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Adventurebilt Hat Company
Adventurebilt Hat Company Steve Delk Adventurebilt Hat Company Six month lead time? Over four years now, never delivered and won't refund payment. Col
6th of Jul, 2011 by User887664
I placed an order for an Indiana Jones style fedora hat back in May of 2008 with Adventurebilt Hat Company when it was stated on their website that,, since it was a custom order, there would be a six month lead time for the hat to be made. I felt pretty secure in the fact that this is the company that created the hat worn by Harrison Ford in the latest Indiana Jones feature film. The full payment was deducted from my account the same day that I had placed the order on the internet. After waiting seven months, I emailed an inquiry to when the hat would be done. At that time I was emailed by Mr. Steve Delk that he was a little behind because these were all custom made by he alone and and not to worry, I should get my hat soon. After a year, I requested a refund of my money and was told by Steve Delk that he no longer gives refunds and that he should get to my hat soon. After a year and six months I inquired again and Mr. Delk's reply was that he was still trying to catch up and I would have the hat that year. After two years, I emailed Mr. Delk again and was told that he was working on the orders for 2008 and that I would get my hat in the next couple of months. It didn't happen. After three years I sent another inquiry which Mr. Delk replied again that I would receive the hat soon. A few months ago I wrote again inquiring on the status only to receive no answer at all this time. I feel now that after four years waiting that I have given this man every chance to make good. He stated that he has sold thousands of these hats so he has made quite a bit of money. I feel that I should warn others before they let go of their hard earned cash for something that obviously they will never receive. I would not place an order with Adventurebilt Hat Company. There are many other reputable hat companies out there that will welcome your business and do what is right.
3245 days ago by Metkiss are not alone!...i placed an order back in August 2008...i sent six e.mails a year ago to inform Steve that i'd changed my address, non of these were answered. I did ask Marc Kitter of Adventurebilt Deluxe to forward my new address and it was only then that i got a reply to say that my new address had been noted...Since then i've heard various reports stating that all back orders are up to date, some back orders are still being worked on, i even read somewhere that Steve had lost some back orders and if anyone hadn't received their hat then they should contact him... I have since sent another four e.mails this year to Steve requesting info on the status of my order, asking that the order either be completed, if that is not possible then a refund be given, or if my original order had gone astray then i would be happy to forward my original spec for the hat and wait for it to be completed...needless to say i'm still awaiting a reply a month on from my first letter...I understand that Steve has been very ill but I'm glad to hear that he is now on the mend, I wish him well...I also wish he would answer my E.mails... Three years is a long wait, I'm still still keeping my fingers crossed but all hope of seeing my hat is fading fast...!
3192 days ago by Lumbee
S.D. is a putz.

I.J. may have worn fruit of the looms but you do not pay up to $650 & wait for 5% of your lifetime to wear 'em, eh?

I have purchased both of my ABs used - no wait- 30% of original price- no messing w/ Mr. Delk - & I'm still young enough to wear 'em.

Don't get me wrong-a great hat made by a sorry businessman.

As an alternative I suggest OPTIMO HATS in Chicago or Art Fawcett. & his Vintage Silhouettes artworks.

My .o2.
3097 days ago by Jack Monroe
Delk is hard to get hold of? He's probably hiding. On the run. People have been waiting for years to receive their orders, orders they, of course, paid for in advance, What would I.J. do? Complain, probably. There's a point where you got to grasp the fact that you've been ripped off.
2951 days ago by Kikino_fella
I've been waiting over four years as well. This company is a big sham, a fraud. Total B.S. At least Mark Kitter had the decency to price himself out when I contacted him. BUYER BEWARE: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ADVENTUREBILT HAT COMPANY!!!
2943 days ago by Mumbler
The man is fighting cancer and heart problems, and has been doing so for the past 2 years while trying to fill these back orders..
2853 days ago by Jeebers
Health issues or not, he isn't even trying to fill these back orders - he's now blatantly ignoring them. I ordered and paid in May 2008, over 4 years ago, and in the last 12 months have not only emailed several times to let him know he'd lost my order, but have left voice messages with my contact and order details. If you pay his new price, you might get your hat - but I'm proof Mr Delk has now deliberately swept aside the 'lost orders'.
2846 days ago by Penman
Some people got there facts wrong.. When the indy 4 movie came out his orders was listed at 6 months at a lot cheaper price then his current price. About half. The movie hit and the order came in much, much, much more then any human thought possible. Steve did make a mistake by trying to fulfill those orders at the old price. Trying to do the right thing but it backed fired. He stated that the time line had changed drastically in a short period of time but people forget about all that. He couldn't give a realistic time line but people didn't focus on that they still wanted the hats. He worked 18 hour days 6-7 days a week on that list at the old price. For over two years he made hats for these customers at the old price. He had bouts with diabetes and lost vision in one eye. had a hear attack and fighting prostate and colon cancer. He continued on working 5 days a week at a pace of 12 - 14 hors a day. He finally jacked his prices up to $650.00 and the very few that he got order and I mean a few got work on his only day off.
Again, people knew going in that the wait was going to be anywhere in the 2 years or more time frame. I have had two hats on order with him since 2008. Im still waiting and I knew that it would be years. These people are upset and I understand that. but they knew going in and not totally telling or remembering the truth. I call bullshit on every last one of them

Steve did not run away from that list or those customers. Steve is fighting Cancer and still trying to fill those orders. I know this because of two reasons. He has been a friend and mentor to me so I do talk with him from time to time. He is a man of honor.

I think he should just close the biz down and try and take care of his health but he still pulls himself to his hat shop when he can to work on the list which isn't very long right now. He does have the hope to take care of it but it is very hard on the man. I don't think he responds very well to emails because after working when he can takes to much out of him and he must be ashamed of how things worked out.

2816 days ago by Belloq
Penman, I disagree with most of your spin on the situation. You may know him, but the scores who ordered over four years ago, especially those who have no connection to info on the indy forums, did not know him, nor were they informed of extreme waiting periods, and furthermore have received no communication in over two years. That is the simple truth. There are no acceptable excuses for not taking a few minutes to gather the entire customer email list and send a few sentences about the status of his hat production and order fulfillment in general. And then keep doing that five minute communication task once a month until all back orders are fulfilled oldest to newest. And are you kidding us with that "day off" crap? He shouldn't be taking any new orders and, if anything is done on his "day off, " it should be those backorders from four years ago! Those excuses are pathetic distractions. Let's focus on the results as paying customers. No fulfillment with no communication after OVER FOUR YEARS is simply FRAUD or THEFT.
2801 days ago by Cadtech
I didn't order a hat (thank goodness!) but I have read all the forums. If it wasn't Steve and some other random vendor, he would have been banned from all gear sites 2 years ago! But its Steve! Who has a cool story on the Indygear site so he gets a pass and any complaints there get locked or deleted. Other vendors are banned for much less. But its Steve! "But...But he's a real nice guy! " I get so tired of that. I'm sure he may be a swell guy. Taking on new orders? Really? Adding to the mountain? It's a big mess and I think he gets special treatment from the gear sites which I think is so unfair.
2579 days ago by Westman
I too am waiting for my order from early 2008. I've sent emails, phone calls, letters, even certified letters. He doesn't respond to any of them; however, if you email him with a brand new order, he suddenly will respond to you. He's shady and takes your money and on fulfills orders when he gets around to them. Also, regarding his cancer... he's now announced that he's beat the cancer and is continuing life as before.
2386 days ago by Metkiss
Well it's now been over 5 years since i placed my order with Adventurebilt Hats, and it's still 'no show'...I can only assume that when it does eventually arrive it's gonna be a real stonker of a hat, and well worth the wait!...Yeah right!, who am i kidding?...

What i can't quite get my head round is that if there are only a handful of really late backorders awaiting completion, then why the hell cause all the stress and bother..Surely it would be easier to hold up his hands and say "OK, i goofed, so let's put it right", rather than just not bother and upset the apple cart???... As the years drift by my original payment to Steve Delk has been devalued due to inflation... this doesn't however make me feel any better! :( As my hair begins to thin with age, I'm in danger of getting sunstroke, so Steve, please hurry with my hat!...

Anyway, back to reality... I'd just like to wish my fellow members of the 'No Adventurebilt Hat Club (N.A.H.C) a very Happy New Year... and of course a very special seasons greeting to Steve Delk, who i'm sure will get my hat done in due course...

ps.. .Ermm!? ... is there actually anyone out there still waiting...or am I alone ???
2384 days ago by Metkiss
ok everyone, listen up!...
I have just received an email from Steve Delk, promising me that my hat will one day arrive at my door... call me a silly old sod if you like, but I believe him...He was good enough to reply to my email and explain himself, and that 's a step in the right least I'm not this space if you are one of the few who is yet to get your Adventurebilt lid...I've waited 5 years, and there is yet hope!.. When my hat arrives i'll let you all know... untill then Adieu, and a happy 2014
2298 days ago by User665
I too ordered my hat in late 2007. SEVEN years of waiting.

I've emailed several times. Only once did a get a response when I offered to pay the current price of the hat. He said he would get it out ASAP if I did. I then offered to pay for the shipping boxes and shipping, as he indicated that was the problem on why he isn't able to get my hat out. He never responded.

I wouldn't order from Adventure Bilt Hat Co Steve Delk. My wife still gets mad at me to this day that I was scammed of that much money that I sent him. He is an evil person who will get his in the end.
1902 days ago by Metkiss
Another update...
Steve Delk Emailed me early 2014 and promised my hat, that was ordered in 2008, would be delivered to me by the end of the year (2014)...We are now nearing the end of April 2015..NO HAT!!! I have emailed around twenty times without reply... I have requested money through Paypal and sent around 100 reminders...NO RESPONSE... I contacted John Penman to see if he could shed some light on the situation... I am told that Mr Delk has No landline phone, No internet, ... and has lost his home, but he is a 'good guy' and still working on back orders...I note that the Adventurebilt website is still up and running, with the same home Address and Email, so I would like to know if and how he is still trading and taking people's money??...I'm not sure how much of that info regarding 'Home' 'internet etc is accurate..., But I somehow doubt the bit about him being a 'Good Guy'...What I do know is that I am owed $420... for an order placed nearly Seven years ago... and if this complaint reaches Mr Delk..then I would like my money back...Please!!!

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