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Julian Rouas Paris
Julian Rouas Paris Franck Rouas - Julian Rouas - JRP - Julian Rouas Paris International The Lowdown on Julian Rouas Paris - Jackson Tribute Perfumes -
29th of May, 2011 by User969359
The Perfume Business is starting to stink: Joe Jackson is launching a new line of fragrances A way to show his true majesty or his callous greed? It reeks of bad news! I see a red flag go up and I can hear the rumblings of discontent all over the world already!! Beguiled by money and morally corrupt, Joe Jackson is getting into bed with a whoremaster, and ruthlessly pursues his own agenda to profit from his sons death with the least bit of compunction - There is a transparency problem: Julian Franck Rouass finger in the pie is adding insult to injury, and I dont think that all the facts were brought out. Somewhat jaded by my career as a gynecologist Im always on the lookout for the right opportunity to invest my money in. My first and last flirtation with the perfume business was nearly five years ago, I was breaking bread with Julian Rouas (in France he goes by Franck) at the time when his company Julian Rouas Paris was at its inception, traveling into the Fallopian tube to the uterus, so to speak. I was privy with inside information, Julian Rouas scrounged an awful lot of money off people, to put it mildly, and his new company was fraught with drama and controversy. Just so you know, Julian Rouas operates on a whole different frequency; there is no peace in it. He was always jumping around like a rooster in a state of perpetual anticipation of trouble. I had an easy rapport and sympathy with him, that is until my blood pressure hit the roof after he ripped me off - This bon-vivant came across as a warmhearted individual, his outward ease really concealed his true motives. Paradoxically, I harbor a sort of grudging admiration for this scam-artist; Julian Rouas has proved himself a Jack-of-all-trades criminal entrepreneur. For someone who is semi-illiterate without a basic breadth of understanding and knowledge, and, who looks as if he was just comingoff a bus from Ohio, Julian Rouas has managed to scam countless individuals in countless ways with nothing but pure lies and deceit ( and came out of the situation physically unscathed). Quite out of the blue, Julian Rouas has seemingly hit pay dirt. His newfound perfume bonanza and imminent success with the Jackson Juggernaut might be lauded as a tour-de-force, Julian Rouas didnt try hard, he got it on the cheap. Although, this bottom feeder thinks he has Joe Jackson in his back pocket, reflectively and semi-comically, Joe Jackson certainly thinks he has Julian Rouas in his. A near-perfect match, and to punctuate this irony, as the French would say Qui se ressemble sassemble. Predictably, Julian Rouas is licking the boots of his puppet master, the man he now pins his hopes on, however I cant wait to see these two going at each others jugulars to split the loot. There is no honor among crooks!! But right now, this is how the cookie crumbles, Julian Franck Rouas has grossly underestimated the advent of technology, his anonymity is now slipping by as he has been slammed by scathing reports over the internet. At best, he is just a self-deluded narcissist. At worst, he is a heartless career crook in constant needs of adulation. Julian Rouas certainly hasnt repented; there is no cure for malignant narcissism. A reptile doesnt change into anything else. It is always just a reptile. Julian Rouas is a reptile and I apologize to the reptiles for making the comparison. A finished perfume is a product of a distillation. The art of distillation is to reduce everything to its essence, but lets distill Julian Rouas Paris itself even farther. Its unfair to talk seriously about Julian Rouas Paris without mentioning Pierre De Verchesney, Inc. In 2005, Pierre De Verchesney, Inc. was an ambitious and up-and-coming perfume company that had established a foothold in sunny California while broadening its horizon. In short, this unsuspecting company made the fatal mistake of employing Julian Rouas, and entrusting him with managerial duties. As an added bonus, Pierre De Verchesney, Inc. provided a plush apartment for Julian Rouass convenience in the Miracle Mile district at 390 Hauser Blvd Apt 5a, Los Angeles, CA 90036. In point of fact, the migraine-inducing Julian Rouas turned this address into a hornets nest as he was conspicuously using it as a springboard for his rogue company Julian Rouas Paris, all at Pierre De Verchesney s expense. Inevitably, he has sent this new company into a financial tailspin. In a dramatic manner, due to Julian Rouas s destructive tendencies and psychological malady, this address was demonized by all parties involved; especially by the Leasing Office. Julian Rouas is a novice in the perfume business, and, he is notorious for using other peoples ideas and concepts as a springboard for his own. He went completely gaga over Pierre De Verchesney Inc.s pet project, Swing. There is an intriguing new twist: massively in debt and unsatisfied with being simply a cog in someones wheel, this fashion pirate was simultaneously nurturing an incestuous relationship with the equally corrupt Joseph Rubino, whom was also working at that time for Pierre De Verchesney as a Nose, a Nose with two faces, I might add! In a parallel universe this seemingly docile and innocuous Nose could be Julian Rouas s brother. In an unblushing manner, they drew a cunning plan to steal the Swing Perfume Brand from its original creator, (his name wont be revealed for the time being), a man with a rock solid integrity and a code of ethics and business conduct, who regarded Julian Rouas as a son, and personally helped him for over 15 years while trusting him implicitly. That story turns my stomach!! That man was pushed to the brink of humiliation and bankruptcy. Thus far, Julian Rouas was clinging to that man as his only means of support, he would have disappeared in the gutter had it not been for that man, whom is just now coming to grips with the long term cascading effect. On the rebound from the Rouas ordeal, this man is trying to assert himself in the south of France, and bring this unpleasant state of affairs to its overdue conclusion. Languishing in a kind of limbo while dealing with the sluggish French justice system this man has proven himself to be a man of infinite patience, and, he soon will throw a surprise party where Julian Rouas will be the guest of (dis)honor; a lawsuit for, Swindle, Forgery, and Abuse of Trust, is now underway in France. I do know with certainty that overwhelming evidences are stacked against Julian Rouas, and that he will be dealt with severely. This is like a Polaroid that is about to be developed and it could be the death nail for Julian Rouas Paris. In recent years, Julian Rouas has come to fear this man for obvious reason. Now unhindered by his former employer and free to do as he pleases, the scam-savvy Julian Rouas began his murky business dealings with the support of his accomplice Joseph Rubino. Attracted to people with money like a shark to blood, Julian Rouas Paris was in full swing, raking in the cash hand over fist by systematically ripping off investors with merciless efficiency; Julian Rouas would chew them out and spit them out! Like a Ponzi scheme, one fraud begot another! In June 2009, Julian Rouas got sued by a very prominent businessman who fell victim to his scam. Fait accompli: there is a court order in force; Julian Rouas must pay back the money by 02/28/2012, Click on the following link, enter the name Rouas Julian, then enter the case number: 485438 in the case number search box (click on the image icon on the lower-right-corner to see the whole complaint) I became cognizant of some other Rouas investment scams that dwarf this case in terms of monetary damages and viciousness. Sadly, these victims have bled enough and opt to remain silent because of embarrassment. And taking everything into consideration, with an inadequate contract full of holes like a Swiss cheese, they realize Julian Rouas operation maybe within a legal gray zone of toleration and it would be very costly to fight him in a court of law. More importantly, Julian Rouas being so destitute, anyway they look at it, it would most definitely be next to impossible to collect a court judgment against him. Displaying no managerial skill whatsoever, Julian Rouas, in his minds eyes, sees his plan as a masterstroke, and gave himself the lofty titles of CEO, President, PDG, and so forth. In reality, he is just a sort of a prisoner of his own ambition. Lacking requisite skills and business acumen to succeed honestly, this Tinseltown tinhorn, with his outlook incompetence, has turned his company into a pissoir, a failed company riddled with lawsuits. Also worth mentioning, Julian Rouas is often changing his companys name like a snake sheds its skin: Julian Rouas Paris; Giuseppe Rouas Fragrances International; Julian Rouas Paris International; Giuseppe Fragrances etc, in an attempt to sideline or get rid of his investors/partners. Afflicted by extreme self-indulgence and a chronic inability to sustain any relationship, this creepy guy is constantly on the prowl to waylay young nave girls to make them complicit in doing his bidding pro bono publico and without question, which is to write for him, make phone calls and sashay around in high heels and slutty outfits to coax speculators flush with cash. Driven by a mindless obedience and eerie fascination, these starlets wannabe go along thinking in vain that they will be paid handsomely to play a role in his promising company. Lately, Julian Rouas has found a willing instrument in a vixen by the name of Cynthia Marven whom contrastingly looks more like a traffic cone than the usual Julian Rouas Pariss street bimbos. Playing havoc with their lives, everything is up for grab; Ive contacted several Julian Rouass former employees and friends alike who were victims of identity theft, identity fraud and application fraud at the hands of Julian Rouas. Thats sums up the situation precisely. Their social security numbers have been compromised, and they are now burdened by severe credit card debts incurred fraudulently by Julian Rouas. This doesnt resonate too well with those of us who have earned every nickel weve made. Cynthia Marven is in for a crushing disappointment. This police report (attached) from the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department will shed some light on the issue. (This is only the narrative, the 3rd page In accordance with the victim, her name has been blacked out) Under the disguise of religion and selflessness, Julian Rouas continues his pious fraud. Even then, not to atone for his sins, but rather to conjure away his fear, to shield himself against retribution, just in case someone has sicced an evil spirit on him, his ignorance is crippling. A master liar, a master deceiver, and a master at self-deception, Julian Rouas, as crazy as it sounds, likes to think of himself as a stand-up guy, a sage, and a benevolent benefactor. Clearly, while his only goal is to become fabulously rich for himself at the expense of others, he is destined to a dead-end existence. Further sleuthing led me to Las Vegas where Julian Rouas has developed a not-so romantic relationship with the local District Attorneys Office. To make matters worse, this self-proclaimed Perfumer is in the grip of a terrible addiction: gambling. He goes on gambling binges periodically, noticeably going into convulsion every time he walks into a casino. Its not uncommon at all for Julian Rouas to pray before placing a bet. With the perverse logic of a degenerate gambler he figured God is testing his faith every time he puts a bet on a roulette table. Julian Rouas will do anything to place one more bet on that roulette canvas. Unfortunately, this Perfume Nose has no nose for gambling games; a big chunk of his investors money went to feeding his addiction to gambling. Albert Einstein once said You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it. Not surprisingly, this thoroughgoing idiot took Einsteins words literally. Essentially, in a bet there is always a fool and a thief, dishonest to the core, Julian Rouas has evinced once again his unfailing ability to cheat, thus, painting himself as the fool and the thief once more, this is a double bingo, so to speak. To back up this claim, this letter (see photo attached) from the Clark County District Attorneys Office - Bad Check Division - is silent evidence of Julian Rouas s deviant and criminal personality. After being badly beaten by the law of averages at the roulette table, the law of the land caught up with Julian Rouas, and an Arrest Warrant was issued against him in Nevada. Julian Rouas was forced to pay or face prison time (see photo attached - Las Vegas Court) Similarly, he is often spotted flushing away money on the roulette tables of the French Riviera casinos, and it echoes what happened in Las Vegas. The name of the game (roulette) actually comes from the French for Little Wheel, its so ironic, almost comical, that someone who is really obsessed about becoming a Big Wheel Julian Rouas is trapped into playing the Little Wheel. Want to invest in Julian Rouas Paris? Dont be fooled: You dont want your hard-earned money to become the grease that keeps Julian Rouass roulette wheel turning. A perfume is said to have three notes: note de Tte (top notes), note de Coeur (heart notes), and note de Fond (base notes), the base note is the note that lingers the most. A drydown is the period when the first two notes have faded (its very easy to understand, we are not splitting an atom here), when a perfume dries down this is the scent thats left, the true character of the perfume is revealed in the perfume drydown. In a metaphorical sense, now we know Julian Rouass three notes: empty-headed, heartless, phony and shallow. I decided to make an inquiry into his drydown to find out about his full character and the extent of his corruption. It really gets old hearing that Julian Rouas was a professional tennis champion in France, thats an outright lie!! The truth is much less glamorous; Julian Rouas was working as a nerdy window salesman for a company called Huit Clos in Nice; he was barely scraping by. He was not the manager for 500 people by any stretch of the imagination, like he claims on his website which is full of self-puffery and imaginary achievements, a scent called Sharon by Sharon Stone Really?! My dog has more achievements than Julian Rouas! With sickening complacency, Julian Rouas states in the following press release Ive launched many celebrity perfumes through the years., what the hell? Its a strange phenomenon; I cant seem to find one on this planet. And trust me; Im pretty good at finding stuff, as you can see in this article. Also, this one holds special significance because it's a personal tribute to Michael from his father Joe, - Correction: Its a personal torpedo to Michael from his father Joe. It gets even more ludicrous, (Julian Rouas) actually broke into the perfume industry after aspiring to create a fragrance in memory of his grandmother. This one had me cracking up! A phantasmagorical fragrance to beatify his Grandma almost bring tears to your eyes. Ooh La La, Il ne faut pas pousser mm dans les orties., Mr. Rouas. Julian Rouas is hell-bent on spreading so many fabricated lies and disinformation; the list goes on and on and on. Ill be blunt, if his lips are moving, hes lying! Reading his website, my bullshit detector was flashing climactically into red (its a triangle with a round turd in it). Julian Rouas Paris Inc. is associates with the perfume University of Paris called Osmotec, who have the most elaborate concepts to retrieve and recreate scents of the past using their expertise and years of experience. A false account - This is part of an annoying series of exploitation of famous names and prestigious institution by Julian Rouas to promote his worthless company. Julian started coaching tennis to H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Stephanie for several years; he also was coaching tennis to Kevin Costner and Sharon Stone at that time; From 1998-2000, Julian was the World Music Awards event organizer, in charge of bringing in sponsorship, and organizing celebrities to attend WMA such as Michael Jackson. All these fictional accomplishments only exist in Julian Rouass head!! Likewise, we are selling online and are distributing every line of product to the correct market in the USA and nationwide using retail channels including department stores, perfumeries, country clubs, upscale hair salons, boutiques, pro golf shops, spas, specialty retail, duty free shops, cruise lines, travel retail and other upscale outlets, market chains, etc. Wow, if indeed this were true, we would have heretofore heard of Julian Rouas Paris. Then, this story-teller tells us the tale about his grandmother again. I gotta tell you, this add another footnote to Julian Rouas psyche; he is not only lacking morality, but also imagination. This story is a straight scam from the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006). (Great movie, by the way) Julian Rouas has become obsessed by this movie, and, in his own sick way, thinks he is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, go figure! Julian Rouas has not found his true niche in life, so I guess he feels a vast void within himself, which he is trying to fill with all these fabricated lies. Apart from the short-lived tenure as the manager of Pierre De Verchesney where he revealed himself to be unreliable, Julian Rouas has never had a real job in the USA. In a nutshell, scamming people has been his only means of support. Ive seen police reports showing how Julian Rouas has connived in defrauding honest citizens of staggering sum of money. Hes got no bounds, he is doing it repeatedly, its the act of a lunatic. Similar to what weve previously encountered, the next case is a foremost example of Julian Rouass rottenness and despicability. Approximately six years ago a young woman had no inkling what was going to happen to her. Completely deceived by Julian Rouass glib tongue, she applied for a job and was waiting to hear from what looked like a good prospect. She became a perfect target and was quickly pulverized by Julian Rouas as he single-handedly opened more than 12 credit cards under her name using her personal information and without her knowledge, and, left her with a 57 thousand dollars credit card bill in record time, its unreal. To this day, shes still making payments. For Julian Rouas its business as usual!! (The last name and personal contact information of the victim has been blacked out to protect the victims privacy) (See photo attached) This venomous troll and his screwy company need to be crushed into the bowels of Hell, and rightly so!! Constantly honing his criminal skills, Julian Rouas unwisely tried to outfox the US government by fraudulently acquiring 2 social security numbers (from a shady individual he was consorting with), in addition to the number that was legitimately assigned to him, for the purpose of obtaining new line of credits (this is blatantly illegal), by which he could add many financial institutions in his ever-growing portfolio of victims (1st) SSN # 619-50-**** - (2nd) SSN# 619-90-**** - (3rd) SSN# 769-09-****. The Social Security Office has been notified, I have demanded that something be done; the US government is now keeping tabs on him. I want to give Julian Franck Rouas his final sheen, to polish him off by exposing 2 credit reports from Experian, for all intents and purposes. (Ill just post the summary, so we dont get submerged in a morass of details Ive obtained these reports from a young woman who was abused by Julian Rouas in more ways than one She was, on a subliminal level, under Julian Rouas spell as he conned his way into her heart She benevolently twisted herself into a pretzel to help and fiercely defend him for 2 frenetic years, she would have opened a vein for him, as his token of appreciation, this ingrate ran up staggering bill on her credit card to the tune of 30+grand - Being in the belly of the beast she had unimpeded access to decisive evidence and crucial information) I want you to give it close attention. The depth of Julian Franck Rouass depravity comes to light in these reports summary. Its consistent across the board All in all, it looks like an aerial view of Baghdad after the bombings: Collections, Charged Off, Delinquent, again and again True to form, Julian Rouas is a deadbeat!! The credit report for the 3rd SSN also shows the same telltale signs of financial abuse; this man is a loose canon!! If you are near Julian Rouas when he reads this, notice how jumpy and nervous he gets as everything is kaleidoscoping inside his head. This is just scratching the whole catalogue of Julian Rouass criminal pedigree; the tip of the iceberg. There is a growing chorus of victims who vehemently want to get back at him in the worst possible way, like impaling his head on a pike, which would not be a bad idea, others dont want to feel the sting of shame and ridicule, and proceed to forget about it. A French farce, courtesy of Mr. Jean-Franois Roubaud - It is truly sad and unsettling how quickly some uninformed French newspapers like Nice-Matin are lionizing Julian Rouas enthusiastically, and vouching for his trustworthiness and integrity without really knowing what the nuts and bolts of Julian Rouas Paris is all about (its not always on the surface, you have to dig a little bit). Appealing to Julian Rouas ego, his story in the USA has been sanitized and sugarcoated; a gross incompetence by Nice-Matin. Mr. Roubaud put a wrapping on the story and a pretty ribbon too; I hope this article will inject a poignant dose of reality into him. (this following link includes a photo of the disreputable quartet poised to exploit with carte blanche the late Michael Jackson: Joe Jackson, Cynthia Marven, Julian Rouas, and last but not least, Joseph Rubino, the Grasse-based Nose who knows that Julian Rouas is not immune to flattery A Nose who knows, knows how to brown-nose - Longtemps clandestin, souvent en galre, that much is true!! Julian Rouas is perpetually 38 years old; his real date of birth is September 5, 1967, as shown in his passport and California Drivers License. Its also highly unlikely that Julian Rouas holds a valid Green Card in the USA. He basically cannot overstay his tourist visa and has to leave the country every 6 months. In an act of desperation, Julian Rouas married someone just to obtain legal immigration status back in 2006, the 21st of September at 12:00 am (midnight) to be exact, but to no avail. (Follow the following link, click on accept the conditions above, and then Name: Rouas Franck, then click on Search Record Voil!! Marriage Certificate # D973326 This marriage sunk before it left port. Julian Rouas was far from being Mr. Right; the bride unmasked him as a total fraud and a pathological liar after she realized he was just using her for a Green Card. She had the marriage unceremoniously annulled, click on the following link, , then click on Family Records, then Search By: Scroll down to Party, in the Last Name Box enter Rouas, in the First Name Box enter Julian (not Franck), then click Search Bingo!! Click on the Case # 07D369586 for further details. Last year, Julian Rouas falsely claimed a partnership with FHM/MAXIM model, April Florio to bolster his company image. April Florio debunked the lie on her website, Julian Rouas and his cohorts are vexing Michael Jacksons fans at every turn. A portion of the proceeds from the new fragrance line will be donated to charities favored by Michael boasts Julian Rouas. These charities certainly do not remotely appeal to Julian Rouas sense of altruism. Julian Rouas Paris Charity?! It sounds like an oxymoron!! Julian Rouas is the poster child for greed. The details of this charitable contribution are sketchy, to say the least. As the saying goes The devil is in the details, I cant wait to see the sticky details. This potpourri of offenses speaks volumes about Julian Rouas and unequivocally leads to the conclusion that no charities will ever see a dime from him, period! This sneaky weasel is incredibly selfish and cant see beyond his own need, and he is happy to exploit anything that comes his way. To put it crudely, by now, with a blank check from Joe Jackson, Julian Rouas has the means to fill up tankers with these morbid fragrances: Jackson Legend; Jackson Tribute; Jackson Legacy, with his own profits clearly in mind. Youd be surprised at how competent he can be when he needs to. And, to think that he is honor bound to generously give money to these charities is insane. Legitimate questions have been answered. Julian Franck Rouas is a fully fledged crook, a plumb nuisance, a menace to society. He passed the test with flying colors. As of this moment, a presentation of the MJ perfumes is scheduled for June 9th in Las Vegas with all the pomp and fanfare of Julian Rouas Paris characteristics. Proudly, Julian Rouas trumpets A Night to Remember; a Night to Vomit, in my estimation. A night to celebrate this creepy exploitation - To rub elbows with hustlers and opportunists, with Joe Jackson and his lapdog Julian Rouas leading the debauchery... mocking Michael even in death no thank you, Ill pass! Assessing the situation, with only a poorly conceived online marketing campaign and no Ad Campaign whatsoever in the USA, the intuitive thinking here is that, these MJ perfumes wont be released in the mainstream US market per se. I should reiterate that no mainstream TV, magazines, and newspapers advertisement in the USA were created, which would seemingly indicate that the Las Vegas circus show is a propaganda/public relations coup, a mere publicity stunt to launch these inferior perfumes in the rest of the world at a later time; this is where they hope to milk Michael Jackson for all he is worth and strike the motherload outside of the venue and jurisdiction of the MJ Estate. People in Europe and America are not so easily taken in by this travesty, and this campaign is likely to fail at the very essence. Lets not forget that these ill-fated perfumes were not approved by the MJ Estate for good reason, but Julian Rouas is brashly taking order on his website regardless. This is clearly a slap in the face!! As usual, Julian Rouas thinks the law doesnt apply to him!! What is at stake here in the final analysis is if you buy into Julian Rouas s scam you will ultimately do far more harm than good by subsidizing this sociopath who has spent his entire adult life, gambling, swindling and cheating without shame. Michael Jacksons name will be indelibly tarnished. On the off chance that these perfumes will ever see the light of day, they will soon stop making it, if nobody buys it. Ill be brutally honest, 2011 could be a miracle year for Julian Rouas, or it could just be a colossal goat-fuck. With his tombstone mentality, Julian Rouas is setting himself up for a sort of perfect storm as he is still up to his old tricks. The board is set and the pieces are about to move. THIS SHAMEFUL MICHAEL JACKSON EXPLOITATION MUST BE STOP URGENTLY I DID MY PART, NOW YOU DO YOURS!! LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN!! PS: I've encountered some technical difficulties to post the credit reports. I'll do it at a later time.
4795 days ago by Djansen
The photos and credit reports can be found at,

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