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Numa Models
Numa Models Numa Life Management Group ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, CROOKED COMPANY, beware potential make up students, models AND employees Calgary, Edmonto
6th of Jun, 2011 by User225042
Beware to anyone that is considering becoming a part of Numa Life Management Group (Numa Models, NIIMD) This is the most crooked company I have ever encountered. They charge they models insane amounts of money for crap photo shoots, don't give the prints, comp cards or any other materials that are promised to their models. If they don't feel you are "up to their standards" (they can't make anything off you internationally) you get treated like garbage even though you have invested time and money in them. NIIMD is their Makeup school.. to any aspiring make up artists..stay away. They practically rob their students of their money and they are not even an accredited institution. Having a diploma from NIIMD will mean nothing. In both their locations teachers have even quit for not getting paid. I have met so many other students, models and past employees of Numa all of which are as ripped off as I was. If you want to know more just read the many stories out there about employees, models and students that have all been equally ripped off. The owner and his wife and sister will come off so amazing at first but just remember that NUMA LIFE MANAGEMENT GROUP IS A COMPLETE JOKE/scam/SCAM! DO NOT GET FOOLED. Most of the damage has been done in Calgary but now that they have opened in Edmonton it will be only a matter of time before they burn enough people there and hopefully close down for good.
4660 days ago by StayawayfromNUMA
I agree. NUMA Life Management/NUMA Models/NIIMD is a complete scam. Lately, more and more complaints about these "companies" has hit the internet. At one point their BBB rating was an F. Seemingly overnight, their rating became an A. They literally scam you out of your money and take advantage of anyone they can. If you really want to become a model or makeup artist, choose another agency. Do not allow them to rip you off.
4619 days ago by Mysticalsweety
I don't know what personal vendetta you people have with Numa but I personally have had great experience modeling there. Maxwell is a great guy and was very patient. I froze infront of the camera and felt so bad, but he and Twyla worked with me and my pictures turned out FANTASTIC!. I just got my first job shooting for a small clothing line, I'm kinda nervous but excited at the same time. =) My goal is to be an international model and from my research, not alot of agencies in calgary can do international modeling. Numa is the agency that can do it for me when my time is right. All I can say is, go see for yourself. Cheers!
4619 days ago by Metoopretty
I've been modeling for Numa for 7 months now and I must say I have nothing bad to say about them. Actually I just want to tell everyone how excited I am. I just got a modeling shoot for Sport Chek! I know I know, nothing spectacular or anything. But THANK YOU!
4618 days ago by Beautydiva
LoL, I got all my prints and comp cards and everything else they promised me. Maybe I lucked out. =D
4613 days ago by Hottyme
If the BBB rating is an A now, does that not mean they're legit? The BBB is very reputable and wouldn't just make changes without reason.
4613 days ago by Sportchekmodel
Metoopretty, you got the shoot for Sport Chek too?! I'll see you at Numa tomorrow. <(^-^)>
4611 days ago by Amandamjh
I have modeled with this agency for over 2 years now. Love every minute of it. The WHOLE TEAM IS AMAZING. Stop with all the hate.
4611 days ago by TheTraveler
I have traveled to alot of cities, modeled at alot of agencies and I must say Numa is probably one of the few NON-sketchy modeling agencies out there. At the very least you don't have upper management trying to sleep with you in exchange for fame and fortune. Of course if you wanna sleep your way to the top, Numa is not for you. I found them very professional, knowledgeable, and considerate. If you want a legit agency with all your requirements met, Numa is the place to be.
4606 days ago by Onlinelooker
Numa models is not a scam. I was scouted online a couple months ago on facebook. Felt pretty sketchy at first, so I went in with a guy friend. Long story short, it wasn't too bad. I got scheduled for a shoot next week and I will be getting payed for it. I'm pretty excited! For those people that got scouted, you gotta see it to believe it. The people are sooo awesome.
4539 days ago by Skeptical384
funny how all these comments disagreeing with the original poster all are posted around the same time as if they were posted by the same person. i doubt successful models would have the time or interest to look up their own agency and then dispute these postings. if the agency was reliable why encourage other competing models to join.
4536 days ago by Numamodel
When you are with a company that is being chastized by others, it is instinct to defend what you believe in. I have been with Numa for a long time now, and seriously people, they wouldnt be in business if they werent a reputable company. HAVE YOU EVEN LOOKED AT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE OR WEBSITE! I personally know the individual that posted the original comment, and it was done out of sheer pettiness over not getting her way when it came to Numa. Its vile and disgusting how people resort to this kind of dirty play and try to ruin a companys reputation. Well, an A at the credit bureau is straight up legitamite, and lets not forget to mention they just opened their 3rd location in Vancouver; the 4th in Toronto in 2012. I challenge ANYONE to actually go into the agency, meet the staff, and decide for yourself who the real dirty dog here is, which is post NUMBER 1 (loser with no life should be her handle)
4536 days ago by Teri
We had dealings with Numa and found them very unprofessional and paid for a photo shoot and received a disc with someone elses pictures. I would not sign anything or pay money to these poor business people.They also have a very tough time with following through with promises. Don't get sucked in.
4535 days ago by TruthBtold4sure
They do not come across well. You should not have to pay for pictures. If you are beware!! I have been with REAL agencies before got paying jobs and never had to put out any money. Unless I wanted to go get my own training or photos elsewhere. But when an agency has inhouse photographers, and makeup artists it just seems sketchy. plus it seems there is not too much criteria for their models. its just all a bit weird.But ya who knows maybe there are people that have an alright experience. In fact I'm sure there is, ...but be careful.
4522 days ago by ChelsieL
It is very upsetting that people feel the need to hate on a fantastic agency. I normally would never even write a message on something like this but I feel that I could help clarify a few things. I have been a model with Numa for a year now. They have treated me with nothing but kindness and love. Most people reading these horrible posts ( after meeting with the agency ) will understand how kind they really are. I have been sent out to many castings and even though I have not booked every job, I cannot blame the agency. It was the client who picks who they want and who they do not.

Anyways, anyone reading this please make your own decisions.

4519 days ago by Nottosure
Well I went in and had an interview with NUMA and they want me to sign with them but I am thinking that its not such a great idea...The pictures under their local section are horrible, the shadows the lighting it looks awful and I would not want to pay 450 for that besides all the other charges that come with it... One of the reviews on the internet is someone talking about if you had long fingers you wouldnt just be given piano lessons for free blah blah blah that is EXACTLY what the lady interviewing me said to me so pretty sure she wrote that. I get that some girls might not be called and that its a business so they are trying to take as many peoples money as they can, they are not picking ONLY girls that will work, thats why all the negative reviews in my opinion, cause the girls who dont wotk afterwards and have payed get mad...
4474 days ago by Serenasmith
Just to clarify a cpl things to those of you who think you know it all... I have been a model for 4 years, have traveled everywhere you can imagine (not with Numa, but have heard great things about them, then someone told me about this site and the things that ppl were saying about this reputable company.).Allow me to clarify a few misconceptions in this industry so you can perhaps start to figure it out...The Truth About Modeling and expenses that may be needed...

Expenses are an area that seem to create the most confusion and misunderstandings between new models and agencies.
Modeling agencies often hear new models say "Well, if you liked me you would pay for everything". Unfortunately, the hype surrounding modeling agencies paying for expenses is grossly exaggerated and often wishful thinking on the part of new models who don't understand how the modeling industry really works.
We understand that models have been told "don't pay an agency to represent you" - that is true. But that is much different from investing in your own basic start-up costs that don't involve the agency, such as photoshoots, composite cards, etc. These are services you need from outside sources such as photographers, stylists, printers, etc.
Agencies that were willing to finance the careers of new models were much more prevalent in the 1980's (the Supermodel era) than they are today.
In the '80's the modeling industry was booming, many of the agencies such as Ford Models, Next, Company, Elite, IMG, etc. were new and building their rosters; clients were paying huge fees for models; Linda Evangelista "wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10, 000.00 a day" and competition between modeling agencies was fierce. Well, those days are all but over.
Modeling agencies soon learned that financing the careers of new models was more costly than profitable. Many agencies lost hundreds of thousands of dollars each year when new models were unable to fulfill their obligations for a variety of reasons that were of no fault of the agency. Young models may have found they couldn't handle the stress, they didn't like being away from home, their looks changed, they were difficult to work with, or any number of reasons that would send a new model packing and the agency holding the bill.
Today, many agencies expect to be repaid for advances even if the model does not work. Some agencies have gone as far as taking legal action against models who have outstanding debts. These days over 90% of models working with top agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, Milan, etc. did not have their initial expenses advanced and they worked long and hard to get where they are.
As a fashion model you are a self-employed, independent contractor. You are considered a sole proprietor in your own small business, you are not an employee of the agency. In addition to basic start-up costs, professional models, including those represented by top agencies such as Ford Models, Elite, Next, Wilhelmina, DNA, Women or Karin's are required to cover all of their own promotional expenses such as composite cards, agency books, headsheets, websites, couriers, etc. These promotional expenses can run anywhere from $200 - $600 per year to post photos on the agency website, $1, 500 - $2, 500 per year for composite cards, in addition to couriers, postage, working visa's, legal and accounting fees. Professional models understand that this is simply the cost of doing business and it is standard in the industry for the model to cover these promotional expenses.
Don't make the mistake of telling an agent to pay for your expenses. Agents consider this extremely rude, presumptuous and unprofessional and it is a sure fire way to make the agent show you the door. If an agent is willing to help you financially they will offer it. Keep in mind this is extremely rare and is generally offered only by large agencies in markets such as New York, Paris or Milan and they will deduct what you owe them the moment you book a job.
Agencies in smaller markets simply do not have the resources to finance new models. However, the agencies in smaller markets are very important to a new model's career. Most models do not start at the top in big New York or Paris agencies, rather they learn the business, develop their look and build their books in the smaller market agencies. If you have the opportunity to work with an agency in a smaller market don't pass it up, they can be a valuable asset to your career. And please, please don't expect modeling agencies to finance your career. Remember that agents are just that - they are AGENTS. They are not bankers or magicians.
Normal Start-Up Expenses
Test shoot with a photographer. (prices vary, dependant on the photographers rates) You will then need prints made from your shoot. Photographers usually charge $20 - $25 per 9 x 12 print. Models do not use 8 x 10's.
Make-up Artist
Professional make-up artists usually charge between $85 - $150 flat rate. This should include at least 3 looks and basic hairstyling.
Clothing Stylist
Rates are generally $125 - $175 flat rate. Clothing stylists are optional but highly recommended if you can find a good one in your area.
After your shoot you can print composite cards If you already have an agency they may recommend a good company that prints composite cards. Prices can vary greatly for composite cards and laser copies so it is a good idea to check around. You may be required to cover the cost to have your photos placed on a headsheet, in an agency promo book or on the agency's website. These are all normal and perfectly legitimate expenses.
4474 days ago by Serenasmith
I hope this sheds some light on the misconceptions of the industry and perhaps people can really start doing their homework before posting such misconstrued information that can affect someones business terribly. So many top agencies in the world have so so SO many reports too, like pages and pages, i guess you can't please everyone all the time. For all you aspiring models out there, take the bull by the horns and do what you are passionate about. Take the time to actually go into an agency and meet with the people BEFORE you just make your opinions based on someone else's not so great experience. You never know what awaits you until you try YOURSELF!!
Share the love and the positivity!!!~~ misery loves company, so don't allow yourself to wallow in someone's else's negativity and ignorance... BE YOUR OWN, MAKE YOUR OWN, BECOME YOUR OWN!
4368 days ago by Hair12345
Well, I know for a fact that they DO NOT pay their makeup artists or hairstylist who are students volunteering their time in hopes of furthering their portfoliio. So no the models are not paying for those services.. I am one of those hairstylists, have worked there a few times now and have thought it to be a bit sketch from day one. I have never got ANY pictures from this company and never expect to. The only reason I keep going back is because my school keeps sending me and I don't have a say in it. Plus its an easy day to get hours and quotas. One staff memeber their is incredibly nice, polite and helpful. I have found the others to be rude or to just not give you the time of day. I remember on one occasion being given shit by one of the ladies that works there and told that we needed to hurry up. I'm sorry, but we are students!! If you want someone who is more experienced and faster you should pay them!! You get what you pay for after all, and you are not paying us!!
4094 days ago by Ryvius212
I am currently a student with NIIMD numas school for potential makeup artists and not only have the staff had a mightier than thou syndrome but I have been charged almost 5000 dollars more for the course I am in then the price in the information sent to me and the listed price online this last July. I have 4 weeks left of my program and low and behold another surprise expense of 1200 dollars. Any one seeking to be a makeup artist look else where for school as they will rip you off and they are not yet recognized by IATSI don't believe me call the school is working on be recognized but is not there yet. The demands of the school are ridiculous and now after researching several other school you will be better off else where I can promise that. I am currently in contact with a lawyer and will be proceeding if Numa does not agree to right their wrongs. I have talked to several other students who either feel the same or are in the process of finding lawyers.
4094 days ago by Ryvius212
Calgary numa models and students please look not BBB accredited.

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