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Pinnacle Security
Pinnacle Security Home Security Scam / Door to Door Salesman Scam / Dishonest / Pushy / Evasive Orem, Utah
29th of May, 2011 by User440761
Door to door salesman from Pinnacle came to my door. He was probably no older than 20, had a badge showing he was a salesman from Pinnacle Security. We spoke for about 20 minutes outside regarding their free installation of their wonderful cellular based $2000 dollar security system. I never let people inside my house I do not know especially door to door salesman so we talked outside the whole time. He was not pushy, but very unexperienced and said things he should not of. I had my smart phone on me and google'd 'Pinnacle Security' and the first thing that came up was SCAM. I asked him about it and the companies 'F' rating on BBB. He explained BBB was a scam itself, and that they have had rouge salesman in the past give them a bad rep. Blah blah, blah.... After we were done talking he ran a credit report on his smart phone???? (not sure how, probably was a lie) I did not authorize it. He then said he needed to place a call into the office to tell them about what he offered me and if I read all the correct information to me. I heard him talk to this person regarding the location of my property, contract price, and the equipment they would be installing. **Keep in mind at this point I have not signed any legal agreement with this company at all. They only had my name, address and phone number.** I spoke to the office person on the phone and he asked if the salesman explained the prices, installation, and terms of service and if I read them and understood them. I said yes conversation ended. This is where the salesman started to get a little nervous and asked me if I was ready to sign. I said NO and that I needed to compare prices. He started to get a little more nervous and gave me more information about how his company was better...yada, yada, yada..... I stayed firm and said I would get back to him to leave his name and number. He asked me if he could count on me signing up for this service later on tonight. I told him absolutely not and said it would take me weeks to make a decision. Said our goodbyes, thought everything was done.....well guess again. 15 minutes later I hear people knocking on my front door and then my phone is ringing. I see people walking around my house seeing if anyone is home. I walk outside and see 2 college aged kids dressed in Pinnacle Security outfits carrying buckets with tools in them. I asked them what they were doing on my property and they said they were here to install the security system. I told them I did not order a security system and to get off my property immediately. They already stuck their sign in my front yard!!!! They were being slow about getting off my property and my patience was done. I got a little vulgar with them and they dished it right back. I had my phone in my hand and told them I was calling the police and they moved a lot quicker. They picked up their tools and pulled their sign out of my front yard. I followed them off my property and took pictures of their license plates, they did not like that AT ALL!!! He said a few choice words to me then left. Him and his buddy were both driving older luxury vehicles with out of state plates (Idaho). They looked like a couple college kids trying to make a quick buck. Within 5 minutes the door bell was ringing...guess who the original Pinnacle Security Salesman. He tried to explain how when he called the office they automatically send out installers yada, yada, yada. I told him to find a new line of work and to get off my property. I filled a complaint with the Pittsburgh city police and explained my story to a tee, gave them the plate number and then went about my day. Did they do anything wrong technically I don't think so, are they Scamming people..h**l yeah. I mean come on how is this company still in business??????
4258 days ago by Customer
I've had pinnacle for years and loved them. Theyve always taken care of everything we needed promptly and professionally, and we've ven accidentally set the system off and had the police show up in no time! I had to do the same call you're talking about when I got the system. I'm curious why you agreed over the phone to paying a monthly rate for a contractual amount of time if you didn't want the system?? They shouldn't have been rude back but if the rep accidentally did send the techs, you can understand that they were just doing their job. I'd recommend pinnacle to anyone and have.
4230 days ago by Chantaria66
I have had a Pinnacle Rep come to my door today and was very very professional. The system that he offered was the same as was described here, BUT he not only said that he could not and would not accept money and the techs that will be installing this system will not as well. I was told that they are looking for customers that are willing to put the sign in the yard stating that this home has Pinnacle Security surveillance more than anything else... that there is an approx. 3 week trial period that if I do not want the system to remain functional, then that was fine... I could restart the service at any time.

I will post another after the techs show up with an update as to what is going on.
4226 days ago by Nwest88
Sounds to me like user User440761 is an overly suspicious 50-90 year old grandma or grandpa that has something to hide. The reason why the people were college age was because they are trying to pay for college during their summer break and walking door to door is not only good exercise it is good experience to give these college age students confidence in talking with people. If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything and I'm sure probably true for User440761... Get a life
4205 days ago by OldAlarmGuy've probably been scammed. I've been in the alarm business 25 years and know this company well. Tactics are a little sleazy but it's the individual reps who are the ones flat out lying. Check to see if you have a contract document and READ it. No way does it say you have a 3 week trial period. And "putting a sign in your yard" as a reason to give you a "free" system is an old tactic. A basic wireless, cellular system plus installation labor, signs and decals and sales commissions costs the company a MINIMUM of $700-900! No company can give away something for nothing and stay in business.
Sad to say, but if the company and or sales folks are from Utah or Idaho or are Mormon, they are part of one of the biggest on going frauds in the industry. Every state has problems and it doesn't take much on line research. The rest of the industry refers to them as "summer programs" because they hire college kids, mostly Mormons cause they know how to door knock and talk, and send them all over the country. There are at least a dozen companies doing this but they ALL use young college age kids, usually NOT from your area, often times not properly licensed, and poorly supervised. Call the cops, call the news media (they LOVE to run exposes on these guys) and tell your neighbors and friends. If you want a home security system, buy local. Find a licensed dealer that lives and works in your community and you can get the same deal or better than these out of state folks. Good luck!
4199 days ago by Magnoliaparker
I just had an experience with a young 20 something guy from "Pinnacle". He plain wouldn't leave my property. When I said I'd heard enough and was going to close the door, which I did, he kept up with the objection responses. After I closed the door, he kept talking right through the closed door! As I went back to my work, he used the door knocker 5 loud times to get me to open up the door again! Insidious!
And to Nwest88, I would say to you that I am a 66 year old grandmother with white hair, which is a sign of wisdom! And I have been around the block a few times, Buddy! I know when I am being pushed beyond the limits of anything normal. Back off of the older, wiser generation and you might learn a thing or two that will actually help you through the challenges in the rest of your life.
4196 days ago by Cmildo3
Well, the 20-somethingoranothers hit my neighbor yesterday. Sleek. Before the ink was dry (w/o given the opp to read the fine print or Google) the installer was at my door. One let it slip a tell-tell sign that they were from out of town. Hence, passing through, door-to-door fast selling. Yes, probably summer kids making some money. "I'll pay for the equipment, you only pay for the $45 mo fee." Yeah. No company vehicle, three different guys show up and I only checked on one of the vehicles. I'm waiting for them to show back up to pick up their equipment and yard sign as I gave them an expired cc #. I enjoyed their company, but am not that stupid.
4195 days ago by Datadawg
Cmildo3 don't get me wrong as I think these people are lower than snake excrement, but by knowingly giving them an expired no longer valid CC# in exchange for the services and or equipment you just committed theft by deception and then admitted it here in this forum and giving up any chance of saying it was an accident. If they place a value on the equipment and labor over the $1000 mark you can as well face charges of grand larceny. And I can bet dollars to donuts they'll use that to get a good CC# out of you so that you can avoid prosecution.
4192 days ago by Fenix_879
Not sure what the issues are, but I have had Pinnacle for over 6 months, and it is excellent. Yes the kid was 20-something. Yes they ran my credit for approval. But nothing any sliker than ADP or Monitronics did when signing me up. I think its in appropriate to judge because of age...i.e. Ageism. Yes that is an infamous "ism". Racism, Sexism... I do think the first comment was agitated beyond this situation. And others were upset with the responders that equated mature individuals with paronoia. But in all, I like my system. I like my Iphone/Android App, I liked the installation, and have had a great experience period.
4192 days ago by Kzoehler
I can't comment on others' experiences, but I'd like to share mine. I have had Pinnacle Security for about a year now. I'm satisfied with the Alarm System. I am pleased with their service in addressing our problems over the phone. I have found it to be much easier working with Pinnacle than other services, such as cell phone service, and even my local gas company. All of the people I've encountered have been respectful and courteous. I'm sorry to hear that others have had negative experiences. My plans for the future are to continue their service, and recommend them to anyone who asks.

By the way, do ont attempt to put motion detectors outside where they will be exposed to the elements.
4190 days ago by Grannyfromtexas
Pinnacle is in Texas going door to door in our neighborhood and we told them we already had an alarm system and we were not interested. Got them to leave but they ran our credit anyway, even tho we never gave them our numbers...they are crooks looking to make a fast my shotgun ready for when and if they show back up...this old granny isnt playing around! Granny from Texas
4185 days ago by Jhand
Yup, send out the swat team, there are mormon kids from utah selling alarms to pay for college. It's 50 bucks a month. It has a contract. We should probably try to get them all arrested and/or shoot them. Thats the right thing to do. You people sicken me
4185 days ago by Marcymccall
I had a Pinnacle Security guy on my front porch two days ago in Atlanta. I felt very shaken by the experience. I thought he was at best trying to sell me something I didn't need or at worst, trying to case my house to rob it in the future. He was young, very slick and confusing. Probably not a Mormon, however (had a piercing on his tongue). He did not get into my house, fortunately.

He never told me who he worked for or his name. The first thing he asked me when I answered the door was who took care of my garden. (I thought he was looking to do yard maintenance.) I told him I take care of my own garden. Then he said, "Oh, so you're the owner." He said there are alot of robberies in my neighborhood, where kids cut the phone lines to disable security systems. Then he wanted to know whether GE had been in touch with me. He said that GE wants to photograph my house and use it in an advertisement. When I told him no, GE had not been in touch with me, he said I have a beautiful garden and it could be placed on a poster in my neighborhood to show neighbors that I use Pinnacle Security. I said, "What's Pinnacle Security? I thought you worked for GE." He said GE manufactures the component parts for Pinnacle Security. When I told him I don't use PInnacle, he asked me how many doors and windows I have wired with my current system. I told him I didn't know and that it was private information. He asked me why I was getting so angry. I explained that I was going back to my home office to work and that if GE wants to make a written proposal to photograph my home for a fee, I would consider the offer but I was not prepared to make a decision today. (Calling his bluff and getting him off my property.)

I was so shaken I locked up the house and turned on my alarm. I felt nothing about this young man was legitimate or anything he was supposedly selling me. Next time, I will call the police.
4179 days ago by Aprelle
I am a 25 year old mother of two, who has also had a horrible experience wih Pinnacle. When I moved from my home to an apartment I was told I could suspend my contract. The next week I was called in regards to my payment, then when I explained to them what was agreed upon they quickly hung up. This week I now have a payment confirmation from my account. They are very pushy and tell me I can not cancel my contract unless I get the new home owner to take over. Otherwise I have to pay 1100.00 to settle my account. To cancel your service with Pinnacle yo need to do the following:

customer #
please cancel my security serivces with pinnacle
fax # 801-437-1031
4156 days ago by Tallblondeguy
I also have a Pinnacle Security system on my house for two years now. I had a young man going around our neighborhood, door to door. Before I let him on my property, I called the published number (not the number he gave me) for Pinnacle and checked him out. Pinnacle cleared him, so I let him talk. Long story short, I got a system for free install, about $50 a month, includes glass break sensors, smoke/fire/panic, 24 hr. monitoring, sends signal via cell call, not ground line...the normal stuff I guess with a few bells and whistles. Already had one false alarm (my fault) and the police DID show up ... and I'm glad they did. I proves my system works. Regarding the man showing up at your door, you had the option to take his ID and verify his identity. Assuming it was a scam is paranoid, but being careful and using your brain is a better approach. Regarding him being dishonest, pushy and evasive, I wasn't there so I certainly can't respond to that, but I know all sales people tend to be a bit pushy to close the sale. My experience was a positive one. Sorry to hear yours was not.
3962 days ago by Djevuecc
Worked for Pinnacle as a recruiter for a week to understand their complete scam. They will occasionally hire some one who is not college age, but their main target is college males from ages 18-25. If they pursue a female, they have to be young and attractive. Also Pinnacle does not use their name in any recruiting method, when they put ads on craiglist or on the street they leave out the name because of their bad reputation. Also they use GE's name to make the new recruits think that they are working for a legitimate company. Also everything for them is commission based and work as a contract worker. There is no money guaranteed and even though they mention that they provide training, they target people who are desperate for work and young kids that never have had any kind of work experience. This company is a complete scam.
3962 days ago by Deborahwatson65
Cellan is a 16-day trial which starts the day of order, which you agreed to on the checkout page. If you are satisfied with the product, we bill you for your initial order and subsequent bottles every 30 days thereafter until cancelled. If you are unhappy with the product and cancel after the trial period you are charged for any bottles that have been shipped to you. The phone numbers for all countries are listed on the bottle and customer service representatives are happy to help you with cancellation of your membership. US & CANADA: 855-235-5261, UK: 08000461506, Ireland: 1800 937 093, Australia: 1800009063, France: 0805636253 and Spain: 800600726.

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