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Matthew Olyphant, San Rafael, CA, Business Owner, Father
Lures Young Girls on Internet
23rd of Jun, 2012 by GBJO
Matthew Olyphant is a 40 something year old man living in San Rafael California and "working" as an artist and business man but his real business is luring young women off the web into questionable activities with himself for his own pleasure. My daughter signed up for a celebrity fan site for a television show actor who is Matthew Olyphant's brother. She was contacted by Matthew Olyphant when he noticed her picture and saw what an attractive girl she is. My daughter is in high school. She is less than half his age and I'm told he is a father himself. He started with a friendly message that I still consider not ok considering her age. She was excited and flattered I guess to receive a message from the actors brother so she wrote him back and they began exchanging love letters without my knowledge.

My daughter was hours away from sneaking off half way across the country to meet this man when I happened to find a note from her friend that mentioned the plan and Matthew Olyhant's name. After a long heated discussion with my daughter, she admitted to the entire relationship. She showed me each letter she received and they were full of his confessions of love for her and compliments about her looks and ideas about what he wanted to do when they finally met. They also contained information about his famous brother and all of the famous friends he had. He lured her in with this glamorous lifestyle and fast lane living including parties with rock stars and Hollywood events. Many young girls would fall for this type of trap and I have discovered they have.

I have spoken with several families and young women who met Matthew Olyphant the same way. He sends love letters to young girls and women across the country and world with promises of a glamorous lifestyle and undying love. There is something very wrong with this man and I think parents, young girls, and women alike should know to beware of his fast talking ways. Young women are the most likely to get lured into his games because they are impressed with his name and fame. His days of using the web as his playground are numbered and he has quickly been disappearing from Facebook and other sites he has been using to lure girls for years. He must be aware that many parents and individuals have discovered his wicked ways. There was a website put up recently by people who had fallen for the same lines and even gone to his home and become involved with him. Watch what young people are doing online. There are dangers everywhere. Who would think a grown man in his 40s with a famous brother would use the web to meet girls for his pleasure. Did he not think he would be discovered? Did he not care. My daughter knows it was wrong and she is glad I stopped her from making that mistake especially after seeing the website that detailed what happened to the women and girls who were not so lucky. He does all of this with a young son in his home who is aware of how his father meets women. Matthew Olyphant is a dangerous and fame driven man who has no regard for the women he lures into his online games.

Lures Young Girls on Internet

3321 days ago by Niulls
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3309 days ago by Fb007
Diana Prause, Dell Computers, Austin, Texas
Diana J. Prause Cyberstalks Harasses, and Slanders Innocent Individuals via the Internet

Diana J. Prause who is employed by Dell Computer Corp., Austin, Texas has spent the past six months relentlessly stalking myself and several other individuals via the Internet. She has a hosts of email and Twitter accounts she uses along with numerous negative web presence forums to fabricate complete lies about me because I dated a man she formerly dated. She has stalked numerous other people for similarly petty reasons or imagined beliefs about her self importance and presence in their lives. Her attacks are intent on causing irreparable damage to an individual's reputation both on and offline. Much of this constant stalking and annoying harassment and slander is done during her work hours at Dell Corp. The behavior she has exhibited is beyond jealousy or what many may consider permissible of a woman scorned, it is absolutely psychopathic and pathological.

Her employer should be alerted since she has broken several laws during the course of her ongoing campaign to cause me constant strife and fear for the past six months. Apart from stalking and harassing me with hundreds of emails from numerous accounts, she has also impersonated me and my email accounts, threatened me with physical harm, and hacked into my email and Facebook accounts. The list of offences is ridiculously long and bizarre--it's quite the accomplishment she has made on Dell's watch when she undoubtedly had genuine tasks at hand.

The issues she has caused me and other individuals is outrageous and completely unwarranted. I have never met Diana Prause and live several states away. I had never heard her name before investigators revealed she is my cyberstalker. That fact makes her behavior quite frightening as she had to indeed go to great lengths to accomplish her sick and twisted attacks, many of which were sexual in nature and deviant based. The list of examples is far too long and complicated for this forum, but I felt it was necessary to issue a warning.

I warn any single men in the Austin Cedar Park area of Texas to avoid Diana J. Prause and her dark hidden lifestyle. If you break things off with her, she will not let go and any women you subsequently meet may become her target. I would also issue a general warning to any individual that Diana J. Prause is dangerous and suffering from a plethora of likely undiagnosed mental illnesses. There is nothing remotely normal about her personal life and behavior. She will stop at nothing to stalk her prey on a daily basis in any and all ways available. She pursued me on a seemingly full-time basis and she will employ the same destructible energy against others. I do not believe her attacks will cease, but I firmly believe she needs professional help and would benefit from an intervention. Beware and be warned that Diana J. Prause is mentally off kilter and morally bankrupt and these two characteristics cause the perfect storm for her delight in behaving as the ugliest human being I have ever encountered in my life. Whether or not she has additional demons is unknown to me, but I would not be surprised if she were a substance abuser or heavy drinker. I have a difficult time understanding how a person not under the influence of some mind altering chemical can be so deviant and driven to cause harm to innocent people.
3284 days ago by Jacksr
You are so thoughtful and I love getting your messages!!! You have made this thanksgiving extra special! and I've been so enjoying all the notes from you. The more I learn about you the more I enjoy you and want to talk to ya and hope to meet!
So you come to SF... well I'm just gonna thro it out there but it would fantastic to meet you.
Well have a blast tonight with family and the sights and sounds of Austin! Have a great dinner and a very happy and joyful Thanksgiving!!! It's my favorite too for all those exact reason :)
It's really nice to be in touch with you and I have really enjoyed your messages...I'd love to keep in touch an get to know you. I'll be here in Carmel with family till Sunday and then headed back to Marin.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful time together an I'll be in touch.
Matthew :)
ps. here's my cell if you wanna text (415) 939-1797
My older brothers both live in LA...ones an actor and the other is in the music business. My oldest brother signs bands at Warner Records and recently signed an artist from Austin, Gary Clark Jr.
Check him out might enjoy his music I think.
Ok you...thanks for making me smile!!! and I look forward to talking soon. I'm gonna try to get back to sleep. The light sound of rain mixed with the ocean should make this pretty easy I hope. Good night and sweet dreams :)
I am liking you more and more... the more i get to know you and the family. You all sounds really interesting and its cool to have connected with ya.
Ok... of to relax and get a good nights rest.. I would imagine you are already there as your two hours ahead... your living in the future HA! and I am stuck in the past LOL!
Alright... good night and talk soon :)
Chelsey...I woke up so excited to check my phone just cause of you!!! I love hearing from
You! and I hope your having a fabulous morning and enjoying the start of the day with your family. I send smiles and good vibes and all that are fantastic! and I love sharing this holiday with you!
Talk again soon! and have a beautiful day filled with laughter and happiness!
ps. I really love your love for animals and your passion for what you want to do! So inspiring and so admirable and so cool...sincerely. Love that! and think it's just fantastic! Your really an amazing lady Chelsey...feeling really lucky to have crossed paths.
I'm havin some wine an smiling as im writing this message to you.
I must admit I have never done this much writing before in my
Life! and I'm loving every bit of it! I'm SO glad I sent you a note and I'm SO glad you wrote back! It is wonderful sharing with you and getting to know you! Honestly I can't wait to meet ya already...just seems so comfortable and fun.
Well I will stop there and get back to my wine and my family.
I hope you all are having a lovely night and enjoying laughter and happiness and family!!! Nothing better!!!
Big hug and can't wait to talk again soon...I'm sure I'll write more tonight and I'll be sure to say good night and wish you sweet dreams.
Have a fabulous night! and lots of smiles :)))))))
3284 days ago by Joe Prause
(512) 632-8121
11400 W. PALMER LN.
3248 days ago by Unbelievable111
This report, as well as others, regarding Matthew Olyphant is bogus. Matthew is the target of a disgruntle ex-girlfriend who was caught cheating by Matthew. The interesting thing about this ex-girlfriend is she carries this grudge for over a year. Her goal is to totally destroy Matthew by posting these slanderous reports. As you can see, the report is anonymous, as are the others. However, some of the posted reports on the internet sometimes have a name attached as an author, but those names are false.

This ex-girlfriend lives in Texas and Matthew lives in California and their relationship lasted only a few months due to distance. Every single accusation this ex-girlfriend has posted is false. Legal actions against the ex-girlfriend are ongoing.

I am a licensed private investigator in California, hired by Matthew, to assist in halting these false and malicious reports.

Chad Yeager
3242 days ago by Jong
Jackassr, could you maybe post a link to a photograph of "the letter" from Matthew with his handwriting along with the police report confirming his finger prints on the letter? As well as a report that he has been arrested on claims of victimising a minor?

Matthew Olyphant is highly educated and doesn't write like an uneducated loser. "Ok... of to relax" WTF? He definately knows how to spell and you don't. "you all sounds really interesting"?? Your English is of very poor quality. Maybe consider getting a professional person to check your spelling and grammer prior to posting a bogus letter which is suppose to be written by someone who has studied at Berkley University.
3241 days ago by Maggi
Diana, congratulations on and awesomely entertaining post, it is even better than going to the cinema, wow, you got great talent. I'm popping some more popcorn, grabbing a pop and I'm waiting in anticipation for your next report, bring it on girlfriend.

I have some scenario which could eventually be interesting for your next report, hope you don't mind me brainstorming with you, you must be running out of ideas by now.

So, your daughter signed up at a "I love clowns" site, you noticed that his brother sometimes makes posts there to dicuss his next clown outfit and the shade of red lipstick he should use with each color outfit and you thought it may be a good way of meeting him by contacting his brother Matthew.

After a long drawn out obession with the circus Matthew finally took the plunge and signed up to become head clown in the National State Circus.

She wrote a letter to Matthew and he replied saying he had enough yearning for the life he craved and is joining the circus, if she loves him, she would join the circus too.

Your daughter got a job to clean the dung in the stables and she ran across the country to join the circus.

She never saw Matthew for the first few days of scooping dung, and one day while her head was hazy from the reeking smells, a figure appeared in the stable door. Your daughter hid away behind a horse.

Then another figure appeared. It was Matthew's brother! They were both in full clown outfits and they were arguing about which red nose they should use. His brother said it should be the more bowly one with a more Pink shade, Matthew said, no it should be bright red and more squarish.

After a heated discussion, Matthew violently ripped off his red clown clip nose and brutally bit into it. He viciously jumped on it untill it was in hundreds of pieces. Then he individually attacked each piece again and again untill there was only dust left.

Then his brother took off his clown nose too and they grabbed a couple of racquets and played a game of ping pong.

Your daughter got frantic, she was shocked at how disgusting he is, how could he be so violent and brutal and pretend nothing happened so quickly?

So she jump out from her hiding spot, beneath the horses bum, head out of the stable and ran all the way back home. This horrible events will never leave her, it's something no one can ever take away. The end.
3241 days ago by Fightingd
You're really hilarious Maggi or is it Tanna? What does Matthew only spend time with know it all bitches who think they are better than everyone or know everything about there PIG friend who mistreats women and HAS lured young girls off the internet. Ask Matthew face to face about it and see what kind of reply you get. You might think you him Tanna or Maggi but you don't. You also don't know me and I'm not Diana you little b****
3241 days ago by Fightingd
Maggi why don't you get in touch with someone who does know about the real Matthew, his ex wife. Maybe she can tell you about how much he liked men more than women during their marriage. I think that's why it ended. Bet you didn't know that. She actually thought he was gay before she ever used him anyways, but I guess they used each other. Interesting story about Matthew. There's a lot I'm sure you don't know.
3241 days ago by Unbelievable111
Oh my. The "Letter to my Daughter" was text messages between Diana P and Matthew while they were dating. That "Letter to my Daughter" was NOT sent to a young girl/woman, it was sent to a woman that is Matt's age. The text never had “Letter to my Daughter” attached to the original text.

As far as "Fightingd's" response regarding Matt's ex-wife, I have spoken to her at length regarding their relationship and the post is bogus...All LIES, perpetrated by Matt's ex-girlfriend, Diana P.

What I don't understand is why Diana P continues to conduct herself in this childish manner? Certainly she has better things to do with her time. She can't even stand up for herself and post her real name. She has to lurk behind fake user names. She has relentlessly harassed, stalked and attempted to ruin Matt's life. She posts false "reports" hoping to get some sort of reaction out of him. He has not ever responded to any of her emails, phone calls or post rebuttals to this crap.

This person has cajoled others into assisting her in bombarding Matt and his friend Tanna with lies. Why?

The big question is why? Why would an ex-girlfriend go to this length after their break up almost 2 years ago? Silly, silly, silly...And now it is annoying. Not to worry, it will catch up with her and she will have to explain herself.

Move on with your life Diana. In fact, get a life.

Chad - Private Investigator in California.
3241 days ago by Maggi
Hey, Diana, great comeback girl! High five! Gimme some more. I'm lovin' it even more than MacDonalds! Yea Baby. AWESOMEST ever! I am crazy about the b**** part, it got some good punch to it.

So, I see you like hilarious, so let's think up a hilarious scenario for your next report.

So you wanted to talk to Matthew face to face and he didn't like the idea cause you see you humped the pool boy and the pool boy fell so deeply in love with you he wrote love letters on your Facebook page and Matthew saw it and like any normal man, he broke up the relationship. Then you signed up to work on a pig farm to clean out their camps so you can test your communitcation skills with the pigs cause no one wanted to practise with you.

The pigs were digging in the mud and grunting while you were working, they were not of much help, I mean who likes talking to a pig's bum?. Matthew learned about a lot of fake reports you wrote on the Internet about him and he wanted to confront you to see why you are doing that.

He arrived at the pig farm and received an upsetting phone call right there at the camp where you were cleaning. He got angry and brutally bit into one of the pig feeding pans. He tore the feeding pan it to pieces and drank all of the pig's water to cool down.

You were in a state of severe shock. I mean, how could he be so violent to a dish which a pig eats out of? The dish only hosts the pig food, the dish is innocent and also very new, it wasn't even very old so that it would look ugly or offensive.

In your state of shock you slipped and fell into a big puddle of pig wee-wee. Weakend by your emotions, you dragged yourself up, ran for the camp gate and head for the hills, you ran all the way back home. You never could look at a pig feeding dish, water dish or pan ever again in your life. The end.
3241 days ago by Franko
Hey girl, another report from you, we are going to get this Matthew for the fact that all he was was just a nice guy. He was so sweet and so caring. The idiot didn't want us to use him for his famous brother's favours. That is not right. Any man like that should have at least 1000 fake reports against him. Let's work together and we can do it, let's see if we can do 500 fake reports between the two of us.
3240 days ago by Kittycute
I know Diana J. Prause from Texas and I can confirm that all the reports you will find on the Internet was made by her. She told me that she hated Matthew Olyphant because he broke up the relationship and she is going to take revenge on him regardless of what it takes.
She told me he was one of the best things which happened to her, he was the kindest most thoughtful guy she ever knew and the loss of him from her life is driving her insane.
I can not reveal my identity, because I fear for my good name to be damaged as well, should she discover who I am.
I decided I have to speak out, because what is happening is going too far, I would not want this to happen to me. Any thing you read regarding Matthew's art, his company and his character is all Diana's doing, none of what is reported on the Internet is actually true.
I hope she will come to her senses, but I would not count on it, she is really in an awful state.
I don't know Matthew personally but from what Diana told me he is a very good guy.
3240 days ago by Kittycute
I know Diana J. Prause from Texas and I can confirm that all the reports you will find on the Internet was made by her. She told me that she hated Matthew Olyphant because he broke up the relationship and she is going to take revenge on him regardless of what it takes.
She told me he was one of the best things which happened to her, he was the kindest most thoughtful guy she ever knew and the loss of him from her life is driving her insane.
I can not reveal my identity, because I fear for my good name to be damaged as well, should she discover who I am.
I decided I have to speak out, because what is happening is going too far, I would not want this to happen to me. Any thing you read regarding Matthew's art, his company and his character is all Diana's doing, none of what is reported on the Internet is actually true.
I hope she will come to her senses, but I would not count on it, she is really in an awful state.
I don't know Matthew personally but from what Diana told me he is a very good guy.
3238 days ago by Fightingmad
Somebody should ask Matthew Olyphant about the time (and I'm sure there were more times than this) he was too busy sexing a lady to pick his son up. His son didn't even know he wasn't getting picked up and waited for his dad. It wasn't from his mom's house either but elsewhere and his son was only 4 years old and probably scared. Matthew did not bother to deal with the issue until very late in the game when his son had already become upset and scared. Great dad!! Way to go Matthew!!! Getting some is more important to this family man than his son.
3238 days ago by Unbelievable111
Hi Fightingmad, or should I say Diana Prause of Austin Texas and works for Dell Computers. This is the private investigator in California. I cannot believe that you would write something as classless as this. You know as well as Matt, that he was visiting you when he got this phone call from the school, you were present! You know it was a miscommunication between Matt and his ex-wife. The trip to see you at that time was well planned in advance and arrangements were made regarding their son. It just so happens that his ex-wife forgot. That can happen to anyone. It wasn't intentional and you know it.

I guess you got your parenting skills when you worked at an adoption agency. Does that give you the almighty authority to comment on this? oh...that's right, you don't have any kids. In fact, you had texted once that Matt was your last chance of having a family at the age of 43. Don't deny it because I saw the text when I was interviewing people.

Riddle me this Diana, why do you continue to conduct yourself in this way? You should know better than to harass people. For whatever reason your relationship did not last with Matt, does it warrant this behavior? I don't think so. Matt met you on June 2010 and the "relationship" was terminated around January 2011, you guys saw each other about 10 times. Why are you going through all this trouble for a guy that lives in California? Is the dating pool in Texas not big enough for you?

Can't you let things go? Maybe you need to seek counseling and determine if you have some underlining insecurities that are disturbing you and causing you to slander and harass people. Maybe your employer should know about how you are acting. Stop trying to hack into Matt and Tanna's email accounts, it has been discovered and noted.

Grow up...Move on ... find someone else to bug. Stop being a 6 year old, spoiled little brat. Stop with the late night phone calls. Stop with the stupid reports your are filing on Rip Off Report and Scaminformer. Stop the lies.

3238 days ago by Fightingmad
Children should come first and with Matthew Olyphant they don't. Matthew comes first then his women then his son. That's how he arranges things. I won't go into his son walking in on him doing it and Matthew pretending like he wasn't in the room because he just didn't want to stop. That's a form of abuse right there. There are so many examples it's funny that he is pretending to be somebody he's not. Last year he met some tramp and after knowing her a week took her and his son out of town. That's another time I sure his son got to be in the room while he sexed up his lady friend. I mean how else could that work when you stay in a hotel with a child and a strange woman. That's the type of man Matthew Olyphant is.
3238 days ago by Danny2012
Diana, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You often refer to yourself as not that beautiful and not the type of curvy woman men prefer, but you are not giving yourself enough credit. You are a beautiful woman, more beautiful than many women half your age.
You have a great job at Dell.
There are many women out there who do not have half your looks or half your chances in life. There are many people starving with no opportunities. You have opportunities in your hands to be an amazing and successful woman, both professionally and in your personal life.
I've seen your smiling photos, you can bring light into people's lives with your smile. You have care in your heart for children, look at your enthusiasm during the fund raising Dell has done for children, you were shining.

Please use all of this to help people, not to destroy people.

You know in your heart that all the things you said about Matthew, his art and his company is not the truth.

It's not too late. You can stop this now and make a turnaround in your life. Be the hero in the life of children, not the one to bring sorrow in their lives. By stressing Matthew and his relatives, you are indirectly adding stress onto the small innocent children, you are destoying them too. They deserve a happy childhood with parents who are not occupied with stress, but free to pay all the attention they deserve to their children.

You can be better than this, you can move on with your life meet a guy and have your own kids, women still have successful pregnancies in their mid to upper 40's or even change the life of a misfortunate child and adopt a child.

Please bring happiness into people's lives, not sorrow.
3237 days ago by Fightingmad
Danny2012 I don't need your assistance or moronic compliments. I also do not need to look in a mirror and I have curves enough for 5 women. I can only imagine this Danny character is a Matthew Olyphant friend or supporter. I do not need anybody to help me build confidence I have confidence. You should be writing this to Matthew Olyphant who lacks confidence and has no sense of identity and is stuck at the maturity level of a teenager. These are the reasons for his behavior. I can promise all of his "supporters" they are wrong about him. If they have daughters, they should keep them away from this man because he does not have common sense morals or decency to keep his eyes and hands off of any female. There are no off limits with this person. There are so many things that could be said but I am done saying anything. Danny2012 you don't know who I am so how can you give me advice give it to these Matthew followers who think he's a great guy because he has a famous brother. I believe we all know that Matthew Olyphant drops names and stories on a constant basis for attention and because he has no real identity of his own. That is his problem to deal with. I suggest people avoid this person unless they want that to become their problem. He brings problems into your life and he worst of all he is just mean and stupid.
3237 days ago by Innis
Diana, you hate yourself so much that you would call people's compliments moronic.

Everyone in your eyes are morons, b******, dumb ect. You don't have a good word for anyone!

The reason you want to destroy innocent people like Matthew is because you hate other people for being happy and because you can never be happy yourself, you want to ruin their happiness.

Your self loathing drives you to make other people also feel miserable.

I brag about my sister and she isn't even a celebrity or some important person, why is Matthew not allowed to brag about his sibling's achievements to people he meets? Just because they are famous he should keep quiet about them? It is wonderful in this life where people hate each other that brothers loves each other and are close and that they are proud of each other.

Danny2012 tried to talk some sense into you, but it seems you are beyond the point of coming to your senses, you are just going to keep on untill you destory yourself completely.

You appear to be Schizophrenic, because in all your posts you refer to yourself as not beautiful or curvy, then you change your statement and say you think you're actually obese. (having enough curves for 5 women would put you in the obese category)

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