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9th of Jan, 2013 by User965240
The Colorado Supreme Court has an attorney name Kim Ikeler who is notorious for prosecuting woman and censoring entrepreneurs. He also breaches our first Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and wrongfully prosecutes businessmen and woman alike for their right to work. Which is, our as, citizen’s of the United States Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. He again has taken away mine and our first amendment right to freedom of speech, religion, and press and my and our human right to work in the U.S. He has implemented his own set of rules and so has the Colorado Supreme Court. These are not voted and ruled on rules outside of their little clan, they are made up laws just to allow them to prosecute wrongfully in Colorado. This is what happens with humans who run very high ethical domains have very low ranking college graduates running their crew. This is all in my experience with them and their judicial process. In almost all of his UPL cases against me and cases against attorney’s and other Entrepreneur’s, Kim Ikeler and his crew and their Chiefs in the Colorado Supreme Court ask for large fines and penalties, even when I am not guilty and others companies are not either. He defines himself as a moral ethical man, when in essence he is a cruel and unusual punisher and what would seem an unethical character and flawed. He also hides behind government walls to perform these acts. Which is grounds for Impeachment. Please contact any of these justices and governmental agencies to request to have him removed if you feel that he is wrongfully prosecuting you, these men and woman do respond and, read on for your rights and mine: 1. The President of the United States and Joe Biden his trustee sidekick, the respond and they do send help: 2. Mark Udall, the Senator who is capable of Impeaching Mr. Ikeler and hold all of the Power, thank Stephanie Donnor, Hickenlooper’s Counsel for this: 3.Governor John Hickenlooper, not only that, I am a big fan, he does send someone: 3. Here Schedule to Meet with Your Mayor Michael B. Hancock. He will send someone or maybe even show up himself: 4. Write your United States Senator Henry Reid at: 522 Hart Senate Building,
D.C. 20510. These are higher level men and woman who look into Kim Ikeler to see if he is breaking law and using their system too. However, this takes everyone reporting. Stephanie said the more that report the more is done to prevent harm to us. That is why Stephanie Donner oughta run for Mayor!! We adore and love that woman!! I would vote for her hands down and apply to work for her. She rules!!! I give myself credit for research here also and reaching out to humans
everywhere! Now, Read On: Kim Ikeler has been stalking my former company and I for almost five years now, even though my company was legitimately conducted and lawful. He has made a mockery of my work and wrongfully accused me numerous times. He does not seek our truth, he merely seeks our wallet. He has not ever even attempted to look at the truth in the matter and judge innocence as just that. For instance, one woman complained because she could not make it to an appointment because she weighed upwards of 220 lbs. I sent her typed documents in the mail and she used them to seek an attorney who reported me to regulation, even though the documents were complete. Mr. Ikeler granted her money back and made me pay. I guess I was so unhappy at that and ok, customer service. So, my company went on to hire in house contract attorneys to help these very low income families for a very low wages and, they did a great job at trying to support our economic downfall. We truly helped a lot of humans with very little income and a shoebox for an office. We were trying to create and produce jobs for new attorneys and aging attorneys while providing both low cost attorney services and low cost document preparation services. We offered these services to the poor less fortunate humans who could not afford an attorney or had just enough for one. We did not discriminate. However, this is where the terror starts with Mr. Kim Ikeler and his attempt to shut me down and not allow document preparers to conduct business. A complaint was filed by a woman who was seriously wrong about me. Mr. Ikeler was assigned to the case. I hired an attorney to represent me in the Unauthorized Practice of Law case. I found out a year after the case was open that the attorney I hired had a very apparent drinking problem and had been ticketed for three DUI’s while representing me. I did not know this was happening until this attorney took me on a joy ride in the mountains and drank alcohol the whole way down the mountain. I fired him. However, my trial against Kim Ikeler persisted and in the Colorado Supreme Court trial was two weeks away. I had to hire a new attorney and I was in shock. My new attorney informed me that I should not have had to go to trial and that this case should have only lead to a warning. However, Kim Ikeler had a hay day and destroyed my reputation and my life because my attorney failed and later lost his license to practice law. None of this was made public until after my case. I had no way of knowing my attorney was a wreck because I trusted him to handle this case. Mr. Ikeler has stopped stalking me only for one brief time and has continued to stalk me for money almost consecutively since March of 2009. I think this may be due to the fact that I am in good shape and have a good earning potential and am a good businesswoman. Mr. Ikeler has ruined my name and destroyed my reputation. Being able to work has become a massive problem for me because my name is splattered across the internet. What Mr. Ikeler sees is a big office with a fantastic view in Downtown Denver right off of the 16th Street mall that he walks into everyday. That office was paid for by my company and many others companies who have worked an extremely excruciating amount of hours for little pay, in very little offices much like a shoebox to support his Godlike notion of being a human. His reality is my blood, sweat and tears. 4:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. on most days just to pay Mr. Ikeler’s complainers and unhappy consumers and his fines and penalties. I feel like I have been his slave and his prisoner for to many years now. Not once has he judged a case and known that I was innocent or justified that I am. He just prosecutes wrongfully and endlessly. There had also been times when I did not have enough money to pay for an attorney to represent me and he stalks me moreso when that happens and, he breaks the government code and the United States Constitution to do so. Mr. Ikeler is most certainly someone I could see facing impeachment for wrongful prosecution and unethical acts against a person in hardship. For example: “The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees an accused the right to representation by counsel in serious criminal prosecutions. The responsibility for appointing counsel in federal criminal proceedings for those unable to bear the cost of representation has historically rested in the federal judiciary. Before the enactment of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA), however, there was no authority to compensate appointed counsel for their services or litigation expenses, and federal judges depended on the professional obligation of lawyers to provide pro bono publico representation to defendants unable to retain counsel” (United States Courts, 2013). This is extended into the United “States” Constitution by Amendment 10, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” (United States Constitution, 2013). Meaning, that if Mr. Ikeler is looking to seriously prosecute as a criminal then I should be appointed counsel and this has not ever happened. Criminal prosecution is a terrifying thought when you are the one being prosecuted. Mr. Ikeler has not ever asked me if I wished for public defender or if I needed one. He just wrongfully prosecuted me for taking liberty and using my first amendment rights. Not only that, the Supreme Court has made up their very own laws and rules that have not been voted upon. They have changed Colorado State Statutes without a vote or repeal. They say that document preparation has to be supervised by an attorney. This is not true. Actually, the bankruptcy court district of Colorado and other Colorado courts have allowed pro se typing services to help with the poor humans. These types of clients are usually to poor less fortunate and/or indigent humans that attorneys usually will not consider. So, companies like mine take them in because they need help to survive also. You know, never judge a book by its cover. So, what the Supreme Court is doing is devising their own set of laws without a Colorado vote and prosecuting wrongfully against document preparers. They have taken it upon themselves to build revenue by dishonestly making their own set of rules and guidelines. The law states that anyone may prepare documents and type them for whomever asks for this service. The First Amendment states that we have freedom of speech. So, we should be able to discuss what they clients need to put on their documents. The Colorado Statute for Unauthorized Practice of Law only states that a person has to physically represent a client in a court of law, so say for example stand up and take the stand and represent them. Document preparation is a typing service, where clients come in and write down fill out a questionnaire and the documents are typed. They may seek their answers from the internet, books and other sources. Documents may be typed by whomever as long as legal representation and or advice is given has not occurred. We never advise these clients. We do however suggest attorneys when the cases seem to difficult and the clients are not able to understand on their own. The Supreme Court has made up their own set of laws and rules that the public has not voted into House or Senate. Hence, Kim Ikeler is impeachable on the fact that he has not played the game honestly. So, is Mr. Gleason who has very low level education, third tier law schools are running the Colorado Supreme Court, what type of rank is that? I think we need at least someone from Harvard in that office or Yale. I mean someone who understands big city growth, not small town fibs and gossip. Denver and Colorado alike is one of the most sought after places to live and the migration is tremendous, how the Supreme Court being ruled by low ranking attorneys is happening is cause for concern. We need some higher level attorneys leading that office. These types of leaders allow Mr. Ikeler to not give his defendants a chance of hope or honesty. This is all for his entitlement as being an attorney in the Colorado Supreme Court and/or going to law school and passing the bar in Colorado. He is allowed a beautiful office and extravagant lifestyle. There are a lot of humans who pass Colorado’s
bar and are not necessarily good attorneys, or holy or respectful or more righteous than an almost homeless woman who was trying to better her life and climb out of debt and despair and make something of herself and others legitimately who was trying to go to law school and pass the bar with ethics and dignity. Kim Ikeler loves to wrongfully prosecute, cruelly and unusually punished me for acts I did not commit. I just typed documents and not only that there was an attorney supervising me, however we as citizens of the U.S. deserve the right not to be micromanaged by attorneys who at times are less than just. Amendment 13 would say that slavery is also illegal in all States of the Nation. However, Kim Ikeler seems to continually prosecute me against my client’s wishes and he makes me work on their cases to pay him. I do not mind working on my client’s cases for a wage however, as of March 2009 most of my work payment has gone directly to Kim Ikeler at Attorney Regulation Counsel in Colorado Supreme Court or attorneys to help represent me against him. I however do not like to continue to pay Kim Ikeler every penny I make so that he may wrongfully prosecute me and many others. There are rules in the law and codes that are not supposed to be broken. These laws are written in stone and for everyone, not just made up by some Supreme entity. What is even worse is the fact that if an ex client of mine who is an angry person and/or a very corrupt person tries to blackmail me for “legal” services, which is something I am not allowed to disclose. I explained to them that I am only a document preparer and that there are attorneys who will help with these cases if they need legal advice, however
sometimes there is a charge and, they may not be allowed an attorney client relationship and, have to attest to that. Usually that is when the corrupt clients try to blackmail me and threaten that they will report me to Supreme
Court if I do not give them legal advice and/or win their case, this is usually when their case is already open and I cannot refund them for the work I did because I had rent to pay or a grocery bill. Not only that I have an attorney friend who said that he was not sure about a phone call I made but knew that I was given permission to make phone calls on behalf his firm about a client. This attorney is on my side. However, Mr. Ikeler has used me not being able to afford an attorney and being that this is a conflict of interest for my friend. Mr. Ikeler uses this to his advantage to prosecute me, even though there was no evidence, when he interviewed attorneys. Why is Kim Ikeler so fond of wrongfully and unjustly prosecuting me? Colorado Supreme Court fines start anywhere from $250.00 to $2000.00 for first offenses then, he raises the bar and opens an investigation of his own that way fines go
up from $1000.00 to $5000.00 and he can cash in on those fines and penalties and costs. He always charges me thousands in fines and penalties and asks me to plea my case so he may collect from me and destroy my name across Colorado Supreme Courts website. I feel battered by him. Now this is the real kicker… He files his own complaints against me and others in Supreme Court proceedings. This means that he internally complains… Even moreso, this means is that no one has reported me, no clients or attorneys. However, Kim Ikeler decides he will open an extra investigation for his own collections process. This is where Mr. Ikeler’s claims become what seems like a fraudulent claim to increase my debt and gainfully employ himself and his team
on me and other entrepreneurs. Also, if I try to take my own case and represent myself to the Supreme Court (We could all understand why considering the loss I took from an attorney who represented me), rather than hire an attorney then Kim Ikeler treats me as a
low level human and ignores my rights even though I have stated them more clearly than most of the attorneys ever have. I cannot afford attorneys who charge $350.00 to $500.00 an hour to prepare and type documents and stand
up in court for a half of a day. This always ends up being $10k in the end. So, Mr. Ikeler ignores every justified statement I have made and all laws I have demonstrated and increases my fines and penalties because an attorney is not
present and, not an eye witness. I have never just paid $250.00 for a fine, and I am certain I could represent myself much better than most attorney’s
who charge $10k for case that I received $400.00 on. The numbers do not equate. What is even more disturbing is
that Kim Ikeler takes away all of my constitutional rights and raises my UPL case to an even higher level and, wishes for more money and, even possible criminal conviction for what I have not done. He promised that I would only owe
$1000.00 and then he changed his mind and said I would owe $2000.00. I was paid $400.00 to type the documents in this case. Mr. Ikeler wishes my fines raise from $1000.00 to $2000.00 and, will ask for more. Now this is not the end, this story becomes so sickening and wrong that I believe Kim Ikeler should be removed from the Supreme Court. This is how sick his last attempt to defraud the court and abuse me and strip me of my dignity is… I recently paid the Supreme Court $1000.00 in a money order that they claim they never received. Mr. Kevin Hanks who is a paralegal to Mr.
Ikeler called me to confirm whether the money order I sent was ok to deposit a month earlier. I had sent the money order on time for September 29th, 2012 and was due on November 29th, 2012. I was making $9.00 an hour at the time and barely paying my mother’s rent or mine (she is very sick from cancer and going through chemotherapy). I kept that $1000.00 like a sacred stone in my most sacred spot because I knew I had to pay the Colorado Supreme Court those funds and, I had not ever missed a payment EVER. I would have starved rather than miss a payment. Mr. Hanks thanked me for payment and told me we were not through with the case and walked me through more work that was required about an order. I told Mr. Hanks that I would not be able to bring him a signed order until the 9th of January 2013. Mr. Hanks said that was greatly appreciated because he could then cash the money order. All of a sudden, Mr. Ikeler and Mr. Hanks contacted me on New Years to inform me that they did not receive the money order. They lied and they stole money from me, not only that, they both started stalking me again for more prosecution because I am not represented by an attorney and I cannot afford one and they have not appointed me one. If you think this is wrong, keep reading… What Kim Ikeler is doing feels like a literal shake down, if you will... He will wrongfully prosecute my company and others until I owe what I cannot pay, which puts me in jeopardy of not receiving scholarships and grants from the government for education. Because he can lien my property and take more from me than is legal or ethical or even within the realm of a just society. Instead of prosecuting me he should really prosecute someone who is guilty or really needs to be regulated like the attorney who got three DUI’s while representing me where, I have not ever gotten a DUI and, was running a very legitimate company. Again, this becomes even scarier and uglier… Mr. Ikeler had promised me that the case he took out on me himself just to secure his budget would be dismissed and now, I wait to see if he will break that promise and, ask for more money again through wrongful prosecution. I am almost certain he will. Mr. Ikeler more than likely drives a very nice car and has a house or two. He keeps up with the Joneses and challenges his neighbors. He is paid upwards of $98k a year for doing this to me and others like me. I believe there should be a cutoff point when ethics are no longer part of the practice of law and, governmental immunity is apparently too much of a reality and used to destroy lives rather than make them better. Impeachment is not a covered by governmental immunity. I believe that Mr. Ikeler could be impeached on many counts. Why? I have attorneys who he has questioned and they did not accuse me of UPL, Kim Ikeler did. He put words in their mouth and wrote out a completely wrongful prosecution order based on claim he made and just attached an attorneys name to the order. The weird part is that the
attorney he attached to that order is a very dear and close friend of mine. Kim Ikeler is so wrong in his implication that I cannot believe he is allowed office in Colorado Supreme Court. You will notice that there is not many public records that show Mr. Ikeler was not allowed to win his case and bolster his ego in the past 10 years. Mr. Ikeler has served in the Colorado Supreme Court. Another attorney who once worked in
the Supreme Court told me that Kim Ikeler is a collector and that is all that regulation does is collect fines and, build revenue to stay in their tower even if, wrongful prosecution is a part of their practice. I had talked to three other women that Kim Ikeler wrongfully prosecuted and did not appoint a public defender. He charged one of the women such extensive fines that she could not even renew her law license. The other woman was charged fines of close to $4000.00 because she was not represented by an attorney. I have been visiting with my mother off and on this year because she is sick with cancer and Mr. Ikeler has even tried to cross jurisdictional and regional boundaries to stalk me. I am so exhausted from Kim Ikeler trying to demonstrate he is more powerful as an entity than any other States in the Nation which is also a violation of “Colorado “State” Supreme Court” Jurisdiction and he threatens me that I would have to pay for his trip here. Again, he has taken my money and
may try to make me afford him a trip. So, I just went back to Denver because I am his slave and indebted to him. I am tired of him coming after me… So tired in fact that I almost died from this… Please read on…I am recently became so sad and so disheveled about he and his colleagues and his friends hunting me for money and possibly because I am woman that I sat down one night about a year ago and took an entire bottle of mood stabilizers that were crushed up into a dust, 2600 mg’s to be very close to exact. I wanted to die because they would not stop killing me for their homes, nice offices and Sports cars. I wanted not to live anymore under their reign of corruption and what they think is funny. I thought before he could imprison me and/or make me a slave to him forever I would rather kill myself then allow his corruption to dictate my life. I barely lived. I did however come too after two days in a care facility. I am a God fairing woman who believes in woman’s right and equal rights for all colors and people. I loved helping the sick. I love helping humans who are learning life lessons and love to have them as company and I just saw Kim
Ikeler continue to take away my joy and my life and there freedom. He has even affected my boyfriend and I’s relationship. I think this last stalking attempt made my boyfriend cry so hard that we could not stay together. He and I just sat there crying because Kim Ikeler is allowed to stalk me for money and for my life. He has shredded my dignity through false accusations and fraudulent activity. My boyfriend has witnessed all of this in the past three and a half
years. Kim Ikeler keeps appearing in my life after a month or two to collect or to press me for responses again and again, even if they were right the first time. He would rather fail an A than make one. In my opinion he is the failure. He just stunts the hope for us to succeed and stunts my ability to progress into college because of constant harassment. Kim Ikeler interrupts educational flow when I am trying to obtain a license to help these people even more and to be able to give them legal advice. He wants my education money for his tower of gloomy power. Can you believe this story goes on? Does though… I just shut my company because Mr. Ikeler will not allow me my right to freedom, education and my pursuit of happiness. My medical doctor called him and explained that he was the number one reason that my mental health was depleting. At this point Mr. Ikeler would say I needed a psychiatric evaluation. The rough part with this comment is that a Masters degree in psychology is about the only method allowing someone to pass a psychological evaluation. Again, I need a license. Kim Ikeler uses that as a cruel and unusual punishment rather than explaining to humans that education
plays a leading role in knowing answers at higher levels. He just hits everyone for money and because they may not be afforded an education because of his fines and penalties. Kim Ikeler missed deadlines for a 30 day response and was permitted to let a file sit on his floor for a year. I wanted to go to University and not in Colorado. I was accepted to some of the nation’s and region’s leading colleges and universities in other States. I wished to help the poor to pay my way through school. I was faced to wait a year to have Mr. Ikeler wrongfully prosecute me and make me pay fines instead of University tuition. He also could have went after my student loans. Now,I will give an example of true and real ethics. I do have 119 credit hours towards a philosophy of arts degree and a psychology of science degree… Here is the last little interlude to a very long and sad story… Kim Ikeler to me is the
evil in leadership as expressed by Glaucon in The Ring of Gyges here: “Living ethically is difficult, unpleasant, and, when it comes right down to it, worse than living unethically, he says. Thus, according to Glaucon, most of us do what's right only because we don' t have the power to do what we really want
and get away with it. To illustrate his point, Glaucon tells the story of a man named Gyges” (White, 1991).
If two humans had a ring of Gyges that could make them invisible could they be trusted not to rob everyone? This is supposed to be a condition of the Supreme Court and Ethics Committees everywhere I think. Not to rob anyone and/or beard themselves with the term “Governmental Immunity” so they may break rules and harm humans. I always thought that Colorado Supreme Court was supposed to be this divine creation in the sky where all just humans helped heal those men and woman who were sick with addiction and alcoholism and gambling and robbery. I have always imagined that type of entity to contain all that is just and good in this world, those who fight for justice and our United States Constitution and our rights. Whereas most all I have witness is the U.S. Constitution defamed and written off as a meaningless document not worthy of acclaim or used as a protection of citizens. Again, Mr. Ikeler has used his ring of Gyges or his governmental immunity to search and seizure my company. His actions are against the United States Constitution. He has not only hurt me he has hurt the life and liberty of this country and the foundation upon which it was built. When he used his governmental power to rip through my company’s records and search and seize my clients in a shakedown for my income and monies paid to me, he went against the grid and called my clients against their wishes. They were terrified when he prosecuted them over the phone. Wait there is more… He would ask them questions and make them cry and scream and he would terrorize them monthly, weekly and daily. They used to run to me in terror crying and wondering why he would not leave them alone. This is strictly prohibited by the United States Constitution and is something he is not immune from even if he is a government agent. This is a constitutional right of all citizens not to be searched and seized by governmental agencies. As a matter of fact I believe Mr. Ikeler should also be examined for solicitation. He also tried to lure these humans to tell on me so that he could make money on each claim, at least that is what about 10 of them told me, and he made sure
they would know how to contact him if they felt a need too. Attorneys are not allowed to solicit over the phone. Mr. Ikeler did and he broke the United States Constitution. He also broke the United States Constitution with another
woman who was an attorney he was prosecuting and called all of her clients also. He is known for not upholding the law. He should be impeached on every count. I would imagine that an elder attorney who has been working in the
United States Supreme Court for 10 years and went to law school knows the United States Constitution. This, like a third world country is only demonstrating a weak Democracy. The conspiracy grows incestuously and ethical truths are no longer representative of the Colorado Justice System. These laws are looked down upon by New York and
Pennsylvania and Washington, where more distinguished societies in States where humans still uphold the law and believe in the practice of just law abidance. They also have higher ranking colleges levels and are more disciplined to uphold justice, not just hide behind governmental walls and spend endlessly on paper and ink and new machines to prosecute wrongly. The fact that Kim Ikeler has made money his number one priority verses actual ethical truths and justice should be grounds for his dismissal, in my opinion. I do not think Mr. Ikeler should practice law for the Colorado Supreme Court. I
truly believe his ego ruling, not ethics. I think he prosecutes almost every UPL cases for collections and rarely for the clients. Only once have I seen Mr. Ikeler give the clients funds. Mostly he just makes false accusations and
increases me debt to the Colorado Supreme Court. I think he thinks I want to be his friend and so he forces me to pay him to be his friend. He is really chasing his own tale. I feel like he is truly the epitome of man and would rather friend a bum on the street, literally. Mr. Ikeler has also broken our human right for trial by jury- Amendment Seven. They do not call in a jury with all the money they make and are awarded. I was told the Supreme Court does not offer jury trials. I believe they could afford juries and should. They are doing basic Civil Collection Prosecution and Criminal Prosecution. Even entrepreneurs and attorneys deserve a jury trial, not just a judge who prosecutes for Mr. Ikeler and their the courts best interest. What about the human rights and the best interest for all citizens. We are in a modern era and the money should be delegated equally and justly. I have read some of Kim Ikeler’s cases where they just take humans into their court and ask them to pay $15k in fines and penalties if and when they cannot
afford to have an attorney. Which again is cruel and unusual punishment to humans who have not a lot of money, seems like Mr. Ikeler thinks this is pennies on the nickel and, that would explain why his budget should not only be
audited, his budget should also be cut and, his spending for that matter. Apparently, they do not understand what governmental assistance means. THAT MEANS $10.00 in my account, cruel and unusual to say the least. I know this is a really long deliberation… However this has been like governmental terrorism and I am going to kill myself if I do not put this down on a medium. Mr. Ikeler did not set fire to my crop or kill my Governor, yet. Instead he busted open my company like bomb and destroyed it like 911. He took all of the jobs and money away and conspired against me with a herd of humans who have nice offices with a view and no poor people in sight. This is wrong… This is so wrong… My poor clients… Hence, “Justices can be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried in the Senate if they commit "high crimes and misdemeanors," which include crimes, unethical behavior, actions damaging to the government, etc. If found guilty, the justice will be removed from office” (Impeachment, Para. 8, 2013). They cannot be removed on any other grounds, including incompetency without someone actually reporting him (Impeachment, 2013). Another and last demonstration is for me to show you McCarthyism, “McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means "the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism." (Wikipedia, 2013) “The term has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1950 to 1956 and characterized by heightened fears of communist influence on American institutions and espionage by Soviet agents. Originally coined to criticize the anti-communist pursuits of Republican U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, "McCarthyism" soon took on a broader meaning, describing the excesses of similar efforts. The term is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries” (Wikipedia, 2013). You see my great uncle was an Ambassador to China and I owned a restaurant that used to carry the Governor of Denver’s old famous recipe. So, Kim Ikeler has continually hunted me. Not only that, my family ran on the board in Boulder to have President Barack Obama elected. We have political affiliation and believe in the education system also. Kim Ikeler seems to think I need lock up or to pay dearly for this knowledge. I cannot say he would attest to this. Not to mention my boyfriend is one of the Denver Elite. I wish I could see some of this elite… He shows me not a dollar of elite. I usually end up paying for him. The problem with fame is that not one of these humans gives me money even for a sandwich. I think I have always been forced to pay their way because I am the youngest and, they all wish to retire and, I try to help them with food. My
mother is sick with Cancer so I have also been helping her. I finally had over 110 people contact me about Mr. Ikeler and the government destroying entrepreneurs in Colorado. I even have a petition signed with 100 humans asking he be removed from office. He loves to put my name in front of the public for ridicule and harassment and blackmail. My clients felt so threatened and do not like him invading their privacy or mine. Basically, what Kim is doing is like a shakedown for my things and persons. He just keeps shaking me down for every last earning I have. The Colorado Supreme Court has
ruined my life and many other innocent peoples. They will not cut you with a knife however given the opportunity, they will enslave you to their court and, hold you hostage for prosecution. This is my experience and it is real. We have almost reached the end… Today I am suicidal again because again attempted to serve me to collect fees and money. He is what Glaucon says here, “When he could with impunity take whatever he wanted from the market, go into houses and have sexual relations with anyone he wanted, kill anyone, free all those he wished from prison, and do the other things which would make him like a god among men.” (Plato.2013) He is again invading my mother’s rental on Social Security income to find me and wrongfully prosecute me. However, I again moved even further out of his jurisdiction. I truly do not believe what he is doing should not be allowed in the Colorado Supreme Court or any Court in this Nation. This is not a democracy, this is terrorism without weapons. This is jails and poverty and futile. He is the creator of poor people and a demonstration of inequality in the U.S., which is almost as bad as Israel right now. You see Kim Ikeler works for the ethics committee. He is supposed to be able to distinguish whether what he is doing is right or wrong. That is what Law School is designed to teach. However, Karma already has him on that and as far as hexing goes every person he has ruined turns back on him times three so, how he thinks that his life will end happy being that he ruined humans to get to the ending, is beyond me and frankly quite sad. He is a selfish man not a just humane righteous man seeking the good in humans. Lastly, anyone who thinks he is God is wrong, no one is God. G-O-D is Good Orderly Direction. Not deceitful fraud, theft and unlawful… No one is God. God is a path and a good one. Kim Ikeler lost sight of a Godly path long time ago and I
believe his existence in the Colorado Supreme Court is less then desirable. He made becoming an attorney look unattractive and wrong and unjust, not ethical, beautiful and humane. That is no way to set an example for the children who have hopes and dreams in this nation. He should be replaced. He is not what Colorado needs. He is just a thief in a chair to high up in the air. He should be fired strictly on the grounds that he is impeachable and has committed
enough of a crime to be impeached… What a peach… With that I will end… Work Cited: 1) “Why do the right thing?” [Adapted from "Why Virtue?" Thomas White, Discovering Philosophy (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1991)] Retrieved on: 01/07/2013. Website: lmucollegeofbusinessadministration /centerceb/documents/ Why+Do+the+Right+Thing$!3f.pdf. 2) “McCarthyism”. 2013. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved: January, 7th 2013. Website: 3) “Impeachment”. 2013. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved: January 7th, 2013. Website: Thank You for Your Time, Entrenuers Unite!

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ServiceMagic ServiceMagic scams and cheats contractors...
Jason - I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with your leads recently. The leads that...

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