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Dream Stone Marble & Granite Ida E. Murphy, Dream stone, Inc. , Weld County DA Ken Buck, James Francis Hartmann Longmont, Colorado
1st of Oct, 2011 by User525516
Dream Stone Marble & Granite Felony Victim Describes Weld Chief Judge Hartmann and DA Ken Buck as, "Degenerate Psychopaths". Craig Buckey and his common-law wife, Pamela Reynolds are on the verge of losing their home as the result of a lien on their home, obtained by fraud, by the couple's former employer, Dream Stone Marble & Granite. Dream Stone secretary/treasurer, Ida Murphy has engaged in a 3 year long personal vendetta against Buckley and Reynolds in which, according to former Dream Stone general manager Todd Coday, her stated goal is to destroy the couple, and see that they lose everything they own. Pamela Reynolds worked for Dream Stone from January, 2006 thruogh January, 2008, and terminated her employment due to yelling, screaming,and severe emotional distress caused by what Ms. Reynolds has described as, rampant illegal activity". "By the end, they had made me so sick, I was throwing up blood in the doctor's office", states Reynolds. "They had demanded that I get a notary stamp, but there was no way I was going to put my name on documents I knew were fraudulent." Ms. reynolds has provided law enforcement, including the FBI, copies of documents alleged to prove such criminal acts as labor fraud, consumer fraud, and tax fraud. At the time of Reynolds' termination, she was owed 56 hours of accrued wages. Craig Buckley had worked for Dream Stone, Inc. from July 2006 through September 2008. Buckley terminated his employment, 8 months after Ms. Reynolds, also due to constant yelling, screaming, psycological abuse, and alleged, "rampant illegal activity". Numerous other employees are known to have terminated employment for the identical reason. At the time of Buckley's termination, he was owed 40 hours of accrued wages. Colorado's Department of Labor and Employment: A Perfect Storm of Corruption and Incompetence. After Dream stone owners Scott Murphy, Ron Murphy, and Ida Murphy had belligerently refused to pay Ms. Reynolds her accrued wages as required by the Colorado Wage Act, Reynolds chose to file a complaint with the Colorado Dept. of Labor. The case was assigned to a compliance officer by the name of Saida Montoya, whom Ms. Reynolds woud later describe as, "utterly incompetent". Daniel T. Goodwin of Donelson, Ciancio, and Goodwin, P.C. was retained by Ida E. Murphy, to spearhead a known fraudulent attack on Ms. R. Reynolds. Goodwin drafted a fraudulent letter to the Division of Labor in which he, on behalf of Dream Stone stated that Ms. Reynolds was unentitled to her accrued wages because she had left the company without notice. At the time Ida Murphy and Daniel Goodwin conspired to defraud Ms. Reynolds and the DOL, they were unaware that Ms. Reynolds had recorded her telephone exit interview with Mrs. Murphy. An audio CD of that evidence was submitted to the DOL, and the evidence contained therein wholly disproved Ida Murphy's fraudulent allegations. Having submitted clear and convincing evidence that Dream Stone, Marble & Granite secretary/treasurer Ida Murphy had deliberately and maliciously lied to the DOL to deprive Ms. Reynolds of her rightfully earned wages, Craig Buckley, on behalf of Ms. Reynolds, requested that her matter of accrued wages be transferred to a supervisor for further review. The matter was assigned to compliance officer Juanita Wright, whom rather than awarding Ms. reynolds her wages based on having disproven the known fraudulent allegations of the employers, then allowed Ida Murphy to make up an entirely new story as to why Reynolds would not be paid. Clearly, Murphy had attempted, by fraud, to deceive a public official, now that official was to give Murphy yet another chance to make the story fit the new evidence. In Buckley's case, he had chosen to file civil suit in Weld County District Court, not only for accrued wages due, but to be "made whole", specifically seeking damages for pain and suffering inflicted on him and his family. The employers, and their criminally complicit attorney, Daniel Goodwin admitted by both express and implied consent, that the matter of accrued wages was before the Court. Shortly after their admission, Buckley filed a complaint with the DOL, not seeking a monetary award, as that matter was already before the Court, but seeking criminal charges and civil penalties payable to the DOL for their having violated the Colorado Wage Act. Ida Murphy of Dream Stone, Inc., immediately set out to quash Buckley's rights before the DOL, and in so doing, perjured herself before the DOL on the accrued wage issue, and thereby destroyed any chance of their prevailing in the Weld County District Court. Something had to be done: quickly. In an eleventh hour "hail Mary" attempt to destroy Buckley's accrued wage claim case once and for all, Ida Murphy, through her criminally complicit attorneys, Donelson, Ciancio, and Goodwin, P.C., swore simultaneously to the Weld County District Court, and the DOL that neither had jurisdicton over Buckley's accrued wage claim because the matter was before the other. Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F. Hartmann, whom had shown extreme bias, prejudice, and oughtright malice toward pro-se Plaintiff Buckley throughout his civil case, stripped Buckley of every shred of evidence necessary to prosecute his case, a mere 16 hours before Buckley's scheduled deposition. Hartmann's extreme bias and prejudice had manifested itself earlier in the case through numerous wild and irrational rulings designed to dispense with a pro-se Plaintiff whom Hartmann clearly considered to be a nuisance. Examples: Judge Hartmann allowed Dream Stone, through their criminally complicit counsel, to slap Buckley with Subpoena Duces Tecum, seeking hundreds of pages of clearly irrelevant evidence. Colorado bar associaton ethics opinion #86 clearly states that it is "unethical" to slap a party to litigation with subpoena Duces Tecum, without going through te standard discovery request,motion to compel,response, and ruling. Judge Hartmann's actions must therefore be considered unethical, according to the Colorado Bar Association's ethics report. Judge Hartmann also allowed the Defendants' criminally complicit attorney to falsify an affidavit, awarding the Defendants attorney's fees for preparation of an affidavit attached to a Motion for which no fees were awarded. There are more examples of Hartmann's outrageous/unlawful conduct to be published in a future release. The Defendants, and more importantly James Hartmann, caused Buckley to be stripped of all evidence necessary to prosecute his case a mere 16 hours before his scheduled deposition. Of particular significance is the fact that the Defendants used their response to Motion For Settlement Conference to assert their fraudulent pleading. The allegaton was beyond the scope of the Motion, and was not encorporated into their prayer for relief. In otherwords, Hartmannn did this of his own accord, through his own fraudulent sua sponte ruling stripping Buckley of all evidence necessary to prosecute his case. Buckley filed Motion For Protective Orders, stating that he would not submit to deposition by an officer of the Court whom had worked a fraud upon the Court. The Motion was immediately denied by the staggeringly corrupy Judge James Hartmann, despite the fact that he, himself had admitted in previous orders by express consent, that the matter of accrued wages was within the jurisdiction of the Court. Dream Stone, Inc. through their criminally complicit attorneys, Donelson, Ciancio, and Goodwin, P.C., immediately filed Motion To Dismiss, which was immediately granted by Hartmann. In Hartmann's scathing Order he accused Buckley of making "serious" unfounded allegations against the defendants and their attorneys. The Defendants were fraudulently awarded attorney's fees in excess of $20,000.00, and they immediately slapped their fraudulently obtained lien on Buckley, and Reynolds' home. Buckley and Reynolds had received no notificaton that a lien had been filed on their home in of July 2011. Ms. Reynolds had been working at the Longmont Times-Call, and was scheduled to be laid off in May 2011 due to the buyout and restructuring of that publication. Buckley and Reynolds knew that in order to be able to keep their home on only one income, they had to refinance. In November 2010, Buckley and Reynolds had been approved to refinance, dropping their monthly mortgage payment from $1,500.00 to $1,100,00 per month. Buckley stated, "With Pam being unemployed, I knew we could make our mortgage payment if we could just get our payment lowered, and in November 2010 we were approved to refinance. Then, all of a sudden, mere days before we were scheduled to close on the loan, our mortgage broker calls us and says, 'hey, do you know there is a lien on your property?, I said no, and she emailed the verification, written on a Dream Stone letterhead, and signed by Ida E. Murphy." "I was livid", continues Buckley. The judge of the Court and the Defendants (Dream Stone) had admitted that the matter of accrued wages was before the Court, yet this dirtbag Judge Hartmann just decided he didn't care if we lost our home, just as long as he didn't have to deal with my case anymore." Evidence in hand, Buckley spent months begging the Weld County Sherriff's department, the Weld County DA, and the Colorado Attorney General for help. Because it had been made public knowledge that the Chief Judge of the Weld County District Court was directly implicated in the criminal acts of the Defendants, nobody would help Buckley and Reynolds. The Colorado Attorney General's office was particularly biased against Buckley, as he had sucessfully sued the Steate of Colorado and the Colorado State Patrol some years before for having been falsely arrested for DUI, physicaly assauted, and jailed by, now former, Colorado State Trooper Bradley Lawrence Keadle. Finally, as a direct result of the Defendant's and Judge Hartmann's wrongful acts, and the conspiracy to conceal Hartmann's involvement in the deprivaton of rights, spurious lien, harassmant, fraud, and criminal conspiracy inflicted upon Buckley and Reynolds, and after having pursued all lawful means to bring these individuals to justice, Buckley was forced to contact Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy directly. The purpose of the contact was removal of the reaudulent lien: the motive for the contact was justifiable anger based on their felonious acts. On March 9, 2011 at 7:15 PM Buckley was forcibly removed from his home and jailed by the Frederick Police Department for allegedly "Harassing" Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy. Interestingly, the arresting officer, Tim Maddigan, was the was the same individual whom had taken Buckley's report when the Murphys threatened to kill his dog if he did not "keep his mouth shut", and stop talking to OSHA. At first Court appearance, Buckley met with deputy prosecutor Steve Wrenn. Mr. Wrenn offered Buckley a very generous plea agreement, had Buckley ACTUALLY harassed Scott, Ron, or Ida Murphy. The deal consisted of 20 hours of community service, Court costs, and strangely enough, the alleged "victims' were not seeking any monetary restitution, despite being represented over the course of multiple days at the restraining order hearing by their $350.00 per hr. criminaly complicit attorney Daniel Goodwin. The deal was refused, as Mr. Wrenn and Ken Buck are known to be in possession of evidence proving not only that the alleged victims had committed a felony, but also that Weld County Chief Judge James F. Hartmann was criminally complicit. Buckley states, "Wrenn was told that this matter will not be swept under the rug, and you will get the fraudulent lien off my home. Further, this now becomes a matter of restitution in a criminal case, somebody is going to pay me: I don't care if it's Buck, Hartmann, the state of Colorado, or the lowlife scumbags who attacked my family: somebody owes me $400.00 a month for the next 27 years, plus back payment dating to when my refi was approved." Ken Buck is now pursuing the selective/malicious/retaliatory prosecution of Buckley with a, "ferocity unlike anything I have ever seen". "Buck forced me into harm's way (criminal charges) because he wouldn't do his job because he is protecting a corrupt judge." In the months preceding Buckley's arrest, he was aware that the Division of Labor was in possession of evidence proving that Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy had lied to the Court, and lied to the DOL. "It took me being thrown in jail to finally get the evidence I needed to prove these peope are felons", Buckley laments. On March 30, 2011 a 7 pound FedEx package of evidentiary materials arrived at Buckley's home. "There were hundreds of pages of evidence proving that Ida Murphy and Daniel Goodwin had lied to the Court, and lied to the DOL, and had done so deliberately, and with malice". "I had, during this time period, begged Deputy Colorado Attorney General John Lizza for help, clearly he has made his decision which side of the law he is on." Ron Murphy, Ida Murphy, and Scott Murphy on behalf of himself and his two daughters sought a restraining order against Buckley in Weld County Court. Interestingly, Scott Murphy's wife Rebecca Murphy chose not to be protected by a restraining order against Buckley. Buckley reasons, "If there was any legitimate threat for the safety of his family, wouldn't you think Scott Murphy would want his wife, the mother of his children, to be protected also? Scott Murphy is a psycho, and the fact that he is using his two innocent little children to fabricate a sense of danger is beyond depraved. I'm sure Becky is totally sick of his bullshit, and just refused to get involved in his little games." On March 21, 2011 Buckley and Ms. Reynolds met personally with Ken Buck. Of the fraudulent lien on their home, Ken Buck stated to Buckley, "You need to seek gainful employment and just get over it and move on with your life." Buck continued, "You need to lose my email address, and lose my phone number, ther is nobody in this office who will help you." Ms. Reynolds expressed that she was frightened and wished to leave following Mr. Buck's menacing remarks. Mr. Buck's statements were made in the presence of Ms. Reynolds, and Ed Jordan. Mr. Jordan is expected to perjure himself on the stand when confronted with Mr. Buck's statements. On March 31, 2011 Buckley made what he now realizes was a ,"grevious error". In response to Judge James Hartmann's scathing Order Of Dismissal With Prejudice and (fraudulent) award of attorney's fees, Buckley forwarded Hartmann 5 emails by USPS, from Ida Murphy, to DOL compliance officer Juanita Wright, and Cc'd to Daniel T. Goodwin, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that allegations which Hartmann had previously characterized as "serious" and "unfounded" were now wholly substantiated. Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy had, in fact, simultaneously sworn before BOTH the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor that Buckley's accrued wage claim was before the other, and that neither had jurisdiction. Hartmann, having ruled that Buckley's allegations were serious, now had taked a different approach. Rather than reporting the Defendant's actions as a Class 3 felony, and rather than abiding by his obligation to comply with the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 8.3(a)), as a registered attorney in the state of Colorado, Hartmann lashed out against Buckley: "The urgency of the situaton, and the fact that we are about to lose our home necessitated that I get this information to law enforcement fast. I mailed him the emails along with a brief handwritten note asking that the fraudulent lien be removed from my home. Hartmann stripped me of all evidence necessary to prosecute my case by sua sponte motion, he should be able to fix his mistake by sua sponte motion. I understand now that hartmann's actions which caused the fraudulent lien on our home were not a mistake, but deliberate and malicious". On April 7, 2011, Buckley met with Ken Buck again with the evidence obtained from the DOL on March 30, 2011 in hand. Buckley reiterated his concerns about the fraudulent lien on his home, and Mr. Buck Menacingly stated, "I don't care. That's not my problem". Buckley was immediately ordered off the premesis by 5 armed Weld County Sheriff's Officers, led by Court Services Commander Cindy Villegas, and told never to attempt to contact Ken Buck again. Judge James Francis Hartmann has ordered the Weld County Sherriff's Department, at taxpayer expense, to stalk, harass, intimidate, and terrorize Buckley everytime he is forced, as a result of Ken Buck's fraudulent charges, to go near the Weld County Courthouse. Longmont attorney Brian Bagley stated to Buckley in a recent phone conference with Buckley, "You pissed of the one person with more power than God, (Hartmann) and now he's going to destroy you". Based on the malevolent actions of the Court, and the prosecutor's office, Buckley assumes Mr. Bagley's statement to be true. Of Hartmann and Buck's actions, Buckley states as follows: "Hartmann and Buck have screwed up, and screwed up badly. They are going to cause my wife and I to lose our home. If they were any kind of men, they would admit that they were wrong, I have no expectation that this will happen. The evidence clearly shows that the alleged "victims" have committed a felony, yet these sick little men refuse to admit that they made a mistake, if that's what it was, and fix this. They have chosen instead to dig in further, and victimize me and my family, and cause us to lose everything we own. Hartmann and Buck are degenerate psychopaths." On April 7, 2011, in sworn testimony before the Weld County Court, both Dream Stone CEO Scott Murphy, and his father Dream Stone VP Ron Murphy admitted that they had sworn simultaneously to both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor that neither had jurisdiction over Buckley's accrued wage claim because the matter was before the other. Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy of Dream Stone Marble & Granite, in consort with their criminally complicit attorneys, Donelson, Ciancio, and Goodwin, P.C., have committed Class 3 Felony Theft By Deception, encumbering Mr. Buckley, and Ms. Reynolds' home with a fraudulently obtained lien in excess of $20,000.00. Neither Ken Buck, nor John Lizza will prosecute: both are now accessories after the fact to Class 3 Felony Theft by Deception. Hartmann is criminally complicit. Mr. Buck has been repremanded in the past for, and exhibits a present pattern of violation of civil rights. Mr. Buck was recently sucessfully sued for $300,000.00 by the American Civil Liberties Union for violation of civil rights. Buckley's trial date on Ken Buck's fraudulent charge of harassment is October 19 - 20, 2011, at 8:00 AM
3165 days ago by Dream Stone Victim
Dream Stone, Inc. Ida Murphy Commits Criminal Libel In Fraudulent Continuation of attack on
Craig Buckley, Pam Reynolds, their Home, and Family.

18-13-105. Criminal libel.
(1) A person who shall knowingly publish or disseminate, either by written instrument, sign,
pictures, or the like, any statement or object tending to blacken the memory of one who is dead,
or to impeach the honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation or expose the natural defects of one
who is alive, and thereby to expose him to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule, commits
criminal libel.
(3) Criminal libel is a class 6 felony.

This section remains valid to the extent that it penalizes libelous attacks where one private person has disparaged the reputation of another private individual. People v. Ryan, 806 P.2d 935 (Colo. 1991).

Ida Murphy has knowingly published a false statement to impeach the honesty, integrity, virtue, or
reputation of Craig D. Buckley.

Ida Murphy's statements published December 14, 2011 on, and this site, entitled Any Reader of Dream Stone Victim and Craig D Buckley, contain the following libelous assertion, (of Buckley) in relevant part:

“The Boulder Court found him guilty of slander...”

Proof of publication, see:

And the publication of a legal proceeding is qualifiedly privileged, but not until it has gone into court
and thereby become public. Moreover, the qualified privilege permits only the publication of a truthful statement of the matter as it took place in court. The defendant cannot claim a qualified privilege to say that one has been accused in a legal proceeding when he has not. Towles v. Meador, 84 Colo. 547, 272 P. 625 (1928).

Ida Murphy's libelous statement has also been published on an unknown number of other websites,

Proof of publication, see:

On information and belief, Ida E. Murphy, secretary/treasurer of Dream Stone, Inc. is responsible for
uploads on behalf of Dream Stone, Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy. Ida Murphy's account name is : DreamStoneInc

Ida Murphy's uploads to are provably false, and made with actual malice. Malice is proven
by Ida Murphy having also uploaded a document entitled Hanna-Barbera and Disney Default
Judgment. Murphy, having uploaded this document has no legitimate purpose in the four year dispute between Buckley and Dream Stone, and was presented, with malice, to harass, provoke, impeach the honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation of Buckley, and with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.

Proof of publication, see:

The law makes the publication of a libel a crime, not because of injury to the reputation of an
individual, but because such publication tends to affect injuriously the peace and good order of society. Bearman v. People, 91 Colo. 486, 16 P.2d 425 (1932).

The Disney judgment was recorded on June 7, 2004. and was the result of Disney placing a
$127, 000.00 jewelry order with Buckley, canceling half of the order 30 days before delivery, and taking 120 days to pay the remaining balance due. Disney put Buckley out of business by failing to abide by the terms of the contract, and destroyed his credit with suppliers. Ida Murphy seems to think that, even though Buckley can not (at this present time) afford to bring Dream Stone, Inc., Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy to justice, that Buckley SHOULD have been able to defend himself against the Disney Corporation, and the resulting default judgment must be the fault of Buckley being a bad person, and not the result of attack by a multi-billion dollar company.

Ida Murphy's upload of this document serves no other purpose than harassment.
Buckley was, in fact, NOT “found guilty” of slander by the Boulder Court, the case before Boulder
District Court was dismissed with prejudice, after Dream Stone, Inc., Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and
Ida Murphy extorted $20, 000.00 out of Buckley's homeowner' insurance carrier, Allied Insurance.
Buckley continues to assert that all allegations made against Dream Stone, Inc., Ron Murphy, Scott
Murphy, and Ida Murphy are true, and were only brought forth after the aforementioned parties had
threatened to kill Buckley's dog in retaliation for reporting them to OSHA.

Relevant audio interview with former Dream Stone General Manager Todd Coday 3/24/2010 here:

Ida Murphy has admitted the Any Reader of Dream Stone Victim and Craig D Buckley publication in
question is libelous, by her own upload to, entitled, Order of Dismissal after Settlement
with Buckley Homeowner Insurance, in which the Court, as a matter of law, has dismissed the
Plaintiff's case with prejudice, and clearly shows that Buckley was not “found guilty” of slander.

Proof of publication, see:

Ida Murphy has already incited a breach of the peace through alleged, fraud, perjury, conspiracy, offering a false instrument for recording, and filing of a fraudulently obtained lien on Buckley's home. Law enforcement is currently in possession of that evidence.

Mrs. Murphy also reports that Buckley made numerous reports to government officials, without any result. That is false. The report to OSHA about "serious" violations disproves her allegation.

Report here:

This is why they allegedly threatened to kill Buckley's dog, if he did not keep his mouth shut.

Report here:

Everything out of Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ida Murphy, and their attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin's mouth is believed to be a lie, since October 2008. They have admitted to their former general manager, Todd Coday, in 2008, that it has been their malicious intention to destroy Buckley's family, take their home, and everything they own.

Todd Coday admission here:

Law enforcement is invited to view additional articles of evidence at:

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