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23rd of May, 2011 by User144055
This is the email I got from Career Builder for a job position as Warehouse Manager. It is a total scam! Don't fall for it! Thieves say they are going to pay you to send their packages to end customers when really it is stolen goods sent to your home and you repackage them and send them to other thieves. They say they are going to pay you $3000 a month for the first 2 months and the $4000 a month after that and you will get paid time off and etc. It sounds great but it won't be when the boys in blue show up at your house to arrest you for being an accessory to a crime! You could have a felony on your record and serve kail time! Not something to look forward to! Please repost this where necessary and inform people of this b.s.!!!! Hello,
Recently you applied our job position. We've received and reviewed your resume. You seem to be the right person we are looking for. We can start within next few days. >> Here are the short instructions:
>> The position is home-based. You will be receiving and shipping out packages (STOLEN GOODS). This position donot require any start-up fees and out-of-pocket expenses. You will be emailed with notification before any package comes. Each box has the Name, Tracking Number and content of it. After signing for a package you should send me a short email report containing the information listed above: (Name,Tracking Number and Content). The shipping is very easy. You will receive special USPS shipping labels via email. You will need to print them and attach to the boxes using adhesive tape. You will not have to pay for the shipping. The labels are prepaid. Then you will need to take the boxes to your local USPS office and they will take care of the packages. You should not postpone shipping of the items, because the clients are always nervous about delays (BECAUSE THEY ARE THIEVES AND AGAIN, IT'S STOLEN GOODS!). Each salary is paid every 30 days (NO, YOU DON'T GET PAID). It means that you will receive your first salary on the 30th day of being employed by MARS AND COMPANY Ltd. Salary is $3000. Salary will increase to $4000 after 60 days. Payment methods: Check, Bank transfer/direct deposit (BULLSH*T!). Please feel free to ask me any questions (BECAUSE I WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOU TO BE A SUCKER AND BELIEVE ME!).
If you're interested in this position, please let me know and I will email you further information (LIKE OUR BULLSH*T CONTRACT AND BUSINESS LICENSE).
Thank you,
Hanh Cruse (A.K.A. SCAM ARTIST)
4710 days ago by Mrfse
I recieved the same Email. How did you find out it was a scam?
4701 days ago by Kathiemiller
What a co-incidence. This is the same job description that I got involved in a few months ago except a different company name and a different person writing to me. That person was Grier Munroe from the UK and he was sending stuff from NewEgg. After contacting NewEgg it appears that this was not only a scam but a rash of stolen credit cards.

4701 days ago by Jriggin
I almost fell for this, I just received the same identical email about 30 minutes ago. Sure sounds good, too good to be true, so I decided to check them out. The reason I decided to check on them, is the English in the letter was not good, that was my first clue. Thanks for the heads up on this scam.
Colorado Springs
4701 days ago by Chevygirl200319
My husband just got the same email! Gotta love tge internet! Thnks!
4688 days ago by Unemployed Mom
I have also received a similar job offer by a us package forwarding llc, and I did signed the application and sent in by email which now I regret because I have been researching and now realize what my gutt was telling me "too good to be true", I have been unemployed quiet a while and find myself desperate to find a job. So now they have information of where I use to work my birthday and full name and address plus my cel number I am very clueless with this new technology now that times has change so much to get a job you have to now apply threw the internet not like back in the days where you go personally hand out your resume and face to face you get to introduce yourself and following an interview so this makes it very hard now to find a job theses days. My offer came from this us pacakage forwarding, and salary also 3, 000.00 a month with commisions what I find fishy was they pay you threw paypal, western union or your bank account and there was questions I had about if I would receive a paystub and how I would claim my taxes well they couldn't answer my question and this is suppose to be a HR manager name by Nicholas Koepke?Att. Unemployed Mom.


Legal Name: US Package Forwarding LLC
Legal Address: 4421 Otsego St, Duluth MN 55804
EIN: 452454631

Our company offers mail forwarding services. Our clients are not just U.S. citizens, but also people around the world who would like to buy in the U.S., but do not have this opportunity. Our service is valuable to our customers, because we take all the problems with the postal service. Our clients include individuals who use mail forwarding, as well as companies that give us such functions as fulfillment service.
This position is absolutely free for you. So you won’t pay out anything of your pocket. You will work at home and the position doesn't involve any door-to-door sales, or cold-calling, and there’s absolutely no pre-requisite for you to qualify for this position other than your motivations and willing to do whatever it takes to completely each task. Your ability to follow instructions properly, pay close attention to details and communicate effectively will determine your success. Despite it we have minimal requirements such as:

- Full legal age;
- US citizenship or work permit;
- Computer literacy (Word, Excel, e-mail);
- Availability (local and/or cell phone);
- Ability to work 1-2 hours a day.
- Camera

Your future responsibilities are:
- Receiving and sending packages;
- The packages separation and storage;
- Supervise the delivery of small and large packages or equipment;
- Checking the goods to defects;
- Reporting;
- Work with such services as FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.

Your work schedule will be 100% flexible. You can use this employment as additional income.
In this case, you should be able to take all necessary packages, delivered to your address.

A supervisor supplies to Shipping Agent the details of shipment and the list of items to be received. Shipping Agent should:
1) Receive a package in reasonable time
2) Check for quality of packing
3) Make sure the item is in the good condition
4) Notify the supervisor that product has been received
5) Send to the supervisor an e-mail with Inspection Form
6) Receive the report acceptance and instructions from the supervisor (pre-paid label for shipping is included)
5) Reseal the package
7) Schedule the package pick-up with the courier or bring it to the local office
8) Notify the supervisor when the package is picked up or sent from the office.

$3000 per month is a basic salary as well as progressive bonus, which will depend on the tasks number and punctuality of the work, and can be up to 200% of the salary. We pay salary once a month by PayPal, Western Union or other payment options, agreed with us.

We are paying for all expenses including taxation, fees, etc. You will free of the financial losses.

If you will decide to terminate your employment with us, have to provide us a preliminary notice, in the same time you will not be obliged to provide us a notice in the specific period, as you will be working in "at will" basis. At the same time, you will need to complete all current tasks that have already been distributed to you before your n
4686 days ago by ScammerAlerter
I got the same one as from UnemployedMom. EXACTLY the same. US Package Forwarding LLC. The website is VERY well made up, even has a ''Contact Us'' section. Here is the website I received Same name of the HR, Nicholas Koepke. I noticed that the website said COPYRIGHT 2011 © at the bottom. Seems odd that the company has been in business since 2005, and the internet has been in full BOOM since long before, yet the website is this year? The English on the site is perfect, not broken like the email we both received from ''Mr. Koepke''.

I emailed them about this and I will let you know the results.

Questions I asked are:

If they have been registered into the BBB, if the IRS recognizes that the EIN 452454631 has paid business taxes over the last 5 years, or if they have been written up in any articles or magazines for dealing well with international clientel.

The website said a response should be received in the next 48 hours, so I will post the results here.

I am also going to call the IRS and ask if they have any record of the company at all and see if they can tell me anything about them (i.e. if the company is an actual business, have they paid business taxes and if they have a record of the amounts and do they look like a profitable company... general questions any peon should be able to answer).

I suggest that EVERYONE, no matter what company you are offered a job by, RESEARCHES THAT COMPANY and ensures they are an actual company. I was also almost scammed by another bunch of thieves who made REAL checks (I used to work at Deluxe Inc, so I knew how to test them) out of company names, with the real account and routing number, mailed it to me, and told me to cash it for my cut, and forward the rest to someone else. Well, I'm not one for being scammed, so I called the bank and verified the accounts (WHICH WERE REAL), if they had enough to cover the amount of the check (WHICH THEY DID), and then I promptly called the company and spoke to a company head claiming a possible fraud they may want to know of. When I asked the company head, he had no idea what I was talking about, and we both agreed that the checks were indeed FAKE.

Just an example, but IT ALWAYS PAYS TO DO YOUR RESEARCH rather than find out later that you're getting the shaft and end up with felonies for just trying to be a productive member of society.
4684 days ago by Unemployed Mom
Yes, Scammer Alerter I did my own investigation on the BBB to find out that there is no company of such name so that threw a red flag not only that but also the taxes was the main cause of my suspicion. I contacted the IRS to report the internet crime and gave them the so called company's name and the email for them to investigate I'm just glad that it's out of my hands. On top of that I called out the HR manager in an email and warned him to not use my address or information on the application for any purposes or I will seek the police, IRS and detectives to press charges on fraud well he never emailed me back but I did get an email from my so called supervisor marie wiland??? and tried to convince me this was legal and directions on the so called job I didn't even bother to email her back from what I know it could be the same slim who's trying to get ppl's bank accounts or identity. I'm glad that I put this out there now knowing that there's more ppl out there that could be scammed I found myself a little desperate to find work but not that desperate to loose my freedom and be behind bars so I'm still taking it easy and looked into the newspaper today and emailed legal decent jobs out there and felt so good about that even thou I don't know when I will be hired I'm praying and taking it day by day for my family so we'll see how it goes for me. Thank You for replying back it meant alot to me.
4678 days ago by TagHerbals
I also got a job with US ...LLC. I signed a contract but they never sent me my copy back with the owners sig. on it!

I got a package from them and it had all the papers with it so it didnt seem stolen. I sent it to Russia. I thought Id be getting 2-3 packages a day but I havent gotten another one again and its been almost a week.

I asked them about payment but I havent gotten a reply.

Im going to tell my F who is police to bust this fool if I dont get paid and Ill sue them!
4663 days ago by Dumbdumb-taken
crap monkeys..I was got as well.I sent 3 packages and 1 was sent back to me and another one arrived.I dont want to be involved and wanted to terminate my existence from the bastards.Now they are refusing to pay me for what I did do.I just want out of this mess.I am taking the packages I do have to the police station.The crap we do to make a quick dollar.Not worth it.
4610 days ago by Tntn

From: Sandra Witter [mailto:[email protected]]
We have scheduled a new tasks for you. Please visit the tasks panel to check up the status of the packages which has been sent to you. This packages was shipped for Gregory Hamilton and Robert Muir, but you are authorized to receive it. Please send me a notification by e-mail when you will have received it.

Sandra Witter

Legal Name: US Package Worldwide LLC
Legal Address: 830 Third Avenue, New York NY 10022
EIN: 452454631

# Item Track Service Package status Delivery Date To Weight Status Note Label Action
1 camera 1ZW0R7370222712541 UPS Billing Information Received 09/02/2011 Gregory Hamilton 1.20 lbs n/a none

2 perfume 949856926642394 Fedex Shipment Information Sent To Fed Ex 09/02/2011 Robert Muir 1.5 lbs n/a none

TO: '[email protected]'

I need to verify that the information below represent legitimate business information.

Legal Name: US Package Worldwide LLC
Legal Address: 830 Third Avenue, New York NY 10022
EIN: 452454631

Thank you
4576 days ago by Singhs
surprisingly I also fell for this scam and received similar email but I was smart enough not to provide any personal information to them. Before filling out the application form, I decided to check them out and found this to confirm my doubts about this. What a total scam, do they really think that people will believe them without checking them out first.
4451 days ago by Hgl99
I also signed up a couple of weeks ago. the process seems real - the packages are coming from legit sources - bestbuy, amazon, etc. they give me the usps lables so it has not cost me anything and they requested very limited personal info from me. of course the real issue is whether they will pay me. I did get back a signed copy but they used a Mass address not a NYC one. Funny thing was they were even picky about my signature - wouldn't accept my standard electronic signature that I drop in all of my contracts and made me redo it. i figured it was worth a shot since there was so little risk on my part. we shall see.

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