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BBVA Compass Bank The VERY WORST upper management leadership policies Internet
17th of Nov, 2011 by User649911
Anyone out there, BEWARE.. BBVA Compass Bank has absolutely the WORST upper management corporate policies, they obviously pride themselves on secrecy + not at liberty as far as solid business practices.. they DESPERATELY in need of ISO 9001 quality assurance within their upper management but instead they have HORRIBLE business practices.. Recently, Compass implanted a cash deposit ATM. Upon depositing $100, the machine locked up giving me $17 back and a useless receipt with no indication of regarding the $83, the last transaction when the machine locked up.. that was on 11/13/2011 at 947am. This ATM fully films the entire deposit and I expected on Monday 11/14/2011 after they zero out the figures for that amount to be credited to my account. Just to make sure, I called 800 compass and asked to speak to their local Fairfield Branch, which I was told I must come in, so I did at which point I was told the ATM is a 3'rd party which we are not at liberty to disclose their identity. The truth this is a Corporate BBVA compass BRANCH, yet because of the absolute WORST upper management policies, corporate INSTRUCTS their branch of these kind of policies and effective communication expertise.. the Fairfield Branch is fine.. it's that AWFUL upper management policy.. guess who the 3'rd party is.. why it's corporate headquarters themselves.. their absolutely horrible upper management policies and procedures.. I WASTED Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday with 800 Compass and FINALLY tried to get thru to Corporate Quality assurance at their main corporate headquarters at 505 20th St. N in Birmingham, Alabama.. They truly appear as a empty shell company which their main corporate number (205) 297-3000 goes to a voicemail. On Thursday.. NO NO.. that transaction on Sunday 11/13/2011 at 947am at the Fairfield real time cash deposit should have posted Sunday 11/13/2011.. it didn't and I certainly expected after they zeroed out their books on Monday absolutely for it to post on Monday.. This downtown Birmingham Alabama Corporate policy is fully incapable of balancing their books.. They opened up a DISPUTE and promised closed it.. THEY DON"T EVEN HAVE THE ATM RECORD OF THE DEPOSIT.. the 3'rd party who their corporate advises SOLID business practices position the MAIN CORPORATE as a 3'rd Party, unable to disclose, not a liberty with a EMPTY SHELL COMPANY the upper management REALLY PRIDES THEMSELVES as acceptable business practices.. On Monday THEY SHOULD have Zeroed out their ATM bookkeeping and that $83 credited to my account.. the ATM OBVIOUSLY has filmed a Video of that Transaction. On Tuesday the dispute was opened and by Thursday it was promptly closed.. FINALLY getting around BBVA Compass empty shell company at 505 20th St. N, Birmingham, I got to Corporate management.. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A RECORD OF THIS ATM DEPOSIT !!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a record alright.. a video AND their bookkeeping WHICH they are FULLY INCAPABLE of zeroing out and crediting my account ON MONDAY 11/14/11.. the dispute has been opened AND closed.. THEY HAVE NO RECORD of that $83... THESE ARE SOME OF THE VERY WORST BUSINESS PRACTICES REGARDING THE UPPER MANAGEMENT... and YES.. this is the NORM... I had EXACTLY the same occurence at Regions Bank earlier this year, WHICH customer service had a solid policy in place.. within a day they did the count and credited my account... NOT WITH COMPASS... I have reminded them every day and this foolishness has wasted 8 hours of my valuable time.. I expect a $100 credit.. because of their HORRIBLE business practices. This is a UPPER MANAGEMENT solid business practice policy they really pride themselves on and for the customer it's the WORST possible business practices.. Upper Management prefers solid business practices AS A EMPTY SHELL COMPANY.. not the employee, I'm saying hey President don't you want feedback to know how your guys are doing.. ever here of ISO 9001 quality assurance fully implanted as their solid business practices.. don't kid yourself.. upper management is no where to be found and as I've mentioned their Main Corporate Telephone Number (205) 297-3000 GOES TO A VOICEMAIL !!!!!!!!!!! At THIS POINT.. my deposit at 11/13/2011 at 947am WHICH the ATM cash deposit accepted $83 SHOULD have been zeroed out and credited on Monday 11/14/2011.. they balanced their books alright.. I contacted 800 Compass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.. I THEN on THURSDAY got tired of the empty Corporate shell company ONLY TO LEARN MY DISPUTE that had been opened is NOW CLOSED and they don't have ANY RECORD of that ATM deposit and OBVIOUSLY they are FULLY INCAPABLE of Balancing THEIR BOOKS... there's $83 more on their books but they are FULLY INCAPABLE of even finding the ATM record.. the dispute open then closed and I am STILL BEGGING for that $83.00 posting.. 11/13 and NOW it's 11/18/2011 It's the absolutely incompetence of incapacities of even balancing their books is where the REAL PROBLEM IS.... I am NOW narrowly missing a LOSS OF $83.00 where because Upper management implanted a system lacking full incorporation regarding the safeguards in place.. They implanted the real time cash deposit YET they neglected to implant the safeguards.. THEY DON"T EVEN HAVE ANY RECORD the ATM deposit... I DO... First transaction 945AM $100 account 213 went thru fine.. Second transaction.. ATM receipt STATES.. just 2 minutes later 11/13/2011 1147AM A510-2250 If you experience an issue with this ATM, please contact BBVA Compass at the following number 1-800-COMPASS.. And THAT IS IT for that ATM receipt.. that A510-2250 is what is important YET because because UPPER MANAGEMENT of that Shell Corporate BBVA didn't implant the safeguards yet.. The disputes department who OPENED MY CLAIM of $83.00 PROMPTLY CLOSED THE DISPUTE They have NO RECORD OF THAT ATM DEPOSIT.. neither are they willing to balance out 11/13/2011 balances on THEIR ATM who the Branch refers to a THIRD PARTY.. not at liberty to disclose it's REALLY corporate itself..
This my friends IS THE WORST POSSBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES...... I certainly do expect $100 to be credited to my account regarding this absolutely OUTRAGEOUS upper management business practices.. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY THE WORST..... It is not my responsbility to implant the ISO 9000/9001 quality assurance BBVA Corporate upper management EMPTY SHELL COMPANY They didn't implant their safeguards and here it is a Full 5 days later and that $83.00 is on their books, but they Open a dispute and PROMPTLY CLOSE IT... Unless I would have contacted them EVERYDAY.. This $83.00 is well on the way of being history.. It's on their books, the ATM recorded a video of the transactions, but they are FULLY INCAPABLE of even balancing their books... they open and close the dispute with absolutely NO RECORD of the ATM deposit THAT MY FRIENDS ARE THE WORST BUSINESS PRACTICES.. and That's BBVA Compass Corporate Leadership SOLID Business Practices...... THEY AREN"T EVEN CAPABLE OF BALANCING OUT THEIR 3'rd Party ATM THE DIDN'T EVEN TRY NOR NOTE THAT EXTRA $83.00 lacking their paper trail.... 11/13/2011 1147AM A510-2250.. THAT IS THE PAPER TRAIL..... The receipt I have You Bet after wasting all this time, I EXPECT a $100 Credit and I EXPECT for them to implant the ISO-9000 AND ISO-9001 regarding their upper management leadership regarding these absolutely INSANE business practices.. Thus, I believe BBVA Compass Bank deserves THAT recommendation which they pride themselves on these kind of business practices.. I NOW SEE.. that BBVA has TONS OF COMPLAINTS all over the internet... Just the wise counsel of implanting that ISO quality assurance is worth every penny of that $100 I'm expecting them to make well... I am SO CLOSE to loosing that $83.. by the time it's all set and done.. it's going to be 10 - 15 hours OF MY TIME, possibly WASTED along with that $83... You know what BBVA Compass Bank upper management can do with their business practices?? The reason ALL OF THIS OCCURED IS BECAUSE.... 1) Approximately 11/1/2011, they installed that real time cash deposit that upper management implanted at their ATM.. neglecting appropriate safeguards to prevent such foolishness JUST IN CASE.... They implanted to partially NO SAFEGUARDS 2) OBVIOUSLY FOR YEARS.. their norm IS A DISPUTE, which at THIS POINT.. other people are ALSO either LOOSING or going thru this absolute HORRIBLE corporate policy.. 3) They are UNWILLING to even notate a extra $83 deposit.. their branch is all handled by the corporate who is the 3'rd party itself.. all in secrecy, not at liberty, run around 4) When and IF... they reseach those ATM records, they will find that $83 AND there's also a camera at that ATM which CLEARLY shows me making that transaction.. At this point, I give BBVA Compass Bank Executive management STRAIGHT F as a solid ISO9000 + ISO9001 Bank.. the WORST BY FAR is their upper management leadership qualities and I have described them very well.... Will I see that $83.. well at this rate, it's VERY QUESTIONABLE and where does that 10 - 15 hours come in.. avoiding VERY NARROWLY MISSED.. I Certainly DO expect a $100 credit for them to make well.. NONE OF THIS IS MY RESPONSIBILITY YET.... Guess who had to take responsbility on THIS ONE.. BBVA IS ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE WORST Richard Moss - Birmingham, Alabama BBVA Compass Leadership - YOU NEED TO IMPLANT THE ISO-9001 Quality Assurance factors in your upper management leadership IMMEDIATELY.. so no other customer EVER goes thru this.. Unfortunately.. THIS IS A NORM.. and there upper management prefers to operate as a empty shell company.. I'm absolutely OUTRAGED .. as leadership.. yes people.. this is how upper management structures their operations.. and it's their norm.. By chance.. do you see the ISO quality assurance lacking in what I described here and I give it a 50/50 whether or not I ever see that $83.00 again.. Just to note.. when Regions implanted the same system earlier this year.. and their ATM locked up.. I contacted customer service who effectively researched the ATM figures and had NO PROBLEM with Regions balancing their books.. I was issued a credit within a couple of days and they admitted they implanted the system, lacking incomplete safeguard implantation.. that's because I was able to effectively communicate with the local Birmingham Alabama 3'rd party aspect of Regions and have them take care of it.. it was a pleasure to have SOLID upper management leadership at Regions.. BBVA Compass Bank on the otherhand refers to 3'rd parties in secrecy and not at liberty when the 3'rd party is REALLY BBVA Compass Bank executive leadership preferring the PR of a empty shell company.. that 800COMPASS goes out to a call center in Texas.. the BBVA local Corporate telephone number of (205) 297-3000 goes into a voicemail.. their MAIN CORPORATE telephone number goes into a VOICEMAIL I must conclude.. BBVA Corporate Leadership has REAL PROBLEMS regarding this horrible quality assurance policies, let alone the preference as Leadership appearing as a empty shell company.. they are no where to be found.. Back to that $83.00 .. 11/13/2011 and it should have been in there on 11/14/2011.. with Regions earlier this year.. it was they reseached it, found the error and corrected them... With BBVA Compass 11/14/2011 is now 11/15, 11/16, 11/17.. the DISPUTE was opened and closed.. OBVIOUSLY they DID NOT EVEN CHECK THEIR PAPERWORK.. they IGNORED ATM receipt 11/13/2011 1147AM A510-2250 THEY ARE FULLY INCAPACITATED to even know HOW to research their implanted upgrade and of course their preference is to file A DISPUTE This folks.. is how $83 will narrowly be missed APPROXIMATELY A WEEK LATE or I'm coming back to THIS POST and that will be my NEXT post.. whether I GET my $83 + that $100 to for them to make well and FINALLY implant the ISO quality assurance factors or i'm going to update how bad their business practices REALLY ARE.. obviously they way.. it's ALREADY TOO LATE.. they can't make up this insane business practices.. I am SO CLOSE to loosing that $83 and I will update whether effectively they were successful at achieving that goal or infact I FINALLY got that $83 and Yes.. I do expect that $100 credit.. I will update the final outcome.. but what's important is WHY I HAD TO TAKE responsbility instead of the executive upper management leadership at BBVA Compass headquartered in Birmingham Alabama.. My personal recommendation.. they can't even balance their own books.. yes that's a norm as far as solid business practices.. and GOOD LUCK on their disputes when upper management implants the working model MINUS safeguards.. their disputes resolution is USELESS because THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A ATM record of that transaction.. we've got the first transaction I did at 945am on 11/13/2011 which the first $100 went thru fine.. then the second on that 9919 concluded at 947am on 11/13/2011 but that receipt shows- - 11/13/2011 1147 AM A510-2250 .. it's that, the video taping by their ATM and their balancing out that really matters.. now lets try their diputes department AGAIN after they opened it and promptly closed it out BBVA Upper management.. I GIVE YOUR OPERATIONS what you wanted.. appearing as a empty shell company.. however BBVA is I believe the 15 th largest bank in the country.. so far, after THIS experience.. I believe I've described the VERY WORST solid business practices I will update the status of that originally $83 AND that $100 because this is why such a outrageously upper management acheives there goal.. somehow this translates as some of the VERY WORST business practices.. YOU NEED TO IMPLANT ISO Quality Assurance IMMEDIATELY into your business practices.. My final update to be the original $83 AND some very reasonable consulting services, hopefully they will implant very solid business practices WHICH Regions Bank already has implanted

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