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United States Government US government is cheating the American people out of a great future WashingtonWashington District of Columbia
20th of Jul, 2009 by User863659
Whereas the corrupt American Federal Government has committed repeated acts of war against the people of the United States of America; Therefore be it Resolved by Donald E. Iiams, Jr., a citizen of the United States of America; that a state of war between Donald E. Iiams, Jr., and any and all of the citizens of the United States of America who want to change the corrupt Federal Government we now have to the Federal Government described in The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, War is hereby formally declared. The people of the United States of America are hereby authorized and directed by our creator to employ any and all resources to bring the conflict to a successful termination.
Under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, most importantly our Creator, I along with the American people have the right, the duty and the obligation to over throw our corrupt Federal Government and install the trustworthy, upright, law-abiding, honorable Federal Government we are worthy of. Our famous preamble includes the ideas and ideals that were principles of the Declaration. It is also an assertion of what is known as the "right of revolution": that is, people have certain rights, and when a government violates these rights, the people have the right to "alter or abolish" that government.[71]
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
List of a number of the abuses and usurpations committed against Donald E. Iiams, Jr., by Local, State and the Federal Government: Greatly compressed version.
City of Rossford, Ohio. (1975?) The City Council for Rossford while in a Council meeting, after being slandered by their retired Chief of Police, now a councilman, the then current Mayor Ben pleaded with me in the hall after I walked out, to forget suing the City for slander and just please allow the Councilman/retired Chief of Police to apologize to me in front of everyone attending the Council meeting and allow the City to issue a Land fill permit to Landfill Management Corporation which I created, was the President and owned the majority of stock. After listening to the Mayor's pleases and his guarantee that there would be no future retaliation if I agreed to accept the permit, I agreed and accepted.
In retaliation for this and other illegal actions to be committed by the City Council and the new Mayor of Rossford, I was arrested the first time for accepting illegal dirt which no one in the City Government could or would explain exactly what it was and how it was illegal. After being accused and arrested by the new Mayor of Rossford in bib overhauls, when I appeared in Court, the Mayor was the Judge. My Attorney Arthur James, before being bribed or bought off, explained to the Mayor/Judge that he could not be the accuser, assist in the arrest and be the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Even though the Mayor/Judge was up for a hanging, his charges were dropped. The next time the new Mayor of Rossford and or the City council had illegal evidence planted in the landfill, had someone call the City's Prosecutors home on a weekend evening and supposedly turn this violation in to him. Without contacting the City's police department or obtaining a search warrant, the Prosecutor went to and entered the landfill to supposedly find a cardboard box filled with a new full gas can, several bags of chemicals acids and hundreds of books of matches. It looked like some type of homemade bomb. The following day I was arrested for the second time along with Mr. Norman VanTassel, my uncle and a minority investor along with being a qualified heavy equipment mechanic, was arrested. This time, instead of the new Mayor Louie Bauer and the Chief of Police Matt arresting me the Chief of Police arrested both. After arriving at the Rossford City Building, City Hall, Police Station, Court building, City Council Center, Mayor's Office and the hyena squad which was located in some unknown black hole in the building, within moments of arriving the Mayor came in the police office and asked if we would care to see the evidence he now had against us. Our response was yes, please show us.
The Mayor of Rossford, the Chief of Police, my Uncle and I followed the Mayor into the Court room which had a walk in closet. Sitting on a small table was a new cardboard box filled with a new gas can full of gas, several bags of chemicals acids and hundreds of books of matches. I immediately asked what it was and where did they find this. The Mayors reply was that they got it out of the landfill on top of one of the piles that a forty foot semi had dumped. My next question was did they have a search warrant; the Mayors response was that they did not need one. I thought to myself that here we go again. Knowing that the kangaroos were jumping, I attempted to reason with the Mayor but he would not listen. The Mayor and Mr. VanTassel walked out of the closet into the Court room while I tried to make sense with the Chief of Police. I asked him what he thought the odds were of a 40' semi truck dumping all that debris and having this box come out and land on the top of the pile clean and unscaved. The box had no marks or even any dirt on it. I explained to the Chief of Police that no one would believe this in a Court of Law and when we were found not guilty we would file a enormous law suit against them. The Chief of Police told me that there was nothing that he could do because he works for the Mayor. I then noticed my uncle and the Mayor nose to nose in a heated conversation. Too heated for me and the last thing we needed were the Mayor and my uncle going to blows. I walked out into the Court room and walked up on the side of my uncle and the Mayor, put my left hand on my uncles chest to back him off a little and I was going to say, don't worry about this punk kid we will take care of him in Court. When I said the words punk kid, the Mayor lost all sensibility and slammed his hands against my chest in some type of wrestling move knocking me back through several rows of chairs. The Mayor then ran around the rows of chairs with his fist doubled up to punch me. My first thought was to knock him out but decided it would be better for us if I just took the punch. The Chief of Police came out of the closet screaming at the Mayor to stop, which he did. I then told the both of them that as soon as we were released we were going to the City of Perrysburg where there was a real Judge and Police department and that I was going to file assault charges against the Mayor. As soon as we were released that is exactly what we did. City of Perrysburg, Ohio. (1975?) Within 20 minutes of being released we arrived at the City of Perrysburg's City hall, Police department, Prosecutors office, Court room, Judges Chambers, etc. I asked to speak with the Prosecutor and was met by Mr. Dunapace who promptly told us that he would not get involved in the battle between the Mayor of Rossford and us. In dismay, I could not believe that the Prosecutor could make any type of decision without speaking with us first. Every time I attempted to speak with him, he would not budge. He then told us that he had already spoken with someone about the situation, meaning that he had already had someone from Rossford contact him and somehow convinced him to stay away from this. I then asked the Prosecutor, who was his superior because I would file the charges with whoever that was. I asked to speak with that person because I was not walking away from this just because he would not prosecute. (Common sense dictates that if nothing happened in Rossford, how they would know that I was going there and what the charges should be against the Mayor.) We were then introduced to Judge Spear. After being allowed to explain what had transpired in the City of Rossford, the Judge said that he would not have the Mayor arrested but he would hold a preliminary hearing and then decide if he would have the Mayor charged with assault. We agreed. Before this hearing we discovered that we were being charged with accepting hazardous materials, Rossford's planted evidence and the trial would be held in Perrysburg. We were not concerned because no one, and I mean no one in their right mind would ever believe that the box with its contents could have ever been dumped in a landfill and be in perfect condition. We were wrong. We were never offered a trial by jury and Judge (Spear) just happened to be the one in a trillion that would believe their story, and even though there was no search warrant or Miranda rights given, we were found guilty and fined. Before we were dismissed I put my hand up and requested to be allowed to make a statement to the Judge which he allowed even thought my Attorney, Art James refused to make the statement himself. I explained to the Judge that I would have this appealed and over turned, and that I now knew that he was as corrupt as the City of Rossford officials. I also refused to pay the fine. Judge (Spear) could have not cared less; he accomplished what the City of Rossford wanted him to do. The City of Rossford then revoked our permit. Shortly after this hearing I was advised that the Preliminary hearing was being held and what time to arrive. When I arrived there was Judge (Spear) sitting on the bench. Before he started I put my hand up and requested to make a statement which he allowed again. I told him with all due respect, I know and he knew that he was crooked and if he were allowed to be the Judge for the hearing, it would be another crooked hearing. Judge (Spear) this time became upset and stated that he was requesing himself from the hearing and I would be assigned another Judge. Shortly after we were advised that an Oregon, Ohio Judge, Judge Wetly was assigned to hold the Preliminary hearing in Perrysburg and the date and time. When we arrived my uncle and I explained to the Judge what had taken place in Rossford. The Mayor and the Chief of Police then went into the Judge and gave their story. After hearing both, the Judge made the decision to have the Mayor charged with assault and take the issue to trial in front of him. When this trial was held in Perrysburg, I walked into the Court room to find Judge (Spear) back on the bench after he had requested himself earlier. I then walked up and introduced myself to the Prosecutor, David Bauer, with the same last name as the Mayor of Rossford, as well as he was from Lucas County not Wood County where the assault took place. The Mayor of Rossford had also been the Lucas Counties Head Prosecutors election manager. I inquired why he was prosecuting this case instead of a prosecutor from Wood County and why I had never met or spoke with him before the trial. He was prosecuting the Mayor of Rossford not the Bag Lady. I then explained to him that Judge (Spore) had requested himself earlier from judging this hearing so how could he be allowed to hear the case now? The Prosecutors response was for me to sit down and shut up, this was his trial. At this point I knew exactly how fixed this trial was going to be; and was. After the Mayor and the Chief of Police in Rossford testified, it was my turn. The moment I sat in the seat to testify, the Prosecutor explains that he only wants me to answer yes or no to his questions. Every time I attempted to explain anything, I was told by the Prosecutor, the defense Attorney and the Judge to just answer yes or no. That's it. Without me being able to explain to the jury what had taken place and why it happened, the Mayor was without a doubt found not guilty. My Attorney Art James told me not to be concerned. He was filing a $4.1 million dollar suit against the City, the Mayor and officials of Rossford. He was also appealing the revocation of our permit along with the findings by Judge (Spears) first hearing along with him filing a complaint with the State on how corrupt this hearing. Art had everything handled. City of Toledo, Ohio and or Lucas County, Ohio. (1977) In the mean time Art James had won another issue in Court for me along with a $40,000 award which ended up in the appeals Court. In the mean time, without my knowledge Art James had done nothing on the other cases. He had not filed a $4.1 million dollar suit against the City, the Mayor and Officials of Rossford. He had not filed his appeals of the revocation of our permit along with the findings by Judge (Spears) first hearing nor did he file a complaint with the State on how corrupt their hearing was. I found this all out by accident when I met with another Attorney, Dennis Strong on a totally different issue. I was also informed that I had been paid regarding the case in the Appeals Court. I assured Dennis that I had not won the appeal and I was certainly not paid. Dennis then asked that I meet him the first of the next week and he would provide me with a copy of the check I was paid. That Monday when I arrived at Dennis's office, he handed me the copy of a check for $1400. He explained to me that Art James had not shown up for the Appeal so the amount was reduced from $40,000 plus interest to $1400 and that he had also forged my name to the check and kept the money. Dennis Strong then called Art James office and put Art on the speaker phone. Dennis then explained to Art James that I was there listening to their conversation and that Dennis knew that Art had not filed any Appeals; he also had not filed the law suit against the Mayor and the City officials of Rossford like he had told me he had filed. In addition he knew that Art had not shown up for the appeal in the $40,000 case and that is why the amount was reduced. Dennis asked Art if he had signed the check with my name and why. Art did not answer for a minute or two then without answering Dennis's question Art offered to pay me the $40,000 plus the $1400 with 18% interest. I explained to Art James, in front of Dennis Strong, that in no uncertain terms I would not accept the money. I wanted to know who had paid him off to do these things to me and I demanded that he testify against whoever these people were; only then would I allow him to walk away from what he had done. If Art would not agree I would go immediately to the Toledo Police and charge Art with a check forgery which is a felony. Art refused and told me to try and have him arrested. As soon as I heard this I took the copy of the check Art had forged my name too and went to the check squad at the Toledo Police Department. I spoke with two officers and explained to them what had happened and provided them with the copy of the forged check. They both appeared to know Art James and seemed ecstatic that they were going to be able to arrest and prosecute Art James for this. Before the officers could do anything they had to speak with someone from the Prosecutors Office. Within a half an hour I saw both officers walking up to me with very unpleasant looks on their faces. They walked up and stated to me that they could not accept the charge and that they could not discuss the issue with me any longer. After this took place I immediately went back to Dennis Strong's office and explained to him what had happened at the Toledo Police Department. Dennis did not seem surprised. He then told me that I should just accept Art's offer and start over again. At this point it appeared that the Toledo Political System was a corrupt as Rossford and Perrysburg and I had no other option than to accept Art's offer, which I did. Within several days we signed the contract which gave Art three years to pay me the $40,000 with 18% interest along with Art paying me the $1400 that day. Over the next three plus years Art had paid around $15,000 but with 18% interest he owed more than $40,000 and I was tired of not being paid. I then called Dennis Strong and told him that I wanted to sue for the balance of what he owed me. Dennis then explained to me that he could not take the case because he was a witness to the agreement so I would need another to sue Art. I then met with Attorney Tom Overley who after reading the contract stated that he take the case on a percentage. Tom Overley said the case should be a lay down case and filed the lawsuit. We then went to what ended up being another rigged trial thanks to our local corrupt Political and Judicial Systems. While we were in the trial, which ended up being in front of another visiting Judge, I explained what happened and why I no other choice than to agree to accept this contract. When Art James testified he stated that he was given no other choice than to agree to the contract. Even though I had explained to the Judge that I did not want the contract Art James offered, I wanted him to tell me who paid him off or I wanted to send him to prison. The Judge found Art James not guilty and attempted to have Dennis Strong disbarred for being a part of the case. After leaving the trial Tom Overley told me that he did not believe most of what I had told him that I was going through with the Government but after having this trial go the way it went, he now believed me. He also told me that this trial was so corrupt that he did not want to take the appeal because he knew he would lose. Tom Overley later told me that he was also an active participant in the Toledo Bar Association and several Attorneys there had told him to stay away from any further involvement with the case.
I wanted Art's head now. I then received a call from a gentleman who described himself as an Attorney without telling me his name. He explained to me that he knew what Art had done and that I wanted him to pay the price for what he had done to me. He told me that Art James was currently fighting charges filed against him with the Toledo Bar Association that he had used money from two different peoples trust accounts without permission. The gentleman then told me that Art was about to get away with what he did to these people because he had paid back the accounts but stated that if I filed charges against Art with the Toledo Bar Association he would lose his license to practice law. I told the gentleman thank you and proceeded to file the charges. Within a short time of me filing the charge, I learned that Art James had turned in his license and was no longer allowed to practice law thus. As far as I am concerned, we have nothing less than a totally corrupt Legal System from Judges to Attorneys. The Legal System has little if anything to do with Truth and Justice and 95% of you are nothing less than profession liars and frauds that have turned the system into a sister and brother hood protected by a corrupt Bar Association in an attempt to take as much of the public's money as the entire Legal System is capable of.
The United States of America and or the Internal Revenue Service. (1975 – 2009) Within a short time of this trial I was contacted by the Internal Revenue Service and told that they were going to audit me. I was not then nor am I now afraid of the Federal Government or any other branch of the Government including our corrupt Judicial System and especially the extortionist IRS. I had done nothing illegal with my new Company; Iiams Painting & Drywall Repair but little did I know of the price I was about to pay for standing up to corrupt government. When the IRS auditor arrived I had all of my company records ready for him to review and audit. After looking at everything he asked if he could take some of the records with him as long as he returned them which I had no problem with. A short time later the records were returned and I also found out that the auditor claimed that I owed $8,700 because he claimed that some of my subcontractors were employees without any reason. He died sometime soon after. Anyhow when I found out, my accountant and I attempted to appeal his decision but the IRS claimed that they did not receive the appeal even though I have a letter from the IRS claiming that they received the appeal in the proper amount of time. Personally, you the IRS are nothing less than EXTORTIONIST. While I am going through all of this I was also attending the University of Toledo in addition to inventing and Patenting ShuffleBowl, a board game that would go up to Billiard table size if not a little larger while managing Iiams Painting & Drywall; which had a great growth rate yearly. At the same time as meeting with my C.P.A., he strongly suggested that after meeting with the IRS for me that I just pay the $8,700, under protest, and fight with the IRS later. He felt as I did, put all my efforts into ShuffleBowl because our test marketing had done better than I could ever hope. With realistic goals being achieved I would have the money to buy a high price attorney and beat the hell out of the IRS, and I believe they knew it. I then met with Lena Kirby who worked for Ron (Zilinski) of the Toledo IRS. She told me if I paid the $8,700 under protest, I would be finished with the IRS and they would also give me the GMC box truck they seized from me with guns, not pointed though. I then paid the $8,700 under protest, got the truck returned but Lena Kirby after she accepted the certified check informed me that I now owed another $30,000 plus and they were prepared to aggressively collect it. Without my knowledge the IRS had also put a lien on the ShuffleBowl game thus destroying any meaningful manufacturing and marketing of the games. You, the IRS, then basically forced me into filing bankruptcy with the hopes of getting a Judge that would hopefully be impartial and finally give me an adequate opportunity to fight back. When my bankruptcy attorney and I appeared before Judge (Spoor) in Federal Court, I explained to the Judge that I had brought a bankruptcy attorney with me to make sure I stayed within the Court rules but I wanted to present my own arguments and evidence which he agreed to allow. I finally felt that I just might receive a fair trial which I strongly believed that I could win. The night before I was scheduled to go to trial the attorney had me come to her office. I thought that I was going there to present my case to her first. When I arrived she did not give me time to explain anything, she informed me that the attorney from the IRS had called her and told her that if I showed up for the trial, the amount I supposedly owed them would be 4 to 5 times higher and I better think of how I would ever be able to pay off that amount with interest of course. She went on to remind me of what I felt the government had been able to do to me so far and asked me why I felt that this trial would be any different. When we appeared before Judge (Spoor) I wanted to tell the Judge that the only reason I was not fighting back further was that the IRS had threatened me, but the attorney would not allow me to say anything. Now even though I had already sold thousands of the 2' by 3' ShuffleBowl games to stores and catalog companies and had met with the Brunswick Corporation who wanted the Billiard Table size ShuffleBowl game for their Worldwide market which was estimated by the Brunswick person I was meeting with to be a 4 to 5 Billon dollar market yearly. The Brunswick gentleman explained to me that it would possibly take a year for them to tie up the deal with me. I explained that I had the issue with the IRS and I hoped that I could hold on that long. Shortly after that I received the notice of sale of the ShuffleBowl game patent by the IRS. That turned out to be the death of the ShuffleBowl Game, the Patent and the ShuffleBowl Corporation. The IRS had basically killed Iiams Painting & Drywall Repair along with the ShuffleBowl Corporation. I now had to find a job and work for someone else. It turned out that I went to work for Charlie's Dodge in Maumee, Ohio. I sold Dodge trucks sitting on a truck in the lot while I wrote a Book about my experiences with our crooked government at all levels, along with the Legal System. Since I was working for someone now the IRS could force me into a payment plan which they did. Several years later I heard about the hearings that were being held by the Senate Finance Committee in regards to IRS abuse of the American people. I wrote a letter to Senator ( Roth ) who was the head of the hearings. He wrote me a letter back asking if I would agree if their committee investigated my case. I agreed. I was then contacted by Agnes Lucas of the IRS who was going to investigate. Every time she contacted me I answered all of here questions and gave her anything she needed in writing. She contacted me quite a few times to the point that I told her that I felt I already knew what her findings would be so please let's get this over. Please give me her findings. On a Saturday she called me at work and explained to me that she had found me not guilty and that she could not find out why the IRS did this to me in the first place. She even told me that the IRS refused to provide her with any of my records because they had been destroyed. She also told me that when she found me not guilty, she had been transferred to another job within the IRS. I was then contacted by Doug Cline of the Cincinnati, Ohio office of the IRS. He was the person to decide the amount the IRS would pay me. The last time I spoke with him on the phone he came up with a $44,128,000 amount or within 1 percent of what they hit me, with to be paid over a 56 quarter period. I explained to him that the first year the IRS charged me 874% interest and that my calculator would not go that high. He also insisted on me going to a meeting with him and several other IRS supervisors. I told him that I would bring an attorney, an accountant or I would have to tape the meeting. He refused to allow me to do that and I told him that if I could not bring a witness, I would not come to the meeting. He then agreed to allow my accountant to attend the meeting with me. In the meeting which was several hours long the IRS stated that they were ordered to pay me within 1% of the amount they charged me which they could not even guess what the amount would add up to, but it was considerably more than $44,128.00. Their calculators didn't go that high either. Doug Cline stated that he would be the one to provide me with that amount and that I should start receiving checks from them soon. Within a week or two of this meeting you sent me 5 checks for a total of $22,693.00. I then contacted Doug Cline and asked where the balance of the 1st payment was and he explained that they were still working on the numbers and would make up for the shortfall in the second payment. When the second quarterly payment was due I was contacted by the IRS and was told that they did not believe that they had to pay me and that I should try to find an attorney that could sue them. After the IRS crushes the companies you do have and strips your assets, how does anyone find the money let alone the attorney to fight the IRS? The IRS wins through threats, intimidation, extortion, illegal seizures and sales of people assets. I have not been given the chance to go before the Tax Court yet but somehow I don't believe that they would be any different than what I've already experienced. The Federal Courts are paid by the Federal Government; they are nothing more than Federal Employees. How do you stand a chance of getting a fair hearing let alone win against the corrupt government? As far as I am concerned, in America you only get as much justice as you can afford. You have to buy justice otherwise it does not exist. Attempted Murder of Donald E. Iiams, Jr., by the United States of Americas corrupt Government on August 13, 2008. The Government or the IRS attempted to kill me on August 13, 2009, the same day I was to get the chance to go before the Federal Tax Court, by navigating my Ford Expedition into a concrete bridge abutment at 55 to 65 miles per hour and make it appear that I was attempting to commit suicide. They missed two different things though. One, no one attempts to kill themselves safely by having their seat belt on. Two, I have God on my side and I am not going until God wants me to. I totally believe in God and Jesus, and God says “thou shall not kill” especially myself; so I do not believe in killing. If I did not believe in God, I would have started by destroying a group of dishonest attorneys, three of many being Art James, VJ and Bert Puligandla, and at least a half dozen crooked Judges and every IRS person I could find until they managed to kill me, which they discovered they could not. They tried but failed. Now it's my turn.
List of some of the abuses and usurpations committed against Donald E. Iiams, Jr. and any and all of the citizens of the United States of America by the Government at all levels: Below is a list of only some of the twisted, warped people controlling a portion of the Government along with big money industries that buy off Government leaders at all levels!
These crooked people along with the corrupt Corporations and Industries need to be put out of Office their industries taken over by new honest Americans, and then totally destroyed. The assassination of President Kennedy (1963) and his brother Bobby Kennedy (1968) were victims of a wide conspiracy which was nothing less than a favor to the twisted, warped people that wanted their opportunity to control big Government, which are also the big money people. The industries who wanted the Vietnam Police action because they wanted to manufacturer all the guns, bombs and all the other items needed to fight a fake war, regardless of how many Americans would be killed or die and all the other people killed in this scam. The Federal Reserve, which is no more federal than Federal Express, because they did not want President Kennedy or his brother to start printing any money without it going through them; so they would have their cut and share of control over the American people. The military leaders who dearly wanted the IMAGINARY Vietnam War (1959 – 1975) where 58,000 U.S. troops were killed, the North Vietnamese army had 1.1 million deaths and 1,170,000 people were injured, along with all the power that gives to them, besides their share of the big bucks. The only reason it ended was that the Government had strained enough relationships with the American people that they thought they had to end it or pay a precious and expensive price. 9-11-2001 United States Government and the big money peoples staged attack of the World Trade Center, along with the outright murder of more than 2,800 Americans in New York City that are now listed as killed in the sham attacks on the World Trade Center in addition to 184 Americans who died in the sham attack on the Pentagon and 40 people in flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania. This was a move by President Bush, who cannot go to prison fast enough for me, because he assisted in the design of this IMAGINARY Iraqi War; Police Action that has killed over 4000 Americans, along with the industries that also wanted the Police action again because they wanted to manufacturer all the guns, bombs and all the other items needed to fight another fake war, regardless again of how many Americans would be killed in this scam. The Destruction of the American economy over the last 40 years. Our Country has been in Wars before, not including Vietnam and Iraqi which were not Wars but money makers, and destroyed any and all Country's that fought against us. Unfortunately for the American people, those Countries' along with their Industries somehow figured out how to outsmart us and buy off our Politicians along with their loyalty. That's how our textile industry, our steel industry, millions our manufacturing jobs and too many others to mention were put out of business by the actions of the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, POLITICANS and Big Money Industries Leaders; for nothing less than the blood money! The Governments along with the Finance (BANKS) Industry bought off enough Politian's of our Federal, State, Local and International Government/Politicians, along with International money leaders; which created and allowed the International Illegal Mortgage Scam. Let's not forget the Fraudulently Inflated Appraisals by the Government watched licensed Appraisers. The Government and their watchdog agencies allowed these crooks to create the No Dock/No verification; pretend income loan, at a fraudulently deceptive Interest Rate. This Scam of the American people cost millions of us our homes, our marriages, our jobs, our incomes and blood if you could have gotten it. If the above does not seem to be enough for you Criminals, allow me to add one more, instead of listing thousands of Acts of War you people have committed, allow me to start with ex-President Bush starting, and now President Obama, they instead of prosecuting these Criminals and adding some High Class Criminals to the prison roster, which most of you are, the Federal Government has to print more funny money and Loan Billions; yes BILLIONS IF NOT TRLLIONS, to the Criminals? The trickles affect it now creating devastation to our State, County and Local Governments, most of who I believe should be sharing the Prison cells. WAR IS DECLARED Donald
Sylvania, Ohio

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