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Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. Tamira Thayne DDB, Tamira Ci Thayne, Tamira Sneath, Tamira Grimes abandonment of dogs, misuse of donations, illegal fundrais
1st of Dec, 2011 by User106884
From Paid Employees of DDB Who Worked Directly With DDB Founder Tamira Ci Thayne In Thayne's home office in PA (all wish to remain anonymous at this time): "Several of Tammy's accountant's resigned or were fired because they didn't agree with Tammy and her way of doing business and improperly keeping of records. Tammy often berated and talked down to them. Tammy didn't care if they were doing everything legally." "All rescued animals were kept at the home office. (Yard and basement)" "The animals were NOT separated. Many dog fights broke out because of this and many suffered injuires and some even died. Several instances where a cat was killed by a dog." "Tammy is NOT an animal lover... She has NO patience with the dogs. It is ALL a PR move. Tammy would get mad at one of the dogs and scream, curse, strike, kick and shake the animal." "Tammy would only approve the minimal vet care for her rescues. Rabies shot only in most if not all cases. They were not chipped and not given heart worm prevention meds. When the dogs got into a scuffle and had injuries, she would not take to the vet." "Tammy used DDB funds to pay for her house payment, utilities, car payment, etc. She felt she was justified to use the funds in this manner. (She would also just take money for groceries and other personal expenses.) The reps were always badgered to raise money, but had to send all funds to home office and wait for Tammy's approval to use any of it on their dogs. She rarely approved funds for the reps." "Tammy was disconnected with the reps. Often refused to answer the phone and said she didn't have time or just didn't want to talk with them." "There really is no Board of Directors. Tammy makes ALL of the decisions. (Tammy was quoted in one of the Vick articles that she "got permission" from the DDB Board of Directors in order to purchase the Vick property. Just another lie and cover up.)" "The local Pa. Humane Society and local vets who Tammy used were at odds. NOBODY liked Tammy." "I should have just pulled my camera out when I saw Tammy kicking the crap out of the dogs." "I dropped out of the DDB circle when I quit in November. My daughter still works for DDB from her home in Erie she does the data entry & emails so I have to behave myself when it comes to speaking negative about DDB. I don't want to jepardize her job. Shannon is Tammy's new patsey. I guess the woman that took my place is moving to Virginia with Tammy I can't believe it. Tammy will own that girl believe me I know." (From Former DDB VP) Paid DDB employee was fired by Thayne because she refused to return a foster dog to the DDB home office in Pa. AFTER he was badly attacked by 2 of her dogs, and was left without Vet treatment for 3 days. (under Thayne's "care" while she was off for the weekend.) Dog's throat was bit from one side to the other and badly infected, oozing pus and blood when she got into work. Thayne reluctantly allowed her to take him to the Vet. Thayne said not to let Vet do any surgery, but it was obvious that he needed it! So she let him provide the necessary treatment. This dog was in horrible shape and she refused to take him back to the DDB home office to be attacked again. They had a big argument and Thayne fired her. Per former DDB employee... "She makes all sorts of decisions on a whim, mostly based on any insult to her power....Good riddens to her....Kharma is a bitch, Tammy Grimes. [now Tamira Thayne] At least I know I saved his life. PS. The dog is now living happily in my home, where he will stay for the rest of my life." "The story below is when she fed all the dogs together (again...), and she tried to move a food dish with her foot away from another dog that was eating, and Cyclone, a black Chow, launched himself at her and attacked her. Her son, who was about 14(?) at the time came into the room and jumped on the counter and started banging pots together and somehow it made Cyclone stop. Tammy went to the hospital by ambulance and had to get stitches, and she had Cyclone put down....Chow rescue was pissed as hell at her, and so were the former owners." March 3rd, 2007, 3:34 pm Dog put down after attacking canine activist. State plans to cite Tammy Sneath Grimes for six unlicensed animals on her property By Mark Leberfinger, [email protected] An investigation into a reported dog bite will lead to citations against the founder of Tipton-based Dogs Deserve Better, a state Agriculture Department spokesman said Thursday. Tammy Sneath Grimes was bitten by a dog, spokesman Chris Ryder said. State dog wardens arrived at her home at Box 620, Tyrone RR 5 Thursday morning after receiving a call the day before." From Former Rep Chris Williams: I have no idea what is going on here..but I will tell you this..for a VERY brief time I was a Rep. with DDB..VERY brief. My reason was the owner - Tamarai or whatever her name is now - seemed to REALLY push for money..when she was trying to raise money for Vick's old place and sent an email basically blasting everyone for not giving money..that was it for me. Some of us HAD donated and others wanted to but couldn't because they found themselves unemployed etc. because of the economy. The secondary reason I decided to step out of it is because there seems to be a LOT of disagreements, fights, etc. in this group - not just the people who subscribe/support it but the people who run it/volunteer etc. What REALLY upsets me is all the dogs that are not getting the treatment/care/attention they need while all this bullshit is going on. I was in it SOLELY to help the dogs - The leadership of this group - some of them anyway - seem to have forgotten MOST of the people involved DONATE their time - and given MOST have families, jobs etc. that's a pretty big deal. Yes, financially supporting an organizations needs is important BUT the email, some of you may have got it, was..berating. I stayed on FB page to try to keep up w/any dogs near me that needed homes/help etc. and/or to help w/the laws BUT not after this..obviously things have only gone from bad to worse. On a side note, for MONTHS I tried to get someone from DDB locally to meet w/the animal control director (she was MORE than willing) to get things in place to make chaining illegal where I live. NO ONE EVER followed up - even after multiple promises they would. Sad, sad, sad. IF (and I'm saying IF) the goal was for Tamara to place herself in the mansion and that was it..she will not be able to maintain it without income.... From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "Trust me, there are sooooo many reps who have been unhappy with ddb and tami for a very long time. When I was reg coord for those 2 regions, I listened to an awful lot of complaining." Email Conversation Between Thayne and Former Rep Caroline Anderson > > On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 11:51 AM, Tamira Thayne wrote: I can answer that, since all the donations come to me. 10. 10 people out of 100. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these 100 people who claim to represent this organization? Yet 90% won't even give their milk money to make a center happen for our dogs, a center that we all know we need, desperately. And yes, even if you live so far away that you can realistically think none of your local dogs will make it there, aren't we supposed to be a team? What's good for 500 East Coast dogs a year will be good for ALL the organization, giving us ALL a better name and more kudos and clout. And then maybe we create a West Coast center, and a Midwest Center. But it all has to start with the first one. How then can we expect others to support if our own people don't? We are all connected, that is the theory with human beings, but it's definitely the theory with our organization. We truly are all connected, and when one of us brings the team down, we all get brought down. When one of us does something great, the whole team is brought up. We have 17 days left to make this happen. What can you do? How can you contribute? How can you get others to contribute? I know you all were excited by the idea of a meet and greet, but that just can't happen until we get on the ground. And we can't get on the ground unless and until we start acting like a team. A team who gets out there and makes things happen. Let's do this thing! Tami Tamira Thayne Founder and CEO Dogs Deserve >> On Mar 4, 2011, at 9:10 PM, Caroline Anderson wrote: Why do you paint us all with such a broad brush? Just because only 10 of us have personally given money, does not mean that we haven't been helping. Since this process started I have referred several people to donate, and I am sure at least a few of them have. Today I was given a $60 cash donation. I have over a $1000 vet bill balance, but I am sending that money in as a donation for the center because I DO care about the project. I give ALL my milk money every day to these dogs -- in my dog's bellies and vet care, in blood sweat and tears stemming from the work I put into my local dogs, and in paying for a roof over the dogs' heads that I have already rescued, repairs on the house that they destroy as they learn to be good boys and girls, and into the car that drives them to and from their abusive homes, the vet, and to their new forever families. All of my money goes to DDB. I have no savings, I have no nest egg. I have my dogs and the work I have done and continue to do, and I feel grateful for every day I have to give to the dogs. Just because I haven't personally given a donation to DDB for this project does NOT mean I don't care. Please don't say we don't care just because you haven't seen our names on a donation. Caroline Anderson Dogs Deserve Better Area Representative Oswego County, NY >> Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 09:08:51 -0500 Tamira Thayne wrote: Subject: Re: [dogsdeservebetterreps] How many reps have donated even $5 to the rehab center? I'm sure every person who hasn't given feels they care. But caring means you give that $5, even if that's all you have...because it's symbolic. Because you are showing your support, even if you can't give even $20 or $50. It's just like in any relationship. Showing up means you show up. Without excuses. Please don't spend time arguing with me about it. I don't have the energy for that. I'm busting my ass trying to raise $600,000, and I have to listen to you tell me I'm a bitch because I'm wondering why all the reps haven't ponied up even $5? Please... Just please. Tami From Former Employee Wishing To Remain Anonymous " I could go on and on and tell everyone horror stories about the way she personally treats the dogs, and about the dogs and cats that die or are killed by each other while in her personal care. I would love to get the word out there, but somehow, everytime I post something about her somewhere, she has the post removed. The irony of this whole thing is that I and others who worked closely with her on a day to day basis have seen her mistreat- as in kick, hit, and swear at- the foster dogs. She is great at pulling the wool over the eyes of the public. It's really sickening that people have donated money for her to move into Michael Vick's mansion... " From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: " She is NOT the kind,compassionate person she strives to make people think she is. I and others have seen her kick,punch,and grab dogs,and swear at them,calling them the "C" word,and telling them she "f-ing" hated them. I would absolutely testify to this. I'm not the only employee who saw this. Donations do not pay for all of what people think they do,but Tammy is great at PR,and she has so many people fooled that it makes me sick.I've know her personally since the very beginning of DDB,and her main focus in life is notoriety- for herself." From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "Tammy is fooling many innocent people into believing that she is doing something good with their money, and that she is a kind person who loves the dogs". From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "Several times I have posted things on our local news site--and Tammy(Tamira) reported them and had them removed! I saved all of them though, and the threatening emails she sent me. She even once had her now husband email me pretending to be someone else so that she could hear what I was going to tell people...Our local Humane Society hates her and will not even associate themselves with DDB. I'm honestly not making any of this up.I know of other former employees, reps, and even local Vets who could give you an earful. Tammy likes to fight just to say she won, and that once she heard there was a Facebook movement to Bring Joel Home, for Tammy it assuredly became just a fight she could say she won, and had nothing to do with Joel's best interests. Tammy was bullied a lot as a teenager and I'm not sure if that's why she feels the need to act like one herself, but she doesn't really have any real friends because everyone is afraid of her because she is very demeaning to them--to the reps as well." From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "I've known her for almost ten years, although we no longer speak. We were friends as well as coworkers. I actually already went to court( although it was only to testify at an unemployment hearing) for another fired DDB employee. I have nothing to hide at all, but she has much, and she knows it. That's why she has had my local news posts removed. She sent me an email threatening to send out all of these fabricated things about me, which I refuted because none of them were true. She has even gone as far as saying that my husband iis abusive-which he is not, and saying I am a horrible mother because I did not breast feed my youngest daughter), and saying that another employee's husband was abusive as well and he was probably a "child molester"! I have saved all correspondence with her since I was terminated there for saving Hunter(the Beagle)." From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "Tammy can be a force to be reckoned with. I am not intimidated by her in the very least. I have battled with Tammy many times, and I know how she is. She is smart for sure, and vengeful. I met her as DDB was beginning. I worked with her and saw her on an almost daily basis for years. I have so much to tell, certainly too much to type. I told her when she was firing me for taking Hunter to the Vet and taking him to my house instead of returning him to be attacked again--I do dog rescue for the dogs, not for Tammy Grimes." From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: " I feel sick that Tami has pulled the wool over the eyes of SO many--and now living in the Vick mansion to boot. I feel the place should have burned to the ground." From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "I have donated money to them, and have not yet received receipt...I have a friend that attended a conference, Tammi attended the same one, she had a $500.00 check for DDB, when she tried to go to Tami to introduce herself and give her the check, Tammi just blew her off, and wouldn't even take the time to speak to her for a minute." From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "I have MANY problems with ALOT of what they are doing these days & the way they basically abandoned the reps & their dogs, I did not see the funds that were allocated directly for my area from Chain Off 2010, appx $1000." From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "I have been in touch with Rose & have confirmed that DDB has offered NO assistance. I can't even tell you how that makes me feel. There are no words!! I am SICKENED & ASHAMED by the lack of concern DDB has for THEIR dogs. I have considered raising hell with DDB about this, but that will probably accomplish nothing other than to get me blocked from their page & become their next "target". I feel helpless!!" From Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous: "It was the "suspension" of the rep program that did it for me. Plus, I never liked the idea of wasting SO much $$ on that damn house. It was stated that we were to focus on education & legislation while they were moving. I can legislate & educate until you are blue in the face, but the dogs will still be dying. Even with good ordinances in place, they suffer tremendously. And you can only educate those with a desire to learn. I am a more "in the trenches" kind of girl." Phone message from CURRENT Foster Coordinator Shari Strader (actual message - copy and past to your browser) Dictated: Shannon this is Shari Strader in North Carolina calling you promise I won't call you again, this will be my last message. I just saw your email I guess on Bring Joel Home about resigning and um, I just wanted to um I just really wanted to talk to you about it because um, I quit Dogs Deserve Better after Tami promised me that I would be the dog trainer there and I spent a lot of money. I wanted to be a dog trainer and address specific issues that chained dogs have. Then when I went there she basically um she basically just told me to go screw myself. Um anyway it has been really hard for me to defend Dogs Deserve Better lately you know with that in the back of my mind but you know I continue to think about how it is for the dogs and you know that is the most important thing. I don't care that much about myself just as long as the dogs are safe. Um, anyway, I just wanted to say um, that it has been really good working with you and keep me in your loop because I am going to be doing rescue and I am sure you will be too hopefully and um take care, bye. Email message from former DDB Rep Holly Lyttle Hey Shannon, Please call me. I respect you very much and the fact that you resigned today really makes me question why I am still supporting this group. I would love to be filled in on the truth as it stands. Please call me. From former Regional Coordinator Katheryn Louise: I just saw your resignation note. I am shocked to say the least. Kudos to you for seeing the light. From former rep but current supporter Amanda Green: Hey! So Angela told me you resigned with DDB. The rescue world is quite a crazy place sometimes! You certainly don't owe me or anyone else an explanation regarding that. I was just wondering why you deleted me as a friend on FB. Angela read me your post on BJH while I was on my way home from work tonight. I share your concerns over how fundraising for the dogs went capute after the idea was put out there to buy the Vick house and how Tami showed very little support for the reps in the program. I just never knew both sides of the story with Joel and BJH and always felt attacked anytime I went to them seeking answers. You and DDB were the only ones providing solid proof as to what was going on. Also with the recent Two Loons issues of Irene and BJH, I thought there were issues there. But I have always, always respected you for how bad you worked your ass off for DDB. This does not change that and it never will. Tami let me down when the April tornadoes came through Alabama and I was trying to get support from DDB, financially and a foster lined up for the dog that was chained up and everything around the dog was blown away by the tornadoes. I was told that I had to come up with the finances and everything for that dog. Do you remember that dog's picture? So I just want you to know that many aspects went into why I resigned from DDB, not just school and family, while they were the main reasons. I've got mad love for you girl!! So please add me back as a friend on FB or I'm gonna be sad!! :(( Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous Hi Shannon, I'm sure you've heard this a lot, but I give you a lot of credit for standing up to DDB. I was a rep a few years ago, for a short time, when someone tried to destroy me and my reputation and sent staged photos of dogs in my rescue chained to a fence. I was humiliated, removed as a rep without even an email or phone call to check the validity and for a time black-balled by the rescue community. So when I see someone standing up for what's right for the dogs against DDB, I just have to say - Thank you! Former Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous good for you shannon!! I despise tami thayne and DDB! From Former Rep Tiffany Citino Shannon, wish I could do more to help you!!! I was told to euthanize "Kiddo" (the husky I rescued in Nov 09) because she was a "biter." I'm so close to losing my house and hanging on by thread right now, but DDB doesn't care about that either. Kiddo has needed dental work since Nov 09 which is $500 and they contributed nothing. From Former Rep Amanda Torbett It seems to me that this is a bit abrupt, and that as soon as the organization gets more "attention" and gets into that expensive property, we all get dumped! Please remove me from all future dogs deserve better emails. I thought I was doing a good thing, with a good group. I am up to my eyeballs with trying to help the dogs in my community and now you say oh well! This is all very fishy. From Former Rep Holly Lyttle What exactly do we tell people who want our help, but our fundraising wont cover it? Im just curious to know if theres a chance the program is really going to be reinstated or if the focus will only be on the dogs in/near the property. Im also curious to know what the big donors will think to hear we can no longer rescue, but we just spent a lot of $$ on the property. Im wondering if the large sum of money would have been better spent on rescuing dogs across the nation versus purchasing a property that will benefit only the dogs that will get a chance to get into the house. These are just questions I have been pondering the last few days. From Former OH Rep Wishing To Remain Anonymous Hey there. So you resigned?? Wow. That's not something I would have expected. Geesh. I'm so discouraged about DDB now. Where is the Rep program now? I'm not going back, but you were such an asset. Of course, there in lies the point. It is like everyone is coming to the same conclusion. I don't have any problems withe reps. I feel that dogs are falling through the the cracks and that is what kills me. I witnessed Tami trying to use DDB funds to take a group of us out to dinner when dinner was already made by another rep a block away. And now a mansion has taken over the rep program. And I hear if you question Tami about anything she blackballs you. I've tried to stay neutral but now the dogs are really the losers in this drama. From a VA Rescuer Wishing To Remain Anonymous: Shannon: If you have a moment I would very much like to know what has happened with that group DDB. I have always had my suspicion about that woman. Right after I had my one and only phone conversation with her several years back. I would love to see Tami fry. She is a charlatan, and exploits people and animals. From a Rescue Watchdog Group Wishing To Remain Anonymous: We have had our suspicions about Tami ever since she capitalized on the Doogie situation. I have never seen anybody that likes to talk about themselves, write about themselves, photograph themselves, and video themselves more than she does. From a former DDB paid employee wishing to remain anonymous: I tried to message Shannon but wasn't able to. I wanted to let speak to her about her allegations of money misspent and incorrect donation solicitations. These are issues that I made Tami aware of in 2008 and that is why all the emails came from me regarding people not soliciting donations as they had done in the past. Tami told me that she didn't care what the law was and that they should be allowed to solicit as they always had. This was one of the reasons that Tami and I parted ways. She didn't want to hear what the laws were and that she was breaking them. She would not even let me approach the Treasurer about investigating the law. Could you let Shannon know that if she needs someone to back this up for legal purposes I might be willing to do so? (A note on this employees departure: we were not told that she quit, just NOT to email her. I thought that this was suspicious so when I found out that she had left I asked Former Rep Coord why and her reply was, "Don't worry about her, she is a bitch." From Peaceful Planet Pets I have removed myself from all things DDB. I am so disheartened by them. From Former Rep Rose Gladish Thank you Shannon for sharing Levi's story. Its funny how reading all these comments, I was told the same exact things!! That I personally, not DDB, was giving up on on Levi. How I personally, not DDB, was abandoning him because I could not afford to care for him. I was also told to euthanize Levi because he bit someone and the "center" is only her home and they can't risk taking a biter in. I worked and tried to get the Chain off in Mentor Ohio 2 years ago at my then husbands work but was stalled and stalled repeatedly. Needless to say the chain off never happened. Valuable funds could have been raised for the dogs. I also was shocked when I tried to contact all my former reps and found that all had left DDB. These women and men worked hours and hours and to realize they were used and abandoned, shocked. Thank you from Levi, myself, and all other abandoned and euthanized dogs!! From Former Regional Coordinator Marion Van der Kuij All I will say..having been with DDB for nearly 6 years I despise what they have is really bad,now..the current DDB is NOT what it set out to accomplish..I do have to say, I did learn so much about the effects of chaining dogs, how to,advocate, everything else has gone into the garbage.

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