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actor Johnny Depp
actor Johnny Depp Actors Guild United Talent Agency Ripoff salary, ripping off movie goer's for his greed. Shack a Shame for ripping off American's on
6th of Mar, 2011 by User808188
Have you ever gone to the movies and said these tickets are too expensive? Have you ever questioned the movie and the people behind the movie what they make in earnings? Let’s take a look at actor Johnny Depp; have you ever seen a movie with Johnny Depp? We’ll guess what; , that’s per film salary. The average time for an actor to film as an actor is about 40 days work, if you average 30 days work at $20 million that’s about $6,000.00 to $20,000.00 dollars an hour depending on the days of the film is laid out in. All 5 star hotel expenses, traveling first class and all, all paid for besides the actors salary. Yearly: $100,000,000.00
Monthly: $8,333,333.33
Weekly : $1,923,076.92
Daily: $384,615.38 Per film average is $20 to $44 million plus lifetime royalties Considering the US economy is in recession as the average annual income in the United States is $31,000.00 a year. Doesn’t it make you angry when you see people like Johny Depp making $6,000.00 an hour to $20,000.00 per hour or $20 to $44 million over a 1 to 2 months worth of work? How about 2 or 3 films in one year at $20 $44 million per film and royalties on top of that too. Do you think he thinks about the salaries other people make such as for example at $8.00 $10.00 $18.00 $20.00 an hour behind the set or people behind a coffee counter or restaurant what they make? Do you think he cares about how hard a 75 year old man still having to work as his pension doesn’t pay him enough for his medication to work a part-time job at $8.00 an hour when someone like Johnny Depp makes over $6,000.00 to $20,000.00 an hour? Johnny Depp driving a brand new 2010 $350,000.00 Lamborghini down the street and mega million dollar homes, what about those people working for $8.00 an hour? You think Johnny Depp thinks about how hard people work and how they have to earn a living? What if we took Johnny Depp and said Johnny, we have a movie and we need an actor for it. We have a limited budget. We can only pay you $10.00 an hour and if that isn’t enough $100.00 an hour maybe. What do you think Johnny Depp would say? Take a guess. Just imagine it? $20 million per film salary to work for $10.00 or $100.00 an hour, do you think he would work for it? If not, how many Americans right now would want to make $10.00 an hour in a bad recession economy? If Johnny Depp said no and you said yes, how does that make you feel and how does it make Johnny Depp feel. Cheap versing not enough. Isn’t it wonderful that Hollywood pays only a handful of people big money and star royalty treatment? Well Johnny Depp does not think his salary is a ripoff and nor does he think about the hard workers behind the set making $8.00 an hour to pay $10.50 or more per movie ticket either. Ever seen Johnny Depp pay a role as a low income worker making low money as the character in a movie but really in real life, he is mega rich. He pays the poor character and hungry but that’s only behind the set when he has millions in his bank account. And let’s not forget lifetime royalties either. Each film also Johnny Depp gets a royalty as well. Johnny Depp still gets a paycheck every time that movie plays and every other film he acted in has to pay his royalty. When you see a movie and see all the credits behind a movie, think about all the people behind the set making hourly wages from $8.00 to $15.00 an hour to do all the little things behind a movie. Now think of Johnny Depp with all those people making those wages and him making $6,000.00 to $20,000.00 an hour? Does that sound fair? What about a movie 14 years ago and everybody back than already worked and got paid but Johnny Depp is still getting paid, every movie. I mean really how much is too much? Do you think he is a RIPOFF. I would say so. Listen he maybe an actor but in my opinion not a great actor. There are thousands of talented Broadway actors that make $15 to $20 an hour, why do those talented Broadway actors have to make so little but Johnny Depp has to make $6,000.00 to $20,000.00 dollars an hour versing them? What’s the difference? The world is full of talented actors, is it fair that people have to make so much more than others? If you took a bunch of employees making $8.00 an hour, how many employees would it take them to earn their wages to pay off Johnny Depp for his per film salary at $20 million dollars, imagine? Let’s say the average week of work is 40 hours at week at $8.00 an hour to total $20 million. How many employees would it take to per off Will Smith’s $20 million from people making minimum wage at $8.00. It would take about 62,500 employees for one week at $320.00 each to cover Johnny Depp $20 million dollar per film annual salary). Wow That’s 62,500 people at $8.00 an hour to pay Johnny Depp (and that’s not even $44 million which means a whole lot more minimum wage employees to cover his salary) and I didn’t even mention taxes. Now wonder why so many people are broke, paying these huge American Hollywood salaries. Do you think Johnny Depp would say yeah maybe I am making too much money, I’ll take a pay cut? Probably not. What if people complained and said that movie is a ripoff, a refund or don’t pay the money to the actors. Do you think Johnny Depp will be understanding and not charge his $20 to $44 dollar per film wage to satisfy movie goers his role was not so great? What do you think he would do, rein verse his salary to the movie producers if customers are not happy? I mean isn’t America the refund country if you don’t like it take it back? What if the earnings of the money were awful, would Johnny Depp say ok the movie didn’t make enough money and everybody’s in debt to make the movie, he would cut is salary so the movie could break even? Do you think Johnny Depp would be understanding or say, no I am worth $20 to $44 million in everything I do per film and you pay me for it? Take a guess what Johnny Depp would do. Do you know if you go to college and you get your bachelors you may earn an extra $2 million in your lifetime in your career because you went to school. Lets say you make $65,000.00 a year and you work 30 years, how much are you worth when you retire versing Johnny Depp at about $50 to $100 plus million a year? $1,950,000.00 for 30 years (working 8 to 5, 5 day a week year around with 2 weeks vacation) where Johnny Depp will make 10% more each year for example his 30 years could be worth over a billion easily plus he vacations almost all year around and around the global because he makes so much money. Do you feel it is too much? You work hard and he doesn’t compared to hard working Americans. I mean really compare a hard working job making less than $10.00 an hour or even $20.00 or etc. Can you picture Johnny Depp landscaping, housecleaning, construction or concrete work or etc. The bottom line is Johnny Depp is a ripoff and Hollywood production companies should be ashamed of themselves to pay greedy celebrity actors mega million per film salaries. Why do they pay so much to these actors? What is the reason for it? The Country is broke, the unemployment rate is 9.7% and businesses are suffering in financial debt but Hollywood continues to pay these ripoff salaries to Johnny Depp and others. If you feel this is wrong and disgusted with Johnny Depps salary send him a letter to his agent and complain how much is too much. Think they’ll respond? After all Johnny Depp is in a Union, these wonderful unions to allow actors like this to make mega millions. Look at the US economy and where the money is going. Shack of shame isn’t it. Shame on Johnny Depp for this incredible salary costing people millions to live his fortune on greed.

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