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Paradise Canyon Vacation
Paradise Canyon Vacation "can you spare $10,000?'
14th of Sep, 2011 by stickshiftinhand1
Paradise Canyon Vacations tele marketers will call you during supper, offer you 2 free night stay and dinner for 2, for attending an 1 hour presentation, tell you to leave your wallet at home, strictly information only, in reality the membership is $10,000 to $15,000 with $3,500 which is non refundable and $40 to $60 a month for 20 years, they will tell you "you cant buy nothing at the presentation" and call you the day before, leave your money at home but bring a cheque for $10,000
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - Yes, it is a scam.

New Member

Joined: May 2010
Posts: 1

Yes, it is a scam. We attended the presentation, which sounded
somewhat legitimate, so we tried the follow-up one-to-one.
The latter was with "Jack", the worst salesperson on earth.
He was rude, evasive, and condescending. He would not directly
answer our questions. I could go on and on. But in short: Run for
the hills, folks. And yes, they DO sell your private information.
I've already received junk mail for more "exciting presentations",
addressed directly to me. Since they are a member of the Better
Business Bureau (4 complaints in the year since they became
members should be a tip-off), I might be the 5th complainant
if the junk mail doesn't stop or if I start receiving calls.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - Yes It Is A SCAM!

Posts: 1

31 March 2011, 1:24

I got suckered and yes it is a scam! Paradise Canyon
Vacations "deals" are no better then anywhere else and
in some cases we found Paradise Canyon Vacation trips
to be more expensive then our friends who would just
book through a travel agent.
At the Paradise Canyon Vacation SCAM presentation
they constantly tell you how you can get great rates
(like $200/wk) at great places all over the world
without blackout dates. Using this company I've
never paid less then $1300/wk!! The best times to
travel are ALWAYS BLACKED OUT at Paradise
Canyon Vacations!
I travel a lot and I save VERY little using
Paradise Canyon Vacations
kerisosh's plug is a direct quote from the sales pitch!
It's all bulls**t and it's bad for you!!
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - We all know its timeshare

posts: 4

Question: If Paradise Canyon Vacation is not a
Time Share, then why are you locked into payments
of $50 a month for the next 20 years. That"s right
you are locked into 20 years at $500 a year, that"s
like buying a family home. Membership is $10, 000
to $15, 000, and you have to pay for your vacations
on top of that. How long would it take to get back
the $10, 000 in savings. A $3, 000 vacation actually
will cost you $13, 000, and are you going to vacation
every single year for the next 20 years. If this is
such a good deal why isn't Tiger Woods wife, a member
and the spokes person, she takes 2-4 vacations a month.
We don't see her giving Paradise Canyon Vacations $10, 000
to travel
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - they are a time share

Senior Member

Joined: Nov 2007
Location: Coniston Nr Hull Now Lethbridge Alberda!!
Posts: 225

Mike and I owned a timeshare in UK - and we did a swap to paradise
canyon 9 years ago for our very first visit to canada. so yes they
are (or at least they were) a timeshare company. People buy the
houses down there then let the "club" rent them out as holiday
homes. Plus alot of the houses which are actually in the "canyon"
bottom are sinking - beware. Lesley
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Tiger Woods To Promote Paradise Canyon Vacations &
Golf Resort

Tiger Woods To Promote Paradise Canyon Vacations &
Golf Resort, seeing how Tiger Woods is spiralling downhill with
his golf career, Tiger Woods has dropped a further six places
to 44th in the world golf rankings, and he may soon have to
sell his Juniper Estate to purchase new golf clubs and a Gucci
golf bag. As the spokes person for Paradise Canyon Vacations
and Golf Resort Tiger Woods can rest assured that he can
afford to travel to all his tournaments at net prices. So the
next time you pick up your phone and the display reads
tele marketer from Paradise Canyon Vacations, and you hear a
"GROWL" big cat roar. It may just be Tiger Woods asking you to
come to a presentation and fork over $10, 000 for a membership
so he can pay for his wife Elin Nordegren child support.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Vacation Scam - Oh Come All Yee Roaches

Whenever Paraide Canyon Vacation calls it is like Christmas,
perhaps they should answer their calls with a "ho ho ho"
becuase they will offer you so many gifts just to attned their
1 hour presentation.

1) 2 free night hotel stay, 30 hotels right across n. america
2) dinner for 2, usually Boston Pizza they claim $50
3) $1, 000 gift voucher, towards the services afer you spend $10, 000
4) Draw for 7 day resort stay
5) boat cruise, yearly draw prize

They give like Santa but save like Scrooge, the owner and manager
call the people who come out for the free dinner for 2 and 2 free night
hotel stay "roaches", and they dont like people coming out for just
the free gifts. Then why do they make the tele marketers tell the people
about the gifts, and the insult the people for showing up to receive
the gifts they were promised on the phone. All they want is $10, 000 to
$15, 000 for their membership for vacation prices one can get cheaper
or just as cheap if they shop around. The gifts, coupons are not given
the same night, you have to fill out a registration form and wait 2-3
weeks in the mail. Yet they want people to show up sometimes the very
same night for thier presentation, but you have to wait 2-3 weeks,
that is if you receive your gifts. One lady recieved the 2 free nights
hotel but had to fly to Florida to use it, and pay her own air fare,
you can't pick and chose which hotel you want to stay, depending on
where it is it may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars
to get to the hotel destination.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - Shady Employees

Not only do Paradise Canyon Vacation tele marketers
lie to people on the phone trying to convince them that
the 1 hour presenations are free, When actually the
membership is $10, 000 to $15, 000, $3, 500 down not refundable
and $40 to $60 a month for the next 20 years.
"you cant buy nothing at the presentation, it is strictly
information only, im not calling to sell you anything,
leave your money at home and right off the hop let me assure
you i'm not calling to sell you anything" and the famous
"bring your wife or travel partner so nothing is lost in
the translation", they know that people who come alone will
tell the salesman "i got to talk to my spouse"
On with the shady employees, first we have Rob selling stolen
sports jerseys valued at $200 for $40 to $60 dollars, who uses
Paradise Canyon Vacation as an outlet to sell these Jerseys, his
biggest buyer is Ozzie an Osbourne, Winnipeg MTS tele marketer who
buys a new jersey just about every week, hes wearing a diffferent
stolen jersey every week, and we beleive hes working on buying
the whole collection. Next is Loren who is seldom at work, we beleive
he spends most of his time behind bars, he sells alot of stolen
xbox, playstation, pc games and dvd movies which he shop lifts from
stores. One of his biggest clients is DAVE the supervisor, Noel's
right hand man, and sometimes he uses his left.
The manager of Paradise Canyon vacation is well aware of all the
stolen dvds and jerseys buying and selling going on, when he was
approached about the situation, he said it was alright as long as
the employees were getting good prices. Now this is just the call
centre would you trust the salesman at the presentation if this is
how the call centre is running.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - sounds like direct buy

ann m
Senior Member

Joined: Jul 2006
Location: Cochrane, Alberta

Sounds like that Direct Buy company - where you pay them fees,
to then sell you something for a supposedly cheaper
price ... I'm not convinced ...
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Vacation - the 3 faces of Eve now adding Brittney

Paradise Canyon Vacation is so shady that even their tele marketers
are liers and dishonest. If you get a call from a woman claiming to
be Jenna or Ella, her real name is Edna, all the same person using 3
names to try to fool people and rob them out of $10, 000, telling them
the presentation is free and will receive 2 free gifts, only 1 woman
in over a year said she received the free hotel stay, but had travel
to Florida, from central Canada to the other side of the USA, and had
to pay the airfare, you cant pick and choose where to stay, a free hotel
stay may cost thousands of dollars in air fare, but Jenna, Ella or
Edna all the same person wont tell you this, she is greedy and wants
you to go to the so called free presentation and be conned out of
$10, 000, she is a good con artist so be very aware. Update now it seems
that Edna aka Eve has added a new name she is now going by Britney
so now when Ella, Jenna or Britney calls you, it is really Edna.
A short filipino lady trying to sound like a jersey shore poser,
every body just calls her snooky.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Vacation and The Wizard of Ozzie

Paradise Canyon Vacation has an MTS Winnipeg
employee from the Osbourne call centre location
who calls himself Ozzie, a tall skinny black man
who is making $20 an hour, and his girlfriend
$35 an hour, yet he comes to Paradise Canyon for
minimum wage to rip off people for $10, 000, this is
evil greed $55 an hour between them both and he needs
to come rip off innocent people and lie to them, and on
top of that he buys stolen sports jerseys from another
Paradise Canyon employee named Rob who has been selling
stolen Jerseys for years at Paradise Canyon Vacations,
Ozzie has been buying stolen jersys one every other week
and soon will have a big collection of stolen jerseys,
which he proudly wears, these are $200 jerseys at the
hot price of $40 to $60 all on company time and property
so how can you trust a company who hires shady Mts employees
who buy stolen clothes and people selling stolen sports jerseys
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - enormous upfront fee

New Member

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 1

Default Re: Paradise Canyon Vacations...
My friends just recently purchased a membership with Paradise Canyon Vacations,
so I thought I would check them out.

This Travel Club sounds the same as every other club out there... enormous
upfront fee and monthly charges for services that are offered on the internet
for free. I cannot believe that there are still Travel Clubs out there with
the introduction of the internet.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Vacation Bullies Employees

Paradise Canyon Vacation advertises $15 an hour
for 24 hours per week, but it is in reality only
$10 an hour for 20 hours, and only $15 an hour
if you can get 10 leads that night which is next
to impossible. There is alot of favourtism and
those favored employees are given much easier
call list to work on, while others have to work
5 times harder, and if you dont produce enough
you are brought into the presentation room and
given warnings, special employees are protected
with very easy call sheets, Paradise Canyon
don't care about its employees only money,
and the $10, 000 they can get for their supposedly
free presentations from people believing they will
receive 2 free gifts.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Vacation - Harasses Seniors

Paradise Canyon Vacations is harassing seniors trying to make them come to a
supposedly free presentation with 2 free gifts which no one ever receives,
they tell seniors is information only, leave your money at home, when in
reality the membership is $10, 000 to $15, 000, $3, 500 down and $40 to $60
per month for the next 20 years, one female worker told her boss, "shes a
senior 85 and dont travel", the boss told her to sell to her just the same.
Paradise Canyon Vacations just wants your $10, 000 even if you have 1 foot
in the grave. They have no compassion or morals, and should be respecting
seniors instead of conning them and trying to make them come out to a
presentation to con them out of their retirement money.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon - Robin Hood??????????

The story of Robin Hood was stealing from the rich to give to the poor,
but at Paradise Canyon it's backwards, instead Paradise Canyon steals from
the poor, seniors and average low income people to give to the rich
the salesmen and tele marketers. When you drive into paradise Canyon
Vacations tele marketing office, it is like walking into a new car show room
all the tele marketers all have expensive brand new cars. There is hardly
a car under $35, 000, except for Edna aka Jenna, Ella and now Britney she is
driving a brand new gm, all the other tele marketers have more reliable Toyotas
All the tele marketers are rich, like Ozzie an MTS employee from Osbourne
Winnipeg location, he just bought a big new house, his girlfriend is making
$35 and hour and Ozzie is making $20 an hour, yet he comes to
Paraide Canyon to rip off poor seniors, then there is the government
social workers making at least $25 an hour ripping off seniors and
low income people trying to con them out of $10, 000 for a supposedly
free presentation. Government social workers should not be trying to
scam seniors and lying about a free presentation which costs thousands
of dollars.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Vacation

2hr movie $10 - 1 hr presentation $10, 000

Paradise canyon Vacation will call and invite you to a free 60 minute presentation
and tell you how they are not calling to sell you anything, is strictly information
only, you cannot buy nothing at the presentation. The truth is they are calling to
sell you a $10, 000 to $15, 000 membership, they won't sell it to you at the
presentation, they will come to your home and try to scam you for $10, 000.
Now if you went to a 2 hour movie, it will only cost you $10 admission plus
popcorn and sft drinks, snacks etc. But you won't have no salesman coming
to your home after the movie. By the way the membership is $3, 500 down not
refundable and $40 to $60 a month for the next 20 years. Just imagine going
to a movie theatre and walking out having to pay $60 a month for the next 20
years, this is what happens if you go to a 1 hour Paradise canyon Vacation
presentation. Choice is yours 2 hour movie $10, 1 hour travel expo presentation
$10, 000 . Where would you put your money?
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - free hotel nights?

Senior Member

Joined: Jan 2007
Location: Manchester to Alberta, but now beautiful Nova Scotia!
No, I didnt get the free hotel nights.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Paradise Canyon Vacations will sound so nice and
pleasing when they call you during supper and apologize
and swear they are not calling to sell you anything,
its strictly information only, you cant buy nothing
at the presentation and of course leave your money at
home, they will ask you to bring your wife or travel
partner, this way you can't walk away so easily from
the $10, 000 to $15, 000 membership, which is $3, 500
down not refundable and $40 to $60 a month for the
next 20 years, they will try to offer you gifts 2
free night hotel stay and dinner for 2, which nobody
ever receives, Paradise Canyon Vacations hates people
who come for the gifts, the owners call them "roaches",
then why do they offer the gifts and call the people
roaches for attending, there is also the $1, 000 travel
voucher, of course you have to spend $10, 000 to $15, 000
for the membership, membership is all you get, you still
have to pay for the trips, which will cost the same or
more if you shop around. Don't let Paradise Canyon
Vacation scam you.
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - I would go nowhere near it


Premium Member

Joined: Sep 2008
Location: CYXX
Posts: 5, 223

Check out the BBB, there are two complaints on there
about them. I would not join anything to pay for
something I can do myself.
My buddy registered himself as a travel agent so he
could guide two tours a year
(it is a free vacation for him).

Myself, I would go nowhere near it.


You may want to do a bit more research before shelling
out any cash
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Re: Paradise Canyon Scam - Phewwwww...!!!

Fort St...
posts: 106
13 June 2011, 22:15

Phewwwww...!!! I just had them call me and I was
going to go to the meeting but some little voice in
my head said "if it's too good to be true
then... you all know the rest!
4594 days ago by Samantha4
Paradise Canyon Scam - asking for $9-15K.

Totally Choco Chip

I had a quick look online and find it strange that they deny being timeshare
when asking for $9-15K. They are also members of which is a timeshare
exchange company.

I have nothing against timeshare, in fact we have owned one in Orlando for
8 years - we hold title deeds and own it until we decide to sell it. We enjoy
ours and have vacationed at our home resort a few times and also used it to exchange
through RCI to other resorts in Scotland, Ontario, Massechusettes and are heading
to Maine this summer.

I would question paying out between $9-15k fees and not own anything other than a

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