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Domani Kitchen
Domani Kitchen Oscar Visentin breach of contract, fraud Toronto, Ontario Canada
12th of Aug, 2011 by User956731
I signed a contract with Domani Kitchen for cabinets on April 21, 2011, total amount is 101,700 including tax, payment term is 10% deposit, 40% upon production; 40% delivery of materials; 10% after installation. Supply and install date is end of June. Today is August 13, 2011, I fulfilled my obligation by payment without any delay,
$9000 cash -April 27, 2011
$40,680 TD Bank wire transferred on May 18, 2011
$25,050 TD Bank wire transferred on July 14, 2011
$12,050 TD Bank wire transferred on July 26, 2011
Total paid 86,780. Now, none of the units are delivered in full, installation only one day a week starting on July 19, 2011. The installer told me they can NOT do any better as not all parts arrive. Domani Kitchen is now threatened me to pay additional $10,000 in order to get all the parts that I already paid for months ago! I checked the arrive parts, over 60% value of the whole purchased material is missing! Plus, in the contract, wall unit is supposed to be cherry wood exact same as show room, but the material is maple and the colour is different from in the show room. More and more detailed discrepancy from the contract are found out. Because the subcontracter didn't get paid from Domani Kitchen, they're having issues of not trusting each other, now I'm the one to suffer not getting all the material and installation done even I already paid in full. The dragging is forever.... I have to wait for them fighting each other!
3009 days ago by Oscar Visentin
I'm am aware of and recognise the clients concerns and problems
Related to issues of this project and have every intention
To complete as per our contract and she is well
Aware of my intentions to do so documented
By various emails prior to this notice and has been kept informed
And transparent every step of the way.

I have a stellar record in the community
For the last twenty years and will continue
To do so, serving clients over and above
The contacted agreements.

I can be can be contacted for testimonials
To support my claim.

Oscar Visentin.
3009 days ago by Jen
Domani KItchen formally terminated installation from his subcontrator on August 15, 2011 as they never came back for installation since August 10, 2011. Today is August 17, 2011. My kitchen now is a big mess, which is all because I signed contract with Domani Kitchen on April 21, 2011!

I invited over 6 contrators to look at the mess to see if anyone can help me since August 15, 2011. They all don't want to take over. They all told me unfinished cabinetry is only garbage. They only can re-do it, can't fix it.

The estimation reports from the professinal cabinetry contractors are all indicated:

1. Lines is not straight, cabinets are not level up. If put on countertop, countertop will be broken.
2. All the colours are messed up, one unit has different colors.
3. Very poor installation, gaps, cracks, unprofessional screw etc. every where.
4. Over 40% parts are missing. Some existing doors couldn't be installed at all due to the poor size measurement.
5. Cabinets box sizes are different for the identical cabinets.
6. Cheap material. In the contract, Maple/Cherry is the material for cabinets, only interior is wood veneer. However, only door frame is solid wood, all of the others are not! "Material" in the contract is not even 30% in the exterior.
7. Some installed cabinets don't match the drawing.
8. All accessaries are missing!

Again, I have to remind Domani Kitchen - I paid 86, 780 for this will never be able to be finished kitchen! When I ask my money back, I was told - "Sue me".

If the Domani Kitchen owner is like what he said

" have a stellar record in the community
For the last twenty years ..."

He need to give my money back instead of keeping threatening me of walking away from this mess, if I don't remove this report.

Since I heard installer told me "Oscar said you don't pay him" after I already paid 86, 780, I don't think he worths any trust from me again. Unless, he shows his good faith to give me my money back!

Domani Kitchen keeps saying it's not right to post my story. But, he doesn't feel any wrong to keep the money doesn't belong to him!

Yes, Domani Kitchen has problem with his subcontractor, but it doesn't mean I have to suffer for his mistake, and he can enjoy my money! And keeps telling me that I'm wrong to let other knows about the truth.

I am physically (can't forcus on my work, living in a small room waiting for moving in which is stuck by kitchen),
mentally (can't sleep over a week)
financially (need to pay extra for brand new kitchen again if I want to move in the house)
suffered by Domani Kitchen!
3008 days ago by Jen
I found another 2 victims who has the samiliar experience with Domani Kitchen as mine in the internet.

Here is link to look at the Domani's victims: @HomeStar, search Domani, see page 4 and 5.
3007 days ago by Cmi
A good lesson and we will tell our friends about this company and make it can not survive and continue cheating others...
There are a lot of this kinds of cheating company in current market. We need to be very careful before agree to do anything with them. We saw this kinds of story once a while
2998 days ago by Tominator
Jen, I hope that don't take this posting down. People have a right to know about this company. I had a kitchen reno done by Domani that turned into a 150K nightmare full of extra charges, and later on deficiencies that Oscar was not willing to cover. I will try to write in detail some of the issues during the renovation and post them later this week.
2992 days ago by Tominator
Jen that $10, 000.00 Oscar wants for the additional parts is only the start of many more "extra" charges. My renovation started with a $60, 000.00 budget. Oscar added no less than 10 "extra" charges to the project and managed to more than double my budget with these extras and hefty management fees. (granted I did add a few things to the project myself adding an additional 15-20K to the project). I'm very surprised they're more complaints about this company.
Most of these charges ranged between $3, 000.00 to $5, 000.00, although some were much less. Someone told me that the small ones at the beginning are used to 'test' the client. Read their reaction and get an idea of ease of cash flow.
Here's an example of one of the extras: When the flooring fell behind schedule, Oscar quickly pushed everything back a week. He rescheduled his contractors and told me that the cabinets had to be moved and put into storage. His fee for doing this: almost $5, 000.00, not including project management fees. In his own words: " Don't worry about it, I made some calls, I greased some palms..." He made it sound like he was doing me a huge favour. I wonder who's "palms" that money actually ended up in.
I see you have some issues with the quality of the work and the materials. Overall I would say that my kitchen looks pretty good, but it's not near the quality you'd expect for a 100K+ project. The construction is all particle board and the majority of the doors are MDF. I have had problems with the cabinets not being levelled properly and hardware not fastened properly as well. Some of the more elaborate hardware was secured with only a handful of screws which came loose after a few months. Like your cabinets some of mine are not level. When I questioned Oscar blamed the flooring guys for the problem. Lastly, a couple months ago the granite counter top over the island started to crack. Since then 5 or 6 more cracks have formed and more are starting. When I asked other professionals, they told me most likely the island was not levelled off properly or the countertop is not properly supported. This was Oscar's answer to the issue: "In fact it is a stress crack caused by some pressure by standing or BANGING down towards the surface by some one or something". He told me would replace it at a "discounted" price. Since then I've received several other quotes that were far more reasonable than his.
Any questions: I have photos and documentation to back up my claims.

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