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Tanna Reynolds, Matthew Olyphant
Con Woman, Fraud, Dangerous Con Man, Thiefs, Addicts, and Internet Dating Scams
5th of Sep, 2012 by User42954
I wish I had taken the time to look into this woman, Tanna Reynolds before dating her off of where she posted a pretty regular ad in women searching men. Nothing in her ad set off alarms or caused me to wonder and I spoke to her a few times by telephone before meeting her, but now I have learned that safety must come first and strangers have to be considered suspicious until they prove they aren't. She seemed like a nice lady and looked attractive in the pictures although hers were a bit to naughty for my taste. I was looking for physical fun like all men but thinking back, she sent me some nasty images that should have tipped me off she wasn't a nice lady.
Since we had arranged to meet up for a NSA meeting, I accepted the invite for her to host at her house. She said we could have a few drinks then see where the night went. She acted ok when I arrived but she was half naked already and left nothing to the imagination. It seems a little strange looking back. It was also strange how comfortable she seemed walking around half naked. Well during my second drink, I began to feel weird and within a few minutes I could tell I had been drugged. By then she was doing drugs across the room right out in the open thinking I was too drugged to know. I saw her fixing drugs up and snorting line after line of coke I guess. She was also drinking heavily and kept checking on me to see how out of it I was. A few minutes passed and a man appeared in the room. The man, Matthew Olyphant also took large amounts drugs snorting many lines of the coke while grabbing Tanna's naked body and the two began to engage in very perverted nasty sexual acts right there in the room. I could not move my body at all but I was aware of what was happening. I was unable to defend myself when she came up and removed my clothes. The two of them took turns groping me and forcing their body parts into my mouth as well as touching my parts and looking to pleasure me and have my drugged up body pleasure them. This went on for hours and I remained unable to move or talk. The man, Matthew Olyphant next took my wallet and removed the few hundred dollars in cash I had before taking the credit cards and gift cards I had purchased for my kids. Tanna continued snorting drugs and dancing naked all around the room. I now know she was a local stripper for years and one known for turning tricks on the job. From what I hear, that's how the two met. Matthew Olyphant who is apparently involved with a female employee at The Dailey Method in Novato, was a customer who frequently bought sexual favors from Tanna Reynolds. The two still share addiction to rape and perverted sexual fantasies, drugs, and a violent lifestyle. While sexually abusing me that night, they both appeared to gain pleasure from hitting and belittling each other. Matthew removed a scarf from her neck the only clothing she wore and used it to choke her repeatedly in a way she seemed to like a lot. They also took turns choking me with the scarf. Many hours after the ordeal began, Tanna injected me more drugs and then I do not remember anything. I woke up the next morning in my truck which was parked at a shopping center and emptied of many valuable items. I went to the police right away and filed a report, but she denied any of it happened and said we had intercourse and it was what both of us wanted. In the end, she had more believers than I did and my case died. I saw her recently on a site for scamming another man and I thought I should write my own report and let the men in the San Francisco bay area know that she is a dangerous woman and her partner Matthew Olyphant is a dangerous man. I feel sorry for his girlfriend and all the many boyfriends Tanna cons into giving her money to feed her addiction instead of feeding her kids.

Con Woman, Fraud, Dangerous Con Man, Thiefs, Addicts, and Internet Dating Scams

3254 days ago by Unbelievable111
This report, as well as others, regarding Matthew Olyphant is bogus. Matthew is the target of a disgruntle ex-girlfriend who was caught cheating by Matthew. The interesting thing about this ex-girlfriend is she carries this grudge for over a year. Her goal is to totally destroy Matthew by posting these slanderous reports. As you can see, the report is anonymous, as are the others. However, some of the posted reports on the internet sometimes have a name attached as an author, but those names are false.

This ex-girlfriend lives in Texas and Matthew lives in California and their relationship lasted only a few months due to distance. Every single accusation this ex-girlfriend has posted is false. Legal actions against the ex-girlfriend are ongoing.

I am a licensed private investigator in California, hired by Matthew, to assist in halting these false and malicious reports.

Chad Yeager
3254 days ago by Deborahwatson65
Chad, why aren't you replying to any of my questions? How much do you charge for removing fake reports?!
3254 days ago by Joe Perry
He's not responding because it's probably Matthew himself pretending to be someone else. The reports about him and all of his drugged out lose women are true. Matthew Olyphant is involved in the porn industry and married a well known stripper who he had a child with. How many innocent nice guys marry and have children with strippers who sell sexual services on the side? He has also been a drug user for years and he does rely on his family's name and money to get out of the trouble he gets into. This woman, another stripper is also a known drug user and dealer who neglects her children and brings home women she hooks up with on a nightly basis. Disgusting PIGS.
3254 days ago by Deborahwatson65
ok thanks.. i thought so too.. because typically private investigators do not post writings on behalf of their clients; they get paid to do litigation, cyber investigate emails and remove fake reports.. the guy who calls himself Chad as you said is probably Matthew.. Joe a woman I know is being terribly and falsely slandered and I am trying to help her get the reports on her removed, that's all..
3253 days ago by Unbelievable111
Hello deborahwatson 65 - How do I know if you are really who you say you are. For all I know you and Joe Perry could be the target person we are looking at. It is also none of your business as to Mr. Olyphant's confidential agreement. If you are looking into getting posts deleted, then why don't you contact a PI or an attorney in your area?

As to Joe Perry's post, how does he or she know anything of Mr. Olyphant? I know for a fact that Joe Perry is a bogus name and I believe I know who it is :) Why don't you post some proof as to those allegations? You can't because all of it is untrue.

Sorry to bust your bubble.
3253 days ago by Deborahwatson65
i did contact a PI/lawyer but their fees were incredibly high to get the fake reports removed, , that is why i was curious to know how much you charge.
how do you know if i am really what i say? i thought you were an investigator, you should already know i am not what you are looking for!! i won't be interested in your services if you can't get these reports removed,
3252 days ago by Unbelievable111
Good luck to you then
3252 days ago by Deborahwatson65
so you can't remove them.. means you're not an investigator..
3252 days ago by No-affiliation
There is no art featured in this studio and the studio has no affiliation with this artist.
3250 days ago by Matthew O
I hate this woman and wish I had never met her. I do not attack people she does because she is psycho who wants to use men and women for her own pleasure. I hope she learns her lesson.
3249 days ago by Dinka
Wait, now, let me get this right. You were looking for adult fun, yet, her pictures were too naughty for you? That's real weird. First you say "Nothing in her ad set off alarms" then you say her pictures were too naughty. And you say she seemed like a nice lady, then her pictures were too naughty?

Only dumb people without two braincells to scrape together to at least create a spark meets complete strangers in their private homes, which again proves this whole report is a lie.

Right, let's say you are so dumb and you are into adult fun, which is nothing new to you, and you go to someone's private home for adult fun, yet, you find it strange if someone walks half nude. Now that's real messed up. Which again, makes this report preposterous and untrue.

You say were drugged and you never met Matthew Olyphant before, you never saw his pictures either, yet, miraculously you recognised him? Mmmmnmmm.

Now, according to your story it so turns out that he stole your credit cards and yet, you can not provide a police report or any kind of report that he has been arrested?? How is that? Again, your story doesn't add up.

But wait there's more, you claim you were raped, but yet, you don't have a police report. Rape victims goes to have DNA tests done which proves without a doubt they have been raped by their attacker and they can go to court. Yet, you don't have a police report or DNA report for that either. How is that?

So all you do is rant on the Internet all the garbage you make up and think people are suppose to believe it.

Please post some real evidence here, just one official report, only one is required, without it you are a loser who is like a fart, no one hears you, but everyone smells you.
3249 days ago by Unbelievable111
The comment made by "Matthew O" was not written by my client. However, I agree about her being psycho.
3249 days ago by Jong
You're 2 letters short of class you silly woman. You spend so much time on the Internet and daymaring up your next nonsense story, you lost touch with reality.
Private investigators do not remove reports, they gather enough information and draw out the cyberstalker and once they have enough evidence get the fraudulent person evicted. They then get a court order to have the reports removed.

Dinka made some valid points here, your story makes no sense, it's an obvious made up lie.
3249 days ago by Ms42954
I was on the fence about my feelings for these two con artists (general grammar/style lesson: using the term "con artists" as opposed to the redundant "con man" and "con woman" would have strengthened the title, although I do appreciate your gender specificity. Please note artists is plural (look that term up because you should know it for the future). Ok, back to this post and my I was saying I wasn't committed either way until I read that these two had taken "the gift cards I had purchased for my kids" and then you got me...way to go with your brilliant use of pathos. Forget about being raped and choked repeatedly, you need something concrete like gift cards for kids who will now celebrate birthdays with no presents and this will cause long term psychological damage and they will end up the type of adults who arrange hookups with strangers on craigslist because it's really normal to email someone once and then go to their home strip down and do it. I'm pretty sure that if you see an ad like that they expect payment. Matthew and Tanna are bad, very bad and they should have to buy gifts for your kids. But then the kids that Tanna does not have...since she has never had a child in her life will go hungry so she can buy gifts for your kids and drugs to feed her habit. Matthew should also have to knit scarves for orphans because he obviously misused one on you. I fully support you Mr. 42945. I do have one question though, do you feel creepy when you poke around on their friends facebook pages looking for photos to poach? I mean doesn't it make you feel a little like a creep hitting download on a picture that you know was never meant for your eyes to view let along for you to save on your computer? I know, stupid question...right? I mean look at the crazy amount of posts you have spent time writing about Matthew, so obviously creep doesn't register correctly and all systems are not a go...pistons misfiring...neuropathways blocked by all that extraneous beauty. Don't panic sweetcakes, I'm going to make a strong case for you to Matthew and just maybe you WILL get another chance because a beautiful gem like you doesn't come around twice in a lifetime.
3248 days ago by Maggi
Wow, Diana, I really like this one, so good and juicy, you really know how to get people interested. Please write more reports, I'm keeping a watchful eye on all your posts so I can have entertainment. I need my entertainment fix for the day, to keep you on the roll for more reports for my pleasure, here's a scenario you may consider for your next report. Please change some details so that no one will suspect I gave you the idea.

So, you met Matthew and you had a gift certificate for $1 for Juicy Adult Store in your pocket and when you got home you realised it was gone. You got angry, cause you wanted to buy a funky toy for yourself and then Matthew left you without joy, cause he stole it.
So you went to his house and asked him why he stole your gift certificate and he said he didn't. Suddenly his partner appeared with a suspicious looking paper in her hands, it was your gift certificate! You demanded he hand it back to you, but they just stood there laughing and laughing.

Then Matthew violently attacked the gift certificate, he brutally choked the certificate and ripped it to pieces and you fell to the floor to pick up the pieces, just to discover on one of the pieces, that it had already expired.
3248 days ago by Maggi
So sorry, Diana, I forgot to add the last bit and missed an important detail. So, you discovered the gift certificate expired. You were numb from fear, cause you couldn't fathom how any man can be that viciously violent to a gift certificate. You started to regret your decision to get down to pick up the pieces cause you were completely weakend from fear. You dragged yourself up and head for the door, ran out all the way back home. The end.
3244 days ago by Fightingmad
I know a lot about this woman in the post and I know that men should avoid having anything to do with her. She and Matthew Olyphant make great "friends" because they both lie, cheat, and abuse people. This woman appears to have a long history of using men for gain. A check of background reveals this and shows what type of person she is. Just like Matthew that's her problem and I don't know her and I have no interest in warning another person about her behavior. That's not my job and sharing information has caused an all out attack on innocent people like Diana Prause. Men and women will find out on their own what she is like and maybe then they will understand my words. She has slept her way into a comfortable lifestyle and has a long history of abuse, violence, and addiction just like her pal Matthew. She means nothing to me so I have nothing more to say. If anyone needs curves Danny 2012, she would be it so maybe you can send those good thoughts her way she looks like she could use all the help she can get.
3243 days ago by Innis
Diana, everyone in your eyes are morons, b******, dumb ect. You don't have a good word for anyone!

The reason you want to destroy innocent people like Matthew and Tanna is because you hate other people for being happy and because you can never be happy yourself, you want to ruin their happiness.

Your self loathing drives you to make other people also feel miserable.

There is no background to check on Tanna as she's just a regular U.S citizen with no criminal record. All the things written about her on the Internet was written by you: Diana Jo Prause who works at Dell computers Texas. She's not guilty of any of the things you accuse her of.

You are a sad and miserable creature, hooting like an owl on a mud heap somewhere in the wilderness, no one can make any sense of your gibberish, you change your stories all the time, the more lies you make up the more tangled you get in your own lies.

I think you're beyond the point of getting help, no psychiatrist will have the means to help you, you're a lost case.

What you don't realise is the more you write your crap on the Internet the more your name appears on the search engines, you're going to get so much sticky dirt attached to your name that you will never make friends or ever have a boyfriend again.

Matthew's supporters will hunt you for life, everywhere you post anything about him, they will mention your name and your location several times.

Up for the challenge? We are!
3243 days ago by B.O.O.
This post and the other libelous publications across various websites amount to nothing more than a colossal waste of one's time and energy. All of this is ridiculous and outrageous. It would be laughable if the individuals being imagined into these scenarios were not actual people with lives and families and futures. I wonder if this Diana woman has considered that point or if any forethought is used at all when her lack of self control and bitterness spews out this fiction. Tanna is kind, funny, hard working, highly educated and very generous and although I do not know Matthew I can assume he is a great guy if they are friends. Why don't you try meds or seek out some form of help because this says a lot about you and nothing about these two people. From what I know, Tanna is engaged to be married and I'm sure this type of negative energy is a bummer for her and her fiance. Innis is correct that you are hurting yourself and most men would have a difficult time finding comfort in dating a woman who felt it necessary to smear an exboyfriend's name because things failed to work out. Everybody has a heart and you should examine yours and find a way to mend it.
3239 days ago by Oldsch71
No need to comment about how insane this post is so I won't bother stating the obvious. Just want to comment in case anyone actually reads this garbage that the woman attached to Matthew Olyphant in numerous posts on several sites has no connection whatsoever to him. She is not his "partner" what ever that implies and never has had a personal relationship with him on any level. In fact, she has met him in passing only a few times. I'm actually kind of stunned that she has been dragged into such a weird situation because it makes no sense. It's not cool that this ex girlfriend should involve any third parties especially when the facts are so mistaken. Handle your break up in private and grow up. Mostly, stop posting your bad fiction about a friend of mine who doesn't know you or your ex boyfriend.

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