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Disabled & Handicapped
Disabled & Handicapped Workers of America False claims of outstanding debt. Will not answer questions about location. Quickly escallates to threats
24th of May, 2011 by User392039
A woman called and said that she was calling from DHWA, and that I owed them money for Some all-purpose cleaner I'd bought from them 12-12-2009, which, of course never happened. She told me that the actual product cost $60, but given all the fees I'd allowed to rack up, the bill now stood at $82, and how would I be paying for it today. The phone number is 562-866-8745, and shows up as kendrick DHWA. Yet, when I look up the number, it is a Verizon land line, belonging to: Yoon S. Chang. Also, depending upon the site used, to research the phone number, the address is listed as: Bellflower, CA, Norwalk, CA, or Fullerton, CA. The address shown is: 1315 Peckham St. #3, Fullerton, CA. 92833. DHWA: Disabled and Handicapped Workers of American, the name the caller provided, has no website, that I could fine.
2397 days ago by Michaelk
The same thing happened to me yesterday. A guy called and told me we hadn't paid a dept to DHWA for light bulbs purchased in May 2009. This never happened. I neither purchased or received any light bulbs. I told him this repeatedly and he kept insisting I take care of this over the phone with a credit card or he would turn it over to a collections agency and mess up my credit. I asked his name several times before he told me that it was Keith Wilson. Who knows. The Number he gave me was 562 886 8745. I *69 after I hung up and the number it gave me was 562 925 6560. Everyone tells me this is a scam.
2364 days ago by Suwo
Same thing happened to me today. Over $200.00 for light bulbs purchased in 2009. The more I questioned "Keith" the more stern he became, threatening collections, etc. He gave me his "supervisors" name Sarah Morgan 562-866-8745. The call came from the same number 562-925-6560 caller ID said Bellflower CA.
2357 days ago by Richards
same thing happened to me. i got a call from a becky gladner phone number 562 804 -4715 claiming i owed $124.32 for light bulbs i supposedly ordered in december 2009 and that this was the last phone call before it went to a collection agency. she could not send me a copy of the order nor would let me have another person's name or address of the organization.
2349 days ago by Turk182
This pretty much just happened to me, too. Not 30 minutes ago.
Caller ID said:
Kendrick DWHA
(562) 925-6560

I don't remember exactly what was said, but it lasted about 15 seconds. I told him get lost and hung up. He has called back twice. I know I didn't by any light bulbs and I'll be danged if I'll give him my CC# if I did...
2347 days ago by Moose256
Same thing just happened to me - THIS IS A FALSE DEBT COLLECTION ATTEMPT! I just filed the following with the CA Office of Attorney General at the following website:


Company Name: Disabled&Handicapped Workers Americ
Company Address Line: unknown
Company Address Line 2:
Company City: unknown
Company State: CA
Company Zip:
Company Zip4:
Company Area Code: 562
Company Phone Number: 9256560

Comment Or Question Message:

“Keith Anderson” representing “Disabled Handicapped Workers of America” (DHWA) called on 8/19/2011 and told me we owed $298.35 ($130 plus $168.35 late charges for 18 months) to DHWA for some light bulbs “purchased” in 2009. (He also mentioned that the call was being recorded). I should mention that my wife DID previously have contact with DHWA. They did send us light bulbs in the past (like in 2002/3) and some other crazy priced items to help "support" the folks “represented” by DHWA. (I later confirmed with my wife that she paid every previous legitimate statement promptly).

They had an old address of ours - and Keith kept “explaining” (he didn't "threaten") to send my "debt" to collections to "ruin" my credit (personally, I call that a threat). Throughout the call I requested an updated statement because... by their own admission they had an old address (4+ years old), which explained why we would have never seen a bill/statement up until now (if it were even true). Keith continued stall tactics – even after I empathically repeated that I would not pay for anything over the phone and wanted a statement (fax, email, us post) but Keith continued to stall. An example of Keith’s ‘stalling’ tactics could be exemplified by the following: all I wanted him to do is corroborate his actions were official as a representative of DHWA were indeed legitimate and provide me with a website or corporate headquarters, business license or anything else… HE PROVIDED NOTHING, continued to ask for payment. I finally asked for a supervisor… (note: Keith also provide the names of 2 other supervisors who were ‘unavailable’ – Sara Morgan & Robert Moore.)

After verbally reprimanding Keith in the background (I could hear), telling him he was “suspended for the day” (for talking with me and not my wife) Keith’s "Supervisor" "Lexi Jones" got on and I again explained what I wanted. She continued along the same line – that they were trying to collect this “debt”. And again, “Lexi, ” still offered no statement in advance of payment, just that they would provide a CC billing reference number after the payment was processed. (NO WAY!) I finally hung up adding – I’ll deal with your legal/credit “threats”. Which I’m guessing won’t materialize.

After I hung up with his "Supervisor" I called my wife – she confirmed that she “paid for everything we agreed upon” and that she finally asked them to not contact us ever again – mostly because there was no listing on any BBB ( and for such annoying, lowball tactics… just like above. I tried to call that number back… not surprisingly it was “out of service”.

Other details:
• Name of the product or service involved: "Light Bulbs"
• The dollar amount in dispute: $298.35 ($130 plus $168.35 late charges for 18 months)
• The [supposed] date of the transaction: "2009"
• Was a contract signed: NO
• Have you contacted an attorney? NO
• Is court action pending? NO
• Have you lost a lawsuit in this matter? N/A
2345 days ago by Beverly
The same thing happened to me today, but with a twist same thing happened 5-27-2011 which I had paid 89.95 then in July a call from DHWA stating i owed for light bulbs not paid for 12-2009 I hung up on them very angry. This am after being asleep 2 hrs (noc nurse) I get a call from Keith Anderson, I was beyond hot!!! He was calm understanding said that the bill I claimed to pay in May was not his co. maybe have been disabled something I had mentioned; did I have a conformation number ECT. I didn't. After bill starting at 87.95 now up to 168-178 but he could lower my late fees since he could tell I had a good heart. Even gave scripture verses. I crumbled just wanting this to go away and paid 90 getting an account no, conformation number and his name. Also to me of his boss Sara Morgan. Later I got up looked at my old discover records got the DHWA and city name and state which I goggled it and found this web site. Now I felt like a bigger fool. I called back the phone numbers listed by people above and got him back on the phone. Told him what I found and I had my discover record showing I had paid as I told on may 27th he again asked for my conformation number and refused to stop payment on my credit card reporting computers don't make mistakes and if I had paid it would kick out my statement as previously paid and it wouldn't be charged. I tried to explain that he called today so that was not true. I got mad and hung up and called my credit card company and they will watch for the charge and dispute the fee, I copied all these above reports to send to my credit card co. I also talked to the security office of discover card. They said he could not steel my identity but they would also flag my cards activity and contact me of any actions on my card. I am 99 % sure I did not order these light bulbs but now I know I have paid for them twice !!!SUCKER TWICE Beverly Worley you can bet now no phone help will be given by me to anyone!!!
2342 days ago by Moose256x2
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! "Keith" called back! I made it a SHORT conversation... GO AWAY AND DON'T CALL BACK!

Note: that's my previous post under 'Moose256'... :-)
2335 days ago by Suzi
The same thing happened to me this evening. Caller ID said Private Name Private Number. They had called twice before today but not left a message, but this time I answered the call. Again, the same thing, trash bags I had ordered in December 2009 and never paid for. The bill was $98.00 but because of 18 months interest, it was now $140.00. If I didn't settle it immediately it would go to collection. Luckily, I didn't pay, but I can understand how someone would (obviously that's how the scam works), because the date they give is so long ago, it's hard to remember, especially if you've relented one time, and bought some of their overpriced trash bags. I asked for the telephone number of DHWA because I wanted to call them, as I was so annoyed but he wouldn't give it to me and said he would sort everything out. I would like to report this to someone if I knew who, because there must be loads of people who just pay, and especially if they have bought of these people in the past, and can't be absolutely sure that they settled the bill. I won't be quite so pleasant to them next time they phone to ask if I'd like to help their cause. It's terrible.
2321 days ago by Musicfan
The same thing just happened to me 9-14-11 Becky Gladner phone number 562-804-4715. The story is the same as the others. I owe 124.32 plus 10 dollars for sending a check because I refused to give my credit card over the phone. If course it didnt matter because I never bought 8 light bulbs in 12-09 for 70 bucks. Now I owe 124.32? They did give me a PO box of 59048 LA CA.
2287 days ago by Bob1234
yes same here. caller said I owed them for some trash products. number was 562 866 2177. Of course it happened in 2009. never received anything.
2281 days ago by SAGE
2278 days ago by Anonymous
Happened to me too. I filed a complaint with the FTC with all of the information I had from caller ID, and linked them to this forum.
2278 days ago by Anonymous
I hope I made it clear that the above is the FTC complaint link.
2269 days ago by Honestyisthebestpolicy
I also received a phone call from a Becky Gladner with DHWA INC 562-866-0222 on Oct. 31, 2011 stating that I had an outstanding bill for 8 light bulbs that were delivered to me on Dec. 14, 2009 and she had a statement from our local USPS that they had delivered the light bulbs. Becky said that it would be sent to collections if I didn't decide to pay. I told her I had to look into my records. She gave me a number to call back 562-866-1361. I did call back 3 days later and a woman answered and told me Becky was busy on another line, I asked to be put on hold and she said that it would be a long wait and Becky would have to call me back. The lady asked for my name but not my phone number. I have not been called back. I thought it sounded like it could be a scam.
2261 days ago by RockyMtGirl
I have had similar experience with DHWA, Inc. Several months ago I received a call from DHWA Inc (562-866-2113), Keith, claiming that I had ordered light bulbs on Dec 9, 2009, for which I had not submitted my payment. Keith and his "supervisor, " Lexi Jones, could not provide a copy of this supposed order or give me any details about precisely what I had ordered but did say that my $80 (approximately) order was now above $100 (I don’t recall the exact amount) because of late charges. They became very belligerent when I refused to give them my credit card number and I asked for information about the company (website, headquarters location, address, etc.). I got no information from this outfit, and that first conversation ended with Lexi and Keith saying they were sending my account to collections. After this conversation, I double-checked my records and found that I was out of the country on overseas travel at the time of this supposed order. And I wrote this episode off as a scam. Now today ( 11/12/11) DHWA Inc, Becky Gladner (also 562-866-2113), called again and left a message stating that I needed to call back asap to settle my account. I will definitely report this as a scam to the appropriate Colorado state and local government agencies. And thanks to Anonymous for the FTC link-I will follow up there, too.
2255 days ago by DiB7
Same thing for me different phone number. I told them it was a scam and asked why it took 2 years to call. You will not believe what they said (hated to laugh but had to) "Well mam the workers are handicapped and cant type!" Yes but they can sure call and collect:-) My way of dealing with them and it works and I hope all who read this do the same. Call them and call them and call them until they ask you to stop! I drove them crazy with my phone calls.
2237 days ago by Jlbromley
These people are still at it.Last week I got the same dunning call from "Sarah Morgan." (562-866-1361, 562-866-0222) I've file complaints with the FTC, the FCC, the California Attorney General and my own state Attorney General. If you actually paid up, you should call your local police. The Sheriff's office in Lakewood, CA informs me that you have to report the crime where the victim is - you! Let's shut down these people.
2187 days ago by Andy H
Same complaint here. Owe for garbage bags from 2009. Told them to KMA. Can't wait till we go to court. Do not fall for DHWA or AHDW, 248-292-0871 and 248-292-0862. Person I talked to was Lisa Geren 562-866-0222.
2183 days ago by Tina Mertz
I just had this happen to me as well and now they wanted to tack on fees making my $89.99 garbage bags that I supposedly got in December of 2010 over $300. I refused to pay any of the fees and told them I would pay only the $89.99 and even offered to give them a credit card number. Bottom line after putting me on hold twice ended up removing some of the late fees and brining my amount down to $200 and some odd dollars. They said I had to send in a check and she would 'hold my account on her desk so it didn't go to collections until they received the check and if I can send it overnight that would be even 'more better'. I asked for the address a second time and she put me on hold while she talked to her supervisor again (now 3 times) who said she can take off 2 more of the late fees. I told her that all I want is the address and I will send only the $89.99 and I was on line trying to look it up while I was talking to her. She denied any of the address I asked her where she was from then said 'Oh..I see an alert here about a scam'...she then turned everything around about how they tried to work with me and all I did was insult her intellegence.' I told her I did no such thing, just was reading to her what I see and she said she didn't have to take that from me and 'hopes I do well in court!' and hung up.
2165 days ago by Rwm
Same thing happened to my wife twice in the last two months. Most recently, just yesterday. First time a woman whose last name is Guerrin talked with me about the fact that we owed money for trash bags we bought two years ago, but didn't pay for them. I told her it was a scam and asked her to send our file to an outside collection agency.

Yesterday, same woman called and left my wife urgent message to call her (a 562 area code number) because my wife had an upaid bill they were working on. I called from work and talked with Guerrin who said she was with DHWA, an "inside" collection agency. I wanted to play this one out, so I asked her to fax me copy of invoice, so I couldl settle it. She said she needed to discuss this with her supervisor. I'm waiting for the fax, but I don't expect to see one. In any event, this is a BIG SCAM playing off a list of names they've somehow obtained for people who have apparently made legitimate purchases of trash bags and light bulbs from the Disabled American Veterans organizations and other legitimate disabled workers organizations -- which we have done in the past and for which we have paid for at the time of delivery. Sad that DHWA wants you to believe they are legitimate when they are playing to our past good deeds in helping legitimate organizations who represent disabled workers. Somewhat surprised this group has not been shut down by the CA State Attorneys Office.

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