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14th of Dec, 2011 by User922938
Before you purchase a copier, or get into a contract with Steamroller Copies, Design to Print, Josh Bevans or Stefanie Bevans, be aware of a few things. First, Josh Bevans will not communicate with customers directly, even when the situation depends on his fairness as the president of the company. He will hide behind voicemail and pass you off to others rather than having the guts to tell you himself that he will be taking your money and doing nothing for you. Instead of dealing with very easily resolved situations that would maintain peace, good will and a good reputation for his company, (not to mention being the honest thing to do) he will defiantly choose strife, conflict and spiteful retaliation. Keep in mind that I warned Josh several times before I finally decided to disclose this entire situation on the internet. I gave him many opportunities to discuss this situation and do the honest thing. He never even made an effort. Not even ONE phone call was ever returned by Josh Bevans, even though I paid him over $6,000 for products and services when all was said and done. I pray that God approves my prayers for justice against a calloused man like this. May he find change and turn his ways towards God rather than continuing to serve himself. Where a reasonable, Christ-minded person would have faced this situation with integrity, diplomacy and possibly even
tolerance, Josh Bevans simply dismissed the situation as though it is not something important enough to be of any concern. Perhaps he thought I would just go away. I think he truly underestimated the voice and prayers of one, seemingly insignificant customer. However, I believe this message is extremely inspired, well-deserved and long time coming. I hope that both Josh and Stefanie Bevans take this as a clear message that their hearts need to become less hardened, especially regarding their business matters and other people's money. If even one person feels that you have wronged them, it deserves open communication and an honest attempt at resolution. That is how God desires us to act towards one another. That is how my family lives life. Josh Bevans, not so much focused on living this way. I could understand if he had attempted to communicate, or tried to come up with any compromise at all or offered ANYTHING to this situation to improve matters. But from Josh, all we got was hard-nosed refusal to even acknowledge that we existed. God does not approve. In October 2008, we purchased a Konica Bizhub c200 from John Pratt. When we purchased, it was repeatedly made clear that we would be given the opportunity to renew our service contracts and get after sales support on our copier until we decided to trade it in for another. It was clear that we wanted a long term relationship so that we would not have to worry over business matters such as the copier, which is a primary resource for our small home business. John Pratt promised us that we would have the best service through Steamroller, without worries. The cost for the copier was over $5,000. Each month we paid an additional $80-$100 for the service contract on the copier. I should have known who I was in business with when the contract had all sorts of added costs and expenses that were never disclosed or agreed upon when we purchased the copier. Had we not gone over the finance agreement very carefully, these sneaky extra charges would have gone unnoticed and financed without a word said. Fortunately my husband found them and addressed it immediately to have them removed. Just another example of how they do business. In March 2011, we renewed our service contract with Steamroller copiers for 12 more months. Since the renewal of our contract in March, Jerron Fox began servicing our printer for Steamroller. Several times, we had to ask Jeron Fox to fix the
copier correctly rather than trying to glue parts together or rig the copier so it would work, but was not properly fixed. There were many times we had to request that the correct part be used for the repair or scheduled maintenance.
Keep in mind, our copier has 100,000 copies on it, which is extremely minimal use, and has been maintained perfectly and kept in a completely controlled environment. Mid October, 2011, we put in a service call on our copier because the toner needed to be replaced. After several days of waiting for the part, Jerron arrive at our house with the part and a very sarcastic attitude, which is his typical presence. I have come to expect a complete inability to cope with customers from Jerron. He’s just a very weird guy. Because I was extremely busy with my business, and the fact that I had thousands of dollars worth of sterling silver in my office where the copier was, I asked him to give me the toner and I would just change it out myself. As usual, Jerron’s tone was sarcastic, belittling and irritated. He basically called me stupid and said there was no way I could change the part myself. Jerron is passive aggressive, condescending, and belittling on the whole and for the most part I had become accustomed to his unprofessional, low quality behavior. Generally, I was able to ignore him, much like I would ignore a mismanaged 2 year old who had been raised poorly simply because when all was said and done, as long as we managed him, the repair would finally get done correctly. However, that day I was in no mood to stroke Jerron like I usually had to in order to get him to be a decent person and do his job correctly. That day, I plainly told him that I was in no mood for his attitude and that I did not want him to do the repair. As I was standing there with the door open, my dogs ran out and I had to retrieve them. I clearly told Jerron to wait a moment. He was still standing OUTSIDE the door, on my porch when I left him. When I came back from rounding up my two dogs, Jerron had helped himself into my house, and downstairs to my office- where there was $20,000 worth of silver and valuables unsupervised, and was in my office without my permission for a length of time. Not only was this extremely unprofessional and inconsiderate, it put us both in a very difficult position. I was faced with the possibility of the fact that Jerron, somebody whose ethics had already been established as lacking, was in my office where valuable items were unattended and easily thieved. I made it clear to Jerron that I was not happy with his service or attitude, again. However, I never made any accusations regarding the fact that I was very distrustful of Jerron in my office under those circumstances for that time when I was not present. Jerron finished the job in about 20 minutes and left. I was on the phone with my husband at the time discussing the situation and the potential for items to be missing in my office and the fact that I would be unable to take an inventory quickly enough to confirm that everything was still there. I made a decision to ask Jerron Fox, straightforward, as he was leaving our house, if he had touched anything in my office. That is all, nothing more. No accusations were made, however I needed to know his response regarding it. At that point, it was an extremely reasonable thing to ask: “Did you touch anything in my office when you were there by yourself?” That is a reasonable question. However, Jerron threw a crying fit his boss saying that he was being accused of stealing. I know this because our contractor who was doing work on our house was outside and overheard the entire, pathetic, whiney conversation. Jerron’s over reactive victim-stance is typical of the cowardly, backwards way this company handles situation. A man of integrity would have discussed with me the situation, provided assurance, and apologized for the misunderstanding that he was allowed to let himself into my house without permission. Jerron, however, hides and cries wolf like somebody who has no real character. Realistically, Jerron didn’t deserve the repect and tact I showed him after the way he overstepped boundaries. He put himself in a position, many times, to have his integrity questioned. When I did take an inventory, everything was present and nothing was missing, as a side note. Several days later, I called Jerron to apologize if I seemed to be too harsh and assured him that I was happy to put it behind me. He didn’t answer, so I left a voice message stating that I hoped we could move forward and explained that it had been a very stressful day for me that day. I did not apologize because I felt I had done something wrong, necessarily, but simply for my part of the conflict which is not how we are to leave things with one another, according to God. I apologized because no matter what is done towards my family, and me I believe that it is my responsibility to work towards resolution, forgiveness and understanding. That is how I treated the situation. This is how Josh Bevan’s and his employees handled the situation: Of course, I never got a call back from Jerron, nor his manager, nor Josh Bevans who took our $5,000 nor John Pratt who got commission on the $5,000 copier he sold us. After three years of paying them for the contract, everytime, on time, in ADDITION to paying off the $5,000 + for the printer, we did not even apparently deserve a call back to see what happened, what went wrong and how it could be resolved. Two weeks later we got a letter stating that Steamroller canceling our contract and stating that they would no longer service the $5,000 copier they sold us. There was no explanation, no communication, no respect or regard towards us whatsoever. Just a poorly, unprofessionally written notice that stated “they no longer felt safe in our house”. Not Safe. That’s ironic. That’s okay, God knows the hearts, intentions and motives of men. I will also choose to forgive that ridiculous reason let God bring forth justice in this situation. Let me just say, I did 1.2 million dollars in sales last year in my business, and I certainly didn’t do it by acting like Josh Bevans, John Pratt and Jerron Fox towards customers, and basically stealing money by making promises with no intention to follow through. If their client base isn’t suffering already, it will be. My guess is, I’m not the only one who has been
treated with such blatant disregard. Their day is coming. I hope they don’t wonder why they can’t pay their bills and the money has gone away. The answer is right here in front of them. Regarding the situation with Jerron, I did not find it necessary for me to jeopardize his livelihood by complaining to anybody about him and the way he handled the situation. I ever made a call or raised a finger to complain. Moreover, I never expected an apology from Jerron, even though it was, yet again, his complete lack of just actions, regard and professionalism overall that was cause of the situation. I know Jerron well enough to know he has no repentance in his heart for his lack of integrity. If he did, he would not be working for Steamroller doing the things that he knows he is doing under their employment. I hope he can hear what I am saying. This is his warning. There is no other Konica distributor in the area, therefore there is no support on our machine. We basically have a copier that nobody can work on in the St George area. Thank you, Josh. My family, our three children and my small growing company thank you for tricking us into purchasing from you and abandoning us with your product. Now God can do something about you. This time you have done it to a family who prays, lives justly and acts fairly. Not just anybody, you did it to somebody whose prayers God hears. I placed a call to Josh Bevans, at the Design to Print phone number and received no response. I eventually called Nina Heck, who is the marketing director and left a voice message stating that as marketing director, she might want to consider the ramifications of a customer as poorly handled as me. She passed the message to John, who had originally sold the copier to us, and John called and said he would forward the message to Josh Bevans. Another week passed, no call. My husband then called John again, who stated that Steamroller ‘no longer services copiers that are in a residence’. However, that was not the agreement when they SOLD the copier to us, IN OUR RESIDENCE. Again, no call from Josh Bevans. He simply will not aknowledge the situation. I then called Nina again, telling here that we have been reduced to leaving voice messages for the marketing director, and that she needs to reconsider the ethics of the company she is marketing. I am guessing that her marketing techniques don’t cover the angry, screwed over customers that result from doing business with Steamroller. I am guessing I am not the only one, and I am guessing Nina knows it. It’s sad how little money it takes to buy a person: a paycheck for a soul. Josh Bevans will be held accountable someday. Additionally, the regional supervisor for Konica, Neil Rose, has told me that Josh Bevans is an independent distributor and that he has no control over the situation. So, if you buy a Konica Minolta Copier in St George, UT and think you will get any support from them when Josh Bevans walks away with your money and fails to follow through with any modicum of reasonable business ethics, think again. Josh does these things because nobody stops him.
Fortunately, God will eventually stop him. I will patiently wait for that day. It will cost him a lot more than $5,000 printer. It is my understanding that Josh Bevans ran for City Council recently in St George, Utah. I am so glad that I have an opportunity to disclose what kind of corrupt, unethical business practices this person would undoubtedly also bring to the table as a councilman. If a person cannot effectively handle the small, easily resolved issues of his customer who have paid him $5,000 for a product based on promises and agreements, how can he help a city be a decent place to raise a family? If he ever runs for any office again in MY city, I will be sure to generate as much concern as needed regarding his credibility and ethics. How lucky we were that he was not elected and that I have been given this opportunity to suggest that he is NOT the type of person we need in any office. And as a side note, we asked Steamroller to donate letters for a ‘stay off drugs’ sign for the kids at our school. John Pratt said SURE, we’ll donate the letters... When I went to pick them up from Steamroller, I was told that I had to pay $11 for them. No big deal, but NOT a donation. However, on the letting it said ‘letters donated by Steamroller Copies”. No kidding. Just another example of how they do business!

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