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BOLD Marketing Strategies Cydcor Offshoot, Internet
25th of Sep, 2011 by User623300
Bold Marketing Strategies (Scam) in Indianapolis, IN managed by Ashley Smith is a Cydcor ICL. Research Cydcor before interviewing with this company. Multi-Level Marketing targeting young college grads with no experience. I won't write my personal story, but I have compiled a list of Cydcor ICLs. This list was compiled several months ago and is incomplete, but hopefully it'll help some people not make a bad decision. Location
Campaign Westmont, IL Robert Parker
AT&T B2B Rancho Cucamonga, CA
US Marketing Alliance
Wanis Naguib
AT&T U-Verse Nashville, TN
NBC, Inc.
Jonathan Perry
AT&T U-Verse Columbus, OH
Worldwide Marketing
Holly Clark
AT&T U-Verse Perrysburg, OH Audra Butler
AT&T U-Verse San Francisco, CA
Dzurenda & Associates
Trevor Dzurenda
AT&T U-Verse Mission, KS
MP Incorporated
Michael Palomba
AT&T U-Verse St. Louis, MO
North Inc.
Rebecca Sutherland
AT&T U-Verse Atlanta, GA
Veritas, Inc.
Ed Cunliffe
AT&T U-Verse San Jose, CA
Genuine Acquisitions
Ryan Ritchey
AT&T U-Verse Memphis, TN
L&J Associates, Inc.
Leslie Dean
AT&T U-Verse Louisville, KY
APF Concepts
Mathew Crawford
AT&T U-Verse San Francisco, CA
Premier Marketing
Dong Tran
AT&T U-Verse Atlanta, GA
Fire, Inc.
Malcolm Elavia
AT&T U-Verse Little Rock, AR
Eclipse Marketing
Erica Hawley
AT&T U-Verse Chattanooga, TN
Cannonball, Inc.
Robert Edwards
AT&T U-Verse Beaver Creek, OH
PMC-Dayton, Inc.
Denise Ortiz
AT&T U-Verse Charlotte, NC Bhavin Joshi
AT&T U-Verse Atlanta, GA
IE Innovations, Inc.
Brandon Hicks
AT&T U-Verse Charlotte, NC
Elevation, Inc.
Shaun Hogan
AT&T U-Verse Shelton, CT
Northeast Consulting Group, Inc.
Jolene Foor
AT&T U-Verse Westlake, OH Charlie (Eric) Boyd
AT&T U-Verse Louisville, KY
JBW, Inc.
Jonathan Wurster
AT&T U-Verse West Hartford, CT
Premier Management Group
Michael Catherwood
AT&T U-Verse Houston, TX
Kyce Enterprises, Inc.
Yessika Sanchez
AT&T U-Verse Fort Worth, TX
Universal Endeavors, Inc.
David Ahn
AT&T U-Verse Troy, MI Dustin Woods
AT&T U-Verse Oklahoma City, OK
Legend Marketing, Inc.
Kalif Gallego
AT&T U-Verse Greenville, SC
??LFH Concepts, Inc.
Chad Harpole
AT&T U-Verse Greenville, SC
S.F.I. Consulting, Inc.
Yanik Williams
AT&T U-Verse Metaire, LA
3rd Coast Concepts, Inc.
Rudolph Samboruk
AT&T U-Verse Schaumburg, IL
Coast, Inc.
Nicole Skovgard
AT&T U-Verse Austin, TX
Kismet Concepts, Inc.
Neha Anand
AT&T U-Verse Schaumburg, IL
Blue Marketing
Wrinardo McKennedy
AT&T U-Verse San Jose, CA Julie Strait
AT&T U-Verse Sacramento, CA
Ascension Marketing Group
John Kim
AT&T U-Verse Fort Worth, TX Blerim Kuqi
AT&T U-Verse Dallas, TX
APHinity Concepts
Jarrett Hook
AT&T U-Verse San Diego, CA
Longview Concepts
Seth Filkins
AT&T U-Verse Dublin, OH
??KPN Acquisitions, Inc.
Alpesh Shah
AT&T U-Verse Birmingham, AL
Birmingham Business Consulting, Inc.
William Gunn
AT&T U-Verse Orange, CA
The Southern California Group, Inc.
Tedford Picha
AT&T U-Verse Gahanna, OH
CF Endeavors
Steven Bloomfield
AT&T U-Verse Dallas, TX
Evantage, Inc.
Christopher Auwater
AT&T U-Verse Westlake, OH Alan Wolanin
AT&T U-Verse San Diego, CA
Reliable Business Concepts
Frank (Travis) Seinturier
AT&T U-Verse Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Marketing
Taylor Cherry
AT&T U-Verse Fayetteville, AR
The Atlas Group, Inc.
Kai Petrich
AT&T U-Verse Culver City, CA Al Hareth Musa
AT&T U-Verse Austin, TX Zane Beadles
AT&T U-Verse Indianapolis IN,
Bold Marketing Strategies, Inc.
Ashley Smith
AT&T U-Verse Oklahoma City, OK
Elle Communications, Inc.
Michelle Banfield
AT&T U-Verse San Francisco, CA
Integrated Marketing Solutions
Sam Lee
AT&T U-Verse Atlanta, GA
Kinetic Marketing Group
Kevin Griffin
AT&T U-Verse St. Louis, MO
Top Consulting, Inc.
Christopher Roberts
AT&T U-Verse Hartford, CT Jason Ward
Direct Energy Troy, MI
Hill Inc.
Robert Hill
Direct Energy Middleburg Heights, OH Jason Braughler
Direct Energy White Plains, NY Jason Markman
Direct Energy Independence, OH Cole Heeg
Direct Energy Troy, MI
Detroit Business Consulting
Michael Rosenberg
Direct Energy Independence, OH Donald McConville
Direct Energy Dublin, OH Brandon Walker
Direct Energy Troy, MI Cara Pizzurro
Direct Energy New York, NY Rafael Diaz
Direct Energy Latham, NY Collin Ausfeld
Direct Energy Timonium, MD Eric Chapman
Direct Energy New York, NY Antoine Bell
Direct Energy White Plains, NY Steven Lowen
Direct Energy Hartford, CT Jason Ward
Direct Energy Park Ridge, IL Shaine Thurman
Great Lakes Energy Chicago, IL Adam Balsinger
Great Lakes Energy Fairfield, NJ Michael Mounter
Great Lakes Energy Philadelphia, PA Stefan Mainhart
Great Lakes Energy Philadelphia, PA Filipe Pereira
Great Lakes Energy Philadelphia, PA
Frontline Business Solutions
David Nay
Great Lakes Energy Bala Cynwyd, PA
Distinctive Solutions Philadelphia Inc.
George Papalexandratos
Great Lakes Energy Frankfort, IL
P.V.G. Consulting
Simir Kulkarni
Great Lakes Energy Chicago, IL
Odyssey Marketing Group
Bjorn Berg
Great Lakes Energy Braintree, MA
Northeast Consulting, Inc.
Jim Rothermel
Great Lakes Energy Conshohocken, PA
Timothy Koontz
Great Lakes Energy Pennsauken, NJ
Marketing FX, Inc.
Greg Cassa
Great Lakes Energy Atlanta, GA
Aurora Group, Inc.
Brandie Park
Intuit Schaumberg, IL
Red Zone Internationa. Inc. **
Benjamin Buchsbaum
Intuit Hawthorne, NY
Red Zone Internationa. Inc. **
Christopher Butte
Intuit Baton Rouge, LA
Warrington Management Group, Inc.
Gene-Christian Baca
Intuit San Antonio, TX
HDM Marketing Concepts, Inc.
Harold Miller
Intuit Columbus, OH
Vantage Point Consulting, Inc.
Samuel Hunter II
Intuit San Jose, CA Charles Giampaola
Intuit Baltimore, MD
East Coast Marketing Innovations
Paula Silveria
Intuit Scottdale, AZ
Fortune 5, Inc.
Nimit Vidyalankar
Intuit Pittsburgh, PA
MMI Marketing
Ashley Allen
Intuit Glen Allen, VA Do Hoang
Intuit Culver City, CA
Jaime Hepp
Quill Atlanta, GA
Dynamic Marketing Concepts Inc.
Adam Dorfman
Quill Oak Brook, IL
VMI, Inc
Jonathan Kline
Quill New York, NY
New York Business Partners
Bart Yates
Quill Walnut Creek, CA John Soukas
Quill Raleigh, NC
4 Fifty 8 Acquisitions, Inc.
Joseph Tanksley
Quill Orange, CA
Eric Lee
Quill New York, NY
Polaris Inc.
Elana Stein
Quill Walnut Creek, CA
Concorde Marketing Solutions
Matt Osborne
Quill Mineola, NY
Long Island Acquisitions
Zachary Zufall
Quill Middleburg Heights, OH
Strategy, Inc.
Thomas Peck
Quill Dallas, TX
InnoCept Marketing, Inc.
Timothy Sanders
Quill Austin, TX
Competitive Consulting
Joe Nolan
Quill Nashville, TN
Orange Limited
Elijah Medge
Quill San Diego, CA
San Diego Marketing Group, Inc.
Richard Dinella
Quill Farmington Hills, MI
Three Seven Marketing Group Inc
Tara Masia
Quill Waltham, MA Paul Pinto
Quill Sacramento, CA
Frontline Marketing
Justin Hubbard
Quill Tampa, FL
Vanessa Castaneda
Quill Scottsdale, AZ
East Valley Consulting Inc.
Gareth Roberts
Quill Charlotte, NC
Notch, Inc.
Tom Liewer
Quill Farmington Hills, MI
MICAH Marketing Solutions
Christina Schuster
Quill Tigard, OR
Archetype, Inc.
Melissa White
Quill Dublin, OH
AMG Executives, Inc.
Steven Albanese
Quill Orlando, FL
The Vause Group
Joshua Vause
Quill Pittsburgh, PA
NXF Inc.
Nelson Figueroa
Quill Houston, TX
Galleria Marketing, Inc.
Paul Kluger
Quill Golden Valley, MN Jeremy Johnson
Quill White Plains, NY
Dharma Global Group Inc.
Ram Dharmarajan
Quill San Diego, CA
The Resolutions Firm, Inc.
Sara Stafford
Quill Greenville, SC
IMPACT Business Acquisitions
Kyle Shankman
Quill Dallas, TX
JM Direct
James Kevin Mosely
Quill Bellevue, WA
Jennifer Harris
Quill Birmingham, AL
MVP Concepts
Austin Smith
Quill Indianapolis, IN
Pac Marketing Group
Melissa Painter
Quill Baton Rouge, LA
Smith Business Consultants, Inc.
Joshua Smith
Quill Greenwood Village, CO
Skyline Marketing, Inc.
Lauren Lesho
Quill Orange, CA
The Southern Cailifornia Group, Inc. *
Tedford Picha
Quill St. Louis, MO
North, Inc. *
Rebecca Sutherland
Quill Rosemont, IL
McNeal Marketing Executives, Inc.
Desiree Zorn
Quill Timonium, MD
Vivid Marketing, Inc.
Chrysanthi Halkiotis
Quill Waukesha, WI
Milwaukee Business Consulting, Inc.
Brittany Richard
Quill Hollywood, FL
LNE Consulting
Julie Edmonds
Quill Mission, KS
Strategic Campaigns, Inc.
Pedro Segura
Quill Braintree, MA
Northeast Consulting, Inc.
Jim Rothermel
Quill Hollywood, FL
TNG Worldwide Inc.
Eddie Sardinha
Quill Salt Lake City, UT
New Rev Group
Ronald Gronewald
Quill Falls Church, VA Joseph Meshak Jr.
Quill San Jose, CA
Silicon Consulting Inc
Simon Yu
Quill Louisville, KY
System Works, Inc.
Marcis Pavars
Quill Philadelphia, PA
ARK Marketing Concepts
Anamika Sharma
Quill Cincinnati, OH
TJC, Inc.
Cody Johnson
Quill Hollywood, FL
Marketing Concepts
Pani Verma
Quill Bellevue, WA
Jennifer Harris
Quill Oak Brook, IL
Keynorth Consulting Inc.
Rebecca Blatz
Quill Timonium, MD
Distinctive, Inc.
Eric Chapman
Quill Tigard, OR
Intigrated Acquisitions
Zane Abato
Quill Indianapolis, IN
Leitz Out Concepts Inc
Robert Leitza
Quill Minnetonka, MN
Blackstone Consulting Inc.
Jeremy Reboulet
Qwest Residential Bellevue, WA
Jennifer Harris
Qwest Residential Tigard, OR
D.M.A. Solutions
Jason Royce
Qwest Residential Scottsdale, AZ
D & G Concepts, Inc.
Tyler DeJarnatt
Qwest Residential Greenwood Village, CO
Colorado Marketing
Young Yoon
Qwest Residential Rosemont, IL James Brock
T-Mobile Indianapolis, IN
TMG Solutions
Stephen Kordella
T-Mobile Casselberry, FL
PSI Marketing
Sarah Ward
T-Mobile Troy, MI Kenneth Webber
T-Mobile St. Louis, MO
Empire Executives Inc
Peter Gasparro
T-Mobile Westlake Village, CA
Silver Marketing Group
Brett Silver
T-Mobile Troy, MI
Rockland Incorporated
Andy Breuninger
T-Mobile Troy, MI
Somerset Concepts, Inc.
Brian Haynes
T-Mobile Oak Brook, IL
Marketing Sessions
Michael Sessions
T-Mobile Pennsauken, NJ
East Coast Business Concepts
Gary Lolli
Verizon B2B Braintree, MA
Northeast Consulting, Inc.
Jim Rothermel
Verizon B2B Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Business Consulting Solutions
Ken Lear
Verizon B2B Williamsville, NJ Alan Stafford
Verizon B2B Norwalk, CA
??California Marketing Team *
Liam Boyer
Verizon B2B Framingham, MA
Intrinsic Consulting, Inc.
Matthew Griffith
Verizon B2B Timonium, MD
Distinctive, Inc.
Eric Chapman
Verizon B2B Bala Cynwyd, PA
Distinctive Solutions Philadelphia Inc.
George Papalexandratos
Verizon B2B Pennsauken, NJ Michael E. Peragine
Verizon B2B Vienna, VA Matt Donahue
Verizon B2B Vienna, VA
The Intuitive Group, Inc.
Matt Sileno
Verizon B2B Glen Allen, VA Yigit Oksuz/ Young Yoon
Verizon B2B Pittsburgh, PA
Dynamic Business Group
Melanie Abajian
Verizon B2B Glen Allen, VA Gary LawerenceII
Verizon B2B New Brunswick, NJ
Fenix Core Solutions, Inc.
Evan Sliwoski
Verizon B2B White Plains, NY
Marketing Styles, Inc.
Brad Hiller
Verizon B2B New Brunswick, NJ
The 1080 Group, Inc
Dave Kaye
Verizon B2B Hawthorne, NY
RedZone International Inc **
Nicole Velardi
Verizon B2B Warwick, RI
Coastal Concepts, Inc
Kristen Balogh
Verizon B2B Pittsburgh, PA
MMI Marketing
Ashley Allen
Verizon B2B Framingham, MA Rebecca Lancaon
Verizon B2B Williamsville, NY
Zerwas Group Inc
Dustin Fansler
Verizon B2B Norwalk, CA Chang Kim
Verizon B2B Glen Allen, VA Do Hoang
Verizon B2B East Providence, RI
212 Marketing Solutions
Andrea Atkinson
Verizon FiOS Conshohocken, PA
Timothy Koontz
Verizon FiOS White Plains, NY
Luxe Marketing Concepts
Maria Kishbaugh
Verizon FiOS Woburn, MA
Big Business Solutions, Inc.
Vince Conley
Verizon FiOS New Brunswick, NJ
The Marketing Professionals, Inc.
Duran Kelly
Verizon FiOS Bala Cynwyd, PA Chris Migner
Verizon FiOS Rockville, MD
Red F Incorporated
Deric Boyer
Verizon FiOS New Brunswick, NJ Nicholas Zimmerman
Verizon FiOS Vienna, VA
US Innovative Strategies
Joe Snares
Verizon FiOS Woburn, MA Jason Goldberg
Verizon FiOS As stated earlier, this list is a little dated and incomplete, and I'm sure several of these pseudo-managers have already changed their company name. BOLD Marketing Strategies SCAM
BOLD Marketing Strategies SCAM
BOLD Marketing Strategies SCAM
Ashley Smith should be in jail
3414 days ago by Man Man
yea and the people who stick with it and put in the hard work will get promoted out to run their own office, and maybe some day be making 500k per yr.

LOL its funny cause you cant handle rejection
3401 days ago by Scamkilla
Its a scam when then its 100% commission. No real job offers that.
Also add

Matt Sileno
[email protected]
The Intuitive Group, Inc.
8233 Old Courthouse Rd Ste 330
Vienna, VA 22182

Tel (703) 388-2863
Fax (703) 388-2894
3400 days ago by Leahstillman
you forgot 2 officew, well 1 and 1 needs to be updated.
Collin Ausfeld now runs linked-in marketing out of boston MA, he runs the energy campaign with liberty power and direct energy. they also work with a brokerage firm.

Greg wagman now runs the latham ny office under Vistage Marketing where he also runs and energy campaign with liberty power and direct energy.

they also work with assurance wireless.
3326 days ago by JaysGirl
Hello all! Heres the thing, I worked with one of these companies in NY. I will not say it is a SCAM, although they never provide you with the details in FULL during the interview. Its a sales position...but its DOOR to DOOR. There are many of them out there. You get paid for what you sell. There were people busting their butts, younger than I, if I may add and they were compensated well. The people there are some what nice, although taught to be fake as well. Also, people do move up and are promoted out. I saw it happen during the period I was there. they provide the location and the beginning rent costs and some furniture. Then you are on your own! You must now build your own company and you have to struggle to build a team and get "APPs" For someone like myself with a family, I do not reccomend this type of position especially if you need steady income. Though, others love it. Hope this helps some what!
3319 days ago by Bobedwards
god people. dont be lazy. Also, many jobs are commission...especially the ones that have a real opportunity to make a lot of money. this isnt for people that want to live and die on $75k/year. Clients that work with these outsourced companies pay a ton of money because it is a hard job. if it was easy everyone would do it. Dont be fooled by the negative people on here. they will amount to little more than mindless employees. ever hear of "thinking outside the box"? people that are negative about a challenging and rewarding opportunity obviously want to go through life being over paid for little work. it happens...just not to everyone. if you dont want to risk it and make sure you DO have a great income someday then you should absolutely hop on board...i did:)$$$$$$$$
3268 days ago by TI Jaddocc
You spent how long looking all that up? You're a tool. This site is for scams! How is a door to door sale firm selling U-Verse a scam? I love u-verse! Wish they'd knocked on my door! And I fight fire and save lives in a Major Metro Capital city so I don't work or have any interest in the businesses you listed above. Just wanted you to know how moronic you sounded and how much of your life you just wasted. Sounds like you didnt get a job offer. Wal-Mart always hires your type of smart driven individuals as greeters. Good luck. Start practicing the phrase" you need a buggy?" now so you'll have it by the time of your interview.

Throw it in the dog
3160 days ago by Truth29
Vistage marketing is a scam. Door to Door 100% commission job. All they do is sell you on lies and hope you will fall for the chance of getting promoted. AVOID! Another multi level marketing scheme. You will waste your life away barely making enough to stay alive at this place!
3131 days ago by Mafo
ANYONE SAYING A 100% sales commission job is a scam is plain lazy or stupid. I worked with them twice as an intern out of college and got paid over $800 a week during my second summer internship. I also got good references from big wigs associated with the company like consultants. Stop being lazy, get off your spinning chair, go out and get a job. Stop complaining and lying to people. CYDCOR IS NOT A SCAM I am living proof of it.
3130 days ago by Truth28
Yeah your right it is not a scam. It is an easy way to trick young college students into taking a 100% commission job in hopes that they will become a manager when in reality they rarely ever make it there because it is all a trap to get young people to fall into the entry level scheme of things. You are right it is not a scam, it is just all a big lie and bullshit. If it was not intended to trick people then why do you:
Take your own car and pay all your own expenses?
Why does the job posting never state the real pay (commission)?
Why does the job postings inform people they will going door to door

It is all brainwashing, and everyone in these Cydcor offices is essentially being pitched the whole time they work there and further falling into false hopes of being a manager
3124 days ago by Jenn452
I am considering one of these jobs. I was told that the leads are expecting an AT&T representative to come to their house. Is this true?
3124 days ago by Jenn452
Also, when you say "Scam, " do you mean that these companies do not work for AT&T?
3122 days ago by Arabian
I do know that Cydcor works directly with the companies, as independent marketing staff, no idea on the technical diff between one of their ICLs going to a lead and an actual AT&T rep
1808 days ago by Averyconcernedneighbor
Susan Henner, Attorney at Law Worst Immigration Lawyer, Dumbest Immigration Attorney, Most Unethical Attorney, Sexual Harasser of Clients White Plains, New York

Submitted: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Reported by: Albana Ivezaj - Harrison, New York USA

I came to see Susan Henner late last year because I was out of status and was the victim of a white female smuggling ring that kidnapped me and forced me to come from the former Yugoslavia to France and then to New York where I have been forced to work in sex clubs and provide blowjobs and fellatio and sex to fat, dirty, rich white men from New York. I came to this Susan Henner to ask for help as I was in a sex slavery situation. Instead of helping me, this evil women stared at my breasts the whole time I was in her office during our first meeting, and asked me very rude and offensive sexual questions the whole time. She kept loking at my body and making me feel uncomfortable until finally she asked me to give her ten thousand U.S. dollars. I told her I could not afford this and she made rude comments hinting that we could `work out a payment plan' while winking at me the whole time. I never felt so disgusting in my life. I felt like I was being raped all over again. This woman is a disgrace and a discredit to all immigration lawyers and she should lose her license to practice law immediately. I do not know why such a disgusting person like this is allowed to practice in law. Even in Albania she would lose her license. But I hear she is so connected (her sister Janet Henner is the Chief Immigration Lawyers Association) so she never gets in trouble. I know theres other womens who also have been molested by her. Please avoid this `lawyer' at all costs. Thank you for listening to my story.

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