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Millennium Lock
Millennium Lock The Ultimate Lock The Ultimate lock, millennium lock, ron daniels, shiela daniels, lowes Stafford, Texas
13th of Jun, 2011 by User235226
This is a very complex scam by a couple who are as unscrupulous as they come. Mr. Ron Daniels a VOLUNTEER Harris county Constable has essentially paraded around telling people that he is a cop. Nothing can be further from the truth. Every one that gets involved with him believes he is a stand up guy and wants to do business with him. His motives are far from pure. Ron claims to have invented a lock that is so secure that everyone should have it and will. Again a bunch of BS. He baits you in with accommodations and slick snake oil salesman routine and once he has his fangs into you, sucks the life blood out of you and ruins any and all relationships you have. His M.O. is to have you solicit and or Invest personally in "The Ultimate Lock". His debt free company. What he doesn't tell you is that the company is debt free because he doesn't pay anyone. He leaves a horrible trail of debts all over town. In this case its Houston. People have suffered tremendous losses with him simply because he scams them. He is that good. His wife and he have filed personal bankruptcy due to past failures and have NEVER disclosed it to anyone. All of the current investors, most of whom have sued or are in process of suing him, essentially have never seen a quarterly report any type of earnings or financials on Millennium and he constantly goes out and solicits public money without any proper paperwork filed with the state of Texas. Whats best is that his biggest distributor; Lowes. Yes thats Lowes Home Improvement has been made aware of his scam and although hes been exposed they continue to support his scheme. Ron has signed congruent exclusive agreements with Lowes, Kobaltech, and Globalsec. Essentially giving exclusive rights to his products to three different companies at the same time. Anyone who has become a dealer/distributor has lost money. BMC West, GlobalSec, and more! EVERYONE. What really is troubling is that although his investors are suffering, he and his family ride around in new cars and spend like drunken sailors. In fact he recently built a 100K pool and drives around in a 250K Lamborghini. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY. You will loose 100% of your money and essentially have no accountability for your investment. All you will see is your money going to the lavish lifestyle of Mr. Ron and Sheila Daniels.
3609 days ago by Jarevelo
Wow, glad I read this.
3605 days ago by Jriley
This is a false and fraudulent claim against Millennium Lock and its owners. I know them personally and they are the epitome of American citizens.

All I can think of is that the person that wrote this claim is disgruntled in some way shape or form. It is completely baseless in reality.
3603 days ago by Ceors
I have spoken to both BMC West and GlobalSec like this submission mentions and neither of them have anything negative to say about Millennium, Ultimate Lock, nor Ron Daniels and his wife.

The person who wrote this complaint is Ken Manfredi, of Plum Pads Realty in Houston, who has left a trail of fraud that spans 5 states. He claims he has done hundreds of millions in real estate deals when in reality he is not even a broker. I also heard he is being investigated by law enforcement for other infractions.

As far as investing in Millennium Lock and have essentially "no accountability for your investment, " I would suggest that you would conduct business like a sane human being and read agreement before you sign them, and consult your legal counsel to ensure that they can be enforced if necessary.

The fact that Ultimate Lock is now on shelves around the world and is raking in profits for its early shareholders is a reason to be interested in the company. It seems its also a reason for those that couldn't get there filthy hands on it to libel the company on ridiculous website such as this, which are based in Russia and leave the victims no means of defending themselves other than paying $4000 to have a post removed.
3602 days ago by JJ79

You have never spoken to Globalsec nor BMC West. You are a sham like your buddy there Mr. Daniels.

Everything in User235226 is fact. Although you were good to write negative comments about someone you have never met AND made accusations of fraud. How do you know who's making the comments? Where are your facts? Name the five states. Who is investigating him? Your so off base its amusing, LOL.

The funniest part of your comment is the suggesting to read the agreement before you sign them" you should really give that advice to your buddy Ron.

The fact is no one makes money but Ron Daniels. Hes taken money from people with no accountability and will inevitably see his day in court. he already has once and lost to the tune of $100, 000. The Lock works no doubt about that, but its a dud when it comes to sales.

All I can say is the truth hurts. :-)
3602 days ago by JJ79
Ceors that is your pen name right?

Everyone who reads this should know that that:

Ceors is in fact... RON DANIELS ---- LOL if you click on the name it brings up your email client and it says Millennium Lock - Ultimate Lock - Ron Daniels

try it for yourself here

The funny part of all this is I am not who Ron thinks I am. In fact, I worked for millennium for a few weeks in May 2010. It was only after speaking to 10+ former and current employees and associates of Mr. Daniels I was able to come to my conclusions.

Contact me ANYTIME. I even have his bankruptcy documents which are PUBLIC RECORD.

[email protected]
3599 days ago by Springhope
I have purchase a number of these locks for my rental properties, and since then there have been a number of break in attempts, none of which have been successful.

I thank Mr. Daniels for his great lock and hope he will continue to invent new and great products!
3598 days ago by Nasir
I do not usually write on these review websites but I was shocked and upset after seeing your note. Looks like you have a personal problem with this company. I have worked with them and found them to be very nice people.

The lock is a very good product and I had it installed in my home in Sugar Land. I wish them the best and hope they have installers setup in Miami soon so I can get my home done there as well.
3598 days ago by AlvinCallais
Wow... the length people will go to defame someone's character simply because they refused to do business with a scoundrel.

Ron Daniels is a man of impeccable character, and in the 20 years that I've known him, has gone out of his way to be a friend and a mentor. I have been doing business with him for over 10 years and have never lost a penny.

Ken Manfredi or whatever his name is obviously has some vendetta that I highly doubt is rooted in Ron Daniels. Seems to me like someone was out for free money and when he didn't get it decided to libel one of the most honest men in Houston. Mr. Manfredi, I promise you, it will be easier for you to bench press a bulldozer than convince anyone of these things you claim.
3595 days ago by Michael69
Thiis company is no more than a ponzie scheme disguised to feed the habit of Mr. Daniels and his wife.

Im not sure who Mr. Manfredi is?? His name doesn't appear anywhere, but what I do know is that Ron is running scared and his bad deeds will not go unpunished.

I was going to invest in this company over a year ago after careful research I was happy that I took a pass. I spoke to two current investor and decided that there were too many unknowns.

I notice that no one has commented on the company, just backing Mr. Daniels and attacking this Manfredi character who Ron Daniels must have a beef with.

The lock is great, a bit antiquated, but none the less great. The ownership is extremely sub par.
3595 days ago by Alex1933
I am amused with the comments here.

First: I have a questions for the lock lovers out there. HAVE YALL INVESTED IN MILLENNIUM LOCK?

If the answer is no than you all cant even begin to comment. Whats the difference if you love the lock. None of the negative comments are about the product. The point I see being made is directly regarding the owner of this Millennium Lock and the way his business is run.

Ill tell you this, if this Ron guy took public money and has done anything like what is said here in the comments, hes in a whole lot of trouble.

Second: WHO is this Manfredi guy you all keep mentioning? I see not one cmment from a Ken or a Manfredi. Although more than one comments refers to him directly.

Alvin Callais if your not sure if its actually Mr. Manfredi or not, why do you than refer to him directly in the second part of your comment? Seems to me you all are convinced that its this Ken character.

Just an outsider looking in; My 50+ years in investing says stay the hell away from this Ron Daniels guy.
3591 days ago by [email protected]
Great lock - great guy. I've made serious money with Ron over the years and have no idea who any of these people are who are posting. If Ron knows them, then I know them - and I don't know them.

For one this website is trash to begin with, made in Russia to extort money from legitimate businesses. Second, google search says Ken Manfredi Jr. is a money launderer and scam artist. Not surprising that he is the one leading this libel on Ron.
3591 days ago by JJ79

What have you made money on with Ron? Would love to know.

Was it Caregivers? Oh wait that went bankrupt and forced Rona and his wife into personal bankruptcy.

Or is it Millennium which by Ron's own admission is loosing money every month?

Come on Zack... be frank and honest.

The only thing you all have done is trash this Ken Manfredi guy. Ya'll are a trip. No facts just fast talking charlatans. LOL
3590 days ago by Anonymous
You know what an anagram for Ronald Daniels is?

Anal Nerd Idols

3589 days ago by Anonymous
Guess what??

I saw Mr. Manfredy bench a buldozer. LMAO...

Guess Alvin doesn't trust Ron any longer.
3582 days ago by James.Cianci
Just got off the phone with BMC West. They wont go near this lock??? They tld me they would see me their inventory for 130. Im confused by Ceors comments as he suggested that BMC was pleased with the relationship. Nothing was further from the truth.

I was looking to purchase from Lowes and did some research on the manufacturing company and the product. Looks like the product is great. Only issue is the pricing is all over the place.

Lowes is $174
Home Depot is $199
Manufacturer is $199
You can go to Amazon at 119-160
You can go to BMC and buy for like 130
You can go to

Looks like Ill go to Amazon, most credible and cheapest.
3574 days ago by KentR
Harris County public records search don't lie! Look up these 2 scammers Ron and Sheila Daniels. They filed Bankruptcy in 05 and were declared Bankrupt in 06 after leaving a mountain of debt for American Express and others to eat! They left people without paychecks and vendors without paymnets.

They borrow money for their projects and give out worthless shares of stock. Several investors are up in arms about NO Accountability while they own a Lambo, a BMW, Hummer, and several other expensive cars. All bought with shareholder money and receivables from their so called partner Lowes Stores who sells locks for 100. more then any other distributor.

AGAIN, do your homework don't listen to the abused who vent here find out for yourself. GO TO Harris County Public Search and put their names in, you'll see that they are scammers who will use your hard earned money to feed their greed.
3564 days ago by Anyone
He, Ron Daniels uses his influence and manner into having you believe that you are doing the nation, the community a service. The lock isn't full proof as you can see on You Tube, a way that not only disables the lock but makes it completely useless. On top of that he markets the price of the product too high for the very people he screams needs it. Your story about how he scams investors is true.

And one of the very strong supports, Victor Trevino is in legal trouble in using Non Profit means in gaining money from not only his staff but the citizens that reside in it. The same Pct. he is a "law officer in". Add that Bradford has been accused of exploring his influence as HPD Chief, Shelia Jackson and others, how do you afford such lavish vehicles, nice home and yet submit no gains?

Add to the fact that they are also the same couple that own or owns South West domestic, the care agency that hires illegals, untrained nannies, if you recall a baby died in their care yet they still operate.

So much that can be shown, but when you have such heavy hitters in their pocket, with hard money invested what do you expect them to do?

I wonder if that is the reason the heavy hitter gym owner went bankrupt? Ron used him like a wet towel. Its what the Daniels do, their kids go to prestige schools, they drive expensive cars and lie.
3529 days ago by JJ79
I know this is off subject, but this is funny...

Someone really hates this guy Ron Daniels.

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