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Matthew Olyphant, Madeleine Olyphant Ossun
Horrible Parents
29th of Sep, 2012 by LinddyQUEEN
3354 days ago by Dianajoprausefromtexasstalkspe
Huh? What has this got anything to do with anything? Some people sweep streets or scrub toilets for a living, so what? That does not make them less worthy humans and bad parents. Being a call girl does not change you as a person. It's a service just like any other service out there.

Diana Jo Prause who works for Dell computers, Cedar Park Texas is the one who would make a horrible parent, because her working time is spent writing disgusting, made up lies about people, she beats her chest because she thinks she's got a cool job at Dell, but infact, she doesn't work during her working time, she conjures up stories about rape and violence which never happened, now that is a sick person who does not deserve to have children. Someone who writes the things you've written must have engaged in those things yourself and you point finger at other people? You're a delusional freak and it is a blessing that you never had children, some unborn human was spared real hell in this life.

Matthew's friends like him for who he is and how he treats them, nothing else matters and that is something Diana Jo Prause, who is a selfrighteous freak does not get, that is why you don't have real friends or a boyfriend and no one who ever wanted to have children with you.
3354 days ago by Fightingmad
I see less supporters now. What does it have to do with anything???!!! You cannot be that stupid can you? Unfortunate that her two kids were not spared not being born. A slut for a mom will sure help them with their confidence and Matthew married this slut. Who marries a prostitute unless they are so messed up they think it''s cool. How do you suppose these two met? Take a wild guess and then tell me how much of gentleman and sweet man Matthew Olyphant is.
3354 days ago by Fightingmad
I see less supporters now. What does it have to do with anything???!!! You cannot be that stupid can you? Unfortunate that her two kids were not spared not being born. A slut for a mom will sure help them with their confidence and Matthew married this slut. Who marries a prostitute unless they are so messed up they think it''s cool. How do you suppose these two met? Take a wild guess and then tell me how much of gentleman and sweet man Matthew Olyphant is.
3354 days ago by Fightingmad
Where are all of your suporters? Where are all of your girlfriends? Lori? Tanna? Tiffany? and the new slut? Why aren't you writing your supporting comments? Maybe you didn't really know what a low life Matthew Olyphant is? I think you have a better picture of what you let between your legs. Lets talk about Herpes again because you all know he has it. I am prepared to put up and I have just begun to show you the real people. And you sluts beware because I have some great stuff coming. Little miss sweety nice girl you act is over. I knoow everything about you and your past and so will the public. I have some nice photos to. Rockstar boyfriend cannot save you now. I hope you do not plan on ever trying to find a job or a date. Unless it's a date that pays you like Matthew Olyphant's used up slut of an exwife. The photos are so touched uo they look nothing like her she is almost 50 and it shows. She's had more procedures than Michael Jackson and she does not know what being a mother means.
3354 days ago by PaulT
Stop dragging people into your drama that have nothing to do with it. If you have a problem with Matthew Olyphant and his wife then deal with them, and maybe do it offline. But making up lies about other people you have never met is going to come back to haunt you. I don't really care what these two do, but Tanna is not a stripper or a prostitute now or ever. I'm blown away by this entire crap fest but the stuff that has been written about her the past few days is vile and so glaringly inaccurate that it most definitely demonstrates libel. Your guilt by association imagination will get you in trouble, I can assure you. I have stated on here before Tanna does not know these two and is not a friend or associate. Trust me, you can make up all the lies you want but you will never find a single shred of evidence that supports the horrific things you have said about her. In fact, she is above reproach and does not deserve any of this.
3354 days ago by PaulT
Nobody deserves any of this whatever their station in life may be. If you have concern for children it does not show. You do not know the details on anybody's life and it's not your place too judge others. If this all about the kids as you seem to proclaim, then show you care for children by spending your time helping them rather than attacking parents and other innocent people. As for my friend you keep constructing horrific lies about, she spent years working as a public school teacher in some of the most underprivileged schools in the state with kids whose parents were gang members and drug dealers. She actually does care and she doesn't judge people like you seem to spend all our mental and physical energy doing. Why don't you apply your doxing skills on exposing yourself? The wisest choice for how to spend apparently endless amount of free time would be to rotate from therapist office to therapist office and make enough appointments to fill a 10 hour day before your psyche is clearly fragmented. This aberrant behavior is shunned by society and you maintain anonymity because you realize that, so you cannot be declared criminally insane, but you are a chin scratching case that makes me wonder if that definition might need updating. I will be contacting people I know who work at Dell in positions greatly exceeding yours in terms of the company's hierarchy.
3354 days ago by Unbelievable111
What is your vendetta Diana? Why do you spend your time writing this crap? You haven't had contact with Matt in how long? Over a year and a half? What is the point? Is this ever going to end? I think it will end when you are in jail. Do your homework. Do you think that you are the only one that knows how to spoof IP's, hack emails, write slanderous lies? Do you not think that anyone can't trace it ? Wow. You are real stupid.

You have one serious loose screw.

Why haven't you contacted me back via FB? I sent you 2 private messages. I know you got them. Do you not believe who I say I am? Why haven't you forwarded your lawyer's name and number to me? I need to speak with him.

Oh, have you been contacted by H.R. yet? No? Just wait, it will probably be this week.

The magical question is...why?

Why do you write anonymously? Anyone involved in this fiasco knows it is you. Pull up your big girl panties and sign your name to your bullshit posts...Oh, I know why you don't...All of it is a complete fabrication of your multiple personalities. That explains a lot.

Please up your mental medication...Better yet...Just stop this crap. Stop telling Matt that you love him and that you want to be together. Stop stalking his family. What is the freakin' point of continuing?

Chad Yeager - Private Investigator, California
3354 days ago by Fightingmad
In case you wondered, yes, Madeleine Ossun Olyphant is a well known coke slut. I hear she does more meth now than coke but she is always high and has been for a very long time. We are talking 20 plus years of drugs. More than likely high during her pregnancies and maybe that explains why her son is messed up.
3354 days ago by Unbelievable111
And you know this how?
3354 days ago by Fightingmad
How is this crap? I don't understand how this is crap as in lies. It's crap but it's not mine it's Matthew's and Madeliene's crap. Are you missing something? Are you really trying to pretend it's normal to be a prostitute? It's against the law you know. Nobody believes that it is normal to be a mother and a hooker and everybody knows that drug addicts and other messed up bad people bring children into the world then work as hookers. As for Matthew!!! Sure, it's completely normal to marry a hooker everybody is doing it haven't you heard. I can bet you wouldn't marry a hooker and I can't think of a single man I know who would. My point is that Matthew is not the innocent he claims to be and never was. He's been abusing drugs and women for years. I just thought it was time to provide a little of the proof everybody asks for. What more do you need? He married a hooker. I rest my case. Anybody with intelligence knows that the only type of man who marries a hooker and has a child with her is a very messed up individual who needs a lot of help. Think what you want but even Matthew hates himself for being so pathetic and lacking confidence so much that he needs attention so desparately that he married a hooker because she's hot. Hahahaha...I bet your friends are really jealous of your hot hooker wife. Hahahahaha Must be nice getting sloppy 100s at night. Not to mention the fact that she probably gave him the herpes he spreads around to innocent women. Nice to think of a hooker carrying a child while she sleeps with strangers and snorts her meth. If you knew Matthew's son you would know it did a little damage. They get what they deserve this is there making not mine. To clue you in there's a lot more coming. I have saved the best for last.. Matthew should be worried and so should some others. PaulT I think you will eat your words and then we will see her supporters flea like Matthew's. Funny how she isn't supporting Matthew anymore either. Last week she's Ms. I'm better than everyone with her arrogant little comments and jabs at this Diana woman and now that she dated someone who married a hooker she's gone. There's going to a great exodus soon when everybody learns who Matthew is. Madeleine the hooker isn't done either and either are some of the arrogant bitches who supported this PIG.
3354 days ago by Fightingmad
Are photos of the hooker snorting lines good enough? I happen to have some. I do not plan to publish them though because I'm just going to let that situation be dealt with by people who know how to deal with it. Madeleine knows she a long long time drug user who is a known addict and Matthew is no angel there either. None of these "parents" are. They need to taught what it means to be a parent because they spend so much tie lying to everybody they have no grip on reality. Madeleine Ossun Olyphant is a pathological liar and she knows that. She has so many dark hidden habits and side jobs that she must forget who she is playing in what day. I guess she figured being a normal hooker wasn't paying enough so she's stepped it up and boy has she. Her most recent career would make Ron Jeremy blush. All the while with her 20 something bull and my tits are real. I'm a pretty blond hooker with kids and my husband loves to kiss me after I''ve been out working all day on other men and their private parts. What a twisted marriage these two have. The other normal mothers should be careful around this Madeleine woman because she sizes every man up for how much money they can give her. She sleeps with anyone who has cash. Old fat pedophiles young ugly assholes. If they have cash they have her. Now she makes tons of money by letting strange men defile her in ways you cannot imagine. Yes, she advertises her services and yes she is currently doing this and even accepts visitors in her home.
3354 days ago by Dianajoprausefromtexasstalkspe
Diana, all that is required is to post some proof. Only 1 single little proof. But since there is none, you resort to writing pages and pages on nonsense to try to make your point valid, but even a whole 1000000 pages of writing lies without a single proof just will never make the things you say true.

So you accuse Matthew and his ex wife of doing drugs, please, for God's sake everyone is waiting in anticipation, just one picture positively identifying them?? Just one Diana, just one!

Since there is no proof and no truth to any of your stories, you can stick it up your ass and turn it sideways so it never comes out again.

We all feel very sorry for your next boyfriend, oh, sorry, victim and god forbid you ever have children because they will be just the same psychos like you, it will be inevitable because whoever impregnates you will run away screaming at some point and leave the misfortunately innocent child in your sole care just to get away from you.

You must be really dumb since you don't get it that the whole world knows what being a call girl is. And what being a street cleaner or toilet scrubber is. And it is sad to know you never heard about soap and water, maybe you should go and educate yourself.
3354 days ago by Dianajoprausefromtexasstalkspe
So your latest pathetic excuse for not posting pictures of your stories is: "I happen to have some. I do not plan to publish them though because I'm just going to let that situation be dealt with by people who know how to deal with it ".


You don't have pictures, cause there are none. You just made such a fool of yourself.

No one believes you, cause it's all lies, with no proof. No proof at all. EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!

We're having such a nice laugh and entertainment daily with your BS.
3354 days ago by Tanrey
You asked where are Matthew's supporters? Well, for starters, I don't spend my life on scaminformers unlike you. It's actually a shame I even know about this site and feel it necessary to check it and see what fantasies of the perverse mind have appeared regarding myself and my friends. Not sure who "little miss I'm better than..." is but in case that's me I thought I'd let you know I'm here and support Matthew 100%. I really do not see how any of this has to do with Matthew and since I have a Masters degree in rhetoric I feel qualified to say that your arguments are the weakest I have seen. This is a pure appeal to the emotions of ignorant people and you fail to establish any for of ethical foundation to support your pathetic attempt at using ethos to persuade. Sorry, but you are a loser failure. Not one shred of logic in any of this drivel. Matthew is not in control of what anybody does with their life, and none of this is your business. Any person who has spent any time with Matthew and his son knows that being a stupendous father is his primary concern in life and everything else comes after that. He does not use drugs and he does not subject his son to anything but age appropriate activities and a wholesome and loving lifestyle. Please just stop. Really. I am saying please and I genuinely mean it. I appreciate my friend's support but Matthew is a friend and I you are going too far. However, nobody will eat their words with regard to me because anything you claim about me is complete fiction so excavate all you want and you will not turn up anything that gives you the jollies or embarrasses me. Same goes for Matthew, but you are grabbing at anything to claim he is bad. He is not she and she is none of your concern and you have no right digging into her life and judging her. Tanna
3354 days ago by Brainzy
Diana, I got a recipe for you to puke on.

1 cup of cow's dung
1 cup of dog poop
1/2 cup of shredded goat droppings
1 cup of powdered chicken poo
2 Eggs
1 Pint of frog urine

Mix together and bake.

This will keep you busy puking for weeks to come, you will not be fat anymore and feel the need to slander people with lies to make yourself feel better.

While you're baking you can close your eyes and stop thinking about all the people who are beautiful and cool and because of that you consider them mean and in need to write lies about them on scaminformer and sing this song:

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day

Oh yes, I can make it now the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I've been praying for
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day

Look all around, there's nothing but blue skies
Look straight ahead, there's nothing but blue skies

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Here's the rainbow I've been praying for
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day
Real, real, real, real bright, bright sunshinin' day
Yeah, hey, it's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day
3353 days ago by Fightingmad
Te He. Matthew Olyphant is the only grown man I can think of who would suggest and believe anybody would be jealous of a hooker who is thin from snorting meth and coke. I have no desire to interact with any of this so I handed over a few things to people who handle sensitive issues involving children. If you do not believe Madeleine has a drug problem then don't. I never said I had photos of Matthew using drugs. I have said Matthew uses drugs and had a serious coke problem at one time but if that is still a problem for him is better kept secret than the details and facts of Madeleine's life. Same goes for career, believe it or not. She has another site and another name where the prices are twice what she charges for providing her hooker services. Let's just say it's very HARD CORE. If she thinks its worth the money to do those things let her. The dangerous part is she allows these men into her home. It clearly states so and when children live in the same home, I think that's wrong. Exposing children to sexual situations is a form of sexual abuse. Educate yourself and you will see I am right. When people see someone like Madeleine who is clearly unfit and has no grip on reality because she lies so often and so much, they have a right to try and protect children. They should. Madeleine does not make adult decisions because like her husband Matthew, she is stuck in growth and never matured. Sadly this is usually the case with people like her who were sexually molested. They have drug addicitions, alot of them become involved in sex market (she's been all over it) and they abuse their own children. If I wanted to butcher my body up to try and look like an over the hill coked up barbie, I could afford it. The photos she advertises with have been photoshopped so much you would not recognize the real woman. Those tits do not look like that. They are bog and fake but they are frankentits with giant scarred up nipples in reality. The body may be thin from drugs but it is not in shape and not without cellulite and stretch marks and plenty of other issues. People she is nearly 50 years old she looks it. I am pretty good with who I am. Madeleine can keep her "cool" life because I am not interested in screwing people for cash. I really do not want to do what she does now and it involves screwing I'm sure but it's not something people need to know about. Matthew and Madeleine Olyphant are a perfect couple. I wish them well. If Matthew has new girlfriends I wish him the best and I am not interested. He's to cool for me. Hahaha Shame none of you will stop and think of the children. Ted Bundy's mom was a hooker to and look what he thought of women. Think what you want but I find this all pathetic and I have no interest in them or interacting with you idiots. You all need to grow up. I will pray for the Olyphants.
3353 days ago by Dianajoprausefromtexasstalkspe
Diana, please spare the Olyphants at least the praying part, they do not wish to have prayers from you made to Satan.

You type and type and make accusations, but yet, where is your proof? Proof please Diana?

1 Picture, one official document?

You keep adding more things to your story, and you still haven't provided proof of the first accusations.

You don't even know the people you are writing fake reports about and you haven't interacted with them.

No one cares about you or your opinion.

There are thousands of people in the adult industry and I haven't heard of any unusual cases of child neglect. It's just a job like any other.

We hear about this proof which has been handed over to some twat somewhere who deals with some bullocks elsewhere and that is again just an empty lie.


Proof please, some proof?? We're all waiting for the proof... But there is none.
3353 days ago by Fightingmad
NSFW photos that will make you squirm unless you like large objects inserted in your anus plenty of photos to demonstrate what she will do for money
Mistress Jordan (Madeleine Olyphant) provides interesting services.
Live kink performances bondage, group sex performances, one on one incalls and outcalls, serve your mistress, bondage services for women and men, bisexualism encouraged and enforced! Slave Sex, Public Disgrace. Divine Bitch at your service.
She forgot mother
3353 days ago by Dianajoprausefromtexasstalkspe
We are after the proof about Matthew doing drugs and neglecting his son and his ex wife having sex infront of their child, we all know what a call girl do, we're not interested in those pictures.

Can you please post some proof for us here, would be much obliged, thanks, we're waiting... forever.
3353 days ago by Verazom
Diana Jo Prause seems to be spending a lot of time wanking infront of the computer looking at porn sites, that is how she managed to find the sites she posts here. Well, I guess someone as ugly and fat with zero personality like her wouldn't have a boyfriend, so she has no other choice.

Post some proof for once. And stop telling us about proof, post it so everyone can see it or shut up you Satan's child.

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