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dee gerrish
dee gerrish goldendoodle world, diane gerrish, diane bircheat, lake ridge kennels Dee Gerrish is stalking me on the Internet. She is also slandering m
6th of Jan, 2011 by User944809
Dee Gerrish, owner/operator of Goldendoodle World is stalking me online. She sent me an email last week and showed me my online activity. This woman has harassed me, cyber bullied me and slandered me on the Internet for three years and now she has crossed the line to stalking.

I have contacted my attorney and the authorities. I was told there isn't anything that can be done about the slander but stalking is a crime and Mrs. Gerrish will be stopped! The wheels of justice turn slow and that's fine with me because this lunatic has harassed me long enough. I knew that some day she would push it and she did.

Dee Gerrish is my own sister, one who I have no close relationship with and never have, not even when we were growing up together. She was never a part of my life and now I can't get her OUT of my life! Her and I began a 'flame war' several years ago on the Internet and even though I stopped and ignored her, she did not. To this day, Diane Gerrish continues to post the most vial, hate-filled, accusatory, slanderous blogs about me on It is the only website that allows her to bash and trash me.

When Dee Gerrish began her onslaught of slanderous blogs targeting me and our other sisters, Dee posted them on MySpace. When I found her blogs I began saving them to my computer. I sent her many emails and asked her to remove the blogs but this only incensed her to post more. I finally had to contact the moderators of MySpace and after a month or so, Dee's blogs were finally removed. She is no longer allowed to post anything that includes my personal information. Not only was she posting on MySpace about me, Diane posted her garbage about me on , and several other websites. I had all of those blogs removed as well.

Not only has Diane Gerrish blogged about me (and still does), she copies my personal photos I had on various photo sharing sites like Photobucket, Webshots, and Flickr. She manipulated my photos and turned them into vial and disgusting images then re-posted them. When I copied her photos, she flipped out and reported me causing my accounts to be closed. How is it that it's alright for her to copy MY photos but it isn't alright for me to copy hers?

I have since removed all of my photos for fear that Diane Gerrish will copy them. I have no problem sharing my photos but I do have a problem with my images being manipulated to look ridiculous.

Diane Gerrish is in her fifties but behaves like a child. Her online behavior is completely out of control and it has effected her 'business' of selling puppies over the Internet. She of course, has blamed me for her loss in sales. Because I do not live anywhere near her, I have nothing to do with her, I am puzzled as to how she decided that it is me who is causing her to lose money on the sales of her mixed breed dogs. What Dee Gerrish has not come to the realization is, it is her own undoing that has ruined her reputation as a "hobby" breeder. No professional 'business' owner would put themselves out there on the Internet and show the world just how immature and malicious they are by bashing and trashing another person especially their own sibling.

Diane is an incredibly vindictive human being and she always has been throughout her life. She is confrontational but only when she hides behind her computer. Her 'beef' with me has mostly been over our elderly mother that I take care of in my home and have been for the past several years. When our mother became ill with dementia, she could no longer live alone in her own home and she was a danger to herself. Out of six of my mother's children, I was the only one to step forward and care for my mother. Four sisters and one brother and not one of them offered to help their own mom.

Diane Gerrish has posted many, many blogs about how deeply she loves and cares for our mother but she has not once stepped up to assist me or her mother in our mom's care. Our mom now has full blown Alzheimer's disease and has to have round the clock care which I give her. Our mom is in her mid to late stages of this horrible disease and I am with her 24/7 with no breaks in between. Caring for my mother is a full time job and I do it because I love my mother and also because all of my siblings abandoned her.

Diane Gerrish is beside herself because our mother lives with me. This, I cannot figure out. Diane has accused me of neglecting our mother, abusing our mother and recently, Diane accused me of kidnapping our mother! Diane said I kidnapped 'her' mother and am keeping her "prisoner" in my house. I have offered to let Diane come down here to my house and take our mother back to where Diane lives but Diane refused. She sent me an email and told me I can't "by law" do that. I knew if I called Diane's bluff she would back down and she did. This however, did not stop her from continuing to post her disgusting blogs about me.

The department of elder affairs knows very well that my mother lives here with me and they have been in my home several times. They have never once found anything wrong. Dee Gerrish has filed numerous false complaints to the department of children and families and she has also called the sheriff's office out to my house. This is nothing but harassment. By filing false complaints, Dee Gerrish has committed a felony in the eyes of the department of children and families. I was told by them that they have turned Mrs. Gerrish's false complaints over to their legal department. I hope Diane Gerrish gets what is coming to her.

I have been online for a long time and never have I ever come across a business owner who behaves the way Dee Gerrish does. I have yet to find anyone who has such little self respect and low self esteem that they find it necessary to slander others the way Mrs. Gerrish has done. It is unfathomable to think that this woman has nothing better to do than stalk me online and post slanderous, malicious, nasty, vial blogs about me. She can't even post the truth about me! She finds a little tidbit of information and makes up her stories about me then posts blogs. Here is where she posts all of her trash:

Not only does Diane Gerrish post blogs about me and stalk me, she posted two montages of herself on YouTube. She pasted old images of herself on a lot of different bodies and actually wants the whole world to see this mess. Not only are the images absolutely ridiculous, they are simply awful. She only wishes she looked like a model. She is morbidly obese and looks more like a man than anything. Here is the url for these:

The other montage is located at: On, the wallpaper she has used is so distracting that it's difficult to see the past blogs. They are located on the right of the page and are in red text. What is also unbelievable is the image she has posted there of herself. She used an old image of her face (from the 80's) and pasted it on another person's body. Dee Gerrish does NOT look like that at all. Not only did she post that false image, she created two montages and posted them on YouTube. When I saw them I laughed myself silly. Dee Gerrish pasted her old facial image on many different female bodies I suppose to try to get people to believe that is what she looks like. Believe me, she doesn't. Far from it.

These montages are very bizarre and in my opinion have nothing at all to do with art. They only show Dee Gerrish's face pasted on other female bodies. Very weird if not narcissistic.

I don't care what she posts about herself nor do I care what she posts about other people. I am tired of being stalked by her, tired of being slandered by her and tired of her harassment and bullying. Last year I invited her to my house to confront me in person after all the threats me made to me online. She is only eight hours from my house. Instead of confronting me herself, she sent her husband down here to my house. He is extremely lucky I didn't have him arrested for stalking me because that is exactly what he was doing. He was standing directly in front of my house trying to look in my windows. I called the police and two deputies arrived. He told the officers that his wife, Diane Gerrish sent him here to get 'her' mother from my house. That was a complete shock to me because first of all, I had never seen this man before in my entire life. Secondly, my sister did not contact me to ask if our mother wanted to visit her. You see, this is how nuts my sister is. She assumed that if she sent her husband to my house that my mom would hop into his car and take off with him. My mother of course didn't recognize my sister's husband. My mother told the deputies that she wasn't about to get into some "strange man's car". That was good enough for the officers and they told my sister's husband to be on his way.

I then emailed Dee Gerrish and asked her what the hell was she thinking? I also told her that she was nothing but a coward by not coming to my house to confront me. All of her blogging, trashing and bashing me online is a moot point because she doesn't have the moxie to back it up. I would be more than happy to see her face-to-face. There would be nothing I would like more than to tell her to her face what a piece of crap she is. Diane Gerrish has always been afraid of me even when we were kids. I am older than she is but not by much but I never allowed her to hang out with me and my friends. Diane was always a tattle-tale and ran to our mother to tell her what me and my friends were doing. Diane was always jealous of me and always wanted to be a part of my life. I never wanted her in my life and the reason is, she could never EVER tell the truth. Diane always lived in a dream world. A fantasy world. She lied about the most simplest of things and our parents punished her for it. When Diane became an adult, her problem got worse and manifested itself into full blown paranoid schizophrenia. Recently, I sent to Diane, a DVD of a video I took of our mother talking. I wanted to prove to my sister that our mother is incapable of living alone in her own house. Diane actually believes that our ill mother can be left alone to fend for herself. The video proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our mother not only is not capable of caring for herself, she couldn't even remember her own birthday, she didn't know she had six children, she didn't remember anything.

When Diane received the envelope with the DVD, she called the fire department and the sheriff's office because the envelope didn't have a return address on it. It also had what she called a "suspicious odor". Diane actually told the authorities that she thought the DVD and envelope was 'laced' with poison and that I was trying to poison her. Wow! The 'odor' was from a permanent marker I had used. Imagine the laughter from the fire fighters and officers when they realized the odor wasn't poison. You see? This is part of Diane's paranoid schizophrenia illness. Of course, the very same day, Diane posted a blog about this. She even had the audacity to post that I have been poisoning my mother, I had kidnapped her and was holding her prisoner in my home.

Consumers, beware of this extremely ill woman. If you are looking to buy a goldendoodle puppy, I advise you to do it with extreme caution. All you have to do to find out about Diane Gerrish is to just type her name into Google or type in Goldendoodle World and see for yourself all the complaints about her.

All you have to do is look on this site and read how many times I have complained about her. For someone who is supposed to be running a business, Diane Gerrish should be banned from advertising online. She sells puppies over the Internet and she is not a professional dog breeder. She calls herself a "hobby" breeder. A "hobby breeder" is nothing but a back yard breeder and is not a professional, licensed dog breeder. This means her dogs are not up to standards. If you read the first part of her website, she states that she does not allow "window shopping". She does not allow anyone to see the kennels, she does not allow anyone to see where the puppies were born and spent their first eight weeks of life. Diane does not allow anyone to see the parents of the puppies either. In fact, Diane doesn't allow anyone on her property at all. This should raise a red flag to everyone and anyone looking to buy a puppy. What is she hiding? Why won't she allow anyone to see her property?

I read a couple of her blogs where she stated that she is on disability and collects social security benefits. I find this odd because if she can operate a kennel, she is not disabled as she claims she is. She claims that she is injured. If this is true, she lied in her other blogs where she posted that she is the only person who cleans all the kennels, lifts heavy bags of dog food, lifts full grown dogs to bathe and groom them, lifts heavy bags of debris from the kennels, lifts pet carriers with puppies in them and takes them to the airport for shipping. She also posted that she goes to her local gym and plays vigorous games on her Wii. She also shovels snow and claims she works out in her yard. How is she able to do this kind of work if she is injured? I smell a rat and it's big. It has Diane's name all over it.

I have said this many many times before and I will say it again. I believe in karma and if Diane and my other siblings are not reaping their karma right now, they soon will be. One of these days they will all have to stand before God and explain why they haven't kept in touch with their ill mother who is 81 years old and in her last days of her life. They will have to explain exactly why when their mother needed them the most, they all disappeared leaving me to deal with all of my mother's affairs and bills. Four sisters and one brother and not one of them has offered their help. Not one of them has bothered to write my mother a letter, send a card or anything. Not one of them has contacted me to find out how their mother is doing. They all have my address. None of my siblings work outside the home. Not even my brother. My brother lives less than two hours from my house and he hasn't once bothered to visit his own mother. He hasn't even asked about her.

When they all needed our mom, she was there for them. When they needed money, she loaned it to them. When they needed a place to stay, she offered up her own bedroom to them. She fed them, housed them, loved them, cared deeply for them and always remembered their birthdays and Christmas. They turned their backs on their own mother and abandoned her. God will have His day with them. I believe that. Yes, it is sad and yes it is extremely pathetic and selfish. It doesn't bother me that my siblings don't contact me but it's awful that they don't bother contacting our mother. Hurry karma, hurry.
3215 days ago by Deegerrish
This content is fabricated by Sandra Faye Johnson of Orlando Florida. Visit my blogger at for details

We have a restraining order against Sandra Faye Johnson for aggravated harassment.

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