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Justice Ronald P Kaufman is a PEDOPHILE
26th of Feb, 2012 by martorabi
ATTN READERS: the above posts are all slander and lies fabricated by a very sick and pathetic individual.

We as a family are victims of MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI

He has been charged (twice) and is currently out on BAIL for the following charges:

-Criminal Harassment


-Dangerous Driving with the intent to cause DEATH

-Stalking/creeping (inappropriate Watching and Following)

-Impersonation using emails/phone calls/letters to threaten public figures and members of the community

We as a family have been protected with a restraining order where by MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI is to not come within 500 ft of us, our place of residence, place of eduction and/or place of employment.

These are not allegations but FACTS as all the above mentioned charges are before the court and are also public record.

We have been victims of cyber stalking, psychological abuse, and defamation for the past SEVEN years by an individual who is obviously extremely disturbed and mentally unstable. Using IP spoofing, he has dedicated his life and every waking moment to feed this twisted obsession and fantasy of so called "revenge".

All google links are OPINIONATED blogs, complaints, and rants done by this "insider"

Isn't it odd how the SAME allegations and "updates" are obsessively repeated for days months and years...


MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI you are the poster boy for INSANE JOBLESS LOWLIFE HOBO (seriously) (you actually PAID to post that garbage?!) (enough said)

-various scam and terrorist sites (yes YOU are definitely DIRTY) etc etc etc

MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI is a social retard who some allege is a PC (diddler) case from PC breeding ground KINGSTON PENITENTIARY, smells like liquor and OxyContin breath, is balding, morbidly obese, and at age 50, lives with his MAMA MARIA GRACE AMICUCCI (SUPPA) who is clearly disappointed by his lack of social advancement. I guess ANNA-MARIA AMICUCCI (CATNILA) IS the golden child seeing as YOU are obviously the family LETDOWN

The reason this WACKOMAFO enjoys his "freedom" is because this trailer park white trash is protected by like minded pedophiles. Among them:

" JUDGE" Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court- This CORRUPT Judge who actively supports PEDOPHILES and actively solicits and prostitutes her OWN CHILDREN to PEDOPHILES!!! Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court has actively allowed PEDOS to have custody of children. She is CLOSE and PERSONAL friend to corrupt and malicious JEW LAWYER JUDITH HOLZMAN of Maple, Ontario who actively supports these pedophiles. Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court ACTIVELY dismissed a request for a restarining order against WACKOMAFO against Fariba Maleki-Raei, Afarin Maleki-Raei and Foroozandeh Maleki-Raei (the harassed). This was done in ATTENDANCE of Det. Maurizio GENTILI #1133 of the York Regional Police. Det. Maurizio GENTILI #1133 of the York Regional Police is a very HONEST and RESPECTED member of the York Regional Police who did tons of work to get this PEDO and tons of WORK to get the child away from the PEDO. Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court sent away these THREE VICTIMS WITH no restraining order. Allowing the WACKOMAFO to terrorize and victimize not only this poor innocent girl MARYAM TORABIPOUR but also members of the YORK REGIONAL POLICE!!!!!!! Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court is CORRUPT, SUPPORTS PEDOPHILIA and is under investigation from various members of the York Regional Police services.

“JUSTICE “ Ronald P. Kaufman (Family Court Branch) . This is also another CORRUPT JEW JUDGE who is affiliated with JUDITH HOLZMAN. As a lawyer he has been under numerous investigations for PEDOPHILIA and CORRUPTION by the YORK Regional Police. He is also a pedophile who supports pedophiles and actively encourages CHILDREN TO BE MOLESTED in his NEWMARKET COURTS. He is also under current investigation as being a member of this SICK AND TWISTED molestation and pedo ring. His home address is :

Ronald P Kaufman

1315 Pickering Pky, Pickering, ON, L1V 7G5

Other members of the WACKOMAFO Pedophile ring (trailer trash village *** MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI) and this is public record and under investigation by the York Regional Police:

MARIO RACCO who has allegations of SEXUAL ASSAULT against school children and corruption (can be verified via public records)

MARIO RACCO (numerous Children Aid Investigation for pedophilia) of THORNHILL ONTARIO CANADA

21 Checker Crt, Thornhill, ON, L4J 5X4

Sandra RACCO his wife has been under NUMEROUS corruption invetigations by the York Regional POLICE!!!



113 Heatherton Way,

Thornhill, ON

L4J 3E7

CARMINE PERRILLI (under investigation for Pedophilia by the York REGION Police and nder other investigations by C.A.S)

1 Swan Crt, Richmond Hill, ON, L4S 1G3

OTHER corrupt NEWMARKET JUDGES under investigation by the YORK REGIONAL POLICE are:

JUSTICE McDermot (kiddiediddler)


Talk to the sickest most twisted piece of trailer park village trash MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI... He is a deadbeat dad who had his child taken away in a custody battle because he was deemed unfit (ONGOING PEDO ALLEGATIONS) and is now taking it out on the family... IT'S JUST REPULSIVE MY HEART GOES OUT TO MARYAM TORABIPOUR AND HER FAMILY.....

3524 days ago by Molovelo
the hate that some people have for other people and the lengths theyll go and the time theyll spend... just sad. sick and sad.
3523 days ago by Smith09096
It's funny- The Maleki-Raei clan and resident psycho path, massage parlor hooker and rat threatens every one under the sun and all we get from the York Regional Police is silence. A Judge is embarrassed on this site by Maryam Torabipour (and no matter how the York Regional Police spin this the world knows it's you psycho path Maryam Torabipour- You do this from Second Cup on Yonge Street and should be easy to catch IF the cops were watching you) and all we get from the cops is silence or b.s. illogical "theories" with no evidence.

HOWEVER you call Maryam Torabipour what she is- A York Regional Police whore who is pimped out by Detective Mark Charlebois #815 and they launch a multi-million dollar global investigation? An investigation that entails protecting criminals like Bahman Hafez Amini of Dallas, Texas. Criminals who murder people and then rat out and are saved by Detectives at York Regional Police like Maryam Torabipour, criminals like Reza Behroozian who has a CRA investigation squashed by Detective Maurizio Gentili #1133 in Aug. 2010. No death threats against the family. No nothing but they will turn the wold upside down to make sure no one calls their dirty rat sloot Maryam Toraipour fat or post pictures of her prancing around at her brothels in Etobicoke ...hmmmmmmmmmmm

Yet here we have a Judge, who supposedly refused a restraining order orchestrated by Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 for Fariba, Afarin and Forooz Maleki-Raei and that same Judge is being humiliated and harassed?


Look up Sherry Major and you will see how the York Regional Criminal Police operate. No one if fooled by this shit Maryam Torabipour. You can cry, whine, lie and rat like the whore you are but everyone knows the true culprit behind this- YOU MARYAM TORABIPOUR. Nobody buys your "victim" act. You are a dangerous, unstable drug addicted and unpredictable CRIMINAL . If you find another loser like your pimp Mohand who is stupid enough to pull the trigger for you someone will end up dead and the YORK REGIONAL POLICE will be culpable.

This is what happens when some rotten dirty cops give too much leeway to an uneducated, unstable crack head whore.

If you are reading this the HONORABLE Justice Heather McGee please phone up Chief Eric Jolliffe and ask him to detail the theory the police have, ask him to detail the evidence to support their theory and then ask him WHY THE HELL DID AN IDIOT LIKE DETECTIVE MARK CHARLEBOIS #815 SIT DOWN WITH MARYAM TORABIPOUR, A CRIMINAL AND NOTED GANG MEMBER WHO WAS CHARGED WITH ACCESSORY TO MURDER AT THE TIME, AND SHARE INTIMATE DETAILS ABOUT JUDGES, LAWYERS AND OTHERS. Ask Chief Eric Jolliffe to explain why this was done and in the mean time ask him to explain why Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 was even in the vicinity when you denied these animals a restraining order. Check Chief Eric Jolliffe and ask him exactly what investigations were done on the family and ask him to outline how Detective William Goetz #669 (The Chief's "sharp shooter") sat down with a criminal and FBI and DEA target (Bahman Hafez Amini) and told the world for 2 years how great of a humanitarian he was. It seems St. Amini could do no wrong in York Region ...except launder money for the Mexican Cartel. In York Region he is a saint (Det. William Goetz #669 approved!) and in the USA he is a low life degenerate scum bag money laundering for the dangerous and vile Mexican cartel.

To those threatened: You talk to the right people you'll get the right answers. You talk to the York Regional Police you'll get double speak, B.S. and more crap than you can handle. And if you wonder why you are being harassed just ask Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 how he feels after you, The HONORABLE Justice Heather McGee sent him and his 'girls' on their way. These 'girls' need to learn what HONORABLE means because it seems that they lost the meaning hanging around the riff-raff at District 4 and District 2 in York Region.

This is not Justice my friends. This is TERRORISM.
3515 days ago by 34kandgoing
It's a clever scam/ extortion this Maleki-Raei crime family has going on. By mentioning these cops by name they are letting the cops know they have tons of public information on them. It's a sort of warning to these cops that if the Maleki-Raei family is touched or charged for their criminal activity they can unleash tons of wrong doing information about the mentioned police officers which would sink them. So they effectively have made themselves into the "two scorpions in a bottle" axiom. None can sting or they both die. It's a wonderful and very evil but clever tactic these criminals are using.
Brilliant. Bravo. The Maleki-Raei criminal clan played that one wonderfully. They are smarter than the police. They are more experienced in crime than these police. And they are way more evil and corrupt than the police.

What the police gambled on is how well can they control psychopaths, crack heads and money hungry whores. That is to be seen. None is buying the York Regional Police theory on the family. And no one is under the slightest impression that these officers mentioned are "clean". Every crime the Maleki-Raei criminal clan commits and gets away with- more people take notice.
3510 days ago by Maryam Torabipour
These bully and corrupt Judges have met their match in the YRP!!! There are NUMEROUS fantastic police officers in District 2 and 4 of the YR P that are actively investigating these JUDGES and WACKOMAFO!!!
Rest assured they will be jailed and publicly humiliated. If you want more information on these CORRUPT and PEDO KIDDIEDIDLER JUDGES and WACKOMAFO contact Detective Mark James Charlebois #815 or Detective Ian Mclellan #1296 at the York Regional Police. They will ASSIST you in outing these corrupt WACKJOB Judges. Refer to case 10-78473. You can contact Constable Greg Whyte #1699 at District 2. He will confer that WACKOMAFO is an OXY HEAD!!!

You can contact me (MARYAM TORABIPOUR) at [email protected] for more information on these CORRUPT JUDGES and WACKOMAFO.
3506 days ago by Kurtangle
Beware of Maryam Torabipour of 18 Edgar Ave. In Richmond Hill Ontario.
She is the subject of numerous Children's Aid investigations. Maryam Torabipour is a danger to children and has been involved in procuring of child pornography, procuring of child prostitution and has been investigated for child endangerment by the York Region CAS.
Her mother Fariba Maleki-Raei has been under numerous investigations for allowing and aiding in sending and receiving sexual transmissions on behalf of her underage daughter Ariana Torabipour. This included promising adults sexual favors from her then 13 year old daughter ARIANA TORABIPOUR. This also entailed sending very inappropriate sexually suggestive pictures of her then 13 year old daughter Ariana Torabipour to numerous adult male "friends". This investigation was quashed and hidden by Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 of the York Regional Police. Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 was accused by his ex wife of importing child pornography from various Eastern European countries. This is also public record.Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 is considered a "close friend" not only by the family but by criminal and Dallas money Launderer Bahman Hafez Amini (who is a relative of Maryam Torabipour and is facing 80 years in prison in a prosecution being conducted by the DEA).

Her residence of 18 Edgar Ave. is subject of a child welfare court order issued in Newmarket, Ontario in 2011 by the Honorable Justice McDermott (who is under death threats by the Maleki-Raei family). This court order was issued on March 16, 2011 in Newmarket Court and is of public record. Refer to file FC-10-034585-00. This application went unopposed as the evidence was overwhelming. The evidence described 18 Edgar Ave. as a place that is dangerous to child welfare due to the numerous CAS investigations and the numerous investigations into Maryam Torabipour and her involvement in child pornography, child prostitution and child endangerment.

Currently Maryam Torabipour and her family are engaged in a campaign of terror accusing various people of "kiddiediddlin" and supporting pedophiles. These include:
- Newmarket Judges Heather McGee, Kaufman and McDermott
- Politicians Carmine Perilli and Mario Racco
- Various lawyers and individuals

These lies and slander are being posted in conjunction with various corrupt police officers in York Region and are false.

Only ONE order of child endangerment has been made against anyone named and that is of the residents of 18 Edgar Ave. in Richmond Hill Ontario. This order entails all residents of 18 Edgar Ave. in Richmond Hill Ontario including Maryam Torabipour, Fariba Maleki-Raei and Ariana Torabipour.

The lies and slander posted over the internet by Maryam Torabipour and her family (Afarin Maleki-Raei, Foroozandeh Maleki-Raei, Ayoob Ghalami, Fariba Maleki-Raei) are being done in conjunction with various police officers in York Region whom the family refer to as "their sponsors". These attacks against Judges and politicians are being done to embarrass, ridicule and terrorize the Judges in an effort to circumvent various court procedures at Newmarket Court.

3501 days ago by Honestcop
The "mastermind" behind this campaign of terror is Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected]
He is the one behind the Maleki-Raei Family. He is the one behind Maryam Torabipour. He is the one directing the threats against the Judges.
He is also the one who gave a "list" of suspected police officers in District 4 to "professional standards". This list contained a list of "suspected" officers in District 4 who are "leaking" information to the Amicucci family. Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] is a corrupt and dirty officer who is also a kiss ass and a mobster wannabe. Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] is also the person who is actively protecting the Maleki-Raei family and made up this story that content in emails and letters that only the police and the Maleki-Raei family could know has been leaked to the Amicucci family by "corrupted officers". This story is FALSE and any information contained in email and letters is there because those emails and letters are being sent by THE MALEKI-RAEI family in CONJUNCTION with Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] The only corrupt police officers in District 4 are Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] and his "merry" men of lapdogs (McLellan, Bailey, Gentili, McAllister etc.).
Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] is the dirtiest of all these involved and he has his little retarded lap dog Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 do his dirty work. The person behind this all is Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected]
He is going through a mid life crisis because his anabolic steroid supply has dried out and his fat IRISH "common law" has obtained the taste for big black cock. The person behind the tampering of the York Regional Police homepage is Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] and he insisted his name be on there which it currently is (in the meta tags).
Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] has directed this dirty family to threaten Judges and Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] has a personal vendetta against Justice Hourigan and Justice Brown. He is using these retarded Iranian filth to cause them grief. Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] is very anti-Judge and totally despises the Judiciary of Newmarket and is using this family to further his vendetta. He is also in contact with the OPP in order to get them off the trail of the Maleki-Raei clan. It is our belief that the Maleki-raei clan is planning to seriously harm a Judge if their demands are not met. They are trying to create an atmosphere of fear and terror in order to prevent the inevitable and circumvent the process of justice.

And to think this dirty of the dirtiest Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] has the GULL to give names of honest and diligent police officers as suspects in "corruption"...please.
Currently Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] told Maryam Torabipour to cool down as he has been keeping busy trying to get the OPP to "quash" the letters HE instructed Maryam Torabipour to send to various Judges. Those letters contained feces of Maryam Torabipour.
The Judges are asking too many questions that can't be answered and Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] is feeling the heat.
The other day he approved surveillance of the Amicucci household which was conducted by two of the dumbest undercover females in York Region. Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] has also authorized personal and costly security for one of the Maleki "girls" he's trying to get a blow job from since his Irish pig won't touch his shriveled ass.

F U Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi [email protected] Everything will go public!


From Inside District 4 :). One of the honest ones... keep looking Ang... maybe you can search for the culprits on the golf course smoking those cigars you buy with payoff money...
3423 days ago by Wegonnagetyou
Open contract on Mafario Amicucci, Judith Holzman and Justice Anne Marie Hourigan
Open Contract for the Murder of said individuals

We are offering $50, 000 per head on the following people:

Mafario Amicucci
217 Glen Shields Ave.
Thornhill, ONTARIO

Judith Holzman
2126 Major MacKenzie Dr

Justice Anne Marie Hourigan
50 Eagle St W

The hit must take place within the boundaries of York Region preferably District 4 and 2. We can offer you assurance that any investigation will be minimal if you follow our instructions. It must be done by Sept.2012 at the latest.

Serious Replies only. $25, 000 will be paid up front, $25, 000 will be paid after. Proof of hit must be given. We will offer payment via Bank Transfer (this will not be traceable) to any bank in the world including Iran, Afghanistan etc.
We can provide pictures, vehicle descriptions etc. This is an open contract and any one can "cash in".

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!! This is an open contract and must be done within the boundaries of York Region. If it is done outside this area you will NOT BE PAID!! This is an open contract.

Please contact:
[email protected]
Or [email protected]
Or [email protected]


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