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Bubs N Grubs
Bubs N Grubs Morningside Frank and Judy Burai Beware of getting involved with this person who may scam you into being part of insurance fraud ,without
24th of May, 2011 by User873317
Beware of getting involved with this person who may scam you into being part of insurance fraud (without you realising) both buying from and selling to. May stalk you and harass you and the other people in your life until you give in. You may then be charged as an accomplice. Will use the Internet to stalk you and post lies about you and will try to destroy you and your life and the people around you until you do what he needs. May use the fact that he is a business owner to con you into thinking he is a genuine person needing your help and then you get a shock of your life! Do not buy or sell to this person. Do not get involved with him and you will be better off. You have been warned. Some large companies may even be paying him to get away from his harassment.
3523 days ago by Disgusted
Anna Marie Standcombe is a liar.

She has logged onto this site as our business name and posted by someone about her - about us!

She purchased a stroller from another store - not morningside and 18 months later, asked for a copy of a tax receipt from the morningside store because she was placing an insurance claim on an airline.

We were unable to provide one by law and because it was 18 months prior it was not reasonable on an in-store purchase.

She then stalked our staff and harrassed us with multiple emails for many months and false product reviews with lies and abusive phone calls and threats on email, our help desk and live chat system.

She had our staff in tears with her harrassment.

We then received a call from the airline asking why she would be claiming an amount higher than we sell the stroller for on our website.

We compared it to the copy of the credit card statement she sent and it was Anna Marie Stancombe who was trying to fraud them by editing that statement she sent to them - our version showed a much lower price and was the price we sold them at that time.

We are happy to show this to any police office who wishes to see it.

The above post shows Anna Marie Stancombe is a liar and posting lies on the internet.

She is the stalker and harrasser and police have been notified and involved in Anna Marie Stancombes harrassment.

We wish we had never met her as does a lot of people we have found out since then.

It is amazing that someone whoi is a parent and apparently a school teacher could carry on with such diatribe and defamatory comments.

Clearly she is not a nice person and has issues which she needs to get dealt with.

ozripoff site search of her name shows exactly what she is about. Lots of people have written giving her a reference.
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
Message from the Editor:

We have received several emails from concerned members asking to have their reviews for Bubs n Grubs removed. This has been due to threats they received from Bubs n Grubs in relation to members' reviewed experience.
We would like to inform all reviewers that provided your review is an expression of opinion (rather than a statement of fact) and your honestly held opinion at the time you submitted your review to, you are protected by the law and should not feel legally threatened by anyone to remove your review.
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
Check out productreview

Appalling Customer Service
Posted on May 25, 2011
Pros: Absolutely nothing.
Cons: Misleading, dismissive, rude, intimidating - Don't go there.
Overall: Wow, it pays to read online reviews. Wouldn’t have even bothered going to this store on the strength of the sheer number of terrible reviews here (and elsewhere) and the awful responses from the owners. 39 out of 54 reviews give one star which is a telling tale.
3523 days ago by Disgusted
You are not Bubs n Grubs - stop posting as someone you are not.

You are Anna Marie Stancombe.

You tried to ionvolve us in a scam of claiming more than you paid for a pram on insurance by editing your bank statement - we have proof.

You posted that crap on product review - they are your posts under different email addresses.

You shouldbe ashamed of yourself.

A School Teacher?

Someone who is supposed to set an example?

You clearly need medical help.

No wonder parents are posting on the internet that they are trying to get you sacked as a teacher !
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
J.K BURAI & F UGOLINI the only reason you would ENDORCE A KNOWN EXTORTION RACKET which is under investigation by the police, is if you some how worked for them? Is that how you are boosting your income, posting false allegations on and then demanding money from your customers to remove them?? shame on you FRANK UGOLINI & JUDITH KATALIN BURAI

Is that why you post lies all over the site... but don't like it when more than 50+ legitimate people write reviews of your appalling customer service on legitimate sites such as productreview?

WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO DESTROY YOUR CUSTOMER'S LIVES? Do you not have a business to run???????????

Ok everyone this is to let everyone know that OZRIPOFF is being run by Larry Pickering and Wayne Evans and we have just had confirmation of this with the Queensland fraud squad who traced there IP addresses and it turns out that they were all traced back to a registered IP address in the name of Antoinette Mead who is the acting director of Cohen Strachan Investment Pty Ltd so from now everyone do not make any complaints to OZRIPOFF as it is being run by Larry Pickering and Wayne Evans.

Gold Coast Extortion Racket:

Quite possibly the most blatant extortion Company ever to operate from Australia, has shown us that it is possible to defy the law and regularly extort the Australian public without revealing any information on the people behind this outlandish scam and managing to remain free to continue to harass innocent victims.

If you visit their website and take the time to read just a few of the articles that they cover you will see that the “masterminds’ behind this criminal venture are certainly not journalists of any sort like they claim they are in their multitude of falsified reports. In fact, quite the opposite! They struggle with grammar and spelling, are extremely vulgar in their descriptions of these many victims and are extremely repetitive in their reports! (Actually let’s call them what they really are: Fairy Tales not reports!).

The repetition of the same slanderous accusations and threats shows that they really don’t have many subscribers and simply have the same person using various aliases having conversations with himself (very badly!) If you take a look at one of their blogs below you can see that this person is not even sure of where he is. One minute he’s talking as if in New Zealand, however according to his account he is in Australia.

The more you read through the more apparent it gets that this person is clearly spending all his time piecing together little bits of information and doing his best to use scare tactics to motivate the victim to get in contact and then be told that their problems can disappear if they pay a nominal fee!

So, this is where it gets serious... Even though a lot of their “Fairy Tales” are quite amusing as they are so over-the-top and amateurish, we have to remember this con has brought nothing but misery and distraught to the vast amounts of businesses, individuals and families which it has humiliated publicly! These victims have been terrorised and left in a situation where they have to try to explain to their loved ones that the information found on the internet is false and was only fabricated by an evil person who just wanted to profit from somebody who they had never even met

They have no shortage of material either and have no qualms in saying; even some of the most respected organizations out there are nothing but a con! Have a look at everybody who is on their “hit list”:<br />

The harsh reality we are faced with is that this website is still live today. Feel free to visit their site. They are still active and they are still continuing to break the law and cause havoc amongst the Australian public. Like I said earlier, they are as blatant as it gets! Imagine a thief robbing a bank and recording himself and then broadcasting his crime on YouTube. Then to top it off he sends a link to the local police department. Well, is as close as it gets to that. They commit crimes everyday in front of us! The only way they will be stopped if we congregate together and apply pressure to the Police to investigate and find out who is behind this scam
3523 days ago by Disgusted
I will be informing the education department of this nonesense.

This is professional misconduct.

Your posts show you are not capable of being a leader of children in our opinion.

You are a disgrace and you are disgracing the Qld Education System.

To think you are a teacher is even more scary.

We pitty your students and your kids.
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
Wow you really have it in for this person... not really productive of a Business owner to keep attacking its clients. You really believe that one person would use 50 different email addresses to post reviews on a legitimate site such as product review, you are more disillusional than I thought!!! blah

The reviews on this site and other site's speak for themselves. You harrassed a poor woman today!! like you continue to harras innocent people.

3523 days ago by Disgusted
You posted on - not us!

You then got upset when parents wrote that they are tyring to get you sacked and other thingds about you.

Not us!

I am sure Qld Education will be interested in seeing your diatribe and evidence of your fraud attempts and harrassment.
3523 days ago by Disgusted
We have not harrassed anyone.

Anna Marie Stancombe posts lies - not us.

She posts as us, .

She posts as false customers.

She harrasses our staff.

We do not harrass her.
3523 days ago by Disgusted
By the way - we have never demanded money for you to remove anything - this is another lie.

We did not post on that site.


You twist everything around - anyone who goes to that site can see that.

That post has nothing to do with us.
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
:-) professional misconduct - now that is FUNNY! I really hope this person is a teacher - where do you get your information/evidence from, you haven't stalked the poor woman at her house have you? NOW THAT WOULD BE SCARY! Teaher fired for receiving HORRIBLE Customer service! hold on whilst I get off the floor.

I'm sure the Education department would be really interested in your OPINION if this person you have it in for even is a teacher!

Shouldn't you be abusing more customers or defending yourself on product review???

3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
I'm a little confused here... so Bubs n Grubs did not post anything on That is a little bit of a LIE now isn't it?

You have been abusing some woman who god knows even exists for what? your own amusement???

Ozripoff which you mentioned in your first post, is a known EXTORTION racket, used to extort money from people by writing nasty posts about people (true or not) is that not what you have done? Personally attacked someone for your own benefit? Gee and then you don't like people writing reviews about your business. Double standards to me...

I just had a look at that site for the hell of it and the same thing you are sprouting on her abou that woman YOU WROTE ON THAT SITE...!
3523 days ago by Disgusted
We have never abused our customers.

You have stalked our staff.

You have attempted insurance fraud.

You tell lies.

You stated on ozripoff that you are a school teacher.

Now you reply as a third person?

You do have a problem.

The police can deal with your diatribe, harrassment and stalking
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
Official Site: Bubs n Grubs
Message from the Editor:

We have received several emails from concerned members asking to have their reviews for Bubs n Grubs removed. This has been due to threats they received from Bubs n Grubs in relation to members' reviewed experience.
We would like to inform all reviewers that provided your review is an expression of opinion (rather than a statement of fact) and your honestly held opinion at the time you submitted your review to, you are protected by the law and should not feel legally threatened by anyone to remove your review.

Cons: Terrible attitude and quick to threaten absurd legal action if you raise a concern publicly rather than try to resolve the issue

May 25, 2011
Pros: nothing
Cons: When you have an issue, they suddenly do not communicate anymore!
Overall: Worst customer service ever and really rude

They sent me a faulty cot and it took them a whole week to get back to me! They asked me to send some photos of the defect first and then they got back to me 3 days after to ask me to return the whole cot at my charge ! They wanted to see if the fault could be covered by the warranty ! As I never used the cot, under the consumer affair law they have to replace or repair the product.
Please never buy anything with them ! If only I knew it before !!! I hope this note will help you!

Cons: Terrible attitude and quick to threaten absurd legal action if you raise a concern publicly rather than try to resolve the issue
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
We have never abused our customers - HMM WELL THE 50 plus reports say otherwise

You have stalked our staff - Please look up what stalking means

You stated on ozripoff that you are a school teacher - hold on you POSTED on but you said you didn't? hold on this is a know extortion racket and this is where you are getting your INFORMATION FROM - wow

The police can deal with your diatribe, harrassment and stalking - yes if you are involved in as I think it looks like you are then YES YOU will be getting a call from the police very soon

I would remove anything you have written on as they really are pathetic little criminals or is there some benefit for you not tooo????????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh insurance fraud, don't you mean the tax evasion your being looked into by the government?

Please leave your poor customers alone
3523 days ago by Disgusted
Yes - those are more false posts you made on thatYou emailed us daily boasting about them and threatened to post more until we helped you to fcommit insurance fraud.

We refused and you continued to post those lies.

Then we find out that you edited your bank statement anyway to attempt to scam the airline for the insurance on an allegedly damaged stroller.

You clearly need to take your medication and calm down.

Ofcourse we stated we would take legal action against you for your lies and defmation and we are.

The police are also interested due to your stalking and harrassment, We actualy advised them we thought you had gone away and not to worry.

But now we will be contacting them and asking for them to persue it.
3523 days ago by Disgusted
We have left you alone - you are the opne who continues your crap over and over and over 2 years now later.
3523 days ago by Disgusted
This is the kind of threats you make of people... nice person you are... typical false accusations you make of people - shows you have no moral fibre. something a teacher is supposed to have. or are you a teaacher? was that a lie to?

Ok. So I can write John Taylor of ripoff report is a lying, cheating scum bag and abuses children?

and you are fine with that?
3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
Delusional and very very amusing. There is a new negative comment every day on productreview, so much so that had to issue a warning about you... now that is something to be ashamed of.

I hope this person you are harrassing sues you for everything you have! you seemed to have started this personal arrack on 3rd March 2011 by posting dangerous and damaging remarks of an individual customer. What business owner would do that?

You really expect the public to believe someone would contact you asking you to help them committ Insurance fraud, for what a pram you said????????

Come on! To right such personal and nasty comments on a KNOWN EXTORTION site is just that A PERSONAL ATTACK. Dress it up all you want. You are trying to damage this woman's reputation for what? FUN? or MONEY???

You must spend more time defending yourself on the internet than running your business. PATHETIC

3523 days ago by Bubs N Grubs
Well if everybody lowered themselves to your standard, just about any of your enemies could go onto and post anything you like. I think you would be upset if people posted untruths about you.

FRANK UGOLINI & JUDITH KATALIN BURAI are sexual deviants running a baby store

and wouldn't you be a bit peeved if you couldn't have this removed?

or had to pay thousands of $$$$ to have it removed?????????????????????????

you should think twice before threatening people and posting untruthful things you can not back up

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