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PFO Tactical
PFO Tactical Pathfinder Firearms Outfitters FRAUD ALERT ...Company lists security training and placement service. After you are in the course the ins
26th of Jun, 2011 by User661866
I enrolled for the Security training and Job Placement program offered thru PFO Tactical. Mr Steele, the lead instructor states that he has a 100% placement record for graduates from his class. Upon enrollment myself and the entire class were spoken to in a very very very condescending manner and told that he, ( the instructor ) was going to " tear us down so he could build us back up". What a laugh, tear down up gone and forgotten The extremenly arrogant staff would NEVER tell you what was expected of you. They got a far greater thrill out of trying to make you feel like a fool. The lead instructor would brag that he would spend up to 5 minutes per day practicing his "quick draw" in front of a mirror. Practicing his quick draw......I out grew that in 1st grade. The insructors....all of them.....bragged that they would practice trigger pull by pretending to shoot characters on the TV screen in the evenings while relaxing in their living rooms........Is this the type of training I am really paying for??????? LETS STOP FOR A MINUTE & PONDER GUN SAFETY HERE, not to mention the instructors level of maturity, or lack of. PFO Tactical states they will certify you as a level II security officer with a chemical defense endorsement...( Pepper spray ). This certification consisted of being sprayed with pepper spray, opening your eyes and telling the instructor how many fingers he was holding up, then finding the toy blue gun and shooting the instructor.,.....(yes you read it correctly....shooting the instructor.....are you seeing the pattern here)? Upon completion of each student being sprayed with pepper spray......(yes each student was sprayed with pepper spray), the bright and wonderful decontamination station we were escorted to consisted of a garbage can full of water and a bottle of palmolive dish washing liquid. Again....yes....a freaking kitchen garbage can and a bottle of palmolive. Now comes range are told that you must shoot 80% from 25 yards.......that is all....nothing more nothing less. When you arrive at the range, you find the range isnt a range at all but a dump just off the interstate. No kidding....this range was a dump.....not just a nasty place but quite literally a dump........!!!!! Never did I nor will you hear the traditional and of course nationally recognized range commands....ready on the right....ready on the left....ready on the firing line, no no no.....that may just be a bit to professional for the circus act I paid for expecting a real class. You are told throughout the class that the instructors will teach you how to shoot more accuratley upon arrival to the range...(dump). The deffination of "how to shoot more accuratley" is in reality nothing more than a barage of insults and multiple instructors screaming at the students. If you dont show signs of improvement during the scream fest, you are told to leave the range and later congratulated on your choice to "voluntarily withdraw" from the range......voluntarily withdraw.....nothing could be farther from the truth. You are forced from the range by multiple people screaming in your ear and telling you just what a poor excuse you are for a human being. I have learned that the original statements made by Mr Steale.....(good name considering he steals your self esteam, pride, and money by not delivering what he promises) are correct. Only ONE IN FOUR , 25% pass his class. Not because the class is difficult, but because the way the class is designed and the personalities of the instructors set you up for failure. The instructors are horrible horrible little people that must boost themselves up on your suffering. In fairness, the instructors are excellent at telling you...."you have failed, but if you like you can pay me an additional $100.00 dollars and come to the shooting improvement class that I offer". From my experience that is the only thing the instructors excell at. Lets face it folks....we are not talking military special forces here......we are talking level III security.....if only one in four ( 25% ) pass.....the blame lies with the instructor, and his desire to take advantage of those less educated, or those he thinks he can make additional money on. Pure and simple the man, the class, the program, nothing here is designed to pass students and produce state certified level III security guards. Everything in this program is designed to defraud students of their hard earned money and entice them to then spend even more hard earned money with the hopes of passing. This guy....Andrew Steele (a LEGIT Security guard wash out), actually brags that he has failed SWAT cops, ex-Iraqi war vets, ex US Marines, etc..... in fact.....the instructors actually make fun of and degrade law enforcements officers that are current and past students...... In a nut shell....ALBUQUERQUE .....RIO RANCHO...BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY.......If you are looking for security training go to a reputible security company that has a proven track record....Summit, Gallup, AFS etc are only a few of many out there. This company does not have a website, but posts their videos, photos of the dump, etc on facebook....
3730 days ago by The_one
horrible class. absolutely true. The instructor comments about his "peepee" every fifteen minutes. its easy to see why these "instuctors" stick together. they all have an entitlement attitude and mental disorders. They actually belive the stories they tell
3730 days ago by Antoneloco
actually I went through the class there was three students and myself and one other student passed we both passed on our third try though. honestly he did prepare me very well but I had to practice alot like every day. I have only shot a firearm once before I took the class and I passed with a 82. Also yes mr steele did talk about some of the previous students not passing but as an example only not to ridicule at all. As far as the firing range yes it is a dump but is a know place that many people go to shoot not endangering anyone. The reason mr steele takes students out there is because of the things we exercise to simulate actually field procedures conflict with city of albuquerque, and private firing ranges so in other words he has no other choice but to take us out there. I was fully aware and prepared for days 2 of the class at the firing range because I asked questions. So I can honestly say that mr steele did the best job he could with the time allowed to him by the state, but I do believe the level 3 course should be 3 or 4 full days for more practice and instruction on the firing range, but I do believe mr steele is aware or if and tries to accomodate but have to work hard and practice what is taught and eventually you will pass.
3728 days ago by The_one
this sounds like mr steele himself ^^^^ save your time and hard earned money go to B&B they will treat you right..""As far as the firing range yes it is a dump but is a know place that many people go to shoot not endangering anyone"" .. some people also use a real firing range. duh
3728 days ago by Scaulder
I have attended the PFO guard security classes I, II and III which are recommended by many local security companies to the point of endorsing Mr. Steele by carrying his business card and class brochures in the front office, and preference is given to new hires who have attended these licensing courses.

What you have described above could be nothing farther than the experience I, and many other co-workers have had while attending his courses. Yes, you are required to experience the effects of pepper spray, and having not been exposed to this before I wasn't physically prepared for the effects, but in a situation on the job where pepper spray had been used on me, the scenario run of opening your eyes and identifying your assailant, protecting your firearm from being taken away from you and the scramble to find a lost firearm, identify your target and end the threat is extremely practical and at the extreme, Life Saving.

Also, Mr. Steele gives you THREE attempts to pass the handgun range qualifications. From your post I can see that you made the choice to not apply the techniques taught during the class time, not to practice the fast draw, not to practice sight alignment or apply the fundamentals of marksmanship. In the range qualification Mr. Steele gives ample instruction, allows students to practice trigger reset, gives opportunity to improve accuracy through one-hole drills and offers necessary corrections all in an attempt to Help You Pass The Range Quals! Again, if you had decided to shrug off instruction you have failed yourself, when given every opportunity to succeed.

My first time on range, I did not pass, but I did take the opportunity to ask for further instruction, and on my second time out on range I did qualify, and then went a step further to attend my third range time (paid for by the initial level III cost) and continued to show improvement. These were the first three times I had shot a handgun, so it does appears that taking Mr. Steel's instruction and putting in additional practice time has a payoff.

It's my opinion that you expected to pay for a passing score and be hustled into a security position, let me say that judging from how you chose to present yourself from your flame post, I count myself lucky that Andrew Steele had refused to pass you through so my life may not be residing with you on the job as my partner.
3727 days ago by Jgo99
I do apologize for my two cents.
Sounds like you had an inability to read signs. For the slackers of the class there were ques to test questions. So, you knew what to study. There were questions you had to ask to be able to leave so the instructors could see where your mentality was at that point of class. It's not difficult to see who is asking a "fluff" question to get out of class or misguided or very interested in what was going on.
Yes a "toy" gun was used to simulate what you would have to do In a possible deadly force action. Please tell me you aren't getting bent over Mr. Steele using a training tool for the class. I studied martial arts for 24+ years. We use training tools like wood, plastic, rubber, or in PFO Tacticals case epoxy weapons for safety.
I am not the smartest individual, but I have learned many ways to keep myself safe and others on the job because of his class.
He landed me a job before I even graduated. I let the hiring manager know that I was still training and he said it was ok and to get the card ASAP. So, that's what I did.
Now, if you were looking for work he would have offered to you as I a company that would fit your charter. I am sure like other fields of employment, they look for particular types of people and he is asked to send those types of people based on the company.
Now, talking about your "quick draw" comment. I believe you were referring to his sight alignment drill and trigger follow through drill. If he had ever reffered to it as a "quick draw" he would have explained that it was to practice your seven fundamentals.
Now from the sound of your complaint you failed level III. I do apologize I understand it was a difficult class. I took the harder grading not as an insult though. I thought that it was like going to Havard. Things are more difficult at that school than others and that's why many career minded individuals attempt to go to that school. Yes some students fail out of Harvard I am sure. What makes me realize you weren't listening is he offers all students the ability to take the range part of Level III up to two more times FREE. Harvard doesn't offer that type of program. So there goes your money hungry defense. Since he made it more difficult to pass, I am sure your safety and ability to use the firearm effectively was his main concern.
So, what I got from your little rant. Was you are unhappy that you failed, everyone feels like that, and you hadn't listened while being in the class. Now if I had a student not listening in my class. I wouldn't refer him to anyone I was connected with because he would make me look bad. Would you want a knuckle head saying you trained them and then they didn't know how to do their job cause he didn't have the integrity to pay attention.
I passed the class with a 92% the first time I took the class. Only other time I had a chance to use a handgun (9mm or the like 40, 45, whatever) was his basic marksmanship course. He practically taught me everything I needed to know about handguns and how to shoot effectively. Now I am registering myself to be Executive Protection thanks to him. So, quit being hurt and retake the test.
3727 days ago by Antoneloco
Hey THE ONE first of all my name is antonio ruiloba and you sound like a pissed off dumb loser that is unwilling to work for a living and you endorsing b&b will only hurt them because you are a poor example, you think just because you throw some cash, that you deserve to pass rather than listening to what mr steele has to say I hope you change your mind about working security because you sound like one of those guys that are in the news for doing some so stupid, illegal, or lawsuit against the company you work for. Either way you are not wanted in this industry so save us the embarressment and do something else.
3726 days ago by The_one
Easy there Ant.. "sharp shooter class" where steele blows up butane lighters.. after he practices quick draw with his tv. none of this seems sane to me.
3726 days ago by The_one
and joseph goudy... take a step back and look at PFO's facebook page.. do you got a brown nose or daddy issues.. there has got to be an Andrew Steele shrine in your room right? rifle for panama... what are we "destroying" today?
3726 days ago by Jgo99
Well, apparently you are all about B & B great, go there.
I have not heard Mr. Steele talking about how bad someone else is, or how another security company sucks at least not by name. Only because he wants to train people with examples of what to do and what not to do. He doesn't name anyone out because that's not how respectable people do business.
Y'all, on the other hand dwell in it. So, let this be my last post to you and from who I believe might be your father. Now, I just put two and two together, but I don't want to waste my military connections and friendships over something that isn't worth my friends' time.
The actual article states he was doing it in the mirror; here I will copy and paste it for you:

"The lead instructor would brag that he would spend up to 5 minutes per day practicing his "quick draw" in front of a mirror."
7th sentence.

On two separate classes I have heard Mr. Steele say that you have so many chances to qualify. If he brought up the basic marksman class, maybe its because someone is trying to qualify after not practicing with a handgun only after a short while, or for the first time. That would make sense wouldn't it? With all of the classes I have sat in on (as a way to assist myself in becoming a better officer), I have heard Mr. Steele invite people back to review countless time. He says come back in because its difficult to retain all of the information given to you. Proves you had an inability to listen both in class and with these postings.

Then you decide to attack someone else. Calling them a brown nose and having daddy issues. So, you know this person well enough to make those comments?
If its your job to get involved in other peoples business and talk crap then so be it. That's all the person you will be until you ask more of yourself.

People will read these posts and I hope they see that all you two have to do is talk ill about training equipment that he purchased to assist his students, and complain about a free place to shoot so he didn't have to charge you more for the class. If they were to go on google shopping and type in training gun, they would find the same type of training tool used in the class.

So be my guest and talk bad about people you don't know. It only shows who you really are to everyone else that reads this. Just like I am sure you will say another bad thing about this post after I submit. I have better things to do with my life then complain. I mean, what are you telling people by checking out the PFO facebook page, since you dislike them?

Oh, and as a last note. Ask anyone about the Rio Puerco area. They might say yeah, I shoot there every weekend. I am not rich, I cannot afford to pay for ammo and a range 3 to 5 times a month but, I do need to practice.
Oh wait, someone already said:

:As far as the firing range yes it is a dump but is a know place that many people go to shoot [...]"

I am glad that you can afford to pay for a range every time you shoot. Seriously, good for you.

Done wasting my time, hope you have a good night and I wish the best for you.
3726 days ago by PFO_Graduate
I too have taken this "class" as they call it. the instructor bad mouthed law enforcement and the military multiple times a class. Im glad there are people like "Jgo99" who learned something from the "class".. but i mean seriously you have to have absolutely no knowledge coming in to think you learned something other than common sense which i hope you had in the first place. I read a comment where he buys his own training gear.. yes the blue gun is all well and good... but then the mop handle with foam he has us hit each other with, wearing no protective gear??.. i would buy pepper spray too if i got my kicks off by spraying students with it once a week.. its not required by the state and the trash can and soap we wash in with he begs to cut our shirt off as we sit on old tires while some kid video tapes? trash can & soap 6 bucks at the dollar store.. and "The_one" i have not heard of B&B until i called the state and the personally recommended them. I passed all of Andrew Steeles classes learning very little other than the security field is like the wild wild west where we quick draw reload clips in a security shootout and disrespect law enforcement and the military every chance we get. i will not recommend the class to someone else unless i know they have a screw loose. Since the class i have took another set of security classes where we learned the required medical, learned to shoot like a sane human being and were told more than to "practice" at home in the mirror, i have kids and even if i didnt im still not going to practice a quick draw like a cowboy in my home or anywhere else. I never read anywhere security for any state had to be so paranoid that they need to learn a full quick draw shoot out. who are we guarding "Billy the Kid"? But again "AntoneLoco" and "Jgo99" im glad you think you learned something.. but as passing classmen in Steeles class i wonder how you found this site other than looking for another job or more classes on craigslist? Seeing thats how i found it. Unsatisfied with Steele rants and raves about the state of New Mexico, the Military, and ANY Law Enforcement i felt i needed another class and found this link. So either you were unsatisfied as well.. didnt get the promised job placement... OR Mr. Steele called upon you guys to back him up on something he is apparently losing on. thats cool you guys stick together but if the "class/Instructors" were as good as they say they are they wouldnt need a quick draw posse backing them up. So as far as the author.. Im sorry you didnt pass this mad mans course it seems you know more about gun safety and the safety of others thank you for the posting I can only hope others dont fall victim to Steele and his boys at the "OK Corral", and as far as "The_One" looks like these guys have wasted your time by ganging up on scaminformer website either proving they have something to hide or proving that Mr Steele needs all the help he can get at this moment.

3516 days ago by Jguidette505
I would like to start by introducing myself. I believe slanderous "reports" posted by anoymous users are cowardly. I am not directly calling you a coward, just you actions. I would hate it if you were to find me condecending. That being said, my name is Jennifer Michelle. I would like to start my rebuttal off by defining the word "condecending". It means "to act in a way that betrays a feeling of patronizing superiority. Now that all readers are crystal clear on what the word truly means, I feel obligated to ask you this next question. Were you staring at your own reflection in a mirror during the duration of the class by any chance? I have gone through several possible scenarios in my head and the only remotely plausible one is thus, you suffer from an inferiority complex and are very consiciously aware of the loose, extra space in the penal region of your pants. ( I'm sorry, if I were you I would blame it on insufficient genes.) As for your phrase about the instructor stating that he will "tear us down so he could build us back up" I again to feel obligated to ask a question. Did any reminist memories of your past invade into your conscieceness, interrupting your ability to remember events correctly? The correct quote for the mislead folk out there is " My goal and the way I operate this class is I teach you to crawl before I teach you to walk and I teach you to walk before I teach you to run". This is not condecending. It is no different than a teacher teaching thier students to add and subtract (teaching you to crawl) before the teacher taught them to mutilpy and divide (teaching you to walk) and then the teacher taught you how to put it all together by teaching you to find the value of x from 2x-4=12 (the answer is 8 and this is teaching you to run) I have no idea how you were able to misunderstand his phrase. I suspect that your possible inferiority complex might be formulating a fragile mindset. Sadly I must correct another tampered memory you have posted as a libel fact. The 5 second draw... I'm guessing this came straight from you sphincter located below the belt on the backside... It is actually called the 4-step draw. The steps are grip, draw and rotate, two hands and extend. The handout booklet contains this. Mr. Steele never brags, he says that he strongly recommends practicing to adhere the 4step draw to your muscle memory. Your goal is to act without forethought so you can be aware of your surroundings and asses whether you should operate trigger and get involved in a deadly force action. The toy blue gun is actually a plastic/rubber model of a sig, if I remember correctly it might be a replica of a .45 sig. It is a training gun. Rule one of firearm safety is treat all firearms as if they were loaded. That is why it is a replica gun. As for the way the decontamination is handled for pepper sprayed individuals, it works. Dawn is a degreaser and it deactivates the spray by cutting the grease. If you want him to call rescue for them to take you to the hospital to do the exact same thing but hand you a $800 bill, you should have told him before the class began for the day. The range is not a dump, it simply appears that way because people don't want to properly dispose of things because they have to pay for it and people don't always clean up after themselves. Do you understand now? As a note "scream" is a movie title and the act of using your vocal cords to make a constant sound. The instructors technically yell commands, NOT insults because everyone is wearing hearing protection. The incident about the voluntary withdrawal that happened during your range time is none of your business, it did not involve you in any shape way or form so you do not have right to discuss it. Furthermore the instructors name is STEELE not Steale. You spelled it wrong so you could add in your rant about stealing and make it seem to flow along by using his last name. He is not a "legit security guard wash out" he is a security officer with years o experience as a boss. The phrase those that can not do, teach is rendered useless in this case with Mr. Steele. He is a honorable man and my husband and I respect him greatly. His program is preferred by security companies because he teaches you how to handle and protect yourself in a court room. His teachings are the reflection of the modern security officer. Security guards are the people that can not pass his class and rant. They are the stereotype, not Mr. Steele and what he teaches. Ignore the guard's comment and listen to the comments. This is man is the most honest and giving instructor I have ever met. His program is exactly what this industry needs more off. It sounds like the same disgruntled student is using different aliases to spread more discontent...

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