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Margo Martin
Margo Martin I Am Cats Cattery, Breeder sells sick kittens North Truro, Massachusetts
3rd of Feb, 2011 by
In July 2010, I and my husband went tomeet the breeder,Margo Martin, to look at her kittens. We wanted to get a little friend for our cat Contessa.

First time we look at Mrs. Martin kittens and since they were only 6 weeks old, we picked one we liked the most, left our deposit to come back for our new family member in a month.Breeder assured us that all the nesessary vaccinations are in order, she breeds cats for many years and we have nothing to worry about.

First of all, Mrs. Martin breeds not only Abyssinians, but also Somalians, and some others (Ocicats?)as well. The stink of urine, feces in the house was...strong;therewas vomit all over the place...a dirty house withat least 30adult cats and kittens running around, and all of them using only two! toilets, ithad to bea warning sign to us, but we were overexcited and had no clue what we are getting ourselves into. We didn't know! A breeder, Mrs. Martin is nearly 80 years old and I guess she's use to this...All four kittens from the litter were kind of too thin with their rib cages visible, but again, what did we know then? They were adorable little babies and we were so happy.

On the X day we went to pick up our little boy, and Mrs. Martin gave him some "last shots" right in front of us. I thought it was weird, but again, I'm not a specialist and I believed that she knows what she's doing.

We brought our littleSt. Valentinehome and our older cat got sick immediately. She was throwing up and had diarrhea, so we took her and the little guy to the vet. Vet said that Santino, the baby, brought something on him fromthe cattery, and since Contessa was never exposed to other cats, she got sick because of it.

Contessa wasnot wellfor a week, we gave her the prescribed antibiotics and all went well again until St.Valentine's neutering in October. He always wasvery thin, never gained enough weight and I thought since nothingis wrong with him (no parasites, all the shots in order, and so on), he's going to outgrow it or he's just a thin miniaturecat. How wrong I was.After the neuter, our doctor announcedthat Santi is anemic. And again, after all the blood tests, feces tests, and so on-nothing was found except that alarming anemia.

About three weeks ago, I noticed thatSantinowas becoming sick, he didn't eat as usual, had a non-stop diarrhea for two days straight, and developed a fever.

My St.Valentinedied yesterday from FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis) in effusive(wet)form.A disease that is uncurable and100% lethal.

The horror I'm living in is difficult to describe. I loved that kitten and I'mweeping day and night because there is nothing Iwas able todo to save his life. His immune system was too weak to fight the virus he got from that stinky hell Martin's cattery.

Margo Martin'scattery is a killing machine that produces sick, malnourished,infected cats.Please, STOP HER!

3907 days ago by Catlover
I also lost a cat to FIP that I got from Margo Martin. Our veterinarian told us that there have been other cases of this cattery not testing properly, and beautiful kittens dying prematurely. We are full of sorrow at the loss of our cat, and would not recommend that anyone purchase a cat from this person without further investigation.
3887 days ago by Astrid Berg
I just had to put my little boy down
a week ago. He was diagnosed
with FIP. The x-Ray showed his chest
cavity was filled with fluid, we could
not even find the kidneys and the blood
test showed FIP. He had all the symtoms
of this horrible virus. The worst thing is
that this breeder knows that she has
this infection in her cattery for years
and yet continues to breed.
My friend called her the other day
asking for a kitten. She has 2 Abys
ready to go. at $850 a pop and has
a litter on the way which will be
ready to go in about nine weeks.
Margo Martin is a murderess and
a scamer. She knows that she has
infected kittens. She has broken my
heart, broke her guarentee for healthy
kittens who die before the age of 2
and has frauded the buyers.
3881 days ago by Kittens
I just purchased a aby from margo recently. A adorable blue male abby. When does the symptoms show up. I am getting a little nervous about FIP. How early does it show up and what should I been looking for?
3703 days ago by Crowefeather
I've purchased 3 kittens from Margot and they are all amazingly healthy.
The oldest is 3 years a beautiful healthy blue aby named Tiki.
I also have a ruddy aby and a Somali from her cattery.
Margot is one of the nicest most responsible breeders I
Have dealt with and I would not hesitate to purchase another kitten from her in the future.
As far as FIP goes this can happen in any cattery. I bought an ocicat kitten from a breeder that was a vet a number of years ago and it had this dreaded diesese. I had to put her down after 3 months and was heartbroken. The breeder I purchased the ocicat from had a spotless cattery and was also a vet. She replaced the kitten with one that I have for 20 years. I understand why you would feel angry. I was very angry after having lost my ocicat kitten but is it really necessary to spread lies about a responsible breeder who loves her animals?
3688 days ago by Undisclosed
I have gotten a ruddy Somali female from Margo 7 years ago, and an Aby male just last year. Both have been completely healthy since the day I got them with no issues what so ever. My veterinarian claimed that being cats from a cattery they were outstanding in quality, temperament, and health. Before I purchased cats from Margo, I received many good referrals from cat show judges and other pet owners out there who have her cats. The best cats I've ever owned. Perhaps you didn't follow up on your other cat's vaccines? Because mine was sure healthy and none of my other cats have gotten ill since. It's easy to point the blame on someone else for your own ignorance huh.
3674 days ago by [email protected]
I purchased a male aby from Margo in May 2011. Prior to adopting this kitten I did see this article regarding your kitten. I understand how difficult it is to adopt an animal and then have it die. I spoke to many people including veterians and there is no guarantee with any animal. Catteries along with shelters unfortunately can have problems with various diseases. I adopted a cat from a animal shelter and I had to put him down after four years because he had leukemia. I think if you look at all the years that Margo has been breeding and the percentage of sick kittens you will find it to be very low. I also did research looking at other catteries and found that their is a percentage of kittens that have also been sick.
3472 days ago by Lovemysimba
I bought a abby from Margo he has never been well.I have him at the vets almost weekly .My friend bought 2 from her in 2005 both died of FIP a horrible death.And 2day just had 2 put another baby from Margo's to sleep from guess what FIP> a beautiful ruddy boy only 8mos old. Another horrible death and vets bills unbelievable. Took him 2 three different vets hoping this was not the truth AGAIN>Lucky people who have bought and haven't lost their babies BUT 2 the ones that have lost theirs it is a very sad thing to hold a kitten which is dying in your arms.She needs to stop breeding. The disease is being carried in her house which is dirty and smelly and was in 2005 .. So give her a chance! She needs to stop breeding.
3471 days ago by Runtraveler
update second kitten from Margo Martin taken to vet has enlarged lymph nodes NOT GOOD on ultrasound small in size for his age vomitting running eyes etc. FIP can show up even when kitten is 8mos old doesn't always show right away. Both kittens the one that was put to sleep yester and the one ck'd today were happy, running around full of energy then went down hill. So never know when it will hit you might not if you are lucky which I hope you are. No one wants to be holding a loving kitten in your arms while he/she is dying and have to hold him/her while the vet ends it's life. Stop breeding kittens for the money and clean up your house of disease..
3372 days ago by Agrady
I purchased my Somali from Margo Martin in March 2005. He was the most amazing cat I've ever had. He first got sick in Jan. 2010, with all manner of issues, but we were able to manage them. He was known to be a little anemic, but this didn't seem to be a big issue. On 8/8/12, he got incredibly ill. Over the course of the month it became evident that he had PK Deficiency, which is a genetic condition KNOWN to affect Abys and Somalis. Only a horribly irresponsible breeder wouldn't be screening for this, given all that has been documented about it. I purchased through Margo after losing my last cat, at almost 14-years-old, knowing that genetic screening is done by breeders--I was hoping for more time, not less--Kismet was only seven-years-old, and on Sunday, 9/9, I had to put him out of his misery. He fought so hard but his genes were stacked against him. If your cat presents with a form of anemia, do research--many vets doen't even know about this partiocular form of anemia and how it should be treated, and then it's too late...
3371 days ago by Rudie
We had purchased a beautiful rudy boy from margo martin( I Am Cats Cattery)in aug of 2011.He was 7mos old .He was perfect although he did alot of sneezing, which our vet said could be allergies, but it didn't seem to be a bother so we continued on.
Just 3 wks ago he had his physical with updated rabies shot, everything was good.Two wks later he fell ill and we took him to vet.They said they couldn't help him because he had fluid in his lungs and it needed to be drained, he needed to go to the hospital. We took him to the hosp on a wed and by sun we had no choice but to put him down.
After spending over 4500.00 trying to save him, and watching him suffer so, we asked ourselves How could this have happened? He was so full of life . We only had him for 1 yr 2 wks. No one expects to take their pet to the dr and than instead of bringing him home have to hold him in your arms while he passes. It is a horrible feeling.
We are deeply saddened.We loved him so.
3265 days ago by Newport
This is NOT a complaint about Margo. I purchased 2 of the most beautiful kittens from Margo 2 years ago. They are healthy and happy. I can't thank Margo enough for the nurturing that she provided to these kittens. They were totally spoiled and well taken care of and still are!
2123 days ago by MaxPaws
I purchased a Somali from Margo in March 2012. To date, he still healthy, happy, and the smartest cat I have ever known. I've read all the previous comments and feel for those who have lost their pets... it's as sad and devastating as losing any family member.
While I believe I "lucked out" getting an amazing cat, I was definitely unnerved in seeing the general conditions in her house. There was plenty of smell, but then, she had perhaps 30+ cats and kittens there. She kept individual litter "families" in separate rooms perhaps minimizing the potential spread of diseases. She did have several personal adult cats which didn't appear sick at all.
My main complaint was the lack of socialization. She lives alone and there's no way she can devote enough attention to the young kittens to properly prepare them for life with humans. While my Somali and I are quite bonded at this point (he's 5-1/2 now), it hasn't always been easy. While he loves people in general, he does NOT like strangers to pick him up or even pet him. Even I can only pet him a few times before I can tell he's had enough. He'll also never be a lap cat. I've grown up with cats for all my 63 years, and I've owned Abbys who were raised in houses with small children and those first 3 months make all the difference in the world in how they will associate themselves with humans.
She did also give my kitten a double dose of some sort of drug to relax him before his 2 hour car ride home, which ended up being the worst time I've ever had to see an animal suffer through, other than a terminal illness. Overall, I'd say I would never purchase a cat from her again. I think she's just too old to cope with the level of breeding she was trying to do, along with the other issues including what seems an abnormally high incidence of FIV infected cats. It's too big a risk for heartbreak.
2121 days ago by Latestonsusanhenner
Susan Henner, Attorney at Law Worst Immigration Lawyer, Dumbest Immigration Attorney, Most Unethical Attorney, Sexual Harasser of Clients White Plains, New York

Submitted: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Reported by: Albana Ivezaj - Harrison, New York USA

I came to see Susan Henner late last year because I was out of status and was the victim of a white female smuggling ring that kidnapped me and forced me to come from the former Yugoslavia to France and then to New York where I have been forced to work in sex clubs and provide blowjobs and fellatio and sex to fat, dirty, rich white men from New York. I came to this Susan Henner to ask for help as I was in a sex slavery situation. Instead of helping me, this evil women stared at my breasts the whole time I was in her office during our first meeting, and asked me very rude and offensive sexual questions the whole time. She kept loking at my body and making me feel uncomfortable until finally she asked me to give her ten thousand U.S. dollars. I told her I could not afford this and she made rude comments hinting that we could `work out a payment plan' while winking at me the whole time. I never felt so disgusting in my life. I felt like I was being raped all over again. This woman is a disgrace and a discredit to all immigration lawyers and she should lose her license to practice law immediately. I do not know why such a disgusting person like this is allowed to practice in law. Even in Albania she would lose her license. But I hear she is so connected (her sister Janet Henner is the Chief Immigration Lawyers Association) so she never gets in trouble. I know theres other womens who also have been molested by her. Please avoid this `lawyer' at all costs. Thank you for listening to my story.

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