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Amy J. dba
Amy J. Jergens dba Jergens Equine Unethical Vet and Vet Tech (fake farrier) Gill, Colorado
10th of Apr, 2011 by User568129
I called Amy J. Jergens,dvm, and told her that her vet tech, Janelle LeTourneau, had done the following: lamed my horse on 3-20-2011; gave prescriptive advice by text saying she was at wk. w/ Jergens; discussed privileged details about Jergens' clients to outsiders; refused to respond to innumerable calls, texts, e-mails requesting she make reasonable refund of $86.43; placed falsified professional endorsements on her website, Barrel Horse Brokers. I told Jergens I contacted the 2 gentlemen LeTourneau listed as endorsers and they both said: she is not a farrier; she has not been to farrier school; she has no professional experience; they only gave her tips to keep her from hurting her own horses which she was trimming because she was in financial distress; they would not, and do not, recommend her to anyone; they were telling her to cease and desist identifying them as endorsers/trainers. Jergens seemed to downplay the seriousness of this. I explained that my horse was immediately lame after LeTourneau trimmed her, laid down for the better part of 3 days, limped piteously for many days therafter, and is still lame. Of course, I have numerous witnesses as to the great health of my horse before this lousy job, and her suffering thereafter. I have witnesses that I have tirelessly tried to communicate with Jergens and LeTourneau in a firm, businesslike fashion through the proper channels. I think it's illegal for a vet tech to give prescriptive advice.Isn't faking credentials a form of consumer fraud? Isn't it unethical to discuss privileged information? shouldn't a trained vet tech should know better? Isn't a vet educated to know better. Doesn't condoning this type of behavior violate one's oath at a vet? Jergens excused/defended LeTourneau saying, "she is young and she didn't know what to do."
Jergens called me, twice, seemed upset & argumentative, and contradicted herself, and hung up on me - both times. Jergens said LeTourneau had 10 yrs. experience, then admitted she's 21 ( I noted this would have made her 11 yrs old when her 'career" began(?)). Jergens admitted she did not let her trim her own horses. Jergens said," they shared clients." Isn't that a gross conflict of interest? I think these 2 have some serious boundary issues. During her 2 hang-up calls to me, Jergens refused to make reasonable settlement, but promised that LeTourneau would do so by 4-8-2011. That did not occur. No sorry, no refund, no inquiry to my horse's condition, nothing. I have never met 2 such unethical, unprofessional young women. All I can think of to do is to warn others so that they have access to more, and more truthful, information than I did - so they can protect their beloved horses. Those are the facts in a nutshell - You be the judge.
3566 days ago by Rlm
To Julia Breeden, I feel that by using your real name a lot of other professionals will be spared.
Amy Jergens DVM is my vet and I think that your statement is totally unethical and you should delete all of your lies from the internet. Janelle is a great person and a good horse shoer. As I am sure you DON'T know, anyone can trim/ shoe a horse and it is NOT required that the person go to a school to uptain a degree. In fact some of the best farriers that I have known did not go to school. I have been in the horse industry for over 30 years, and am going to assume that you have not. Dr Jergens has performed miracles on one of my horses, she was able to get him sound when 5-10 other vets in many states failed to do so. Janelle is trust worthy and honest and I would trust her to trim any of my high dollar horses anyday. You are slandering these two wonderful women over a $50.00 trim job? Did you know that anytime you take off a horses shoes that they usually are sore for a few days? So where did you get the prescription from? You would have had to call your own vet for that, correct? Also there are many witness's that have said your horse was just fine after a few days... Please remember the horse world is a small place, and word travels fast... I personally would NOT recommend that anyone do work on your horse, because your lack of knowledge about horses can get them slandered all over the place. I can also guarantee that your statements are NOT going to change or influance any one from using Janelle or Amy.
3566 days ago by SKK
I, also personally know Amy Jergens and Janelle Letourneau and I believe them both to be fantastic people. How do you have the time and the energy to publicly bash these individuals and slander them all over the internet? And since when is it Amy Jergen's responsibly to take place deal with the issues that you have with Janelle? She did not shoe horses under Amy Jergen's name, and therefore is completely separate from any work at the vet's office. I personally own several priceless barrel horses and have had several "licensed farriers" that have crippled my horses and my horses were out for three months. Actually, a vet foundered my horse but do you think I slandered them all over the internet? No. I took my horse and learned my lesson and walked away from the situation with my dignity intact. Not to mention when you trim a horse they typically ARE sore for a few days. And I bute my horses after being shod because any horseman knows that they are going to be sore after having their feet worked on. And who hasn't given prescription advice? I tell people all the time "I'd just bute them". Do you think that they run around telling everyone I gave them prescription advice? No. Get your stuff together and please stop slandering people over the internet. This is no place for such things to happen. You are seriously going to make a big deal over $87? We all love our animals but this is part of having them: they get sore, things happen. And sometimes the old saying "If you want the job done right, you've got to do it yourself" needs to be enforced. So if you think trimming horses is so easy, take the classes and do it yourself then you have no one to blame but yourself.
3565 days ago by Canchase
while i dont know amy and have never had her do any work on my horses i do know janelle and she is my farrier. i switched to useing janelle as my farrier because i was haveing issues with what i felt was a poor job done by other farriers "credentialed ones". janelle has been great and all my horses do well, mind you they are barrel horse so its important to have good feet under them as a horses foot plays a role in the overall soundness of the horse. it should be known that a shod horse once the shoes are pulled will be "ouchy", and some horses require shoes at all times to remain sound. its not unusuall, my own horse is extremely sore for a couple days if i have his shoes pulled. it is illegal for techs to prescribe treatment, however its fine for one to explain what they would do or give ideas as long as they dont prescribe, which they cant, so unless this tech prescribed and dispensed prescription drugs she did nothing wrong. its your responsibility to call a vet of your choice if you feel there is something wrong. as well its not illegal to trim or shoe horses without "training" as well its a trade and an art that even the best of schooled student can be horrible at. every horse is different, every foot is different, every disiplin is different, every vet is different, every owner is different, you have to be the one responsible to find what fits you and your horses needs. as well 87.00$ "i rounded for your sake" is nothing when dealing with horses. obviously if your just fine and dandy with watching your horse lay down and limp all over for days on end while you spend your time slandering these individuals is a testament to the person and owner that you are.
3565 days ago by MisterEd
Pretty clear Dr J and Baby J are spendin too much time on the 'puter!
3565 days ago by Jethrotull
Didn't Jergens get the pink slip at Country Side?
3565 days ago by Jethrotull
I know Julia and Watch and they are loved and respected by all who know them. They rode out every day, in wind, snow, rain and sunshine. No one at our barn has ever done that. in the 23 years we were there. Watch was the healthiest horse there. I hope she will make a quick recovery. Everyone still has Julia sit their horses because she is the best boarder we have ever seen at our former barn. She does this for free because she makes friends with everyone she meets and she surely has no need of money. She obviously thinks that her money should be returned because fraud was involved and because she has integrity. Watch adores Julia. Watch runs to her whistle, walks with her head under her arm, follows her off lead like a puppy. We love Julia and Watch and our horses do too. Julia obvously just wants to caution others. We are professionals and we will be cautioning everyone too.
3565 days ago by Rlm
1. Defamation; calumny; rumors full of slander.

2. A malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.

3. Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures. etc

4. to utter slander against' defame.

5. to utter or circulate slander.
3565 days ago by Lariatigo
Consumer Fraud:

1. A false statement of material fact = Not really endorsed
2. Dishonesty calculated for advantage= $50.00 to make a horse lame
3. Resultant injury = Lame horse
3564 days ago by Brandi
Thanks for the consumer fraud clarification.. clearly not the case here!
3564 days ago by Rlm
This excerpt is from the website of the AFA (American Farrier's Association)

"And, in the United States, farrier certification is strictly a voluntary process. There is no licensing or mandated certification. All it takes to be a horseshoer in America is possession of horseshoeing tools and a willingness to work with your posterior higher than your head."
3564 days ago by Rlm

No Amy did not get the pink slip, she left on good terms to start her own practice, as many other vets have done.
3564 days ago by Brandi
MisterEd... just to clarify these are my statements and I am neither Dr A or Baby J as you like to refer to them as. I will clearly give you my full name as soon as you give me yours. I am not embarressed nor ashamed of my statements defending these two wonderful people. As I am sure you can tell, nor is anyone else when it comes to the mean, untruthful, and unvalidated things you and your friends are putting on the web. I really think that you should speak from experience and not form rumors, I know I am.
3563 days ago by Runninbuckskin
I am a client of Dr. Jergens and Miss Letourneau ... they are also my friends.
I'm sorry your horse is sore ... they usually are after you pull thier shoes and leave them barefoot! But I thought everyone that owned horses knew that. And just so you know, just cuz the horse is a little sore doesn't mean it's lame. It'll be fine in a couple weeks. Feed it some Biotin & Methionine.
Trying to get Janelle fired from her job, which she is very qualified for, because your pet horse is sore, is immature and just plain lack of knowledge on your part!!! Maybe you should be spending you time online educating yourself instead of trashing someone that has spent more time and money on their education that you!!!
Dr. Jergens is the best vet on this side of the country! Obviously, the people that are slandering her and Janelle have too much time on their hands, and have no REAL clue as to what owning a performance horse intales. They are obviously "pet owners", that board their horses (because they live in town) and think they're savy just because they "own" a horse. I guess if they impress people because they ride in cold temperatures, wind, snow & rain ... then GOOD FOR THEM AND THE NAIVE PEOPLE THAT ARE IMPRESSED!!! Try this on: we run 3800 head of commercial cows in eastern Colorado and we ride every day, all day, ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS! It's work, it's our living and our livelyhood. Our horses are not stalled at a local boarding facility, where someone else gets paid to train, clean stalls, groom or feed them. They have jobs on the ranch and in the arena. They stay sound and are winning because of Dr. Amy Jergens!
You should have made an appointment with her for your precious little hay-burner, instead of calling her to try and get Janelle fired! Too bad you burned your bridge there ... you may really need her some day!
3563 days ago by U-r-all-so-stoooopid
rdg ths shit intails haveing 2 hv thier head n u psterior
u unusualls'll need disiplin 2 uptain a trust worthy uddercation 4 yer livelyhood
u canchase but u cantspell
bejeebus peeps wht a flm wr o butazoids
3563 days ago by U-r-all-so-stoooopid
I have seen this case and it was more butchery than farriery.
Set too high on the outside rails pronated both rears badly.
Set one too high and one too low on the front and too flat on the frogs all around.
Filed to hairline and into clear line 1/32th from
Its going to take alot of money to a master farrier to fix this mess.
I was so damn mad I sat down in front of one of these things for the first time in my life.
Any vet who'd call who did this a farrier isnt worth her salt.
3562 days ago by NOYB
SKK aka barrel racer kersey aka u, & ya hosses, need 2 git a j-o-b
3560 days ago by Somethingwicked
Dear "Anonymous" complainer,

I am completely outraged by your slanderous, egregious and shameful remarks towards one of the most outstanding individuals and professional equine veterinarians that I have ever met! Having been a client of Dr. Jergens for the last 3 years I find your statements completely ridiculous and with no merit. I have watched this woman repeatedly diagnose, repair and maintain various horses in our herd. We breed and train high-end barrel horses and Dr. Jergens has kept them in peek performing condition and we trust her completely with all care associated with our horses! Her follow-up and client care is without compare and I can say this with some confidence as my father Dr. Wayne Cunningham who is an acclaimed and much accomplished retired Colorado State Veterinarian and he also uses and endorses Dr. Jergens! When we moved to Oklahoma Dr. Jergens went so far as to align us with one of her associates that could provide the same level of care in our area.

So I say this to your "Anonymous" complainer, just because your an unhappy person in your own life and you choose to invest your time and effort and abusing, extorting and harassing a wonderful professional, mother, christian and very dear friend of the competitive horse world does not mean that anyone is going to listen or care about your toxic messages that you have spewed all over the internet. Good for you! You have rallied the supporters of a great woman and you will look like the fool in the end. I hope this is accomplishing your goals and making you sleep better at night!
3558 days ago by Poloprincess
I would have to say that this is my first time in my life to read AND respond to a posting like this. I am a horse women as well. I love it, its expensive, its kept me out of trouble growing up and I'm proud of that. I have had my share of vet bills and farrier bills. Sure its expensive but my horses are my kids and I would do anything for them. Typically I would be outside with my horses instead of reading these comments but typically horse people know better than to write such horrible comments on a SCAM website like this since the horse industry is so small.
I've been in the horse industry my entire life and my parents have too.
I guess if you only have one horse you may have time to belittle other people to make yourself feel better. I don't know. I'm not that type of person. If I have a bad experience with someone its easier to move on and learn from what happened. I am also a type of person who gives people second chances too. Everyone makes mistakes, EVERYONE. I would say your mistake is talking so badly about Janelle and Dr. Jergens. Is it making you feel better? Is it making your horse better? I would have to say, NO. If you don't want to use them again MOVE ON. There are a lot of others who would prefer Dr. Jergens and Janelle to work on their horses. They are both honest and trustworthy. They know what they are doing. They are professionals and they are well known. Dr. Jergens was the 5th vet I took a horse too in regards to a lameness. I WENT TO FIVE VETS trying to find a answer on what was going on. Other vets would just inject one of my mares, tell me to take her to surgery, put her down, etc. It was easier to say that then spend the time. Guess what my bill was between all 5 of these vets. A hell of a lot more than $87. I'm not complaining. My mare was worth it. If one vet charged me $500 and nothing helped...I moved on. Did a little research and went to another vet. Dr. Jergens spent the time to find exactly what was wrong with her, gave me different options, told me it was ENTIRELY too late for surgery...and don't waste my money. Is that what I wanted to hear? Of course not but it was honest and that is what I NEEDED to hear. I don't think you have the right to belittle Dr. Jergens and Janelle. They do not deserve it. They are a hell of a lot better people than you or your "friends" who are posting comments when they don't know what is going on either. I won't go to anyone except Dr. Jergens or Janelle and I'm not bad mouthing the other numerous vets I've used in the past either. Its not worth my time. OR $87. Give it a rest.
3558 days ago by U-r-all-so-stoooopid
1 complainer, 1 lamer, and a bunch of disclaimers!
3556 days ago by U-r-all-so-stoooopid
Never trust anyone who can spell egregious but can't spell peak or you're.

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