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Cape Cod Roofing
Cape Cod Roofing & Siding Skip Schiappa/Owner When asked to provide references and guarantee his work, Skip sent bizarre email. Has poor work history.
11th of Jun, 2011 by User827685
Requested Cape Cod Roofing & Siding Co. to provide quote for minor roofing repairs in June 2011. Upon receiving company owner's emailed quote with several attchments containing his license, website page and workers comp declaration page, I thanked him for the quote and asked him if he had any past satisfied customers I could contact for references. I further asked Skip, the Owner, to provide his labor and materials quarantee/warranty as well. In return, I received one of the most bizarre emails from this Owner. He basically, stated that his 32 years in business and his hands on suprervision should be sufficient to qualify his company and there was no need to supply past references. Also he does not quarantee his repairs on prior work by other contractors. This is strange because he advertises his company services including repairing of roofs. The remaining email contained multiple rants and raves including improper characterisations of me that indicated this individual was not grounded properly. Upon searching online for reviews on Cape Cod Roofing & Siding, I found multiple complaints and negative comments about this owner. Please do not take my word for my incident with the company as I have included for all to review the emails between this Owner and myself. Judge for yourselves. EMAILS: Start at the bottom Barrister, You should have went with your first instinct delete. But, if you must; As per your request, I visited your home and did as I had told you I would: inspect, measure, photograph and provide a free estimate for repairing your roof. Obligation complete. Upon receipt of my estimate for NON-warranted/guaranteed repairs you then requested is do you many happy customers? (sic). I took your poorly worded request to mean: Do I have many happy customers? Let me ask you Counselor: What the hell kind of question is that? Seriously. Heres how I took it. I visit your house decent home, nothing special or remarkable except that the roof system and related components are mostly installed incorrectly, worn out, non-vented, handy-man or homeowner repaired, barely held on and look horrible. I pointed out the following: Incorrectly installed valleys, sunlights, skylights
Poor repair techniques on chimney
Loose granite slabs holding down chimney cap
Sticky foil paper over chimney flashing
Moss growing out of chimney bricks And some other items You were informed on site that the repairs I were to make would be a waste of money if you did NOT correct other items. YOUR RESPONSE ON THE ROOF: Just pay attention to the valleys. Your roof, chimney and related components are a mess and in some cases dangerous (granite slabs holding down chimney cap). Matters brought to your attention for YOUR benefit. All I got from you during my visit with you was a rude response. Whatever Then you request I provide you with is do you many happy customers? For what confirmation that a 12 year old can do the work you previously paid for or had done for free? My company does NOT do the work the type of work you are accustomed to receiving or authorizing nor the type of work that as an Attorney that you are familiar with filing 93As against. My response to your request: SIMPLE: My customers need NOT qualify my company to do anything for some NON-warranted/guaranteed repair. Foolishness over a $1900.00 repair. You were rude and demanding of me while I was there. I would never subject my customers to the same. Now, I dont care about who, what or where anything about you or your ?high quality legal service. With further regards to your advice, apparently you are of the opinion that only yours matters as you certainly could have cared less about mine. Heres some advice you should pay attention to: get your advice from a real lawyer. Maybe that lawyer who didnt attend PRETEND-LAW UNIVERSITY could have afforded you the ability to have filed suit against all those who had a hand in providing you with a roof system that lasted ONLY 7 years. As to your other written offensive remarks which include cocktails go f yourself as I dont drink, do drugs, smoke, have tattoos or life a stressful life. You are a PUKE who happens to be an attorney. An a*hole who thinks he is the smartest guy in the room who can run his mouth without a filter. You got it wrong this time lawyer-boy I am not the scumbag contractor type you are used to looking and talking down to or filing suits against. I invite you to FACEBOOK or TWEET me and Ill have my legal team so far up your a*s youll be begging me for the opportunity to apologize. Beat it rude man. From: Phil [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 5:10 PM
To: Skip Schiappa
Subject: Re: Cape Cod Roofing Dear Mr. Schiappa: Initially, I was going to delete your email, but then I was so amazed at its content that I could not pass on responding in some fashion. You characterize yourself and your company as one who is successful because of your PROFESSIONALISM. However, your email lacked even the slightest degree of professionalism. If I operated my law practice in such a manner and responded to potential customers in the way you have, I would not be in business very long. But after 40 years of providing high quality legal services, there is one bit of advice I always recommend to my clients and that is to get personal references or recommendations on any and all contractor work projects. If you think that by receiving fancy email attachments, credentials and website reference, that I would just take all for face value? Then I submit, it is you who "either is a poor judge of character and unable to make a judgment on your own". There is not one reputable regulatory agency, help or licensing advisory board that would not first request homeowners to qualify the contractor by asking for past work references. In this day and age with multiple methods individuals and companies operate fraudulent enterprises only a fool would rely solely on a quick job visit and online paperwork. I cannot believe through the mere fact I asked for prior work references this would offend you. If you operated a professional and successful business as you attest, then you should have absolutely no problem providing a couple of work project references. Especially, operating for 32 years, you should have hundreds to offer. I did it for years as a show to potential clients of my integrity and trustworthiness. Now, let me address further your comments on backing up your work product, otherwise known as a guarantee. You advertised your company as one that provides roofing repairs, is that correct? One could not expect to repair roof work only you previously installed. Obviously, you are repairing roof work installed by other contractors. If you are standing behind the 32 years of your company's success, worker training, professionalism and so on, then why in the world would you not stand behind your work product? I do not know one quality or reputable contractor providing home repair services who would not provide some kind of a guarantee. Even your Genflex Roofing system provides a material warranty. Yes, the reason the roof needs repair is the prior contractor over 7 years ago did not properly install the roof in the two low slope sections. And yes, I called you to repair them, therefore, by your suggesting that I have poor judgment in selecting roofing contractors, then what does that say about my decision to contact you and your company? Bad Decision, huh????? Quite frankly, your email is just off the wall and I could only imagine you writing this type of an email to me or anyone else for that matter was at the time, you were under severe stress or hitting the cocktail hour way too long. Thanks for offering to pass on the project as it clearly appears you wanted any reason not to accept the roofing repair job. As a cautionary note, if I were you Skip, I would be very careful not to offend people as with Facebook and Twitter, you could have a whole lot of people aware of the type of person you have illustrated in this email. I would not do this, but someone else just might. Phil Bateman ----- Original Message ----- From: Skip Schiappa To: 'Phil' Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 6:26 AM Subject: RE: Cape Cod Roofing Good morning, Two things indicate our success; longevity and professionalism. If you have failed at this point to recognize that my company or myself as having proven either then it is unfortunate. I do NOT supply happy customer names to prove either. My paperwork, website and my presence on site in meeting with you should have been sufficient proof enough that I take my profession seriously to the benefit of my customers, company and myself. You are either a poor judge of character or company and unable to make a judgment on your own, or again, I have failed after 32 years of professionalism to convince you of my companys value either way, I wont leave it to a happy customer to qualify either. With all due respect, the contractor who did your current roof work the roof you are requesting I fix shows little signs of either. Are you the person who qualified him? There is NO warranty or GUARANTY on repairing SOMEBODY ELSES WORK YOU QUALIFIED. You are apparently accepting of bad workmanship by others and poor (and ugly) self-applied patches and now your requesting I qualify myself ? I dont get it. Well pass on your project good luck. Skip From: Phil [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 5:29 PM
To: Skip Schiappa
Subject: Re: Cape Cod Roofing Skip: Thanks for the email quote with attachments. The only question I have, is do you many happy customers? Maybe a couple I could touch base with for an opinion. If all works out, what is a potential scheduling date for the project work and completion. Also, what is the warranty on work and materials? Phil Bateman ----- Original Message ----- From: Skip Schiappa To: 'Phil' Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 9:10 AM Subject: Cape Cod Roofing Good morning, Attached is a quote for the work requested and/or necessary. Please call me with any questions, comments or concerns. Skip
Founder, President, Project Supervisor
Cape Cod Roofing & Siding
800-734-7663 From: Phil [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2011 2:03 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Re: Thanks. ----- Original Message ----- From: [email protected] To: Phil Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2011 11:51 AM Subject: Re: Written quote for work... You have by morning
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry From: "Phil" Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 11:59:02 -0500 To: Skip Schiappa Subject: Re: Hi Skip: Not sure what you mean "Being Prepared". Just would like to get moving on the repair work before a heavy downpour causes me to redo the interior walls which I just got through repairing. Thanks, Phil ----- Original Message ----- From: Skip Schiappa To: 'Phil8' Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2011 5:20 AM Subject: RE: Being prepared From: Phil8 [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2011 7:50 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hi Skip: Are you on vacation? Called to request quote on repair worked discussed onsite June1, 2011. Would like to address the work to resolution stage. Thanks, Phil Bateman
2477 days ago by Skip Schiappa
A lawyer is always in need of being the smartest person in the room... and apparently on the roof as well. Phil Bateman: Attorney Hyannis, MA, no website, no contact info, not relevent in his community and apparently retired with nothing to do but talk down and about people... in this case... a roofer who provided time, advice and a written legal quote to perform work. The above partial (some conveniently left out by Attorney Bateman) diatribe speaks for itself on both sides of the fence.

Not for nothing Attorney Bateman... but the first time you hired a contractor you apparently got screwed... being intoxicated while meeting or communicating with them/me apparently doesn't do you any favors... especially this time around... put the bottle down, brush or Scope your mouth and you might get away with the alcohol problem. Next time: Be sobor and coherent.
2476 days ago by Ted
Just google Cape Cod Roofing And Siding and you will see all the bad reviews.
2441 days ago by Srussek
I understand the frustration of the potential client in regards to hiring Cape Cod roofing for a job in their house, however, I must comment that email is not the best way to deal with this contractor who frankly does not use this medium to his advantage. We hired Skip for an expensive job at our house in Chestnut Hill and he and his superb craftsman Fernando went above and beyond what we had expected. We certainly had frustrating times as the job took much longer than what was expected and estimated by the company but in the end were very pleased at seeing how committed the contractor was to doing the best job possible. No shortcuts were taken and in the end face to face he was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a top class job on their house that is not in a rush to completion. Years later the frustration will be a thing of the past and the home will look beautiful. BUT be prepared to wait. Telephone calls and face to face meetings are highly recommended as Skip is very responsive and has wonderful ideas. He takes his work very seriously and perhaps this is why he may appear very emotional via email exchange.
2440 days ago by Ted
Check www,,,, for more cape cod roofing reviews Ted
2319 days ago by Anonymous2929
I also had a bad experience with Skip. I am not going to write all of my details as I believe him to be quite unstable. If he wanted to prove his professionalism he should consider his responses that he sends to people. His own responses to other complaints online just make him look more unprofessional. I was desperate for a roofer in 2011 and used Cape Code Roofing. The company was paid in full although not all the work stated in the contract was performed. I am considering legal action, but I don't really think I want him back at our building as a shoddy job was done to begin with. Of course you can't discuss anything with him as he is the most defensive unprofessional contractor I have ever encountered. I wish I read these posts before we used him. Also he owes a ton of money in back taxes. My company was delivered with an IRS levy for him for over 12K owed from 2006. Not sure I would use someone who is clearly in financial straits and I wish I got the Levy before we paid him so it could have all been sent directly to Uncle Sam.
2319 days ago by Anonymous2929
PS Skip, you should have hired your "legal team" to deal with your IRS levy. It's a pretty serious problem to get to that point.
2311 days ago by Kevvy
I agree with the complaints against this guy "Skip". He is a total jerk! I'm so glad to see other customers complaining about him. He tried to scare me away after his crew damaged the structure outside my house while replacing the roof shingles. As soon as I complained he attacked me verbally. All I wanted was the structure damage to be fixed or I would deduct a minimal charge to fix it on my own. Instead I got threatened verbally and physically by this contractor. He prides himself in scaring off customers to get what he wants. Instead he should realize that fixing something minor would save his reputation and it would be solved. Obviously we are dealing with a man that may have "short-man syndrome" and takes things out on the customer.
Please anyone reading this, I'm just telling it like I experienced. Stay away from this contractor. He will make your life a living nightmare.
2229 days ago by SKIP
Dear Ted, Anonymous2929, and Kevvy... or whomever you are.
Considering legal action, verbally attacked, shoddy workmanship, unstable... YOU have a choice... IF you are a customer of Cape Cod Roofing over the past 35 years then you have rights. YOU as a customer also have a very detailed contract. NO PROJECT HAS EVER BEEN DONE WITHOUT ONE. YOU may complain to the appropriate STATE AGENCIES free of charge, file a SMALL CLAIMS COURT action if under $7500.00 (fee is $150.00), if over the limit, hire an attorney to state your case or simply... very simply... write a letter to my attention stating your comments, questions and concerns in the appropriate manner and the type of resolve that you expect... THAT IS WHAT I WOULD DO and WHAT I WILL DO IF I EVER DISCOVER YOUR REAL IDENTITY... However, I don't think you will because that would mandate that you actually sign your name, have to appear in a venue and state your case where the facts most probably will NOT support the ridiculousness stated above. The address for Cape Cod Roofing remains the same as it has over the past 25 years... nicely manicured and mortgage free. As to making your life a living nightmare, or to anyone ellse who delves in writing trash on the internet... you get what you deserve and you are written or spoken to like the fabricator and coward that you really are. Sign your real name, and know this... IF I HAD THE SLIGHTEST IDEA WHO AUTHORS THIS CRAP... I'll come to you. Bet on it. Your ISP is NOT that big a secret
2228 days ago by Mnm
When one or two people complain maybe its not true. but with the many bad reviews you can find on the internet somethings not right. I agree the contract was detailed states opening a roof to the weather is risky we will try are best to watertight it but if the roof leaks during installation its not our fault. Really? And believe me it did leak during and after instlation. Beware of this company!!
2156 days ago by Past Guy
good stuff
2156 days ago by Past Guy
2156 days ago by Past Guy
MnM.. "And believe me it did leak during and after installation"

POST YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER along with the action that you took against the company? Surely, you have chosen an INSURANCE CLAIM, COURT... something. You could NOT have possibly let the issue go... or did you let it go because your roof was in dire need of a roof and the company you hired fixed it NOT to your contractual budget you agreed upon in writing ... and YOU decided ... rather found out... that the company had photos proving that the leaks (stains/damage) were PRIOR to the NEW roof ever being started... and that it is FRAUD to file a false insurance claim? So, writing CRAP on the internet is your revenge for NOT being able to get over on the roofing contractor?

Do answer... we're all waiting... you must have BEFORE and AFTER PHOTOGRAPHS.

WHO AM I ? I'm the poor bastard that use to work for Skip at CCRS... I went on my own and I have become successful because of him. I have him to thank for looking out for customers like you. NOBODY is more detailed, organized, experienced, trained or digressful about their trade than Skip. After years of working for him... I NEVER ONCE SAW or HEARD of him screwing anyone. Trust me, there were plenty of times he should have. I have modeled my business after his. Does Skip have a big mouth... YES. Does he know what he's talking about... absolutely. Would I have him service my needs... I still go to him with my questions and those customer needs beyond my comfort zone. He has never let anyone down most of all me. I have read all of the reviews above... shameful... I would rather be like Skip than you.
2149 days ago by RayJ
I have to agree that if it's one or two bad reviews, then it can be overlooked as not everyone is going to be happy, and there are just some people in this world who simply like to complain about everything. I have to side with the owner Skip, in that, if you have a legitimate grievance against him, post your real name or better yet, take him to court and sue him. Blasting people on the internet anonymously is cowardly, and also, how do we know all the negative comments are from one single person with a vendetta?

Conclusion: If Skip Schiappa screwed you over, sue him in court. Trying to ruin his reputation online under a alias is not the way to go.
1900 days ago by Skip Schiappa
Skip Schiappa here... phone number the past 32 years ... 800-734-7663, same address as well. I have read all the complaints/reviews above. To those of you, like me, who dare sign your name whether you support me or NOT, I thank you. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion... JUST AS LONG AS YOU SIGN YOUR NAME.

Neither me NOR my company have ever claimed to be perfect. Realization is this: It cost us a bundle of money to reach our target audience of customers with NO guaranty that we shall ever provide a service for them. When we do, it is missioned accomplished. That customer will encourage others to do the same. When things don't go as planned under a contract, my customer and I work it out. Truth of the matter: it costs a bundle of money and time NOT to do so. It is a waste of the original bundle of money spent. We are in business for profit and satisfied customers... NOT the making of enemies, lawsuits and revengeful diatribes.

At the end of the day... my past, present and always future customers see through these internet attacks designed to vent personal vendettas, unsubstantiated claims and disgruntled past employees or sub-contractors. Being an idiot and Anonymous on the internet seems to be en vogue for some.

Know this: Our BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU report shows NO COMPLAINTS, I have had 3 complaints in 32 years, one $50.00 fine from the State of MA, NEVER LOST A COURT CLAIM FOR DAMAGED PROPERTY (yes, there have been 3 court cases in 32 years).

WHAT I DO HAVE: 67 customers with signed, dated, written contracts over 32 years fully documented with photographs, letters, emails and the like owing my company a total of $1, 021, 932.00 dollars. Customers signing contracts never intending to pay, claiming bankruptcy... ETC. With the use of MECHANICS LIENS, SMALL, DISTRICT and SUPERIOR Courts in a number of states... I recovered $900, 000.+ of it PLUS administrative, filing, and legal fees including TREBLE DAMAGES for frivolous claims and lawsuits INCLUDING FALSLY FILED INSURANCE CLAIMS where my witness testimony helped criminally prosecute some of these customers. Add to that employees and some sub-contractors who FAILED to file their corporate or personal income taxes and the IRS looked to my company for recovery. YES, we have a voluntary lien for $50, 000.00 because it was CHEAPER to pay the $50, 000.00 than go find all these past associates that ran into the background of society.

MY THOUGHTS: I have NO idea who files these complaints above or in similar places on the internet... and quite frankly NOR do I care. When I feel the need, I check in on these postings from time to time, hire my Internet IT guy to hack into the background of these type of sites and their "ANONYMOUS" postings through the backdoor of the ISP address itself, drag out the ISP address of the "ANONYMOUS" author right down to his/her home/business address and quietly go about filing a court action to recover damages from false claims. Sort of like vacation money. Your "ANONYMOUS" until I feel like finding out who you are. Is my activity illegal... PROVE it happened. My success rate... never fails... not to date anyways.

IN CLOSING: My company and myself are still very successful. All the scamming customers, negative blogs, haters, jealous competitors, ANONYMOUS jackasses, drunken lawyers, "cheated" customers, UN professional past SUB-contractors and employees caught stealing, lying, etc., simply can NOT cloud the truth. Truth is: We abide by the law and deliver what we are contracted to deliver... my educated customers know this, respect us for it and continue to keep us on the road to success.

MY APOLOGY: I am sorry that my life's path, and that of my family and business, crossed paths with some undesirables. Had they been more truthful and professional we would NOT be on this blog. I am sorry I didn't recognize earlier some of the scumbags I've had to lower myself to deal with. It's a waste of all our senses.

OWNER... March 8 2013
1838 days ago by Rez16
"Your ISP is NOT that big a secret"

Skip you do realize ISP stands for Internet Service Provider? It's pretty easy to figure that out seeing there are only a few company's in MA that provide Internet.

Skip is a interesting guy and seems that he is very unstable on handling customer complaints. He also acts like he can figure out where you live by ISP lol that's to funny to me. If you where on top of that stuff skip you would have a website that ain't from 2008 and would not have so many bad reviews.

I have had my problems with Skip myself but am not going to get into details. Just stay away from him.
1660 days ago by Skip OWNER
skip schiappa here... ISP {internet service provider... ie., the company you get your EMAIL ADDRESS/data/phone/cable-TV from)... you are CORRECT... they are hidden RIGHT UP UNTIL I HIRED A COMPANY TO PRIVATELY INVESTIGATE/deliver the email and STREET ADDRESSES of the people making the vicious, bogus and shameful comments above. Since I paid this company, I have the following people identified:

LINDA RAINVILLE, PLYMOUTH, MA past customer who accused my company of being HOMOPHOBIA because Ms. Rainville could NOT afford her signed contract (missed deposit/could NOT come up with money until project halfway done)... for retaliation because she refused final payment when legally due, she filed a complaint with the state accusing MEN PEEING BEHIND BUSHES, NAILS IN DRIVEWAY... and demanding more money at a point of the contract (she was told job would cease at halfway point because she failed to make deposit)//lien would be filed) ... job was finished. NO WORKMANSHIP COMPLAINTS or failure to deliver all in the contract. Just made she had to pay EXACT amount in contract. SHAMEFUL INDIVIDUAL.Got the police involved over the homophobia accusation... that went no where... as it should NOT have since I had never met here in person.

PAST EMPLOYEES... one fired for insubordination to my Supervisor... one found stealing from a customer (police recovered OMAHA STEAKS stolen from garage fridge)

SUB-CONTRACTOR... YES, I owe you money that you will NEVER see. I had to remove all the work that you provided my customer in order to replace the entire roof you poorly installed. I won't reveal your name here at this time because you have kids... HOWEVER, if you pull this crap again... your name, license number and other will be made public plus you'll find yourself on the wrong side of a court docket... THINK OF YOUR CHILDREN before you screw with me again.

PHIL BATEMAN, LAWYER... HYANNIS... NEVER WORKED for him because "he was a lawyer" and wanted my legal contract altered to his liking and benefit. DRUNK THE WHOLE TIME I DEALT WITH HIM.

SUB-CONTRACTOR... failed to file his 1099 taxes... screwed the IRS. The IRS could NOT find this SUB CONTRACTOR (great workers and work> poor with money) and chased my company to pay the bill. I paid the IRS just to rid myself of the issue.

TRUTHS... now you have them.

Anyone else want to put FALSE S..T on the web... I'll spend the money again to find out who YOU are.

Visit, YOUTUBE or my Skip Schiappa LINKEDIN page to see the positive side of Cape Cod Roofing.
1660 days ago by Skip OWNER
SHAMEFUL people hid behind ANONYMOUS.

Jokes over.

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