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Direct2U Audio
Direct2U Audio Paramax, Visionmax White Van Scam 2 White Males in a Best Buy parking lot. Roseville, California
2nd of May, 2011 by User886430
I had two guys approach me in a best buy parking lot on my way into the store. They stopped right in front of me as I was crossing the street. They asked if i wanted to buy a 72" tv. I said no and tried walking around but he remained persistant. I finally agreed to take a look at what he was offering and listented to the entire sales pitch. He got out of his Silver dodge suv and opened the back door to show me this projector and the catalogue stating it was worth $4xxx. It looked alright but when i said no he offered me the home theater system. After talking with him and thinking how my roomate and I wanted a set up like this i convinced myself i couldn't pass up the deal. I appeared shady to me and i asked questions asked him to open everything and show me what was actually in the box. Everything seemed legit. He said someone offered $1200 earlier but only a check and if i could do cash he'll lower it. I said all i have is $600 he said no then got me for $800. I asked to verify none of this was stolen or five finger discounted or fell off of a truck and he said no. Just some extra stuff that was delivered and if he brought it back to his boss he would just keep it. He showed me the invoice and delivery statements and the pricing on it and i finally agreed when he said everything would be covered by warranty. Foolish me i caved in the end and gave him the $800 after following me to my bank. I thought he was exited to sell this stuff to make some extra cash. Boy was i right. Once i got home i googled paramax and first thing i saw was the website. Next were a list of sites reporting "white van scam" and i was both angry and foolish. I called the number given to me by him saying give him a call if I'm around the area and we could grab beers sometime. Did not work. Next number he gave me with his name, employee id number and other store information called "Direct2u Audio" to activate the warrently a man named Paul picked up and I just asked to speak with Charley, the man who sold me the products, and he said that's his driver and the number i called is just a warehouse where he breaks down pallets and ships out boxes. I didn't mention a scam or anything just asked questions to keep the conversation going. He said his warehouse is out of El Dorado Hills CA and Charley is just his driver. He took me name and number and said he'd have Charley give me a call once he got in. Next day later still no phone call, I just tried to appear as a customer looking for installation help hoping he'd call me back. I call the "warehouse" number again now it just rings. I listen to the machine to leave a message and it states it is Direct2U Audio and leave a message and if you're calling about a job as a delivery guy and become a rock star leave your information and they'll call you back. I called again a few hours later and the machine's message changed. Left a message stating I still had a few more questions about mounting the projector. Never received that phone call yet and I never even opened the boxes up as I've only read horror stories and see no point in it if it's all just junk. Although this has been going on for decades people I've talked to have never heard of this. I figured it would be a common occurrence and I was just the unaware shameful buyer falling for their tactics. I hope something is done about this but what can be done? From what I see they're not doing anything illegal. They're just selling overly priced items. I've seen spit, underwear and "ghost in a bottle" go for more than what I have lost. Hopefully there is a way to educate everyone about these scams and I hope no one falls for this like I have. It's an extremely shameful feeling. I'm going to make sure I post about this on some car forums I am on and spread the word that way as well. At least I was skeptical enough to jot down their license plate number while i was texting but that's not getting my anywhere. But we will see.
2618 days ago by Col
Ya, I just saw a black male and a white male who was around 23 years old piercings in nose and lip, when i got out of my truck. When I went to walk toward a store the white male approached me and said hey you want a sound system. He said they had a sound system and said a guy offered them a check for $600 but he wouldn't do cash and if they take it back their boss would just stick it in the back. Anyway I offered $100 and they said no but they could go lower on this other system. Ya the guys had like 6 or 7 boxes of systems, red flag nope i'm 19 and thought sometimes stuff like this happens. Well anyway I gave him $200 cash. He loaded the system before I got the money then followed me to the atm, same thing took my number asked where I went to school and said he lived in roseville and we would hang out sometime. Gave me a vin # for the warranty, wrote the date and Direct 2U Audio then they got in the their dark green small suv and left. i advise people to look at the door, most delivery vehicles for companies have their name and a logo. If you have internet on your phone take a minute and look it up this scam popped up real easy.
2533 days ago by Giojavi
did the product they actually gave you work?
2449 days ago by Freebirds
I've worked with and bought products from Direct 2 U Audio.

In addition to 5.1 surround sound systems, I've purchased 4 projector televisions from them!

1. The price cannot be beat.
2. The quality is decent. Better than Sony, around the same as Bose.
3. They work a deal that fits in your budget.

So, really, I don't know what the complaining is about! These guys were very nice, performed a SIMPLE installation for me and walked away with a check for less than $6, 000.00 for all my equipment. I am happy.

Also, when ONE speaker had an issue, they sent a sales guy, Tim, right out to fix the issue.

Whats not to like???

Loving it,
FreeBirds Burrito's on Pleasent Grove Roseville, CA
2391 days ago by Creia1
Yes I Had A Guy Name Nathan Sell Me Some Bad Equipment Right out Of There truck Friday, I Got Screwed Out Of $500.00 But I Did Write Down There Lic # Its 5vze61 Please Call NMe If You Want To Work Together And Catch These Guys, 916-930-0209 ask for steve
2391 days ago by Creia1
Yes It Happened To Me With The Same 2 Guys! Lic # 5vze361
2390 days ago by Creia1
I Think I Got These Guys Pin Pointed Out Of Davis! There Phone # Is 916-757-2867 Lets Catch These Guys! My Name Is Steve Call Me And Lets Put Our Heads Together And Catch These Guys! 916-930-0209
2306 days ago by PlacerCounty Scam Fighter
I know the address, facebook page, phone number, business address for guy selling out of the blue chevy suv license plate number 5VZE361. I want my money back just as bad as you do, text/call me at 530 305 0797 so we can get our money back. By the way the skinny white guy with a scraggly beard thats selling out of the chevy is Paul Hughes of direct 2 u audio, he is the business owner and makes a living doing this kind of shit. Lets fucking get this guy
2291 days ago by Clanser123
same thing happend to me same lic. plate. Im down to go. Clancy 831-247-9919 txt
2283 days ago by User9393
these guys came up to me as well. i haven't hooked up the theater system that they sold me yet but it seemed like a good deal. is all the stuff that they have sold crap that doesn't work? they ere driving a silver suv i think it was a dodge as well. is it possible to go to the police and report these people as scam artist? if they are just scam artist then they need to be stopped
2234 days ago by Mark Perka
Same situation but I only paid $200. The fact is they misrepresented the item as being wireless. It is only a sub with speakers no receiver and no amp, it's actually useless to me. The guy looked strung out on drugs he was very thin with glassy lookin eyes and a beard he looked unkept so I assume he some kind of druggie lookin for a fix! That Paulie dude needs to get a real job and quit victimizing hard working people with children. Obviously he's just a con man. I paid $200 of hard earned money hell I'd pay a grand to see this dirtbag prosecuted. He blatantly lied about the speakers he was selling. How do I go about getting refund. Again the whole thing was a lie there's no amp or receiver and surely not wireless. I do feel dumb but maybe with help from other victims we can bring down this so called audio co. DIRECT 2 U Audio. I'm going to contact an attorney and see what kind of recourse I have. It's a damn shame my daughter could of had a better B-Day with the 200 bucks a paid these con artist druggies. Karmas a b-- th!! I'm sure they'll get caught eventually. We should all rally together a bring like a class action law suit against him and his fake biz. Mark Perka. [email protected]
196 days ago by Fredd
Same shit experienced here and like someone mentioned his name is Paul with big beard. I saw him once at T Mobile store in Kyle during the evening.

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