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Victor Wenk
Victor Wenk Dan This individual used pictures of mine to pose as me on the internet and sex chat with personal friends. He caused PTSD and caused my
7th of Apr, 2011 by User990345
Background Information in Brief I met Victor Wenk via the internet and an ICQ application during October 1998. After chatting online for several years, we became friends, so when I went to Vancouver, British Columbia, on business, October 2001. Vic and I met during that time. We started to date long distance for several years. I moved to Washington DC, October 2004, under a NAFTA Visa, the relationship had gone well to this time. Once in
DC, and after only a couple of weeks, I found out Vic had been dating an online hooker, and had sought online sex on a website, which provides chat sex, video sex, phone sex, etc., and been very frequently, on sex chat sites literally for years. To my distress this included what seemed to be under aged girls, some appeared to be pretty young. I had no idea. He had lied to me, and carried on a persona during our dating years. In 2008, my son found a green garbage bag located in his bedroom closet which contained what appeared to be very young and provocative clothing. I am small and the clothes were too small for me, and by appearance would probably fit a child, and since no female children had access to the house, I wondered where and how they got into the
closet. When I asked Vic about the clothing he said they had to be Dylans, but Dylan had no idea where they had come from. And, after doing some reading I realized that people with Vics behaviour usually keep trophies. I became very
concerned about this, and is still bothering me to this day. Vic was in the habit of defaming Dylan to me. For instance when my diamond necklace disappeared he blamed Dylan,
saying he stole it. After I put pressure on Vic to give it back, or I would call DC police, it appeared damaged and in a zip lock bag by the deadline time. Glenn Fleming was present and in the house for this episode. During my stay in DC several things happened, which included assault on my son (Dylan is currently 16 years
old), theft of jewellery, and sexual assault on me by Victor Wenk. At one point, I called the police during an
assault incident on my son in a state park, and he was charged in Frederick, Maryland. Vic had grabbed Dylan by the collar of this t-shirt and punched him.
Dylan and I walked out of the state park, to the rangers office were they called the state police. When I returned back to the residence, the front door was locked, and Dylan and I walked the streets of DC for several hours trying
to figure out what to do. After a discussion with the prosecutor, Frederick, Maryland, I had these charges dropped, because I wanted to leave the USA and return to Canada. I was under the impression that we (My son and I) would be trapped in the USA, pending
a trial, and I did not want that to happen. Another incident included him spraying my son in the eyes with the cleaner 409, I flushed my sons eyes with cool water, and he was taken to Sibley Hospital and treated for chemical exposure, of the eyes by the onsite Opthamologist. My son Dylan and I were called names, deliberately isolated, ignored, assaulted, put down on a consistant basis. The ongoing exposure to explicit sexual materials in the house, by way of CDs, sex toys, which belonged to Vic was also very disturbing to not only me, but the minor child in the house. My sons female friends from school were very scared of Vic because when they were in the house, he would stare at their body parts, and complained to Dylan about it. Vic often projected sexually explicit ideas and concepts to the child. This was very disturbing. I found several pieces of my personal clothing that had holes in them with apparent semen. Vic has extensive Predatory behaviours, and is an online currently with fictitious online personas, and lies about his age, vocation, characteristics, and other personal information that those online would use as indicators. I realized that Vic Wenk was pushing my son, and hitting him when I was not looking, so I hid and watched to find out what was going on, and witnessed Vic hitting and pushing him. I left to protect my son and me from Mr. Wenk. I had no family or friends in the DC area, and was pretty isolated while in the United States, so I planned what
I saw as our escape. I was trapped into working limited contracts because INS would not allow me to obtain employment while in DC, and had rejected an oil contract for an additional I-94 Visa. Following the episode in the State Park, July 2007, where Vic Wenk had assaulted my son, I decided that this was a serous, non changing problem and that I would prepare to return to Canada. So I began to work at obtaining Canadian clients, agreements, and contracts. I came to Calgary during June 2008, to renew our passports, and my son had an interview at Westmount Charted
School for Gifted Kids, here in Calgary. This was to prepare for our return home. I was staying at a friends house during this visit and did not have internet access. I returned to DC June 25th 2008, as I was only in Calgary for 5 days. When I returned back to DC I noticed
some things that were off. For instance, my ICQ had a profile that indicated that I was homeless. And, I had received some messages that asked about this.
Considering I had clients on this application I was concerned about how the information got onto my profile. Some business people, and friends on my list were saying things that I did not understand, about pictures and particular types of chat. During July 2008, I packed my stuff into a shipping container and moved back to Calgary. But, while near BWI airport, and at a hotel, someone was calling the hotel, and asking questions about where I was, room number etc. No one knew where I was. Then Vic called my room at 12AM. I knew then he probably was into my email, because thats where the hotel confirmation had been sent. I had no internet access in my hotel room, as the hotel onsite tech could not get the internet going. So many calls to the front desk, that the clerk on duty called the room concerned, and she blocked all incoming calls at my request. They extended the check out time, and Dylan and I were escorted to BWI airport. I arrived back in Calgary July 25th, 2008. Because of the stuff that happened during my stay in DC by Victor Wenk, I
had arranged for counselling to start the following week. A few days later, while I was using a friends computer, I opened my ICQ to see if I had any business messages because I had lined up clients for my arrival, to ensure my
business has a comfortable financial transition back to Calgary, I had spent almost a year arranging for Canadian clients, and consulting agreements. The application told me someone was signed in already. My friend Hugh Coulter was
sitting right there. And, I questioned who could be signed in. Hugh Coulter, a good friend of mine, at the time was suffering from Cancer, and had his wife walk out, and I believe he was emotionally vulnerable, and was sucked in by Vic Wenk, when Hugh realized that it was Vic, he started showing distress and when I questioned him he told me that I had sex chatted with Vic on numerous occasions, while I was in Washington DC, Calgary during June, and again while at the hotel near BWI. I assured him the application was never used for that purpose, so he opened his profile and showed me a chat, and some photographs sent during those chats, and
it became apparent it was Vic Wenk pretending to be me, soliciting sex online by using my photos, and engaging in manipulation of people on my personal chat list for solicitation of sex. Hugh showed me some pictures I had been sent to him during the apparent chats, and they were nudes of me. Hugh and I both went into distress and our relationship as friends maintained its self, but was never the same. So I went through my list, concerned that this had happened to others on the list, including clients. Vic was on the internet pretending to be me, sending out nude pictures, and video of me, and sex chatting with clients, and personal friends. It also came to my attention that he had registered several other personas, as a woman, using Lynn, to pass my pictures out, and sex chat with men. I had noticed I was unable to get into my email once in Calgary. Vic had gone in and changed the password. I had
been using the email for business since spring 2004. Vic continued this behaviour of being online and pretending to be me with people in the USA, and Canada. My facebook password had been changed, my former mother-in-law and
ex-husband were getting phone calls with someone listening on the other end. I sent out a warning for him to stop in august 2008, followed by emails quoting the NDA Agreement he signed, and asking that he release my email password to me, so I could obtain my business emails, agreements etc. He refused. It was apparent he had gone through my business emails, my chat applications. Vic knew my business method was by way of E-commerce and internet. I had requested, in writing, on several occasions that Vic Wenk release the email to me, so I could obtain the
business emails, and recover. He refused. In late December 2008, Vic released my email back to me and I seen several things that were quite disturbing, one was that I had an agreement in there from Guardian Oil, where I was a 6% share holder, or 1.5 million shares, they were selling at the time for $1.00US per share. The share agreement was sent into my seized email in early august 2008. I didnt realize later on, in the fall, why the company was giving me a hard time about my shares, and the agreement, but it became apparent that it had been sitting, they thought I didnt respond. Share certificate in hand. The President of Guardian Oil commented on my distribution of Canada, and how he had concerns about me placing a nude label on his products. It became apparent that Vic Wenk may have sex chatted with the President of the oil company, sent out pictures, or did something for him to have commented about a nude label I also noticed, once in my email, and I had spent a year working with a company in Montreal Quebec, Canada, Encontra Inc. on possible oil sales to the middle east, including Guardian Oil Lubricants, and bulk crude oil, that a cancellation of my contract had been submitted into my email with an attachment, releasing themselves from the contract and any connection to Quest. By then it was too late to do any damage control with respect to this consortium of five companies. Nexus Inc. an Alberta corporation had cut an agreement with Quest during my visit in June 2008 to supply consulting services for business development. When I returned to Calgary in July 2008, I had called the company to start work, and the President of the company declined based on my non-response to the email he sent back in early August to the seized email. I was not brought on board until mid. October, I lost about 3 months income on this transaction alone. Then into December 2008, he commented on family problems, and I was released from the contract, which was signed for one year. Vic Wenk had apparently started another profile in ICQ during those months, and pretended to be me, because I
changed the password, and proceeded to send out my pictures and sex chat with men. The original log on name which Vic used my password for had clients and friends on there. I was attempting to conduct business with a Calgary man, Andre, and once back to pack while in DC July
2008, he commented on pictures I had sent him during June. I did not understand what he was talking about, and began to question what he was talking about. At the time I didnt know what he meant, but since then he and I have talked, and
he disclosed the same as Hugh. Andre sent me an email, with sex chat, and my photos attached to show me what had gone on, that email is in my possession. Another friend, Glenn, does who I have known since 2000 does not even talk to me at all anymore. Vic had defamed
my business and personal character to Glenn, which included a conversation with his son Josh, where Josh had taken part, and engaged in defaming my personal character to Glenn while I was absent. It was apparent that Vic Wenk had
defamed me to Josh as well. Vic commented on my clients, my corporate income, my apparent lying, and defamed my credibility in business,
and personally to Glenn. Another business man in the USA, Bill, told me the same. Both men had sent attachments to me so I could see what
went on..the email includes nude photos and video of myself. A well known, Boston based Corporate Lawyer, and business man, I believe fell victim to Vics online antics, because when I mentioned the photos and chats to him, he disappeared. The result of Vic Wenks behaviour was that I had friends in distress, and I came back to Canada in distress, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, which is ongoing. Currently, I am being treated using REM Therapy so my brain can recover from the trauma. I was told that following the treatments I am not allowed to conduct business. I am losing about 25% of my income based on the treatment provided by Jeannine Crofton, and Dr. Pat Keelan, PHD, Psych. I still have problems, using the internet for business, and trusting in business due to the actions of Vic, I had a hard time
talking to anyone about this because of the compromised position Vic placed me into. Considering that my business activities were since 1998 e-Commerce based, I have lost my main business method. When I talked to him about the problems caused with his actions, he told me to take the hit thats when I
decided that I was not going to take a hit from these deliberate actions to take my business, and me personally, and financially down. I have taken a financial, personal, and psychological hit by this person, over an extended period of time. My son has been in distress over Vics actions toward him. I am so embarrassed and humiliated to even tell anyone about this, but I have to do the right thing, and correct the damage done. I have been embarrassed business wise in-front of my peers, friends, and family by these malicious acts. Restoring my credibility in business, and placing back my financial position has been a
great challenge, and its been 20 months since I left Washington DC and returned home to Canada, I spent months preparing to return home, with work in hand, and here I am trying to recover. For seven months (maybe more) Vic was pretending to be me, and holding my email while he was taking me and my business down by use of the internet, email, sex chats, photos, video, and everything he could use that was at his disposal. Vic admits to what hes done, and had offered me a out of court agreement which he drafted, and encouraged me
to negotiate the amount. I started at $100,000.00 plus costs, which hes rejected. Apparently hes been talking to several lawyers on these issues, but has yet to obtain one. So I decided that I would step out. I believe t he damages are truly a lot higher, just based on the Guardian Oil Shares alone, which I have lost. This is personal, and business, but as a director of a corporation, it is my responsibility to make sure agreements
are carried out, and not breached in anyway. If this person made a mistake one night, I probably would not be interested in pursuing, but since this was a seven month (or longer) take down by an individual whose goal was to hurt me
and my company, I am bringing this to you.
Vic knew I was preparing to return home, and lining clients up for that purpose, he also knew clients were using the email account, and it would be damaging. Also, this is about invasion of my privacy, being expected to take a financial hit, harassment, stalking, defamation
of character, damages, cyber bullying, my reputation and integrity in business, family, friends (which are personal relationships), and sending pictures out without my permission across international lines, and the distress it has
caused me. Vic has admitted and knows what hes done. It is my view I had a right to leave, and pursue my clients, and carry my business out without a malicious and
very deliberate attack on my character, psychological well being, credibility
and integrity. I had to change my phone number as he would call and block his number, and I would get anxiety. Ive had to protect myself. He lurks on the internet......... The actions of Mr. Victor Wenk are listed to the best of my ability, but I assure you this is probably not the full extent of his actions. I do not know every single thing he carried out in its entirety.

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