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JAN WINDGLOWS JIM MORGAN EXPOSE Mary Prantil, Mary Prantil Facebook, Mary Prantil NYC Reputation Faultless, Mary Prantil scam Report,
15th of Jan, 2010 by User460166
Through the last four years we've heard Scam Artist Mary Prantil call us and
others about every kind of nasty name under the sun however, today we are going
to point out some factual things about this ignoramus Fool's appearance, and
other things about her. Let's start off with her calling everyone fat losers. Obviously, this
person has a severe eating disorder such as bulimia, anorexia, or possibly even
has aids. She calls everyone fat but of course, everyone would be fat next to
her. Prantil also likes to call everyone losers yet, look at where she lives
regarding her little sh_t hole there in New York. What about the cloths she's
wearing? Prantil often says she makes a six figure income however you wouldn't
know it by the clothes she's wearing. I wonder where she got that nasty looking hat and coat? Maybe a dumpster.
So, maybe she's skinny and were all fat, but we're happy and she's not. One
thing I can say in our behalf is, that we aren't losers by any stretch of the
imagination to which is more then I can say for looser Prantil standing out in
the snow with no place to go, but standing in the snow freezing her as_ s off
while mulling through the slush filled icy NYC streets. Looks like the exciting
life of a real NYC celebrity to me, lol. Hey, what about the gay thing? I think it was pretty hypocritical of Miss
Prantil to bash others for being gay especially when it appears that she's gay,
or bisexual herself. One thing I can say about gay folks is in that they have
absolutely no trouble in getting a date to which isn't the case with Mary. Dancing around, and kissing statues is the only company she seems to have
from the looks of it. I wonder if she has a blow up doll in her nasty little
one room apartment? The tiny little one room apartment overlooking the street
with a nasty fire escape for a porch overlooking the street? Does this sound like a place that someone working for CNN or HBO would be
living in? Or a little beaten down woman trying to be 18 years old again with a
eating disorder who's been through the ringer with a crack and alcohol problem,
while caught up in the legal/court system for who knows how long? And look at that face and teeth, wow. When do you suppose she last washed
her face and brushed her teeth? Probably doesn't have much time to do anything
because she's always posting crap on us or someone else. And what about that long scraggly long blond hair of hers? I wonder if
it's real? Or a wig made hog hair? Another thing, who taught her to apply
makeup? Did she go to the school of makeup spackling? No matter, wonderful job
Mary, lol. Another point that I'd like to bring up is why is Mary Prantil always
standing alone? Doesn't anyone want to be around her? Maybe that's why she
spends most of her time on her Twitter sites, blog sites and Face Book sites
talking to herself. Everyone is really sick and tired of her mindless spamming
because she is not really saying anything of any interest, intelligence or
creativity. Mary Prantil likes to go to the police station and make a nuisance out of
herself by turning hordes of false reports against others. Why? Because she
likes all the attention she receives when she plays the "VICTIM". And what's with Prantil standing under the pot poster? Mary, don't you
think you've smoked enough of that stuff? I mean, your really looking like the
a_shole that you are up here as a result. You really are the looser here Mary
and no one else. I also wonder when Prantil had her eyes checked out last as those coke bottle
glasses look old; wouldn't her ALLEGED HBO job cover new eye wear under her
insurance? I would think that a high profile HBO assistant to an executive CEO
would have full insurance coverage that includes vision. You know, in some of the pictures the background shows one of the clubs Prantil
hang out in and I have to tell you I started itching when looking at it. Why? Because it looks like a little dank dirty place. I wonder if this is
where Mary Prantil hangs out all the time instead of getting herself a real
job? Again, I wonder what Prantil's definition of a real job is as she doesn't
even think that spell casting is a legitimate business that pays annual
taxes? She does this by lying, stealing, cheating and whatever else she can do to
get attention however, her efforts typically blow up in her face much of the
time such as in this case. In reality, Mary has to ask her mother for everything
especially around the holidays. Such things as, "Mom, can you send me money?" "Can you by me a plane ticket
to come see you?" "Can you buy me an Attorney? Because I'm being sued by
several people for slander and harassment." Mary, doesn't seem to have much over
her loud whiny mouth. Mary can't drive any more so she has to walk every everywhere she goes, or
be driven around because she has a DUI or two and that's why she's always
hanging out in her little s_it hole there in NYC, isn't that right, scammer? And dang, what about that overall small straight frame on Mary? Plain Jane
looking and nothing to write home to mom about with her homely face; no hips,
breast or anything else that makes a woman look like a woman. You could all most
mistake her for a boy at a distance if she had that nasty ratty blond hair
balled up under a hat. Her arms and legs look like fishing poles and her head is way to big and
old looking for her scraggly looking body. Damn it, this would be like sleeping
with a ugly skeleton in my opinion. And would you look at the expressions on
that face of hers, does she really think she's sexy, actually talented, and
cool? What a fool. Boy talk about a distorted body image and a huge ego problem. I think, she
actually thinks she's good looking for some reason, and I really wonder if she's
aware of how stupid she really looks and sounds? Unkept from head to toe,
straight as a board and plain as cheap white bread. No talent of any kind and
nasty as the day is long is Mary Prantil of Astoria New York. And what about her being this famous celebrity comedian with a highly
successful career? I've never heard of her ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Most of the
pictures I've seen is of this skank posing for the camera with no one else in
the room regarding her ALLEGED, or so called gigs. The pictures of her are only
her in an empty little dirty dive or coffee house, with nobody around, no
audience. Obviously she is play acting like she is engaged in some type of
comedy routine, but that is just weak, and she is obviously self absorbed in her
ongoing delusions of grandeur trying and trying to pass herself off to the
viewer as an """"""NYC American Success"""""", lol. Yeah, right. Like I said, some of the clubs she hangs out in look a little crusty holes
with dirty windows, not too much going on in them. I wonder if Mary would be open
to performing outside of a Mc Donald’s for us? I would make it worth her while
such as paying her $20.00 for the night. I'd personally like to see this little
New York monkey dance on a string for our amusement, because apparently that is as much "talent" Prantil has within herself, is just BEING the MONKEY idiot that she is. Prantil has called us hilly billies in the past and boasted about her big
bad collage degree. Ok, let's discuss this particular degree for a moment.
Firstly, this is a little two year Art Degree so what does this have to do with
intelligence? Perhaps the degree is just another one of her lies, because the
way she writes and speaks certainly does not depict a higher level education on
her part. Maybe she would like to tell us what her overall grade point average was in
obtaining that degree? Better yet, maybe she would like to show us the degree
and what her top grade point average was? If you ask her about any of her so
called accomplishments Mary would just give you an excuse as to why she couldn't
produce and proof of what she boasting about academically or otherwise. Hell,
we have heard this idiot threaten us for four years and as usual, she is running
her mouth attempting to communicate alarm which is of course one of her favorite
hobbies, but has nothing at all to prove anything that she says. A Bachelor of Arts degree covers some sciences, mathematics etc., and often
times lapses over in to theatrical performances. Well, Mary doesn't have a good
grasp of science, math or even being truthful so that just leaves us with drama
or acting, LOL. So all her little two year degree means is that she's an amature actress of
sorts, to which means that she can pretend to be anything she wants such as the
VICTIM on scam report and other forum sites, to which she's not. So, little Mary Prantil left California because she couldn't get a part,
not even in a cereal commercial and so, she went to New York to become a big
star on the silver screen. Isn't Hollywood California the place to go for this
sort of thing? I see, Mary was ran out of California and had to move as far away
as she could for some reason. When Mary arrived in NYC she found that she didn't have much talent there
either and realized that no matter where she went her lack of talent would
follow her to the ends of the world. This was just too much for Mary and she
became extremely jealous of all fame and fortune that eluded her despite her
vain ongoing attempts to be the center of everyone's attention. Then, Mary turned bitter against the world because she saw other talented
people abound her to which is something she can never have and thus, Mary goes
and does her best in doing the next best thing in rubbing elbows with everyone
she considers to be successful in the entertainment industry, and that's why she
likes to drops names. Posing for pictures next to alleged celebrities, associating with online
personalities such as ourselves, boasting about working for organizations like
CNN and HBO to which she never worked for according to their records and stating
that she makes six digits a year for an income. It's all crappy poo and she just a bitter, impoverished, beaten down old
woman who knows her time has ran out concerning that big break, who now finds
herself living in a little dank dive of an apartment, no car, no money and
hanging out in beaten down old clubs that smell of stale cigarette smoke,
spamming the forum sites, blaming others for her own shortcomings in life, while
she remains caught up in the legal system with several people. So you see, it's really not so much being a victim for her because that
doesn't exist as we all know however, in reality it's all about a looser fourth
or lower rate actress desperately trying to be something she's not in the hopes
of becoming famous or renouned in some way. Of course, this once small time
wanna bee actress that has turned criminal wants to make a few bucks along the
way and that's why she scams businesses. Ending note, let's talk about "confidentiality" since this hag wants to run
her mouth about this perpetually. Let's talk about how this two bit loser came
up on the forum sites four years ago and stated bashing a magick site who dealt
with her in a fair and square way and further, did the work and obtained the
spell results for this person. We still have all her original emails stating
she was extremely happy with our services, and begged us for more spells even
when we had to terminate her case for the third and last time because of her
abusive highly erratic obsessive behavior. Let's go on to say that this person messed up her relationship after the
successful spell work and counseling was completed in bringing back the guy back
to her, and then she became desperate in blackmailing the site via demanding
more work be done for her, or she would defame us. Of course, the site dropped her entirely for her repeated and malicious
misconduct. Magick sites like any other business have the right to refuse
service to anyone. In short, if a person is to crazy they don't have to take
that person on, or reinstate their case as an active client and this was the
case with Miss Prantil. So in essence, we wouldn't give into her scams and she fulfilled her
promises in slandering us over the Internet for four years under fifty or so
anonymous names. Now Prantil, who broke whose confidentiality? So Prantil, your
nothing but a scammer who's been caught over and over again, how does it feel?
You must have assumed at the time you started this whole thing with us that we
were going to be just like every other business that you have scammed and
abused, but you found out much differently, didn't you, scam Prantil? Moreover, someone who is too stupid to know that you've been nailed as a
damn scammer, or when you should walk away and save what little face and self
respect that you still have left. Now everyone sees the real Mary Prantil and
you can't hide behind your little screwed up fake names or pictures anymore. Also, how does it feel to have someone tear you apart with crude comments
about who you are and how you look? I bet it doesn't feel good, does it? You should think about this next time you start lying and talking sh_t
about others who have done nothing to you just because you didn't get your way
in scamming them for hard work and successful services that were rendered to you
at YOUR request. Hey, we did not scour the Internet looking for YOU, you came to
US. And wanna know something? After as hateful as you have been, we hope you
enjoy seeing your ugly ass crazy looking pictures on the web for a long time to
come. You like to steal copyrighted material off of our sites and Facebook as a
result of your disrespect and contempt so we don't mind in spreading your
pictures around for all to see. I hope folks take a good lesson in avoiding
scammers like you Prantil and kick your trashed out scamming kind to the curb.
This Internet belongs to the people and not CRIMINALS like you, Mary Prantil.

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