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Mark Duggan's Assassination's Motivation Explained
UK Police conspire with criminals to murder people to maintain funding and increase bribery potential
26th of Jan, 2014 by Star Fish
Mark Duggan, Broadwater farm, Police Corruption, Gangsters and a warning from history
[Police conspire with criminals to murder people to maintain funding and increase bribery potential]



The police's masonically named Operation Trident is a total red herring. There's hardley any gun crime in the UK, and there's already other armed officers, so it's a total waste of money. This being the case, the horrible vermin who've grown fat off the alleged 'black gun crime epidemic' have become worries that they will lose their jobs. Their solution is to increase gun crime and have a steady ammount of gangland killings to justify their existence. Obviously only a real idiot thinks that Mark Duggan had a gun and posed a threat, but when it now looks like the police conspired with other criminals to have him set up to be shot, rather than just being monkeys who don't know what they're doing and shouldn't be allowed scissors, let alone guns, the story takes an interesting twist.

For those foreign readers, please note that the ensuing riots didn't really happen and weren't really riots. There were people starting fires and throwing petrol bombs, and then there were texts telling people to smash up highstreets and steal TVs and trainers, and some did, but it was far from what it was shown to be, like a blazing inferno of murderous blacks everywhere. It was a very obvious state controlled operation.]

Lets talk about Mark Duggan… Or to be more specific, let me tell you about Mark Duggan’s murder, the police cover up, and much, much more besides.

The verdict of the Duggan inquest earlier this month caused fury when the jury agreed that he had been lawfully killed:

Mark Duggan inquest: 1,300 police officers ‘on standby’ in case of disorder after lawful killing verdict

More than 1,000 police officers were placed on standby in case riots broke out in the wake of the verdict at Mark Duggan’s inquest, a police chief has revealed.

The Met’s Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley told MPs that Scotland Yard was poised for extreme left wing groups and local gangs to hijack a vigil staged by relatives outside Tottenham police station over the weekend , as he appeared before the Commons Home Affairs committee today.

But he also also criticised public figures for questioning the verdict, which ruled father-of-six Mr Duggan was lawfully killed by police.

The inquest jury of seven women and three men also found by a majority verdict that it was most likely that Mr Duggan had a gun in the taxi, but threw it on to a nearby grass verge before he was shot.

Mr Rowley said armed criminals “chanced their luck” in the days after the inquest jury’s ruling, believing the Metropolitan Police would be “too timid” to run operations.

But eight firearms were seized and the same number of arrests made.

London MP Diane Abbott tweeted the night the inquest ended that she was “baffled” by the jury’s verdict – a move that was described by Tories as “irresponsible”.

And Mr Rowley said today: “We are a little concerned that some public figures have questioned the jury’s verdict and we believe the verdict should inspire confidence in the modern Met, professional, well-trained, judicious in its use of force but ready to be held to account for its actions.” Source

Coincidentally enough, the Coroner, Keith cutler – a Freemason – who presided over the inquest had once upon a time been a barrister at Middle Temple chambers, headed by former Tory deputy prime minister Geoffrey Howe:

The coroner in the controversial Mark Duggan inquest has said he will ask the dead man’s family to help shape recommendations on police firearms procedure.

Senior circuit judge Keith Cutler told The Mail on Sunday he will take ‘the unusual, perhaps unique step’ of inviting submissions from the Duggan family.

Among the issues he will seek views on will be ‘training of officers and preparation for operations’.

It is the first time the judge, who was criticised in some quarters over his handling of the inquest, has spoken publicly about the case. Source

Now, as you probably know, Duggan was shot by armed police back in August 2011, an event that triggered riots up and down the country.

Coincidentally, the first article that I ever wrote was a sample piece for the Sovereign Independent Newspaper which covered those riots.

Having said that, there is a lot more to how the riots came about than the MSM would have you believe.

Never the less, since the inquest into Duggan’s murder has only just been concluded, it just goes to show how long this Duggan cover-up has been going on!

Course, nine times out of ten, inquest timelines are always a good indication of whether or not a cover-up has taken place.

I will for instance, remind you that the spy in the bag cover up only concluded a few months back – very unsatisfactory was the verdict too.

And we are of course, still awaiting the inquest on the ‘suicided’ Nurse, Jacintha Saldanha who left this mortal coil at the beginning of Dec 2012.

So, let me be very clear here, a cover-up is exactly what took place in regard to the murder of Mark Duggan – And yes, murder is the correct word to use.

That is despite the inquest reaching a verdict of Lawful killing.

Mind you, quite how one human being can lawfully kill another when the death penalty has been abolished is beyond me, but there ya go.

In any case, the verdict is wrong, and quite fucking frankly it stinks to high heaven, especially when you take into account the fact that the murderers – who in this instance are the Mets Armed Response Unit – flatly refused to give oral testimony of their version of events on the shooting to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The following is from the Guardian:

The head of the police watchdog says officers involved in the operation that led to the killing of Mark Duggan may still have to attend interview, and she called on them to end their refusal to answer oral questions.

Dame Anne Owers, chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), said the insistence by officers that they would only answer questions in writing had caused a delay in the investigation of nearly a year.

She said the IPCC’s investigation into Duggan’s death was continuing, following last week’s inquest finding that his shooting was lawful and that he was not holding a gun when he came face to face with armed police officers.

Owers’ comments came in response to a Guardian interview last week with Commander Neil Basu, head of the Met’s firearms unit, in which he said the delay of more than two years was “emotionally intolerable” for his officers and the Duggan family.

Read More

Now, before I go any further I feel that an important issue in regard to the kind of man that Mark Duggan was needs to be addressed, as to not do so would mean that I would be failing in my pursuit of truth and justice for all.

You see, there is a photo doing the rounds on the social network sites that… Well, the photo is self explanatory as it happens:

Now the point I want to make is that; yes, whilst the MSM did use the cropped photo of Duggan in an effort to have him perceived as being “hard & cold”, the photo above is doing the exact same as the MSM except at the other end of the scale.

In other words, who ever released the un-cropped photo is using it to portray Duggan as a nice fella… Which by all accounts, he wasn’t.

However, in saying that, he didn’t deserve to be murdered, as was the Mets intention all along.

I firmly believe that every man is entitled to a trial by jury and Tridents armed response unit had no right to deprive him of one – especially not, since he was allegedly neither armed or resisting arrest.

Course, that truth, is quite the opposite of the lies published in the MSM at the time of the murder.

For instance on the 7th of August 2011, the Chimp reported that:

Officers from Trident, the police unit that deals with gun crime in the black community, had been attempting to arrest Mr Duggan when Thursday’s shooting took place. Source

Now there you have another example of the shit rag trying to pervert the course of duty.

I mean, if Duggan was unarmed, which he was, then how the fuck was he shot whilst the plod were trying to arrest him?

Yet that fact didn’t stop the corrupt Met from trying to blame Duggan’s actions on how he came to be shot.

The following is taken from another Chimp article published on August 8th 2011:

The bullet which lodged in a police officer’s radio in the gunfight which led to Mark Duggan being shot dead was police issue ammunition, it was reported last night.

The revelation will fuel the fury in Tottenham about the killing of the father of four by armed officers.

The bullet which was found lodged in the radio of one of the officers at the scene is still undergoing forensic tests. It was initially suggested by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) that Met officers returned fire after someone in the minicab opened fire.

Absolutely unforgivable!

The article then continues:

Yesterday Twitter was flooded with posts speculating about a police ‘execution’, while others said Mr Duggan was targeted because he was known to be a crack dealer and linked to the area’s many gangs, including the ‘N17 Farm’ based around the Broadwater Farm estate.

Okay, I can tell you that Duggan actually belonged to the Tottenham Man Dem (TMD), the second most feared criminal gang in London.

Now, when I say that these fella’s make the Kray Firm look like naughty rascals, I ain’t fucking kidding:

From murders and inter-gang feuds to supplying class A drugs, the Mark Duggan inquest gave a rare insight into the police intelligence on the Tottenham Man Dem, and what they actually knew about one of the most notorious organised criminal gangs in Europe.

Ashley Underwood QC, counsel to the inquest, lifted the lid on the Met Police’s efforts to tackle the TMD while questioning Det Ch Insp Mick Foote, now an acting superintendent but then in charge of Operation Dibri.

The operation, live since November 2008, saw police “conducting a confidential covert proactive operation” in a bid to arrest the most senior members of a gang whose “line of business” involved the supply of class A drugs, firearms, kidnapping, blackmail and GBH.

But when police saw an upsurge in gang tensions in the run up to July 2011, Supt Foote decided to instigate the four-day operation that ended in Mark Duggan’s shooting.

At that point the TMD ranked second on the Met’s Organised Crime Network matrix, making them the second most harmful gang in the capital.

“TMD members and their associates are regularly attending nightclubs and parties in the London area and when doing so have firearms either on their person or nearby with their associates,” his report from July 25, 2011, said.

Specifically, a long-term feud between the TMD and the London Fields Boys in Hackney had reignited after the shooting of a 16-year old boy in a Hackney nightclub by a TMD member. They stood trial but were acquitted.

Since the start of Operation Dibri, the TMD had been linked to nine gun murders, five attempted murders, three gun-related cases of GBH and another GBH.

Reprisal attacks over the same time saw the gang suffer three murders and two attempted murders, while police had recovered numerous firearms, ammunition and large quantities of controlled drugs belonging to the TMD and their associates.

Supt Foote’s report adds: “In order to maintain their control and status they have a propensity to use firearms and extreme violence… They have a history of robbing other drug dealers, as these crimes are very rarely reported.”

Even V53, the officer who shot Mr Duggan, said he had “a healthy respect” for the TMD who are “very good at what they do and at not getting caught,” adding: “We had to be at the top of our game”.

Around 100 suspects were being tracked by Operation Dibri, but a core of 48 “were considered the most violent people” not only in London but in Europe, because of their involvement with importing drugs.

They were “closely linked to Turkish criminal organisations as well”, Supt Foote’s report noted.

In a review of Operation Dibri the day before Mr Duggan was killed, held with the Met’s Intelligence Bureau, it is noted that “some of the top tier are within reach of being arrested for substantive offences”. Mr Duggan was described as one of those “most active” and thus “most likely” to be arrested. Source

I will come back to that police ‘operation’ shortly.

However, for the moment, lets return to that Chimp article from 2011:

One tweet compared his death to that of Jean Charles de Menezes and the singer Smiley Culture, who is said to have stabbed himself to death when officers arrived to question him over drugs offences.

It read: ‘The police said Mark Duggan had a gun. Smiley Culture had a knife. Jean Charles de Menezes had a bomb. Ian Tomlinson died of natural causes.’

But IPCC Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne denied the reports of an execution.

She said: ‘The investigation into the circumstances of Mark Duggan’s death must remain my priority. Source

And two and a quarter years later, that priority is fulfilled… Just sayin’.

It also has to be said that the Tweet about the other three deaths is bang on the money.

Now the TMD gang originated on the Notorious Broadwater Farm Housing Estate, scene of the 1985 riots, which erupted after Cynthia Jarrett, aged 49, died from massive heart failure after police raided her home.

During the course of the Riots, PC Keith Blakelock, then aged 40, was stabbed 42 times and died later in hospital. However, before I continue further, just have a read of this newspaper snippet and see what it reminds you of:

He was knifed 42 times and it is believed his attackers tried to decapitate him in order to display his head on a pole in a gruesome taunt to other officers. Source

Exactly… If you are thinking in terms of Lee Rigby’s murder of course.

Sadly, in the case of Keith Blakelock the injuries were real and the situation that he and his colleagues found themselves in must have been absolutely terrifying.

Now before I give you a full & horrific account of that attack, I have to say that the old bill would be wise to take notice of the horror Blakelock & Co faced.

I say that, because the tipping point for peoples rising anger at what the likes of the Cunt Cameron & his band of Nonce Ponce Sniffenpissins are doing to this country must surely be arrived at sooner or later.

And when it is, the following situation is what they will face protecting rich scum cunts who don’t give a fuck about the mugs as long as they are safe themselves… Just sayin’.

Blakelock was assigned on the night to Serial 502, a Metropolitan police unit consisting of a sergeant and 10 constables from Hornsey and Wood Green police stations. A “shield serial” was a unit equipped with shields, Nato helmets and a personnel carrier; expecting trouble, the Metropolitan police had increased the deployment of these patrols across the capital. Serial 502 consisted of three Scots, three Londoners, including a Jamaican, and one each from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Sunderland and Merseyside.

At 9:30 pm Sgt David Pengelly led the unit into Broadwater Farm to protect firemen who had earlier been forced out of the estate’s Tangmere block where a fire had started in a newsagent’s on the first floor.

One of the firemen, Trevor Stratford, said the men made their way up an enclosed staircase, with Serial 502 behind them. Dozens of rioters suddenly appeared on the floor at the top of the stairs, blowing whistles and throwing bottles; it was later suspected that the setting of the fire had been an ambush.

Pengelly ordered the officers and firemen to retreat. They were forced to run backwards down the narrow staircase, fearful of tripping over the fire hoses, which had been flat before but were now full of water.

PC Richard Coombes said the noise was deafening – the rioters were shouting, “Kill the pigs” – and he could hardly see through the scratched Perspex visor on his helmet. “I had a tiny, short truncheon. … We were woefully under-equipped.”

Attack on Blakelock

As they ran down the stairwell, Statford saw there were rioters at the bottom of the stairs too, wearing masks or crash helmets, and carrying knives, baseball bats, bricks and petrol bombs.

As the firefighters and police ran out of the stairwell toward a car park and a patch of grass, Stratford saw that Blakelock had tripped and fallen: “He just stumbled and went down and they were upon him. It was just mob hysteria. … There were about 50 people on him.

The rioters removed Blakelock’s protective helmet, which was never found. Rose writes that the pathologist, David Bowen, found 54 holes in his overalls, and 40 cutting or stabbing injuries, eight of them to his head, caused by a machete, sword or axe-type instrument.

A six-inch-long knife was buried in his neck up to the hilt. His hands and arms were cut to ribbons, and he had lost several of his fingers trying to defend himself. There were 14 stabbing wounds on his back, six on his face, a six-inch gash across the right side of his head, and his jawbone had been smashed. Bowen said the force of the blow that caused this injury had been “almost as if to sever his head.”

A second group surrounded PC Coombes, who sustained a five-inch-long cut to his face, a broken upper jaw, and a smashed lower jaw.

In 2004 he said he was still suffering the effects of the attack, including poor hearing and eyesight, and epileptic fits. Police regard the attack on him as attempted murder. A third constable, Michael Shepherd, had his protective helmet pierced by an iron spike.

Several of the police officers and firemen turned and ran back toward the crowd to try to save Blakelock and Coombes. Trevor Stratford told a reporter in 2010: “I remember running in with another fire officer to get Dick Coombes. I literally slid into the group, like a rugby player charging into a ruck. We dragged him out, but he was in a hell of a state.”

I then ran back towards Keith Blakelock. Other police officers were already there. We were all being hit and beaten, but I managed to get hold of his collar and pull his head and shoulders out of the group. One of the other officers helped me to drag him out.

Dave Pengelly kept a rearguard barrier between us and the rioters, standing in the middle of it all with just a shield and a truncheon, trying to fend them off, which is an image I’ll never forget.

Between us all we managed to manhandle Keith out to the road, and safety. He was already unconscious when I’d got to him on the ground. I started mouth-to-mouth and heart massage on him, but his injuries were just horrific.

He had a knife embedded up to the handle in the back of his neck. We could see he had multiple stab wounds and some of his fingers were missing. I just kept working on him with another officer, and I think we got some response, but only very limited.

Blakelock was taken by ambulance to the North Middlesex Hospital, but died on the way. Coombes said in 2010 that, when the other officers got back to the safety of their van, “We just sat there, numb with shock, and life was never the same again for any of us.”

Now, as I’m sure most of you know, Winston Silcott, who in 1985 was a resident on the estate and was at the time of the riots on bail for murdering boxer Anthony Smith, 24, was convicted of Blakelock’s murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Never the less, Silcotts conviction was later overturned on the grounds that it was unsafe, and as a consequence, he was awarded £67 Grand in compensation.

Course, that would have been a right result had Silcott been at liberty to spend it but seeing as he was doing life for murdering Tony Smith, he didn’t get a chance to do so until he was released on licence having served a total of 18 years.

Now fuck knows what happened to all that money, but a year after his release, Silcott was caught shoplifting in the TK Maxx store in Wood Green, North London and as is the case with all ‘lifers’ released on licence, he was immediately recalled to prison… So, he’d either had one hell of a jolly up and spent it all, or he was a kleptomaniac.

However, as to the question of was Silcott a gang leader or not – well the jury is still out on that one.

Certainly the police had him down as one, but then again, the police were out to get Silcott at all costs:

David Rose writes that a former detective inspector called the Blakelock investigation a “pre-scientific inquiry, it was all about how to get Winston Silcott convicted, not discovering who killed Keith Blakelock.”

By the time of the murder, the local police saw Silcott as the “biggest mafioso in Tottenham,” running gangs of muggers and paying them in drugs, according to Rose’s source

Read More

And to be fair, by the time Silcott was convicted of Keith Blakelock’s murder in 1987, the 6 foot 6 inch mountain of a man had racked up his 4th murder trial in his 28 years on earth.

You see, as well as being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1986 for the murder of Tony Smith, in September 1980 Silcott had stood trial twice for the murder of 19-year-old postal worker, Lennie McIntosh,who in 1979, Silcott was alleged to have stabbed and killed at a party in Muswell Hill.

The first trial resulted in a hung jury; and the second saw him acquitted.

Never the less, it was another of the six males in total who stood in the dock accused of Keith Blakelocks murder, who would later go on to become the leader of the TMD gang.

Mark Lambie, 42, known as ‘The Prince of Darkness’ was famously cleared of the coppers murder amidst much controversy at the time, but was later given a 12 year life sentence in 2002 for the kidnap and torture of two men in north London.

Lambie had only been 14 years old when he stood next to Silcott in the Dock at the Blakelock murder trial, yet he had more charges brought against him than both Silcott and the other 4 defendants had:

The trial of the six – Silcott, Raghip and Braithwaite, the adults; and Pennant, Hill and Lambie, the youths – began in court number two of the Old Bailey on 14 January 1987, and lasted 44 days. All the men were charged with murder, riot, and affray; Lambie was also charged with throwing petrol bombs. Source: Wikipedia.

The gangster, who had been on Operation Trident’s “most wanted” list when he was jailed in 2002, was released after serving 7 years in 2009 but recalled back to prison a year later after also having his licence revoked following an alleged blackmail incident in Manchester.

No charges were ever brought against him, but Lambie was never the less kept locked up and subsequently rejected for parole in October 2010.

The following is from the Tottenham & Wood Green Journal:

From his jail cell in HMP Swaleside, in Kent, Lambie is now claiming a parole board decision to keep him in prison is “irrational” and he should be freed.

In its decision, the parole board described how Lambie’s gang kidnapped two men in 2001 and took them to a flat in Tottenham, where they were hit with a hammer. The prosecution also alleged they were burnt with an iron and had boiling water poured on their genitals.

Rejecting his case for release in October last year, the parole board found: “You are assessed as posing a high risk of harm to members of the public.”

Lambie, who has 42 previous convictions, is now applying for a judicial review of the parole board’s decision not to recommend his release. Source

Now, before I conclude this section on the Broadwater Farm Riots, it is worth mentioning that forty four year old Nicholas Jacobs is currently awaiting trial for the murder of Keith Blakelock.

That would have made Jacobs sixteen years old at the time of the murder.

Suffice to say, the trial appears to be one long trail of hold ups and false starts:

The man accused of the murder of Pc Keith Blakelock in the 1985 Broadwater Farm riots has been pictured holding a sign protesting his innocence.

The picture of Nicholas Jacobs, 44, was released just days after appearing in court charged with the murder of the officer, who was stabbed as he tried to protect firefighters as they tackled a blaze at a supermarket during the height of the unrest in Tottenham, north London 28 years ago.

The poster, which has some spelling errors, reads: ‘I did not murder PC Blakelock. I was not there when PC Blakelock was murderd. I don’t know who murderd PC Blakelock. I’m innocent.’ Source

Okay, it was sometime during the course of Mark Lambie’s incarceration, that the Tottenham Man Dem was taken over by a fella who is described by Operation Trident police officers as being a Celebrity Gangster (CG).

Now, it is indeed fair to say that if you are a fan of Gangsta Rap, you will have heard of this fella, and even if you’re not, you will have in all likelihood have heard of the group that he performs with.

The group or ‘crew’ as those of us who are ‘with it’ refer to Rap groups as being, did in fact have a UK number 1 hit in August 2001 called 21 seconds to go.

Quite strange really because you don’t really associate celebrity rappers with being, proper nasty pieces of work.

That is to say, they act the part – take 4 ft 8 ins US Rapper M&M for instance, who I believe had a hit with a cover version of Slades, ‘My Friend Stan’.

I mean to hear him talk you would think he was 6 ft 8 ins tall instead of his maximum 4 ft 8 ins.

Yet a short arsed, spoilt brat, white boy can’t really be taken seriously when threatening to “Bus Up” someone’s “Ras Bloodclart” - whatever that is – especially when they are called Marshal Mellow the 3rd… Or something like that.

However, according to my information, our CG is the real macoy.

“A-ha.! I know who it is now… Its Van Macoy isn’t it Spiv… I’m bastard right, me… Aren’t I… Aren’t I“?

Fuck off Voice – I’m bastard busy here!

Now, the celebrity gangster – as you would expect – has a roster of celebrity friends who include footballer, Shaun Wright-Philips, US rap star 10 Bob 50 Cent and the actor Ashley Walters… But not the top UK Rap Artist Dizzee Rascal.

You see, our CG was questioned by the Babylon – Police, for those of you who are ‘without it’ – in 2006, in connection with the 2003 near fatal stabbing of Dizzee Rascal which took place in an Ayia Napa – pronounced Higher Napper apparently – night club after the Rap Star allegedly pinched the bum of our intrepid CG’s girlfriend.

And by girlfriend, I have to be honest and say I havent been able to find out if she is his lover or just a female friend.

Still, hopefully getting stabbed will have taught the Naughty Rascal (pictured), not to mess with the King of the Castle… Yo, Jus’ bumberclart sayin’, ya’getmee now… Golly! I went all fucking ‘street’ then. Luckily, I can pull street jive off… Many can’t, don’t cha know.

Mind you, CG’s Girlfriend – as in lover – is apparently also a well known singer (be it her of bum pinching incident or not) and the couple live in a vast mansion a world away from the Tottenham slums our man was brought up in.

The Trident profilers have CG tagged as an extremely dangerous sociopath who was the prime suspect of his brother in laws murder as well as the prime suspect in six more.

He is also suspected to be behind the shooting, but not killing of one of his own gang… And was a known, close associate of ’North Star’ AKA TMD gangster … Mark Duggan, who is also known as Starish Mark.

“Can ya till oow it is yit”?

Fuck of Rofl, ya nonce… I’m bastard busy here.

The fella in question is Dwight Vincent, AKA So Solid Crews founder member, MegaMan.

The following snippets are taken from a BBC news report:

So Solid Crew band leader Megaman has been cleared of the murder of Colin Scarlett, who was shot outside his south London home in 2004.

Megaman, whose real name is Dwayne Vincent, was just 21 when the group, whose numbers swelled to about 30 members, shook up the UK music scene in 2000, winning Mobos and then Brit Awards.

So Solid Crew’s biggest hit was the number one single 21 Seconds, but after its success some of the group were regulars in the news for the wrong reasons.

A 21st birthday party for one of the members at the Astoria venue was marred by a gun fight which left two men wounded.

A fatal shooting in Luton was also linked to the band because it happened after one of their gigs.

Although they disputed their involvement in violence, several So Solid members have been jailed for gun-related crime or assault, including Asher D and G-Man.

Megaman was quizzed over the stabbing of rapper Dizzee Rascal in Cyprus in 2003. He had been performing at the same club as Dizzee but was quickly eliminated from inquiries.

Two years later, Megaman found himself in court facing a gun-related murder charge, of which he has now been cleared. Source

Now, the girl allegedly behind the reason for Dizzee Rascal almost being stabbed to death and who may or may not have been Vincent’s girlfriend, but whom he is never the less very protective over, is Lisa Maffia (pictured above with Megaman) – ironically her real name.

The following is what Dizzee Rascal had to say about the stabbing:

Dizzee Rascal is sitting in an upstairs conference room in his record company’s warren of offices in south-west London, idly rubbing one of his scars through his T-shirt. He lifts the Boxfresh sports top, the size-sticker from Foot Locker still stuck to the front, to show me. The angry cross-hatch of purple weals between his nipples is matched by four on his back and, according to some reports, one on his buttocks. He’s bored and, at the same time, wary of discussing the factual minutiae.

On July 9 Dizzee Rascal had been due to perform at Ayia Napa’s Gas Club, one of many hotspots in the Cyprus town favoured by the holidaying UK garage constituency. On his way to the beach that day he was jumped by six men and stabbed. He was taken to hospital but discharged himself after two days. Newspaper stories said the assailants were linked to south London’s So Solid Crew, the controversial erstwhile leaders of the British garage scene. Reportedly, there was an ongoing feud between Dizzee Rascal, the Roll Deep Crew of which he was a member, and So Solid Crew. Specifically, in Ayia Napa, Dizzee was said to have incurred the ire of So Solid when he pinched the bum of their leading lady, Lisa Maffia.

For reasons both legal and logical, Dizzee has been loath to discuss the incident. What can he say about Ayia Napa now?

“I can say that I enjoyed myself for a bit…” he says measuredly. “…But that happened. I don’t look at it like something I’m mad about. Not that I’m not mad about it. But I’ve been in beef all my life. And that is the truth. I try and be nice, I ain’t got nothing to prove by sitting here and trying to be gangsta for people. But I can tell you I been fighting my whole life. I never had no dad,” he continues, saying that he was two when his dad died, of a heart attack, he thinks; no, he has no memory of him. “I grew up, I had to look after myself.”

Is it nonsense that you were attacked because you pinched Lisa Maffia’s bum? “Nah, it is a little bit-” Dizzee plays with the collar of his baseball jacket. “Like I said, I’ve had beef, on the underground, all over the place, before I got in the mainstream. I’ve had my problems, everyone’s got their people and their enemies. Sometimes you meet them and it just happens.”

I spoke to So Solid Crew’s leader Megaman a couple of weeks after the stabbing. He admitted that he’d been questioned by the police over it, but that was normal. Since he is something of a well-connected summer fixture of the party island, Megaman had said, the police knew to ask him if he’d heard anything about the assault.

“There ain’t no story with me and Dizzee Rascal,” Megaman told me. “Me and Dizzee Rascal are cool. At the end of the day, there was a little disruption with a few other guys who was around us, [So Solid-associated act] Cream Cartel. It’s all level now. I spoke to Dizzee and the whole of Roll Deep. They’re cool with us. It’s just one of those things.”

I tell Dizzee this, and that the So Solid majordomo had professed to be happy at the news, announced three days prior to my conversation with Megaman, that Dizzee had been nominated for the Mercury. “Dizzee’s well talented, man,” Megaman had said. Dizzee shifts in his seat and, for the first time, is silent.

“Yeah, yeah… I don’t really care about them, to tell you the truth, but it’s good that Megaman said that.”

Megaman also said that if Dizzee had the right producers behind him, he could come up with “beats that the majority of people would love to listen to”.

Dizzee thinks about this for a minute. “That’s why I don’t really talk about So Solid – they can’t make up their minds. They’ll be saying we need to hook up, blah blah, the next, on a mix CD, this one’s running their mouth, that one’s running their mouth.” Source

Now, having read that, one thing is for sure; whoever did stab him wasn’t fucking about.

However, it has to be said that So Solid Crew are no strangers to violence:

So Solid Crew soared to national fame in 2001, reaching number one with their first single 21 Seconds.

But the Brit Award-winning band have been dogged by violence.

Their debut tour in 2001 had to be called off after a series of incidents.

A youth who had been to one of their concerts was killed by fans using baseball bats and knives and two people were shot during a show at the London Astoria.

At least two members of the band – whose ages range from nine to 27 – have been stabbed and another was shot and wounded.

In March last year, 19-year-old Ashley Walters – known as Asher D – was jailed for 18 months for having a loaded gun in his car. He served seven months.

Two more members, Jason Phillips and Shane Neil, both 24, are currently on remand in custody awaiting trial on a charge of possessing a gun and ammunition. They have denied the offence.

Another member broke a 16-year-old girl’s jaw in two places after she refused to have sex with him. Source


Now, interestingly enough, Lisa Maffia, the only female in the 30 strong So Solid Crew, and the name ‘North Star’ – as in Mark Duggans North Star gangs name – are synonymous with each other.

And, whilst Lisa maybe outwardly respectable and lovely looking, it has to be said that she likes her lovers to be men of violence.

The following is taken from an article published by the Guardian in 2003:

On April 21, one day before the release of her debut single, Maffia was due to play a PA at the London club Turnmills. A gunfight broke out between two groups of men, and in the ensuing car chase 26-year-old Jason Fearon was shot dead. Maffia, who had cancelled the PA due to illness, wasn’t at Turnmills that night. It was at her home, however, that the police arrested 22-year-old Clint Ponton, who works for So Solid promoters North Star, on May 15 in connection with the shooting. He is now out on bail and denies the charges.

A month later Jason “G-Man” Phillips, a So Solid member and Maffia’s former fiance, was sentenced to four years for fleeing a suspected drug deal with a loaded gun. Then, on July 7, rapper Dizzee Rascal, real name Dylan Mills, was stabbed in UK garage mecca Ayia Napa. It’s rumoured that Mills, who had a long-running feud with So Solid Crew, had prompted the assault by pinching Maffia’s backside. Source

So, the Promoters North Star are obviously no strangers to violence themselves. Interestingly enough Clint Pontons partner at North Star Promotions was one Wesley Lambie, brother of the afore mentioned Prince of Darkness, Mark Lambie.

Photo: Wes Lambie

Moreover, the following snippet in relation to the same shooting confirms that Lisa and Clint Ponton were an item:

His [Dizzee Rascal] stabbing was not the end of the violence. Four days later, a 23-year-old English musician was knifed in Ayia Napa.

Shortly afterwards, Londoners Clint Ponton, 22, and Wesley Lambie, 24, who work for So Solid promoters North Star, were arrested. Charges of assault were later dropped, but they were convicted and fined for carrying knives. Ponton is no stranger to controversy – or the police. Three weeks ago, he was due to answer police bail after he was arrested in connection with the murder of Jason Fearon in April.

Jamaican Fearon, 27, who owned a luxury pounds 250,000 flat in East London, was gunned down after trouble started at the launch party of Lisa Maffia’s solo album. He tried to speed off in his Audi TT but died in a hail of more than 20 bullets. A month later, armed police raided Maffia’s home, dragged out Ponton and arrested him.

DETECTIVES in London, alerted to his presence in Ayia Napa, were eager to contact him again.

But Ponton says he had nothing to do with the murder of Fearon, the brother of the mother of his only child.

He told the Daily Mirror: “It wasn’t me. The police are saying I’m responsible and now I may not get to see my daughter.

“We are trying to change our lives. We have had a lot of trouble in the past but we are changing our lives now.”

For Ayia Napa, the violence has bred a climate of fear. One shopkeeper says: “All the knife crime here used to be carried out by tourists. Now our hooligans are carrying knives to keep up with the gangs coming from London.

“Our worry is for ordinary holidaymakers getting caught in the crossfire of this violence.”

So Solid were holding court this week at the Black and White, one of the town’s 25-plus clubs. While the identically dressed Twin MCs sat aloof from the proceedings, Megaman was treated like garage royalty. As the guest DJs performed, he slowly moved between groups of scantily-dressed women. Dressed all in white and with a sweatband around his head, Megaman’s presence excited fans and friends alike.

For two or three minutes he swayed with one woman before moving on to the next. The group cannot walk through the town without being mobbed for pictures and autographs. Every Sunday night at the 1,300-capacity Club Ice is a sell-out.

But So Solid are unlikely to be thrown out of the club because of the growing problems. The owners, the powerful Melas brothers, have a very special link with the crew as their nephew Anthony was once a member.

Linos Melas, 38, plays down the violence. “I hear people say there is a problem in London and then they come here to solve it,” he says. “They don’t – they come here to have fun.” Source

Ponton was later stabbed himself in 2009 whilst still apparently being romantically involved with Lisa Maffia:

Police have released CCTV images of a man suspected of stabbing rapper Clint Ponton at the 6th Urban Music Awards in London last November.

Organisers were forced to shut down the event after Ponton, pictured, was stabbed in the neck during the ceremony.

The image, below, was taken from a camera at the Indig02 in Greenwich and show a man running away from the scene minutes after the stabbing.

Ponton, 27, boyfriend of So Solid beauty Lisa Maffia and a member of North Star rap group, was taken to hospital to receive treatment and is thought to have made a full recovery.

And then there is this from

Despite her frequent TV engagements, Lisa hasn’t quit music. After breaking from her old record company, Independiente, Lisa founded Maffia Recordz, and by early 2005, she had already signed North Star to her new label.

Okay, lets connect the dots so to speak:

Tottenham Mandem (TMD) . Location London Borough of Haringey. , organised on over a dozen estates and main thoroughfares throughout Tottenhams N15 and N17 postal districts.

Main base has historically been the Broadwater Farm housing estate followed by south Tottenham.

History: In the late 1970′s, a group of individuals known as the Broadwater Farm Posse were active on the Broadwater Farm estate (see Broadwater Farm Posse). The Tottenham Mandem, known originally as ‘Frontliners’ or ‘Totten’am Boys’, were a follow on generation to the Farm Posse who had firmly established their reputation by the time of the 1985 riots on the Broadwater Farm estate.

Police Constable Keith Blakelock was murdered during the course of those riots. When alleged Broadwater Farm Posse member Winston Silcott was first in custody after the riots, during questioning after being asked did you murder Police Constable Blakelock, the police claimed he had been put in the frame by local youths, also with alleged involvement.

Amongst those kids allegedly involved was Mark Lambie. Lambie was born in 1971 and acquired a string of violent offences as a youth. As said, his first major allegation was the murder of PC Blakelock, who was hacked to death, in 1985 when he was just 14. Lambie laughed as the case against him and two other juveniles collapsed. In the following years he built up a fearsome reputation for shootings, robbery, kidnap, torture and drug-running.

Flaunting gold jewellery, designer clothes and expensive cars, he went on to lead the Tottenham Mandem gang after the older generation had moved away from the gritty end of the business, staying in the background to organise and arrange drugs and firearms for the street gangsters of north London. Lambie’s first major conviction was in 1991 following a gang shooting in Holloway to which he pleaded guilty for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

By the mid-1990′s, Lambie had links across London (in other notorious areas such as Harlesden, Ladbroke Grove, Lambeth and Lewisham) and beyond. He and the Tottenham Mandem took control over large parts of London’s street drug trade, often by force and extreme violence.

By 1995, one of his main rivals was another alleged street gangster Jerome Maddix. There was a drive-by at Maddix’s home and he was murdered the following year in Jamaica.

Maddix’s murder was followed by a series of tit-for-tat shootings between TMD and their rivals from northwest London.

Lambie was believed to be an associate of the Lock City Crew. , who were also engaged in rivalry with another northwest London ‘Yardie’ gang. Several murders had occurred by the late 1990′s involving older criminals linked to Tottenham and Harlesden, one of which saw disc jockey Laverne Forbes and her partner Patrick ‘Nookie’ Smith gunned down at their home on the Ferry Lane estate N17.

In 1996, police believed that Lambie and an associate Clifford Angol were behind the shooting and wounding of Kenneth Rowe in Willesden. Rowe, originally from Stamford Hill, had been part of a gang of steamers from South Tottenham, Stamford Hill and Clapton, called the DMC Posse in the late 1980′s. Rowe declined to aid police in his shooting.

The following April, in what appeared to be an attack against Lambie, two men were shot in a case of mistaken identity at the Place To Be Caribbean restaurant in Kensal Rise. Three gunmen walked into the restaurant asking for ‘Mark’ to identify himself. Mark Lambie, who was believed to have been there, kept quiet. Instead two other men identified themselves and taking no precautions the gunmen shot both. One was Mark Spence, an unemployed painter and decorator, who was immediately shot dead. The other, Mark Verley, was shot in the spine and paralysed. He died sometime later.

It is not known whether or not Kenneth Rowe was one of the gunmen but six weeks later he himself was shot dead in Mount Pleasant Lane, Upper Clapton. Lambie and Angol, suspects in the earlier shooting, were arrested although there was insufficient evidence. A couple of days later Clifford Angol was shot dead as he sat in Lambie’s BMW outside the Warwick Castle Pub in Portobello Road. The gunman had pulled up beside him in a yellow car and calmly shot him six times.

The youngest generation of Tottenham Mandem began to establish their fearsome and violent reputation from 1996-97. The TMD sphere of control in north London at that point was tremendous. They had influence over a host of new developing gangs that also arose in the late 1990′s such as Edmonton Firm. , Wood Green Firm. , Hornsey. , parts of N19 and bits of N16.

This younger generation grew in secondary schools amongst young teens from 1994-95, together they were the ‘Firm’ encompassing the aforementioned areas, but they started to become independent by 1996-97. The wider gang organisation grew to become seemingly a very organised unit of bosses, lieutenants, soldiers and areas based groups.

The older generations were responsible for different parts of north London and the local drug markets. At the top was Mark Lambie, known also as “The Prince of Darkness” or as “Phantom”. He was the boss of the ‘street team’ that was TMD. Above him remained the old timers who maintained drug and firearm connections amongst the organised criminal element with links to the Caribbean.

Below Lambie there was lieutenants who controlled geographical areas: these included men such as Anthony Bourne, known as Blue from Edmonton, who headed the Edmonton Firm (sometimes referred to as Edmonton Mandem), Warren Leader was based in Wood Green and then there was a host of infamous Tottenham criminals. In 1997, the youngers of TMD, aged predominantly in their mid to late teens, came into conflict with another gang predominantly from London Fields in Hackney. It was one of London’s most bloodiest and intense gang rivalries claiming several lives in six years.

Tottenham Mandem versus Hackney Boys (London Fields) 1997-2003 At this point in time the Hackney Boys. were predominantly from the London Fields area although were close to other Hackney Boys on the Pembury and Mothers Square estates, it was not quite a borough wide gang but covered the E2/E5/E8 postcodes. According to the book, Guns and Gangs, by Grahame McLagan the police Operation Trident unit put the start of the war down to the killing of Guydance Dacres, 16, who was shot dead in Chimes in January 1997.

It occurred at a private party when Tottenham Mandem associate Anthony ‘Blue’ Bourne was alleged to have fired a gun at the club which hit and killed Hackney youth Dacres. However, the real ignition is believed by many to have been brought on earlier. In 1995, a couple of youths from Tottenham had been friendly with youths from London Fields and Pembury, they went out together robbing people, including young dealers, in other parts of north London.

They also went on steaming robberies across shops. The Tottenham youths however started to come back to Hackney and re-rob the Hackney youths which caused very serious grievances. One of the TMD youths stabbed a Hackney Boy from Pembury in the leg during one of the re-robberies, an act which led to a series of cyclical violence between the two areas. Rare Tottenham & Hackney Link Up – The Slums Im From.

A couple of TMD youths were confronted by Hackney Boys following this, which incidentally also came a month after the murder of Dacres. The TMD boys were chased but one youth, Kingsley ‘Popcorn’ Iyasara was cornered into a block of flats on the Carlton Lodge estate, a small estate around Carlton Road just north of Finsbury Park.

He was beaten up and then shot dead in the presence of at least six members of the Hackney Boys. He bled to death on the roof of a block of flats. The 16-year-old Popcorn was well known and well connected in the Tottenham area. One TMD youth, and later music artist Clint Ponton, helped convict the six suspects from Hackney having also been chased along with Popcorn, and whilst a single killer was not identified the suspects were all sentenced at the Old Bailey for between four and six years each. It was also alleged Ponton had arranged a deal with the seventh suspect who was found not guilty.

The Hackney youths were largely from London Fields, whilst TMD where largely from Broadwater Farm. Although this conflict is often labelled Hackney versus Tottenham, it’s really more linked to those two estates within each borough. The series of killings and reprisals between the two areas really kicked off in the late 1990′s. Two of those convicted for the murder of Popcorn were shot dead by TMD soon after their release from prison in separate incidents. In June 1999, Meneliek Robinson, 20, was driving his red BMW convertible in Hackney when it was followed by two motorbikes.

One pulled in front of the BMW, blocking its way, whilst another stopped beside it. The pillion passenger dismounted and walked up to the side window firing several shots. Two years later in April 2001 another of the Hackney Boys convicted, Corey Wright, 20, was also shot dead in his car in Hackney. His friend who was with him, Wayne Henry, was also killed. The shots fired into Wright’s BMW caused the vehicle to lose control and it went off the road into a bus stop by Thistlethwaite Road in Lower Clapton.

These were some of the 8 gang and organised crime related killings that earned Lower and Upper Clapton Road the reputation as ‘Murder Mile’. Although the murders were never solved, some people believe Clint Ponton had some involvement and it is alleged he contacted the Hackney Boys to deny his involvement a couple of days after the murders of Wright and Henry.

Hackney responded with the murder of TMD / Firm member Adrian ‘Buckhead’ Crawford from Edmonton. He was murdered in December 2002 after being shot down in a hail of bullets in front of his pregnant girlfriend in West Green Road, Tottenham. Hackney Boy Daniel ‘DC’ Cummings, who was also a Hounslow club promoter, was pinned with the murder having been identified by witnesses. However, Clint Ponton again comes into the frame according to street legends.

They go along the lines that Daniel Cummings was not behind the killing but Clint Ponton had forced Crawford’s girlfriend to identify Cummings, a strategic move of sorts. Cummings has been serving a life sentence since 2003. A series of events following the Crawford murder led to the eventual death of Hackney boy Jason Fearon.

It happened at Turnmills club in Clerkenwell during a So Solid Crew event (an act managed by Tottenham Mandem’s later NorthStar team) where singer Lisa Maffia was to be promoting her debut single. An anonymous tip-off was made to Crimestoppers that there would be trouble at the event and there was an attempt to prevent the event going ahead but the event organiser refused. As a result the police parked a vehicle outside the club hoping that would deter any would be gunmen.

However, in the early hours several men burst into the nightclub firing shots, injuring one person. The gunfire continued as the targets were chased into the street. Jason Fearon and another man, who police believe was the main target, made away in an Audi TT sports car.

They were followed by two Tottenham men, who police believed to be Clint Ponton and Wes Lambie, firing shots into the Audi from their BMW during a car chase. Fearon who was wearing a bullet proof vest was hit in the head and died. Clint Ponton, also known as C1 or The Chosen One, and Wes Lambie went into the music industry forming the label NorthStar whilst with the Tottenham Mandem. Meanwhile, in the background to these seven killings, Mark Lambie had become a target of the recently formed Metropolitan Police unit Operation Trident.

Bringing Down Lambie By 2000, Lambie had gained a reputation for being untouchable and for having mythical powers, believed by some to possess ‘ju-ju powers’ – of being a Obeahman, a Jamaican voodoo spirit who can never be killed. He become the number one nominal for Operation Trident detectives. Despite his high ranking position he was still involved in shooting incidents. In November 1999, he was named as the shooter in an incident at the Coliseum nightclub in Vauxhaul, south London.

He was charged with attempted murder but the victim later withdrew the evidence, as many victims of TMD and their predecessors have always done. In another incident, Lambie and a man known as Michael ‘Mallet’ Thomas, fired shots at the EQ nightclub in Hackney. After this incident, Stephan Grant was shot dead, believed to be by TMD members.

Six firearms were found in an abandoned car at the scene. In another drug related shooting in 2000, Hackney dealer Darren Henry was shot dead in Sandal Road, Upper Edmonton N18.

He had been lured to the area by rival drug dealer Andrew Martin who had kidnapped Henry’s half brothers and held them hostage. He shot Henry between the shoulder blades with a handgun before leading police on a high speed chase. Kidnapping rivals from Hackney was a trait of Lambie and Tottenham, but it would be his downfall. Police suspected Lambie in many cases but never had enough evidence to stick.

It was not until the 19th April 2001 that they caught him ‘at it’. The day started with police following Lambie from his Streatham home to Tottenham where he met up with friends and associates. Things began to look interesting for officers when they all moved off together in a convoy of three vehicles with the police following.

However, they came across difficulties fairly quickly as the cars drove into the Broadwater Farm estate, police decided it was too risky to follow because they were mostly white and would have stood out on the predominantly black estate. Instead they waited outside the estate hoping to see Lambie drive off.

He was seen leaving in a Golf together with a blue sports car. After a few minutes the sports car was abandoned and the driver got into Lambie’s car. The two then drove to south Tottenham and parked up in Turner Avenue before attending a house party on a nearby estate.

There had been 12-hours surveillance and it looked as though nothing was going to happen and the detectives decided they were going to call it a day. On getting back to Tottenham police station a Jamaican, frightened and injured, dashed into the station with an amazing story of kidnap and torture by Lambie.

It emerged that it had happened right under the noses of the surveillance team as they were sitting waiting outside Broadwater Farm. Jamaican Gregory ‘Beenie Man’ Smith and his friend Towayne ‘Tupac’ Morris had been lured to the estate by Lambie’s associate Anthony ‘Blue’ Bourne who said they wanted to meet to discuss a mutual girlfriend.

The Jamaicans headed there in the blue sports car detectives had seen abandoned earlier that day. They told detectives how they had been pistol whipped and bundled into the boots of two cars and taken to an address near Turner Avenue.

They were taken to the upstairs room of a flat and attacked and tortured with a hammer and kettle of hot water whilst threatened to pay £20,000 in drugs and cash to Lambie. Smith had managed to escape and ran to the police station. Mark Lambie and Anthony Bourne were convicted of kidnap and blackmail and sentenced to 12-years in May 2002. Other gang members Warren Leader and Francis Osei were also convicted. Lambie and Bourne have finished serving their sentences for these offences.

Clint Ponton was cleared of all charges and freed. Even after Lambie’s arrest, Trident killings continued to occur around the Farm and across Tottenham Mandem’s area. In October 2001, an 18-year-old, Tyrone Rowe, was shot dead as he and his friends were in a car on West Green Road near the Ida estate on route to a party. A second man was discovered near the scene with stomach wounds. The killer was described as a black man, aged around 30 and wearing a three-quarter length black leather jacket.

No motive has ever been established and the case remains unsolved. In 2010 an appeal was made urging those with information to come forward and help end the families ordeal. A £10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to a prosecution. Shortly after the killing, three men were spotted driving a lime green people carrier towards Wood Green.

In June 2002, Harrington Mark Jack, 31, also known by various other names including Andrew Brown or by first names Douglas and Doug, was shot dead at a flat in Ermine House, Moselle Street by White Hart Lane. Known by the street name ‘Dog’, he was shot during a scuffle with two men which could have been witnessed by a dozen people.

A young man was then stabbed to death on the Chestnut estate in October 2002. Less than a year later, in March 2003, 41-year-old Patrick Anthony Morrison from Edmonton was shot dead in the stairwell of a housing block on Broadwater Farm.

All killings remain unsolved. CCTV cameras on the Broadwater Farm estate captured the events around the killing of 28-year-old Gavin Smith in October 2003.

He was dragged from his car into a block of flats before being taken to Lordship Recreation Ground where he was found dead. This was one attributed by the police to the Yardies. Jason McDonald and Dwayne Millwood were accused of inflicting the fatal stab wounds.

Jamaican Millwood blamed the killing on another gangster who was deported. Smith came to London from Jamaica in 2000 and lived in Lewisham, he was involved in drug dealing, delivering and collecting packages on behalf of the boyfriend of his sister, Donald Vincent. He fell foul of rivals whilst making a call at Tangmere House on the Farm.

In March 2004, TMD member Marcus Cox was shot dead on Tottenham High Road. He was gunned down by a fearful Syron Martin. The killing was shown on an episode of TV documentary ‘Murder Blues’, which followed cases of Operation Trident in London, see below links.

Murder Blues Documentary – R.I.P Marcus Cox Part 1. Murder Blues Documentary – R.I.P Marcus Cox Part 2. Murder Blues Documentary – R.I.P Marcus Cox Part 3. Murder Blues Documentary – R.I.P Marcus Cox Part 4. Murder Blues Documentary – R.I.P Marcus Cox Part 5.

NorthStar was the creation of long term TMD member Clint Ponton. It began in 2003 as a result of their links with urban music group ‘So Solid Crew’ through Megaman and Lambie. After Ponton had escaped being tried for the murder of Jason Fearon, he created NorthStar as a legitimate music front / enterprise, following on from the days of TMD. NorthStar had links with numerous other music crews that had been closely linked to older gangs such as Poverty Driven Children. in Brixton.

They also maintained historical links that Mark Lambie gained with areas such as Harlesden / Kensal Green and the Ghetto Boys in south London. Whilst members maintain that NorthStar is for entertainment purposes only and sourcing local music talent, the name is the influence for ‘Star Gang’ (see BWF FMD. ). C1 / Clint Ponton – Northstar Freestyle 2005.

The hatred between Broadwater Farm and London Fields still exists to this day. As for those involved in the war between 1997-2003, their rivalries have continued to play out through music. Songs disrespecting one another have been produced, including one whereby NorthStar refer to their rivals as ‘Trashtown’ (a manipulation of London Fields music group ‘Mash Town’). Whilst this conflict rarely erupts in violence, it is merely just dormant rather than over.

In February 2009, Clint Ponton and Wes Lambie, younger brother to Mark Lambie, were assaulted at the Urban Music Awards, hosted at the O2 arena. Ponton was stabbed with a champagne bottle during the attack, which was alleged retaliation for a shooting in 2008 that targeted a younger brother of a former Hackney Boy, Corey Wright. Often failing to stay out of the limelight for the wrong reasons, in 2010 Ponton was at the Tottenham Carnival where his younger brother had his chain snatched by members of the Young Dem Africans gang from Edmonton. Source

So, where does Mark Duggan’s death fit into all this?

Well, first off lets view the media bullshit.

On the one hand we have the old bill claiming that Duggan was a gangster and on the other we have his family saying that he was no such thing.

And d

UK Police conspire with criminals to murder people to maintain funding and increase bribery potential

3828 days ago by Star Fish
See Part Two:
Same Title with Part Two at end
3828 days ago by Star Fish
See Part Two:
Same Title with Part Two at end

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