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Eve Nightclub
Eve Nightclub, (Beso Steak House) Las Vegas, Inside Crystals at City Center Eva Longoria's Eve. Club Eve, (Beso Steak House) THE WORSE CLUB IN LAS V
25th of Jun, 2011 by User178428
Eve, (Beso Steak House) THE WORSE CLUB IN LAS VEGAS, Scam Artist, Liars, Thieves, Disrespectful, FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, Not honoring their contractual agreements or verbal agreements, Bad management, Harassment. My associates had a meeting with club Eve in regards to bringing a major celebrity event to their club, there were meetings and negotiations. At first Eve wanted us to bring the event to their place and we declined due to their greed and lack of
business knowledge, also they expressed that they needed Club Eve to draw people and make money because of the multi-million dollar debt that they are in and unable to pay their rent. They later received a call from Eve, asking if they would re-consider using their facility for this major event (Emmy Award nominees, celebrity host, and all other Hollywood
celebrities) . The management team at Eve decided to compromise more on their contractual negotiations. To be a more fair. My associates later realized that even with a contract, signed and all the details agreed upon, including the live performances by recording artist and the host of the Emmy Awards, the management team then begin to act as if the contract did not exist during the last 3 days prior to the event. Everything that we discussed at the meeting and in the contract was not met and suddenly forgotten the day before the event; YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS; The event that my associates were holding at Eve Nightclub was discussed and there was a contract stating that my associates would be using the facility for a celebrity event with live performances by recording artist and hosted by a popular TV personality who will also perform that night. Close to the Event The management at Eve NIghtclub advertised the Event in LV Weekly, took one of the Celebrity guest (big name actor/comedian) who was appearing at the event, posted his photo on an full page advertisement that my associates did not agree upon or gave permission to do so. The ad did not mention any of the performances nor did it even mention the name of the celebrities that was giving the Event. The advertisement was completely false. They took the celebrity guest and made it look as if the Event was never going to take place and that our celebrity guest was just appearing at their club. We did not approve of this advertisement, in fact they were sent all of the photos and what should have been advertised and did not use it. The guest that Club Eve of Las Vegas exploited on their ad and twitter had nothing to do with the Event. He was a friend and a guest of the celebrity/Actor/Musician that was bringing the event to Club Eve. It was very shocking that they would do this without checking with us, without anyones permission. The actors and all celebrities and Emmy nominees were furious. All the celebrities that were coming to the event were coming to see a show. They all knew who was performing that night; they were not coming to hang out in Club Eve. It was not going to be Club Eve, my associates had a contract to use the facility for this special Event. The party/Event/Show was a private event, reservation only, for the nominees and celebrity attending the Emmy Awards, This was not a Emmy Award Event as Club Eve management falsly advertised without anyone's knowledge, without the knowledge of the actors who were bringing the Event to Eve Nightclub! Just days before the event took place. During the last 2 to 3 days prior to the event, the employees of Eve Nightclub, who were on serious power trips told the talent to check in with the sound guy to get everything set up for the show, The sound guy Tony, ask the talent for a musicians Rider Contracted stating what the musicians and each recording artist needed for their stage performance, band and etc.. The talent were told by management to call Tony, the sound guy, to discuss the sound check. When each of them called Tony, they were completely disrespected, yelled and screamed, told that there was no Event happening, that there will be no performances, before they can even introduce themselves to the sound guy. The talent was also told that Club Eve know nothing about what we are talking about, "there will be no performance here, there is never a band playing, we dont do that!" Tony also stated to the artist that Eve nightclub do not have a music back-line, when the talent and my associates were told by the same people days before that Club Eve have everything the talent need with exception of a drum-set, which the band would bring their own instruments anyway. When Tony was ask "if you know nothing about this then why were we ask to deliver to you Rider Contracts for the acts?", Tony then replied very loud, with nasty language as he choked over his own words, I told them to ask you for a Riders Contract!, One of the singers replied; "So in that case, you were aware of the performance", Tony choked on his lies again and then said,"I was going to give you a microphone thats it, but there will be no performance, no band, I never heard about this event, we will just turn
everyone away." Amazing I thought, Note; My associates had a face to face meeting with the management team at Club Eve, they were taken
on a tour of the place, during that tour, they were shown an area where Eve management team would set up a stage with gear as stated at the meeting. They were told it will be the stage area and the chairs will be moved, They discussed whose Event this is, my associates told them what type of guest will be attending, They knew that is was a event with performances which is why Eve was not their first choice due to their lack of stage area. They convinced my associates that they can create a stage area. ALL LIES!!! Due to the rudeness and complete flip on everything that was discussed, and the contractual agreement, many of the Celebrity guests were upset. The celebrity/TV personality who they exploited on their ads was furious, all of the celebrities were together that day at a pool party and none of them wanted to show up due to Club Eves disrespect. The recording artist who cancelled other engagements was all in shock and was not going to show. When the management found this out during non-stop phone conversations with the representation only a few hours before the event, I mean
just a few hours before the event!!! The manager Chris then decided that the bands can set up. He only said this just to get the celebrities to come out. By 6:00pm that Day, the female artist were told to go down to Club Eve and do a sound check. At the sound check, the artist band members also arrived there to set up, when the artist arrived, all the equipment they needed and was told by Tony they did not have was magically there she brought all the cords needed for hook ups. Before she can even put down the cords she was circled by a group of men in a cult like manor, and yelled and screamed at, treated like she was a criminal. One of the so-called managers got in her face as the others stared on standing all around her. It was so very strange, he begin to yell at her saying with hand jesters, neck popping and all WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WHAT THE F**k IS THIS, I COME OUT HERE AND I SEE THERE IS DRUMS OMN MY DANCE FLOOR, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, GET THIS OFF OF MY FLOOR, WHO TOLD YOU, YOU CAN BE HERE." She replied We have an event here tonight; I refuse to believe that you do not know about it. The
strange man replied THERE WILL NOT BE ANY EVENT HERE, WHO TOLD YOU CAN BE HERE, YOU WILL NOT BE ON MY DANCE FLOOR, I HAVE A CLUB TO RUN." She replied We were told that this place is being used for the Celebrity Event tonight, we have a contract for tonight The guy then became irate yelling I DONT GIVE A F**K, MOVE THIS EQUIPMENT!! on and on he ranted. This man ranted, until one of the other men that were on the attack begins to make calls quickly. The female singer was quickly surrounded in a cult-like manor by more of the strange men, all men were asking questions and some were yelling at her all at the same time, she did not back away. From nowhere an African American gentlemen, very soft spoken and the only calm person and respectable man in the building came out and said to the others let me handle this, the first guy walked away furious for no reason, in his power trip. The gentlemen ask her to tell him what was going on,
she did so with ease. The calm gentlemen understood, then again another 2 men come walking up, first the manager whose name is Chris came up to her and told all the guys yes there will be a performances tonight as he is smiling with a very obvious fake smile. The other 2 guys came up saying they look forward to our performance, everything is ok, and
we will work it all out. The manager told her that she dont need to worry about the first guy who yelled at her, he is not a manager he is a bar back. They were all giving each other the sneaky eye, all of a sudden a few of the guys begin hugging her and pretending that they were cool, feeling on her body in a sexual manor, putting on an act to make her think that they would let her and the rest of the guest do what they were contracted for. It was so fake and she was disrespected as an artist, a woman and as a human being. It was very obvious to her what they had in store. They treated her as if she was a child, trying to trick her into eating her vegetables while pedophiles feel her up. How insulting and degrading. She then had to leave to prepared to come back all though she did not want to step foot in that place ever again. All of these celebrities came down from California and other states, they were completely disrespected. There were some very important people from The Aria and City Center were witness to the disrespect at the Event and were there to see certain talent perform which did not happen. When she came back to the Event and during that night many of the celebrities were treated very rude and were turned away at the door. All of the VIP celebrities, music artist and TV
producers were pushed to a small area of the club; the band set up was in front of the VIP with facing the opposite direction, so their backs would be to the celebrities. The band and stage was not where it was shown it would be during
the first meeting with management at Club Eve, they roped off about 5 feet of a space and Tony yelled and cursed at the artist at the top of his lungs, YOU GOT TEN F****NG MINUTES TO GET YOUR ASSES TO DO YOUR ENTIRE SHOW THEN GET THE
HELL OFF, I MEAN IT IF YOU ARE NOT OFF IN TEN MINUTES WE ARE GOING TO CUT YOU OFF!!! NOW WAIT UNTIL I ANNOUNCE YOU!" The music artist explained that they were are all in shock as Tony, Eve's sound guy is yelling at pro musicians that work with some of the hottest artist in the industry, came up into the singers face as if he was going to hit her, the entire VIP was appalled and was pissed at what they heard. They all came to see these performances that was pushed off the stage. After 2 minutes Tony did not announce the act, he then came over to the band again as they are standing by to go on and perform, although in shock of the treatment they were receiving, Tony screamed even louder the second time, GET YOUR FUCKING ASSES ON STAGE, GRAB YOUR INSTUMENTS RIGHT F*KING NOW, I AM NOT PPLAYING WITH YOU, YOU SUPPOSED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL BI*H, YOU HAVE LESS THAN 10 MINUTES NOW GO! I SWEAR IF YOU GO OVER WE WILL CUT YOU OFF!!! The most amazing thing is, he did not put the lights on them, told them they better not move further than the rope, they performed in the dark, backs to our guest, turned the sound lower. It was like a nightmare. Rushed on the so-called stage
which was a small corner on the dance floor. Could not do the performance planned because of the time; brought down everyone spirit to even be in that place or perform. It was almost like a joke and a nightmare at the same time. I
was thinking at any minute someone is going to turn the lights on a scream, YOU JUST BEEN PUNKED! But it never happened it was all real. The female artist that was rushed through her performance that night, quickly left heartbroken and in shock. She was also the reason the event was even there, she brought the celebrity from LA, to Vegas to do the Event. She played a great
part in the Event and she was treated like a prisoner. 3 days later the promoters and team that brought the Event to Club Eve, could not reach the club managers, finally when they did so they tried to set up a meeting, the first meeting to discuss their payment as written in the contract, percentage of the door and bar. The management team backed out of meeting, they were scrambling to find a loop hole in the contract, a way they can get out of paying them what they owed them. Eve Nightclub of Las Vegas told my associates that they needed an event like this to mend their reputation. Club Eve is in serious debt and facing several lawsuits. Club Eve owe money to their investors, also landlord. Club Eve has not paid their rent in a while. Read the links below. There was an inside information that there had been money
laundering and other illegal actions including sexual harassment being committed by the management within the club. It is not hard to believe by their behaviors. Finally there was a meeting with the management team, and during the meeting they were telling lies, trying to say that the celebrities did not show up, when they did, they did not take pictures on the red carpet, so they dont have to pay, said
that the advertisement THAT EVE DID was NOT legal, when they did it without our permission and approval. So they cannot pay. When it was pointed out that my associates never approved their false advertisement, they lied again and said they had emails, when ask for the emails, they could not provide them. They lied and said the Emmy Awards Director came down and told them what they were doing was illegal so they cannot pay. The management team tried throwing anything out there to see what sticks. Some of their excuses were so childish it was funny. They sat there and lied and also tried to put words in my associates mouths that were never said. They simply refuse to pay or honor the contract. So they cut the meeting short and said that they will look into it and get back with everyone. Now they are trying to pull a scam just like they did with many others. Eve Nightclub management team completely went against everything in the contract, disrespected everyone, was beyond rude, lied, cheated. They cannot be trusted; they were very bad actors, very transparent in their dirt. Only used the celebrity guest to try and pump up their club then tried to push the event out. There will be an investigation and media on this incident, The CEO of the City Center Bobby Baldwin will be made aware of this behavior. Bobby stated to our associate that THE CITY CENTER WILL NOT TOLLERATE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVOR OR ANY RACISM AT THE CITY CENTER. My advice to anyone who is thinking of using Club Eve, in Las Vegas for any type of event to rethink and consider many of the other wonderful places in Vegas. DONT DO IT STAY AWAY FROM Club Eve. Club Eve is making money and made a lot of money that night because of our team. They are now pocketing the money, refuse to pay us and refuse to pay their own bills, rent, investors and judgments. More articles and complaints on Eve Nightclub and Beso Steakhouse. Eve have many battles in court. The CityCenter of Las Vegas had initiated eviction proceedings against Beso/ Clunb Eve before the bankruptcy and remains
frustrated at Beso/Club Eves inability to pay rent. The Nachum litigation, Beso/Club Eve faces liens from contractors that built the club and restaurant and largely-unpaid
$634,000 judgment from a second former investor, Anthony Vicidomine. He won that judgment to resolve a lawsuit over Beso buying out his investment in the business. There will simply be an eviction. The property will close. Employees will be laid off. Lawsuits will be filed, Leatham said. Attorneys for the Nachums also say Beso was operating at a huge profit margin while they were managing the restaurant and
nightclub. But after the Nachums were removed from the business in May 2010, the new management effectively ran the restaurant into the ground a Nachum court filing says. Eva Longorias Beso hit with allegations of harassment, unpaid taxes Names of some of the management team Chris Stuart, Mike Olortegui Roy, Tony, There are many complaints against Eve Nightclub for fraud, harassment, not paying people monies owed, drugs, prostitution, and etc. They are driving Evas club in the ground, the current management team are all crooks, pocketing money and not paying anyone, not even their rent. Exploiting celebrities, disrespecting everyone!
Eve Nightclub must be stopped NOW!

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