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Commissioner Alicia Blanco
Child Predator
15th of Jul, 2017 by Yohannes
Commissioner Alicia Blanco:
Most CORRUPT, WORST Judicial Officer.
Van Nuys Court:

Here are just some of the thousands of more complaints, by many many people, against this CROOKED commissioner, Alicia Blanco aka Alicia Yoko Blanco:


12 Mar 2016

Country: United States

BEWARE of Commissioner Alicia Yoko Blanco of the Superior Court.
Commissioner Alicia Yoko Blanco aka commissioner Alicia Y. Blanco aka Alicia Yoko Blanco is the most incompetent, crooked, dishonest judicial officer anyone can be unlucky enough to come across.
Her rulings are totally arbitrary and she never applies the law.
She is so unstable and incompetent and such a blatant liar, that she is under constant scrutiny by the Supreme Court and repeatedly under criminal investigation for accepting bribes, side money, and other items for illegal favor rulings.
Commissioner Alicia Yoko Blanco is a dirty, unstable, lonely woman and cannot handle her day-to-day court activities and therefore takes those secret in-between lunch recesses for "liquid courage" (if you can call this coward and bribe-taker "courageous" in any capacity).
She has no control over her personal life. Alicia Yoko Blanco is a filthy mess, once she exits court everyday, and she heads straight to the local dark, dingy bar for her umpteenth alcoholic drink of the day. Let's not even mention all of the horribly bizarre, heinous things she does on her off duty time. Now those bizarre, weird, criminal activities are so unmentionable, that the most hardened person would look down on commissioner Alicia Blanco with utter disgust. Can we just say: Underage Girls? Really Underage...
Commissoner Alicia Yoko Blanco made her current post by some freak accident or oversight( or you know, money rubbing). But let's stop the injustice here and make sure she is never elected to judge or any other position above what she is now.
Now that would be severe injustice and torment to the public.

Dr. Theresa Karam

17 Mar 2016 | 2 replies

I wish I had read this before I went before Commissioner Blanco. I agree with most of your post. My experience with her is she is very disorganized, she is very arbitrary. She does not evaluate on the evidence. She is totally arbitrary and I will be filing a complaint with the Judicial commission and I will appeal her ruling of yesterday. She should be removed from the bench, she is a disgrace to the legal field.

Sam Merkdan replies to Dr. Theresa Karam

29 Mar 2016

Yes, Commissioner Alicia Blanco (Alicia Yoko Blanco) is indeed crooked and devoid of ethics. She consistently renders FAVOR rulings, which have NO BARING on the serious issues at hand. She puts litigants in serious danger by either granting restraining orders against tgem when they are completely innocent and the other party has lied, or she refuses to grant a restraining order when it's clear that the other party is a danger. Her behaviour, in her personal life, is also horrendously disgusting. This woman should be taken off the bench, before she does more serious damage.

Sam replies to Dr. Theresa Karam

1 Jul 2017

Is there a way I can contact you? Commissioner Blanco ruled a very unfair judgement and I'd like to appeal and file a complaint as well. I'd like to get your input
Michael Jones
12 Apr 2016
Just filed my compliant today about her recent case which allowed the Petitioner use her phone as evidence in court. This commissioner needs a crash course on the law.

Dead Hero

9 Mar 2017

Commissioner Blanco is horrible. And what she is doing to people who are putting their safety in her hand; and relying on the law, justice system, and her to protect them in Restraining Order cases. Rest of us are suffering with unjustic because; we understand how she is not fallowing the low or the evidenc. You might think she came from a "distinguished career as a Federal Public Defender", but rest of us think she came from hell to put all of us through hell and enjoy it. Yes, NOW we can say she is successful in what she dose, which is putting us through hell. I have not seen her as a mother or wife. I can't comment on that and it is not important. We are not going to marry her, but I have been in her court room and everything negative said about her is correct. You can continue defending her. I am not going to say "shame on you" as you did because; there is no shame in being blind. I pray one day you end up with a case in front of her or someone as "GOOD" as her so your shot closed eyes opens wide; and you taste a spoon of the bowl of the soup that Commissioner Blanco shoved down our throt. Best wishes.

green thumb

1 May 2016

Eric Morrow, I was served this week with a restraining order, filed by a very unstable woman, and her witnesses are going to lie and blame me for everything that in fact they are doing towards me, basically , this is a personal hatred and vengeance they are playing on me. But I was really disappointed that the commissioner granted a temporary restraining order, only based on lies and verbal statements of these ladies, there is not one evidence that I am a threat in anyway to her or to her child. Reading these comments about her, I am very worried, and I hope she will rule on our case with just.

Dr. Theresa Karaam

11 May 2016

This is my second post regarding Commissioner Alicia Blanco. I have filed against her with the Judicial Commission. That was turned over to Judge Huey P. Cotton, Supervising Judge Northwest District. My specific complaints are: Blanco allowed a 30 second audio without a transcript or instructing the court reporter to transcribe. This harms me in that I cannot now appeal this case as there is an invisible audio. She broke the law. Secondly, she issued a 100 yard stay away order. My home is within that 100 yards. Again, she broke the law. She cannot disallow me to be in my home. The audio was the only proof in my case (LS 027639) from 3 years ago. Based on an audio, inviting the petitioner to a homeowner's meeting, she granted a restraining order. I sent all this information to Judge Huey P. Cotton and he is just "whitewashing" all her
wrongdoing. I am currently trying to get this aired on CNN, so that individuals who break the law (judge or commissioner)
can be held accountable for their actions. This situation is a disgrace to the dignity of the courts. My old time friend, Judge Allan P. Buckner, (before he killed himself) was quite horrified at the corruption he saw on the inside.

Dr. Theresa Karaam

16 May 2016 | 1 reply

This is my third post to keep all readers updated. Eric Marrow seems to think Alicia Blanco is a wonderful person. Another five have posted how she has harmed them with her incompetent decisions. Now the question is, is she incompetent or is she corrupt. We might ask what is the difference. Perhaps it is motivation and agenda. As a Dr. of Psychology in private practice, I always look to a person's background and who they are in terms of how they think. After all, we all think differently. One post talks about her drinking on the job. I would hope that that person would video or interview the bartender where she allegedly drinks her lunches. Video her going and drinking. CNN would certainly appreciate this kind of investigative work. She has obviously injured many individuals. One post states she is a danger. People who refuse to follow the law or constitution are a danger as they go off on their own and do as they please to please their own agenda.
One question is, why does Alicia Blanco so blatantly ignore the law. As she starts her court day, she reads the constitution and how important it is to have absolute proof of petitioner allegations. In my case, she then turned around and provided a decision with out one once of proof. There was such a distortion in her first reading and her decisions. She broke the law twice. Will the Judicial commission hold her accountable, or do they become an accomplice in her wrongdoing. Please folks, those of you who have been harmed by her, write the Commission on Judicial Performance; 455 Golden Gate Avenue;
Suite 14400; San Francisco, Ca. 94102-3660. Please be specific. List all pertinent information, tell them what happened and how she broke the law. Let me know what your response has been. All this will soon get to
CNN for further exposure. Make a video, tell your story and how she harmed you. Just think what would have happened when Hitler was homeless and looking for power. Millions and Million would have been saved.
WE have an obligation to stand up to truth and dignity, to even protect our Judicial System from this kind of individual. Distortion on any level is dangerous, distortion when it comes to A Commissioner in OUR COURTS and yes the Courts belong to the people. Courts are there to insure justice...Alicia Blanco must be stopped from her judicial ignorance and incompetence. When I was in court, I was more than horrified to hear her decision against a poor senior who was being harassed clearly and WITH EVIDENCE. This respondent was denied and now her very life is in danger. We must protect our Courts.

The victim replies to Dr. Theresa Karaam

9 Mar 2017

agree with you 100% and I want to be part of that CNN show. She did the same thing to me. She is worse than my attacker. I wish I could call you. We must do somthing. Last time I checked, this was America. I had strong case with witnesses and evidence, but she ignored them. She dose whatever she wants and dose not fallow the law. She made her own law and this is her world. We are just living in it. It's not fair.


20 May 2016

I can state with certainty: Commissioner Alicia Blanco, AKA Commissioner Alicia Yoko Blanco is a DANGER, both on and off the bench.

Michael Smyth

20 May 2016

I agree with all of the negative posts about Commissioner Alicia Blanco.
I happen to know her personally, although I will not divulge in what capacity.
I will state this:
Alicia Yoko Blanco is a bitter woman and yes, she does have an agenda.
Is she an alcoholic? Yes, she is.
Does she indulge in despicable relations with minors?
YES, she has and YES, she does.
How can anyone in their right mind allege that she has had a so-called "distinguished" background as a federal public defender? Allow mw to answer the question myself: No ONE can allege any such thing.
Blanco herself is the one and only one who came here and posed as an outsider and alleged such false drivel.
Commissioner Alicia Blanco misuses her authority on the bench to unjustly punish and also reward those who she deems, in her own twisted mind, as deserving as such.
Yes, there are many judicial officers who exact revenge, unjustly, on defendants.
But this one is an animal unto herself.
I know her personally and otherwise.
I have actually sat in her Van Nuys courtroom and watched many of her proceedings and I have seen her in action--and it is nothing pretty. Her rulings are indeed arbitrary, unfair, unreasonable, and out of left field.
And the more she goes, the worst she gets.
She has gotten it into her head that she is untouchable.
Well,that may be true, as she will untouchable during election time when it comes to securing a position as judge--nobody will elect her then.
SHE made her bed. SHE can LIE in it.


12 Dec 2016

Commissioner Blanco did not do her job. She used information that was admitted to be false on official documents and based her decision on the feelings she felt when hearing the petitioner. I was dragged into a false case and she had many chances to see what was going on. Four different strangers in the courtroom came up to me and told me afterwards that she made the wrong decision and it was unfair. I lost faith in the United States criminal justice system because of Commissioner Blanco.

Van Nice CA women

9 Mar 2017

It is not difficult to consider all of the allegations toward judge Bianco. Where there is a smoke, there is a fire. I guess you are one of the lucky one that is happy with judge's rulling and outcome of your case. I am happy for you. Rest of us matter too. It is not about winning or loosing a case. It is about loosing fair and square and not feeling discriminated. It's the prossess she uses by applying her personal agenda and not the law or evidenc. I don't know where you seen a judge that dose not review evidence or can't even find the paper. Judge Bianco did not even read or allow me to submit my evidence or notarized statements; and when I told her there is a child endangerment involved on the other party, she said I don't care about the children. You are right about "A judge is supposed to review both sides of the case. Review all of the evidence" She did not even want my star witness to testify. She accepted the other party's not notarized letter as a witness. Really? I was shocked. Credibility? When the evidence screams, can a credibility shots evidence up? Please God, help us by removing her from the bench.

Michael Herer

7 Mar 2017

Commissioner Alicia Blanco is as biased and unfair as can be. She has had concrete evidence before her for restraining orders, yet she refused to protect the parties that needed protection and, on the other end, she has ruled against people who were and are absolutely innocent and nothing but the target in some people's petty vendettas against them.
Alicia Blanco is as crooked as they come.
As for the comment from "California Girl," she IS Alicia Blanco.
Please give us a break with your b.s., trying to "mitigate" what can never be mitigated.
And yes, her personal life is our business, as her drinking affects her (UN)professional life and the litigants unlucky enough to be in her court.

Mark Banning

7 Mar 2017

I had the misfortune of being in Commissioner Alicia Blanco's courtroom as a litigant.
She played a recording, as a general introduction, outlining all of the reasons that a restraining order can and CANNOT be filed.
The, during the actual hearing, she flagrantly disregarded those rules, policies, and procedures and made the most ridiculous ruling based on her personal feelings, instead of the law.
Here is the easiest solution:
If Alicia Blanco has been assigned to your hearing, the LAW is that you can very easily have her disqualified simply by obtaining a form: 170.01, an Affidavit of Prejudice, and filling it out and filing it with her court room.
Make sure to do it well in advance of the hearing.
It's the easiest form to fill out and you need NO reason and NO explanation.
You will then be assigned a different hearing officer, a fair and impartial hearing official who can rule on fairness and objectivity.
Done and done.


1 Jul 2017

Dear all, I need your help! I wish I had her disqualified. She had a very unfair and incompetent ruling. She ignored solid evidence and ruled completely in a conflicting manner with the previous judge. Definitely favoritism. I am considering appealing but I'd like to hear from you all and what can be done with this person?


13 Jul 2017 | 1 reply

Es correcto, en casos de ordenes de restriccion,solo procede cuando el harrasment es ilegal. Sabiendo la juez, que la demandada al hablar, moverse, reunirse, quejarse con agencias o empleadortes ejerce derechos constitciuonales y legales. luego no cabe el civil harrasment debe ser denegado y no concederlo ilegalmebnte e injustmente, Debe ser retirada de su cargo. Yo he sido juez y eso es vergonzoso para la justicia.
Sus experiencias: [email protected] muropom

liliana replies to liliana

13 Jul 2017

sus expetiencias, corrijo: [email protected]

Ernest Frenche

4 h 5 min ago

Commissioner Alicia Blanco, the raging alcoholic who makes illegal rulings, currently in Van Nuys Superior Court and who will never rise above a lowly commissioner:
Alicia Blanco (Alicia Yoko Blanco) is a filthy rat who cannot stop hitting the bottle and then taking her aggressions out on litigants in her court.
Alicia Blanco (Alicia Yoko Blanco) is a sick woman. In fact, she is a functioning psychopath (if you can call Making such unjustifiedust rulings, every day, all day "functioning").
If anyone has been unfortunate enough to have her a s a judicial officer in their case, be aware that you always have legal recourses:
You can simply have her disqualified before the hearing (See the simple steps by researching it online).
Or you can easily appeal her decision.
You do not need an attorney.
Do your research and you will be good to go.
Additionally, you really should submit a Judicial Misconduct complaint to the Judicial Commission.


3 h 38 min ago

I agree that commissioner Alicia Blanco is insane and unfit to be a judicial commissioner or to serve in any legal aspect.
Alicia Yoko Blanco was formerly a public defender in Children's Court, but she never defended any parent.
She always secretlytly sided with he opposing parties and she had MANY CHILDREN WRONGFULLY TAKEN FROM THEIR GOOD PARENTS.
I personally know Alicia Yoko Blanco, as I am an attorney myself.
I would not entrust a case for a lost squirrel, let alone any restraining order or family law matter to this trash
457 days ago by Malisse Delgado
I am another victim of this stubborn, selfish, irresponsible commissioner, Alicia Yoko Blanco.
I was in her court this past week, when a former co-worker took out a restraining order against me, FOR NO GOOD OR JUSTIFIED REASON!
He was actually retaliating because I refused to date him.
Then he started stalking me by filing false police reports and then a falsified restraining order.
And it was obvious that she was biased, in this case (like all of the cases in her court room), because, during the hearing, she actually commented, ON RECORD, how cute he was and what a fool i was to decline his advances.
I have spoken with an attorney who was honest and told me that what she did not only qualified as judicial misconduct, but it also qualifies for an appeal.
He told me the steps for an appeal and that I simply need to follow those steps and I will very most likely win the appeal.
He state that I do not need to hire or pay him, because the appeals process might take time, but it is extremely easy to do on my own.
I filed my appeal against this ridiculous commissioner, for this case, yesterday.

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