyone that I ever lived in Florida. not alone explaining to them that I lived there for thirty years and worked with law enforcement over a twelve year period in different areas.

OJ's trial was a circus as well and yes, he did eventually screw up and was sent to prison, but we the public shouldn't have to wait for this idiot to Casey to screw up again before she gets her just due for causing the loss of her daughter through negligence or worse, in my opinion.

At least Loughner was locked away, but I wonder for how long? Especially after he was deemed crazy, to which I don't believe he ever was. Has life become so cheap that we now are more afraid of violating a criminals civil rights?, or even filling up our prisons with killers?

And have we become so paranoid about the whole civil rights thing that we treat the criminals better and with more respect then we do the typical law abiding citizen?

Well, I think we can expect more and more of these acquittals all over the country and as time goes on as the government and states go further and further into debt. As it is now, two bit criminals like Mary prantil due pretty much anything they want until someone like us come along to expose them to the world through media. It's Public Justice and not the courts that stop these criminal mentalities these days if you ask me as we can see occurring now in the Anthony case.

In the Casey Anthony case, and the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, I will just say: that it's just another miscarriage of justice that will go down in history along with many other such cases that justice never found.

I'm sorry to say that Caylee will eventually fade out of the minds or memories of the public until the next little girl is found dead in the woods some place, until another nut case mother lies her ass off in front of the cameras while stating Oh, I just know she's still alive out there somewhere. However, we won't forget this child and neither will Heavens Angels who truly know the mind and heart of this so called mother.

Well, we also heard that Ms. Casey Anthony was thinking about having another child, SCARRY and pathetic at the same time as all I can say as this woman because she shouldn't even be allowed a pet, in my opinion. This person was acquitted and will be free to walk out streets once more to continue her lie, Did I say lie? Darn, I met life.

Yes, her wonderful life without the extra baggage of a child thanks to the court system. I believe that the Prosecution and investigates did their jobs to a greater extent and I understand that their hands are tied in light of all the screwed up laws however, I can't help but feel that something else could have been done to at least bring some justice and value to this babies life.

I've stated this before, and I will say it again here: You can adhere to the law so rigidly that it's possible to actually violate the law that your attempting to uphold In other words, when we concentrate and focus so much on the rights of the criminal, we inadvertently ignore the rights of the victim, being the little girl in this case.
Even though the circumstantial evidence pined this fool to the act of murder, we were to afraid to follow it through and serve justice in this case and this is sad. Again, the criminal wins and the victim looses simply because she's not here to tell us what really happened.

Society, is only as strong as its laws, and the laws of the land are only as strong as society would have them be, as it is we the people that govern, we the people especially when the courts can't keep up with the times or are more interested in processing cases through rather then seeking justice and thus, free the criminals no matter the cost to society.

Profiteering, Opportunity And Opportunist

I understand that the certain types of shows want to sensationalize on high profile cases such as this to better their own ratings yet, where do we draw the line with this activity? And what is morally acceptable? and what isn't when it comes to a murder case such as the Casey Anthony case.

Do we as a nation reward the criminal by allowing the them profit off of their crimes and moreover, do we contribute to that criminals notoriety, fame and wealth by buying their books, watching any shows that they might be guest or otherwise, I would say no.

Should we throw out the baby with the bath water such as was done in the Casey Anthony case with her baby daughter while abandoning all sense of ethics or good sense for the sake of money? Not only was this woman acquitted of first degree murder, but she was acquitted of other crimes that could have been applied to her easily such as child abandonment, child abuse and wrongful death etc.

I believe that media coverage in cases like this is much needed however, speculation, theory and opinion should be stated as such and then, separated from actual fact. Clear lines of objectivity should be observed even though this is hard to do especially, when something is as close to your heart as a child.

Similarities Between Casey Anthony Mary Prantil

When we look at this two bit criminal stalker Mary Prantil we can notice many similarities between her and another criminal personality being Casey Anthony, otherwise known as ToT Mom whom was acquitted of killing her kid etc.

Past this acquittal, Casey Anthony is likened to Mary Prantil as they are Both HABITUAL Liars who have turned on both family and friends to save their own pathetic asses and further, have apparently committed check fraud and pay pal fraud as some official records reflect.

Casey Anthony & Mary Prantil are for the most part seemingly allusive people who like to hide their negative, or unlawful activities, who like to stir trouble and conflict from behind someone else so that they can catch the heat and not themselves.

Both woman like to lie to, and play the system by spinning a web of denials and lies to redirect suspicion from themselves onto others in a predictor type fashion, in other words, the pray off of the weak, defenseless and unsuspecting through deceptive intent.

Both Casey Anthony and Mary Prantil have accused their fathers of molesting them along with having a little game going in ripping off businesses and private people alike and moreover, These two criminal personalities both have long criminal records going back from three to five years and perhaps a lot longer.

Casey Anthony and Mary Prantil are being sued by many people currently for various things in each case, and they both have families that lie for them both for whatever reasons. Casey Anthony and Mary Prantil have fathers and mothers who have perjured themselves in a court of law at different times and who have been caught in the act contradicting each other.

Mary Prantil's father was tried and sentenced perjury and was sent to a California prison for two years, and her uncle caught lying and disbarred just like her father was in two or three instances. Casey Anthony & Mary Prantil perjured themselves in court numerous times to conceal their crimes, and lied to investigators regularly regarding their activities .

As I've stated before, these two idiots seemingly have criminal charges going back three to four years or longer and thus, a lot of slimy lies going back and fourth in that time attempting to avoid jail time etc.

Casey Anthony and Mary Prantil both live a lie and make up elaborate stories to save their on asses concerning people that are either close to them, or simply don't exist at all and then blame their mistakes on others while proclaiming themselves to be the victim despite their nasty acts against others in light of what I've heard and seen on the Internet and media etc.

The largest thing these two women have in common is in believing their own crappy lies, they both crave attention while thinking only of themselves, don't care who they hurt as long as they get their own way.

Ms Anthony and Ms Prantil both seem to be obsessed with their bodies, weight and looks as their both obviously under weight, prantil more so then the other, and they both like to manipulate and take part in influence peddling over others. It's all about self-serving behavior for these two people, or taking and giving nothing back but illusion and deception.

Casey Anthony and Mary like to drink and whore around while flaunting their excessive sexual persona in the hopes that they both might be famous celebrities, and or to get what they want from the guys in their lives. Both seem to lack the ability for emotional attachment, in my opinion.

Casey and Prantil both have very low regard for the welfare of others, as we can all see simply because they both feel that their above the law. I think this has a lot to do with Caseys dad being a cop and prantil's father being a high profile California attorney at one time. In short, fathers that always pulled their asses out of the fire when they should have been held responsible for their deeds.

Casey Anthony & Mary Prantil both think nothing of breaking the law according g to what I've seen and heard and not leaving out, liking to stir conflict with others and then running away like the cowardly little criminals they both are. Both seem to be bisexually driven in laying with, and dirty dancing with other females and many, many other comparisons that I could make here but won't, simply because I don't want to beat a dead horse.

American Justice / The People's Court

What do we do as American citizens when the legal system let us down? When the courts allow child molesters, murders and trash like Mary Prantil, Casey Anthony to play the system?, to be free to walk around amongst us to do whatever they will.

Not only does the legal system set these criminals free, but attempts to guard their civil rights along with hiding them out when a Jury falls on its face in acquitting a person for political reasons.

What do we do? when the system guards the civil rights of a criminal such as the Jared Loughner ? At:, and what about the poor girl that was kidnapped and kept imprisoned by Phillip Garrido in Antioch, California for several years ? In his back yard in a shed, no less.

What do we as American Citizens react? when our laws start tripping over one another in working for the criminals interest rather then for the innocent who just happens to be a random victim of violence or slander on the Internet ? Yes, what do we do is the question indeed.

What occurs when normally stupid criminals learn enough about the justice system that they can play it for 28 years as Mary Prantil has done while jumping from one victim to another. Prantil even tells us that she was institutionalized numerous times over the years while poking fun at those who attempted to rehabilitate her.

What do we as American Citizens do when the police and Prosecutes do all they can to clean up our streets, only to see the courts release these harden criminals within less then 24 hours. Well, I guarantee that if these two women were black, or a foreign nationals, then they would have been imprisoned for a much longer period of time or sent back on a revoked visa.

It used to be that you had to actually kill someone before anything could be done legally to a crook yet, I think we've currently even passed this rule of thumb as life has become so cheap.

Unfortunately, our government thinks we the public are a bunch of ignorant fools that aren't to be taken seriously until election day however, and hopefully, it is this very day that we the piss ants, will in fact, clean out the lazy and pocket lining public servants that do this to us, only to replace them with those who do actually do give a shit about what's going on in this country.

It's time that we stop looking for the complex scenario when we bring criminals like Mary Prantil and Casey Anthony to trial and see the obvious motives behind the deeds such as a young mother just wanting to get rid of what she considers useless baggage and a low life stalker like prantil whom just feels that she's above the law and moreover, feels the world owes them a living.

It's time that we recognize and implement the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth principle and ENFORCE it. Really, ask yourselves this: Where else in the world do you see these types of crimes being omitted and how do those Authorities handle them. What's their crime rate?

We can all continue to point the finger at each other for the crime problem here in the U.S., But really were all to blame simply because we've all become to soft and lazy to do anything about it.

Instead of making an example out of the criminals we do catch, we allow them to eat up millions of dollars of tax dollars over a span of years while they file one frivolous law suit after another, one continence right after another, just like Mary Prantil has done over the last three or four years in this instance.

The sad thing about all, not only does it sometimes thort justice in the end but totally rips of the American public out of monies that it could be using to fix up our cities with. The politicians and judges don't care about this fact but we the consumer should be very concerned as this type of activity on the criminals part increases our taxes substantially every year.

So, if you don't like a lot of taxes, or tax increases state or federal, then this is one place as a Voter that you can start. How?, by voting for Candidates that will change and invoke enforceable laws to stop low lives like prantil who have no interest in observing your civil rights as an American citizen.

Not only is America slipping off into third world status but, we also becoming the worlds laughingstock concerning out legal system and or, what it allow people to get away with here in this country.

As Others and myself have said before, We are a nationn of laws to protect the innocent, when these laws no longer exist, or are abused and used by the criminal against the innocent, then we have become a horde likened to ancient Rome where only the strongest survive, and not a nation to be considered as one with intellect, honor, ethics respect of freedom on any real level.

Criminals Work Against Peace

Yes, laws are the majority agreement and definition of respectful behavior for a nation and thus, when you have people whom break the laws for whatever reason, then it is these same folks that work against a peaceful society.

Often times, my friends on twitter will tweet me Global Peace yet, there can never be total peace in the world as long as we have those who premeditedly work against peace via a reckless, greedy and uncaring attitude in harming others such as Mary Prantil.

People likened to Ms Prantil are the very fray in the fabric of society whom perpetually ever work to destroy that society order in which has been established over the years. Another point that I'd like to make is in that not only does criminal behavior and slander such as we see coming from Prantil harm our society, but also disrespects all those who have dies in the names of peace and order.

In short, every time Prantil opens her mouth to spew a bushel of lies towards any one person or business, she's disrespecting and blasting every fallen solder laying still and cold within their graves. Why, simply because they died for in the interest of peace, truth and freedom.

Ms. Prantil goes as far as declaring herself as an American Hero yet, she's no more of an American Hero then Casey Anthony would be. These two women aren't about truth or loyalty, there not about selfless actions or contributing to their communities verses being self-centered and individuals filled with ego and hot air.

The solders that we all honor on Veterans day stood against everything that these women stand for, in my opinion. The solder who fought for this country along with the men and women who fought and died for this country holds true to honor, the very thing that built the worlds strongest nation.

Honor, loyalty, truth, respect, modesty, doing the right thing and bravery against the great odds was given freely by every American Solder and their allies, it is the very essence of whom they were, and who they are today. Yes, as far as I'm concerned, Mary Prantil and or, anyone who acts against these forms of valor are not only criminals, but about as UN-American as they come.

When people act out in these negative ways, as can be seen in the lies and actions of Prantil and Casey Anthony, then this goes against what every American Solder ever fought and dies for, but goes against the very principals and foundation America was built upon.

In other words, our sons and daughters were sent off to war to fight for not just our freedom but for the right to leave in peace and truth, to speak out mind in a truthful way with basis for statement without repercussion or threat of harm. To prosper in life without malicious intrusion as it is written up the U.S. Constitution.

It's time that we as a society realizes that we are America, and that we make and enforce the basic laws of respect over those that care nothing of what we consider to be a civilized society. It's not up to the police to solely enforce these laws, it's not totally up to the courts to enforce these same laws more so, then it's up to us as a common people to enforce these laws of respect upon those whom would have a free for all and lawless society.

I do, believe that the justice system has a huge part in keeping societal order however, past the actions taken by law enforcement and rulings or judgments by the courts, we as a people have a much larger obligation to enforce our laws against those who rebel against a civilized society, such as Prantil or anyone else that acts in destructive way against their neighbor.

Again, when we allow people like Mary prantil to walk the streets while sowing their idiotic scams without doping them off in a jail some place, then were actually condoning what the criminal says or does even, if we don't agree with them in private.

In essence, to say nothing, or choose not to get involved, is just as bad as carrying out the unlawful act some times. To see some commit a crime and choose to do nothing about it actually makes you a part of that crime through in-complacency.

Yes, I hear about peace a lot on twitter yet, I don't really see any body doing anything about obtaining it, or even fighting for it by venting their opinion concerning a matter. Again, I hear much about global peace yet, I don't see to much being done to rid us of the lawless, or over all rebel, dictatorial mentality.

However, I do see more being done these days concerning the predominate Tyrants more so, then getting rid of morons like Prantil off the Internet. The courts permits people like Prantil to run free on a mission of mayhem simply because people won't speak up. Society fails in bearing down on the justice system to remove these criminal types from society.

Ms Prantil laughs in the face of justice simply because they let her go with a slap on the wrist, put her in jail and release her just as quickly so she can get to her next victim to harass, stalk and scam with one of her pay pal scams, What's American about that?

What's American about lying, stealing, attempting to covering up criminal records, mass slandering, throwing loved ones under the bus, Burning up tax dollars by making the courts reschedule a trial date time after time over the span of three or four years, tax evasion, Pay Pal fraud, check fraud, bearing false witness against family and friends both on the Internet and in court while trying to save ones own ass and lastly, What's American about we as a society in permitting persons like Mary Prantil in getting away with activities such as this.

If you want peace folks, like anything else, you must fight for it. If you want to honor those that have passed away in laying down their lives, or dyeing for what they believed in, then this is time to get off your asses to take a stand for what is right.

If you don't want your sons and daughters to have died in vain in some dust hole in the world, then this is time to take a stand in stepping up to the plate in protecting what they so freely gave their lives up to give to us, their legacy of freedom.

Why? Would we let people like Ms Prantil tarnish their legacy, their ultimate sacrifice and gift to us, especially when people such as prantil have never sacrificed anything yet, prantil proclaims herself to be an American hero but this is just another lie on her part, wishful thinking on her part.

Especially, In light that she has never done anything in life other then abuse our legal system and continued to impend the happiness and rights of those whom just want to live in peace. Why does she do this?

Simply because she doesn't have the power or intelligence to succeed in life on her own accord and thus, thrives off of the pain and misfortune of others that she creates in a effort to take that which she has not earned or deserved to receive on any level.

Until we rid ourselves of Criminals like Mary Prantil and others like her, we will never know peace nor order. Until we enforce our laws against Internet terrorist like Prantil, we will all be subject to her unlawful attacks.

Your kids, parents, wife, husband or friend could possibly be her next victim, If you don't want to take my word for this then all you have to do is in taking a look at
in seeing all the people she has nasty things about over the last four years......also please see this link:

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