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TRE Transportation Recruiting
TRE Transportation Recruiting Experts Jason Turnbo Jason,, Makes you do all the work and then he keeps the money. Internet
27th of Jan, 2011 by
Makes you think you have a job. Makes you work for him and make him money. and when he gets paid he keeps the money!

4610 days ago by Nomoreworkingforfreefortre
It is all TRUE about Jason Turnbo. He is a complete SCAM ARTIST. He does not pay out his Recruiters.
He makes everyone think they are going to make ALOT OF MONEY. NO you do not make any money with this SCAM ARTIST. He does not back up his employees or contractors whats so ever. There have been dozens of people who use to work for him and they no longer work for him. Do not apply with T.R.E. aka Transportation Recruiting Experts. They are no good and on their way of being put out of business for scamming all their recruiters and contractors. Most of his good recruiters are no longer with him. They never got the support that they were suppose to get from this so called owner Jason Turnbo. If you look at the over all complaints that everyone has about this company it is not good. You will have people like Jeff Swecker, he is Jason's biggest cock sucker. Jeff Swecker sucks Jason's dick in order to keep his job with the company. Also T.R.E. has been in business less than 1 year. Every recruiter needs to QUIT so this business goes under and goes out of business. Again all of his best people are GONE. Does that mean anything. YES. Jeff Swecker is the only person who will stick around because they both love sucking each other off!!
I was with T.R.E. for 6 months and I never made any money at all. We have a few companies that are ok and one company no recruiter can stand which is CRST. The bitch that is the processor and recruiter for all outside agents is Kelli Boyle she is the biggest bitch of all. She makes all kind of trouble for all the agents. I have made contact with a dozen outside agents and they all say she does not process their applications either. There are hundreds od applications that this bitch has not processed and T.R.E. is one of those agents who provides all the applications to CRST and that bitch Kelli Boyle is a slacker. Go back home a knit Kelli, you are dangerous in the working field. Jason Turnbo is scard shit of Kelli Boyle. She is a nobody at CRST. It is said that Kelli screws with every agent that CRST has. She dares someone to say something about her so the little bitch and have them fired. Well Kelli, you are fired you little whore.
4605 days ago by Henry012011
I have to day everything here s so true. T.R.E. is slowly going out of business. There are some new contractors that came on board and I just want to let all the new people know that you are in for a BIG SURPRISE.with this company. You will not make any money. So you should just quit now so you don't get too upset fir not making any money. Jason Turnbo will promise you that you will make a lot of money. You won't. Just talk to any of the other suckers that worked for this company. They will all tell you the amount of time and effort you put into this, it is not worth your time whatsoever. It is a complete. SCAM. PLEASE DO NOT GET SCAMMED. BY T.R.E. OR JASON TURNBO. Yes CRST is a major trouble maker especially Kelli Boyle. She is the biggest trouble maker there at CRST. That lazy bitch sits there and starts trouble with the people who gives her too many applications to process. She is a low life trailer park trash who're. She needs to go back to the night club and keep dancing on the pole you little whore. She must suck off her boss the in Cedar Rapids, IA. NO one in their right mind would let a who're like that still work at a place where she has no idea what she is doing. All the employees can admit there at CRST they all pick up her slack because when she is jerking off her boss in his office we all have to pick up her work. The CEO of CRST needs to fire this bitch.
Speaking about T.R.E. they are a small ma and PA recruiting place. They don't have a real office. Jason is a real cheap bastard and he has no office. He makes the recruiters work from home. What kind of fly by night recruiting company is this sick bastard running. You can not trust this company.
Care, Shane are his biggest cocksuckers there. They suck Jason off just to keep their job. Their extension numbers are 6 & 62. Jason extension number is 3. DO NOT BE A VICTIM OF T.R.E. OR CRST. DO NOT GIVE NO INFORMATION TO ANYONE THAT IS ASSOCIATE WITH T.R.E. BEFORE YOU GIVE ANY RECRUITER ANY OF YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION ASK THEM WHAT COMPANY DO THEY WORK FOR. IF THEY SAY T.R.E. RUN
LIKE WORKING FOR FREE. I worked for Jason back in January 2010 to May 2010. I can tell you there is a lot of shit that is going around there in Texas with T.R.E. and my advise is for everybody stay away from this troubled company. Check out all the issues that this company has ONLINE. Jason Turnbo. Is not as honest like he says he is. All of his recruiters have left him because they just don't make any money with him. DON'T. BE A T.R.E. VICTIM. JASON TURNBO MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE A JOB AND THEN HE NEVER PAYS YOU WHEN HE GETS PAID BY THE COMPANY. HE KEEPS ALL THE MONEY FOR HIMSELF. RUN AWAY.
4560 days ago by Peopleeater
T.R.E. is a so called recruiting company that hires for company's like Land Air, Heartland Express and US Xpress. They only have 8 company's they hire for. They have all new recruiters now. Jason Turnbo has lost all of his GOOD recruiters. He has Shane, Natalie and 1 or 2 other recruiters. He use to have a very large recruiting company. That has all changed. He never paid any of his recruiters on time ever. All I can say it must be true about Jason and Shane. They are really best friends. If Jason sits there and lets Shane suck his little dick then Shane has job security then. Also Natalie will keep her job if Jason lets her suck his dick too. Jason should open up a porn store or something. He is into all this sucking dick and shit.
Before you talk to any recruiter make sure they are not part of T.R.E. which stands for Transportation Recruiting Experts. Don't do any business with that company. They take forever to process any applications.
It is a real small ma and pa company. They are in or near Waco, TX and yes you said it Hewitt Texas..
Those people there are CRAZY!! Thomas Hewitt is a cousin of Jason Turnbo...
Help...Stay away...or he will eat you...
4532 days ago by Trerep
Jeff Wilcosky has posted all of these comments. He was a recruiter with T.R.E. who had his contract terminated by T.R.E. because CRST basically kicked him out of recruiting for them due to misleading the drivers on information pertaining to CRST benefits, pay, and trucking school info.
Jeff Wilcosky also had many complaints from other trucking companies he recruited for that resulted in his termination.

T.R.E. will be taking whatever legal action it has to take on all of these posts! Slander or Defamation will be looked in to! T.R.E. will go to the highest possible legal action to make sure this is delt with.
These posts demonstrate a person who is mentally unstable and possibly dangerouse. I view these posts as threatning. There are multiple parties included in these threatning posts and all parties will be contacted to join in on legal actions. I hope the poster realizes that once an investigation is started then they will be tracked down by ip addresses.

T.R.E. is a well established driver recruiting agency. They do have a Physical Office and it is not a "Home Office". Yes thay do have "Independent Contractors" that work from home all over the U.S.

It is sad that there are people out there that use the internet to bash people or companies. If there was a real issue than contact our attorney and lets settle this in court.
4532 days ago by Amy Recruiter
Wow...Unbelievable Posts!
T.R.E. has always been great to me.
I can see why this recruiters contract was terminated by T.R.E.! I wouldn't want someone like that representing my company. All those post show me as I read them is T.R.E. did the right thing by terminating contract. Wow...unbelivable language use.
4532 days ago by Amy Recruiter
Also, , , you can tell by reading these posts it came from the same
They are upset with CRST and Kelli Boyle as well...

I hope CRST doesnt read these posts...they have a strong legal team.
4519 days ago by Scammedbytre
First of all I myself NEVER post these comments on line. Jason Turnbo and Amy the Recruiter needs to get that corrected for the record. Second it is TRUE that Jason Turnbo does not pay out to his contractors, that is no lie. I know several people who can test to that this clown does not pay out contractors on time or NOT at ALL. I am still owed close to $1000.00 by this clown and he has sent out emails stating he NEVER got PAID by CRST. Well all of that was a LIE. I have invoices and emails from CRST stating when Rebecca Turnbo and T.R.E. got paid. No one ever knew this but Jason Turnbo does not own T.R.E. We found out that his sister Rebecca Turnbo is the actual owner and all checks were made out to her. Well one of my last emails were CC to Rebecca Turnbo. Well apparently Rebecca Turnbo must have rung Jason for not PAYING out her contractors. She is liable for her brothers actions because she left her brother the clown in charge of handling the business. She may have never known at the time that he is not paying out his contractors. But she knows now. Jason Turnbo was running such a unprofessional business that his own brother didn't want anything to do with him. I have emails from Jason Turnbo dated on 11/21/2011 stating that he will pay and cut the check for $945.00 on 11/25/2011. This is after he received emails from other contract recruiters and myself demanding payment. Also he emailed his recruiters saying that he never got paid by CRST and all his contractor recruiters including myself kept all of those emails from him and well over 2 months after Rebecca Turnbo and T.R.E. got paid. Well on 11/28/2011 we get an email from Jason stating he has my check and he won't pay. What kind of so called business owner will keep some persons check that they have earned.
Now Jason is claiming that he is a hero and he knows for a so called fact that where these post came from.
There are so many people that know what kind of business that Jason is running. It is NO secret at all. As a recruiter I do talk to a lot of people and drivers everyday. These same drivers are the people who did in fact got screwed by CRST because they made no money, they were promised a sign on bonus and never got one, drivers never got home time, drivers got left on a street corner in downtown Atlanta and was told to find their own ride and find a hotel for the night because a trainer had to go home for their home time. Or a driver who gets dropped off in the middle of no where at a truck stop and all of his belongings get thrown out of the truck, and they have to get their own ride home on a bus, or the lease drivers are not masking any money, or when CRST makes broken promises to their drivers and they keep their drivers stranded in parking lots for days at a time and told the driver not to move the truck under no circumstances and told drivers to find their own way home, just check all the complaints about CRST..These complaints are coming from real drivers.
So Jason Turnbo feels that he has psychic powers or something and he knows everything. Jason needs to understand one thing, if I had something to say to him or about him, I would say it to him or to his face. Also who ever these drivers or ex-contractors are who did post these comments they are all entitled to their own opinion. If T.R.E. didn't screw any of their contractors or drivers over, then no one including the contractor from Miami, FL back on January 27th, 2011, none of these posts would have appeared on this site. Jason has to remember what does come around goes around. If you screw with one contractor/ or driver, you mess with them all.
Also Jason does not realize he is also black mailing his contractors. He has made it clear, that he wants all of these post removed before he pays out. He did this to himself and only to himself. If he never lied to his contractor recruiters to begin with then starting on 01/27/2011 NONE of this would have happened.
Jason like they say sorry for any inconvenience.
I was a contractor recruiter for T.R.E. starting on 06/23/2011. I did a background check on this company before I started with T.R.E. and apparently I did not do a complete background check on T.R.E. or Jason Turnbo, because if I did I would have NEVER worked for a clown that did not pay out or was slow in paying out his contractors.
Jason is blaming everyone else for why he feels that he does not have to pay out his contractor recruiters. First he sends email stating yes I received your copy contract, please go to this site and use pass code xxx.
Then months later he sends an email stating he never received a copy of contract back. After I dug up the emails and contract he claims he never received back and he stated to me if both party's names are not on signed on contract, it is invalid. I told Jason in an email that it was his problem if he never returned his copy to me. I have other pay stubs from T.R.E. that I have kept and the pay checks are not even signed by him anyways. What kind of person who supposedly owns a business does not sign his own checks. Jason has to realize that people in general will post comments about any business on line, if it is good or bad. T.R.E. or Jason are not the only people or business that people tend to post things about. If Jason wants to be mad at anyone then he needs to be mad at himself and the Internet because websites like these want to inform people of scams.
Jason really needs to grow up, get a life and PAY UP!
If you can not handle the presure of the business, then find a different line of work.
For anyone who did work for T.R.E. and has not got paid/ slow in getting their pay check or never received their final paycheck, please send email to: [email protected]

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