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Nathan A White
Nathan A White Hudson White PLLC Fraud, Deception, Embezzlement of Funds, Internet
17th of Jun, 2011 by User954012
Nathan White was assigned as the in-house attorney representing NSUK LLC, to deal with legal matters between this company and their worldwide client base, pertaining primarily to investments in Detroit US properties. NSUK is owned by Thomas White, who in turn is in partnership with Mark Demby a UK citizen. NSUK LLC were mismanaging and completely mishandling client's investment funds, refurbishment funds, property taxes and tenant incomes. They misappropriated funding of their clients, at best estimate, amounting to a sum in the region of $3,000,000. The exact whereabouts of all these 'misplaced' funds is currentlly unknown however, when clients of NSUK began to complain about missing funds, Nathan White was brought to the forefront and on 6th May 2011 he advised all the clients he had stepped in to take charge of the all the rental incomes through his own companys accounts (EF Hudson Realty LLC, under Premier Property Management Services) ostensibly and without any prior authorisation by claiming that he was "protect their investments". His letter of 6th May 2011 stated: "Our firm currently has possession of all rental proceeds collected and the funds have been placed in our trust account awaiting disbursement. In an attempt to facilitate an immediate and smooth transfer of property management services, this firm has retained Premier Property Management Services (Premier), a division of E.F. Hudson Realty LLC, to act as an interim property management company to provide the necessary property management services required for yourproperty. Those services include, but are not limited to, obtaining rental proceeds obtained or held by Section 8 Pros and forwarding those funds to you as the owner of the property as well as insuring that future rental proceeds are collected and forwarded to you in a timely manner." Prior to that date we, and numerous other investors have repeatedly attemted to retrieve their owed funds; all attempts have either been delayed or ignored by Nathan White and his associates. We most recently retained another US attorney to mediate with Nathan White in order to resolve this matter without fallout. This cost us additional time, stress and further significant loss of funds. Despite these attempts Nathan White failed to see any sense or move any way towards an agreement. In fact Nathan White, as the last self-proclaimed "protector" of hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people's money has now completely 'gone dark'. He fails to answer emails or answer telephone messages. We have advised him that unless he comes forward and returns our funds we will report him to the Michigan State Bar Attorney Grievance Commission. This we are now doing, whilst simultaneously exposing his actions to other unwary individuals. We are also seeking the interest of his the relevant government policing bodies of his other associates who would have great difficulty, given their close relationships, in denying knowledge if not complicity in his nefarious activities. He is a plausible and semi-intelligent man. He has himself listed as the advising attorney, if not a partner, in numerous Detroit based and web-based practices. There is no evidence to support the fact that any of them actually trade lawfully, despite Nathan White leading what would appear to be a more than double life as he invariably also poses as fine upstanding citizen and amongst his credentials lays claim to being: a member of the Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc, the Vice President and General Counsel of HodgePodge Solutions, responsible for managing all of the company's legal affairs including regulatory filings and disclosure, corporate governance, human resources and benefits, intellectual property rights, litigation and environmental compliance. Mr. White has advised and served as general counsel for several multi-national companies as well many small and medium-sized Michigan-based companies. He is well-versed in the areas of family law, estate planning, commercial and residential real estate, civil litigation at the appellate level and corporate counsel related issues. Mr. White was a supervising attorney at the Free Legal Aid Clinic, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan. He was responsible for teaching family law, in a clinical setting, to Wayne State University Law School students. Mr. White has lectured extensively on issues involving family law, real estate, municipal tax issues and corporate matters. In addition to his role as an attorney, Mr. White serves on the Board of Directors at Honor Flight Michigan, Inc. and is the Chairman of the Alumni Board of Directors for the Free Legal Aid Clinic, Inc. He walks amongst you; do not trust him, ever.
4636 days ago by Bdaws5

Where have you obtained this information from?
4635 days ago by Benkaka
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4635 days ago by Detroitinvestor
This is an absolute pack of lies.
Complete fabrication and distortion of the truth. Mr White is an upstanding honest man,

It is quite terrible to besmirch people characters in such a shamefull way.

This is nothing short of liable.
4635 days ago by Mysteriousmissy
where did this information come from?

Does anyone else have a problem with receiving rental income from these guys?

We have been told many lies and have lost all faith in this company.

Please post back your experiences.

There must be hundreds of investors in similar positions
4635 days ago by RickMac
Actually it's all true, and good old Nathan White even advised his 'clients' that he was filing proceedings on behalf of NSUK LLC against Section 8 Pros which just happened to be a company owned by NSUK LLC, so pretty impossible to sue (and they are insolvent anyway so there would be no point!) and would be if noithing else provide an amusing legal conundrum!

In the event, there is no trace of any law suit being filed against Section 8 Pros and Nathan White, when given the opportunity to explain this, has been unable to shed any further light on the matter, in fact he failed to respond at all.

And dear "Detroitinvestor" as above, I think the word you were looking for was libel, although Mr Nathan White is indeed liable, to all the investors he has duped on behalf of his clients. Furthermore, libel would imply a degree of untruth in any of the above unfortunately for Nathan White they are all statements of fact!
4635 days ago by Detroitinvestor
Rick Mack clearly has his or her own motivations.

Mr White got involved in April 2011-FACT
Mr White has never dealt with any investor Funds- FACT
Mr White, has successfully retrieved and disbursedthousands of dollars of funds collected by Section 8 Pro's-FACT
All my dealings with Mr White have been simple prompt accurate and satisfactory-FACT
Section 8 Pro's is a seperate company to NSUK, LLC. NSUK LLC do not own Section 8 Pro's-FACT
NSUK, LLC are still in business and have not disapeared-FACT
Scam comapnies tend to disappear, NSUK have not-FACT
Nathan White continues to assist investors-FACT

The only thing that Rick Mack states above, that is clearly true is my inability to spell.

Perhaps are the people allegedly trying to extort money from Mr White.
4635 days ago by Bdaws5
Mysteriousmissy, any chance you could go into a little bit more detail about your experience with this company?

So far, we have 3 individuals raising grievances to your 1 in support of Mr White. Its doesn't look good Detroitinvestor!
4634 days ago by Marty&Sue
We just Googled up this blog, and we also seem to have been stung by this set up!

Some familiar points raised by the original poster and then by RickMac, many of which echo our own experiences with Mr White and his buddies. We were beginning to wonder whether we were alone, but it would seem not.

From reading what RickMac has said it seems quite clear what his motivations are; he'd like Nathan White to give him all money owed. We can't quite see how that comes over as "extortion" 'Detroitinvestor'??? But nonetheless, an interesting but weak attempt to throw the spotlight away from the real guilty party here.

From reading your posts 'Detroitinvestor', it seems that you protesteth far too much, you also seem to know rather a lot about Nathan White's 'involvement' in this matter and also about his every day activity for you to just be a casual bystander; do you work with him? Are you a co-conspirator? Are you a family member or friend? Or maybe even you are in fact Nathan White himself !?!?

A few facts from our own dealings with this man.

He actually started working with NSUK way back at the beginning of 2011 not April - Fact (writing it in capital letters, 'Detroitinvestor', doesn't actually make it any more truthful or believable!)

He actually sent out a letter to all investors in NSUK, as we received a copy too, at the end of April 2011 declaring that he was now putting all funds and rentals into a division of a company in which he is a partner (i.e. his own company EF Hudson Realty LLC) PPMS, for "safe-keeping". So safe it seems that he hasn't been able to let us have our rental cheques from our four tenanted properties for the last four months either! - Fact

He may well have disbursed thousands of dollars of funds collected by Section 8 Pro's, but not to me or it would seem to RickMac, nor probably numerous other investors either. - Fact

Section 8 Pro's was not a separate company to NSUK, LLC. They were on the same log-in portal as each other until a little while ago. Section 8 never dealt directly with the clients, NSUK LLC was always the first port of contact. The brochure to investors specifically read that NSUK are the investor’s program partner and as such responsible for sourcing the property, sourcing the tenant, managing the refurbishment and to continue to monitor the tenant and the property pro-actively throughout the investors ownership. Reading on the brochure also states that NSUK have their own maintenance and management team in-house in their offices working with the owner of NSUK LLC (Mr Thomas Smith, a business partner who employed Nathan White as a so-called 'legal counsel' for NSUK LLC) who are responsible for overseeing all the refurbishments carried out by Section 8 Pros. So not quite the separate entities that 'Detroitinvestor' might have anyone believe - Facts (we still have our downloadable brochures including all the above statements)

So if Nathan A White is the Mr Clean that 'Detroitinvestor' claims he is, then maybe it's time for Nate to come in from the cold and starting disbursing those funds to the rightful pockets, the investors. And there are dozens of them being defrauded. Come on Nate be a stand up guy, after all we're supposed to trust attorneys, right?

We could go on, but quite frankly we are so pi**ed with Nathan White and his buddies that we're taking matters up with the Law Enforcement agencies; it's been nothing but honest to goodness theft going on here!
4634 days ago by Marytoole
i wonder how many more investors have similar problems?

We need a forum to air our points of view and share experiences, and someone to coordinate it all.

How can we attract the interest of other investors to this site?
4634 days ago by Marty&Sue
Hey, this seems as good a place as anywhere 'Marytoole', it would be nice if you could air your 'experiences' on here, all good and bad alike.

And it would also be useful to all maybe if 'Mysteriousmissy' and 'Bdaws5' shared their experiences too!?

It's nice to have viewers but contributors is what will give this thread a higher profile.

We are going to contact a couple of other investors we know, who haven't had great time with these guys either but they can tell their own story, to get on here as soon as possible.

If there are enough contributors we can either create a dedicated forum later, or direct the Law Enforcement agencies to this info.

So come on Mary...
4634 days ago by Anonymous
NSUK purchased homes for $4, 000-$12, 000 and sold them for $47, 000-$53, 000. The investors were told their properties would be refurbished within weeks of funding, the FACT is...some have still not been touched by NSUK, they are sitting wide open and completly worthless!!

Some investors who paid $50, 000 now have a home that is completly destroyed, they owe thousnads in back taxes and the July summer tax is due July 1st. It will cost some an additional $10, 000 to bring the home up to code, $3, 000 - $4, 000 in back taxes and ANOTHER $3, 000-$4, 000 for 2011 tax bill. Who would put $65, 000 -$70, 000 in a detroit property????

PPMS is Tom Smith, he is signing the management contracts..

There are many Real Estate issues that the investors are not aware of...

Tom Smith is not a Broker or a Realtor.

Nathan White has done nothing to help anyone...anyone that didnt sign with PPMS that is, NSUK has been telling investors if they dont sign with PPMS they wont get their rent money and their properties wont be boys are so stupid, you put it in writing!!!
4634 days ago by BERNARD BLACK
I agree with all the complaints above, Nathan White has promised funds and they never appear.

Do does NSUK and nothing actually happens they promise the earth but have just been lying all the way along. I ahd a rental contract o say someone was renting, y property but in actual fact there was no tenant and the house had not been refurbished at all, no wonder they did not evict him as he was never there.

They have today sent out a release from Nathan White saying how PPMS have done so much in getting houses sorted and tenants, and that NSUK have been fixing houses, up from there own funds at there own costs, Well excuse me but did they not get paid for teh houses originally by the investors which included
refurbishing the properties, so they have already had the money and spent it

The sooner these guys get taken down the better, and JAIL seems a good place for them to be
after all they will just move on and do it some more tgo someone else
4634 days ago by OzMan
Got similar problems with our investments through NSUK LLC; should have made the trip out to check them out like we did with our other investments through another professional broker in Detroit and they've all worked out OK and been handled with the most efficiency you would care to experience. Worth the extra plane fare out from OZ to check them out up front.

Also the paid price reflected true market values and we saw that the full refurbishment fees we paid were actually used on our properties not ghosted away into back pockets, other accounts or under the table commissions. Got tenants in pretty quick and if we hold on to them for the next 5 to 10 years we will easily get our initial investment costs back and still be able to sell the properties back at reasonable market level without loss.

You just have to go with the right broker; unfortunately Nathan White and his NSUK LLC are not and we live to tell the tale. But they're still holding on to our money!
4634 days ago by Bdaws5
I have just been out there to view properties with Mark Demby (NSUK LLC) hosting the trip. It was plain to see that the houses we visited were in no way fully refurbished and the bare minimum was being carried out to get them into what they considered to be a tenanted state. We also saw evidence of properties that were vacant, but Mark assured us that tenants were waiting to move in within weeks. This, I have evidence of, isn't strictly the case.

I had my doubts about the setup from just about the get go and coming across this report (thank goodness) has confirmed those doubts.

OzMan, can you let me know the other professional broker you have been working with in Detroit that you haven't had any issues with?
4634 days ago by Digger
Hi All,

I'm trying to help a client from a former company recover rental from NSUK and have as well found Nathan White to be non-forthcoming.

Does anyone have any independent legal representation in the USA, that could potentially be of use in persuing Mark Demby and NSUK...someone they've successfully spoken to, and briefed on the case? Someone that answers the phone perhaps!.
4634 days ago by Mee
There are companies who do this investment right.
Sales price between $37, 000 - $41, 000
The homes are beautiful, completly refurbished, tenant in place already paying rent, most Section 8 inspected and approved, closed with a BROKER through a TITLE comapny. Price includes one year pre paid Homeowners insurance, one year pre paid taxes, title insurance, and closing fees.
The homes are in great shape, you receive current pictures of the home, you also receive pictures of the property on the day you close. You receive the rental statements, tenant information, signed lease, title insurance and settlement statement. The propery is DEEDED to the investor, NOT transfered!!!
4634 days ago by BERNARD BLACK
what is the difference betwen deeded and transferred, as i have been trying to see through this transfer process and getting no where

Do we actually own the properties
4633 days ago by Mee
I dont know, the transfer was an internal document, it was never recorded or transfered through City and State.
You own the LLC, which is the property, but I dont know if a title company would accept that LLC tranasfer as ownership if you ever sold the property. Im sure with proof of funding the property, and all the paper work they would. I dont know if anyone has tried to sell their property on the open market, so who knows.
4633 days ago by Mysteriousmissy
Have any investors signed up with PPMS and if so, have you noticed any improvement in the way you are treated? Like, have you received your rental income now?
4633 days ago by Mysteriousmissy
Hey, Bernard Black - what's with this press release? What does it say? I haven't received it believable?

Can you produce here?

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