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Mark Bernard Thomas
Mark Bernard Thomas trades as Internet and Business Con Man Internet
6th of Apr, 2011 by User379628

It wasn't his first scam but this report starts when Mark Bernard Thomas started a company called H2Options Pty Ltd. He got he friend to invest his life savings ($100,000) into the company so they could make rain water tanks and sell them in Queensland, Australia.
Thomas got his friend to be the only Director of the company while Thomas run the business and racked huge debts. When one of his creditors was owed over $500,000 they started chasing him. When the creditors came looking for their money they found that Thomas was not a Director and so they chased the friend. The friend couldn't stand the heat and hung himself. Thomas the let H2Options go into liquidation and walk without any remorse or way for the creditors to pursue him. He left a lot of consumers without product and warranty support. Thomas then started a company called H2Options International Pty Ltd and away he went trying it all over again. H2Options International Pty Limited was deregistered on 14 November 2010. On 4 February 2011, after H2Options International has been deregistered Thomas registered the domain name He has setup a web site and is offering water tanks for sale. The web site does not identify who is selling the tanks, it does not disclose their Australian Business Number, a business requirement for all Australian businesses; it does not identify any physical address. He is out racking up credit with suppliers and the web site offers to sell to unsuspecting consumers water tanks, pumps etc. I have had previous experiences with Thomas and he practises serious retaliation and threats so I am not prepared to leave my details here. Avoid contact with him at all costs!
4316 days ago by Walkerc
In 2007 Thomas setup the company B4E Pty Limited (ACN 127 021 390) which was liquidated and deregistered on 15 Feb 2010 with H2Options Pty Ltd leaving creditors and customers out of pocket.

In 2008 he setup the company B4E Australia Pty Ltd which he has used to open the web site
Which has the identical data and tanks as are offered on the web site.

All of this has been done with the support and advice of the accountant “Forest Accounting and Taxation Services” who seem to specialise in rebirthing companies and shonky business operations.
4190 days ago by Samsadvise
This guy (under the business name B4E Water Tanks) wanted my parents to pay in full to a bank account for a water tank. We asked that we wanted to pay when tank was delivered. Mark made all sorts of excuses. After putting his name through Google, I found pages of this man as a scammer. He has fake water tank sites like Armetage. I cancelled the order and he rang continually for a week and towards the end became threatening. I reported this to the local police who spoke to Mark. This did not stop him ringing. The police said they would take care of it and the calls have now stopped. Beware. His sites are fake and are and
4173 days ago by Mark Thomas

This is Mark Bernard Thomas - Mark Thomas writing wishing to respond to the hideous claims made and general attacks above, not that I should have to, but it is great to be able to clear the air for any consumer and or interested party please.

A huge part of me wishes to not respond, or if so with a - WHATEVER !
The other part of me wishes to respond in detail if I may so please for any interested party and consumer.

Rebuttal via this web portal is only one avenue of response I will take, the other path of correcting the record and this unwarranted attack is a matter of Law and I have engaged the Queensland Police at a very high ranking, as is A Current Affair taking considerable notes and attention as we liaise weekly building the story.

A story the consumer - buyer needs to be totally aware and beware of in detail.

This rebuttal - response in particular is directed straight into the heart of one manufacturer of Poly Rainwater Tanks and that company is known and trading as ROTADYNE Pty Ltd ( ).

The consumer should also be aware ROTADYNE Pty Ltd make Tanks for THEMSELVES and send them to market under cover and various trading names. If you join all the dots and trails back you come to a REAL pack of Snakes running a Con and Scam I.M.H.O.

In particular this matter and rebuttal is directed to clear the air and offer FACT & TRUTH please.

Moving forward so you understand with thanks in advance, I refer specifically in the following to one Rainwater Tank manufacturer trading as in ROTADYNE Pty Ltd ( or ) controlled and Directed by Christopher Peter Walker ( aka Walkerc - see & please note who made first comment under original misleading defamatory and general attack and count back the days…LOL ) and ROTADYNE Pty Ltd’s General Manager / Sales Manager Mr Hermes Cibej.

I, Mark Thomas with his now deceased business partner & seed capital investor operated under the H2Options banner and b4e Pty Ltd, purely as the middlemen – distributor & wholesaler of Rainwater Tanks made by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and Christopher Walker and Hermes Cibej.

I have NOT and NEVER have owned a MOULD nor A MANUFACTURING PLANT MAKING POLY RAINWATER TANKS. If you will, I was a distributor of a product, akin to David Jones or K-Mart selling goods to a consumer. I believe my job is to assist a consumer with a warranty claim BUT I AM NOT responsible for the manufactured goods or claims against same.

I, Mark Thomas and those companies represented the now proven by many hundreds and hundreds of failed - split POLY Rainwater Tanks made by Rotadyne Pty Ltd using inferior designed moulds owned by Mr Bruce Decke of Decke Sheet Metals Pty Ltd of which have I.M.H.O & a now proven significant design flaw.

These moulds would never and were never certified to minimum Australian Standards by an INDEPENDENT 3rd Party such as SAI Global etc as Mr Bruce Decke wanted money from them via royalties but was never open to spending money on them to make sure they were meeting minimum Australian Standards and CRITAL Fit for Purpose standard & quality requirements as has now been proven !

As I understand, still today as at 28th August 2011, ROTADYNE Pty Ltd claim to meet the Australian Standards 4766 :2066 for every mould and Tank made by them and sadly this is NOT TRUE. This claim is upon all moulds in all 3 manufacturing plants run by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. It is I.M.H.O that ROTADYNE Pty Ltd DO NOT MEET those MINIMUM AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS at all to the detail and finite of the standard 4766 as written. Sadly many toll manufacturing relationships claim the standard as well on product made for them by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd as being met and again I.M.H.O THIS IS NOT TRUE to the detail as written within AS4766:2006.

This claimed standard is policed in the main by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and their Management team including DIRECTOR Christopher Peter Walker. ( Walkerc ).

I.M.H.O, Overseeing this Standard in house is akin to Placing a Fox at the door to Guard The Hen House.

Just ask B.S.I - Benchmark Standards International, the scam has been unearthed with significant and extremely misleading claims by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and many Toll Manufacturing Agreements they have in place will be addressed any day just now with the REAL SCAM uncovered for all to see !

The matter, pending drama, and SCAM revolves around manufacturing and selling knowingly many many hundreds if not in my honest opinion THOUSANDS of pieces of Poly Rainwater Tanks that have already failed and still waiting to fail with NO recourse for consumers for the thousands of pending “ Leakers ” as we refer to them.

I.M.H.O, I believe The Tsunami of Warranty Claims hasn’t hit as yet which is why ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and its DIRECTOR Christopher Peter Walker and Management Team moved to take H2Options, b4e P/L ( NOT to be confused with b4e Australia Pty Ltd still serving clients by myself – Mark Thomas ) those Companies off the face of the earth by liquidating them so the warranty umbilical cord was severed and myself with and assisting the consumer had no recourse !

Several years ago I reported the matter to The Queensland State Government once it was proven we had a very common denominator causing significant losses, huge pending drama and angst for the consumers.

This was bought to the attention of The Government due to rebates at the time being given against then proven inferior Tanks. I reported same to The Courier Mail in Brisbane, a reporter was all over it, photographers dispatched & many a photo taken, several interviews at their offices in Brisbane conducted, story complied and they all dropped it like a hot potato as it was obviously way to political at the time.

I was even told by the former Department Head of The State Government Water Tank Rebate Scheme before it was disbanded and I quote ; “ It is The Departments tenure to hand out CASH rebates and NOT to care nor police, nor oversee quality ” end quote. That specific point left me totally bewildered, as Rotadyne Pty Ltd were and still make tanks today and supply pending rubbish into the market without care in my opinion.

FACT and first hand I can report for the consumer that when the warranty claims come in after several years of the Tanks in use and cycling with filling and emptying ROTADYNE Pty Ltd will claim most likely as they FACTUALLY did to me, H2Options, b4e Pty Ltd et al and all our customers that the Tanks only had a ONE (1) Year warranty. That alone is a SCAM and the greatest load of Bull Manure I have ever heard

It was then that Tanks via me needed to get out to consumers as compensation and that’s what I did as best I could under incredible circumstances and pressure. Yes a debit spiralled while ROTADYNE PTY LTD and its DIRECTOR Christopher Walker (Walkerc) fought with myself and my former ( now deceased sadly ) business partner over the warranty claims in blaming everyone else as well as the mould owner and mould manufacturer in a Mr Bruce Decke of Decke Sheet Metals Pty Ltd.

If I am guilty of anything, it’s NOT of a SCAM ( as Christopher Walker a.k.a Walkerc maliciously claims to harm me ) or anything of the sort !

What I am guilty of is sticking up for my former best mate and business partner, my customers and present customers, the battler, general consumers and certainly myself. Having a back bone is something that I.M.H.O is something that Christopher Walker could only dream of…there again snakes have a back bone yet slither through life from victim to victim.

The REAL SCAM that needs to be reported is Christopher Peter Walker as a DIRECTOR of ROTADYNE Pty Ltd still taking suckers money for Tanks be it direct via or via numerous distributors or manufacturing arrangements with I.M.H.O taking the cash without care, concern nor intent to honour warranty claims when they arrive.

So long as he lives his Fat Cat-salubrious life on his private and secret acreage at 301 McCarrs Creek Road - Terry Hills NSW 2084 financed by YOU the consumer & also YOU funding his life in flying his helicopter to work at ROTADYNE Pty Ltd at 31-43 Power Street St. Marys NSW 2760 Ph 1800-251 663 he is happy and not of any care whatsoever. If you wish to view a SCAM as Walker tried to implement me with …there is one surly.

Should anyone care for a character reference on Christopher Peter Walker I would suggest you may like to speak with his siblings, the answers I.M.H.O will leave no doubt of what a scammer this Christopher Walker Guy is. The former accountants of his various companies might also like to offer a character reference.

He has the hide to point a finger at me, what you need to ask is for info pertaining to his I.M.H.O dodgy business operations back as far as 1981 when he switched names of PELENOD Pty Ltd to WALLEROO Pty Ltd.

Maybe somebody might like to follow the bouncing balls I.M.H.O of potential other SCAMS of his being a Director of and therefore steering via VINI Pty Ltd, WALLEROO Pty Ltd, ROTADYNE Pty Ltd, GARDENING.COM.AU Pty Ltd, THOLEPIN Pty Ltd, PATON, BURNS & Co Pty Ltd, TRADEHUB.NET Pty Ltd, PFAHLERTS Pty Ltd.

I have little doubt if you were to speak with his Brothers who jointly held Management positions in PELENOD Pty Ltd as it was REBIRTHED as WALLEROO PTY LTD where the skeletons lay you may just have yourself a great read !

Further, should you have any doubt you may care to research a Tank company that is now extinct named RAINHAVEN of which also had / was just ready to file a massive damages claim against ROTADYNE PTY LTD et al only for ROTADYNE Pty Ltd to “ play business chess ” and take them out first.

The business brains trust that was Rain Haven Water Tanks also got up as I did ( to ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and Christopher Peter Walker’s distaste ) and trades successfully these days, and so they are entitled too, as am I and my group of business opportunities.

It is known by many (and those that matter) and respectfully I submit should be noted by the reader with appreciation in advance, which I - Mark Thomas remain a victim of my own Goodwill.

Nothing more, nothing less. I made a few mistakes without intent, I learnt a few hard lessons also and tried my best with what I had to work with. Thousands of leaking water tanks and huge cash losses associated with same in serving upset consumers certainly didn’t help I will have you understand with respect please.

I sleep well every single night, yet when Christopher Walker and his pseudo associates and umbilical brothers’ pop/s up for another attack it’s Game On. He has tried and tried to attack via Courts, Internet hacking and many things including this attack on

We have a full trace on him and his cronies as do the Police both Federal & State. He now has A Current Affair watching this matter first hand !..we will join ALL the dots and have to date..TAKE note Walkerc !

To set the record straight if I so may regarding this supposed SCAM as reported by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and Christopher Peter Walker ( Walkerc ) as claimed above to which I respond in kind, H2Options, H2Options International and the original b4e Pty Ltd was forced into liquidation by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and Christopher Walker ( Walkerc ) due solely to the lack of support and / or correcting the serious matter at hand being hundreds and hundreds of leaking water tanks all over Australia.

The companies H2Options Australia Pty Ltd and b4e Pty Ltd managed by myself and former business partner WERE liquidated by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd as they had as assets significant databases, work-order book, know how, staff, marketing material and Christopher Walker wanted it without the warranty drama nor liability connection when consumers came knocking on the door.

He rolled his dice and lost. He forgot and or certainly didn’t understand my passion for what I had built, nor how I felt for rattling my best mate and business partner the night before in the secret meeting at ROTADYNE’s and Christopher Walkers accountants in Sydney.

I.M.H.O they ( Rotadyne, Walker, Cibej and Walkers current Accountants ) all obviously gave the poor guy a brutal ultimatum, threatened to take his house as well as much other distasteful things where he overloaded sadly and took his life very early the very next morning .

My only error was to represent & sell many thousands of Poly Rainwater Tank products without knowledge of the pending mess that surfaced some time later. To try and manage that huge mess and 15 staff – huge distribution channels etc. was a very very difficult task. I ask for a level of understanding if nothing else from the consumer reading this in detail in reply to ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and Walkers hideous attack as posted above back on 6th April and responded to by HIMSELF as " Walkerc " a day or so the adback of days and dates ! lol.

I mean what sort of IDIOT would do that ? Perhaps somebody without care, concern, nor decent and proper values. I mean you would have to be a Walleroo - Kangaroo short in the Top paddock to do such a thing particularly not checking how the post may be listed online under what

In recent years, many rainwater tank companies have ceased to exist for one reason or another but you will still see thousands of tanks and pumps being sold by myself Mark Thomas and legitimate, clean and successful Companies as b4e Australia Pty Ltd, Artesian Tanks, and Deluge Water Tanks etc into the market TODAY.

Can you see this as being possible if I were operating a dodgy and illegal business? I have first name contact with Senior management within The Office of Fair Trading where I help clients all the time, do you really think that would be possible if I was running a supposed SCAM ?

I currently represent two highly reputable manufacturing facilities located in Brisbane and their products are widely respected and supported with their own warranties DIRECT.

Reports of scams being perpetrated by Mark Bernard Thomas, Mark Thomas b4e Australia Pty Ltd,, and supposed scams as maliciously and defammingly reported here on the internet as initiated by Chris Walker, Christopher Peter Walker, Walkerc, Hermes Cibej and Rotadyne Pty Ltd as Management Team of Rotadyne Pty Ltd and others need to be looked at in depth to understand just who is the REAL culprit.

Rotadyne sold thousands of Tanks into the Australian Market all the way up and down the east Coast and all the way into South Australia. Rotadyne Pty Ltd have 3 Manufacturing plants each being in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane where they still today sell tanks masquerading behind Australian Standards which at time of writing is categorically NOT TRUE. Many of these Tanks made by Rotadyne Pty Ltd and distributed by companies associated with Christopher Walker, Hermes Cibej and Rotadyne Pty Ltd will in time continue to fail after several years of usage and Rain Harvesting cycles. after several years of service manufacturer Rotadyne Pty Ltd who was using moulds manufactured by Decke Sheet Metals to produce Poly Rainwater tanks for the market all over Australia.

Many of the tanks produced by Rotadyne Pty Ltd and Christopher Walker as Director of as time now has it were not fit for purpose. With thousands of failures over several years now & more continue to fail weekly all over Australia.. its not Mark Thomas the consumer needs to be aware of yet unscrupulous Rainwater Tank Manufactures’. Trust me as Mark Thomas who still sells thousands of Tanks yearly if anyone learnt the hard way and knows whose products and warranties are worth anything’s MARK THOMAS and his b4e Australia, Artesian Tanks and Deluge Tanks distribution channels. Despite these failures being created by poor mould design and poor manufacturing practices, the onus on replacement of these faulty tanks was left to Mark Thomas thus massive losses.

With NO support from Decke or Rotadyne but SUPPORTED by the very liquidators Rotadyne Pty Ltd had appointed to wind up H2Options and b4e Pty Ltd and with the ASSISTANCE – SUPPORT - ADVICE & UNDERSTADING of the Office of Fair Trading, Mark, now backed by legitimate manufacturers, is operating and supplying product to a wide range of Builders and Plumbers as well as Mr and Mrs every day family.

Many legitimate companies are now unknowingly using tanks still produced by
Rotadyne Pty Ltd as the manufacturer and Directed by Walkerc, Chris Walker, Christopher Walker and the Rotadyne Pty Ltd Managing and Sales Director in Hermes Cibej who is a manufacturer who has a proven track record of supplying inferior product into the market and then NOT backing it up with a warranty.

As the saying goes; Do not shoot the messenger.

Mark Thomas was and is the messenger and at great personal expense and significant financial loss of over $750K, fronted up to assist clients with claims against the manufacturer being Rotadyne Pty Ltd.

I did not hide, nor did I or would I run away but faced the problems and was found by Hills Insolvencies the liquidators ( engaged by Rotadyne Pty Ltd and Christopher Walker ) and the Office of Fair Trading to be doing the right thing. Still today Mark Thomas has the full support of the Office of Fair Trading while daily still selling and supplying thousands of Tanks a year into a huge and vast market both Direct To Consumer, and remains a significant supplier to the Building industry of Poly Tanks, Metal Tanks and Pumps into a broad market place.

To add to this point, if I Mark Thomas and my companies in b4e Australia Pty Ltd et al. was such a Scam as wrongly reported above on this website and selling some months over 200 Tanks into the market & mining sites all over Queensland them I’m doing OK if it’s a

I respectfully suggest to any party reading this that this hideous attack is a matter of sour grapes by Rotadyne Pty Ltd, Christopher Walker a.k.a Walkerc and Hermes Cibej for getting up after their attack and having a RED HOT GO.

Sadly the heat and pressure applied to myself and my business partner in the original Companies was incredible and a serious dose of inability by ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and its Associates, mould suppliers et al. to accept their own doing but to blame myself and my business partner. He couldn’t handle it and took his life, I got up, kept going as I was 110% entitled to do and it has frankly pissed ROTADYNE Pty Ltd and Christopher Walker…thus the attack above.

Why should I capitulate, stop doing what I do best and enjoy or run out and hang myself for their glory ..screw that.

I.M.H.O none of the afore going events would have been necessary had Rotadyne Pty Ltd, Walkerc, Christopher Walker, Hermes Cibej and Bruce Decke of Decke Sheet Metals lived up to their obligations and provided a product fit for purpose and honoured good and proper warranties.

It was only when they all realised there was a true and real Warranty Tsunami coming with insurance and warranty claims in excess of $580K that Rotadyne Pty Ltd, and its DIRECTOR Christopher Walker ( aka Walkerc ), Hermes Cibej and their accountants hatched a plan to kill us off, by applying maximum heat and pressure to both company and sadly proven person.

As for the last comment posted by "Samsadvice" back circa mid August 2011, it’s most likely just good Ol Christopher Walker / Walkerc and his Mental Midget Mates at play yet again, and ask the consumer to take it with a grain of salt as another thinly veiled attack as per the first listed complaint against myself and successful operation.

While I am at it if I so may, ROTADYNE’s & Christopher Walkers ( see Walkerc comment ) attack against Forest Accounting and Taxation Services is totally NOT TRUE and very spiteful.

Forest Accounting and Taxation Service being implemented in this attack above by Christopher Walker is also now a matter for Law where he will be made to pay for such slanderous and defamatory conduct against a most professional organisation.

Move on Christopher Walker (aka Walkerc), getting all worked up over something long gone is just destroying you, but there again that is possibly a good thing & that’s what Karma has a habit of doing to those who desperately deserve it.

Keep these malicious attacks as above up in to which I will rebut with the TRUTH and FACT and you Christopher Peter Walker and ROTADYNE Pty Ltd Management and your Umbilical Brother Associates et al. and the real can of Bean will be spilt.

Remember you & yours are under surveillance as engaged by myself & others via Federal and State Police, a Private Investigator and several Australian Government Departments for some very special attention.

Again, as the saying goes; Do Not Shoot the Messenger responding in Truth and Fact against such Slander, Deformation and Bull Poop as posted by YOU Christopher Walker ( Walkerc ).

If you think for one moment I will sit back and allow you to continue to do this to me YOU are a very very mistaken moron.

I strongly suggest you cease and desist in your constant attacks via the Internet and ANY other medium or YOU and YOURS can expect the unexpected.

I close in being sure its clear and you understand a copy of this response will be handed to ALL interested parties, Government Officials, A Current Affair, Federal and State Police Officials, Lawyers & others for a matter of record.

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